The Limits of Science

Gilbert Cavanaugh, American Renaissance, August 13, 2013

Who needs IQ studies, anyway?

When I encourage people to visit the American Renaissance website, people often complaint that its obsession with “race realism” and “human biodiversity” is, well, dry. Perhaps this is because the company I keep tends to be more interested in the humanities than STEM, but people keep telling me that they go to AmRen just for the crime stories, and get their commentary from Taki’s Magazine, Counter-Currents, etc. They have a point.

It seems unlikely to me that anyone has become interested in preserving white interests, white culture, or the white race as a whole because they read up on the science of race. I have never met anyone who told me that is how he developed a racial consciousness. It also seems significant that many of race realism/HBD’s biggest supporters do not quite fit into the AmRen crowd. For example: Steve Sailer strongly advocates the color-blind concept of “citizenism,” and Charles Murray, like Arthur Jensen, has never shown any racial consciousness. Many people who pour over the IQ data reach strictly materialistic conclusions about race.

Occasionally in the comments of an article that is heavy on the science of race I find people arguing against the very investigation of it, claiming that “whiteness needs no justification.” Although I would not go that far, they have a point, too. Regardless of how any race performs on this or that test, I prefer the company of my own race: whites. I see no need to justify this with any kind of quantitative data about skull size.

Sometimes, it seems as though the focus on science is an attempt to impress or perhaps gain credibility with the other side. That won’t work. I have a very hard time envisioning a posthumous championing of J. Philippe Rushton any time soon. And if his work were to be suddenly accepted, it seems to me that Cultural Marxists would simply use it to promote yet more Affirmative Action and other anti-white programs. In fact, I have met some lefties who do just that. It seems that race realism/HBD will convince next to no one on the left to see the light, and for those who already consider themselves to be with us, r/K selection theory is superfluous.

Having said all of that, there are certain advantages to regularly addressing the science of race. For one, given how censored it is, AmRen must get some traffic because it is one of few websites that discusses it—and all traffic is good traffic. Second, despite the fact that scientists and professors who are willing to associate with AmRen are smeared and defamed, their presence lends the site a certain professional and academic sheen that is often lacking in other alternative/dissident right websites. Finally, I see the logic to having “solidarity with the damned.” The fact that so many careers are either destroyed or held back because of a person’s willingness to study race should bother anyone’s conscience. We oppose a culture that damns those who investigate genes, and that means we align ourselves with people like Jason Richwine.

However, as time goes on and whites steadily shrink and lose power, I think fewer and fewer AmRen readers will be interested in questions of IQ. Much more attention will be focused on matters like building white communities. Some proof of this can be found in the steadily increasing interest and writing on the prospect of a white ethno-state, or even in the fact that no one is trying to fill Sam Francis’s shoes in defending a “retake-the-nation” plan.

No knowledge of genetics could have saved Frank Borzellieri, and an ethno-state needs only so many experts in heredity. Aside from practical skills (see your local survivalist group for those), we need to be investigating how to organize ourselves effectively, to debate the bigger questions of morality and child rearing.

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Gilbert Cavanaugh
Gilbert Cavanaugh is a college student and Middle American Radical.
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  • Puggg

    Except that’s AmRen’s niche, as far as this doggy can tell, that being the science of race and long forgotten historical missives about the way we used to think about and understand race. There are lots of places out there to do white activism and ethno-nationalist activism, but there is only one AmRen.

    Far from being a distraction toward real activism, I think talking about race science can only help it.

    • I’m saying this to someone who has the avatar of a small toy dog, and someone who owns three of them in real life.

      When you’re someone not so big trying to go up against someone who is big, you need a niche and stick with it. Nobody ever takes a pug as a pet because they expect them to round up sheep or rescue people trapped in rubble or be seeing eye dogs or haul medical supplies up the Matterhorn. Pugs have their own niche appeal to the people that like them, and should pugs ever stop being pugs and be forced into services for which it was not ideally bred, nobody will really like pugs anymore.

      Likewise, AR doesn’t have Wal-Martinez’s budget. (I don’t think.) What the writer of this article wants AR to do is to give up what which makes it AR, its niche, that being like you said, racialist science and history, and also I could add to that interpretation of news through the lens of HBD. AR would lose its AR-ish appeal if it tried to do activism qua activism.

