Whites-Only Area Reminiscent of Apartheid

CNN, May 30, 2013

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  • The U.N. will be thundering down in their armored vehicles, like the ones in that Haiti article here (White Man Visits the Black Republic) on Amren, in no time. These white South Africans are to blame for the black South Africans problems.

  • The U.N. will be thundering down in their armored vehicles, like the ones in that Haiti article here (White Man Visits the Black Republic) on Amren, in no time. These white South Africans are to blame for the black South Africans problems.

    • Coming soon to Orania and Pretoria:

      • MikeS

        Those are the Whitest vehicles I have ever seen. I wonder how long it will be until they’re up on cinder blocks with the wheels/tires gone and have new paints jobs consisting of graffiti?

        • bigone4u

          Since white person’s money paid for them, I’m sure the vehicles are painted white to honor the white race. Ha.

          • joesolargenius

            White paint will absorb less heat than a dark colored tint and is therefore much cooler to be in .

        • APaige

          soon after they put on spinning rims

          • MikeS

            …..and the jungle blasters (speakers).

          • Alan


        • Erasmus

          And those are among the duskiest soldiers I’ve ever seen.
          Take a good look at those heavily armored vehicles and tell me the UN really ultimately is a peace keeping force.

          • They’re not “heavily armored.” An RPG hit tends to turn the folks inside into beef Stoganoff.

        • Morris LeChat

          those vehicles also are extremely vulnerable. Pneumatic tires do not do well in combat or IED situations.

      • Morris LeChat

        WEll, if Orania had something like this


        They could secure their perimeter. Check out the wiki page on the “South African Airforce”, it is pretty much destroyed. Of the 26 new jets they had bought shortly before whites lost control of the country, only 14 have pilots, 12 have been sent to “long term storage” which mostly likely means dismantled or otherwise mothballed and will never be abel to be used again. Of those 14 pilots, most are probably white and if Orania could build an airstrip, the pilots most likely could be persuaded to “defect” there. Other than those Gripens, it seems the rest is non operational or only operational with white pilots. The modern infrastructure of the country, especially the armed forces, is crumbling. If whites could control the airspace and some territories, they could retake the country.

        • zanegray

          As long as the global corporates are milking Africa’s resources then Black governments are safe.

          Recent strikes by Black miners in S Africa were not well received by those corporates.

          Glencore Xstrata has fired 1,000 workers across three of its chrome mines in South Africa for going on ‘illegal strike’ last week.

          Too much of the same and regime change is on the way (cf Libya Egypt Syria Iraq Afghanistan etc etc).

          • me

            That’s EXACTLY what it’s all about. “Our” ‘government’, working on behalf of Wall Street, banksters, and other corporate piggies, to ‘liberate’ the ‘oppressed’ of the world, in order to exploit their people for cheap labor and to rob them of their natural resources….I don’t care if they paint it as ‘freedom’, because anyone with half a brain can see that it’s just the opposite. I just wish that these monsters would quit killing our sons and daughters in the military to take over these third world shitholes…..

          • Morris LeChat

            That “black government” may be safe, but that does not mean that territories can’t break way and be white homelands. With a near total destruction of it’s air force, and only 14 grippen (jet) pilots left, who are most likely all white, the present government has left itself unable to defend itself, or force a situation on a break away white ethnostate. If that break away ethnostate managed to entice the pilots to defect to their territories , with their planes, then the situation would shift dramatically in favor of the white state. Help from white people outside, the same way as world jewry helped jews in israel, could assure that states survival. The black government could also be bought as well. The elite blacks in power are not concerned about their masses as long as they have a secure status. They need producing farms, they need producing businesses to survive. The farm redistribution plan in SA has been a HUGE failure. The blacks just sold the farms back to the previous white owners. The reality is that the blacks don’t want to nor CAN they, do the work that the white man does, yet they are dependent on that work getting done. A black government in SA may just decide to choose white producers over masses of black parasites, as long as they are assured of perpetual power and benefit. Then, a soft genocide of the black masses, through mandatory birth control, carried out by a “national healthcare” program, could be instituted.

