Black-Riot Prevention: Prudence or Profiling?

Colin Flaherty, WND, July 25, 2013

It seemed like a reasonable question: The AP reporter asked me if I thought the pundits and police overreacted to the Trayvon verdict when they predicted and prepared for riots, mayhem, lawlessness and all sorts of other black mob violence.


Post-verdict, we saw some violence, with the worst in Oakland and Los Angeles. Like most black mob violence, police and media tried to pretend it was less than it was.

My favorite story was the L.A. news anchor introducing a riot. But before doing so, she stressed several times that the rally was peaceful, but a “few” people had gotten “rowdy”–the same word the Los Angeles Times used for another nasty bit of racial violence the following day.

Then she tossed it to her reporter in the field, who did the same thing during his voice over–with one difference: They were rolling videotape of a black mob swarming over an older white dude, beating the stuffing out of him, belying the report.


In Houston, a black mob tried to stop a grandmother taking a child to the hospital. When they car did not stop, several protesters grabbed and punched at the occupants. A local paper described the rally as “peaceful.”


And of course let’s not forget the threats of post-verdict violence that filled Twitter by the thousands.

Now the Associated Press, Time magazine and others are wondering if all the preparations for post-Trayvon violence were overkill, a symptom of the white racism and white supremacy keeping so many black Americans down.

This is not a hypothetical question. It is the exact question city leaders in Indianapolis had to answer just a few days after the acquittal as they prepared for their annual Black Expo. For the last 10 years, Black Expo has featured some nasty violence, shootings, looting, rampaging and other mayhem after the Friday and Saturday night events released thousands of black people into the downtown.

Last year, police were ready. This year too: They turned downtown into a police state complete with towers, high-powered weapons, dogs, SWAT, tactical vehicles, infra red binoculars and police breaking up crowds of five or more and telling them to split up.

Miami Beach was faced with the same choice over the Memorial Day weekend as it prepared for the 300,000 black people in town for the annual Black Beach Week.

This event has a similar history, but way worse: Shootings. Lawlessness. Robberies. Assaults. Defiance. Property destruction. Vandalism. Drugs. And like Indianapolis, trash: Mountains and mountains of trash on the streets and beaches of this town that manages to stay pristine 51 weeks a year.

Miami Beach used the same play book: Towers. Lights. Dogs. Guns. Cops. Cops. And more cops everywhere.

After the fact, some saw the lack of violence in Indy and Miami as a success. Others wondered if all the police presence was an overreaction. Profiling.


So you make the call: Cops stopped riots. Or riot preparation is just another example of the over-policing that fills prisons with disproportionate amounts of black people.

Easy enough to settle. Call Indy. Call Miami Beach. Ask the Mayors if they plan on going cop-less next year.

Let me know.

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  • Puggg

    Black Riot Prevention: Prudence or Profiling?


    I think the reason there weren’t any large scale riots because everyone was ready for them, law enforcement is way more prepared now compared to 1992, and CCW, CD and SYG exists in more places than it did back then.

    • libertarian1234

      I think you’re right.

      Though fairly dim-witted, most are not apt to create havoc and mayhem when they’re aware that whites are lining up against them.

      And while they WILL pull whites out of their cars and beat them, they do that mostly in their own neighborhoods with an overwhelming mob of black cowards along side them.

      I doubt they will ever march into white areas unless their store shelves are empty and they’re out of water and other supplies.

      • Puggg

        Incidentally, and this is not a trick question and it’s not meant to be an insult.

        Why do you call yourself a libertarian when you are plainly not one?

        • libertarian1234

          I do hold SEVERAL Libertarian views, but use the handle mostly as a means of identifying my posts if I return to the site to respond to comments.

          • Puggg

            Reason I ask is that you’re hardly the anti-“racist” anti-tribalist human universalist that seems to be the order of the day among most modern libertarians and their offshoots.

            Our political dilemma today is that non-white people are encouraged to think and vote tribally, while white people are given a “choice” of many universalist we-are-the-world anything-but-white-tribalism viewpoints to vote for, and we’re supposed to think we actually have a choice because the people who espouse these various anti-“racist” ideologies have arguments with each other over things that don’t much matter.

