Lies, Damned Lies and University Lies

Robert Weissberg, American Thinker, July 12, 2013

Lying is an inescapable part of public life but not all liars are equally tolerated. Lying politicians are sufferable but the when it comes to universities, the bar is much higher. After all, if universities refuse to separate truth from falsehoods, who will? It’s not that universities always get it right; rather uncovering the truth is, or at least should be, their paramount mission.

Unfortunately, as the PC virus continues to spread plague-like, universities have increasingly embraced falsehoods and, to make matter worse, they do so publicly and proudly.

Don’t believe this? Let me offer Exhibit A: a full-page advertisement in the June 30th New York Times titled “Diversity in Higher Education Remains an Essential National Priority.” The ad was sponsored by 37 educational organizations, a Who’s Who of the higher-education establishment, from the Association of American Law Schools to the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. The ad was triggered by the recent Supreme Court decision Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin involving racial preferences in university admission that might eventually result in limiting or even abolishing racial preferences.

The advertisement offered a stout defense of racial preferences under the guise of defending diversity in higher education.

Everything in the ad was an outright lie or a vacuous, impossible to prove banality. It makes “I did not have a sexual relationship with that woman” look like rank amateurism.

It begins by claiming that today’s manic infatuation with campus diversity as a legal doctrine can be traced back to a 1957 statement by Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter. A breathtaking lie. I’ve studied racial preferences/diversity for a half century, and I’ve never encountered Frankfurter’s statement and, more importantly, his celebration of academic freedom has zero to do with racial preferences in university admissions. Zero.

At best, the value of diversity for higher education first appeared in the 1978 case of Bakke v. Regents of the University of California as an aside– race could be “a plus” factor in admission but the decision itself explicitly excluded admission by race. The idea that universities had a commitment to diversity via racial bean counting only surfaced in 2003 in Grutter v. Bollinger and even here, it could be only one of many admission factors. If a multiple choice question was “When did diversity first appear in a Supreme Court case,” all 37 sponsoring organization would fail.

Then comes the Mother of All unverified contemporary higher education clichés: the benefits of diversity have remained unchanged as if they were akin to Boyle’s Law. Absolutely wrong–no scientific study has ever demonstrated this endlessly repeated “fact.” Then comes yet more unsubstantiated verbiage–diversity in higher education helps prepare students for success in today’s “interconnected world” and is, allegedly, central to providing a rigorous, horizon-expanding intellectually challenging education, all the while strengthening American democracy. Again, all unverified claims and since the absence of hard evidence is undoubtedly known, all this verges on outright lying. And what would happen if racist but diversity-minded hillbillies demanded a few places at Harvard, since few Harvard students had ever encountered such folk?

Indeed, the entire skin-color-as-diversity argument is profoundly racist since it ties thinking to melanin levels so an upper-class Shaker Heights, Ohio black is assumed to think different than his wealthy white high school classmate thanks to his skin color. Shades of “Jewish thinking” under the Third Reich. Actually, the diversity rationale treats blacks and Hispanics as akin to classroom resources (e.g., computers, a slide projector) whose very presence will (magically) assist whites and Asians to learn more.

Reality is just the opposite–racial preferences have huge costs and little upside. Admitting less academically qualified blacks and Hispanics probably encourages negative stereotypes regarding their intellectual ability while redirecting resources into intellectual unproductive endeavors such a remedial education, dumbed-down majors, and bureaucratic bloat, e.g., Deans of Diversity and Inclusion. Most plainly, racial preferences subvert meritocracy, and if anything will help America in today’s ultra-competitive world economy, it is meritocracy. And how is “democracy” served by imposing a racial color-of-the-skin caste system? A total, complete lie — democracy is oblivious to skin color.

So, why the lies, and lies known to be lies? Let me suggest careerism –on today’s campus, would-be administrators who refuse to drink the diversity Kool Aid are un-hirable. Interviewing for a school president will resemble a frat beer blast with the winner chugging the most PC Kool Aid without coming up for air. Think officials in the defunct Soviet Union–acknowledging that the latest Five Year Plan has failed was a one-way ticket to the Gulag even though everybody knew it had failed.

This charade is not especially arduous. If asked about the sorrowful academic records of “diversity admits” just announced that “yes, we face obstacles but thanks to our new million dollar initiatives, success is just around the corner.” And for heaven’s sake, don’t be a party pooper and confess that past identical measures all failed. Keep the faith and ye shall be rewarded.

