Poll Reveals Rising Fears of Clashes in Wake of Woolwich Killing

Daniel Boffey, Guardian (London), May 25, 2013

Nearly two-thirds of people believe there will be a ‘clash of civilisations’ between British Muslims and white Britons in the wake of the murder of a British soldier in Woolwich, a new poll shows.

The number of those who believe such a clash is inevitable has increased by 9% from last year.

There has also been a small increase in the proportion of people who believe British Muslims pose a serious threat to democracy, up to 34% on Thursday and Friday from 30% in November 2012, according to the YouGov survey of 1,839 adults.

The poll will fuel concern of an explosion of race hate, with one interfaith charity reporting a huge increase in anti-Muslim incidents since the murder of soldier Lee Rigby in south-east London on Wednesday.

Faith Matters, which runs a helpline, said they had received 162 calls since the attack, up from a daily average of six.

A number of people have also been charged by police after allegedly offensive messages were posted on social media websites. These include a 22-year-old man from Lincoln, a 28-year-old man from London, a 23-year-old woman from Southsea, and a 19-year-old man from Woking.

The BNP has also announced it will be demonstrating in Woolwich. National organiser Adam Walker claims the brutal murder meant a “line has been drawn in the sand and it signals the beginning of the civil war we have predicted for years”.

However the YouGov poll provides evidence that Britain does remain a tolerant country and that the far-right support remains at the margins of society. Nearly two-thirds (63%) believe the vast majority of Muslims are good British citizens, up by 1% from last November.

There has also been an increase from 24% to 33% in the proportion who believe Muslims are compatible with the ‘British way of life’. Around two-thirds (65%) said on the whole most people tend to get along well with each other.

One in five respondents said they felt positively about demonstrations being held against last week’s terror attacks, and half felt negatively.

However, two-thirds said they felt negatively about such protests led by the BNP or English Defence League (EDL). Asked if they would join the EDL, 84% said they would never do so, although there has been a 9% increase in the proportion of respondents who had heard of the far-right organisation.

Dr Matthew Goodwin of Nottingham university, who commissioned the poll, said: “Compared to last year, when we ran the exact same survey, today people are either just as likely, or more likely, to endorse a series of more positive statements: that Muslims are compatible with the national way of life; are good citizens; make important contributions to society; and share British culture and values.

“In fact, while far right groups were pointing to the murder as evidence that Islam poses a fundamental threat to modern Britain, the percentage of respondents who view Muslims as compatible actually jumped by almost ten points, to 33%.

“Clearly, the numbers remain low, and point to wider challenges facing government, and our local communities. But in the aftermath of events that could well have triggered a more serious backlash, the direction of travel remains positive, and suggests there has not been a sharp spike in prejudice.”

The underlining tolerance appears to back up the prime minister’s statement last week in which he said the murder of Rigby on a Woolwich street was “not just an attack on Britain, and on the British way of life, it was also a betrayal of Islam and of the Muslim communities who give so much to this country.”

On Saturday a demonstration by the EDL in Newcastle was met by a anti-fascist protest, chanting: “Nazi scum, off our streets.”

Yvette Cooper, the shadow home secretary, said groups such as the EDL were fuelling division and helping those behind terror attacks. She said: “Anyone who seeks to divide our communities is doing the work of the extremists they say they oppose.

“Mindless acts of violence against any of our communities serve no-one. Some people are trying to use the vile attack in Woolwich as an excuse for more hatred, violence, and extremism. We must not let them.

“The police, security services and all right minded people in this country will do everything they can to make sure any act of violence and intimidation is dealt with robustly and quickly.

“The clear message from the overwhelming majority of British people is ‘not in my name’. We stand together against violent extremism, intolerance and hatred – whether it comes from Islamist extremists, the EDL, the BNP, or extremists of any kind.”

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  • watling

    I wonder if those who believe Muslims are compatible with the ‘British way of life’ would think the same if/when the Muslim proportion of the population increases to, say, 20%. What about 50%?