    • Romulus

      Very good assessment. That is my take away as well. I find that the occidental observer is invaluable with it’s historical and current news related to our “friends”. It pays to cast ones net as wide as possible to coalesce knowledge into wisdom. The activist and dare I say, militant factions may well contribute to our survival.
      I like this site very much for it’s high brow content, even if with some visitors I may disagree ( J. E. AND STEWBALL). Im always learning and find that many who post, contribute a wealth of information that increases mine. Hats off to AMREN!

      • Steven Bannister

        The “wide net” approach is a good one, certainly our enemies have cast an EXTREMELY wide net that has ensnared all of us. However, I don’t think Gilbert Cavanaugh is trying to change Amren into something it’s not. Rather, I think he’s just pointing out the LIMITATIONS of the IQ argument.

        Scientific vindication is important but it can only take us so far. Ultimately it is the words of the poet, the songs of the musician and the heart of the warrior that will lead the way to a white homeland.

    • Hal K

      There are lots of places out there to do white activism and ethno-nationalist activism…

      Could you list some examples? The CofCC is the only explicitly pro-white membership organization I am familiar with.

  • JohnEngelman

    IQ studies are important because the truth is important.

  • din_do_nuffins

    You are sounding too high-brow.

    If your “company I keep” community doesn’t include regular visitors to Political Cesspool, Incogman, Occidental Observer, Council of Conservative Citizens, and most importantly, Cambria Will Not Yield, you need to overcome obstacles and expand boundaries.

    • William Krapek

      Thank you for this! Cambria Will Not Yield is miraculous. 🙂

  • NeanderthalDNA

    I respectfully disagree that discussion of IQ is superfluous though agree wholeheartedly with community building.

    Discussion of the science of IQ in itself will not do it, whatever it is. But it’s the most insidious Truth imaginable.

    Love to comment more but gotta go.

  • Daniel Schmuhl

    I don’t think IQ and HBD research in general is superfluous but it mostly has appeal only to certain types of people. I mostly came to my current views after reading stuff like Race, Evolution, and Behavior.

    But I think Amren should branch out.

  • OhWow

    America 2013: Scientific fact has been thrown out because it hurts the feelings of some groups. How is this not backwards?

  • Evette Coutier

    He has a point. Even though the average AR reader is very bright and enjoys science, when it becomes time to expand the cause, we cannot expect the average person to share a deeper interest in genetics. A larger emotional appeal and message will be necessary to build a wider grassroots base of supporters. However, we need to keep science close to us as well. It keeps the erudite interested, and it provides a factual basis for us as intellects.

    • MBlanc46

      They don’t need a deeper interest in genetics. All they need is a basic grasp of the facts. It’s our job to impart that.

    • Sick of it

      Show your friends pictures of the crimes committed by illegals. That might be an on-target emotional message. These days you might be able to find videos of Latin American death squads on YouTube…also a good message to share. We’re being invaded by people who care nothing about human life.

      • Evette Coutier

        I don’t need to show friends pics of Bantu violence. I only associate with whites of the correct mindset. I do engage with a lot of other folks in daily life, and I find the easiest converts are Asians. In private they find our dark skinned brothers to be vile and disgusting. I have given up on the white liberal. Fact, emotional appeal, and reason don’t find their way through. The best tool of transformation for them is a good solid violent encounter with a mob of brothers.

        • Sick of it

          Re: Asians, one must look at how they vote to get a better picture of what they believe/support. The vast majority are voting for everything un-American.

  • Spartacus

    “Sometimes, it seems as though the focus on science is an attempt to impress or perhaps gain credibility with the other side.”


    For God’s sake, stop caring what the enemy thinks.

    • Sick of it

      The author may also still be in that naive stage where he does not realize that the enemy lies about their beliefs, feelings, etc. Everything to push forward the agenda.

  • Danimalius

    The description of AmRen as too heavy on the science doesn’t fit as much as it used to. Really, it’s news stories and social commentary along with conferences that do include some science, but concern themselves mostly with advancing white racial consciousness and networking.

    All I can ask from AmRen at this point is: more! They do a great job, but it’s up to us to donate if we want their ‘microphone’ to get bigger and reach more people.

  • Bo_Sears

    At Resisting Defamation, we respectfully disagree with the statement, “…as time goes on and whites steadily shrink and lose power…” In view of the unquestionable power of much smaller demographic groups than the diverse white Americans, we believe it is a matter of organization, not size that matters. And exactly what power do we derive from the currently elected politicians? Protection from hate speech? Protection from employment discrimination? Protection of fair college admissions? What are they doing for us now? We’re well on the way to the status of “serf, taxpayer, and soldier” as things stand now.

