Freshman Starts Informal ‘White Student Union’ at Georgia State

Laura Diamond, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, July 31, 2013

Fall semester won’t start for several weeks, but Georgia State University has already received a handful of complaints about a new student club—the White Student Union.

Freshman Patrick Sharp said he started the club to serve as place where students of European and Euro-American descent can celebrate their shared history and culture and discuss issues that affect white people, such as immigration and affirmative action.

The club is not an official student group recognized by the university. {snip}

Georgia State is highly diverse, with whites comprising 38 percent of the student body, followed by blacks at 35 percent, Asians at 12 percent and Latinos at 7 percent.

“If we are already minorities on campus and are soon to be minorities in this country why wouldn’t we have the right to advocate for ourselves and have a club just like every other minority?” said Sharp, 18, who is from Birmingham, Ala. “Why is it when a white person say he is proud to be white he’s shunned as a racist?”

Six students complained to the university after seeing Sharp’s fliers around campus, said Doug Covey, vice president for student affairs. He said he responded to each by explaining he group is within its right to exist and that speech is protected even if offensive to someone.


Sharp said he doubts he will seek official status. The group would need a faculty or staff advisor and Sharp, who is taking summer classes, doubts he’d find one. He said a handful of students have joined so far.

He said he expects critics to call him and the group racist.

“I’ve already heard some of that and I don’t care what they have to say,” Sharp said.

Sharp said he was inspired to start the union after viewing videos and interviews with Matthew Heimbach, who started a White Student Union at Towson University in Maryland.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated the Maryland club as a “hate group” and two of its members recently advocated for racial segregation at a Conservative Political Action Conference.

Sharp wasn’t concerned about these incidents.

“All we want to do is celebrate white identity,” he said. “This is about being in touch with who you are as a white person and being proud of that.”

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  • DailyKenn

    I suppose if it were called “European Student Union” it would be acceptable.

    • HJ11

      We don’t have to be acceptable to anyone but our own kind. And, by “our own kind” I mean Whites who aren’t afraid of being White and who know expressing ourselves as White people is the high moral ground and is right.

    • din_do_nuffins

      Everyone says the White Student Union “sparks controversy.”

      The Black Student Union is still called “a historic first.”

    • din_do_nuffins

      White Student Unions always attract wrenching concerns about Ku Kluxism, so why don’t Black Student Unions ever attract any concerns of Knoxville Horrorism?

    • SirMe

      They are Americans though..

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      Now that blacks, Arabs and Asians are “Europeans,” sure…

  • bigone4u

    The fact that some students are starting White Student Unions and that other students are teed off about it is the best hope for eventual equal treatment of the white race and the cessation of social engineering aimed at our genocide. Unfortuntely, the classrooms are still filled with Prius-driving, sandal wearing, bearded baby-boomer lefty professors spewing their hatred of the free market, the white race, and the traditional family. The good news is they will be gone soon. The bad news is that they spawned their clones, ready and waiting to take over for them.

    • I keep thinking of that white bearded liberal college professor, in Pittsburgh I believe, who was a victim of the knock out game. The professor would not comment about the incident.

      • bigone4u

        If he said anything negative about blacks, his invitations to cocktail parties would cease.

        • Major

          Plus they’d break his wine sipping pinky flag.

      • [Guest]

        Are you referring to Jim Addlespurger? He is (or was) a teacher at Pittsburgh’s Creating and Performing Arts School.

        The video is on YouTube and elsewhere, and racially unconscious Americans need to watch it and a few hundred others just like it until they finally open their eyes.

  • [Guest]

    >>>The club is not an official student group recognized by the university.

    That alone proves the necessity of such a group.

    • JohnEngelman

      If an organization called “The Black Student Union” is recognized by the University The White Student Union should demand recognition.

      • bigone4u

        The student Porn Club here locally could not get recognition because there were no faculty willing to serve as sponsor. Sponsoring an unpopular club can ruin your career by cutting off all raises and promotions.

  • HJ11

    So far, the student who started this sounds firm. Good. We don’t need any more sniveling Whites apologizing for wanting to be White. His answer in which he says he doesn’t care what others think is about what I would have said. And, that’s what more of us Whites need to think and say.

