White Student Union: On-Time or Wrong Time?

Ami Dudley, The Signal, July 26, 2013

“IT’S TIME”, states the banner in large bold font on the home page of Georgia State’s newest, and what may prove to be, most controversial organization.  This fall, our campus will welcome its first White Student Union, which will no doubt be one of the grand center pieces of prepped conversation spreads. While taking its place amongst several “ancestrally inspired” organizations, its fit will be a tight one–if not for it’s sheer rarity, then for what some call its untimely arrival in the wake of a verdict that has left emotions high and reasoning amuck. Given the precedents, are we to fold our arms together and turn our noses upward in the name of decency? Or, do we part our arms, level our head, and bestow a smile in the name of diversity? 

-Ami Dudley, Opinions Editor

An Opinion in Favor of the White Student Union by Mitchell Oliver

This Fall, if everything goes as planned and enough interest is shown, Georgia State University may have the inaugural year of its very first White Student Union. This is a club or organization just like any other on campus, except its goals are to, as its website states, “Celebrate our common European/Euro-American cultures and discuss issues that affect white people in the world today”. They intend to “advocate for the interests of white people while celebrating heritage, culture, and working with other student groups on campus”.

Obviously this creates a knee-jerk reaction from almost everyone who will immediately call it racism, white supremacy, making light of civil rights, and the like. I see an outcry on the horizon from students and faculty alike. Luckily, this has all already happened before. The idea of a White Student Union is not new.

Just a year ago at Towson University in Maryland, Matthew Heimbach created a White Student Union with a similar mission. Unlike the GSU union, Heimbach’s club patrolled the streets of campus at night to deter crime. Furthermore, no member of faculty would sponsor the club so it was not officially recognized as a campus organization. I see the Georgia State White Student Union suffering the same fate without a faculty sponsor, but founder Patrick Sharp recently told me in an e-mail “Getting a sponsor is going to be difficult, but I think we’ll find someone. Even if we don’t, the group doesn’t plan on going anywhere”.

Interestingly enough, the creation of a White Student Union at Georgia State will have, in my opinion, much further reaching consequences: both good and bad. For one, the ethnic diversity is much more evenly distributed than that of Towson (a school where 93% of the students are white). At GSU, only 36% of students are White, while 37% are Black or African American according to the Forbes list of America’s Top Colleges.

With the induction of a White Student Union, I think it will not only be a very interesting social experiment, but it will bring to the surface a multitude of uncomfortable racial arguments that we as students will have to address. Is this inherently racist? If so, then is any cultural student union we have inherently racist? What does having a White Student Union say about our college, or rather what does not allowing one say?

From a purely logical standpoint, the White Student Union should be allowed to form and thrive on campus alongside the African Students Association, Indian Cultural Exchange, Chinese Student Association, and over twenty more cultural organizations. To be successful, the founder of the White Student Union will need to devote his time to following the logical basis for his club and not let the strong emotions of those that will undoubtedly protest this club to get to him. The old adage of ‘You are allowed an organization, why are we not?’ is the marketing campaign that is currently being advertised around campus via posted flyers for the WSU.

In the wake of the recent George Zimmerman trail verdict, many in America are outraged and searching for answers to the difficult questions of racial discrimination in the 21st century. This organization has chosen a very interesting time in recent history to form an organization that essentially turns everything you thought about civil rights on its head.

In the end, however, the proposed creator of the new White Student Union is passionate and you cannot fault him for anything that he has not yet done. Besides, it boils down to this: he feels passionate about something, is proud of his heritage, and wishes to join with like-minded individuals in supporting his pride in being of white heritage. Nowhere in that description is there demands for white dominance, ethnic cleansing, or racial segregation. In fact, replace the word ‘white’ with any other ethnicity and you have the basic idea behind every cultural organization on campus. So before anyone can question someone for being proud of their heritage, one must first take all things into consideration.

Once the school year begins and the club is presumably formed, we can take a closer look at what the intentions are, but for now I don’t see any need for outrage. Whether or not this just turns out to be a publicity stunt to stir up students, we can all appreciate the idea of going against social norms and being passionate about something, whether you agree or not. For more information on the GSU WSU, you can check out their website at gsuwsu.wordpress.com and for a more in-depth look at White Student Unions, I recommend you watch the VICE documentary, found at vice.com/vice-news/white-student-union

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  • Luca

    Why are Leftists so afraid of free-speech, freedom of association and equal rights whenever the word “White” is involved?