    In Muslim countries – even in the secular state of Turkey – the faithful are called to prayer via loudspeakers on mosque minarets. At the moment minaret loudspeakers tend to be non-existent here in the UK. But as the Muslim population grows there will most likely come a time when it reaches a critical mass, at which point the opposition to Islamification will be such a small minority that Muslims will be able to conduct themselves as they would back home.

    • The__Bobster


      Turkey Stakes Claim in America With $100 Million Mega-Mosque, Clarion Project, May 21, 2013

      The building of this center takes Turkey’s “outreach” in America out of the realm of the subtle.

      The government of Turkey is building a 15-acre, $100 million mega-mosque in Lanham, Maryland. Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan visited the site on May 15 as part of his official visit to the U.S.. The state of Maryland was officially represented at the event by its Secretary of State John McDonough.

      The event was also attended by the leaders of two U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entities.

      The mega-mosque is called the Turkish American Culture and Civilization Center and, according to the Muslim Link, it “will likely become the largest and most striking examples of Islamic architecture in the western hemisphere” when it is finished in 2014. The Muslim Link explicitly says it is “a project of the government of Turkey.”

      • OnGuard

        Remember Erdogan, while visiting fellow Turks in Germany a few years ago, quoted a poem “The mosques are our barracks, the minarets are our spears, the domes, our helmets and the believers, our soldiers.” How can it be more clear than that, what their intentions are?

        • Paleoconn

          I believe the Moroccans or North Africans altogether consider their community in France as another province of their nation.

    • StillModerated

      The ragtops will complain about bell ringing and church clocks first.

      • OnGuard

        They’ve already done that in Dearborn Michigan with the help of the ACLU! They stopped the bell-ringing, but now there are calls to prayer c/o the Islamic community.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      The answer is; As the “British way of life” becomes more Muslim in character and more English people look more like the typical Asian/Arab or black Muslim, and they increase in the actual appropriation of British names as more British men take non-British wives, etc., the actual definition of what the “British way of life” drifts to exclude things like “Guy Falkes Day” and folk celebrations like May Day in Padstow, etc., changing the actuality of life.

      • mobilebay

        I won’t be around when they take over the US, but I have great-grandchildren that I fear for. The UK is just a preview of what we will become.

  • Exoplanet Finder

    There are some descendants of Lord Lugard and Thomas Carlyle in Britain yet. Will there be a clash of civilizations? Oh yeah. In fact, there will be one in each and every Western country, before 2030, from Canada and America to Britain, Germany and France, to South Africa and Australia. South Africa’s will be first. It will be the test case and very interesting to watch both what the whites there do and what the white response worldwide will be. They used to tell us that by 2030 there would be men on Mars and we’d have a space habitat and moon base. I won’t mention hoverboards. Instead, what we have is social chaos and every reader of Amren and similar sites knows why. Come to think of it, everyone knows why, and the delay in assertive action taken on behalf of all our nations only makes the eventual ethnic cleansing that much more difficult and expensive. But will it happen? It will, when we heed the advice of Solon, and begin, in all our actions, to “Consider the End.”

    • Jotun Hunter

      very adroit and manly post – pure facing of the facts, no matter how hard and dirty. I can appreciate the candour. Everything else is traipsing and fearfulness. We aren’t ready for it yet, but Powell’s ‘blood on the streets’ day is an inevitability, it’s only how long we want to wait for it, and by waiting making it that much worse. What I wonder is will the circus that is our western political class EVER break the shackles of political correctness, or will they work against us until the parliaments are literally under siege. And as the cities are going up in flames – who or what will control the nukes and will they come into play?

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      All true enough, however, I’d like to add the following; Mars is out anyway. As far as it went, it is pretty impractical, especially compared with the cost of just trying. But yesterday it was announced that they’ve finally recognized the simple fact that Mars affords no protection from cosmic rays (these are x and gamma rays) and being there for very long, or even at all would hugely increase the chances of developing cancer.