          • Aditya Vivek Barot

            Do you agree that “Libertarianism” is intrinsically white. And, like all white philosophies (from Plato to Marx) assumes that what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.

            Libertarianism would work if like Stalinist Russia, we decided in favor of “Libertarianism in one country” and explicitly indicated that it is a “cultural” thing and that other societies must “evolve” before we can even contemplate an internationalist form of Libertarianism. In this fashion, white people, who are loathe to identify as “white,” unless its ironic, could adhere to this philosophy in a guilt-free fashion without proposing ideas that will destroy their race and this beautiful nation.

          • Puggg

            Any ideology invented by white people is intrinsically white. But once the ideology doubly embraces racial universalism and in the minds of its adherents supersedes concerns of race and ethnicity and peoplehood, then the ideology isn’t implicitly white anymore even if it started out that way. The reason some of us harp on libertarianism and its offshoots, when we know full well that’s true of most ideologies today, is because it’s our problem. I live and work in Jefferson County, Missouri, pejoratively known as Metherson County. I’m concerned about illicit drugs, but I’m not concerned about illicit drugs in the abstract, even though I know they’re all dangerous. I’m concerned about meth because it’s our problem, the immediate problem of my immediate geographical space.

          • Puggg

            Sorry for the second response, but this just showed on Drudge:


            What are the first three categories they use to figure how “libertarian” a country is? Drugs, gays, prostitution. I’m surprised how open the country’s borders are for immigration wasn’t considered here, because that seems to be all that matters to “libertarians” these days. Taxes are considered here, but under a more proper historical definition of “libertarian,” one would think that regulation, government spending, nanny state style legislation, and similar things would be considered first. And 2nd Amendment/Self-Defense concerns — They’re not even on this “libertarian” radar.

            Notice some of the countries this survey considers to be “libertarian” (get ready for some good belly laughs):

            North Korea (basically an autocratic dictatorship that just so happens to have permissive attitudes toward weed and heroin)

            Portugal (big spending left-socialist ideology has governed it for years, but all drugs are decriminalized)

            Netherlands (You can go to jail for “inciting racial hate” or “denying the Holocaust” but they were the first in Europe to do gay “marriage”)

            South Africa (Slowly committing genocide against whites, but it’s the only African country to allow gay “marriage” by far the best country in Africa for gay rights)

            Canada (Really no free speech to speak of, but fairly friendly toward prostitution)

            Germany (Ditto on the no free speech part, but prostitution is legal but heavily regulated)

            These countries have so many rights that they practically have no rights. Or, to say it another way, everyone is so free that they’re slaves.

          • Aditya Vivek Barot

            This is some outrageous sh*t.

            So, the only criteria for “Libertarianism” is a permissive attitude to narcotics and sodomy?

            Isn’t Libertarianism a dialectic philosophy that pits the individual against the State and provides him with the ammunition to resist Statist encroachment on the individual’s rights to Conscience, Speech, Association, and yes (HELL, YES!) self-defense?

            I am not a Libertarian but I do agree that they have some sound prescriptions for nurturing individual development. I submit that a community is only as free as the individual comprising the same. I further believe that this philosophy is uniquely suited to Ango-Saxon whites in America, and to an extent, Great Britain. This philosophy is suitable for men who can look after themselves and whose development is stunted by Statism.

            This does not apply to the Negro, the Hindu or the Meztiso. These civilizations do not have a history of individualism. They love the government as they see it a natural means of advancing group interests, and they rarely, if ever, see past group interests.

            Libertarianism can only function in a white, specifically, Anglo-Saxon, or even more specifically, Anglo-Scotch and Dutch (and other Protestant Low Country tribes) populations.

            Historically, these communities have struck out on their own. They represent the Faustian ideal. That’s why these groups succeeded in America whereas the Iberians, with all their courage and hardiness, failed. The New World seems conducive to such men as can look after themselves with minimal Statist interference.

