Stopping Hate Speech Spread via Internet Tops Agenda of UN Anti-Racism Committee

UN News Centre, August 12, 2013

The United Nations committee tasked with combating racial discrimination today opened its latest round of work in Geneva with a focus on stopping the spread of racist hate speech on the Internet and social media networks, as well as the need to use education to prevent racism and xenophobia.

“Where does the right of expression, which we all want to respect, stop and the need to sanction and prevent hate speech begin? What is the point in time when one right has to recognize that it cannot be exercised if it implies the violation of another one,” UN Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights Flavia Pansieri said in her address to the opening of the 83rd session of the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD).

As the world becomes more inter-connected, incidents in numerous countries have drawn attention to the issue of racist hate speech, which today is more easily spread across national borders, she added.

Ms. Pansieri urged the Committee to include in its deliberations the Rabat Plan of Action, adopted by independent UN experts at a meeting in Morocco in October 2012, on the prohibition of advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence.

The Deputy High Commissioner noted that the Committee meets against a backdrop of two landmark events – the annual Nelson Mandela International Day commemoration and the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s march on Washington in which he made his famous “I have a dream” speech.

Fifty years after his famous speech, Mr. King’s vision remained a dream for many people around the world and that was why, to continue to protect those whose human rights were being violated because of their race, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin, the Committee’s members are here today, said Ms. Pansieri.

She also spoke about the recent adoption by the Human Rights Council in June of a resolution on education as a tool to prevent racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance, which recognized that quality education could help create more inclusive societies.

Noting continued attacks on people with albinism in Tanzania and in other countries, Ms. Pansieri reiterated the calls of High Commissioner Navi Pillay to halt these crimes and to engage with national authorities to educate people against stereotypes, including the belief that body parts from albinos have magical qualities.

The three-week session of the Committee will review reports submitted by Chile, Chad, Venezuela, Burkina Faso, Belarus, Jamaica, Sweden and Cyprus.

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  • David Ashton

    Abolish national boundaries, religious texts and objective research?

    • din_do_nuffins

      “recognized that quality education could help create more inclusive societies”

      Education can’t be quality education unless it is erasing White privilege.

      ” engage with national authorities to educate people against stereotypes”

      National authorities must educate people in how to transform society by perpetuating racist White privilege stereotypes.

      • Erasmus

        Inclusive society means appealing to the lowest common denominator, everything is flavorless, mindless, bland, without honest opinion or intellectual boldness.

        Someone tell me again why I should fear Al-Qai’da when I’ve got the “compassionate” UN using my tax dollars to create their brave new world.

    • Skip Wellington

      No mention of abolishing access to gay porn on the Web?
      What a relief!

  • Flavia Pansieri, the Maude of the Middle East.

    • Oil Can Harry

      She concluded her speech with “God’ll get you for that, Walter!”

    • Erasmus

      $20 says she prefers tacos to sausages.

  • Spartacus

    “Where does the right of expression, which we all want to respect, stop
    and the need to sanction and prevent hate speech begin? What is the
    point in time when one right has to recognize that it cannot be
    exercised if it implies the violation of another one,”


    Where does the mockery of our race and it’s nations end, and the hunting of “people” like this begin ?

  • Spartacus

    “The Deputy High Commissioner noted that the Committee meets against a
    backdrop of two landmark events – the annual Nelson Mandela
    International Day commemoration and the 50th anniversary of Martin
    Luther King Jr.’s march on Washington in which he made his famous “I
    have a dream” speech.”


    Celebrating an incompetent marxist terrorist and a whore-mongering communist “preacher”. Seems fitting…

  • din_do_nuffins

    The Deputy High Commissioner failed to note the Committee meets against the backdrop of Channon Christian, Eve Carson, and Brittny Watts are still dead.

    It is now a Hate Crime to say you Hate what is Hateable; since you have White privilege, you are required to Love what Hates you unto death.

    “Ever since the Civil Rights Act, if your typical day isn’t filled with more Hatred than Love, then you are the next willing victim. Racism and Hatred save lives. Embrace the Hate, be the Racist, live longer.”


    • John_HD

      “–It is now a Hate Crime to say you Hate what is Hateable; since you have White privilege, you are required to Love what Hates you unto death.–“

      That’s really well stated.

