Posted on June 27, 2013

N.C. Commissioner Has No Regrets in Seeking ‘Non-White Male’ for Public Position

Becket Adams, The Blaze, June 26, 2013

Although some see it as a clear-cut case of race discrimination, Kim Ratliff, a County Commissioner in Mecklenburg County, N.C., doesn’t regret saying that the next country manager should be a “non-white male.”

Ratliff’s comments were made last Friday when she commented on the departure of longtime county manager Harry Jones, reports.


She said she’d like to see “someone who is diverse–hopefully someone outside of North Carolina would be ideal for me.” Ratliff added that the county needs a “non-white male who can good working relations with all people.”

“I wasn’t saying for white men not to apply,” Ratliff told WBTV this week. “What I was saying was we had a white male county manager. We had a black male. It’s a given those two genders and races will apply. I’m saying to the ladies of every race–take a chance at it.”


The County Commissioner said she understands why some have characterized her comments as racist.

“Maybe I could have used a better choice of words. But I’m saying everyone apply,” she told WBTV. “The most qualified will be selected. I would like for it to be a woman. If it is not, I’ll still support the person whether it’s white man, black man, or whoever.”

Still, she added, she doesn’t regret saying it.

“Not at all. I mean–true–some residents may have taken it the wrong way,” Ratliff said. “But I said what I said.”