    When we turn off our TVs and institutionalize small organizations in every town over 5,000 population, we’ll be able to whisper in the ears of elected officials, support candidates, issue statements in our own name, and demand representatives here and there who actually represent us. There are 100 ways to create a horizontal nation within a nation…we have several models to learn from. All we have to do is to unpack the knapsack called the anti-white narrative.

    And don’t forget, in some remarkable way, as a majority segment we had the responsibility for supporting the elected government ranging from left-wing anti-white Bush II all the way to hard-left anti-white Obama. We will be able to unite around policies to protect our children differently from the way we are now required to “speak for” America. We will be able to unite around policies to keep our young men and young women from fighting and dying in Europe, Asia, and Africa where we are not needed anyway. Dominion over foreign places except the Western Hemisphere (the old Monroe Doctrine) will be not just unnecessary, but undesirable.

    And don’t forget while the diverse white Americans may be a smaller segment than before, we’ll be able to focus more on issues that help develop the new white American dream. And no one else anyway will be able to create a new-by-the-numbers majority…the next big implosion to happen in America will be the crack-up of the African/Hispanic coalition. That’ll last until the Latino vote zeros in on replacing African-American candidates. There’s no love lost there.

    Let’s get cracking on developing the institutional structure to replace the role of the socially-constructed agencies at various levels of government. Mormons did it in a desert, as did others. We can do it too. We actually did it once before on this very continent.

    And please take a message back to campus, the label “White Student Union” has never worked on any campus in America for more than a year. Create an issues forum for white issues…that works, and invite everyone…just keep the topic on white issues.

    Facebook: Resisting.Defamation

    • White Mom in WDC

      I could not agree with you more. In many ways whites are MORE free because many of us are native or naturalized citizens of the US and in fact, can see through the BS that is the Empire of America. Seeing is freeing! I told my parents a number if times that I would never let my son join the services – why? – to fight for a government and empire that hates Whites? I see whites gaining power, not losing power. I see us gaining power as we shed ourselves of the burden of ‘being Americans’ and instead work on building parallel societies within this nation that benefits Whites and the diversity within white culture. I actually see this an a very pivotal and exciting time for whites in America.

  • MBlanc46

    We’re confronted by a secular theology that makes strong claims about human behavior. As long as that theology is accepted by a majority, it will be impossible to establish rational social policy. The factual claims of that theology are false and we must rebut them with scientific fact.

    • JohnEngelman

      specific policies based on premises that conflict with scientific truths about human beings tend not to work. Often they do harm.

      – Charles Murray, from “The Inequality Taboo”

      • MBlanc46

        The educational “achievement gap” is certainly an example of that phenomenon.

        • JohnEngelman

          The civil rights movement was based on the assumption that the Negro race and the white race are intrinsically equivalent. The war on poverty was based on the assumption that the poor are the same as everyone else, only less fortunate. Both failed.

  • None Ya Biz

    The truth is that the entire concept of White Exceptionalism, like American Exceptionalism, is frightening to dopey liberals because they are concepts that are undeniable. There is no denying the fact that capitalism, coupled with freedom, have done more to elevate the human condition all over the globe than anything the liberal/leftist/progressives/socialists/communists have ever tried….and there is no denying the obvious results of White Exceptionalism.

    • Sick of it

      Without a comparable mountain of corpses to boot (referring to the ever loving socialists of the world).

  • Sick of it

    “Sometimes, it seems as though the focus on science is an attempt to impress or perhaps gain credibility with the other side.”

    Actually, the above is because many of us are inquisitive geeks just like the geeks who started seriously studying racial differences centuries ago instead of relying on ridiculous concepts like skin color. There are plenty of mixed race individuals with snow white skin or something akin to it.

    Regarding Steve Sailer or the general notion of creating a white ethno-state, one should realize that citizenism, that true American patriotism could lead to the creation of two (or more) different Americas – One populated by the very foreign-minded cultural Marxist types and the other populated by more traditional Americans. Such a divide would inevitably lead to a nation which might be considered a white ethno-state even without officially being a white ethno-state. Just look at voting trends to see the truth of this matter.

    • Evette Coutier

      The problem that we face is we largely want to be left alone to enjoy our lives. Two ethno-states will not work because they are at war with us, and their goal is total domination and total victory. We must change or thinking. Unfortunately, there is no separate solution. There is only victory.

  • Andy

    I was “converted” to race realism because of the science on the topic, as were two of my siblings. I think that while statistics may not be a prime recruiter, they do tend to at least open some people’s minds if they’re presented well and often enough, and they give people who are less interested in such things for their own sake some confidence.