      I agree that something big will probably happen in SA first, but your vision of it and what follows might be incorrect. The war against whites there has been going on right under the nose of the world and the attrition of the white population means that there won’t be many left to fight (they’re far outnumbered now). So unless enough daring white men who see the writing on the wall and are willing to go there to fight (similar to the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War), what we will see will be the first outright genocide of whites accomplished as the world looks the other way. I even imagine that whites will be recruited by the government so that it can both claim that there are still “plenty of whites still in SA” while an actual white meat grinder operates 24/7. I know this is pessimistic, but if you don’t consider the worst case scenarios, you actually invite them because Mr. Murphy is always along for the ride. The Left is already in charge of “racial justice” issues and the solutions are already quietly aimed at eliminating whites everywhere. As long as the leaders are not with us, it is more likely that “pesky, racist whites” like moths to a flame, will be invited to jump into their own fire.

  • ncpride

    How can anyone believe any of these numbers? I mean, for heavens sake, Native Brits are being ARRESTED if they so much as look cross eyed at these Muslim invaders. Do these dolts actually think for a second they are telling the truth when they claim to be so tolerant? HELLO!!! Sheesh. I believe they are smoldering beneath the surface, and it will get ugly eventually… very ugly indeed.

    • Romulus

      The numbers are pure excrement. The media there is controlled by the usual suspects. London lost 600,000 of it’s white population just last year to migration to the countryside. Following the pattern,however, the others will soon follow. Soon there will be nowhere left to retreat to.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      My one hope is that when Charles becomes king, he will suddenly reveal he true feelings on the issues that have been destroying the UK for decades. It may be futile to hope for this, but I have noticed a few indications from him and his wife that seem to indicate that their view on things might be enough to influence a turn around once their smiling mother who only wishes to be popular – is no longer filling the monarch’s role. (Please don’t reply to lecture me about the constitutional monarchy or how much you hate it (not necessarily you, ncpride). It has some influence and can be used to shape national direction).

      • ncpride

        No lecture from me, my friend. Surely the Royal Family has some kind of influence on their people, and if they would just speak out on this vital issue, one would hope Britain will at least listen. I find it impossible to believe the numbers in this ‘poll’…….considering the political tone there, it smacks of coercion to me: Toe the PC line, or else! And we all know there have been enough Brits who have been made an example of if they don’t. Please let them find the courage to fight back.

  • Joe Mack

    The message is clear. Brainwashing works.

    The future of whites is not bright.

    • Mr. E

      It pains me to agree with you, but I do.

    • Jotun Hunter

      if we can’t reclaim the universities and the television/movies/news we need to start by abandoning them, and those that can’t or won’t break their brainwashing will need to be cut away. With the advent of the internet I’m not sure the university is a wholly necessary thing any ways — and television is just mindless girly celebrity hen pecking and film has been dead since the 70’s.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        We still need higher education and NOT all campuses are Left oriented or dominated, but I agree about tv and films. The real purpose of the first 12 years of school is to create curiosity. A curious mind can easily continue with independent learning. The hope is that one at least has learned how to think critically and pick out who and what to listen to. I hardly watch any tv or go to see films. There are huge quantities of free films that are not offensive and even educational on line, even youtube. You CAN find entertainment that is interesting and doesn’t constantly force PC and miscegenation on you. But this idea that you or you and your buddies are going to be in charge of deciding who needs to be “cut” is disturbing. There is way too much of this going on in Amren posts these days. For one thing, it assumes some sort of reversal of a situation that has a momentum far beyond what appears to be recognized (putting the cart in front of the horse) AND with all the fractionating apparent at this point it seems to guarantee that IF the current trends were somehow stopped, infighting and internal CW would break out as all the little Napoleons came out.

  • [Guest]

    That clash is going on now and has been going on for quite some time. That a few more people are only now starting to see that says a lot about how indoctrinated they are.

    >>>…Britain does remain a tolerant country and that the far-right support remains at the margins of society…

    And there it is.