More important than crass careerisms, however, is the corruption that this lying brings to the academy. Outsiders seldom grasp its corrosive impact (I’ve spent 35 years in the academy). The need to sustain blatant falsehood in the face of mounting contrary evidence rewards malleable types who favor ideological conformity over truth. George “I cannot tell a lie” Washington would never make the short list for any administrative position. What self-respecting person would even apply for a university job knowing that lying was a job requirement?

It is easy to underestimate the poisonous impact of lying about racial preferences now tarted up as “diversity.” As disconcerting facts intrude, new falsehoods must be invented. The high dropout rate of affirmative-action students will have to be explained with such factors as “invisible campus racism” and if that cannot be documented, reality will be spun so that whites but not blacks and Hispanics are incapable of detecting it. If a black denies this invisible force, that denial will have to be explained away with “he’s just brainwashed by white culture.” Meanwhile, bogus research will be commissioned to show how white culture unconsciously debilitates blacks but only a few Black Studies Department professors can perceive this “invisible” culture. Manufacturing lies will be on an industrial scale. So many lies to invent, so little time and who can remember them all?

Clearly none of this is about diversity, at least diversity of ideas. Heaping mendacious praise on “diversity” (that is, racial preferences) is just a public surrender to those who demand admission by quota. The New York Times advertisement merely announces, “You win and we are willing to humiliate ourselves in public to demonstrate our submission.” No different than a captured soldier throwing down his rifle, raising his hands and pleading for mercy.

But, to be fair, surrender is perhaps justifiable. Universities regardless of prestige have proven themselves unable to resist racial shakedowns. The fear of being called “racist” and suffering campus disruptions, let alone a Department of Justice investigation is very real. This is the lying that comes from cowardice. You can smell it. “Diversity makes us strong” is the wrong slogan; it should be “if we were strong we would not need diversity.”

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  • Speaking of, Janet Napolitano is leaving HLS to be the new President of the University of California system.

    They needed a new President, and they found the right man for the job.

    • Hire a Bruins grad at your peril. If you must hire one, then hire a diversity. At least you can point it out to the unemployed white liberal, that Affirmative Action is why they are still waiters and cashiers with bachelor degrees.
      Every once in a while, I get asked if my job is hiring. If I smell white liberal, I have no shame in telling them, “Yes, there are openings, but they are looking for minorities.”

      That glazed, blank look on the sissy liberal’s face always puts me in a good mood. That means he has started that long road to recovery.

      • Evette Coutier

        DB, you are a genius.

      • Paleoconn

        That’s hilarious. I would go a bit further if I detected any anger or disappointment on the liberal’s face and ask ‘what, you’re not against diversity, are you?’ then after a bumbling retort, ‘You’re not racist, are you?’

        Good stuff, DB

      • gemjunior

        Oh, that must be so sweet, I envy you.

    • So CAL Snowman

      What exactly are her qualifications, failing to protect a major American city from a terrorist attack as head of the Department of Homeland Security?

      • Sick of it

        It’s the University of California system, so yes.

      • The__Bobster

        And failing to protect the border as a governor.

      • His qualifications is that he once ran a cabinet department for a Democrat President. That’s the only qualification you need to go through the revolving door from Democrat executive branch to academia. Remember Donald Shalala? Went from University of Wisconsin to Clinton’s HHS Sec to the University of Miami.

        • MBlanc46

          Donna Shalala.

          • I guess the joke went a bit over your head.

          • MBlanc46

            Jokes on peoples names are rarely funny.

          • gemjunior

            Actually is was but the joke is not on the name

          • MBlanc46

            Okay. I just don’t get why people think that calling Donna Shalala Donald Shalala is funny. She’s a person I’d have thought there could not possibly be anything funny about.

          • gemjunior

            I think what’s funny is that they are all very (to use a very not-PC description; I know you won’t mind :D) dike-ish, like mannish women so someone masculinized the name to Donald. Like Janet Reno and Janet Napolitano are reputed to be the “man” in their relationship with the same sex. I think that’s why, at least it’s why I thought it was funny. Otherwise, yes there certainly is not anything funny about Shalala et. al. especially what jobs they hold. It’s like really truly the inmates running the asylum. I think now Shalala has some leftist liberal job in NYC wasting hardworking white taxpayer money. The whole world is awry. It’s like a Monty Python skit only it’s not funny.

          • MBlanc46

            Okay. She’s president of the University of Miami.

          • Erasmus

            That’s what he said: Donna[Donald] Shalala.

      • Puggg

        The underwear didn’t explode.

        • CoweringCoward

          I just had to say what a beautifully eloquent summation of this woman’s qualifications that truly is!

