MSNBC’s Sharpton Plans Protests in 100 Cities

John Nolte, Breitbart, July 15, 2013

During MSNBC’s 11 am hour, above a chyron that read, “More Marches, Protests Planned in Coming Days, Weeks,” MSNBC anchor Al Sharpton said that he and his National Action Network are “mobilizing” protests in 100 cities. Sharpton made clear that the protests were meant to pressure the Justice Department into taking legal action against George Zimmerman:

Well, I certainly think it is going to be on those that now feel that this verdict makes a lot of people vulnerable. The reason that people in the civil rights community, including [Sharpton’s] National Action Network, is talking about these hundred cities that we’re mobilizing this weekend, is not just questioning a verdict but, saying a precedent is now set where the Justice Department must come in[.]

{snip} In the run up to the trial this year, Sharpton has used his primetime MSNBC program, “Politics Nation,” to demand Zimmerman be convicted.


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  • ncpride

    I honestly think this race pimp is disappointed his ilk haven’t burned down a few cities, and killed people. Looks like he is determined to keep stirring the pot and whip them into a frenzy.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Go AL GO! Raise the roof! Fight the power! Whip them Bantus up into a frenzy and unleash them to rape, burn, kill, steal, and destroy.

      Direct them to do so in stand your ground states, Al.

      Now, Whitey, look at them and keep repeating to yourself…

      “They’re just like us. It’s all our fault. We are evil, they good.”

      Well…in a way it is all our fault. It all started several hundred years ago when advanced White civilizations encountered deepest darkest Afreaka and realized the only thing 70 average IQ “societies” had to trade for finished manufactured goods were all these negroes they produced prodigiously and enslaved themselves.

      But then how could the Europeans have ever imagined a day when the Bantu would be confused with a modern human being?

      • Perhaps we could get them stirred up even more by publicly gloating.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Heehee…the key word here being “publicly”…

    • John Smith

      MSNBC’s Al Sharpton is reeling in debt and back taxes. The liberal provocateur owes nearly $1 million to creditors and the federal government but it’s unclear why Sharpton has not paid his creditors for he does not lack income. And this after he endorsed President Barack Obama’s calls for taxing the rich.

      The Democrat controlled IRS leaves Sharpton out to agitate while engaging in gross prejudice of conservative groups that can only be seen as blatant political corruption.

      • The__Bobster

        Shrimpton never pays for anything.

        In 1997, Pagones won a defamation lawsuit against Sharpton, Brawley and her lawyers.

        Maddox was found liable for $97,000, Mason for $188,000, and Sharpton was ordered to pony up $66,000, money that was coughed up by O.J.
        Simpson lawyer Johnnie Cochran and others.

        • WR_the_realist

          You have to hand it to them, the brothers really look out for each other. Unfortunately the white people with enough money to really help out another white person in need spend it all on blacks.

    • borogirl54

      The sad thing is that some innocent white people may get injured or killed in the process.

      • Blacks do that 365 days per year anyway. This current trial verdict is an excuse to continue, just an excuse.

      • ThisObamaNation

        “White Hispanics” too

  • WR_the_realist

    I knew that MSNBC was completely off the tracks when they hired Al Sharpton. As if Rachel Maddow wasn’t enough.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    I hope they do go apes**t. Especially in concealed carry/stand your ground places.

    This could turn out very nicely. The more Eric Holder/Barak Obama’s White genocide department pursues and harasses the law abiding Judeo-Peruvian fellow who defended his life and barrio, the more wild feral Bantus take to the streets in an effort to blackmale (sic) our entire society over something as absurd as this…the more Whites wake up.

    Furthermore kudos to the state of Florida. Now violent bullies, criminals, social filth, are on notice that if they physically assault someone that someone has the lawful right to blow them away.

    Not that many low IQ violent types pay much attention to anything more than sex, drugs and rap music, but over time as the body count rises, eventually something may sink in. Kid physically assaulted law abiding citizen, tried to beat him to death and got blown away? YAY! The law and evolution are working!

    Because one thing I learned from years of watching Wild Kingdom and Animal Planet is this…

    Not all the young reach adulthood. Not necessarily a bad thing, eh? Leave evolution be, brave new worlders.