  • Tim

    Reminds me a of a guy who was blatant to a fault with his partying. He said if he was going to possibly to go to jail over it, he might as well do it his way…

  • If you read these kinds of articles in only a cursory fashion, you would walk away thinking that someone with the EDL or BNP beheaded Rigby.

    As far as these polls: I’m not buying them. People are telling the pollsters what they think the pollsters want to hear.

    • The__Bobster

      I never do. I give them hell. Then I tell the Nubian princess that I’m black.

    • Flaxen-headed strumpet

      I live close to small elitist private university in the South that is totally “eaten up” with the preparation of its students for “Global Citizenship” and “Diversity”. It’s political science department regularly conducts “polls” of one sort or another on political and social issues. Many have been proven to be way off base. I don’t trust liberal academia will polling, period.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        Political Science of this type has learned to use polling as an intimidation tool and to gauge the success of the school’s Diversity training. A poll is only as good as the ethics of the organization conducting it.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      Exactly, most are still afraid they’ll be arrested for the wrong opinion. How can taking opinion polls mean anything in a country that has ended free speech?

      But many here will not say what they really think in public for lesser reasons, including me. The police in Portland, OR are investigating to find out who was distributing fliers about “White Genocide” (announced about three weeks ago). At the very least, you need to have enough money to assert your First Amendment Rights. I even wonder if any attorney in Washington or Oregon could be found to represent you?

      • Freey’all

        I thought that happened in Milwaukee, or was it in various places in the west? I also wonder if it’s authentic or faked. How are the police going about investigating a non-crime? Last, I agree that even if one had the money to defend your right to free speech there aren’t many lawyers who would even take it.

  • Those Britons are too narrow minded to stop the CAUSE of Muslims in England to begin with. The REAL people of Britain need to first remove certain individuals from their positions, starting with that sell out Neville Chamberlain.

    OOPS! I meant Tony Blair!!
    How did I get those two mixed up?

    • The__Bobster

      The current PM needs to be removed too.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        Making out British citizens to be “fascists” if they don’t go along with the Diversity program is the real issue here. In the past, fascist leaders killed their own to gain power and in Spain, Franco imported Muslim Berber soldiery to kill Spaniards and murdered tens of thousands of conservative Catholics in the Basque region during the Spanish Civil War (civilian men, women and children).

        We need to remember (and remind THEM) that names don’t matter, Diversity if made the law and enforced in a totalitarian manner is no different from Fascism. It’s all about power grabbing in the end. Power-grabbers have never cared about the race or religion of their victims (not even the originial Crusaders).

  • So CAL Snowman

    Just look at the picture that the guardian chose to represent the EDL on the original article. A fat guy with missing front teeth and copious amounts of forearm tattoos. No message being sent by that picture, no sir. The number one thing I hate in this world is the Main Stream Media and everyone in it.

    • David Ashton

      Sorry to say, more than a few swearing and boozing EDL “street-warriors” do look like that. This organisation needs to discipline its followers if it is to gain more public credit. I am not fan of the grotesque and indelible tattoos all too widespread at all levels in modern Britain along with metal acne, but I do also notice the unwitting sociocultural snobbery of the Guardian towards the workers, and shirkers, it pretends to champion.

    • brengunn

      David Ashton is right, these guys are often quite inarticulate, foul mouthed, shaven headed and sometimes even drunk. They certainly aren’t the cream of the crop of white intellectualism, that’s for sure.

      • Perhaps so, but they’re doing more to save England just with one street theater event than everything I’ve ever done or will do. Even Michael Savage says that the soccer hooligan will save England.

        • David Ashton

          Imagine if that animal energy was sobered up, organized like an army not a mob, competently led and educated by an effective agitprop. The revolutionary left is now organizing its cadres by counter-demos, which will be tacitly assisted by our now politically corrected police and the rulers of the system. There is strength in numbers, however, but it needs to be turned also into votes. Public sympathy needs winning over, and adroit methods are required. Hooligans can shout at colored passers-by and bomb a few mosques, but the salvation of “England” – in every sense of that incomparable word – needs something else, and much more.