    Egalitarians have had the minds of our “best and brightest” under siege for over half a century. That’s definitely one of the battles I’d pick.

  • Libertarian67

    I am deairly new to AmRen and I am a white man with a background in science and engineering. Being in my mid 40’s I have heard it repeatedly over the years about blacks and equality and like so many looked at the few decent ones to tried to reconcile that with what I have seen daily. There is no reconciling the black race. The science part of this website makes it very appealing and and has helped me to realize I am a race realist as genetics and biology are very clear about why they act as they do. I see, read or watch on TV daily how they behave living an hour or so from Detroit, Flint and Lansing.

    Pkease keep up the good work.

    • Evette Coutier

      The best way to become a race realist is to objectivity observe black behavior and performance. Evidence is critical to the objective mind.

    • Tarczan

      Agreed. I heard Jared Taylor on the radio years ago while in visiting Baltimore, and his words had an immediate impact on me. After years of dealing with blacks in my hometown of Cleveland, I was aware that things weren’t quite what I was told in college or in the media. I was relieved to find out that yes, there were other people who questioned the status quo on race and that there were sound scientific reasons to believe that racial differences were real.

      For those of us who have visited this site for years, it is important to remember that many are new to the racialist movement and the basic message of AmRen needs to be repeated over and over to all that will hear: 1. Racial differences are real. 2. It is natural and healthy to want to only associate with members of your own race. 3. When the races interact there is conflict.

  • WR_the_realist

    Does it have to be one or the other — scientific evidence for racial reality vs. practical programs to further white survival? No matter how much effort and money the government and private charities put into closing the gap between sun people and ice people, the gap persists. The left uses the persistent fact of differentials in outcomes as “proof” that there is institutional racism, white skin privilege, yada yada, and thus a need for ever more virulent programs of discrimination against whites. Our best defense is to use the existing science to show the real reason for the persistent gap.

    None of that means we shouldn’t also take practical steps to encourage white people to have children, raise them well, with a healthy respect for their heritage, and to stand up against the defamation of whites and their ancestors that infests all our public institutions.

    • sbuffalonative

      I agree. In regards to race realism, it’s not either or but both.

      Compiling fact-based research is important. One can try to explain away facts or come up with a ‘new theory of oppression’ but the truth is immutable.

      This doesn’t mean we should neglect the emotional appeal to white survival.

      For example, liberal white women (like the ones who fawn over Oprah) need to understand the long-term consequences of the beliefs they hold. It’s one thing to believe ‘everyone should be treated fairly’. It’s another thing to fill their children’s schools with low performing, potentially violent, grievance driven minorities.
      I believe the articles AR posts about minority violence serve this purpose.
      Judging from the number of comments they receive, it appears these stories are the ones that have an impact.

      I don’t ever want AR to stop posting science based research. But we need to also appeal to heart stings.

      The left is very good at playing on emotions which is why they have a following.

      We need to tell our stories just like they do. In doing so, we connect with people on a visceral level that reason and logic cannot match.

  • Funruffian

    As a White male I face a conundrum which should trouble most of us; as much as I want myself to flourish and live independently I see the prospects of such a goal narrowing in the foreseeable future. Sure I can always work to earn a meager lifestyle and watch out for my wife and kids. But the thought of creating more progeny is too expensive and requires enormous sacrafices and commitments. If I were Independently wealthy I would definitely move to the remote suburbs and help form a White ethno- state.

  • sbuffalonative

    It’s difficult for me to even being. How can I criticize the exemplary life work of Mr. Taylor? It’s like Adam debating his Maker on creation.

    I will preface this by saying that anything I write is written out of concern over tactics and in no way is meant to diminish the work of AR.

    While I greatly appreciate the high levels of rigorous research and provocative conclusions Mr. Taylor champions, I sometimes feel the battle AR is fighting is futile in one regard. Mr. Taylor is fighting a battle of wit and reason. Our enemies are fighting a battle for hearts and emotions. Judging from the cannon of western art and literature (now movies, TV, and various computer-based everything) man is driven primarily by emotions and not reason. Mr. Taylor may wish it was otherwise but this is how it is. The left knows this and uses emotional appeal to their advantage at every opportunity. It drives me mad every time I read a pity story of some illegal alien but that’s how the left plays the game. Heart over head. Emotions over reason.