  • Luca

    “Liars, Damned Liars and Liberals” It all boils down to the Leftist agenda. Even the word “Diversity” is a lie as there seems to be little concern for Native Americans, Lithuanians, Armenians, and Finns.

    Diversity means nothing more than overloading academia, neighborhoods and the workplace with unqualified blacks and hispanics who are being cultivated by the Left solely for their voting skills. Period.

    • AllSeeingEyeSpy

      “unqualified blacks and hispanics who are being cultivated by the Left solely for their voting skills. Period”.

      They have worse things in mind for us than that.

    • Bo_Sears

      We mustn’t underestimate the ideological role of the anti-white narrative with all of its hard core haters at work, eager to spin reasons out of air. It is a little strange that we just can’t come out and say that every theory and argument in favor of race-based (as opposed to income-based) affirmative action is designed to reduce the number of qualified young young white American students.

      That seems so clear to those of us at Resisting Defamation that we cannot understand why writers take refuge in talking around the situation — just come out and say this is based on a campaign of defamation against the diverse white Americans because a healthy kind of diversity could easily be a part of a campus education were parental income to be the measure. But to draw a race-based line will divide this country more and more, driving it from merely multicultural to multiracially tribal.

  • NorthernWind

    Diversity, if anything, is a detriment to education. Imagine how much cheaper college would be if they eliminated the useless departments (African studies, “gender” studies, etc etc), fired the useless staff (diversity “consultants” and such), and limited access to only those capable of actually comprehending university level material.

    • Sick of it

      Government involvement also increased the cost of tuition far above the ability of most families to pay for their children to attend college or for them to pay for it completely themselves while attending. All for a product which is worth increasingly less each year. Plus one could mention the low quality of education/propaganda offered in most university programs.

      • The__Bobster

        Loans get tin’ old
        Last Updated: 12:12 AM, July 7, 2013

        Baby boomers are sinking in a surprising sea of debt — on their student loans.

        They are the latest victims in the $1 trillion student-debt crisis.

        And it’s wiping out their retirement plans and taking big bites out of their Social Security checks.

        According to the New York Federal Reserve, 12.5 percent of student loans made to borrowers ages 60 and over are more than 90 days delinquent.

        And seniors can forget about any refunds on their federal tax returns — because Uncle Sam can confiscate those as well to cover their loan debt.

        More than 2 million senior Americans now face student-loan debt.

        This almost certainly wasn’t what they imagined when they went back to school during the Great Recession, or co-signed a private loan for their kids’ education, according to student-loan experts.

        • Sick of it

          Sorry to hear that, but not surprised. A master’s degree these days is in a lot of ways a great way to NOT get a job for being overqualified on the one hand and underqualified (no experience in the field) on the other. If I could do it, I’d have already been in the oil field.

    • The__Bobster

      Imagine how much more the students could learn if the courses weren’t dumbed down so that the diversities could pass them.

      • cablegirls

        Courses are hardly ever dumbed down (except those in Black Studies and the like). Rather, the dumber students get left behind, to eat the dust of the students who earned their seats. The dumb ones slump ever deeper in their chairs, bored, never asking questions, unable to contribute to the real diversity that is the variety of bright minds.

        • CoweringCoward

          Not having attended university, other than autocad (ver 12, and I date myself) and a German language class some moons ago, I don’t know one way or the other. I pray what you say is the case and we are still producing some top flite intellectuals. I do know that pubic edumacation is DUMBED DOWN and just teaching obedience to authority above all else.

        • GeneticsareDestiny

          It depends on what type of college it is and what sort of class it is. Softer subjects, such as English or History, often get dumbed down so diversity can pass them.

          Harder subjects, such as science and mathematics, usually do not, unless it is an entry-level class like Biology 101 or something.

          In general, the more liberal the college the more they will coddle diversity, either through dumbing down entire classes or through grading the diversity much more gently.

          Expensive liberal arts colleges are the best places to see this in action. Surprisingly enough, cheaper state colleges or community colleges are the least likely to coddle diversity, because they don’t have the same commitment to retaining it. They get tons of diversity applicants and don’t have to worry about some of them dropping out; expensive liberal arts colleges do. They can’t let themselves look too white, so they’ll do whatever it takes to keep the small numbers of diversity they get.

          (This is how it has been in my experience, anyway).

          • 1Forced_Registration

            “In general, the more liberal the college the more they will coddle diversity, either through dumbing down entire classes or through grading the diversity much more gently. ” — I have seen both methods in use, and I have noticed that the second method is far more widely used in STEM classes.

