U.S. Academic, 32, Gang Raped in Papua New Guinea

Richard Shears, Daily Mail (London), April 21, 2013

A U.S. academic has been gang raped in Papua New Guinea by nine armed men who hacked off her blonde hair and left her husband tied naked to a tree.

The 32-year-old woman, who was conducting research into exotic birds in a remote forest on Karkar Island, was walking along a bush track with her husband and a guide on Friday when they were set upon by the gang armed with knives and rifles.

Her husband and the guide were stripped and bound by the men, who then used a bush knife to hack off the woman’s hair before raping her in a terrifying ordeal lasting 20 minutes.

The woman chose to speak out about the horrific attack–condemned by the country’s prime minister Peter O’Neil as ‘the cowardly act of animals’–to highlight the violence that women in Papua New Guinea experience.

The brutal gang rape came less than a week after an Australian man living in the central highlands of Papua New Guinea was shot dead and his Filipina girlfriend gang raped when a group of men broke into their house.

The U.S. woman, who posed for a photograph but did not want to reveal her identity, spoke to media in Port Moresby as she and her husband waited for a flight to leave the country.

‘I was walking along a bush track with my husband and our guide when we were ambushed by nine men armed with rifles and knifes,’ she said.

Relaying an ordeal that has sent shock waves throughout the country, the woman said the men first ordered her husband and the guide to strip naked before they were tried to trees.

Then they turned to the woman.

Her clothes were torn off, her hands were bound and her blonde hair was chopped off with bush knives. She was then raped one by one by the gang for a terrifying 20 minutes.

Her ordeal ended only when something in the forest startled the gang and they ran away.

The U.S. couple’s guide managed to break free and released them, before they all ran naked along jungle tracks for several hours, determined to put as much distance as possible between themselves and the scene of the attack in case the gang came back.

Eventually they reached a remote village where they were given some clothing and from where they were able to raise the alarm.

They later made their way back to Madang, on the northern coast of the mainland, before flying to the capital Port Moreseby.

A local photographer working for AFP helped the couple file police reports and organise a flight out of the country.

‘This story should not come out just because I am white,’ said the woman, who was on her fifth visit to the country since her first trip in 2010. She would stay for up to four months conducting her research into exotic birds and the impact of climate change on the forest.

‘My story should come out in the hopes that it empowers Papua New Guinean women to stand up and say no more violence against women in this country,’ said the woman, who did not want to reveal her identity.

‘I hope my story can make a change.’

But senior police admit they have heard such calls before from tribal women all around Papua New Guinea.

Wives suffer extreme violence in some cases from their husbands over domestic issues, and brutal punishments are handed out to women accused of witchcraft, which is practised in remote parts of the country.

In February a 20-year-old mother accused of witchcraft was dragged from her village, taken to a rubbish dump, stripped and burned alive near Mount Hagen, in the centre of the country.

And earlier this month an elderly woman was beheaded with a bush knife after being accused of sorcery.

The U.S. woman’s terrifying story has been reported to the US Embassy in Port Moresby, but a duty officer today gave no comment.

A spokesman for the police in Port Moresby said a statement had been taken but no arrests had been made.


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  • Another white cuckold endangering his lady by travelling in the third world, unarmed. At least Indiana Jones carried a gun whenever he traveled.
    Hmm, now that I think of it, Indy did put Marion in trouble by going to Egypt.

    • robinbishop34

      His PBS totebag was no match for guns and knives.

      • bigone4u

        What a perfect image of the effete, effiminate white liberal male. Good job.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Remember Lara Logan?

      Mulatto muzzies raped her right there in a crowded plaza. Poor woman – someone else put her in the line of danger. Hope she’s OK now, but whites shouod be more careful when sending white women into non-white helholes like that.

  • Kronolog

    Here’s a good target for some good old gunboat diplomacy: bomb a couple of of their villages, and let these savages know that they may rape each other as much as they please, but once lay their hands on a civilized woman, there will be no quarter given.

    • That self confident white world seems gone forever. Remember in 1900 whites were 30% of the worlds population. All our efforts at civilizing our little brown brothers has only resulted in our own debilitation.