    That people come to AR to read the crime stories is no surprise. They’re craving a visceral, emotional connection to their race. They’re not trying to intellectualize it. They’re seeking a cathartic connection to the world they see crumbling all around them. It’s primal. We, our white race, our people, are being attacked, killed, and subjugated by non-whites and their fifth column white apologists and race traitors (most being naive, others being malevolent).

    No knowledge of genetics could have saved Frank Borzellieri, and an ethno-state needs only so many experts in heredity.

    I agree. We can cite any number of facts about genes, race, and IQ but these issues go over the heads of most people. (Not that I want AR to ever stop reporting such findings). What people are looking for is an emotional appeal. Mr. Taylor touched on this once when in a speech he said, ‘I happen to like the way white people look’. That single statement likely resonated with most people than anything else in that speech because it was at the emotional core of the issue.

    I’ve made this suggestion before and it’s seems to have little to no impact.

    I would like to see AR producing more video content. We’re living in a video age and AR better face that fact because, for better or worse, billions of people are getting their information from video and not from books.

    Perhaps AR could ask for submissions which, if the content is approved, would be posted on the AR webpage. Instead of just articles, people could send in video essays of how their city is changing because of ‘diversity’. Opening up the webpage to approved submissions would certainly drive readership.

    Another thing I would like to see is more personal essays.

    When AR was in print form, it ran a series of first-person articles which resonated with many people. The left is very good at this; writing their bleeding-heart bios on every website they can find.

    WE need to do the same. WE need to tell OUR stories. The beatings on the way home from school. The lost promotion because of unwritten quotas. The crime that now takes place once ‘those people’ moved in.

    I don’t ever want AR to lose site of their intellectual focus. But AR would be doing itself and white people a great service by hammering the emotional cord as well.

  • ShermanTMcCoy

    The study of low (borderline retarded) IQ and other inherent black genetic characteristics, such as selection for conservation of energy (laziness), or the inability to delay gratification is very important, because in a moral society, whites are suicidally altruistic. We look for causes for the inability of blacks to succeed in a Western society requiring a certain modicum of intelligence, and seek to remedy those causes through idiocies like AA. We even accept blame for black failure, viewing the completely desirable survival skills of “racism”, “discrimination” and “prejudice” as negative things.

    Once one discovers that whites are not at fault for the blacks’ failings, and that these are are irremediable, we can focus on returning blacks back to the environment from whence they came, and for which they have adapted over the millennia. And perhaps, maybe more whites would understand what a destructive thing it is to breed with them.

    Just as whites want to “save the whales”, “save the environment”, or whatever, we need to “save the blacks,” by sending them back to their natural habitat.

    • Spartacus

      “Once one discovers that whites are not at fault for the blacks’
      failings, and that these are are irremediable, we can focus on returning
      blacks back to the environment from whence they came, and for which
      they have adapted over the millennia.”


      Or we could dispose of them in simpler ways…

  • KISS

    Does the average person turn to science for truth, or do they tend to selectively use science to reinforce their own beliefs and views?

    I can’t fathom a “scientific” truth coming out that states that my spouse is less compatible with me than someone else; therefore, I would be best served by finding someone else. Psychologically and emotionally, the “science” of humanity would certainly take a back seat to my immediate(emotional) understanding of what I want, and not what I should want according to science.

    Mr. Cavanaugh hints at something that seems to go over the heads of many Race Realists: The emotional triggers of humans are every bit as much a scientific fact as are the hard sciences. The majority of people don’t need to know something is true in order to put it into motion as much as they need to see something tangible before putting it into motion. Real Community Building does this in ways that things like IQ studies can’t.

    • Joseph

      The “average person”, I have found, does not trust “science” because it has been misused by political operatives and industry to promote latent agendas and the person of average reasoning senses this. Further, conflicting or apparently conflicting research results causes some people, indeed some scientists, to throw up their hands in surrender to confusion or disgust. Finally, some people are hampered by all-or-none thinking believing that science has definitive answers or it’s not really “science”.

      This average person is not well versed in science anyway so has to try to find morsels of information distilled for them by the popular media -who often have their own agenda by which they intentionally or subconsciously filter information for dissemination to the public who though not necessarily trained in science, often have at least a interest in the technology “How does this apply to me?” aspects of science.

      The “human factors” sort of unquantifiable aspects to which you refer are very real in effects but the objection that might be made here is that this is exactly the kinds of issues which the militant left seize upon to promote what they cannot factually demonstrate to be true by objective means. “Diversity is our greatest strength”; “all people are of equal worth”; these are the sorts of completely unprovable intangibles which are the stock-in-trade of the collectivist liberals. They can however, quickly switch to “science” and prove by credible statistical data that: “Blacks are incarcerated at many times the rate of whites…” and then disingenuously conclude for an ignorant audience that “… THEREFORE, whites are unfair to blacks”.