    • MBlanc46

      You might be right, and it might not be pleasant, but with the incompetence of UN bureaucrats and their African mercenaries, they would very likely make a hash of it.

      • Sean Penn, Bono, and Madonna will be leading the charge to integrate these all white communities.
        The adults of this community need to plaster several pictures of murdered white South Africans, and make the little children see them. Otherwise, in about 20 years, the now grown up youth may start getting some stupid idea, like embracing diversity.

        • me

          I’m so sick of asshat ‘celebrities’ spewing their multicultural utopia fantasy. I wonder if they’re getting paid to do it? I wonder if Madonna will get murdered by her ‘lil’ darling ‘African boy’ accessory fad when he becomes a fully-grown Bantu?
          Bono, the most arrogant man on the planet next to Kanye, recently stood on a concert stage, clapping his hands together at ten second intervals. The strangely quiet audience patiently waited to see why this weirdness had interrupted the music performance they had paid to see.
          Bono stated, “Every time I clap my hands, a child in Africa dies…”
          After a brief moment of silence, an audience member, who should be given a medal, shouted out. “Well, quit clapping your hands together, you [email protected]#hole!” Everyone laughed, and an embarrassed Bono shut up and did what he was being paid to do….entertain his audience.

          • Mr Plankton

            He should have told him to clap faster.

          • Niven

            Oh,that made me laugh!

          • Laager

            What Bono didn’t say is that each time he clapped his hands 2 black African children are born. So the dead one is replaced and a new mouth to feed joins the masses that the west has to support with ever increasing aid budgets.
            When the survivors are old enough they start heading for Europe and north America as “asylum seekers”[illegal immigrants] They claim they can’t survive in Africa. Conversely wherever the white man settled in Africa he created vibrant economies with exactly the same resources.
            Europe and the USA are heading for a huge wake up call when this human tsunami washes up on their shores.

        • Morris LeChat

          The Afrikaners are in no danger of embracing diversity.

  • MekongDelta69

    We don’t feel all that welcome in the new South Africa.

    Aww – boo hoo.

    Then go back to the old (i.e. black communist) South Africa.

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      CNN even let it slip that the residence is 100% private. These Bantus need to check their entitlement.

  • Snowhitey

    What do you know, old CNN leading the pack of wolves against these people who simply just want to be left alone WITH THEIR OWN! On the other hand, it sure is refreshing to see a black journalist inquiring on this community instead of the typically pathetic white sellout who is usually the loudest and most venomous in this type of situation. You know the type… the type we’d all like to be left alone with for a few hours.

    I like the part when she said we don’t even want Afrikaners that don’t think like us. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the key to infinite happiness. Keep out all the crud, especially the ones that may look like you but certainly don’t think like you. Let them live in their own Third World.

    And, I bet the place is crime-free. If there is any crime, guaranteed there are NO repeat offenders. I’m also betting the offenders walk with a beautiful limp (wink, wink). Nothing like a good old white community from yesteryear! Geez, I miss those days.

    Time to get an Afrikaner accent…

    • Rooinek

      No limp. Afrikaners are some of the most law abiding people I have ever met. They would have some sort of tribunal with rules of evidence. I am going back to South Africa next winter, i.e., when it is summer there. I will visit the place and report back to Amren.

      I was within three hours drive of the place last time but I didn’t know of it then. Driving a meandering 22 hours over some weeks from Cape Town out to there is some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen. The Boers can make the desert bloom. Vineyards; apple orchards; tangerines (they call them naartjies); lamb; corn on the cob (they call them mielies); ostrich pie; beef, springbok, kudu, and eland biltong (a thick cut spicy jerky). I can’t wait go get back but, you have to be careful.

      I got in trouble several times, and you can count on a Boer to help a white brother. When my diesel pickup broke down on a desert road an Afrikaner farmer and his elderly parents helped out. He spent two hours going over the engine, with a flashlight in the dark, eventually tracing the fuel line from beginning to end and finding a “perished” gasket.

