It may be mere coincidence that the NAACP’s annual convention is being held in central Florida, but the organization is making the most of it by issuing rallying cries and demanding ‘justice’ for Trayvon Martin.

The self-defense ‘not guilty’ verdict of George Zimmerman, who shot and killed the unarmed black teen in February 2012, was delivered less than 30 miles from the convention site in Orlando. And speakers made sure the hundreds of assembled NAACP members knew that federal charges against the exonerated Zimmerman were among the group’s top priorities.

Describing the events in nearby Sanford, Florida as a sign that African-Americans face ‘times of great peril,’ NAACP president Benjamin Jealous said that blacks ‘feel it every time we see one of our young sons … walk out the door and pull his hoodie up.’

The Orlando Sentinel reported that Jealous told reporters after his keynote speech Monday that when he heard the verdict read, live on television, ‘the first thing I did was walk over to my son’s crib and lift him up and I listened to him breathe. And then I began to cry.’

SiriusXM radio host Joe Madison, known to his fans as ‘The Black Eagle,’ lashed out at Zimmerman and the court that allowed him to walk free.

Trayvon Martin’s death, he said, was ‘nothing more than a modern day lynching. George Zimmerman became the judge, jury and executioner.’

Attorney General Eric Holder will address the convention on Tuesday. The NAACP has collected nearly 300,000 signatures on a petition asking him to prosecute Zimmerman under federal civil rights law, an outcome that could become a reality despite the U.S. Constitution’s protections against double jeopardy.

‘We will update you as we work to pursue civil rights charges against Zimmerman through the DOJ,’ the NAACP tweeted shortly after the verdict was read on Saturday night.

An FBI document published Monday on the website The Smoking Gun shows that in the week following the 2012 shooting a Sanford, Fla. police detective ‘described Zimmerman as overzealous and as having “a little hero complex,” but not as a racist.’

Benjamin Crump, who represents the Martin family and is expected to file a wrongful death lawsuit against Zimmerman on their behalf, told the crowd that that they should ‘refuse to remain silent because Sabrina [Fulton] and Tracy cannot do this by themselves.’

‘If anything good is to come’ from Saturday night’s verdict, national NAACP spokesman Eric Wingerter told the Sentinel, ‘this is the time to build a movement.’

‘This goes to the heart of what racial profiling is–in this case, the idea that a young black teenager is by definition a thug instead of a son just visiting his father.’

Majic 102.1, a radio station in Houston, Texas, reported Monday that within hours of the trial’s conclusion, NAACP leaders called an ’emergency meeting,’ during which the group’s national youth and college director encouraged members to ‘effective[ly] get justice for Trayvon.’

A rally held Sunday outside Houston’s justice court, and other demonstrations like it, was planned at that Orlando gathering.

NAACP Chairman Roslyn Brock told WKMG-TV6 in Orlando that NAACP members ‘can’t get to how you walk home in the rain from a local convenience store to being dead on the ground.’

‘Our community was prepared for a manslaughter conviction, we would accept that, but to have Mr. Zimmerman exonerated of all charges?’

Mark O’ Mara, George Zimmerman’s attorney, continues to insist that his client ‘was never guilty of anything except protecting himself in self-defense.’

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  • MBlanc46

    The modern day lynching is what’s happening to George Zimmerman.

  • ncpride

    ‘This goes to the heart of what racial profiling is…..

    Hysterical, ridiculous argument considering the only proof of ‘racial profiling’ going on was from the dead thug himself, with his ‘creepy a## cracker’ comment. Oh, but I forgot…. black commentators and ‘leaders’ have told us Whites that ‘cracker’ is not a racial slur, and should not be viewed as such, so the moral authorities on race have spoken. I really hope they keep pushing this harder and harder…..$harpton, Jealous, Holder… ALL of them. While I’ve seen tons of comments calling for GZ head, there are an equal number of people totally disgusted by this farce, and the more they push, the more disgusted more of us become.

    • sbuffalonative

      If Mr. Martin felt threatened, why did he call a friend instead of the police? Did he have something to hide? I suppose ‘progressive’ will argue that he didn’t call the police because as a black man he didn’t trust the police. However, I believe he didn’t call the police because they might ask uncomfortable questions.

      And if we look at the time line, it would appear that Mr. Martin was the first one to interject race into this situation by referring to Mr. Zimmerman as a cracka.

  • sbuffalonative

    If a black man was walking home and a group of whites confronted him, would the black man be justified in ‘standing his ground’ or using ‘deadly force’?

  • Luca

    Let them continue with this ignorant rhetoric and one-sided narrative. “Oh, he was just a po’ black chile buying skittles for his little brother and his only crime was wearing a hoodie while black”. Let them riot, let them get their butts whooped in federal court.

    I believe they are awaking a sleeping giant. I believe the people who have been buying guns and ammunition have been doing it for a reason and their will be a lot “Stand Your Ground” situations in the aftermath. Force is all they understand, they have no use for law, logic, common sense, compromise or reason.

    • sbuffalonative

      I believe more white people are getting tired of this incessant conversation on race that we never seem to have.

      • David Ashton

        E.g. crime by black people.

      • The__Bobster

        If you speak the truth, the chosen will destroy you.

  • good they made it easy… we have a list to work off of…. now lets buy them one way tickets back to their homeland so they can run about hacking each other up.

    • sbuffalonative

      I listened to a black woman say ‘we leave our (black) neighborhoods because they’re violent and move to allegedly safer (white) neighborhoods but we’re still not safe’.

      The fact is a black man is far safer being around white people than a black man is around other blacks. So look for the trend of blacks moving into ‘racist’ white neighborhoods to continue.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        I’ve always said that there is a critical mass of non-Whites a neighborhood can support before it becomes a crime ridden craphole.
        Starts with a few nice ones fleeing their own, ends up a ghetto.