            And therefore, the only way to make it work is via moratorium on immigration. And then, we turn off the government spigot and see how well non-whites do in this fair land without the million and one programs that help them.

            I understand that these programs usually keep people poor since no one got rich off collecting welfare checks. I also understand the need for a safety net in this world since we are so dependent on employment (due to the collapse of the Feudal order and complete destruction of property rights). There must be some way to maintain Charity towards our fellow citizens by minimizing free loaders. Oh yes, it’s called immigration control.

            And this whole “free trade” nonsense has to end. “Free Trade” is part of the Communist Manifesto. Marx supported free trade precisely for the effect its had upon America: formerly middle-class (or lower middle class) blue-collar factory workers have been reduced to lumpenproletariat as vultures took their factories and monies to the labor camps of Asia. Is it any wonder that people keep voting for higher taxes?

            If we turn the US, and the US alone, into a free-trade zone, and impose tariffs on foreign goods and services, could we, possibly, return our citizens to decent jobs?

            And if we enforce immigration laws, and start en masse deportations, could we force employers to start paying a real wage to real Americans?

            If Germany can do it, and Japan, why can’t we?

          • Puggg

            And this whole “free trade” nonsense has to end. “Free Trade” is part of the Communist Manifesto. Marx supported free trade precisely for the effect its had upon America

            Marx supported free trade because it had/has the effect of leveling out nations and nationalist sentiment. Free trade is one of the few things that communists and libertarians have in common with each other (one of the other things is open borders). Really, we have to stop thinking in terms of “communist ‘versus’ libertarian,” because they’re both anti-nationalist ideologies, and their disputes are mainly boob bait bread and circuses to make you think that you really have a choice and that things will really get better by replacing one with the other, all as a cover to keep us from realizing what they have in common, and that which they have in common hurts us.

      • saxonsun

        Hope you’re right but considering the horrors that have come to pass in the West, we cannot be sure.

    • [Guest]

      In a way, though, blacks win again. White Americans shouldn’t have to be on high alert, turning their local police forces in paramilitary anti-riot squads or worrying about their safety while walking down the streets because of roving savages.

      It’s not that I oppose the police or the Second Amendment, but it bugs me no end that we must go to such lengths to protect ourselves from blacks behaving like blacks. I believe we’re selling a lot of liberties in hopes of buying peace and safety.

      • Puggg

        I pick returning our obsolete farm equipment to its original manufacturer. But where is that option on our election day ballot?

        • [Guest]

          That’s the only real solution, and it’s 150 years overdue.

        • Joseph

          They are being made fresh daily -HERE.

    • Erasmus

      If you’re ever mugged, assaulted or raped by an uknown assailant, it’s very likely that he’s going to look a lot like Obama…and Holder…and Je$$e Jack$on…and $harpton…

    • Defiant White

      More than that. It has to do with the fact that black yoofs in big cities like Oakland, St Louis and Chicago don’t feel connected to black yoofs in Sanford, FL. It strains their tiny brains to feel that connection.

      If this has happened in South LA, then the black mob would have had some skin in the game because a “homey” got shot. Then they would have gone ape.

    • me

      I think that the Bantu is allowed to act feral so that more restrictions can be put on ALL United States citizens, even the ones that rightfully belong here in their Western European country–created, built, and maintained by Western Europeans. It’s part of an agenda, just like the ‘War On Terror’, the ‘Patriot Act’, and ‘Agenda 21’. Why would the Cathedral be importing Muzzies by the hundreds when we’re supposedly under threat by Islamist terrorists? Why won’t the Cathedral secure the border with Mexico? Why the attempted gun grabs? Think about it….

      • Puggg

        Not to be insulting, but I’m a bit suspicious of theories that “they” (?) are “letting” blacks behave typically black so that we’ll sign on to our own oppression.

