Immigration Bill: John McCain Says ‘Border Surge’ Isn’t Certain

Seung Min Kim, Politico, July 30, 2013

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) signaled Tuesday that the dramatic boost in border-security in the Senate’s comprehensive immigration bill could be one of the provisions that may be changed in a potential House-Senate compromise.

During an immigration forum hosted by the AFL-CIO Tuesday, McCain–a key Senate Gang of Eight negotiator–said while a pathway to citizenship for the nation’s undocumented immigrants is a “fundamental element” of the bill, the “rest of it could be adjusted.” He singled out the border security parts as an example.

“We don’t need 20,000 additional border patrol agents,” McCain said Tuesday. “But what we do need is use of technology that has been developed where we can survey the border more effectively.”

The border-security provisions in the Gang of Eight bill, written by Republican Sens. Bob Corker of Tennessee and John Hoeven of North Dakota, would set aside more than $46 billion to double the number of border patrol agents along the southwestern U.S. boundary, add new surveillance technology and to complete the 700-mile border fence.

Corker and Hoeven drafted their amendment in the final days of the Senate immigration debate, and it was critical to luring several wavering Republican and Democratic senators on board with the overall bill.

“I voted for it so friends of mine would be comfortable that we are securing the border,” McCain said Tuesday. “But the real securing of the border is with technology, as opposed to individuals.”


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  • Puggg

    What he’s saying that if the House passes anything, any fake enforcement provisions (which Obama would ignore anyway) will be tossed into the trash can during House-Senate negotiations on a unified bill. Which is what we’ve known all along; he’s admitting it.

    Meanwhile, I saw on Drudge that McCain “accidentally” strolled into a meeting of Senate Democrats and got a standing ovation. As far as I care, he can stay there.

    • Erasmus

      I say without reservation and without apology to anyone: It would have been better for the country and for his legacy if McCain had died in Vietnam.

      His entire life since returning has been one of betrayal and narcissistic self-serving. I pray that before he dies, he has an epiphany of the harm he’s done the United States and her citizens and goes to the hereafter filled with unmitigated despair and emptiness.

      • me

        McCain is starting to look like the ultimate “Manchurian Candidate”, sent by the Asian communists to take the USA down. No one can be that stupid….

  • You people in Arizona need to put this old fool out of his misery. He believes he’s a democrat now.

    • Manaphy

      Arizona is overrun with “immigrants” and people who ran away from California to dodge taxes. Both of those groups overwhelmingly vote for Liberal and Left-wing/Left-leaning politicians. I guess that’s why McLame keeps getting reelected.

  • bigone4u

    Excuses, excuses, excuses, and more excuses. I’m tired of them. Fish or cut bait, defecate or get off the pot, but seal the border or stop spinning out more lies.

    • dd121

      It’s not going to happen, unfortunately. The pols will talk the talk but nothing will be done to secure the borders.

  • Luca

    In 1986, Simpson-Mazzoli made it illegal to hire illegal immigrants and It also required employers to check employees immigration status. If these elements had been enforced we;d have a different story today.

    So, why are we talking about more laws for people who ignore laws, written by people who don’t enforce laws?

    This is first and foremost an issue of national security. How many enemies have donned a baseball cap, learned Spanish and come across the southern border with components to WMD? The borders and immigration should have come under serious control on Sept. 12, 2001.

    Send the military down there for desert-training and set up trip flares, watch towers, dogs, night vision, etc. working in conjunction with Border Patrol. Hire more ICE officers instead of IRS agents and go after overstayed visas.

    We owe nothing to the people who are breaking our laws and committing crimes here everyday. It is a sad day indeed when the the primary responsibility of the government is treated so lightly and in such a cavalier manner for political purposes.

    • Ngati Pakeha

      Don’t stop at trip flares. What about claymores?

    • Erasmus

      That supporters of amnesty continue to ignore the empirical evidence provided by Simpson-Mazzoli that amnesties only make a bad situation worse is proof of their intellectual dishonesty.

      I will never support any politician who supports amnesty. I will never again listen to any radio pundit who supports amnesty. (I haven’t listened to Mike Medved since 2007, when he whored himself out in support of Bush’s amnesty.) I will never again read any column written by any supporter of amnesty. (Bye-bye, Grover Norquist.)

      I can easily enjoy the rest of my life without any association, however tangential, with any of these people ever again.

  • WR_the_realist

    John McCain wants secure borders like I want to live in Detroit.

    • me

      McCain wants to secure the borders like Hillary wants a heterosexual relationship….

  • Spartacus

    “I voted for it so friends of mine would be comfortable that we are
    securing the border,” McCain said Tuesday. “But the real securing of the
    border is with technology, as opposed to individuals.”


    I say let’s replace YOU with a laptop, and see what happens .

    • Puggg

      “Technology,” in McCainSpeak, means flying drones around the border. In order to show us that people are sneaking across the border. Which we sure didn’t know was going on already!

      And also, I’m sure the drone-industrial complex gives a lot of money to McCain campaigns.

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      We could replace this senile old retard with a non-functioning Commodore 64.

      • me

        It would be more fun, it would be more modern, it would be quiet, and it wouldn’t cause any damage. You got my vote!