    • sbuffalonative

      I certainly hope they overplay their hand but I also hope no white person does something foolish to give them more ammunition to use against us.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Good point but…

        This is a no win game for us Whites. The rules are set by blacks and traitorous whites and the rules assure White Genocide. Thence the way to win an unwinnable game is to not play it. Refuse to.

        Option one: Hide and mewl. Apologize when you are wronged, own up to culpability and pay for something you didn’t do. Tolerate being beaten, raped, humiliated, robbed, harassed and hectored. LOSE.

        Option two: Stand up and start to fight. Whites are living on, as Sun Tzu would have called it, “dying ground”. Most just either don’t realize this or do but desperately try to shunt this epiphany into the background, choke on genocidal ideology. LOSE?

        The key is that the black reaction is a group reaction. The key is that the evil White reaction also be a large enough group as to be unprosecutable. Thence, considering the legal precedent of the Zimmerman outcome, considering the growing stand your ground movement…

        I welcome widespread Bantu typical-ness…

        Sooner or later something snaps.

        And by the way…Whites WILL CONTINUE TO BLEED regardless so…

        Might as well fight.

        • sbuffalonative

          Blacks like to provoke and push our buttons. They want us to defend ourselves so they can claim we attacked them.

          All I’m saying is don’t give them what they want.

          I agree we have to fight back but right now, I’d stand back (no deliberate confrontation) and let them do what they do best. At least in the short term, let them go berserk.

          White America needs to see what these people are capable of doing and why they need to be contained.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            I think we are in agreement. There is a certain inexorability to this.
            The black uses a classic strategy of passive aggression backed by in-your-face aggression, or constant threat of such. Aided and abetted by slimy treacherous spineless whites.

            It’s really sickening and sickeningly effective the way the sons of Ham play upon the decency of their provider-enablers. Parasitically leach off the society their supposed oppressors create, and use any histrionic manufactured excuse readily available from time to time to blackmale (sic) Whites to kowtow and gibs dem mo gibsmedat. Idiotically burn down own neighborhoods, then get more gibsmedat to rebuild.

            Never, however, do the parasites invade real White enclaves en masse when they go about the business of shaking down their evil custodians. The know what will result, and such will be racist as you can get – people of one race defending their own against another, and since it will be Whites daring to defend themselves it will be racist.

            This is what I pray for daily in this regard. The black mob trying to burn a non black neighborhood. Sooner or later, with the black preachers and race baiters working overtime with their treacherous white worshippers, will incite a black kill-mob to invade a traditionally White area.

            I’m locked and loaded. Standing my little piece of dying ground.

          • sbuffalonative

            I know that at some point we are going to have to fight but this is just blacks having a hissy fit because they didn’t get their way.
            Keep yourself safe and armed if they’re near you but let them make fools of themselves. They are their own worst PR campaign.
            The best thing to do is to point a camera at them.
            This may not be the armed wake-up-call but the more they riot and act up, the more white people see them as they are and learn to avoid them at all cost.

            I mean, would you want ‘those’ people living in your neighborhood?

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Can you imagine the prosecution at your trial when they enter into evidence the sort of “hateful” premeditation that your post here represents to them? We need to be careful how we express ourselves. We are far from the place where courts will only look at the action of a lethal encounter. The big problem is the increasing tendency to be able to legally make a case over what the prosecution can claim about “racist attitudes.” I’m talking to myself as much as you or anyone else.

            To paraphrase Teddy Roosevelt; “Speak softly, but carry.”

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            As long as no white goes out deliberately to create an encounter and remains unprovoked in general, none could claim that when or if a white is suddenly singled out and happens to be carrying and gives a VERBAL warning of defense with lethal force, no one will be able to claim that vigilantism was at work with “racism.”

            The last thing I want to have to deal with is the fallout around actually having to use lethal force to protect myself. But as this national collapses into chaos, the probability increases. I already made the move to a community that while it does have some blacks, they are never seen in groups. The blacks here are more at work trying to weedle into white circles, and the males weedle into relationships with white women. (Weedle should be revived as an official word in Websters, as it is a term pointing to a sneaky and harmful intent in for example, integration or extracting an advantage through unsavory means).

            Actually, what I am noticing around here is that blacks are tending to apparently remain indoors. This county has a high percentage of concealed carry permits. Hopefully, this pressure will result in a relocating back to black dominated regions in at least some towns that the NAACP previously selected as targets for “being too white.”