    Screw the haters of White people. What do we care if they’re offended by us being White and wanting to have organizations for ourselves. They are not our kind. They can go pound sand.

    • tech

      Haters gonna hate!

  • Ed_NY

    I applaud Mr. Sharp for having the courage to organize a White Student Union at his school. I hope many more follow his lead around this nation.

  • ncpride

    Since we are not allowed to voice our views on the original article (we know why), go there anyway to vote on whether or not you think a White Student Union is needed. 76% say YES!

  • Spartacus

    Stop flirting with the system ! You’re supposed to be tearing it down, not begging for recognition !

    • Andy

      If there’s going to be an end to the current system, a large proportion of the population will have to change its thinking. Having things like white student unions normalizes the idea that whites are as justified in organizing for their interests as other groups are.

  • NorthernWind

    Good for him. This story also shows the influence a single person can have. If not for Heimbach’s courage and determination perhaps this Sharp kid would never have started this White Student Union. Who knows, perhaps a trend has started.

  • Randall Ward

    Great. Only; being a minority is not required to form a white club. Just being white is enough, numbers don’t matter.

    • HJ11


  • Evette Coutier

    Consciousness and institutions of learning? You have quite the sense of humor.

  • HJ11

    Then we must make them safe for our kind.

    • ms_anthro

      Or better yet, found our own schools. The ones our ancestors founded for us have been infiltrated and destroyed from top to bottom. It is time to create our own system of higher education, one that excludes our enemies.

  • HJ11

    Of course, you’re correct, but we don’t have to hide behind claims that they do it so we can do it too. We can do it even if others don’t do it. We are free people. We own this planet as much as any other people and no one can keep us from being ourselves–except ourselves.

  • Sick of it

    To Hell or Barbados is a good read, as are the various books on white slavery in the Islamic world.

  • When I was an undergrad at Santa Cruz, some friends and I started a hoax “Freikorps ROTC” program. We put up posters in campus bus shelters. The idea was to mess with the communists’ heads.

    • Epiminondas

      Did it work?

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    All well and good, but we have to go further, and recognize that those Southerners who told us we didn’t understand the situation were right. Jefferson Davis and many other intelligent Southerners, and a good number of Northerners, stood for ending slavery while transporting all of the freed slaves the hell out of the U.S. Had Lincoln pursued peaceful purchase and repatriation of slaves outside the seceded states, he could have kept the Confederacy down to half its size, and waited it out. I bet the cost would have been a fraction of what his war eventually cost, not even counting the hundreds of thousands lost.

    • Oldcorporal

      Lincoln, too, wanted to free the slaves, then deport all of them back to Africa, to the West Indies, or wherever. I don’t think he ever really repudiated that belief — that Whites and blacks could not live peacefully together.

      • Major

        Lincoln borrowed that page from Thomas Jefferson who advised for repatriation.

  • Oldcorporal

    One thing I don’t understand is Mr. Sharp’s stating that “anyone” can join. If it’s a White Student Union, shouldn’t it be limited to people of European descent?
    Oh, by the way: I’ve just designated the Southern Poverty Law Center as a “hate group.”

    • frozenpie77

      Groups generally have to be all-inclusive at colleges.

    • [Guest]

      Such groups are required to practice an open-door policy, but that door does not open both ways.

      If anyone in the African-American Student Union is not black, you can bet that he’s in the group to show SUPPORT for blacks.

      If there were a White Student Union, nonwhites would be sure to join it in large numbers in an effort to DESTROY it.

  • Major

    The only reason I see that blacks have the market cornered ( along with hispanics ) with their thousands of racist, exclusionary alphabet soup of groups…starting with the NAACP and 70 or so black only colleges…is they have this massive INFERIORITY COMPLEX that screams…look at me…look at me…please? I’m black and I’m proud.

    Of course this happens only in a country where the majority is white, right? Does anyone see any parallels to this psychosis in Africa?