            The community colleges are not immune to this. They are focused on trying to improve their retention, and graduation percentage rates. Graduation rates are pretty bad due to a variety of reasons. The number of students that go on to complete a 4 year degree is pretty low (15% or so). It is only a few points higher for just completing the 2 year portion at most schools.

          • Joseph Bryant

            I went to a large state school and this is pretty accurate. There were a fair number of blacks in the 100 level classes, but by the time I got to my 300 level course junior and senior year they were very un-diverse. There were some Asians but we all know that’s not who we are talking about when the word “diversity” is used. It seems as though they comply with diversity in letting diversity in, but then let them sink or swim.

            I was also a history major, and when it comes to bring dumbed down it really depends on the period being studied. Classes on American history were the worst, a lot of it was reduced to race-class-gender claptrap. The courses most immune to this were ones on classical and medieval history, along with military history.

          • gemjunior

            Well yes but these colleges are also cheaper so the diversity hellions go there anyway. There is a local community college which offers a two year nursing course but it’s an associate degree program. However, the students earn enough credit to sit for the national board certification test to be an R.N., get a job and have the job pay for the rest of their BSN degree. So anyway, there were some rumors of a scandal – kept on the QT or should I say the “down low” hmm hmm because a bunch of very diverse students had gotten hold of an anatomy and physiology (I think) exam to be given a week before the students were supposed to take this test. She circulated it among her diverse, enriching & vibrant friends and charged them each $300 for it (somewhere around 20 students gave her the money). These formerly borderline/failing D-students all got 100% on the test so the instructors were suspicious and began sniffing around. They were all caught, busted, and expelled from the program and are never allowed to go to any nursing school in the SUNY system. All of the ladies were non-whites if you can believe it; they had their own group and hung out together so again, the lunchroom litmus test of JT is proven.

  • anon

    The University of Tokyo must be awful! No diversity. Come to think of it, top-tier American STEM programs must be awful. They only have white and Asian students, and as we know, Asians don’t count as “diversity”. CalTech probably has almost no black students ever. It must be a failed university!

    At some point, the lies will fall apart. The universities that embrace diversity are embracing failure, and they will dilute the meaning of their degrees. Companies no longer care about a “Harvard degree” unless they know the subject matter. Eventually the entire thing will rot and those degrees will turn into a joke.

    I always must mention my favorite Yale professor, Jafari Allen, who gets paid by taxpayers (even from the NSF) to work on:

    Dr. Allen’s critical ethnography, ¡Venceremos?: Sexuality, Gender and Black Self-Making in Cuba [Perverse Modernities series of Duke University Press, Fall 2011], marshals a combination of historical, literary, and cultural analysis– most centrally, ethnographic rendering of the everyday experiences and reflections of Black Cubans—to show how Black men and women strategically deploy, re-interpret, transgress and potentially transform racialized and sexualized interpellations of their identities, through “erotic self-making.” ¡Venceremos? argues that mutually constituting scenes in Havana and Santiago de Cuba– like semi-private, extra-legal parties of men who have sex with men; HIV education activism; lesbian performance and incipient organizing of women who have sex with women; hip-hop and la monia (US R&B/soul music) parties and concerts; sex labor; cigar “hustling”; and informal Black consciousness raising networks– represent a gravid space for becoming new revolutionary men and women, with new racial, gender and sexual subjectivities.

    I love it! A gravid space full of new racial, gender and sexual subjectivities (plural).

    If Professor Allen would be so kind as to attend next year’s Amren conference I’ll pay for his trip!

    • Puggg

      Does his gravid space have any fire hydrants?

    • WR_the_realist

      I haven’t checked it personally but I have to accept that as an accurate quote, because nobody, but nobody, could make this stuff up. That in a nutshell is why if I ever make millions of dollars not one cent will go to an American university.

      • bigone4u

        I plainly told me ex-bosses at the university that it was not in my will and it would never see a dime from me. Such honesty is not appreciated, let me tell you.

    • MBlanc46

      I spend a good part of my working life dealing with texts like that. Duke is a client. I guess it’s just sheer dumb luck that I missed out on that one.

  • Evette Coutier

    This diversity line of thinking has become so stupid and childish that I find it unbelievable anyone with an education beyond third grade buys into it.

    • WR_the_realist

      I don’t think most university professors or administrators really believe it any more than the average citizen of the Soviet Union believed in the current 5 year plan. But the consequences of admitting your disbelief are just about as severe for the university employees as they were for the Soviet citizen. You don’t go to the gulag, but you are demonized and your career is destroyed.