  • John_HD

    They’ll surely distort this so that “hate speech” will include merely noticing and commenting upon any group level differences that reflect poorly on Blacks and/or Browns, but most specifically IQ and crime group differences. Right now, the mainstream media outlets either don’t report, or try to cleanse any stories that show NAM criminal behavior, and they always blame ‘The Gap’ somehow on Whites, as though their swarthy wards were mere children, forever at the whim and mercy of cruel Whites and their dastardly White Privilege (that NE Asians seem utterly immune to).

    This is all too predictable. Will Whites muster up enough spine to defend themselves from relentless vilification and blame for non-white failure and crime, because I’m pretty sure that the endless vilification of Whites will not be subject to these “hate speech” restrictions. What’s next for us, re-education camps if we don’t pretend that all groups are exactly the same in all important aspects? It’s happened before. In my opinion, there’s only about a 15 year window to stop the currently insane and anti-white zeitgeist. After that, it’ll be demographically pretty daunting to effect change (at least via any democratic means).

    • Rhialto

      “Hate Speech” is White men informing other White men of facts that are significant for their welfare and even their survival.
      “Hate Speech” is White men identifying their enemies, and offering means of defense against them.
      “Hate Speech” is truth that scares the enemies of White men.

    • A Freespeechzone

      By all means, don’t forget islam—which has considerable influence in the United Nations. Islam wants the United States in bondage to the UN and Sharia Law–with the power to not just silence opposition, but to DESTROY OPPOSITION.

      Frankly, there needs to be a LOUD demand from ALL American Patriots demanding that the United States get the hell OUT of the UN. Most in the UN hate everything the United States stands for and is committed to our destruction.

      No Apologies.

  • Daniel Schmuhl

    The bad thing about the UN is that like government instutions it’s power won’t stop growing.

    While most of the Western world has rejected communism in name, we seem to be inevitably sliding in that direction.

    • Sick of it

      It’s a different form of collectivization from Communism, per H.G. Wells in The New World Order (1940). Every aspect of human existence will be collectivized fully, including a new world religion.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        Well, Christianity and Islam had their go at being the one religion in the world. In fact, they’re still at it. I’m not interested in their competition, other than its history and effects on real life. That is why I am a non-believer, but still a white realist. You must be a realist before you can add a modifier/qualifier.

    • KenelmDigby

      And it’s completely non-democratically accountable.

  • bigone4u

    The United Nations is not a democratically elected government, so has no business regulating that most basic of human rights, which is freedom of speech. I suspect the goal is to target “holocaust deniers” first, then come after the race realists. Whatever, the UN is never up to good and is simply a tool of the New World Order seeking a single world government and currency.

  • Charles W.

    You can rest assured that the days of speaking freely about racial truths are numbered in Europe, America, Australia, etc.

    The time will come in the not-too-distant future when the powers that be will finally find a way to effectively muzzle the one who was their target from day one: the White Christian heterosexual male.

    • Sick of it

      They keep taking aim at the internet because it’s the one place we have left for really expressing ourselves.

      • Spartacus

        If the scum would’ve “regulated” the internet, I would’ve never found out about what’s really happening in the “Rainbow Nation”, and probably most people outside of SA wouldn’t have either :

        • Sick of it

          Same here. A certain radical website opened my eyes about a lot of things.

          • Spartacus

            Yeah, I got here via Stormfront too. Take a look at this one as well :


          • You don’t have to post that gruesome evidence all the time. I know I will die someday, and I know it will hurt a lot. I thus can’t rationally be afraid.

            I am thus not afraid of being killed because I will certainly die. Nobody can make me afraid of what I already know will happen.

          • Spartacus

            I don’t fear death either. I am, however, terrified of the idea that I might not drag as many dark-skins to hell with me as I should.

          • All of them would be enough for me.

          • JohnEngelman

            I joined Stormfront to defend the Jews. I was banned for doing that.

          • Spartacus

            I can’t exactly blame them…

          • JohnEngelman

            If posters on Stormfront had rational reasons for their opinions they would have presented them. Instead they complained to the mods about me. I felt like a boxer who was obeying the Queensberry rules, and who was fighting a tag team of dirty fighters who kept complaining to the referee.

