N.C. Commissioner Has No Regrets in Seeking ‘Non-White Male’ for Public Position

Becket Adams, The Blaze, June 26, 2013

Although some see it as a clear-cut case of race discrimination, Kim Ratliff, a County Commissioner in Mecklenburg County, N.C., doesn’t regret saying that the next country manager should be a “non-white male.”

Ratliff’s comments were made last Friday when she commented on the departure of longtime county manager Harry Jones, WISTV.com reports.


She said she’d like to see “someone who is diverse–hopefully someone outside of North Carolina would be ideal for me.” Ratliff added that the county needs a “non-white male who can good working relations with all people.”

“I wasn’t saying for white men not to apply,” Ratliff told WBTV this week. “What I was saying was we had a white male county manager. We had a black male. It’s a given those two genders and races will apply. I’m saying to the ladies of every race–take a chance at it.”


The County Commissioner said she understands why some have characterized her comments as racist.

“Maybe I could have used a better choice of words. But I’m saying everyone apply,” she told WBTV. “The most qualified will be selected. I would like for it to be a woman. If it is not, I’ll still support the person whether it’s white man, black man, or whoever.”

Still, she added, she doesn’t regret saying it.

“Not at all. I mean–true–some residents may have taken it the wrong way,” Ratliff said. “But I said what I said.”

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  • Ratliff added that the county needs a “non-white male who can good working relations with all people.”

    Good luck finding one of those.

    • A Freespeechzone

      I predict that the ‘non-white male’ ultimately selected for this position, who will not be the best qualified, will create more problems than he solves—be forced to resign, sue and cost the taxpayers a ton of extra money.

      That’s how too many ‘non-white males’ work the system; I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

    • sbuffalonative

      Within two years, most of them will be facing charges of corruption.

      • Major

        Or elected mayors of newark or Detroit.

  • Still, she added, she doesn’t regret saying it.
    Well, why don’t you sissified, castrated white boys over in North Carolina MAKE her regret saying it? If you Mayberry morons haven’t removed this Affirmative Action quota hire from her position by next week, then you deserve what’s coming next. If she gets away with it, then more quotas are coming. You all may as well act like that white boy at the Rec. Center in the above article. He just laid there on the ground and took it, not one bit of offense.

    I spent two and a half years in the 82nd at Ft. Bragg. I have earned the right to badmouth your state as much as I please.

    • Over the last 40 years, the white population of Charlotte, NC has declined from 70% to 45%. The black population has increased from 30% to 35%. The remaining difference is the influx of invading greasers y greaseritas.

    • ncpride

      The excuses being made for this woman in the editorials of the liberal rags around her are astonishing. Another commissioner, Bill James, has been blasted in the past for making truthful remarks about black ‘youth’ in Charlotte, so they are trying to make this about him, somehow. I don’t live in Charlotte, (thank goodness) but I have to agree: If they don’t DO something about this, they are a bunch of wimps. However, don’t think for a second the PEOPLE of NC are not raising holy hell, because they are. But let me ask you, how often does the government, state or federal, give a hoot about what the people think or want?

  • IstvanIN

    She must be a Republican.

    • ncpride

      Indeed, IstvanIN, indeed. Considering how traitorous the Republicans are to their base…..

  • The__Bobster

    Unlike Paula Deen, Nubian princesses never apologize or grovel. Nor do they feel a need to.

    • cancerous bananna

      Watching that interview yesterday was like watching white genocide in near full-swing.. reminded me of crystal night.. and it was pathetic to watch. 14:01m of cringe.

  • Spartacus

    “Kim Ratliff”

    She has “Rat” in her name. How fitting…

  • That’s fine. I have no regrets about never buying any furniture made anywhere in North Carolina again, for the rest of my life.

    • Major

      Take your money out of Bank of Amerika? The ones who gave illegals credit cards?

  • WR_the_realist

    Blacks never apologize for being pro-black. Will I ever live to see the day when a white public official refuses to apologize for being pro-white?

    • evilsandmich

      Her coworker Bill James seems to come close:
      On the contrary, James, who is white, stirred up significant community outrage when he used inflammatory language about urban blacks living “in a moral sewer full of promiscuity.”

      Of course it goes without saying what happened next!

      That statement drew a censure from 20 influential Republicans, including then-Mayor Pat McCrory and two other former mayors.

      • ncpride

        Bill James is awesome. Kinda funny Pat McCrory turned on him considering he got himself in hot water while Mayor by making ‘inflammatory’ remarks about black ‘youth’ and crime, but absolutely refused to apologize, even while facing demands to do so from the NAACP.

  • Snow

    Where are all the feminists? Once again, deafening silence. The feminists get only upset and loud when a white male enjoys an advantage

    • Xerxes22

      Feminists never criticize Blacks. That would be racist. Besides, Kim is probably just looking for a boyfriend and this is the only way she can get one.

  • fransusan

    Useless pukes such as this affirmative action hire, Ratliff, know they don’t have to apologize for their comments because they know nothing will come of it. And that comment about hiring the most qualified applicant is a gigantic joke. Qualified never has anything to do with hiring blacks.

  • fransusan

    guest, I totally agree. Whites need to stop worrying about being politically correct all the time and say what they think. We can be smart about it and not use offensive language, but we definitely need to get over being called racist. Who cares! Of course, on the other hand, we do have to worry about offending someone we work with/for so we won’t lose our jobs! Everything is so focused on political correctness now that what Deen said decades ago has come back to haunt her.