  • sbuffalonative

    The motto of the Grievance Industry leaders: Keep the hate alive.

    I purposefully watched MSNBC converge Sunday morning and I was not disappointed. The hyperbole and angry, inflammatory rhetoric were stunning. Unfortunately, MSNBC has selectively picked which segments to post on their website and they didn’t pick the best.

  • Luca

    The Reverend is an interesting character. Toured with James Brown, was a minister around the age of nine, tried to have Don King fix fights, was caught in an FBI sting agreeing to buy large quantities of cocaine, publicly slurs Jews, Greeks, Mormons, Whites and gays, evades taxes and extorts money from large companies and threatens them with riots and boycotts if they don’t “contribute” to his “non-profit” Network.. I am sure this all qualifies him to be an anchor over at MSNBC but he really needs to take teleprompter lessons from Obama as he frequently screws up reading the news like a dyslexic, cross-eyed six-year-old

    The Zimmerman affair is just another in a long line of racial hoaxes like Tawana Brawley and Duke LaCrosse to serve no other purpose then to rile blacks, organize them to riot while publicly asking them to be peaceful. In the end the Revered makes mo’ money and publicity through his organizing efforts. After a hard day’s work he smiles at all the fools in the media and the public, turns on his CD player and blasts the James Brown hit…”I Feel Good”.

    • John Smith

      Your post is more than factual: it’s art. May I quote you?

      • Luca

        Yes, grasshopper.

        • John Smith


      • Al $harpton would be unable to make a living if blacks were normal, functioning, peaceful humans. His bread and butter relies on them being emotionally unstable imbeciles he can easily stir up.

        • Jack Burton

          You’re implying that he’s intelligent enough to realize all of this, he’s not. He’s really that stupid, he actually believes in the nonsense that comes out of his scowling, contorted mouth.

          That they had this imbecile debate Hitchens was beyond absurd, it was difficult to watch. He didn’t even understand what Hitchens was saying, not much different than Jeantel on the stand.

          • Whether he realizes it or not, he’d be working at a barber shop or shining shoes if blacks didn’t behave the way they do.

          • gemjunior

            Now THAT is something I must’ve missed and first thing tomorrow I am going to youtube it and hopefully find something. I cannot even imagine something so hilarious as Sharpton being Hitchslapped all over the place. It’s amazing to me that Hitchens ever consented to speak to him. It must have been a favor to someone, or he owed something. Miles, millennia apart.

          • Luca

            Hitchens should have been ashamed of himself. Participating in a battle of the wits with an unarmed man.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Hitchens made his career doing that.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            He and the NAACP, blacks in general are smart enough to realize that keeping the race hustle going is what makes living the U.S. an advantage. Otherwise, Africa would be better. But the opportunity to get your hands on some AID money and defend your hoard with para-military forces is much harder than the well established race hustle they’ve got going on here. It really doesn’t take much mental power to shout “racism,” “prejudice” and “No justice, no peace,” today because they are slogans that were established during MLK’s time in the 60s.

        • John Smith

          I simply can’t picture him in a professional environment working hard all day producing things people can use.

        • The__Bobster

          He would be unable to survive if his antics didn’t further the goals of the usual suspects. They thrive on discord.

        • borogirl54

          Rev. Al learned this from another Reverend, Jesse Jackson.

    • Jack Burton

      He’s very similar to Don King, they both just took different paths in being charlatans. If Don King had entered politics he would be another Sharpton.

      • gemjunior

        They used to have similar hairdos back in the ’80s when “big hair” was the thing. Imagine those nests close up? Jesus.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          It was enough to sustain a family in need (head lice).

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      This is a great post.

  • Puggg

    There hasn’t been any real large scale riots yet, but give it time.

    • Sick of it

      Considering how much time has already passed since the verdict, such would be indisputable proof that said riots were manufactured and those involved should be imprisoned. Especially the so-called rioters, who did not riot in a moment of anger, but rather showed up to commit violence during a well-organized political event.

  • David Ashton

    Where is Tom Wolfe when we need his pen?