    Oh that’s right, they are trying to overthrow the foundation of those who created this country and replace it with a NWO of ignorant slaves and useful idiots.

    • Leftists are afraid of the truth and that people might start to think for themselves.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Well that’s certainly true of the elite and their sock puppets, I do not think that is the case for your rank and file lefty soccer mom and the White liberal youth and college aged Whites. I think they fear free speech, freedom of association and equal rights whenever the word “White” is involved because of the massive Nazi propaganda that we are all subjected to from birth. Despite dying out over 60 years ago, Hollywood constantly dredges up the Nazi boogeyman. As they say, ‘Hitler lost the war but he won the ratings.” Any notion of White rights is automatically associated with Hitler, 6 million dead Jews, and all of that jazz. The rank and file liberal mind has erected this mental “nazi” barrier in their mind and nothing logical is capable of penetrating this mental barrier because it was erected on lies and half truths. Thus to the liberal the lies becomes the truth and the truth becomes the lie.

      • Romulus

        Americans we’re dragged into both wars reluctato ntly to the detriment of millions dead. Overwhelmingly, of their own European stock, despite all the 6mil. Number. The Hitler channel (military) produces a near constant stream of anti germanic/Nazi shows intended to give the desired effect stated above by the SNOWMAN. It’s no wonder European whites are so demoralized.

        • HJ11

          Well it’s time to reach down and grab a pair and stop being demoralized. Screw the opinions of those who hate us. We don’t exist for them. We don’t have to please them or think as they do.

    • Sick of it

      They’re VERY afraid of people enforcing the law, considering that they are criminals and traitors in every nation in which one finds them.

  • Bo_Sears

    This is an important step. Contact with prior successful groups to learn about ways to accomplish a platform on a campus to discuss issues would be a good first step. Without delicate formulation of both name and purpose, serious damage to reputation and education will ensue. Facebook: Resisting.Defamation

  • Hal K

    This is intriguing. I am of the opinion that our elites cannot tolerate anything that is explicitly for the interests of white people, since that will inevitably lead to a revolutionary view of how whites relate to the rest of the world. My opinion is that there is no other way to maintain anti-white policies in a majority white country.

    • evilsandmich

      It brings to the surface of the idea that other groups aren’t the ‘Black Student Union’ per se, as much as they are ‘The Anti-White Union Made Up of Blacks’.

      • Hal K

        I think that group solidarity and identity politics are essential for the well-being of a group when it is sharing a geographical space with other groups. Whites are the only group that is not allowed (by its own elites to a great extent) to engage in these thought processes explicitly. Once these types of thought processes get into the mainstream for whites, I think the genie will be out of the bottle.

        • HJ11

          Even writing, as you did above, that “Whites are the only group that is not allowed…to [have group solidarity and identity] politics,” is the wrong kind of thinking.

          We don’t have to be “allowed” to have solidarity and identity politics. We simply do these things all on our own. No one is above us. We are not slaves. We are not little children. We have bit as much right to be as we were born as anyone else and we have every bit as much right to assert our essential selves as anyone else. If some of us don’t do it, they may not really be White inside or may have a coward and wimp gene.

          • Hal K

            I agree that we have to take that right and not wait for someone to give it to us. I have made this clear many times in other comments.

          • Hal K

            One other thing. I don’t go along with statements like “they may not really be White inside.” Our problems are imposed culturally, and these harmful aspects of the culture can be removed. It is defeatist to think that there might be something wrong with many whites genetically that causes them to “submit.”

          • HJ11

            Not defeatist at all, just realistic. Just as our IQ’s are determined by our genes, so too are other aspects of our beings. I accept the notion that some Whites have more of a survival instinct that we can call the “racist gene.” This racist gene makes those with it White outside and inside. They are the ones who will not miscegenate of switch views because the wind changes.

  • John Smith

    The most racist people on campus belong to the La Raza and African American ethnic programs. Progress for them will be learning to live with this new addition.

    • The non-whites have the support of their racial kindred, whites do not. This is why they are successful & we are not.

      • HJ11

        Blacks who started the Black civil rights movement didn’t have widespread Black support at first either. In fact, When Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat, she didn’t have much support from ordinary Blacks.

        If those who start the White Student Union(s) are smart and emotionally strong and stick to it and get the press it can have a snowball effect.