      • Erasmus

        Whites who think they can civilize countries like New Guinea, Togo or Honduras are as naïve as the ones who think they can talk to the bears or the lions and end by being eaten by them.

        • Kronolog

          They’ll never be civilized, that’s true. However, they can be taught to respect and fear the white man.

        • edie

          not to mention africa

        • joesolargenius

          The first outsiders to explore the interior of Papua New Guinea were shocked to find how heavily populated it was and had to shoot one man in every village so they could travel through safely.Errol Flynn the Movie Star whom had his own boat at an early age used to go there and get workers for the gold mines by making deals with their chief.It is considered to be a very hard place to live and I would not be surprised to find out that the guide for that women and her husband had set them up as a favor to those guys whom raped her.

        • robinbishop34

          Like Timothy Tastewell… I mean Treadwell.

      • convairXF92

        Yep, do read the chapter “The Bandung Generation: The Making of the Third World” in Paul Johnson’s book (*Modern Times*?) — it also appears in the book *Is Capitalism Christian?* — and especially note the material on Algeria. Do not read this just before going to bed.
        Algeria was mostly empty when the French first settled there. Western medical care to the Arabs changed all that.

    • NYB

      Punitive expeditions on behalf of white danger-tourists is a waste of political capital. Better these victims learn the truth – that being white carries no special privilege outside of the white world.

      On the other hand, when we are at home on our own turf, we should be absolutely savage on any brown who lays a hand on a white female.

    • François

      “Here’s a good target for some good old gunboat diplomacy: bomb a couple of of their villages…”
      I’m afraid Barack won’t go for that.

    • Anonymous

      The New Guinean Papuans are Mau Mau as well. They’re all rapists and murderers no matter what part of the world to which they drifted from Africa.
      Nuke them all!

    • Such Meyoff

      So you have seen swordfish, any opinions you have that are worth more then that cumrag you amusingly label your mother?

  • Chrysostom

    Incredible. The Papuans abused you not because you’re white, but because you’re a woman?! What about your husband, dear? Was he not tortured?

  • Ralph

    I was starting to feel outrage for this attack on this White couple until I read that the White woman said the story shouldn’t come out just because she’s White. That statement is a clue that she (and probably her husband also) are a couple of weak seed White liberals who travel to Black and Brown lands to play out their fantasies of being Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers.

    Maybe the couple will now adopt Black or Brown babies.

    Where is her outrage? She’s like those pathetic Whites who have had their White adult children killed by Blacks and who then forgive the Blacks and “understand” their anger (at Whites). Stupid scumbag White seeds make all Whites look like weak cowards.

    • She may not have to adopt a little brown baby. Rape is an instrumentality of race war.

      • The__Bobster

        Even though libtards support abortion, they’d never abort a half-caste product of rape.

    • No female relative of mine goes to the third world, and that does include Mexico.

      • LHathaway

        Your male relatives might do even worse on a visit to the third world.

    • François

      “Maybe the couple will now adopt Black or Brown babies.”
      After this? I don’t think so. This woman and her husband, perhaps, are trying their best to keep up a smoke screen of political correctness (she is an academic, after all). But I would be curious to know, what they really think and feel, now.

      • Ralph

        If she truly is a lib, she probably believes that she deserved it for being White.

        • François

          If she is a lib, possibly, yes. But is she?

      • ATBOTL

        it’s highly unlikely that this woman has become “racist” and is make unnecessary PC prostrations as a smoke screen. That’s just wishful thinking on your part.

        • François

          I will just say that if this kind of treatment can’t bring a liberal White woman to have different views, I honestly do not know what could. I would rather not try to imagine what kind of thing or event could.

    • Wayne

      You hit the nail on the head. This is done for their own selfish egos. This leftist and her beta male counterpart seek the sanctimonious approbation of white do-gooders and the admiration of their turd world “children”. Women are especially suckers for this. Just a few weeks ago I recall an article about a libtards Zio-Christian woman who brought home 3 Africans, the oldest male a late teen. All with hubby’s consent. She had taken her daughter to Africa to pass out blankets. My guess, that wasn’t all she was passing out.