  • bigone4u

    In my experience as a professor at an HRU (Hispanic Run University) in the southwest, the university president and many white and Hispanic administrators were pathological liars, worthy of a corrupt Mexican police department on the take. There were quite willing to fabricate data, and make up stories about this and that, all to advance their careers and keep that six figure paycheck rolling in. Not all Hispanics are liars in my experience (I’ve known some fine Hispanic people who welcomed me into their homes), but affirmative action Hispanic administrators are the lowest. One of them was discovered to have plagiarized her doctoral paper–her entire career was a fraud and she “resigned.” Others have the average Hispanic IQ, about 90 or so, and try to manage professors with IQs of 130 and up. It doesn’t work, except when they fabricate the data showing it does work. Diversity is a lie at all levels and I’m hoping that later on some writing I’m doing on this subject gains traction.

    • Sick of it

      Working on a book?

      • bigone4u


        • Sick of it

          Tell us about it when you’re ready to publish.

        • MBlanc46

          Can’t wait to read it.

    • The__Bobster

      From my experience, low-IQ administrators have a hard time dealing with high-IQ employees, as they have a problem lying to them convincingly.

      • bigone4u

        Right you are. But in job situations it’s sometimes best not to appear too smart or too aware of the lies the administrators are telling. Better to dummy up, at least in meetings.

        • gemjunior

          You are so right, even if you have to chew your tongue in half do not do not do not do NOT succumb to the urge, to shout out the Emperor Has No Clothes! LOL absolutely none, he’s naked….

  • University presidents claim “diversity” is essential to education.

    Diversity is essential to education, for it is in their educational system where Whites and Asians will see members of die-versity with lower GPAs and standardized test scores be selected to attend more selective universities at their demise. It is in the educational system where Whites and Asians will see students of die-versity offered scholarships, to which they may or may not, again because of die-versity, be a candidate for. It is in the educational system where Whites and Asians will see less qualified students of die-versity be graded on a different “curve”.

    This will prepare them for the real world where they will be passed over for employment opportunities, passed over for promotions, and not have a multitude of programs dedicated to advancing them into the ranks of small business owners.

    Yes, die-versity is essential to education. It teaches Whites and Asian to put their tails between their legs and not resort to “hate speech”

    • Puggg

      Diversity is like essential to education because it’s like diverse you know. And diversity is like our most greatestest strength ever because it’s different and means like different things and everything’s not the same you know. And all that new food and new restaurants.

      Seriously, you would probably hear exactly this or almost exactly this when you ask a modern college student why diversity is important.

      It’s like, you know.

      • itdoesnotmatter

        I am like, wow. I read your post to my sister and she was like wow too. Totally.

    • The__Bobster

      I don’t give a damn about the Asians. They shouldn’t be in our universities either. Asia has plenty of fine colleges they could attend.

      • Sick of it

        But…but…they have to come here so they can take our jobs and vote Democrat (73% today vs. 30% twenty years ago).

  • willbest

    But if we didn’t have diversity where would our administrative bloat come from? We have to do something with all those people that graduate with worthless degrees in sociology studies, etc.

    Its an important part in making sure that our narcissistic society feels like its accomplishing something when actual accomplishment these days is just too darn hard.

    • connorhus

      Those Studies degrees have already made traditional degrees worthless and taken over the fields of literature, history, sociology and employment in human services, counseling etc. just to find a place for them.

  • Spartacus

    Diversity means murder, drugs, rape, gang-rape,beatings, the knock-out game, huffing fecal matter, honor killings, donkey shows,acid attacks, bomb attacks, theft, filth, disease, poverty, illiteracy, hit and runs, drunk driving, race-mixing, begging, lying, muggings….

    Oh WOW ! Diversity brings so many new things !

    • Jefferson

      [QUOTE]University presidents claim “diversity” is essential to education.[/QUOTE]

      So why does the vibrantly diverse Mexifornia rank so poorly on the national level, when it comes to math and science.

      Most states in the U.S are academically kicking Mexifornia’s butt when it comes to education.

    • Creepy as a cracker!

      I have had more then my fair share of diversity. Believe me, it isn’t worth it.

    • Sick of it

      Please don’t hold back. Tell us your true feelings.


    It is amazing how American Universities were the world’s best for decades, before diversity became their primary objective. How was it that for 100 years, American universities led the world in scientific, cultural, social, and economic discoveries? could it be that our puppet-masters are lying?