        • evilsandmich

          It could be that once we have some touchstones to rally around that other whites will then be forced to have an opinion on such matters one way or ther other and not be allowed to perpetuate this ‘kumbaya’ intellectual emptiness.

      • Romulus

        We have and continue to be divided by the “other white people”, as has been the case for forever.

        • HJ11

          Well, then it’s time to stop being divided. Look, we’re not going to wake up the apathetic White masses all at once. Revolutions (and we’re in one now) never work that way. It is always the few who take strong stands and who persist that eventually draw others to them and the cause.

          It was so in the French Revolutions. It was so in the American Revolution. It is so in all revolutions.

          I am one, and I stand for what is right. You are also one. Each one of us must know in our hearts that our cause is just and we must each one do what is right even if we stand alone where we live.

    • HJ11

      No insult intended to you and I get your point, but I will say that as far as I go, I no longer use the term “racist” as a negative, and I never use non-Whites to justify what Whites are doing.

      We are White. We have a right to be White. We have a right to form our own groups. We don’t need to hide behind what non-Whites are doing to justify our existence or our actions. We are a free people.

      • True. But of course I am thinking of what we are facing now.

      • ms_anthro

        This is correct and something all of us, no matter how realist we are, need to constantly remind ourselves, and each other. We have a right to exist, to promote our own interests above others’, and to organize to protect ourselves. Our enemies–and that is what they are–will never give us permission to defend ourselves against them! We must fight as a free people, sovereign and answering to no one but our Maker and our folk.

        If the universities will not “let” us form our White alliances, we must form them anyway. What free adult needs permission to gather with other free adults off campus? Why must our advocacy groups be affiliated with the organizations that want to see us destroyed? Unite, organize, fight back. We don’t need their permission nor their approval to exist.

        • HJ11

          Exactly right. We do not need the permission of anyone or any group to defend ourselves and to simply be ourselves as we were born to be.

          In law there is a saying: If you sit on your rights, you lose your rights. Too many Whites have been sitting on their rights for too long and failing to assert their right to exist. I am not like that. I, for one, always assert my right to exist and to defend myself and I don’t care what White haters think or say about me.

    • China_Rising

      Indeed. I’ve been to Georgia State and I’m happy that I’m no longer near that campus. What a violent, dumb, and destructive group of people.

      Literally 100% of the violent crime committed on campus grounds was perpetrated by Negro Americans. This is not a campus conducive to learning, nor do the students want it to be.

  • ncpride

    This is wonderful. I sincerely hope WSU continue to spread from college to college. How hopeful this makes me feel that our youth, who are our future, are waking to the realities of becoming minorities in their own country. But the most important aspect to WSU is our youth taking pride in their race and heritage again, and refuse to bow down to the White Guilt, anti-White nonsense throw at them constantly…. Hopefully, these students will be considered pioneers in White racial awareness.

    • HJ11

      Right! Let’s see now if they truly have brass ones or if they wimp out. Personally, I’m rooting for the former.

  • WmarkW

    Excellent. Now the campus paper has someone to provide a response when a race hoax occurs.

  • MekongDelta69

    Self-righteous Ami Dudley thinks all non-straight white male ‘oppressed, grievance’ groups are “ancestrally inspired” organizations.

    Since Dudley Do-Right is probably all of 20 y/o, to her, anything created in the hyper-radical late 60s / early 70s is “ancestral.”

    I don’t know about you, but my lineage goes juuuuuuust a little further back than that.

  • DiversityIsDeath

    Equality means that Whites have a right to form race based organizations just like everyone else does. I would like to see this issue go all the way to the Supreme Court.

    • HJ11


  • dd121

    Liberals can’t get their mind around the idea of a “white tribe’. Funny, their identity politics is how they appeal to most of their voters.

    • Sick of it

      Ironic, considering that they helped create the notion in the first place. We used to self identify according to nation or tribe.

    • HJ11

      To hell with liberals. I don’t care what they think about anything. They are not my kind.

      • MBlanc46

        But this is a place where their own ideas can be turned against them. They’re all for multiculturalism. Well, we’re a culture.

  • Spartacus

    Cultural union… They’d spend their time better making an all-white fight club .

  • I hope that this and other white student unions will stay away from such ideas as patrolling an area for the purpose of stopping crime. That is foolish, amateurish & dangerous. You are not the police. You are not a security company. Dedicate yourself to the work that needs to be done. Spend your time working on the social and political issues that our race is facing.