  • [Guest]

    >>>Georgia State is highly diverse, with whites comprising 38 percent of the student body, followed by blacks at 35 percent, Asians at 12 percent and Latinos at 7 percent.

    The lie used to be that the goal of “diversity” was to make the race/ethnicity percentages of groups such as the student bodies of universities match the race/ethnicity percentages of the nation as a whole.

    Now, at Georgia State, white people and blacks are at nearly equal percentages, and that qualifies not only as “diverse” but as “highly diverse.”

    It’s plain. The true goal of “diversity” is to reduce as much as possible the percentage of the overall population that is WHITE.

    • Ella

      Actually “diversity” means to lessen our strength, power and influence and give it away to non-Whites who did not earn their merit yet. It’s a distribution program. They will continue to do it unless we stop them in numbers. At times, I feel if Whites do not stand up for themselves, we deserve our sentence.

  • [Guest]

    >>>Do we not even have the appearance of “Equality” anymore?

    Only white people are expected to abide by that supposed higher good, with the understanding that “equality” means that some people (all nonwhites) are more equal than others (whites).

  • [Guest]

    Yes, but what would white Americans, who already understand that blacks are a huge destructive force, do with those specific bits of information?

    The problem is not lack of knowledge; it’s lack of WILL.

    • Andy

      White Americans do not “understand that blacks are a huge destructive force”. Most of them think that their ancestors are to blame for blacks’ problems, or else that poverty is. A majority don’t accept the white-privilege version wholesale, but very few see the situation for what it is. And of course most people just don’t spend much time thinking about such things.

  • exliberal

    I was raised to be a liberal, but living and working on the south side of Chicago taught me otherwise. Whenever I hear a liberal complain about racists I ask them “What neighborhood do you live in?” This often makes them uncomfortable.

    • gemjunior

      I was raised by demented liberal democrats who acted conservative on everything in life. Strict, frugal – not living beyond their means or never having debt, church-going, dinner together on time every night, slaps with the strap when very bad, not allowed to wear tube tops or short shorts etc. you get it. But for some reason they were libs, they used to tell me that Republicans want to see the poor out begging and sleeping in the streets and the Dems want to help the poor. I only figured all this out when I was in my 40s – imagine the betrayal I felt. I harangued them constantly but they stuck to their stupid. Liberalism is a mental disorder….

  • rebellisMMXII

    A glimmer of progress that made my day.

  • din_do_nuffins

    “Conversation on Race” Holder DOJ has already searched all Patrick Sharp’s online activity and is now using it as “proof” that some speech on the Internet (amren, cofcc, cwyn, vdare, c-cp, occdobserver) fosters division and hatred and should be outlawed.

  • IKantunderstand

    Kudos to Patrick Sharp.(Excellent last name). I applaud his in your face truth. I would have probably called it: “The European Culture Appreciation Association”. Or the “Crackas Kick As$, MOFO, Whatcha Gonna Do About It Tea Time Society”. Despite everything that is happening in this pathetic country, I still believe in refinement. That’s right: refine your gun shooting skills. Refine your ability to stand up for what is right. Refine your diet, your physical readiness, and your mind. We did not choose this war. No, war has been declared on us. I hope that Mr. Sharp’s group spend time at a shooting range; at this point in time, accuracy at the gun range will come in handy way more than some worthless Marxist propaganda B.S. B.A. from an institution that will do nothing but help stupid Negroes to succeed and get jobs they don’t deserve. White people should concentrate on learning the trades. Seriously, who would you prefer living in your group of people after an alien(this time, I’m referring to space aliens, not the usual kind, you know, Mexicans) attack? A plumber, or a community organizer? An electrician, or a sociologist? An auto mechanic, or a social psychologist? When did this society decide to look down on people who are skilled? I will take an HVAC guy, a carpenter, a farmer, ANYDAY over an environmentalist. Why are these bull$hit degrees for feminist studies, gay studies, Afro persecuted up the butt forever even after all the White people are dead, we are still suffering studies, considered to be worth anything? Why is turning millions of people into victims, and then giving them degrees in how they are victims, in any way an education?Theories that blame White people!( If we Whites hadn’t thought up these theories, I daresay, all the other people of the world would never have had a clue they were so- called oppressed.) Yes, people, that is what I am am saying: We Whites have a death wish. We are so smart, we have actually come up with the rationalization as to why we deserve to die, to be erased from the face of the earth. And our reason? We are the world’s smarty pants. Nobody likes a smarty pants. Thus, we deserve to die.