  • sbuffalonative

    “…racial preferences have huge costs and little upside. Admitting less academically qualified blacks and Hispanics probably encourages negative stereotypes regarding their intellectual ability… “

    If you’re not racially aware before you encounter blacks and Hispanics you will be soon after.

  • The__Bobster

    At best, the value of diversity for higher education first appeared in the 1978 case of Bakke v. Regents of the University of California as an aside– race could be “a plus” factor in admission but the decision itself explicitly excluded admission by race.

    By 1978, the “diversity is a plus” mantra replaced the “correcting past wrongs” mantra because a lot of the new minorities had never been “wronged”. And if diversity alone is a reason for quotas, the quotas have no time limit.

    • MikeofAges

      Nothing began with “Bakke”. It all started earlier under the Nixon administration. Richard Nixon. You heard me, Richard Nixon. “Bakke” banned overt racial quotas. It left the rest of the disparate impact (affirmative action) system intact.

      You could have minority admissions without having onerous rules for other people, but the all-knowing Supreme court decided that you had to affirmatively whip “whitey” or it wouldn’t be real. Disparate impact (affirmative action) applies anti-trust law to race relations and treats whites as a monopoly entity subject to special punishments and restrictions.

      Interesting that the same principle seems to have been applied to religion, with Christianity singled out as the “monopoly” religion and subjected to punishments and restrictions. Well, if you are going to single out monopoly religions, you have to treat Islam a monopoly religion as well. See how that goes over.

      Asleep at the switch, that Surpreme Court. Or maybe not. Maybe it’s exactly the way the establishment wants it.

    • SFLBIB

      “…race could be ‘a plus’ factor in admission but the decision itself explicitly excluded admission by race.”

      How the court could expected those high on race to see such a fine distinction is beyond me. It obviously was interpreted as having pulled out all the stops.

  • WR_the_realist

    That’s an excellent article written by a man who has spoken at an Amren conference and is Jewish. So I’m sure all the Stormfronters and people with 88s in their handles will explain why he is evil and can’t be trusted.

    • IstvanIN

      There is difference between judging an individual as an individual and making generalizations, or do you not understand the difference?

      • WR_the_realist

        It’s the Stormfronters and their ilk who seem incapable of judging individuals as individuals. There are certainly some Jews who work against our interests. No one can deny that. But blaming The Jews (TM) for all our problems is not showing any discernment and judgement. Especially when one can see how many non-Jewish white people are part of the problem as well. When a neighborhood goes black the Jewish people I know move out just as the non-Jewish white people do. Most of them know the reality, even though like most non-Jewish whites they know nothing good happens if you speak publicly about it.

        • jane johnson

          Agreed. Blaming all of our problems on Jewish people is no better than all the minorities blaming their problems on US. Of course, we don’t have the same pathologies as our dusky counterparts in the protected classes, but scapegoating is still scapegoating, and is a non-productive waste of time and energy.

          • IstvanIN

            The fact remains that all Jewish organizations have, as their primary goal, the destruction of white, Christian society.

        • IstvanIN

          What you fail to see is that all official Jewish organizations worldwide work to destroy the white, Christian world. Their holy book doesn’t say very nice things about us. There are no doubt many decent Jews but the bulk are not on our side.

  • jim8230

    Every time I get into a conversation with some idiot spewing this nonsense I ask, “How did this country manage to survive and do such great things for the last 200 plus years without diversity?” That usually shuts them up…..sometimes I get a “come on…that’s ridiculous” type of comment. So I ask them to explain how its so ridiculous……that definitely shuts them up.

    • bigone4u

      Excellent arguing by you. You’d think universities were a disaster before diversity, but somehow the graduates of those same all white schools put America on wheels and put a man on the moon. How did we ever do all of that advancing without having racial minorities to enrich us?

  • AllSeeingEyeSpy

    The more they strive for diversity, I mean, ‘strive for excellence’ the more the public face presented must be that it is whites who are discriminating, and that’s wrong and evil. And this is true whether it is the government, school systems or private employers who practice affirmative action. For at lest the last 40 years or so they’ve needed iron-clad incontrovertible proof they are discriminating against white men, in order to reduce the number of discrimination suits they face. And the more they seem to have ‘sensitivity’ training tell us how much discrimination there is and how wrong it all is. Although, perhaps ‘sensitivity’ training had gone to far in that this sort of job training seemed to peak around the early 90’s and isn’t quite so prevalent anymore.

  • CJ Haze

    Diversity should be a bi-product of success, not a goal for it. If it happens that the best persons for the job are from varied backgrounds — and let’s face it, ethnicities — that is not causal. If diversity, instead of success, is made to be a main priority, there are results that even ‘antifa’ cannot deny are harmful.