          • Spartacus

            Let me guess – They showed the jews responsible for slaughter in the soviet union, and you said “YOU JUST HATE THEM CUZ THEY’RE SMARTER THAN YOU!!! ALL BOW DOWN TO THE ASHKENAZI MASTER RACE !!!”. Something like that ? 🙂

          • JohnEngelman

            Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin were Gentiles. Stalin disliked Jews.

            What got me banned was refuting an attack Adolf Hitler made in Mein Kampf. He said that German Jews shirked military duty during the First World War. I quoted from a footnote in my edition of Mein Kampf that documented that Jewish participation and casualties during World War I were comparable to their presence in the German population. Then I pointed out that Ann Frank’s father had been a German lieutenant on the Western Front.

            First they suspended me for several days. Then they baned me. I guess I had to learn the hard way that a neo Nazi website was uninterested in a civil debate over basic principles.

            When I took a seminar on Das Kapital given by the American Communist Party, I was permitted to discuss basic principles as long as I was polite about it. My presence in that seminar was valued.

          • Spartacus

            “Vladimir Lenin Was Part Jewish, Say Declassified KGB Files” :


            Stormfront is not a neo-nazi site, but a white nationalist one , not the same thing.

            Also, at that seminar, you were there in person, as opposed to writing on a forum. Surely you understand the difference, right ? Go to a communist forum and try using logic, you won’t get past the first post . And they’ll probably delete that one too.

          • German WW-I ace Werner Voss was Jewish, and Captain James McCudden later wrote that Voss was the bravest German pilot he’d met in combat. Arthur P.F. Rhys-Davids later said he wished he could have brought him down alive. Voss was trapped alone, in a Fokker Dr-I triplane, much slower than the SE-5as his British opponents flew, but much more maneuverable, so he couldn’t flee, and fought until he was killed. Voss put holes in every single one of the six No. 56 RAF Squadron machines he engaged. It took ten minutes for them to shoot him down.

            Hermann Goering as Luftwaffe CiC later tried to have Voss removed from the honor roll, just because he was Jewish.

          • David Ashton

            What you could do instead, with your spare time, is join an English-speaking White advocacy site like AmRen to praise the intellect, morality and beauty of the Mongolid race, praise Obama, and defend the benevolence of communists.

          • JohnEngelman

            First of all, I do not believe that one must agree to a creed in order to be allowed to post here.

            Second, there is a difference between being a race realist and a white nationalist. I am the first, not the second.

  • Luca

    Liberals are known for controlling the dialogue, promoting their agendas, hijacking language and words. For example, they have so contorted the word “racist” that if you are against Mexicans entering your country illegally, you are called a racist. Even though the issue is security and immigration and Mexican is not a race.So, no doubt, they will be the arbiters of what constitutes “hate speech” and decide the punishment or controls.

    They want to further neuter and neutralize White Christian heterosexual males because they know they are the only viable threat stopping their complete takeover. They are emasculating our sons by teaching acceptance of sexual deviation and calling it “tolerance” They are putting them on mind altering drugs, because of newly discovered syndromes that did not even exist a decade ago. They are promoting the black male image and miscegenation. They are trying to severely limit the ways you can defend yourself against the black plague. They are promoting other races as equal in all abilities and yet somehow better than Whites. They are indoctrinating our youth in academia and the media to believe that whites are nothing more than evil, racist, capitalist, haters who exploit others who are “less fortunate” and victims.

    Cheer up, if my predictions are correct, eventually there will be a full-blown revolt against this nonsense. But only once White heterosexual males realize they are the ones under attack.

    • cecilhenry

      How, in God’s name, could White heterosexual males NOT realize they are under attack NOW??


      • Sick of it

        Media blackout on direct, racially motivated attacks. Lies and propaganda pushed forward by every major institution in the West. Brainwashing from childhood.

        • Luca

          And as a wise man once said:

          “There are three classes of people: those who see. Those who see when they are shown. Those who do not see.”

          • Sick of it

            Da Vinci was truly a brilliant man.