      • Yes I too have visited and confirm your account. My heart is with the Boerevolk and my stomach misses the Biltong and Brandewine.

        • Rooinek

          I know about 12 words of Afrikaans (five of them very rude, they do swear sometimes). I said to the farmer once I heard that diesel rumbling, “thank you ‘boet'” – boet is slang for brother – and I offered him 100 rand for his time, but I knew he would refuse.

          He was only about 24 years old. The youngest of the sons. When I pass by next time, it is about 14 hours from Cape Town, I will bring his mother some flowers.

      • Snowhitey

        Your last paragraph upset me because I know these are the same people being slaughtered. White Americans also used to be helpful toward their own! What happened to us? I mean what happened inside of us? I barely recognized my own people any more.

        • Rooinek

          Yes the murder rate of Boers is genocidally high. Black politicians like to whip up anti-white sentiment without thought of who will feed the country if the farmers are dead or leave. In nearby Zimbabwe the farmers’ land was taken from them.

          Mind you many white farmers bought the land AFTER Zimbabwe became black ruled, willing to live alongside blacks and get along. The government nonetheless figured out a way to blame the farmers for history and seized the farms for redistribution. Many black leaders were raised on Marxism if you can believe it.

          Anyway the land redistribution often entailed giving the farm to a government minister or his family. The farm equipment rusted. The fields are overgrown. The former breadbasket of Africa has to import food. Refugees from Zimbabwe flooded South Africa. My black cab driver in Cape Town was a former school teacher from Zim with a university degree and all. As the country collapsed inflation got so bad that a book of matches cost 2 million Zim dollars. To buy stuff you had to carry enormous quantities of cash in something like my hockey equipment bag. These became known as Zimbabwean wallets.

          • Rooinek

            You can read about the land seizures in a rather funny book called “the Last Resort”, by Douglas Rogers. In South Africa it is not funny. The blacks have a penchant for gruesomely torturing the farmers and their families before killing them.

          • Rooinek

            I just so you will believe me, this was what you needed to go shopping:

          • Rooinek

            Not a joke

          • Laager

            Yup – all millionaires who can’t afford a loaf of bread in a country lead by a black brother with a number of university degrees – both earned and honourary. One of these is a Doctorate in Economics.

      • Vanessa

        I think White People were much happier and easy-going when we used to live together without the jigs constantly running amok. I think that spirit has gone out of Whites in urban America, UK and anywhere else we have been forced to put up with Bantus (and the wiggers and coalburners that ape their ways.) Whites are much more courteous and helpful to each other when we’re not forced to live around these stupid, ugly, and violent apes who are utterly dependent on us for literally everything from food and shelter to college, health-care and jobs. ( Not to mention their double-digit IQs and violence that goes along with it.)

        I don’t think racially unaware Whites really appreciate why their lives are so impoverished and unfulfilled, why they’re constantly miserable and squabbling with each other, but if they could experience living among their own kind for just a few months, they would lose their anomie and I don’t think they would ever want to go back to living in the jungle with the knuckle-dragging negro apes. They would become die-hard White Nationalists in short order.

    • Laager

      “sure is refreshing to see a black journalist”
      Prior to 1820 SA blacks could not read or write. They were taught how to by the white missionaries who also turned their languages into the written form. Then they taught the blacks arithmetic, English and Afrikaans. This was followed by taking them out of animal hide apparel and introducing them to western fashion. No doubt this black woman drove to Kleinfontein [= small fountain /spring] on tarmacadam roads in a car manufactured in SA.
      She is a 100% product of white western influence in SA.
      Like Mandela – who rose from being a cattle herder to a lawyer – they all chant the mantra – “The white man oppressed us”

  • The__Bobster

    Even when we just want to be left alone, that still isn’t enough for the spoonies and their enablers.