    The obvious detraction is qualification or perception of qualification. Diversity is affirmative action at its pinnacle peak; the pinnacle of race-based meritless advancement.

    How does this enhance ‘minorities’ that do advance and succeed without preferential treatment? It does not. It actually punishes them with the stigmata of others questioning their qualifications. In a free economy, that’s a slow death sentence. It’s why the phrase “don’t take me to a black doctor” still exists, albeit in thought more than in speech.

    My critique comes after reading Thomas Sowell and his fine work on this very subject. My conclusion is as follows.

    Egalitarianism and equal outcomes will never, ever be achieved and this is what diversity ultimately boils down to. Diversity is a forced pipe dream. A farce. A lie; a damned lie.

    • CJ Haze

      I realize I didn’t quote Thomas Sowell so I will paraphrase. Admitting unqualified blacks and hispanics (the left’s term, not mine) looks good on admission forms. What doesn’t look good is the higher dropout rates for those same groups. They don’t graduate at higher numbers, when they could have gotten into less prestigious colleges (where their grades and SAT/ACT scores qualified them for admission), graduated, and went on to better jobs or careers.

      That’s why diversity must also be shoved into the workplace. Unqualified students become unqualified workers. They suffer, the business suffers, the unhired-but-qualified potential employees suffer, and the qualified ‘minorities’ suffer.

      • SFLBIB

        “I have never known a word to become absolute dogma, without a speck of evidence, the way ‘diversity’ has.” – Thomas Sowell

    • AllSeeingEyeSpy

      “How does this enhance ‘minorities’ that do advance and succeed without preferential treatment? It does not. It actually punishes them with the stigmata of others questioning their qualifications”.

      Stop the punishment. Women and people of color have suffered enough. End affirmative action.

  • IKantunderstand

    WARNING: RANT WITH NO PARAGRAPHS AHEAD: Diversity is once again, defined by the left. Here is a simple definition of diversity: NO WHITE PEOPLE. That’s right, the definition of diversity is NO WHITE PEOPLE. If, as a White person, you want to fit in, you must either adopt a third world child, or, if you are really “down with the struggle”, you have a baby with a Black. Meanwhile, Universities are being forced, or they are willing accomplices to the whole diversity scam. I don’t care that T.V. shows Blacks being doctors, what percent of doctors in the U.S. are Black? What percent of lawyers are Black? What percent of nuclear physicists are Black? What percent of rioters are Black? Please tell me, why are college places being given to stupid Blacks? Actually, on the other hand, why would you want your White child attending these anti -White ,anti- male, anti- Christin colleges. Besides writing “White Power” on everything, please get your children out of the public school system. Oh, and you White people who think this a major racist site. Unless you are the absolute top tier of our so called country, your kids are going to be sacrificed on the altar of diversity. Unless you are a Red Sea pedestrian. Write “White Power”, everywhere! If we keep doing that all around the country, we could get the attention we need.

    • AllSeeingEyeSpy

      “What percent of lawyers are Black”?

      Actually, every time I go to court, nearly all the judges are women or are black. It’s like one flew over the coo coo’s nest.

      • Gub’mint jobs ….

    • jane johnson

      “Red Sea pedestrian”. Beautiful; can I use that?

  • Evette Coutier

    Diversity is essential to academics. Diversity means more federal dollars. Cut federal funding and see just how fast diversity disappears.

  • AllSeeingEyeSpy

    In a very subtle way the praise of ‘diversity’ places the well-being of people of color far ahead of that of whites. Most of the time, it’s not subtle, however, many whites are so used to it – it would take a bullet for them to notice the impact of racism. Even then, afterwards in court the white relatives may be goaded into proclaiming their relative was not a racist.

  • MikeofAges

    All of you, and everyone else too, misunderstands the purpose of diversity. It is simply an expedient to create a homogeneous workplace. Let me explain the theory. Workplaces function better when everyone is the same. Outside of highly specialized and highly skilled occupations there is broad latitude in who can placed in most positions. The point about “diversity” is that those who represent it, including the acceptable whites, are product of what has come to be called the “Third Culture”. “Third” culture is the culture people who have grown up living in multiple countries and likely have spoken at least two languages during their upbringing. Almost all competent non-European Americans fall into the “Third Culture” category. Some number of native-born whites do also, but not most. Very few African-Americans do, but those who make it out of the ghetto or the black lower middle class and into the mainstream of the college and university system are treated as honorary “Third Culture” individuals and, in fact, do assimilate some “Third Culture” characteristics.