    You could start by finding out if the white students are being charged a fee, as part of their tuition that supports the other student unions on that campus. Next, get the other white students to ask why they are charged for something that they are not allowed to have for themselves? Then start addressing larger issues like the genocide of white S. Africans.

    • ms_anthro

      Respectfully, I disagree. Our people are under constant, state-sanctioned assault and the highest policeman in the land, Eric “My People” Holder, has said we cannot be victims of racially-motivated hate crimes.

      Extrajudicial protection may be all we have left. Our White men need to relearn what it is like to love their White sisters, mothers, daughters, and elderly enough to be willing to fight to protect them from two-legged predators. There is no better practice ground than a college campus, which is still marginally safer than the urban and suburban battlegrounds of the “real world.”

      • Irishgirl

        This issue is a tough one. When I first read about Heimbach’s group patrolling to try to prevent black crime I thought this is a path to certain trouble, as any actions they take will be construed as KKK-style vigilantism. But at the university this article describes, with a 37% black population, I would certainly not feel safe walking on campus alone at night, and this fundamental right of students to feel safe just walking to and from classes, I think, deserves the attention that WSU patrols would bring.

        • HJ11

          With all due respect. This is not a tough issue at all, and what do we care what the haters think of us? Peaceful patrols to act as eyes and ears are perfectly okay.

        • Conrad

          The attention could be useful but a WSU cannot afford the risk of losing any of their members due to injury, legal problems or law suits. They can, however, use the issue to petition the college for more security. But they, themselves, should never stand on the front lines. Use such issues to generate sympathy, support & thereby a larger voice.

      • Conrad

        Thank you ms anthro,
        You are correct to a certain extent. I would like to propose the idea that those of our people that are attending college and engaging in this work focus on and the minds of the other students. These young white people are the next generation of leaders for this country and our people.

        I am old enough to remember how the leftists took power in the ‘60s. They did it by taking over the colleges & universities. By becoming the next generation of lawyer, legislators and university professors. Let us leave the ‘streets’ to the tough guys. Let those with high IQ’s retake the seats of power.

  • HJ11

    Of course there should be a White Student Union–and on every college campus.

    Who cares what the anti-White bigots think? Screw them. They are not our kind. They are low life pigs, and more and more Whites are starting to see them for the haters that they are.

    • Beetlejuice

      Just be prepared to be met with violence from blacks and other non-whites who think you have NO right to meet as an identified white group. Don’t expect the college or local police to come to your rescue. Remember when Jared Taylor was attacked by “anti-racist” masked thugs before he could give his speech in Nova Scotia?

      • HJ11

        With all due respect, this sounds a little paranoid. Of course the White haters will continue with their hate and some may even attack us. So what? We have the moral high ground and it’s time we take a stand for what is right. But, in doing so, we do need to be PERCEIVED as truly having the moral high ground. And, so long as we are in the right and obey the laws, the local police will be duty bound to step in an arrest any who attack us.

      • MBlanc46

        You’re quite right. It WSUs begin to appear, there will be violent demonstrations against them. Then we’ll need to step up to defend (nonviolently) their right to exist.

      • evilsandmich

        You forget about our own people. Local places like Oberlin are thick with self-hating/self-righteous whites. A white student union may not be the bag of other ethnic groups, but it represents horrific apostasy to white groupthinkers.

  • Epiminondas

    White students are wasting their time at Georgia State. It’s a third rate college smack dab in the middle of black-dominated downtown Atlanta. Unsafe, uncouth, unappealing. Find yourself a college in a safer area.

    • HJ11

      if these Whites, for watever reason, wish to be White right where they are, then that’s up to them and simply saying they should go someplace else is defeatist.

      Personally, I”m all for separation and even isolation from non-Whites for those Whites who think as I do, but if other Whites want to struggle in the midst of non-Whites, that’s their right.

    • China_Rising

      You are exactly right my friend. I used to study there (for reasons I have yet to understand) and I’ve got to say, as a foreigner, Blacks have ruined everything about the school system.

      It was my first ever experience with Blacks, and I would be happy for it to be the last.

    • MBlanc46

      Like Donald Rumsfeld said, you can’t fight the war you want. If this is the place where white students have been able to start such a group, then this is where the struggle begins.