    • Black Omen

      …then we shouldn’t be leaving them alone either. Ram diversity down their throats. Bill Gates wants more immigration? Sue Microsoft for racism/not hiring enough blacks – the same for Zuckerberg’s Facebook and the rest of Silicon Valley. Hollywood mocks our people? Refuse to prosecute copyright claims (just as the Feds let Sanctuary cities get away with sheltering illegal aliens despite that violating federal law). Left wing media acting up? Send the FTC to declare them an illegal monopoly and break them up. IRS targeting the tea party? Have state tax collecting agencies target the demorat party. Newspaper industry supporting immigration? Fine, remove press access to all newspapers that don’t hire in accordance with the nation’s demographics, putting hordes of left-wingnuts out of the job courtesy affirmative action.

      Those are the things the right should have done when it had the chance. The right fights with both hands tied behind its back while the egalitarian left does no such thing. The left is fine with freedom for themselves but is also fine with depriving freedom from others.

      Fight fire with even more fire.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Funny I didn’t see a single swastika or copy of Mein Kampf in the entire video.

    • guest

      It wouldn’t matter. It’s white people looking out for their own people and their best interests, which is a big no-no for the multicultural diversity that is only imposed on whites. What’s ironic is how all we hear from many non-whites is how they hate white people and don’t want us around them. And when they come close to getting their wish, they still whine and complain.

      • joesolargenius

        As long as they have us to do their thinking for them their lives are vastly improved but their jealousy causes great animosity as well and that has created a can’t live with them/can’t live without them scenario .

    • Paleoconn

      It doesn’t matter. To the liberal and neocon Whites and their black pets, the swastikas and seig heils are there in spirit.

  • bigone4u

    A community of homogeneous values. Ahh, what a fantasy for me. I’m an eccentric country boy at heart even if I do have a doctoral degree. Grew up with the black/French/creole/Catholic values in New Orleans and always felt out of place. To get a job had to move to south Texas with its cowboy/Hispanic/all that is Mexican is good value system. Always felt out of place. To be frank about it I think I would feel more at home with those white South Africans than with most others. They have an awareness of race and an appreciation for their values. Unless I move to some neo-Nazi compound I have no one of my values here. But there the swastika tattoos and constant harping on Jews would distance me from the rest. At least my dogs understood me.

    • I have visited Kleinfontein and I can report that I have never felt more at home then there. They are a humble people who have their heads screwed on.
      I can also report that they do wonderful work rescuing destitute white families from the new SA.
      The story of “The Great Trek” is drawn upon as inspiration and taught in the school. It is hard for me to articulate the importance of this, it has shaped them as a culture and shows them that where ever they are, whatever the situation that through faith, family and culture, they will overcome.

      • Morris LeChat

        Where can we donate?

    • ZeitTrash

      I can’t stand the whole crappy-punk-rock-about-jews and swastika crowd. Those people are morons and repellent in every way. I don’t want to be around those scumbags any more than I want to live in the worst black neighborhood in Detroit.

      There are tens of millions of American whites who would like to have more freedom of association and a positive, common sense pride in their heritage unencumbered by mandatory city Kwanza celebrations that literally no one cares about, constant lesbian/gay propaganda, and crime from the nearest diversity-enriched neighborhood. The trashy white goons who turn everyone off and make excellent foils and targets for the anti-white left are partly why it’s hard to draw most whites out into an unembarassed pro-white way of life.

      John and Jane Doe want to be free to choose who they live and work with but they don’t want anything to do with methed-out imbeciles screaming about Hitler and Jew plots.

      If you examine this map, you can easily see that all ethnicities do quite a bit of self segregating throughout the United States: http://projects.nytimes.com/census/2010/map?hp

      Everybody knows it but we’re not supposed to speak openly and honestly about it. It’s not just whites who self segregate and it’s not a sign of coniving unspeakable evil. People generally – not just whites – deliberately, consciously group together along ethnic lines but only whites are told they’re evil for doing so.