        • me

          I’m not insulted. The MSM has made it impossible to talk of back door dealings and globalization without screaming, “Tinfoil-hat conspiracy theory nut!” at the top of their lungs. To find out who ‘they’ are, follow the money. It’s ALWAYS about money. And power. Who’s been championing for White extermination in South Africa? Who’s been behind integration, hate crimes, and the Federal Reserve. Who owns almost every newspaper, every magazine, every radio station, every television station, every motion picture studio, and every publishing house. Find out who’s pushing for immigration in Europe and the USA. And who’s behind Agenda 21 and the international gun grab. It’s easy when you learn how to connect the dots. La la la la….

          • Puggg

            What I’m trying to say is that nobody needs to provoke or allow blacks to behave in their typical fashion. They know how to do that naturally. We’re signing onto own oppression in earnest because racial explanations are placed out of bounds, and they’ve been placed out of bounds because certain forces won’t let us think about them, and partially because we’re too hung up over one diversion, distraction or fruitless cult after another after another.

  • I never see his book in any bookstores.
    The Powers That Be are feeling good about themselves. The riots were small, and the republican sell outs whom YOU voted for will be gushing about how wonderful diversity is to reassure that all is well, and it’s YOUR fault that blacks riot.
    YOU will merely fall in line and reelect these RINOS.

  • bigone4u

    ” Shootings. Lawlessness. Robberies. Assaults. Defiance. Property destruction. Vandalism. Drugs.”
    Let’s be honest. It doesn’t take an Expo or a holiday to set off these criminal behaviors. It’s the truth in ghetto black areas 24/7, with a slowdown during the coldest months. Put a fence around those areas, complete with machine-gun armed guards in towers and you’ll save a lot of grief for the rest of us.

    • willbest

      Yeah anybody with a passing familiarity of several Chicago zip codes would call this Tuesday.

    • White Mom in WDC

      Or do what Black mayor of Philadelphia Wilson Good did in the 80’s, bomb their neighborhoods

  • Spartacus

    Fight back ! The more they get away with, the worst it’s gonna be ! Remember what’s happening in South Africa as we speak :

  • JohnEngelman

    The Los Angeles Police Department was justly blamed for not being ready for the Rodney King riot of 1992. This time the police were ready in most cities. The result should be praised.

    • Jefferson

      In 1992, the LAPD overestimated how civilized the Bantu race is. The reason the LAPD were not ready and were caught off guard was because they didn’t expect the Bantus to riot after the not guilty verdict.

      In 1992 the LAPD thought Bantus were just darker skin versions of White people when it comes to how they behave as a race.

  • Spartacus

    You guys have to start fighting back ! Or else you’re gonna end up like in South Africa :

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    There’s also THIS:

    Dems Seek Racial Profiling Ban (End Racial Profiling Act, H.R. 2851).

    Under the End Racial Profiling Act, H.R. 2851, introduced by House Judiciary Committee ranking member John Conyers (D-Mich.), the ban would be enforceable through the courts.

    Stop hunting down and assaulting White people and we’ll stop racially profiling you.

    He said anyone who anticipated violence was a racist, blah, blah, blah.

    Yeah, tell that to the people were were assaulted, punched and robbed by rampaging Trayvon Martins.

    The L.A. news anchor introducing the riot. But before doing so, she stressed several times that the rally was peaceful, but a “few” people had gotten “rowdy” – the same word the Los Angeles Times used for another nasty bit of racial violence the following day.

    The LA Times and media outlets said the same thing during the Rodney King Riots when smoke could be seen rising into the air from miles around for days on end.

    More reason to separate from the black population. They cannot be governed, only controlled. Race will ALWAYS be an issue and the time for “peaceful co-existence” has expired.

    There are plenty of tools we can use against rioters in the meantime…


    • Irishgirl

      Now that is a chick gun! I want one.

  • libertarian1234

    Basically everything coming out of the mouths of the so-called black leadership is a form of critical theory, which has its origins no doubt from leftist white weenies that blacks have picked up on, because they’re not bright enough to create a line of attack themselves that has some planning and thought behind it, beyond a third grade level.

    They’re going ballistic over O’Reilly’s revelations of out-of-control black crime and his opinion that the pathologies in the black community are basically the result of the breakdown of the family unit.

    They’re in denial, of course. Blacks insist on blaming racism, oppression and lack of opportunity in a racist society for what we see today.

