The English Defence League might be the last place you would expect a devout Buddhist monk to turn for inspiration.

But a right-wing spiritual leader in Burma has revealed how he wants to copy the EDL in his bid to rid his country of its Muslim minority.

The Venerable Ashin Wirathu, who was jailed for nine years in 2003 for inciting anti-Muslim violence, says the hardline nationalist party should be applauded for ‘not carrying out violence, but protecting the public’.


Ashin Wirathu

His comments come a week after more than 1,000 EDL members marched on Downing Street in a protest over the killing of Drummer Lee Rigby in nearby Woolwich, swilling beer, chanting anti-Muslim slogans and clashing with anti-fascist activists. Thirteen people were arrested.

Now, orange-robed Wirathu, who leads Burma’s so-called ‘969’ campaign to boycott Islamic businesses and bring an end to inter-marriage with Buddhists, says he wants his gang members to be more like the EDL.

According to The Times, Wirathu said: ‘People give me various names: The Burmese bin Laden, the bald neo-Nazi.

‘[But] do you know the English Defence League? We would like to be like the EDL. Not carrying out violence, but protecting the public.’

The ‘969’ group was behind last month’s riots that saw intense clashes between its members and Muslims that left 43 people dead in the city of Meiktila.

And only yesterday, hundreds of Buddhist men on motorcycles waved iron rods in a northeastern town in Burma before setting fire to a Muslim-owned cinema in the latest incident to spill over from simmering religious tensions in the country.

The intimidating display in Lashio came a day after a mosque and a Muslim orphanage were torched after reports that a Muslim man set fire to a Buddhist woman.

Residents said a cinema was burned as the mob sped around the town as part of a new wave of violence targeting the religious minority.

Ashin Wirathu is a firmly anti-Islamic monk who was jailed in 2003 for inciting anti-Muslim violence, but was released last year as part of the broader amnesty for prisoners and admitted being at Meiktila, although insists he played no part in the violence.

‘We Buddhist Burmese are too soft,” he told the BBC in a recent interview.  ‘We lack patriotic pride.

He urges Buddhists all over the country to boycott Muslim businesses and hands out stickers printed with the number ‘969’, which symbolise elements of Buddhism.

Wirathu accuses Muslim men of repeatedly raping Buddhist women, of using their wealth to lure Buddhist women into marriage, then imprisoning them in the home.

But it seems a fear of Muslim success is driving the discrimination.

‘They – the Muslims – are good at business, they control transport, construction. Now they are taking over our political parties. If this goes on, we will end up like Afghanistan or Indonesia,’ he said.

Burma is a mainly Buddhist country, but nine per cent of its 60 million people are Muslim.

However, there is an open resentment of Muslims, openly expressed and they are referred to with the derogatory term ‘kala.’

Last month, horrifying footage emerged of police officers standing by while Burmese Buddhist rioters belonging to the’969 squad’ set fire to a Muslim man watched him slowly die.

In the grainy footage posted on the internet a man –  almost certainly a Muslim – is seen rolling around on the ground in agony after being set alight by an angry mob.

His body is charred, but he is clearly still alive and moves slowly as a crowd surrounds him. Several policeman can be seen looking on.

A voice can be heard calling for water, to which another voice replies ‘ No water for him. Let him die.’

The clip surfaced as Human Rights Watch published a report which concluded Burmese authorities and members of Arakanese groups have committed crimes against humanity in a campaign of ethnic cleansing Muslims.

The sectarian violence, the worst seen in Asia’s fledgling democracy since last year’s conflict, was sparked after an argument between a Muslim gold shop owner and his customers in the city of Meikhtila.

The unleashing of ethnic hatred, suppressed during 49 years of military rule that ended in March 2011, is challenging the reformist government of one of Asia’s most ethnically diverse countries.

Jailed dissidents have been released, a free election held and censorship lifted in Myanmar’s historic democratic transition.

But the government has faced mounting criticism over its failure to stop the bloodshed between Buddhists and Muslims.

Hundreds of Muslims fled their homes to shelter at a sports stadium, said local officials.

The unrest is a bloody reprise of last year’s violence in Rakhine State in western Myanmar, which officially killed 110 people and left 120,000 people homeless, most of them stateless Rohingya Muslims.

Locals complained there were too few police in this city of about 180,000 people to subdue the unrest.

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  • The__Bobster

    Actually, I think the bald guy will have better luck than the EDL. He won’t have an army of the enemy’s lawyers standing in his way.

  • David Ashton

    The Vegetarian Sandal Left in Britain will have to rethink their New Age Gautama Pacifism…OM.