          • Luca

            One of the top IQ’s of all time, but more importantly, he did something (many things) with it. He didn’t just play chess or solve math equations. He broke ground on so many concepts in art, science, medicine, engineering, mathematics, warfare, etc.; it’s just mind boggling. Five hundred years before it was ever considered possible he could envision manned flight and design an underwater breathing apparatus.

    • bigone4u

      I agree with everything you have laid out. It’s part of a plan and the universities are a large part of the conspiracy. But white males are less and less interested in going to college. Who would want to have to sit there in class and day after day be demonized by old liberal hippie profs and younger man-hating feminists? No one in his right mind. I hope to live long enough to see the revolt you write about. I am working to hasten that day of revolt as are many others.

      • Sick of it

        Our kids today generally seem less interested in learning ANYTHING than in the past. I worry about my sister’s kids.

      • Alvo

        That’s why I went to school for engineering. You can avoid a lot of that.

    • Erasmus

      Cheer up, if my predictions are correct, eventually there will be a full-blown revolt against this nonsense.

      I would enjoy the new bipartisanship: Obama, the Clintons, the Bushes, McCain and Rubio sharing a last tumbril ride together.

  • cecilhenry

    This is why freedom of speech must be absolute and uncompromising.

    ‘Hate speech’ is simply ANYTHING those in power dont like or think will impede thier agenda.

    NO MORE.

    ‘Hate speech’ codes is the only hate here.

    These people spread poison wherever they go.

  • Tinfoil A22hat

    Here’s a tip for thin skinned, self loathing, irrational, idiotic masochists:

    If something offends you, *stop looking at it, stop reading it, stop listening to it, stop watching it* I know 4-year-olds with more sense than these dishonest, self appointed arbiters.

    Oh, and exactly what right is it that gets “violated” by freedom of expression?

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      Oh, and exactly what right is it that gets “violated” by freedom of expression?

      Ahh, yes this! This is the question I always ask myself when I see liberals suggesting that freedom of speech must be curtailed because it violates “other rights”. They never seem too eager to specify exactly what other rights are being violated.

      I can only presume that they believe a person has a right to never hear or see anything they don’t like or find offensive.

  • Bring it, boys and girls. I don’t have to “respect” pisslam any more than I have to respect the UN.

    I didn’t sign any treaties. If a US or UN secession state issues me arms and I do whatever I want, the worst thing that can happen is that I would be jailed forever for murder. The second-worst is that I would return home as a maimed cripple so people could see me. Third: life in prison as a cripple. Fourth worst would be dead. Each of these assumes overall military defeat, in which best case is still also the same as fourth worst, also the best: i.e. “dead”.

    I really believe we’ll fight until either we’re all dead or they are.

    • bigone4u

      The power elites are really giving us no other choice. My opinion is that if they force us to go get our guns, they will not like the end result.

  • MBlanc46

    Fortunately, I don’t imagine that the UN will be any more effective and efficient in this than in anything else. It is nothing more than a talking shop for Third World bloviators.

    • Would they come to a “peace conference” if someone other than I asked nicely? That would be a lot of fun.

  • WR_the_realist

    Ms. Pansieri urged the Committee to include in its deliberations the
    Rabat Plan of Action, adopted by independent UN experts at a meeting in
    Morocco in October 2012, on the prohibition of advocacy of national,
    racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to
    discrimination, hostility or violence.

    Well, I certainly don’t advocate violence. And I’ve never heard Jared Taylor advocate violence either. But we all know that white people stating the facts about black crime and racial IQ differences will be taken by the left as “incitement to discrimination, hostility, or violence”. OTOH, the entire mass media giving a false portrayal of Zimmerman’s defensive shooting of Trayvon Martin was certainly an incitement to racial violence, and did in fact result in racial violence, but I am absolutely certain that the UN will give the mass media a pass.

    • rightrightright

      The UN overwhelmingly consists of representatives from the black and brown lands. These people want what we have achieved and resent us for having built the greatest civilisation ever. The white man must be brought down and what he has must be taken from him in order to be “fair”. The white man must be quietened while this fairness is imposed upon him.