  • Defiant White

    Sadly, I’m not sure what this new white student union is going to get together and talk about since modern white culture seems to be a blend of jewish leftism, black hip-hop and in your face anarchy. I guess they could talk about pre-1950s American history (yawn). Maybe they could read biographies of past great whites like Daniel Boone (double yawn). More than likely, they’ll sit around watching Bonanza re-runs . . .

    We don’t need a “white student union.” What we need is to kick all non-whites off campus so white young adults can get a true education.

    • ncpride

      There’s plenty for them to talk about, just as there is plenty for us to talk about here nightly. Illegal immigration, affirmative action, our dwindling numbers world-wide, and I’d love to see them bring awareness to the terrible atrocities our brothers and sisters are facing in South Africa. We should contact them and encourage, give advice, and support.

      • jane johnson


  • Bo_Sears

    Okay, here are some suggestions. First, don’t copy failed models. Second, don’t copy other existing demographically-oriented organizations on campus. Third, keep in mind that more can be done with the thin edge of the wedge.

    Fourth, given the massive application of the anti-white narrative nation-wide recently, there will be a tendency to attack or analyze other demographic groups like O’Reilly did. The task of a decent-minded pro-white organization is to move carefully, and not for dramatic effect…the dramatic effect will be heaped on your head no matter what you do.

    Fifth, consider picking one segment of the many segments of problems that have been engineered for “white fail” and work with that segment. We’ve had five different groups on the West Coast that did this approach.

    1) European American Studies Group. This group had a weekly community TV show called “European American Diversity” for a year and hosted two public annual conferences in local hotels on issues facing the diverse white Americans. It faded out and morphed into the next group.

    2) European-American Issues Forum. This was an extremely successful effort, and featured studies for the issues we confront. It was not limited to white membership, but it was totally white-centric…meaning it was only about issues about white people, not issues about other ethnicities. This is a toughie to understand. We interviewed candidates for mayor, council members, and sheriff, and endorsed some. The group collapsed from within, not from pressure outside.

    3) Resisting Defamation. This group limited its activities to combating hate names, labels, definitions, and descriptions of the diverse white Americans. There was an awful lot of hate straight from the mayor’s office and the local newspapers. This group is still going strong, and may be examined at www (dot) resistingdefamation (dot) com.

    It’s primary rules are two-fold: (a) Never attack an entire demographic affinity group or even name them if possible…always attackback the speaker or writer who slurs the diverse white Americans. (b) And tackle one project at a time, do not try to do every thing at once.

    4) Resisting.Defamation on Facebook. Here we post comments on articles that contain slurs, stereotypes, and caricatures the denigrate the diverse white Americans and promote understanding of the anti-white narrative.

    5) Minority White Community. This is a group formed after the diverse white Americans in San Jose and in Santa Clara County discovered that they had become a minority group. It comments on a local municipal blog to attackback at individuals or institutions that slander white Americans.

    Anyway, avoid grand schemes, keep it very local, pick a topic, and press the point. Stay white-centric in a white context. Don’t do an O’Reilly.

    • MBlanc46

      This sounds like very sage advice to me. I trust the group and Georgia State will heed it and serve as a model for similar groups all across the country.

    • Beetlejuice

      Resisting defamation is one of the best pro-white sites on the internets, bar none. Excellent advice about how to fight back against slurs, slander, stereotypes and anti-White defamation.

      How do these white groups respond when met with physical violence, as has happened to white gatherings in the past?

      • Bo_Sears

        Interesting question, Beetlejuice, and the reason may be that we focus on white issues, not overall issues. We speak out in our diverse white American demographic affinity group about issues affecting us, instead of joining the clash of ideas and insults that are part of speaking out about issues on an overall level.

        We’re not afraid to speak out, but we keep it white-centric (“How do we advance the white American school children when their teacher and text books label them as…….”) and in a white voice (“As a white American, I….”).

        In fact, we have discovered that we can address everything we want to address that way, discussing what we discuss as to how it affects the diverse white Americans, not everyone else in town, and attacking back at the speaker or writer or an institution, not the demographic affinity group from which the speaker or writer arises. Although it is tempting sometimes.

        • HJ11

          Yes, particularism is the way to go, not universalism. We are White people, and our interests are White people–not non-White peoples. We are perfectly happy among our own and we don’t need other peoples at all. Period.