    • sybille

      You do realise that it was actually the wealthy South-African jews who fled to SA from Lithuania who was behind the black revolution? Oppenheimer who was the richest man in South-Africa and jewish said for example the following : “Anglo-America (his company) was the quiet engine behind the ANC revolution. Also.. Mandela’s first job was given to him by Lazar Sidelsky’s jewish law firm, here he met Nat Bregman a communist jewish lawyer who took him to his first communist meeting. From there Mandela was “created” by these jews to become a icon, he is a made up icon, he never did anything of note. In the dock with him were a bunch of jews charged with treason. Why? Because it was really they who created the black “revolution” in South Africa, they are proud of this as well. So why do you avoid the truth of what jews do and yet maintain you are a racial man?

      • bigone4u

        In another comment on another story on Amren today I state that there is a conspiracy and we know who is involved in that conspiracy, so I do not always avoid the topic of the jews. In my comment above I wanted to convey the idea that neo-Nazism is something I have mixed feelings about. It has always seemed to me that race realism, including realism about the jews, should go forward for NOW without the weight of Nazi Germany hanging around our necks. I prefer to look to the future rather than the past. Others may disagree and I respect their opinions. In any case, your retelling of the truth about Mandela and SA is spot on,

        • me

          Check out the “DARK ENLIGHTENMENT” movement….

      • me

        Truth to power!

      • Morris LeChat

        I didn’t know this

  • joesolargenius

    I wonder what the crime rate per capita is in those areas , or is there any crime to speak of !

    • me

      Compared to the rest of South Africa?

  • Lygeia

    This is really very necessary, especially given the horrific murders of white farmers by blacks where nothing is stolen, just the whites monstrously tortured to death, and the crime is then erroneously described as a “botched robbery.”

    • me

      The Marxist press does the same thing in the US, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, and any other predominately White country….

  • Jake

    The leader of the town could have done better by adding the higher murder/rape rate among Afrikaners by Black South Africans.

    I do however, like the idea of white only towns – much better protection.

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    This place is a veritable Garden of Eden. I’m tempted to learn Afrikaans and apply for residence myself. I don’t have any Dutch ancestors though, is French close enough?

    • Rooinek

      Last time I was in South Africa I visited a lovely little town called Franschhoek, which means the French Corner. Many of the French Huguenot (Protestant) refugees settled in South Africa and married into the local populace over the generations, and the Afrikaners are part French.

      • Laager

        Afrikaners are an amalgam of the original Dutch, French and German settlers. Their language is derived from these sources plus some Malay from the1700 slave population and later some English. Although Dutch is the primary source of the language my experience is that today it is actually closer to Flemish. No doubt the roots go back to a time when Flanders was part of the Netherlands and many of the original Dutch East India Company employees came from that part of the mother country. Of the white population in South Africa Afrikaners have always been the majority coming in at 60%.
        For those critics that bang on about white minority rule it is worth remembering that the British only arrived in the Cape in 1806 and then went to war against every ethnic group in Southern Africa. They were all conquered by the British by 1902 and then in 1910 consolidated into an African Yugoslavia the British called The Union of South Africa. This remained a British controlled territory until 1961 when South Africa became an independent democratic republic practicing a Westminster style of government.
        Dr Verwoerd was not the architect of apartheid.
        The first segregationist laws appeared on the statute books of the British Cape Colony post 1806. Thus segregation existed without a formal name until the National Party came to power in 1948. They named the existing status quo they inherited Apartheid [Afrikaans] / Separate Development [English] An integral part of this policy was to return the indigenous African Homelands [= US Indian Reservations] appropriated by the British back to the 9 black tribes. This would only be done AFTER Westminster style democratic governments were functioning properly and substantial material infrastructure had been installed – all paid for by the white tax payer. These states would have been on a par with Lesotho and Swaziland which were quite acceptable to the international community.
        The United Nations passed a resolution calling this policy “A Crime Against Humanity”

    • You would be most welcome.

    • Sick of it

      Afrikaners are a mix of Dutch, English, and French (possibly some Italian as well?). Obviously the Dutch were first, but still.

      • sybille

        And German.

  • Mr. E

    LIBERAL: Whites are the most evil, racist people. They ruin our society with their racism.