    I’m not sure what they hope to gain by continuing on with their outlandish raving, but they could well believe constant criticism, along with continued crime and violence, is going to eventually pressure whitey into giving in on even more privileges and freebies.

    But no amount of money, position, and privilege is going to improve them as a people overall, especially when their problems are rooted in a lack of intelligence as a group, creativity, motivation, ingenuity and self-discipline.

    Is there any place on earth they can point to and show us they can do better if they get everything they want, especially since their existing black-run societies are abysmal failures?

    Obama and the black leadership keep trying to blame outside influences for black failure when the cause rests solely with themselves and who they are.

    • bigone4u

      You are correct, sir! It’s human nature to blame others for our faults and the Cultural Marxists have exploited that with blacks. It helps them that black IQ is so low that the blacks may not understand well that they are the cause of their misery and our misery.
      It’s also human nature to sometimes suffer guilt needlessly. Cultural Marxists have done a good job of making us feel guilty for slavey, lynchings, segregation, and black poverty. In the psychology literature there must be something on how to overcome guilt. I’d like a t-shirt that says “Not Guilty” to tell the world I have no white guilt anymore.

    • [Guest]

      >>>…No amount of money, position, and privilege is going to improve them as a people overall, especially when their problems are rooted in a lack of intelligence as a group, creativity, motivation, ingenuity and self-discipline.

      I think that a few million more white Americans need to see that and admit it and act upon it. The problem with blacks has nothing to do with circumstances and therefore cannot be solved by a change in circumstances. The problem with blacks is that they’re black. They think, feel, speak, and behave like blacks BECAUSE THEY’RE BLACK.

    • MBlanc46

      This is a pretty accurate portrayal, although the black leadership wouldn’t recognize critical theory if it came up and kicked them in the arses.

  • [Guest]

    Have you also noticed how often newspeople describe an outburst of black behavior as a “ruckus” or a “scuffle” or an “altercation” involving a few “rowdy” people? I saw one report on a riot in which the reporter didn’t use that word but instead called it simply “a planned event.” And when a black blindsides a white stranger in the street, it’s called a “fight.”

  • 1gravity

    That’s the one thing that bothers me about saying “No” to blacks: it’s the police who will deal with the violent reaction. I don’t like the idea of my staying home while the police, even if trained to do it, fight a battle which is properly mine, and those who feel the way I do. When the blacks riot, I think the police should take the week off.