        • Paleoconn

          I’m starting to doubt that, QD. I think they are a false flag. Nick Griffin of BNP has an interesting video where he exposes them as zionist, neocon shills. They actually give a bad name to British patriots, from what I gather.

          • Remember, Nick Griffin has every incentive to bash the EDL. Colonel Sanders wants you to think that burgers and tacos are bad for you.

      • PesachPatriot

        The gentleman in the picture will not be on the cover of GQ anytime soon, but sometimes fat, drunk, tattooed barbarians are the only people who have the guts to step up to the religion of peace….I think Churchill would have no problem having a pint or two with this fellow if he was alive today.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          Er, but not the ones with swastika tattoos…

      • Romulus

        The ones at the top are exactly the ones selling out the country.

      • watling

        Not too dissimilar to what your typical squaddie was like before his army training. The sort of guys that climbed out from the relative safety of the trenches into a hail of bullets on the Somme. Or who leaped out of landing craft into a hail of bullets on June 6th 1944.

        • brengunn

          Watling, I’m not condemning the working classes, just pointing out that a lot of the EDL are thugs and drunks who were more likely deserters in the Great War and looters of London in the Second World War. Don’t make out these guys are the salt of the earth types, because they’re not.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        Sadly, the Left created them intentionally, systematically. It goes way back to the public school and social systems from the 70s and 80s when the government shoveled working class kids like dung and gave them free methadone and dole to negate them. Then, they figured they could bring in all those “vibrant” immigrants to replace them. So my view is that these guys are at least still intelligent enough to realize they’ve been done, but not quite intelligent enough to see that they’re playing into the hands of those who wish to move them into the historical dustbin.

        It goes back to several root threads, one of them being the popularity of LSD use in London in psychotherapy in the 50s and 60s (while it was still legal) that led to a generalized acceptance of drug use and the intoxicated lifestyle. Combine that with the tradition of Poll Tax rioting and that’s enough to explain a great deal. The rest is cynical politics, both social and capitalist.

        • brengunn

          They’re some strange theories FK, I don’t think they would stand scrutiny. But you’re right that the working class were done over by the political class with the Labour party spitting in their eye and taking on the cause of immigrants and career women, i.e. identity politics.

      • Freey’all

        The white intellectuals on here mainly gab and so I’m left comparatively impressed with rabblerousing riffraff who actually do something and who also tend to be a lot less inclined to sacrifice random white women to the diversity Moloch just because…they’re suspected of being feminsits or some such nonsense.

        • Saint Cyprus

          Feminists are traitors to Western civilization. They set out to destroy the nuclear family,overthrow capitalism, and institute socialism and whaddayaknow, this is largely what has happened. If a Civil War ever breaks out, I’ll shoot a feminist woman as quick as any man shooting at me,because before the feminists, other men wouldn’t have had CAUSE to shoot at me unless it was a random violent crime. Now they have no money,no family,and they’re cut out of the socialism loop because women want that all for themselves and male politicians want to buy their SUPPORT by GIVING it all to them.

          I won’t blame the ones shooting at me for my situation nearly as much as the ones who caused it, leftists with their diversity and women with their greed who couldn’t simply sit on their asses and collect free money from men their entire lives but who wanted the free money where,when ,and how they said AND to be treated as if they DIDN’T receive handouts and legups every step of the way.

          Oh,and in the event of a CW, I’ll shoot anyone trying to minimize the part that white western women played in all of this too.If we ever forget what you did to us, we’ll have to fight yet another war for Independence some 50 or 100 years down the road when you stab our race and our culture in the back over money yet again and seeing as how every time this happens you women want to hide behind us and let us die to clean up your messes I don’t intend to let that happen.

          I’m not risking my life for something worthwhile so a bunch of feelings-driven kunts can p1ss it all away again because they’re too stupid to recognize a good thing when they see it. No ma’am.