    WHITE: O.K., we’ll just leave then.

    LIBERAL: No, you can’t leave. That would be racist.

    • Spartacus

      Yeah, since we’re so “evil”, you’d think they’d want us to stay away from them…

    • me

      LOL! Funny, but oh too true!

  • NordicHeritage

    The masses have been brainwashed by the media for so long now that the white race is to blame for all the problems in the world. I don’t know if there is a way to stop the complete eradication of the white race at this point.

    • Avenger

      We are not to blame for all the problems of the world… If anything, we are the light of this world!

  • Greg_Deane

    Of course, no offence could be found in Zulus or Bantus beheading or spearing or otherwise dispatching Zulus or Bantus from the village over the hill. That’s part of their hereditary culture.

  • Sloppo

    It is kind of reminiscent of apartheid. It looks peaceful and crime-free.

  • Morris LeChat

    Aren’t there any rich white benefactors out there that would buy a bunch of these


    To enable territories like Orania and others that might spring up survive and act like one country by just bypassing the black lands underneath them? They could at least use them to evacuate whites to certain areas.

    • Denver Goddess

      ^^ Black-invented, right?

      • Morris LeChat

        the airship was invented by Europeans. This is a modification of it. The modifications were invented by whites as well.Your comment must be sarcasm as blacks never invented anything.

  • Bobby

    Lets be honest here. Why bring up the apartheid baloney? The apartheid era was official state policy. How much different is that from the fact that vast areas of this country and others aren’t accessible to whites because of black and other violence directed towards whites. The fact is, this is a new day and ag and the elite anti-white forces who want things both ways are going to be dissapointed, sooner or later, as whites get utterly sick of all of this state sponsored hypocrisy.

    • Mr. E

      So true. While we may not have de jure Apartheid today, we have de facto apartheid in white countries by virtue of there being swaths of land where whites will be attacked by blacks or Muslims if they travel there.

      And doesn’t Apartheid and Jim Crow prove the Liberal assertion that we’re all equal and the same wrong? Why when the races were separated with little interaction did whites create such safe and thriving environments, and blacks created such violent and unsuccessful environments? Liberals claim it’s because of money, but it’s really because of social capital, i.e. people.

    • me

      It amazes me that people who have rewritten ‘history’ to conform with the new ‘PC’ Marxist White-bashing have vilified “Colonialism” by Whites, when you don’t hear a negative word about the new threat to those “precious” African Bantus–namely, the unabashedly ‘racist’ Chinese. The Chinese are colonizing African countries for the past thirty years, and making no apologies for their separatist laws–exploiting the natural resources of those countries without trying to provide for, educate, or civilize the native populations like the misled White colonizers did in the twentieth century. You won’t hear a single sentence in the ‘media’ about the apartheid and extremely draconian laws that the Chinese have imposed on the natives in Africa…..

      • Bobby

        Agreed brother. The western white nations, are stuck with a disease that eats up the white people who created those nations. We know who these groups are. In my opinion, the immediate task of concerned white people in the know, is to enlighten other European-Americans, in any way they can. Never stop preaching and demonstrating what the deadly groups opposed to the rights of European-Americans in the very nations they created, ARE UP TO. It is the ONLY way of counteracting the daily, massive media brainwashing that happens ONLY IN WESTERN WHITE NATIONS. As you pointed out, the Chinese have none of these hangups, and i might add, neither do the non-white groups in the U.S. All of them are out for their own. How can anyone be so naive as not to see this by now?

  • kjh64

    Of course all of the CNN people criticizing this all live in mostly White upper class areas.

  • Bob Jenkins

    Not sure why the blacks and the international agencies haven’t come to crash down their walls yet – the only likely reason I can think of is they may not have developed enough to have enough resources worth taking yet.