    • jane johnson

      You are so right about the trades. I spent 25+ years hanging wallpaper (not an essential trade, but definitely a skilled one) in high-end, gated communities. Excepting doctors and engineer/architect types, the vast majority of the homeowners’ only talents were self-promotion and moneymaking. Their complete ignorance of “how things work” was mind-boggling. Two examples: a lawyer not having enough sense to turn off the water supply to an overflowing toilet BEFORE calling a plumber; and an advertising executive thinking that relocating a light fixture was simply a matter of “moving the hole” in the wallpaper. After many conversations with the other trades, we came to the conclusion that when (not if) the excrement hit the fan, we’d be better off with those we work WITH than those we work FOR.

  • Daniel Schmuhl

    Southern Poverty Law Center deemed the Maryland group a hate group? What is this some sort of self-pardoy?

  • White Mom in WDC

    Okay, I’ll put this out there…..whites are not equal, we are better! That is the attitude we are to have. We don’t explain ourselves and we don’t give a damn! As Ms. Anthro points out, we should start our own learning communities. We should be immensely proud of being white. Despite being a minority, we still have survived and thrived.

  • Alexandra1973

    Some are more equal than others, haven’t you read “Animal Farm”? 🙂

  • Alexandra1973

    I wonder why the race hustlers aren’t shaking down Muslims. Maybe they’re afraid a jihad would be declared on them…?

  • Andy

    Where do you get the information that whites were actual slaves (as opposed to indentured servants) in America? I have looked this up and only found slaves that were most white but enslaved because they were partly black.

    Also, when did blacks enslave whites? North African Arabs certainly did, but they were not black.

  • Korean guy

    I do remember my undergraduate days very well and starting this coming September I am going back to school to take the French language class in the evening. Personally, I feel I have no right to oppose the “white student union” because it is not harming me in any way. Criticizing a student union is in a sense a waste of time. All one has to do is not attend that specific student union, if he or she does not like it. I have been a practicing Christian all my life and there were multiple student unions at my school such as LGBT union, muslim union and so on that opposed my Christian faith. All I did was not attending those unions.

    • Puggg

      You might be fine with peaceful co-existence, and we might be fine with peacefully co-existing with the other side. But our enemies are not fine with peacefully co-existing with us.

      • Korean guy

        I predict that the ones who made complaints about the “white student union” are not even blacks or other non-whites. Chances are they are brainwashed whites who watched politically correct TV too much

        • ThomasER916

          Chances are they’re Jews.

  • ThomasER916


    The time to play by their rules is over.

  • YourMOMA

    When blacks in GSU question legitimacy of White Student Union I begin to wonder about conversations blacks have during their student meetings. What exactly are they discussing? Are they talking about black power and keeping affirmative action alive? They’re obviously not talking about black crime in Atlanta and the reason Atlanta police always profiles black males. Here’s a hint: They’re always committing crimes.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    You’re making some of the worst arguments for the justification of white free assembly or white rights. Using this method of listing all the “good” things whites have done won’t prove or gain us a thing because other groups can use the similar arguments or find large exceptions. Also, the a major problem for whites is their Christianity. It created a cultural reflex towards addiction to virtue or virtuousness, along with a formal doctrine that undermines specific racial or ethnic defenses. Europe was conquered by Christianity which then exploited it and took credit for accomplishments after having resisted them (forcefully with violence). This tends to continue today. The first things whites must do is to understand what Nietzsche pointed out about the role of religion in controlling people for its own benefit and the potential of the man who could free himself of such psychological shackles. Christianity is a well documented stumbling block to white survival. (Don’t write me back to deny it, I don’t argue this point. Try instead to think it out for yourself).

  • me

    Let’s send Patrick Sharp money! Someone get a paypal account for this…..