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      Do you notice that the majority of Sixties celebrities and even most activiist (minus Whoopie Golderg) are silent for some time? What I know about personally is that classic British band like the Rolling Stones, The Who and Jethro Tull are actually very patriotic. Robert Plante of Led Zeppelin was married to a Pakistani woman for years. He divorced her and has made a very obvious move toward overtly Western music lately, most notably his Grammy winning album done with Allison Krause. He does at least one traditional religious folk song per album. He had previously sampled a great deal of Middle Eastern sound (as LZ also did) and even made occasional indirect references to Islamic thought. That’s all gone now. Plant also always expressed a great love of British and Northern European history and folklore with a number of LZ tunes actually making references to JRR Tolkien’s LOTR. For him and even many Americans, the tide has turned inside them even though they dare not speak it out plainly.

      I remember how Crissy Hinde (of the U.S. band, The Pretenders) said the wrong thing at a concert just after 9/11. She said, “I hope the Muslims win!” She got booed and fans walked out of the show. She has never been able to make a comeback. Even many that traditional conservatives wouldn’t guess, ultimately have a line that cannot be crossed. That’s actually good news.

      • gemjunior

        Chrissy Hynde is a typical liberal twat and needs a very hard bee-otch slap in her face…. I always loved The Pretenders but she is very sickening, very much like Susan Sarandon. Rock and roll people should just shut their faces and sing rock and roll. Actors should just act, leave the actual thinking to the people who live the real life all across this nation and other nations. We keep the cogs oiled and the wheels turning, and do not need any input from those who live above everyone’s means in the clouds and should shut their fat mouths… IMHO that is 🙂
        Think about it though – “I hope the Muslims win!”. Sounds oddly like “I hate people with the same skin color I have because we we we we killed the natives, whipped the slaves, stole ivory from the Holy Lands, and everything else BAD and we must repent forever… I think these types of folk should go jump off a cliff or receive psychiatric care ….

  • Earl Turner

    I’m thinking of renting an airplane and carpet bombing Sharpton’s “demonstrations” with job applications, soap, and deodorant.

    • Why bother? None of them would get used.

    • Jack Burton

      How about with skin bleach, then other black morons will attack them thinking they’re “white.”

  • Spartacus

    Lock and load.

  • ed

    I’m sorry, but every single article today is about the Zimmerman fiasco. Is that really necessary? For a long time I quit viewing Amren because of this focus on tabloid issues.

    I want to see a greater focus on ideas like those described by F. Roger Devlin in his “A Home of Our Own” article. We need a way forward, not constant reminders of how bad things are.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      Well, race hustling is a two way street, after all. But it is valuable to know what’s going on around you at the moment. Even so, I agree with you. Most that I read here about any projected future is usually expressed in a wish to re-establish a mythical version of the Old South in a way that never actually existed, in the same way that their present form of Christianity would not have saved them from the stake during the 500 years of Inquisition in Europe.

      • ed

        A lot of people can’t think clearly on these matters. They have too much baggage. Anyone who thinks that “the south will rise again” is mad.

        We need a viable plan, and we need it now.

  • Jefferson

    The sad part is there were actually a lot of White voters who voted for Al Sharpton during the Democratic primaries in 2008.

    Its sad that such a high percentage of Whites are not racially tribal.

    • Jack Burton

      You don’t even have to be racially tribal, how about just objectively seeking the truth. 9 times out of 10 you’d be against black people as a rule based on that alone.

      What they are is anti-White and guilt-ridden, they’re masochists. It’s a mental illness.

      If you looked at the videos of the protesters outside the courthouse a lot of them were White, holding up stupid signs that made no sense.

      • pcmustgo

        They’re sadists. They like to attack and hate on OTHER white people, those racist white people, which they are not…

      • gemjunior

        Those are the kind of whites that are bad for us as a race; bad for our survival and our evolution. Unless a way is found to counteract the liberal brainwashing and make them think properly we are better off getting rid of them before anything.

    • The__Bobster

      NYC voters are not White, even the ones who look White.

  • dd121

    Another “godly” bantu inciting the masses of banti to riot.

  • Jack Burton

    All this shows is that the federal government is anti-White.

  • Dave4088

    Black people must go. Period.

    • jeffaral

      Yes, but White traitors, pervs must go too.

  • tech

    I’ve been utterly shocked and pleasantly surprised by the amount of racially aware comments from people on mainstream sites since the verdict was reached.