    • Morris LeChat

      they would be better served to keep all media and cameras out. If the negroids don’t know it exists then they won’t be trying to take it

      • gemjunior

        That’s right. Don’t allow them to see it and they’ll never know about it, so they won’t try as they always do to come and rob, rupture, rape, rampage, etc. through it. You know, this is the wisest idea. That’s why I was incensed when The New York Slimes did their real estate front page “If you’re thinking of living in_______________” and then they put your town in. It’s like advertising — here is a crime free, white with some asians, lovely town and guess what? There is no rich diversity here so I fear that if they see it they want to move here. We already voted NO to a town pool because we know what happens when the free pool thing gets going. We’d rather not…..

  • Frank Wheeler

    Good for them, It’s called freedom of association. It looks like a clean, safe, positive and harmonious settlement. If people with common values wish to live together let them do it. Of course if this vibrantly successful enclave were for Zulus only then the press would be celebrating it as a working model in the new South Africa. As soon as this village is up and running and has become self-reliant outsiders start asking what would be wrong if they moved in next door.

    The reason CNN ran this story is that it is low hanging fruit. They know that this kind of story can be produced without a threat to their immediate safety. Let’s see these self-righteous journalists go into Zimbabwe and produce a story about post-Apartheid Rhodesia.

    • me

      And most Black Rhodesians want the ‘evil, colonizing Whites’ back, because the place has turned back into an uncivilized, crime-ridden, poverty-stricken craphole that it was before the Whites were chased out.

  • Paleoconn

    There are blacks only areas too. People self-segregate. And in SA, the Whites do so in armed vehicles, behind tall gates, surrounded by cameras, and with alarm systems left and right.

  • Paleoconn

    I like how the reporter’s signoff refers to protection under the Consitution. Well then, we will just have to change that document, won’t we? It is, after all, a living document, is it not?

  • gemjunior

    What about living next to a black person stops you from having your own culture? Um, maybe the vicious assaults, murders, and second class citizenship that the world turns a blind eye to? Stupid cow. The Afrikaaner lady was good, very polite and easygoing too.

  • gregCall

    WOW, I can’t believe what I heard at the end “while they have been criticized — their right to self determination is protected by the South African constitution” . That is truly surprising that S. Africans have the right to freedom of association while we in the U.S. don’t.

  • Dave4088

    The Afrikaners are simply doing what every other non-white racial and ethnic groups is allowed to do without repercussion or reprisal and that is to form race based communities. It’s funny because most white Americans would not look upon S. Africa as free, yet if whites attempted to do the same in America I guarantee they would incur the wrath of Obama, Holder and Butch Napolitano possibly leading to a violent raid by the FBI/ADL similar to Waco.

    At minimum it would be given negative publicity by left wing media outlets.

    • Frank Wheeler

      Years ago in college I had a professor who felt that every school child in California should visit Allensworth CA. Allensworth was a town founded in 1908, with the idea that African Americans could own property, learn, thrive, and live the American Dream. It was named by Lt. Colonel Allen Allensworth.

      Now it’s a state historical site. Could you imagine years from now South Africa dedicating an Afrikaner community to become a national treasure?

    • a violent raid by the FBI/ADL similar to Waco

      Ironically, the Branch Davidians advocated race mixing. During the long standoff, a supposed group of Kluxers demonstrated in favor of the ATF. Go figure, they had the politically correct attitude on race, yet the Feds still incinerated them.

      • MBlanc46

        If Koresh hadn’t aroused the suspicions of the ATF with his weapons dealing, and then hadn’t killed an agent when they came to search his compound, they wouldn’t have been bothered.

    • MBlanc46

      You can’t legally do it in the US unless you’re a private club. It’s hard to build a community of any size and complexity on the legal framework of a private club.

      • me

        You can do it if you’re Amish or Mennonites….let’s all be ‘modern’ Amish or Mennonites!

        • MBlanc46

          Religious groups are private associations. But remember what happened to the Mormons. They used to discriminate against blacks (blacks could be members but didn’t have access to all forms of participation) but the public pressure against them was so great that their leader had to have a “revelation” that it was okay for blacks to have full participation. It would be quite interesting to see what would happen if some blacks tried to become Amish or Mennonites.