          If you don’t want to be raped and murdered for fun by sub-Saharans in the upcoming culture clashes or spend every waking moment FIGHTING not to be raped and murdered by them, you need to be anti-feminist as hell (and not just SAY you are,but actually recognize and reject everything that feminism has brought to Western civilization), or otherwise I don’t care what happens to you. I’d rather let all white women die than risk my life for them so they can repay me by sticking a knife in my back as I sleep.

    • StillModerated

      Then you should be happy that the Obongo is bugging their phones and calling them spies.

    • OlderWoman

      That description you gave is how CNN and other msm portray Southerners. Two teeth, morbidly obese, White and tattooed.

  • David Ashton

    The “Government” professes to think that Islamic”extremism” and English “extremism” are equally comparable. There is no moral and cultural distinction made between the aggressive ideology of foreign immigrants and the reactive patriotism of indigenous people, or perhaps more accurately the former is given effective preference. English nationhood has been replaced by compulsory “multiculturalism” and those who wish to retain or restore the former identity are considered more evil and dangerous than migrant settlers. We are currently told that Islamic violence among young people arises because of their lack of “belonging” in a country where there is some residual infidel religious heritage, a different mother-tongue, buildings of a different architecture, etc. But there are young “white British” who are deprived of their own sense of belonging in the land of their fathers.

    As already said, there were two errors, not just one or the other: (1) Admitting for settlement in the “western democracies” huge fecund foreign communities, especially those who accept the Koran and the Hadith as their ideological guidelines. (2) Inflaming Muslim communities in the west and elsewhere against the finance-democracies by western invasion of their so-called Dar al’Islam on behalf of Israel and the oil companies.

  • steve

    You notice they put a picture of the most goober looking dude as a representation of EDL? I can’t wait till the muslims take over England and the queers at the Guardian finally get to realize what they have lost.

  • libertarian 1234

    This is just another radical media attempt to put a happy face on a situation that is spiraling out of control all on its own.

    Quieting the EDL and their supporters isn’t going to correct the situation.

    They just can’t seem to come to grips with the fact that the danger of having third world immigrants in their midst is not necessarily in attacks from them, but in their constant pushing to have their own histories, language, religion and way of life dominant to the point where…on its own….the bickering and fighting it causes is enough in itself to cause inter-tribal animosity and fighting. There are oodles of examples of failed multicultural societies, with one of the most recent ones, the Balkans, serving as a good example.

    But the rainbow utopians won’t quit trying to spin things optimistically. And their underlings, like the above reporter, will continue to demonize anyone or any org against the scheme.

    And I’m betting a delusional rant just like the above will appear in one of their propaganda sheets the day before white mobs take to the streets.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    One can only hope the whites in Britain will wake up and take up the struggle. People like to say that Pat Buchanan declared a cultural war in 1992. He did not. He observed that a cultural war was being fought, and pretty much only one side was doing the fighting. So it is over there. I can only hope they get their collective heads out of their arses and throw out all the blacks and browns, as well as all muslims. Why the bleep did Britain ever need immigrants anyway?

    • David Ashton

      Britain didn’t. The post-war Royal Commission on Population advised against the immigration into our settled and developed society people of different race or religion. Cheap labor demands overruled the advice, and then the Left got into the act, and many of its people spread outwards and upwards through our institutions, so that now “equality and diversity” are forced downwards on us all.

      • Canadian in London

        Agree with your earlier points about the personnel and organisation of the EDL – but there are often a surprising amount of favourable comments when a story is written about them. Canada and England share the same “equality and diversity” in their institutions but when it comes to the comments in newspapers, these ideas in both countries are being ridiculed, people are angry. I think the UKIP in the UK and what seems to be growing support is an interesting and important development. I shook Nigel Farage’s hand the other day, just walked up to him while he was having a drink and looked him in the eye and shook his hand.