  • OhWow

    “Once the school year begins and the club is presumably formed, we can take a closer look at what the intentions are”

    Why is the burden of proof ALWAYS on the white people? We are the only ones who have to prove we aren’t racist, prove we love diversity, and prove that we come in peace even though we commit a ridiculously low amount of crime in proportion to our distribution. Why do we never hear, “We can take a closer look at the Black Student Union and what the intentions are”? Why are they automatically seen as peaceful and harmless while whites are not afforded the same? If we are going to allow small groups like the KKK (who don’t even have power anymore) to represent an ENTIRE race, then I say all blacks are illiterate gangbaning thugs. It’s just like mathematical operations…what you do to one side you must do to the other. That’s true equality. Want to judge the entire white race by a few bad apples? Then we are allowed to do the same to your race.

    • ms_anthro

      We are allowed to do whatever we want. Ignore them, or jeer at them openly. “We don’t have to prove anything to you. You are irrelevant to us.” Then carry on as though they don’t exist.

      We owe them nothing. It is time we said so without shame.

      • HJ11

        Absolutely. We should care what they think about us, about as much as we care what gophers might think of us.

    • HJ11

      You ask: “Why is the burden of proof ALWAYS on the white people?” The answer is because too many White people sit on their rights for various reasons instead of asserting their right to be as they were born to be.

      Asserting our rights starts with each one of us individually. You can count on me to always assert my right to be as I was born. And, as I do so, this helps protect the rights of other Whites. Now, if enough of us stand up–and we don’t have to be strident in this–and simply demand the right to be, things will change and the haters will not be able to push us to the back of the bus as easily.

    • Gunrunner1


      A White student union is automatically assumed to be a hotbed of evil racists, while black student unions openly fly the flag of the “African American Nation”, where the negro panther party can speak, where Nation of Islam brings in soldiers and genocidal speakers. Mexican student unions are just the same, openly flying the flag of Aztlan, hosting meetings with Mecha and La Raza.

      Frankly, I would like to hear about a White student union getting together speakers like Covington and Gregory Hood, the American Freedom Party and being a little radical. We are mice arguing about how much noise to make to bell the cat. We are at the opposite end of the spectrum of where we want to be. Our people are openly attacked in public, other races hunt us for sport (“Beat Whitey Night”, ‘Polar Bear Hunting’, Knock Out King Game” and post their predations on Youtube and World Wide Hip Hop for pleasure and “Street Cred”. We worry about not offending the people who wish our death. By Odin, I want to see strength, else we should just smile and say take us down and end us.

  • Beetlejuice

    I see an outcry on the horizon from students and faculty alike

    They are anti-White Hypocrites. This is a perfect example of WHY a White Students’ Union is desperately needed.

    • ms_anthro

      Let them cry. It means nothing! We need to stop humoring these whiners and just do what we need to do without apology or sheepishness.

      • HJ11

        Right! We have to stop caring what they think. They are not our kind.

  • ViktorNN

    White student unions may well be the future of white racial awareness in this country.

    They work on so many levels. They always get a ton of free publicity that helps get out the message of white racial awareness. They get young white kids thinking and talking even if they don’t join. They might end up becoming believers later.

    And most of all they could serve as a groundwork for a real movement that goes from being just a lot of people talking online to being a real world political movement. The connections formed in a WSU today can become life long networks. The money that WSUs raise and spend to bring in speakers like Jared Taylor, for example, could serve as a kind of lecture circuit that could help support professional activists.

    I’m bullish on these WSUs. Let’s get them on every campus.

  • Spartacus

    They don’t need any martial arts, just find a place where you can meet 2-3 times a week, and bash each other’s brains out in a fight with no rules. The only way to learn how to fight is by actually doing it.

    • Nathanwartooth

      So…. fight club?

    • I used to really love fighting. In junior high school I always used three feet of heavy chain locked to my left wrist and swung it two-handed. I loved the feeling of my arms and legs going cold and the way my stomach felt like I’d swallowed a lot of ice water. Everything also seemed to slow down.

      I got dragged next to a car once after breaking out the driver’s window; the chain was briefly caught on the “B” pillar. I can’t have guns anymore, but heavy chain still holds a fascination for me. First love is best, and true love never dies.

  • Romulus

    Without intending to sound like a broken record, the label or ideology of “racism” will never go away as humans are not all the same race. The logic is so simple that intelligentia refuse to recognize this very simple aspect of evolutionary biology. Will it come to pas, that the instant whites become the minority, that they will become victims? Will they then be forced to invoke civil rights legislation in the interest of equality?
    Ill say it again,… “There can be only one majority rule at any given time. Two different groups will only live side by side until eventually,one or the other becomes dominant.”