  • bigone4u

    “Boycott Muslim businesses.” That might be a good start for the English as well as the Burmese. I would think about boycotting black businesses in the US, but then the question becomes “What black businesses?” As for USA muzzies businesses, boycotting would be as simple as avoiding the convenience stores that they all seem to own.

    • StillModerated

      Boycott their stupid rap noise, television shows, ball games, etc. And stay away from restaurants that employ them because they’ll do what jesse told them — spit in YT’s grub.

      • bigone4u

        Yes, professional sports is something I avoid like the black plague it is. And I also avoid restaurants that employ them, but I wonder how you communicate to the owner that the race of the employees matters due to cleanliness and health issues. I sent a link to a story that Amren did not use today that documented the absolute filth in a Mexican restaurant that was only discovered because of a fire alarm going off. Apparently the floor of the kitchen was covered in human excrement due to an overflowing toilet. The cops shut it down on the spot.

    • me

      If we really wanted to make a statement, Whites would vote NO on funding for any Social Service program in their community–since it’s mostly going to ‘poor, oppressed MINORITIES’–Muslims, Blacks, Mexican illegals, and other non-White groups. We should stop voting for any candidate that approves of Muslim immigration, Mexican immigration, and ‘open borders’ (which never allows for legal White immigration, for some reason…). Move out of any ‘sanctuary city’, or any locale where Muslims and minorities are encouraged to live. We should stop supporting the NBA, the NFL, and other groups that are racially biased against Whites. Stop donating to churches that import the “poor, unfortunates” from third world crap holes by the gross. Stop buying from corporations that blatantly pander to Muslims, Blacks, and other minorities. Stop buying from businesses that hire mostly minority workers for federal tax brakes. And NEVER eat at ‘ethnic’ restaurants, or restaurants that hire mostly minority workers.
      I’m surprised that this is happening in Burma, of all places…
      The Marxists are using the same tactic that they used in South Africa to destroy the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, and any other predominately White countries. I wish people would wake up to this insidious plan….

    • Merl Johnston

      I hate to tell you but they own a lot more than conveniance stores. They own many hotels and other businesses. Plus they just keep bringing them into our schools and training them in our hospitals. If it doesn’t stop soon. It won’t be able to be stopped.

  • JQ

    Like I’ve always said, if you’re able to incite violence from Buddhists, you probably had it coming.

    • Jackryanvb


      And if the Amish take up arms against Muslims or anyone else…

      Yeah they had it coming.

    • Bill_der_Berg

      Buddhism can go hand in hand with nationalism. That has been happening in Ceylon, where Sinhalese monks have become political leaders in the fight against the Tamil separatists.

  • It’s VERY telling that even the Buddhists are learning that there is ONLY one way to deal with non-white savages.

    • edie

      some of them learned a very harsh lesson in Tibet.

    • Anonymous

      But the Burmese Buddhists are themselves non-White. I highly doubt they treat their own ppl this way.

      • Yes, you are right. I am not sure of the race of the Muslims.

  • sean

    These people in Burma are to be applauded and emulated here in the west. They are standing up for their people against the Muslim invasion. All one has to do is look to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Both countries were flourishing Buddhist civilizations before the Islamic barbarians invaded, occupied and ethnically cleansed the original Buddhist populations in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Through massacres and forced conversions the Muslims wiped out the Buddhist natives and turned two dynamic civilized societies into the backwards, 3rd world Taliban-controlled hell holes we now call Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Burmese are not constrained by the cultural Marxism that has a stranglehold over the West. The Burmese know that their fate will be that of the civilizations that did not fight back and allowed Islam to conquer and subjugate their societies. Look at what happened to Byzantium, Egypt, Syria, Persia, part of India, all great civilizations destroyed by Islam.

    • gompertz

      Very true. Vast stretches of Asia that are exclusively populated by Muslims today used to be Buddhist. The Buddhists were massacred by the hundreds of millions by Muslims who were faithful to the violent imperatives proclaimed by the Koran. Buddhism was wiped out in the land of its origin, India, because Buddhists were more concerned with disputing fine points of doctrines among themselves than practicing self defense. Gradually the surviving Buddhists learned to practice martial arts and to study Sun Tzu’s Art of War and fight back.
      The present awakening of Buddhist consciousness in Burma has been a long time coming, and one can only hope that all White people all over the world also awaken to the twin threats of leftist ideology and militant Islam, not just the relatively few who read sites like Amren or V Dare. The survival of civilization depends on it.

    • me

      History is just repeating itself. Islam is the scourge of nations…..

  • StillModerated

    When the Church of England stops electing man-ginas to be their Archbishop, then I’ll have more respect for Buddhists.

    • edie

      What do archbishops from the CofE have to do with Buddhists?