        For those who don’t know who UKIP/Nigel Farage is, he is a Minister of European Parliament and the head of a party that wants Great Britain out of the EU. He is a very entertaining speaker:


      • watling

        Agreed. At the same time as third worlders were being shipped over to post-war Britain, we were waving goodbye to thousands of indigenous ten pound poms bound for Australia. e.g. the BeeGees and the current Aussie prime minister.

  • The__Bobster

    A number of people have also been charged by police after allegedly offensive messages were posted on social media websites. These include a 22-year-old man from Lincoln, a 28-year-old man from London, a 23-year-old woman from Southsea, and a 19-year-old man from Woking.
    The Bobbies can’t protect Whites from bloodthirsty, imported savages, but they sure know how to go after Whites who dare protest their actions.

    • Bobbala

      During Katrina the US had no problem protecting innocent looters from the predatory, dangerous home owners …. It’s safer for the soldiers that way too. A win-win.

  • kjh64

    “Yvette Cooper, the shadow home secretary, said groups such as the EDL were fuelling division and helping those behind terror attacks. She said: “Anyone who seeks to divide our communities is doing the work of the extremists they say they oppose.”

    No Yvette, protesters are not “fueling division”. The only ones who have fueled division are those politicians and others who have allowed muzzies to immigrate in the first place. Common sense will tell you that muslims are not compatible with the West. The man who did this killing should never have been in the country in the first place and had he not, there would be no protests against this killing because there would have been no killing.

  • StillModerated

    About “Faith Matters:” it is run by Fiyaz Mughal, he (she?) won an OBE. Its web page seems extremely pro-mohammedan, and anti EDL. The MSM need to stop paying attention to these fax amchines. Any questions before I go ballistic?

  • Nico Bester

    The West is being bombarded with propaganda about Islam. Freedom and responsibility are under attack by Islam, left-leaning media and universities. To win the battle, we must connect with others to uphold personal freedom and responsibility. The West is under threat;
    we need UNITY and ACTION. The side that wins the narrative wins the war of ideas; and changes the society. To lose this war is to bring darkness down on the West. See

  • AnonymousTruther

    There “will” be a clash of civilizations? There already HAS been ever since 9/11 in the west. America, France, Britain, Germany, Australia, Sweden, etc. it’s the western values vs. radical Islam. This is nothing new. What is new however is westerners appear ready to start fighting back.

    • rightrightright

      The word “radial” is redundant, AT. Islam during its 1400 year existence has been violent, vicious and filled with hate. It’s just Islam.

  • a multiracial individual

    The current interaction between Islam and the West is, at present, the most pressing issue on this planet.

  • NM156

    Do poll respondents lie, or do pollers just make up numbers out of thin air? Polls about immigration in the US are just as ridiculous.

  • Tired

    I’m surprised that more people don’t realize this clash of civilizations is happening RIGHT NOW.

    What do people consider this to be? Just an appetizer? What about the white girls being forced into sexual slavery by perverted muslim men? Praise Allah England might as well cry!

    People are too damn comfortable. They have their bread and circus and wouldn’t dare complain of their own genocide.

  • AllSeeingEyeSpy

    The article basically slanders right wing extremists saying these groups couldn’t be more wrong, then produces poll numbers showing only 30% of the people support the far-right. Wonder where the people got that idea? Maybe the far right shouldn’t be supported but if I were in England I would support any group that opposed immigration.

    • rightrightright

      The so-called Far Right isn’t Far Right at all. Please don’t accept or employ the Left’s definitions. The true Right wing represents traditional British values which served us well in the past. The extremists are the three main parties of Parliament.

  • Frank Wheeler

    Are Muslims joking when they say that their religion will be the only one in the world?

  • bigone4u

    A giant avalanche can begin by a hiker’s boot disturbing a bit of snow. As that bit of snow cascades down the mountain, it slowly grows, then more rapidly until the mountainside is engulfed. I sincerely hope that recent events have set in motion what will be an avalanche of white anger and violence aimed at reclaiming Britain.