      That, I think is why AmRen and some other such venues are interested in trying to educate by quantification and more of an inclination toward scientific methodology the issue of race and society.

      Feelings are important but they are the result of a real, dimensional physical existence.

  • JohnEngelman

    Ideologically driven ignorance is no respecter of ideology. Those on the right are susceptible to it also.

    Most people allow their likes and dislikes to influence their judgment of what is true and false. I do too, but I try not to.

    • David Ashton

      Many people of above average IQ are susceptible to ideology.

      • JohnEngelman

        This is true for above average people on the left and the right, although I suspect that is less true for them than for those who only respond to group loyalty and childish slogans. .

        • David Ashton

          A few are intelligent ideologists (e.g. Marx, Lenin, Hitler, Mao).
          Many are the lesser minds who follow them.

          • JohnEngelman

            I doubt that most of Rush Limbaugh’s dittoheads have read anything by Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Adolf Hitler, or Mao Tse Tung, or much of anything else.

          • David Ashton

            But he has a mass following, and you and I do not (except on here!).

          • ralfphe

            That comment is a falsehood that the left loves to spread, and that is that right-leaning folks are un-educated. My experience is just the opposite of that; most right-leaning folks I meet are very well read and usually are college educated and at least middle class economically. My comment assumes that you meant “right-leaning” when you used the phrase “ditto heads”.

          • JohnEngelman

            From 1992 to 2912 those with post graduate education preferred the Democratic presidential candidate by a significant margin.



          • David Ashton

            There is only one AmRen and there is only one John Engelman.

          • JohnEngelman

            I would be diminished. I love this website.

          • David Ashton

            Just out of interest, how many hours in 24 do you spend on it continually? At whatever time of day I might decide to open my laptop to make the occasional reply, you seem to be on to it almost immediately. Have you EVER been a moderator on this website you love, by the way?

            Two questions: two answers.

  • ravitchn


  • JohnEngelman

    The civil rights demonstrations were peaceful, and often attacked by violent segregationists.

    The black ghetto riots were spontaneous outbursts of criminal behavior. They were not part of any movement. They were in violation of what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stood for.

    • MikeofAges

      Are you sure they were actually spontaneous? Or were there organized forces with plan waiting for a situation to take advantage of? Obviously, there were people who took spontaneously used to riot situation to loot, vandalize and perpetrate violence.

      The so-called “Rodney King” Riot in Los Angeles clearly was an organized uprising involving street gangs and radical political collectives.

      • JohnEngelman

        They certainly were not planed by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, which had Martin Luther King, Jr. as its president. They were not planned by the NAACP, or CORE.

        When the police lose control of a black neighborhood, blacks start looting.

        • MikeofAges

          That’s all true, but it still begs the issue of whether it was always all spontaneous or there was some design behind some of the riots on the part of street gangs and radical political collectives.

  • MekongDelta69

    In reference to the above – we (i.e. AmRen, etc. / All of us) need BOTH.

    You can use reason, rationale, common sense, and logic, but most importantly, you have to have those oh-so-annoying things called FACTS to back up what you’re arguing.

    Leftists don’t need any of the above, because they only ‘run’ on emotion.

    We are a thousand times better than leftists…

    P.S. Don’t forget the author is a college student swimming in a radical cesspool of radicalism. He will get more knowledgeable over time.

    • MikeofAges

      Leftists don’t run on emotion. They run on logic. You just have to understand the connection between the means and the end. In political instigation, they play on emotion when there is mileage in doing that with a particularly constituency. But logic shortage, I don’t think so. The dupes and fools might be short on logic, but the captain and the crew know exactly where the ship is sailing.

      • MekongDelta69

        To elucidate, I was talking about the leftist sheep, not the leftist leadership.

        The leftist leadership has had an agenda for way over 50 years and they are executing it perfectly.

        • MikeofAges

          Then we are substantially in agreement. Except that the agenda goes back far more than 50 years.

          • MekongDelta69

            “The leftist leadership has had an agenda for way over 50 years and they are executing it perfectly.”

  • Puggg

    Jared Taylor’s race realism and Steve Sailer’s race realism strike me as different. Jared Taylor seems to be more concerned about hard science, while Steve Sailer is more about social sciences. Also, Jared Taylor seems to be more overly racial than Steve Sailer.