  • watling

    It would be interesting to conduct a scientific experiment. Set up a blacks-only community and compare its fortunes with those of Kleinfontein. Oh, wait. They already exist and they’re generally impoverished, have high crime rates, a high proportion of HIV+ inhabitants, low life expectancy and poor infrastructure.

    • me

      It’s called Detroit….

  • refocus

    “How does a black person living next to you inhibit your culture”

    PC answer; “It prevents us from speaking our language.”

    Correct answer: Their presence takes our resources of opportunity.

  • Dan South Africa

    D.B Cooper you are an arsehole, you talk a lot of trash about the whites in South Africa, a little bit of knowlegde is dangerous. You Idiot.

  • Denver Goddess

    I’ve had black neighbors; it’s not pleasant.

    • watling

      I can believe it but, just to provide a counter example, I lived for a while in an area with a fairly large black population and next door was a couple consisting of a black guy and a white woman and in the two years I was there I didn’t hear a peep out of them.

      Then again, in another area a group of black teens shared a rented house a few doors away. Luckily they were far enough away to not bother us much but the black couple living right next door to them used to complain of drumming in the night and regular arguments. The teens eventually got kicked out after they poured oil down the drains.

      • Denver Goddess

        Not all black or mixed couple neighbors are bad, just a large percentage of them. Most recently I had a black couple across the hall – apparently the woman was a serial adulterer. On 2 occasions she was caught “red handed” and was beaten badly and ran screaming from the apartment wearing only socks.

    • MBlanc46

      Black neighbors were a principal factor in my evolution toward race realism.

  • Laager

    For the benefit of American readers the South African population is an assembly of minorities to which the constitution grants and protects the rights of self-determination, freedom of religion, free assembly, free speech and press.

    Here is the % breakdown

    Zulu – 23.8 [Pres Zuma]
    Xhosa – 17.6 [Pres Mandela]
    White-Afrikaners – 13.3
    Sepedi – 9.4 [Malema]
    White-English – 8.2
    Tswana – 8.2
    Sotho – 7.9
    Tsonga – 4.4
    Swati – 2.7
    Venda – 2.3
    Ndebele – 1.6

    This African Yugoslavia created by the British in 1910 can be clearly seen.

    As always the left wing liberal media rounds on whites in general and Afrikaners in particular to grind out an anti black race biased story.
    They NEVER visit exclusively black communities like Soweto [Johannesburg] or Guguletu [Cape Town] or Kwa Mashu [Durban] and canvas opinions from the blacks there as to how they manage to sustain their totally black neighbourhoods.

    • me

      That’s not the Marxist agenda….

    • Morris LeChat

      This contradicts the widely stated figure that whites only make up 10% of SA’s population. My maff tells me that from your statistics whites make up 21.5% of SA’s population. What’s the deal?

      • Laager

        I got these figures from a source which is based on languages spoken as a home language. Within the Afrikaner group you get the Cape Coloured [= US Mulatto] people who are Afrikaans speakers. Most people also speak varying degrees of English and Afrikaans as well. Broad brush the race %s are: 9 black tribes 80%, whites 10%, coloureds 8%, indians 2%

    • Rooinek

      The last time I visited, white Afrikaaners were 11 percent, and dropping. The black population increased by three million between my two visits. What part was natural increase and what part the massive waves of immigration from other African countries fleeing corruption and violence I don’t know.

      The left wing liberals I met have never been to Gugulethu or Khayelitsha (violent black townships). I have been to both. Hint: visit early in the day when the tsotsis (gangsters) are asleep. The African domestic workers, always women, complained to me that their employers, white conservative women who in general are very kind to them, NEVER visit either. This might sound strange to you but when I was young once a year my mother’s (white) cleaning lady would take me and my brothers out to skate and see the ice sculptures in her neighbourhood, and then make us supper. The relationship between domestic worker and employer is not slave to servant, but often friendly. But in South African the hard pressed black woman cannot have this relationship because her useless men would rob or murder visitors. Several times a year i hear of a friend of a friend or acquaintance of a friend being murdered in Khayelitsha.