      • IstvanIN

        The Church of England has surrendered any pretense of being Christian or even English. The Burmese Buddhists are still Burmese and Buddhist.

      • StillModerated

        It’s the church leaders who preach tolerance; something not found in the Bible. CofE leadership has become completely corrupt and is a mass media stooge. Coming to think of it, I do have more respect for Burmese Buddhists.

  • Mr. E

    This story will get no run in the mainstream media. The MSM want to continue to portray any objection to Muslim infiltration as Islamaphobia and the byproduct of white racism. That narrative becomes hard to sell when people see that Asians have also reached the same correct conclusions.

  • edie

    Right Wing Buddhist………….. kinda has a nice ring to it.

  • NordicHeritage

    This make me proud to be a Buddhist myself. If only white American leaders had this type of spine. And this definitely shows that Buddhism need not be a spineless hippie religion as most here in the west have portrayed it as.

    • gompertz

      In the west it seems people confuse Buddhists with Hare Krishnas. Buddhism is in fact a very austere religion, offering little in the way of reward and no comfort of the kind westerners tend to consider important. This is not the place to get into specifics, and anyone can discover these things for themselves if they wish.

      But I have often wondered whether the religion of those ancient Norse warriors, promising nothing but destruction in the end, does not share a common origin with the “Noble Aryan Truths” proclaimed by the Buddha. Both Buddhists and ancient Germanic people are, after all, descendants of people who spoke proto-Indo-European languages somewhere on the windswept plains of central Asia before the Great Migrations sent the various branches of the White race on their separate adventures.
      Is it so farfetched that the early ancestors of the White race would share religious beliefs that kept a common core in spite of changes? I have often thought that the ultimate destruction of Ragnarok is a distant echo of the “snuffing out” of personal identity that is the goal of Buddhist meditation. Neither the old Germans nor the Buddhists placed their hopes in a god, or prayers, but had nothing but the prospect of facing an uncertain future with courage. And courage is what the White race needs now, and I would include Buddhists and also certain Hindu groups as allies in the coming struggle.

      • White Mom in WDC

        I just read your post and it is right on. Rapsail talks about courage in his piece. I conceptualize this whole tyrannical reign as the attempted murder of the independent minded and those who wish to self determine. I see this as the intentional genocide of the self determined, self actualizing peoples by the collective groupthink people. I see the murders of the fair haired as genetic suppression as fair haired people ‘stand out’.

        • gompertz

          Very insightful. Self-determination vs. groupthink clearly defines the nature of the struggle.

          I might as well quote the Buddha at this point

          “Be a light unto yourself. Seek no refuge outside yourself.”


          “You enter the forest at the darkest point, where there is no path.
          Where there is a way or a path,
          it is someone else’s path.
          You are not on your own path.
          If you follow someone else’s way, you are not going to realize your potential.”

          At least we ought to consider the possibility that the Buddha has more of value to teach us than the tribal elders who impose their doctrines on us in the schools. He was, after all, an Aryan.

  • Unperson

    Last month, horrifying footage emerged of police officers standing by while Burmese Buddhist rioters belonging to the ’969 squad’ set fire to a Muslim man watched him slowly die.

    Yeah, but you how the old saying goes: one man’s “horrifying” is another man’s “inspirational.”

    And at half-time, the score is…

    Buddha: 1
    Mohammed: 0

  • thoughtcrime

    Clap clap. But it is hard to believe that hes been labeled a “neo-nazi”…kinda misses the mark eh? He’s just a human trying to maintain his race/culture…oh wait…

    • B. B, Shaw

      Oh wait indeed… You’ve just defined Nazi.

    • me


  • rightrightright

    I watched an entirely one-sided report on Channel 4 News last night. There was no mention of the build up of Muslim aggression towards the Buddhist population, nor of the rapid growth of the Muslim population – by high breeding levels and immigration from Bangladesh.

    Buddhism was annihilated from the Indian sub-continent by Muslims, Islam has aggressively increased its reach in Indonesia and Buddhist images have been destroyed by Muslims. Don’t forget the Banyam Buddhas.

    If you move in on someone else’s country and they don’t want you there, it’s best to go home again while things are still peaceful. Muslim homelands tend to be overpopulated hell holes, but that is just tough.

  • So in what way is this guy right wing?

    Left-Right is a economic freedom scale not a “all people I like are lefties like me and all people I hate are far right!”

    • Because in most of the rest of the world, right-left is a nationalist-globalist racial/ethnic scale. Only in America and maybe a few other places is the right-left scale economic and aracial.

    • Rhialto

      You introduce an important point. Liberals apply the term “right wing” to any individual or organization that opposes liberalism. National Socialists* are the liberals’ Satan incarnated; so the liberals use the term “extreme right wing” to describe them. Liberals use the term “moderate right” to describe ineffectual Republicans.