    • The__Bobster

      And amazingly, most of the comments are being allowed to stay up. I guess there are just too many to delete.

  • jeffaral

    I hope Whites will start protesting in 88 cities.

    • Wethepeople

      14 states, 88 cities?

  • Jim Henry

    All Reverend Al wanted was for the GZ case to be tried through the Florida Criminal Justice System. Al got his wish.

    Now all Reverend Al wants is for the GZ case to be tried through the Federal Criminal Justice System. What if this happens and the same verdict is handed down?

    What will Reverend Al want then?

    • A Freespeechzone

      The NBPP or accomplices to murder GZ.

    • The__Bobster

      GZ to be tried by the UN?

  • borogirl54

    It has never occurred to Rev Al that he would get better results with lobbying the Florida legislature to repeal the stand your ground law than lead a bunch of worthless protests.

  • LH_Oswald

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    “I know not what course
    others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”
    Patrick Henry

    “But resist, we much… we must…..and we will much….. about… that… be committed.”
    Al Sharpton

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Al Sharpton announced on the Today Show this morning that his organization is planning a 100-city vigil for Trayvon Martin

    This is a fundraising tour!! Sharpton will stay in $1500/night luxury hotels while passing the hat for his National Action Network.

    Somehow I have a feeling that Al and his race-baiting buddies got the verdict they were hoping for. This race whore has nothing but dollar signs in his eyes and has gotten rich by stirring up racial violence.

    At least during the 100 city “vigils,” crime rates will go down…or maybe not.


    • The__Bobster

      The rates won’t go down, but the nature of the crimes will change.

  • din_do_nuffins

    $harpton has an Action Plan that Pay$, and all we do is talk about how proud we are to share the higher IQ genes that gave us Shakespeare, Mozart, and Penicillin.

    The past is ours; the future is his, and he’ll make you pay for it because nothing in our past ever taught us how to say No in a way that counts and sticks.

  • jane johnson

    Will the bs never end? Tavis Smiley was just on with Bill O’Reilly, and claimed that America places more value on the lives of White children than it does on black children. His “proof” was the fact that the victims at Sandy Hook got more sympathy than Trayvon Martin did. Really? REALLY?!

    • The__Bobster

      The Jena 6 got a lot of sympathy and a lot of $$$.

    • libertarian1234

      I don’t know if he’s ultra-stupid or just mentally disturbed (probably both) but in his mind he actually thinks most everybody regards the justifiable death of that thug as a tragedy.

      And all of them think the greatest travesty in this situation was not the uncalled for felonious assault on Zimmerman, but the fact that he got out of his vehicle to monitor from a distance…….which translates to them that “He hunted him down and killed him, and all he had to defend himself with was a bag of skittles.”

      These people can’t be reasoned with. The plethora of crimes committed by blacks far out of their proportion to the population is regarded as excusable, because the people involved are black “children.”

      These “children” Smiley and the other black heads refer to are the murderers, robbers, crooks, thugs and thieves that are running rampant throughout the country right now.

  • Dave4088

    If this were a sane world, Sharpton, Holder, Obama, Osama Ben Jealous et al., would be begging for spare change, or working as airport shoe shine boys and hotel porters.

  • libertarian1234

    “MSNBC’s Sharpton Plans Protests in 100 Cities”

    His most recent appearance on video showed a little dork that looked so skinny and frail he was almost lost in the suit he was wearing.

    My guess is he’s been undergoing chemo-therapy.

    He certainly looks sick.

  • The__Bobster

    They’re going to protest in my city. I can’t wait. The bottom feeders are already riled up because YT refuses to fully fund their skoos.

  • SoCal88

    Next up we’ve got “The Trayvon Martin Expressway”and elementary school, intensive care unit in the local hospital (for shooting victims) – have I missed anything? Oh, of course – sainthood!! Howz about “Saint Trayvonius”?

  • NeanderthalDNA

    That’s why we need to work to get the Truth out. Everyone who posts here is a warrior. Sounds silly and trite but it’s true. To tell the Truth is a brave thing, even from behind a mask of anonymity.

    But we MUST win hearts and minds of our own wayward folk if we are to have any hope. I watch and listen all the time for a brother or sister to show signs of readiness for the Truth. I NEVER stop preaching the Truth, even if veiled and encoded, to my people.