  • IKantunderstand

    I am spinning in my chair. Aargh! They want to take away our First Amendment rights. It’s like the old saying: “one man’s freedom fighter, is another man’s terrorist”. Yeah, well, the exact same thing holds true for freedom of speech. One man’s “hate speech” is another man’s declaration of love for Christ. There can never ever be, any proscriptions on free speech. EVER. Free speech is the most important right, ever, of all time. God gave me my right to free speech. NO MANMADE GOVERNMENT HAS THE RIGHT TO TAKE IT AWAY. PERIOD. I am seriously. going to get all Christian now, you have been warned. Stop reading now! You see, here is the way I see it: How was it possible that some of the greatest brains, ever on the earth, were all present at the birth of the U.S.?Huh? Huh? We have never ever seen the likes of those men since. God brought those White Founding Fathers together in this place and time. God wanted this nation to be born. We were one of the most religious nations on the face of the earth. We won every major war we entered(except for Viet Nam, which one could explain by lack of belief).God used to bless us, because we blessed God. Like I said before, I do not believe in coincidence. No. God almighty helped to bring about the U.S. Because, I completely and wholeheartedly believe in God, I know for a fact my Bill of Rights can not be taken away by mere mortals. Once you decide that the government is man made, we are lost. Please don’t allow this to happen. Our rights have been divinely endowed. Period. You want to be practical? Challenge them to prove God doesn’t exist.

  • dd121

    “Hate speech” means anything a liberal disagrees with. Look out 4chan.

  • So in other words, we just have to accept all the changes and if we don’t like it, it’s time for the re-education camp.

    Do these people who seem to want to control us, not know that by banning the speech, that this will not simply make the hate just go away.

    When do we get a voice in this? Why don’t we ever get asked what we want or why we’re so apparently full of hate in the first place.

    Even these new interlopers will be hateful if they see their quality of life and communities decline.
    I thought that we were meant to be a free people.

    Free to do exactly what we’re told.

    And banning hate speech online, you might as well just ban the internet altogether, because virtually all opinions expressed online will be hated by someone.

    I suppose the sign of who holds really the power, will be demonstrated by which side of the hate speech coin actually gets banned.
    This reminds me of the “I’d happily kill anybody who was violent” contradictory sort of mentality.

    It feels like there are two worlds, the progressive and the conservative worlds, and instead of letting us both separate, they’re trying to gag and blindfold one world’s power of expression out of existence, as to be quietly absorbed into this other world.
    Of course this wont work.

  • rightrightright

    Utterances of dislike, resentment, caution, despair, fear, these are not “hate speech”. We are to be gagged.

  • John Smith

    The thought and word police totalitarians can go pound sand.

  • KenelmDigby

    It had to happen sooner or later – a concerted effort by the elitists and the globalists to stifle free speech on the internet.
    Well look back at the past 10 years or so before the politicians decided to interfere, and think of them as a rare golden age of free discussion and free thinking, such like we will never see the likes of again.

  • ncpride


  • Spartacus

    The average Stormfronter wants exactly what the average Amrener wants – to live away from dark-skins . Nothing more, nothing less .

  • Spartacus

    That’s not a hate speech site, that’s a “social justice” site…

    If there still are any people who think KKK had it wrong,I can guarantee spending 10-15 minutes on that site is more than enough to set you straight .

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    Like art work of Jesus eating a hamburger, hate speech is first of all, speech. No one has the right to tell anyone what they can say unless it is personal defamation and even then, you’ve got to decide to prosecute it after the fact. The harm of regulating speech is that it’s end is to regulate thinking and counter actual socialist brainwashing. Brainwashing that destroys racial and ethnic groups is not justice simply because a political system has a certain social agenda.

    When is the UN going to notice all the whites being murdered in South Africa, out of hate?

  • Wethepeople

    As I would bleed next to you, to put an end to the Bantu. While I have a laundry list of problems with the ruling Jews, I have an identical list for the libtard whites in the same position. Both groups want us dead, or bred out existence, neither of which I can abide.

  • Elena Andbasket

    The concept of ‘hate speech’ is philosophically absurd. This is plainly an attempt to suppress dissent. They will have to prohibit sarcasm, innuendo and eventually punish thought crime. George Orwell was a prophet.

  • No, it needs something else.

    Quaternary ammonium VX reagents would be uniquely suited to the UN parasites.