  • rightrightright

    The Guardian is Labour’s mouthpiece and Goodwin’s profession consists of reporting negatively on the Nationalist movement.(http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/politics/people/matthew.goodwin.)

    Further, the UAF “anti fascist” counter demo was very small (but mouthy and violent). 7,000 EDL supporters attended the Newcastle demo.

    Makes me laugh when the Left castigates Nationalists for “fuelling division” (divisive is this year’s playword). Importing millions of third worlders into our country, along with their mental baggage of social/religious/economic/scientific/artistic failure doesn’t “fuel division”? Oh, come on. Or are people truly as thick and malleable as our corrupt rulers assume them to be?

    • Pat

      ‘are people truly as thick and malleable…’ I fear they are. After decades of leftist propaganda, brainwashing and the discouragement of thinking for yourself a lot of people nowadays just get their opinions off the MSM shelf.

  • zanegray

    Well ask people if they pay their taxes and see what response you get.

    There’s lies then there’s ‘opinion’ polls.

  • Son of Abraham

    Quit bitching and do something about it. Put your money where your mouth is. Donate to the EDL, I do. Do you?

  • skara_brae

    Cometh the hour, cometh the man. And as a bonus the trains will run on time.

    • MBlanc46

      Something like that was said about Jefferson Davis. I’m skeptical that things would work any better this time.

      • skara_brae

        Trains running on time old chap, trains running on time.

        • MBlanc46

          Promises, promises.

      • jane johnson

        Thought the quote referred to Mussolini, and EVERYTHING ran on time, for a time.

        • MBlanc46

          I’m pretty sure it does, and Mussolini’s outcome ought to give one pause about following his example.

          • jane johnson

            Do you mean this?

          • jane johnson

            No, didn’t work out well for il duce, but Italy’s not known for tolerance of anything for long.

          • MBlanc46

            Thanks for adding that picture. That’s just what I was referring to. You may be right in suggesting that Italy, as constituted, is ungovernable.

          • MBlanc46

            I sure do. As you say, “for a time”. In twenty years the Italians had his body hanging by its feet.

  • Major

    “Muslim communities who give so much to this country.”

    Really? Imam’s preaching hate and calling for jihad? Out of control birth rates for a takeover of Britistan? Majority of violent “youths” and recipients of most of the welfare benefits?

    Bombing’s of subways and busses? Yep…they give much that real brits…just don’t want. But they’re lost. And that statement shows they’re on their knees…or prayer mats already.

  • watling

    You’ll be relieved to know that a grand total of 30 Muslims marched in London to pay their respects to Lee Rigby.

    See: http://www.ilfordrecorder.co.uk/news/news/video_ilford_muslims_march_in_solidarity_with_murdered_soldier_lee_rigby_s_family_1_2217501

    That’s less than 1% of the total who turned up outside the Danish Embassy in London in 2006 to protest about a cartoon.

  • Alice Teller

    One must wonder about the value of polls in a nation where one can be jailed for the wrong opinion.

  • Truth

    Denial is more than a river in Egypt.

  • Bobbala

    They’ll have to get past their government to get to any muslims … It seems the muslims don’t have that problem.

  • elreyjones

    There is no such thing as a British Muslim. The muslims have to go and the oppressors of the white Britons in their government and media have to be brought to justice and put on trial for crimes against the indigenous of Briton. And the same for France and Germany. People are rising and they demand free speech and the right to their sovereignty. Don’t back down England. You have supporters worldwide. We are growing and we are spreading the word to all our brothers and sisters.

  • elreyjones

    There needs to be mass protests organized worldwide against immigration. Immigration is colonialism and immigration is invasion. It brings imperialism. Stop it everywhere!!!!! We have been raped enough everywhere. Stop it in Briton. Stop it in France and stop it in the USA. Stop it in Canada. Stop it in Australia. Stop it everywhere. Stop international illuminati from ruling the world!!! World be free!!!!!