  • MikeofAges

    The IQ test is under attack because it is an all-in-one proof of concept; that is to say, the concept that people have talents that are inborn. No one can tell, looking a person’s score on an IQ test or a general aptitude test exactly what talents and abilities a person might have. But IQ in a general way predicts something. Anyone with a high IQ is likely to have some ability that is quite exceptional. They might not be quite so exceptional in some other thing though. I don’t think anybody wants to sign on to the idea of giving someone one standardized test, one time and using that as a basis to definitively declare who and what somebody is. But when you get the same results over and over again, you begin to get a picture.

    Binet did not devise the IQ test to identify slow learners. He wanted to identify people from what we could call “socioeconomically disadvantaged” backgrounds who might be able to undertake further education who otherwise might not be identified. Only later did the IQ test start to be used to sort people out into ability groups and to identify the mentally challenged.

    If you have and individual or and discernible group with consistently low scores you have to start looking at why. The answer could be poor test taking skills. Or it could be genetic.

    But poor test taking skills could be itself the product a lack of ability. Apart from genetics, poor skills could be the product of poor parenting, the cumulative effects of a culturally insinuated lack of motivation to learn, improperly designed educational settings (not bad schools bad because of a lack of funding, bad because of a poorly conceived system of teaching and maintaining discipline), and a lack of family and community structure. Economic distress could contribute to any of these factors, but there clearly is a greater pathology at work beyond just simple economics. Whether a self-sustaining “fix” could be created remains an open question.

    The cultural idea exists in black American society that there has to be a structure and hierarchy in black society that is exactly parallel to that of white society. No other Ethnic group expects that outcome or seems to be distressed quite so much that it fails to occur.

    I always say, judge the cause by the effect. If the university elite wants to deny the IQ concept and what it implies, whether the actual test is question is the IQ test or some other general aptitude test, look at who is affected when you abandon this concept. the answer is working class, lower middle class and poor whites. Include in that picture the children of high IQ parents who are not high income earners. In fact, the affirmative action movement singles out the peoiple of that latter group for special abuse and mistreatment.

    All others, of course, are included under the rubric of affirmative action and diversity. No surprise that it plays out that way though. The IQ concept in its original inception was, as noted, intended as a mean of identifying people with exceptional mental ability who otherwise might not be identified and allowed the opportunity for further education.

  • MikeofAges

    “Crash” That was a Hollywood movie. But Hollywood is brilliant at not letting people know what it’s own movies are about. There’s a long list. “Red Dawn”, as cinema, a decent three-star movie that was good enough to get a couple of Academy Award nominations in a lean year, best cinematography for one. The movie got decent reviews when it first came out, but then the propaganda machine got turned out and the film was incessantly berated from then on. Not that Hollywood was deterred from raking in the money on it, mind you. To this day, no one has yet to admit that “Red Dawn” launched the career of Patrick Swayze and gave Jennifer Grey a shot at stardom, one that she was not consistently able to capitalize on.

    Another film Hollywood didn’t want you understand was the classic, “Cabaret”. Hollywood would have you believe that the story of “Cabaret” about how the mean Nazi persecuted a bunch of free-spirited artists who only wanted to explore life. What it was actually about was how the degeneracy of the Weimar Era so repulsed the German middle and lower middle classes that the Nazis were able to roll over them after the depression struck. Really, “Cabaret” was a cautionary tale about the dangers inherent in artistic excess.

    Another film Hollywood did not wants its own customers to understand was Sister Act. The media would have you believe that what the film was about was how Caryn Elaine Johnson masquerading as Whoopi Goldberg playing Deloris Van Cartier masquerading as Sister Mary Clarence woke up the Catholic Church. Maybe Sister Mary Clarence helped wake up one parish, but it went the other way around too.

    Particularly repulsive was the way Hollywood, at the end of film, shamelessly blew up the story’s premise and message. The final song number was a the old standard, “My Guy” sung by the nuns. The film changed it “My Guy” to “My God”. Not harmless. Those of you who know anything about the Catholic Church know that the Sister of the Church consider themselves brides of Christ. If they’d left it at “My Guy” it might have actually opened a few minds and made a few people realize what bag of trash they’d eating out of all their lives.

    Talk about “The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are”. Who’s selling who what?