  • John vb ellis

    Learn to defend yourself and your family with other things besides guns. The persecution won’t be as bad.

    I highly recommend the $12 Target T Ball bat, perfect weight for one handed club, lethal or knee breaking, the only more effective is a gun.

    Carry the bat in an athletic bag with a ball and glove. Be seen playing T ball with little children.

    Works for me, it gives me confidence to tell Black teens to pull up their pants.

    • capnmorgan5150

      Way ahead of you. I’ve had a tee ball bat in the trunk of my car for almost a decade. Haven’t had to use it yet, but it’s nice to know it’s there while I’m waiting for the Illinois CCW law to kick in.

      • cancerous bananna

        I keep a spring-loaded nail-gun on the back seat of my car in an open case. Along with workboots, a hardhat and safety glasses.
        I have used it once a trayvon was calling me to get out of my car and I was telling him to come to it.. he pulled the same hand down his pants bluff.. they started throwing rocks at my car so I shot a nail at their feet… they looked at each other, called me crazy and started to run away…
        Of course, this was after I drove up behind them and honked my horn as they refused to get off the street.. they threw their mcdonalds drinks at my car.. I slammed on my brakes and grabbed my tool. Asked them to come to my car.

  • Big Blue 11

    Eric Holder is a racist and wants to take the heat off all of his many scandals. Obamas all time low ratings is the other reason. The national assc. of always crying primates will be the venue for the get even for Zimmerman rally. I hope every WT on earth sees through this BS and wakes up fast. PS – anyone spying on this website my Grandmother was murdered by a black man with a baseball bat in NY. After my Father came home from fighting WW2 in the Pacific so screw you.

    • itdoesnotmatter

      Big, so sorry about your grandmother. You have my empathy.

      I came home one night to discover four black men in the process of cleaning out my three story Berkeley home. They scurried out the upstairs windows when they heard me come in the front door. I’ve been head bashed multiple times by combative, uncooperative black patients, had both a knife and gun held to my head in the line of duty. Head bashed by a black patient, a brilliant clinician colleague, sustained an on the job concussion with subsequent “dementia pugilistica,” aka, shaken child syndrome, with subsequent memory loss, confusion. It ruined his life. He died young, in his 40’s. I witnessed this nightmarish assault.
      One of my 16 year old nieces was ambushed and gang raped by a Chicago black basketball team while she was on vacation in Vegas with our family. This team of honorable, upstanding affletes was in town to play a tournament. L.V. law enforcement would not help us, even though they caught these thugs’ faces on CCTV. I could go on and on. My family has been victimized by blacks over and over. We evolved from Berkeley liberals to angry race realists.

      • Big Blue 11

        Sorry to hear about all those encounters with blacks. I worked in Washington DC and NYC and could fill a book with scary encounters I am lucky to be alive. My Wife and I moved to a 98% white area now and dont half to deal with those monsters anymore. I pray you dont have anymore problems with them, but always be ready good luck.

  • Spartacus

    “…nothing more than a modern day lynching. George Zimmerman became the judge, jury and executioner.”


    I liked the traditional ones better…

  • Defiant White

    Although it’s stupid to call this a lynching, it does serve the same purpose: It sends a strong message to blacks to watch who you mess with. Public lynchings of blacks served to keep them under control. Likewise, knowing that the guy you’re planning to jump may put one right in your heart, may make a few blacks think twice . . . . or am I giving them to much credit?

    • The__Bobster

      Yes, you are. The attacks on Whites have increased since the verdict.

  • Defiant White

    I didn’t think the National Association of Alligators, Coons and Possums could find 300,000 supporters who could write.

    • MekongDelta69

      It wasn’t written in cursive

  • A Freespeechzone

    Remember that most of the signers of the ‘petition’ either don’t know the facts, or can’t understand them as they applies to the law.

    Mob rule demanded that Zimmerman be arrested and charged when there was no case; he was arrested to placate the mobs and tried.

    The ‘case’ against him was so weak, that even with the aid of the corrupt WH, DOJ and media, 6 honest and true women vindicated Mr. Zimmerman.

    Since the mob didn’t get what they wanted, they now demand atonement regardless of the facts & the Obama minons will likely comply–or at least try.

    This is merely an example of mob rule of the least intelligent who see justice based upon assumed scenarios and innuendo, and when they lose based upon facts, will, at the worst, take matters into their own hands.

    All in the majority need to be seriously concerned, YOU are a target of these people–embolden by Obama, Holder & the media; if you are murdered, they will consider it a public service.

    Make NO mistake, if you are ‘taken out’–they will consider that ‘for Trayvon’ and likely get a pass.

  • din_do_nuffins

    We are all losers and sissies.

    Why can’t we quote off the top of our heads the number of White girls raped and murdered after lynching was outlawed, or after Fair Housing, or after Integration, or after Civil Rights, or after Affirmative Action, or after Rap, or after Obama?

    Our endemic ignorance of the kinds of Hate Facts that matter proves that we never will deserve any White privilege.

  • The__Bobster

    It may be mere coincidence that the NAACP’s annual convention is being held in central Florida, but the organization is making the most of it by issuing rallying cries and demanding ‘justice’ for Trayvon Martin.

    No coincidence at all. The date of the trial was chosen with a victory rally in mind. Imagine their disappointment….

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Nice moniker there…

  • Paleoconn


  • Paleoconn

    When it’s raining hard, I usually run home, I don’t slalom around a gated community’s walkways, casing houses, taking my sweet time.

    11,000 Obama’s sons

  • Big Blue 11

    Larry Elders tried to on piers morgan but piers would not shut the hell up.