      This is another example of effective liberal propaganda.

      *Historical Economic Note: The “third way” economic system that the liberals brag about, was first introduced by the National Socialists in Germany when they gained power. From what I gather, it was very successful.

  • Bill_der_Berg

    The British Army is embarrassed because one of its sergeants has offered to raise funds for the EDL. If they are really bothered they should adopt a policy of recruiting only convinced believers in multiculturalism, equality and the rest of it.

    It would be a thrilling sight to see athe 1st Airborne Politically Correct Brigade go into action.

  • Luis

    Kudos to this Buddhist for have the stones to do what so many will not. Muslims must learn one way or another that they cannot rape Buddhist women and expect to get away with it.

  • Bill_der_Berg

    Something funny is going on. The police have arrested 58 rioters and all of them were ….er…’ anti-fascist campaigners’, none from the BNP. It may be that the authorities are treading carefully after the Woolwich murder – the BNP holding a protest march connected with that grisly event.

    From the Daily Mail –

    “Anti-fascist protestors arrested and packed onto London buses following violent clashes with BNP outside Parliament

    A total of 58 arrests made in London – all anti-fascist campaigners”

  • samuel

    Buddhists are some of the most peaceful people on the planet. If they had to resort to this, then you can only imagine what the muslims would have done…A Slobodan Milosevic might rise in Burma for all we know…

  • Note that this hardcase already did nine years in a Burmese prison. What else can someone offer this man as a “punishment”?

  • Saint Cyprus

    Totally objective and unbiased article. Some day I hope we get the chance to write up articles like this about leftists.

    “300 communists were killed today protesting in support of Planned Parenthood. The demonstration turned ugly as they chanted pro- mass murder slogans and attempted to justify their hideous and repellent views to angry counter-protestors. At some point all the decent people decided they’d had enough and put a stop to the pro-murder crowd’s destructive agitations with entirely necessary lethal force.”

  • evilsandmich

    …before setting fire to a Muslim-owned cinema
    Really? I wonder what movies were shown at such a cinema, especially since Muslims are pretty talented at burning such establishments down themselves, Muslim owned or no.

  • Archimedes_777


    Muslims are despised the world over (in many non-Muslim countries) for their barbaric and savage beliefs, their propensity to violence.

    Thank God these Buddhists have common sense and culture and are trying to eliminate this cancer before it destroys their country.

    But the only other group that loves Muslims dearly, probably even more than Muslims themselves.

    Here are the links:

    A Prayer for 5772: “According to a Gallup poll released last month, 80% of American Jews have favorable views of American Muslims. Seventy percent believe that they are not supportive of al-Qaida. These data indicate that American Jews are second only to American Muslims in their support for Muslim Americans. Indeed 6% more American Jews than American Muslims believe that American Muslims face prejudice due to their religion.”

    Jews support Muslim asylum seekers (in Australia)

    That is why they support Muslim immigration to USA and EU.

    • Unperson

      “Indeed 6% more American Jews than American Muslims believe that American Muslims face prejudice due to their religion”

      Astonishing statistic. Jews apparently suffer from Pathological Altruism even more than White Gentiles do. I wouldn’t have thought that it were even humanly possible to be more Pathologically Altruistic than White Gentiles. Either that or Jewish respondents are just that much more acutely aware than other groups that, when surveyed about touchy political questions like this, you should always tell the interviewer what they want to hear (“Do I think Muslim Americans face prejudice due to their religion? Why, of course I do! I’m not one of those awful Islamophobes! I believe in the total equality of all religions, all cultures, all peoples!”).

      • PesachPatriot

        I definitely do not feel that way about american muslims….I’ve seen the way they behave and the trouble they cause up close and personal in east jerusalem and hebron….we don’t need anymore here and I’m really glad we’re a lot farther away from them than europe is….There are enough to run inner city liquor stores and gas stations but I’m not fooled into thinking they behave because they respect the constitutional rights and liberties of non-muslim americans…they behave because they know they are badly outnumbered by hundreds of millions of heavily armed infidels who really like cold beer and bacon surrounding them. That said, arab, persian, turkish and pakistani muslims definitely have their act together a lot more than the american black and african muslims.

  • JesseMace

    “horrifying footage emerged”, lol, has this author ever been online and watched the thousands of videos of muslims torturing and killing any and all, mostly the innocent. if the host country will not stand up to the sharia invasion, then they will slowly be taken over and violence is part of the process, and the violence never ceases. it becomes directed at the women once the country is overtaken. you deserve what you get if you are too effing stupid to protect your way of life.