    The k

    • AllSeeingEyeSpy

      You’re right, Some are honorary members of this third culture club: White women. So perhaps it’s more about supplying affirmative action females with husbands. White men are too broke and boring for them.

  • MikeofAges

    Crazy, man. The worst is, the improvement the liberals hope for in NAM’s could more easily be realized in disadvantaged whites. But its the world they want, and so far they are getting it.

  • DailyKenn

    Aren’t diversity and university antonyms?

  • [Guest]

    >>>…the entire skin-color-as-diversity argument is profoundly racist since it ties thinking to melanin levels….

    So Mr. Weissberg believes that people of all races think alike and that anyone who believes otherwise is profoundly racist, does he?

    • Funruffian

      I didn’t see it that way. I don’t believe he’s endorsing Diversity at all, but he rather has detected the trouble spot of how it’s misinterpreted and the consequences.

      • [Guest]

        I hope I’m not misreading. It appears to me that the writer opposes “diversity” measures in higher education but believes that race is just a matter of skin color and that blacks and whites think alike. Here is a full quotation of the sentence in question:

        “Indeed, the entire skin-color-as-diversity argument is profoundly racist since it ties thinking to melanin levels so an upper-class Shaker Heights, Ohio black is assumed to think different than his wealthy white high school classmate thanks to his skin color.”

        Weissberg condemns as “profoundly racist” the belief that blacks and whites think differently, doesn’t he? And he evidently believes that black and white are merely “skin colors.”

        If so, I disagree with him on both counts, although like him I oppose the societal cancer known as “diversity.”

        • GeneticsareDestiny

          Yes, he strikes me as a racial egalitarian too. However, his article was quite good for the most part and he at least opposes affirmative action.

          • [Guest]

            That’s the way I see it as well.

            It’s just that I’m sick of the methods of the racial egalitarians, one of which is to use “race” and “skin color” as interchangeable. That’s one of the biggest, fattest lies they use, and they use it all the time.

  • WR_the_realist

    As the great Bob Whitaker said, “Diversity means fewer whites.” That’s all the word means. So whenever somebody extolls the benefits of diversity, remember he’s lauding the benefits of fewer whites.

  • bigone4u

    Those illusions are being shattered everyday and more people are willing to talk about the truth in forums such as this one.

  • cablegirls

    The most harmful element of forced diversity in universities is, by far, affirmative action practices in the hiring of professors. There’s quite a lot of this.

    • jane johnson

      Indeed. I screen (profile) my professors very carefully to avoid the diversity trap, but lefties come in all colors. Fortunately, I’m way too old to be brainwashed, and am not afraid to challenge tendentious lecturers.

  • Yale2001

    Racism is a powerful force in our country right now. It got our president elected and now getting many things accomplished in our government that a white man could not do. The cry of “racism” is allowing criminal activity at the highest levels to occur. The fact that Eric Holder still remains in office is a great example. It is used to demean our constitution and allowing groups to call for it’s demise based on their assumptions of our founding fathers being “racist”. Abuse of our tax dollars is often due to the fear of being called “racist”, our actual history is being changed in schools based on “racism”. It is getting more liberals in college and in teaching positions. “Racism” is also being used on many fronts to promote Muslim theology. The list goes on and on. Racism is propaganda.

  • Northerner

    The concept of “mismatch” is one of the strongest arguments against Affirmative Action. It says that artificially elevating certain students to schools they don’t truly deserve makes them prone to being ill prepared and failing out (with all the financial debt that comes with it). The original goal was to decrease social inequality, but all AA actually does is create hardship for mismatched students and produce less competent professionals that potentially endanger society.

  • Whirlwinder

    You should have a look at all of the diversity vice presidents in the administration of the University of California. It is more than a cottage industry. It is taking over our universities. Diversity is another “divide and conquer” technique like multiculturalism. Neither technique has ever worked anywhere else in the world except to divide and weaken whatever culture is under attack.

  • Creepy as a cracker!

    I am offended! It is Hansen’s disease, not leprosy. How can you be so insensitive?

  • bigone4u

    In a few months. I’m elaborating on some of the items in the comment above.


    Like a lot of factors in education, AA is concerned with an input to education. It is sorta like the student parking lot; more parking places have nothing to do with a school’s output [graduation rate].


    It could be worse. She could have come back to AZ where we were stuck with her for eight years as governor. If you read my post by Heather MacDonald above, you can’t help concluding that UC and Napolitano were made for each other.