  • HJ11

    Well, it’s time that Whites got over their fear. It is time that each one of us individually and in groups started being White again.

  • mobilebay

    All the best to Patrick Sharp and those who are forming the White Student Union. Why is there even a question or discussion about the propriety of such an organization? If the various cultures on campus have their own groups, there can be no reason why white students can’t form theirs. Good luck, Mr. Sharp, and maybe someone on the faculty has enough of a backbone to sponsor your group.

  • Earl Turner

    This White Student Union won’t last. I live in Georgia and the attitude of the monied elites who run the state is “diversity for thee but not for me”.

    • HJ11

      Who cares what the monied elites say or think?

  • HJ11

    What the hell? Who cares about what the White haters think? Geez, we have to stop this kind of thinking. We are White people. We don’t have to shuck and jive so haters won’t call us names. We have to force our right to be, if necessary. We don’t have to show up hat in hands and do a tap dance and ask to be allowed to be as we were born to be. We are. Now, we just have to know it and assert it.

  • HJ11

    Yes, we all know that. My point remains the same, and to restate it: We need to stand up for the right to be White. Period. We need to stop hiding in the shadows and trying to pretend we’re not who we are born to be.

  • knuckledragger

    “Freedom or speech! Tolerance! Diversity! …so long as we’re only talking about blacks, Jews, and feminists.”

  • Steven Bannister

    I am encouraged to see this. Let us remember that Cultural Marxism STARTED IN THE COLLEGES which provided a nice, safe petri dish for subversive ideas to grow.

    Message to young whites reading this right now: You should consider forming a White Student Union in YOUR high school or college THIS SEMESTER OR NEXT. If enough people do this, the idea WILL gain momentum. Once the dust settles and the concept of a White Student Union has been “normalized” these unions will serve as a valuable network for our movement.

    Much thanks to the students who did this, much encouragement to the students who are about to….

  • Hal K

    According to Wikipedia, 32% of the students at Towson are nonwhite, so the 93% white percentage given in the article here is probably wrong.

  • China_Rising

    I suspect that most Whites don’t exactly realize what they are getting before tuition is paid.

    I have seen many assaults, and indeed one at gun point. They start to realize, probably within two weeks of their arrival to the dorms.

  • China_Rising

    Certainly not as bad. The Bantus have a harder time being accepted at Georgia Tech, though they are rising.

  • Michelle

    This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time 🙂 Usually Amren articles make my blood boil,this one made me smile 🙂 Funny the dumb writter thought it was weird timing to start this group,after the zimmerman trial.. That’s probably exactly what prompted them to start a white student union. Or at least played a part in it.. The trial showed white people,who didn’t already know,how quick blacks are to bash whites. I know personally the trial was a huge eye opener for me, and is what inspired me to find websites like this one..Im sure i can’t be the only white person who revoked their black tolerance card after the trial.. So it seemed more then logical to me,that students would want an all white student group,more now then any other time. I just hope they’re treated with the same respect all the other student groups are expected to be treated with. I also hope they find a sponsor and think its insane if they had a hard time. Its makes me sick that we’re made to feel like anything white is racist. Black people are oppressed?! Please, were the oppressed ones.

  • e2657383

    “This organization has chosen a very interesting time in recent history to form an organization that essentially turns everything you thought about civil rights on its head.”

    Turning brainwashing on its head is not a bad thing.

  • HJ11

    John McCain is an anti-White bigot. He may be White on the outside, but he’s not White on the inside. This guy is so screwed up that his son just married a Black.

  • JJ

    Let us think for a second…. White Student Union sounds fair, I thought when you were a minority, and this case you are if your White at Georgia State, you might need representation at the school. If you think other Races will, you are wrong!! I say: “Equal Rights for All, Special Privileges for None”

  • Puggg

    Good, use those buzzwords. Let the people inside the NSA learn something.

  • din_do_nuffins

    White Student Unions always attract concerns about Ku Kluxism, so why don’t Black Student Unions ever attract concerns of Knoxville Horrorism?

  • Conrad

    This can be accomplished in a safer manner. If these people are smart enough to be on a college campus they must use their minds to effect other minds, that’s where the battle is. They MUST look and act professionally. Rid yourselves of the current fads of dress & mannerisms. Study so that you can communicate your message clearly.