  • Rhialto

    I wonder if the Vietnam Communists would take this prize bag back.

  • kjh64

    Oh please. McCain and other pols have no intention of securing the border. They’ll lie just to pass amnesty. If they wanted to secure the border, they would have done so along time ago.

  • Puggg

    I hate to say this, but do you get the feeling the American electorate got it “right” in 2008? Even though it resulted in the eternal embarrassment of a black President. I read that Mitt Romney came out a few days ago and said that if Jeb Bush would have run in 2012, he wouldn’t have. Maybe the electorate got it “right” again last year in not giving the Presidency of a man who is politically in love with Jeb Bush, and a man who picked Paul Ryan (who has proven to be one of the worst open borders traitors) as a running mate; Romney not being President means that open borders Paul Ryan isn’t one heartbeat away from being President.

    BTW, why won’t you ever tell us how you really feel?

  • HJ11

    McCain is a real scumbag. His son married a Black and this is just a clue about the liberal anti-White nature of the McCain household. (Yeah, I know, we can’t control our adult children, but given McCain’s push to brown America with this stupid amnesty, it seems to show an anti-White pattern.)

  • Defiant White

    It’s always “technology” with these deep thinkers in Washington. Problem is . . . they only see “technology” working at its finest. They never see what happens when the “thing” breaks down and users shed blood because the “technology” didn’t work. These are the same fools who sent American soldiers into urban combat in Baghdad in unarmored HMMWVs and trucks because they relied so much on technology.

    Jose is not afraid of a fence. He’ll figure out a way to go under it, over it or through it. But Jose is afraid of G.I. Joe . . . and his night vision devices, M16 and bayonet . . .

    Boots on the ground trumps technology every time.

    • Ngati Pakeha

      Remember my friend (if I may presume to call you such) this faux love of technology equates to one more livable paycheck that Uncle Sam doesn’t have to cut to a working man.

    • Fredrik_H

      But they need those drones to monitor american citi…I mean, control the border.

  • Sick of it

    “The couple will be celebrating their honeymoon in Africa”

    Wow…just wow.

    • me

      LOL! Way to screw up your family tree. I bet the McCain ancestors are livid, wherever they are….

      • John McCain can trace his family history back to central Mississippi. In fact, there are still a bunch of his distant relatives, some of whom still have the surname McCain, in the general area of Winona-Carrollton-Greenwood, Mississippi, those distant relatives are as right wing as any of the other white people in that area. John McCain won’t acknowledge them, and frankly, from what I hear, they’re embarrassed by him.

  • sbuffalonative

    Why is it that when we used to have less technology we were able to keep illegal entries to a minimum?

    To answer my own question, our government is actively letting this invasion happen.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    I can concede some lack of fencing if the cost exceeds the possible people stopped, but given the way that the illegals go where there isn’t anything to stop them, I suspect that you are right, and that a fence will have to go up on the whole border. As for Israel, as Steve Sailer points out, their actions are a good example of a government that looks out for its own people, unlike ours.

  • Funruffian

    McShame is irrelevant and I think he was the worst candidate the GOP chose back in 2008. But no matter who they would have chosen, the powers that be put their vested interests in Obongo.

  • NM156

    No House bill should be brought to conference. The House needs to kill the whole thing.

  • AngloCelt

    McCain is a turncoat and crypto-liberal who remarked that he would be conflicted about who to vote for should 2016 come down to a choice between Rand Paul and Hilary Clinton. The sooner this old cretin disappears, the better.

    • In a way, I agree with John McCain. The reason I do is that John McCain should be disagreeing with John McCain here.

      HRC = open borders. Rand Paul = open borders. John McCain is also open borders, so he wins either way. I, OTOH, wouldn’t cast a vote, at least not for President.

      It’s all a moot point anyway, because that won’t be the Presidential race in 2016. It will be between Mark Warner and Jeff Sessions.

  • din_do_nuffins

    Why can’t we deport traitors like McCain and just drop them of in some infested slum in Mexico City?

    • Erasmus

      Mexico wouldn’t want McCain.

      If McCain’s family really loved him, they’d have him put down like an old dog before he wets on himself again, or, barring that, they’d have his head shaved, strip him naked and lock him away in a padded cell where he could safely spend his remaining days gumming endless bowls of cold oat meal.

  • White Mom in WDC

    McCain is a traitor plain and simple, as is the rest of Congress. He wants us to be invaded by the squatmonsters who offer a boon of cheap labor and cheap poon.

  • jeffaral

    What a pity the Vietcongs didn’t finish him off.

  • ShermanTMcCoy

    Those counties are full of you-know-whats and libs.

    • me

      Yup. Oy, the treason!

  • me

    That’s all good and well, but the Mestizo commie squat monsters will tunnel under the fence like a bunch of moles….they’ve done it dozens of times. I’m thinking land mines…..

  • me

    But who will replace Maureen?

  • Greg Thomas

    We no longer live in a sovereign nation. This proves it.

  • me

    I agree totally. It was a tongue-in-cheek comment, though. We have Tarzan and Cheetah, so who will be Maureen?