  • IKantunderstand

    Blacks ruin neighborhoods. Some people say it is because Whites freak out and move as soon as Blacks move in. That the only reason property values go down, is because Whites leave for no good reason. That, if in fact, Whites stayed, all would be well, there would be no downturn in housing values. If Whites had stayed in Detroit, Detroit would not be in the financial straits it currently finds itself. This is true, the fact that if Whites had stayed in Detroit, things would be different, but the corollary is also true, if the Whites stayed, the Blacks needed to leave. There once was an amusement park in the Detroit area, called Edgewater Park. It was a fabulous park, been around for years. Then, Blacks started going to the park. It was trashed, it became unsafe for Whites, it became unsafe, period. Edgewater Park closed down. Detroit had boats that visited an island owned by Canada, called Bob-Lo Island. Bob-Lo had an amusement park, and a fabulous roller skating rink. Whites loved taking the boat to Bob-Lo Island, they enjoyed picnics, amusement rides, roller skating,and the boat ride was fabulous. Then Blacks started to go to Bob-Lo, they were loud, obnoxious, dirty, threw trash around, and less and less Whites were willing to go to the much beloved Bob-Lo Island, it was dangerous, dirty, and unpleasant. The Whites stopped going to Bob-Lo Island. Bob-Lo Island closed down. There is an island in the Detroit River called Belle Isle. It had horse stables, a zoo, a botanical garden, lovely picnic areas, a fabulous fountain. Belle Isle was a summer time retreat, a mini vacation, from the grime and grit and sweat of working not only in the hot auto factories, but also in the screw machine, plastic injection molding, and all other parts manufacturers that abounded in Detroit, and the surrounding suburbs. Whites visited Belle Isle in droves. It was heaven. It was, in fact, the embodiment of the word “Belle”. Then, the Blacks started to occupy Belle Isle. The Whites fled Detroit and Belle Isle because it no longer represented what they considered to be a civilized society. Detroit has returned to the primitive wilderness it was when the first French settlers came, and so has Belle Isle. I have only to suggest that Belle Isle be renamed: Noir (what are the French words for “ugly, dangerous,trash filled,) Isle. White people flee from Blacks, because Blacks are uncivilized, refuse to become Americanized, trash everything, act in discordance with established modes of behavior, speak barely understood English, are bellicose at times for no discernible reason, are impervious to logic, good manners, and reason. And we Whites are condemned and vilified for not being willing to tolerate this barbaric behavior? Really? Seriously? Why don’t some of you geniuses in government work on getting Negroes to act like a real civilized American? Why keep castigating we Whites for refusing to condone behavior none of you elites would ever tolerate in your own neighborhoods? Or in the private schools you send your kids to, while making the rest of us to have to put up with savage behavior visited on our children? Who the hell do you think you are? You have money, not because you earned it. No, you have money, because as so-called civil servants, you have figured out a way to swindle money from the American taxpayer. Big deal, you no talent hacks. We know you hate us. We hate you back. You Kennedys who made your money by illegal bootlegging. Kerry, McCain, who married rich wives who got their money from hardworking White American(redundant) males. Harry Reid is nothing but a real estate swindler, and Nancy Pelosi, really? Nancy Pelosi is an elected representative of what the hell kind of an American? Who the hell in the real world could that phony piece of crap represent? Obviously, a bunch of other phony pieces of crap. This democracy is beginning to smell. The stench wafts from coat to coast. I don’t live in a flyover state, I live in a I CAN’T BREATH STATE. The stench of corruption is over powering.

    • Alexandra1973

      Haven’t been to Belle Isle in 30 years. Even back then it was starting to go downhill…then again I was 10 years old last time I was there.

  • EuroAmerican

    The only thing they understand is violent brute force. The Crown Heights (Brooklyn) riots in the early 90’s lasted 3 days because Mayor Dinkins was afraid the loose the (then) predominantly Irish/Italian NYPD on the black rioters, so the cops were ordered to stand there and watch as Brooklyn burned. Finally on the 3rd day the police were called to action. The nights sticks came out and the cops moved in… that riot was over in less than a half an hour. The only people killed were white and they were killed by the rioters.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      DIdn’t Dinkins (“The men’s room attendant” as characterized by Bob Grant) tell the police to “let them blow off some steam” or something to that effect?
      Yankel Rosenbaum and Vincent Graziosi were the martyrs to that strategy.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Prudence and profiling are necessary when dealing with the turds. Until this country rids ourselves of the parasites or until whites secede, which really we already have intellectually, then profiling will not have to exist

    • Creepy as crackers!

      It’s just common sense.

  • Defiant White

    Some media know better and decide to lie. We saw that with Skittle Boy where NBC falsified the Zimmerman-dispatcher call to make him sound racist. But I think most media sugar-coat blacks because they are AFRAID of blacks turning against THEM. No news director wants to drive up to work one morning and find Al Sharpton leading a march against his station.

    That makes it nothing less than EXTORTION. Black thuggery isn’t just something found in the Get-Toe. It’s practiced at the highest levels of negro “leadership.”

    • cancerous bananna

      A sugarcoated turd is still a turd.. if people want to eat that up, laugh becuse you know the truth, and you are free and safer.

  • Joseph

    A “black celebration” and a “riot” is a distinction without a difference.

  • Jackryanvb

    Thanks to everyone at Amren – especially Jared Taylor and others on the Altrnative Right who worked to deflate this hoax.this could have been as bad as the Rodney King riots, this time our side was prepared, including law enforcement – another reason to stay dear of conspiracy theory kooks who insists that everyone in the government, military, police is against us. Well done. Let’s prepare for the next one.