    To others, to the wicked world, I smile and turn on that old Southern charm, me being the worst kind of evil imaginable, an unrepentant Southern White male…

    Two concepts/strategies we must consider regardless of possible disgust with sources…possibly more too but…

    1. Ketman – The Muslim destroying Europe know how to lie to save their skins while they work for the destruction of their enemies (who pay them to do this, amazing). The socialists learned this from them, surreptitiously chucking monkey wrenches into the system from time to time, slowly choking it while smiling and going along…

    2. Saul Alinsky – Rules for Radicals. Hate him, hate his ideology, maintain proper intellectual autonomy but…something of a Sun Tzu of his craft. Worth perusing. Learn from enemies.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      Good ideas, but I’d like to make one correction, if I may. Muslims actually learned how to disrupt from communists. During the Cold War, a main battle ground for influence was the Islamic world, especially the Middle East and India (as well as everywhere else, including and especially Africa). This is why Russia is supporting the Syrian government right now. In India, Ghandi learned how to fight the British Empire from the Soviet example, but inserted some admittedly higher morality via spiritual doctrine gleaned from India’s culture. Remember that MLK absolutely co-opted Ghandi’s words and methods and claimed them as his own.

      Historically, Muslims didn’t bother to subvert any state, they just took it over by force. What was unique to them was that they saw the value in not destroying a city and slaughter its population because the Arab/Muslim Wars of Expansion were intended by Mohammad to create a mercantile empire mostly dealing in slave trading. The Ottoman Empire banged militarily on the back door of Europe for nearly 500 years until WW1. Since then, new methods have arose that follow the example of the Marxist/communist of infiltration, occupation and subversion.

  • Luca

    Forget segregation. Deportation to Liberia.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    They’re even more flooded with Muslim Arabs. But what you say is still true. However, it has been going on for so long that it is almost expected by most Europeans. It’s only lately grown to such proportions that it has become a more obvious existential problem/ Until about ten years ago, most Europeans accepted that in order to remain solvent, their social systems would have to bring in immigrants to replace their shrinking population. (Capitalism has the same formula, but for different reasons but the same resultant effect). It’s likely at the root of Europe’s ongoing and deepening recession. But Europe is a long way from being able to do something significant about it. They’re still a long way from a “turning of the tide.”

  • Luca

    Races of people who are distinctly different from each other, were never meant to live together en masse, the way the Government, the media, the law and Leftist culture are coercing us to do. It is tantamount to the Government taking a large group of foreigners and forcing you to let them live in your house permenantly. Soon, there will be strife. Forced desegregation has not worked, Apartheid has not worked, Bi-cultural countries barely work accept when the two cultures are similar, and even then there is strife, resentment and conflict.

    A wise saying goes like this: “Everything in moderation, even moderation”.

    All races or groups have grievances against each other, some legitimate,some not, some exaggerated.

    Whites feel slighted by Affirmative Action, Housing Laws, minority crime, college admissions, the misuse of the word Racist and an unfair portrayal in the media.

    Blacks feel slighted (I presume) by slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination, racial epithets, the criminal justice system…the list goes on.

    The country as we know was founded and populated by White-Euro, Christians. Most of that started to change due to slavery, the Civil War, the World Wars and the Immigration Act of 1965.

    America by its definition should be for everyone, but only if they are willing to follow our laws and culture. The Left is diluting our population on purpose, corrupting and programming our youth, changing our laws, changing our culture and keeping us distracted, divided and distressed while we are being corrupted and robbed blind. And we are supposed to embrace all of this or be called Racists.

    No one wants to face the harsh truth and do the heavy lifting. As long as this country is being taken over and controlled by Leftists, as long as people are more interested in being hyphenated Americans with a separate culture instead of assimilated Americans, all this disharmony will continue and sorry to say, we will not be able to get along.

  • Paleoconn

    11,000. That’s the number of brothers killed by other brothers between the Trayvon killing and Zim’s acquittal.

    I will randomly just post this number on every article where black race hustlers like Sharpton and their White liberal waterboys (and non-White ones like Tim Wise, too) feign outrage over the killing of a black thug by a non-black vigilante or cop.

    11,000. Pass it on. We can make 11,000 become the next 6,000,000.

  • ThisObamaNation

    I suspect that turn out will be almost nonexistent in 95 of those 100 cities.