  • MikeofAges

    Islam is incompatible with our civilization. It rejects Platonic Idealism and the Davidic Nexus (the Biblical King David) through which the moral lineage of both Judaism and Christianity passed. These two components are the foundation of our civilization. Those who cannot accept them and live according to them do not belong here. Not unless they are of our descent and understand that they have to sequester themselves in an affinity-based community. And also to understand that their way cannot prevail over others.

    • Brutus

      Another problem with Islam is that it is false. Mohammed was not a prophet of God, and the Koran is not from God.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    :It seems unlikely to me that anyone has become interested in preserving white interests, white culture, or the white race as a whole because they read up on the science of race. I have never met anyone who told me that is how he developed a racial consciousness.”

    This is actually exactly how I became racially aware. I had always had doubts about whether all races were really inherently equal in ability, but the “poverty causes the problems” excuse worked on me until I read up on the science of IQ and heritability.

    If I had not discovered the science behind racial differences, I would likely be a typical liberal and would probably have voted for Obama and be supporting amnesty. I am so, so thankful that this did not come to pass.

    In school, young whites nowadays are taught that racial equality has been scientifically proven, usually with references to Stephen Jay Gould’s work. It is for this reason that it is imperative that we continue to spread real scientific facts. Most young whites believe what their teachers tell them, and once a teacher tells them that something has been proven beyond a doubt (which is exactly what happens in public schools), most will never do any independent research into the topic on their own.

    So we have to bring the research to them. Make them see the holes in the equality platitudes their teachers taught them. It will wake some of them up, particularly the ones who are already strongly interested in science, as I am.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    I agree with Mr. Cavanaugh. Smarts are important and it will take them to construct a new community. White race realists quoting IQ results are actually borrowing from test results of whites that are typically not race realists, but even leftists. And more times than not, the postings on Amren are reactive and emotional, two factors that subtract IQ points in the moment more than anything else besides numbing fear.

    The right to survive as a race or a people is not at question. Any but whites have a recognized right to this. The issue is anti-white discrimination that pre-ludes or is actually
    accompanying what seems to be a well-planned cultural and actual systematic genocide of whites. As we can see in Zimbabwe and South Africa, when power is passed to primitives, chaos results. The Left thinks that this is okay because it is serving a the emergence of a better world overall. Of course, they are tragically mistaken. How many Detroits will it take for Americans to realize that we’ve already gone too far down that road?

  • Bo_Sears

    Thank you for your insights. Resisting Defamation is focused on ending the ritualized verbal & written abuse of ourselves and our children, and there is the broader picture that you present. We offer the personalized attackback method which works to push back against the anti-white narrative.

    You’re focused on the much bigger picture based on overall population and cultural dynamics. Much can happen, however, and the next big thing will be the battles by Hispanics and African Americans over municipal, county, state, and federal offices & jobs…not to mention their existing severe & bloody conflict over living space. In addition, the unseen hand of the urban-coastal class has tilted severely toward Hispanic success over African success.

    Also, I have no doubt that we are being dumbed down in schools by vocabulary, bogus history, smears, and name-calling in the hope that we will regress as the diverse white people have for centuries at a time in Southern Europe to the Arabs, in South Central Europe to the Turks, and in Eastern Europe to the Mongols & their successor khanates. Not to mention highly repressive royals, generals, and jumped-up emperors in slavery debt to financiers. There isn’t any question in our minds at Resisting Defamation that we are slated for the status we have had in all those times and places as “serfs, taxpayers, and soldiers.” In fact, that status sounds a little like the one we have had in the presidencies of Bush I, Clinton I, Bush II, and Obama I….all monarchs in one way or another, and highly disrespectful toward the peoples they ruled or rule.

    The question is: What is to be done? If the diverse white Americans won’t even recognize their own diversity out of a fear of the word, or decline to do a personalized, not racialized, attackback when their children are abused with hate speech in the classroom, on the playing field, and in the school bus, then we must make the best way we can. We know how to combat hate speech and do it every day. How are you going to push back on the other realms of concerns without doing personal attackbacks? Notice I said personal attackbacks, not racial attackbacks. What’s the actual action step?

    The monsters who toy with our names and reputations for fun in the morning before breakfast must laugh to see dreadful prophecies issue forth, with no action step outlined at all.

  • Brutus

    In the short term, we didn’t have to fight a race war. In the long term, once you have paid him the Dane-geld, you never get rid of the Dane.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    “Gilbert Cavanaugh is a college student and Middle American Radical.”

    I like the profile. Nice to have a few right wing radicals for a change.

    What are college students saying about Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals these days. Who is their exalted ‘thought leader’ now?