    • eunometic

      I read it as her saying that the story shouldn’t just come out because she was White but also because Melanesian women also suffer widespread sexual assault. They are lucky to be alive.

      • François

        That’s what I had understood. But this attack means that the savage perpetrators, didn’t care at all that these people were citizens of a western country.

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      Pathetic Whites like Amy Biehl’s father. How can you forgive the brutal murder of your daughter? What butt holes they are!

  • disqus_kCkBUhD2ej

    Your being a “white woman” has nothing to do with it? Maybe you missed the symbolic gesture of your blonde hair being chopped off prior to being gang raped by several dark skinned animals.

    • Erasmus

      She’s an anthropologist. She better know there’s symbolism behind it.

    • Bobby

      It’s a kind of willfully blind attitude, possibly arising from indoctrination in a leftist institution.(all colleges in the U.S. and Western Europe) I don’t mean to sound authoritative, but I’ve paid extremely close attention to the way the left works, not only here but in Europe, where I have relatives. I sometimes wonder if the average American, can possibly grasp the immense amount of damage the left continues to inflict on American and European society. Whether the issue is trying to get the boyscouts to accept gays, trying to impose a nation ruining immigration policy, or trying to ruin any and all ideals one might have other than egalitarianism, the left never stops, never rests and will punish anyone that gets in their way with the full force of all the instititions they control. Americans are as innocent babes, when it comes to their understanding of the many programs” the left has in store for them.

    • 48224

      Right, her being white had nothing to do with it. And the fact that black savages with bones through their noses had nothing to do with it as well. It could have just as easily been a white math professor.

    • pro-me

      The blonde hair was of course a trophy for those guys.

      • StillModerated

        A trophy? Hell, blond hair is a career goal for these monkeys.

        Only college-educated people could be stupid enough to venture into Port Moresby. It’s been in the top 10 Most Dangerous Places for several years now.

        • GM (Australia)

          PM is dangerous beyond belief, yes, very true but it was not always that way. Under the Australian administration which ended in 1975 PNG was quite a pleasant place to to both work in and visit and it had a reasonable level of law and order.(All based on Australian law) The place went downhill fast under indigenous rule. They were not ready for independence but the UN dictated otherwise.

    • François

      I suppose the rapists wanted to keep some of her blonde hair as some kind of trophy. Good Lord!

      • Freya

        God, I hadn’t even thought of that. I just thought they wanted to defrock her…

        • François

          Well, you probably thought wrong.

      • Xerxes22

        They probably wanted to use it in some witchcraft or sorcery ritual. Blonde hair must hold a lot of magic to these primitives.

        • François

          Most unfortunately, yes.

  • Manaphy

    Guineans are sadistic uncivilized savages just like the Native Americans (whom every liberal worships) were before being taught civilization from white people. Tell that next time you enter a debate with a liberal.

    • Dude

      They were taught civilization? I’m pretty sure they failed that class, considering their crime rates.

    • François

      The myth of the noble savage?

  • Dr. X

    Increasingly, I have less and less sympathy for victims of these kind of crimes — Western white women who spend their enitre lives in some left-wing university and actually believe their own “diversity” and “coexist” propaganda. They then go to the darkest jungles of the Third World, expecting to be treated just as if they were at the local Starbucks sipping latte, and end up getting gang-raped. Just last month some Swiss woman got gang-raped in India; then another white woman got raped in Brazil. I could have told them what to expect, but the would’ve just shrilly accused me of being “racist” and wouldn’t have listened, would they?

    Our colonial forefathers knew better, and when they went to the savage jungles they went heavily armed. They would’ve shot any native savage who so much looked at a white woman.

    • The__Bobster

      Apparently, the brainwashing worked. Yes, we’re all the same and no culture is superior to another.

      • Kimberly Parnell

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        • StillModerated

          Moderator, please ban this poster.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            He will when he checks. No way to filter this crap automatically. Probably explains the weird font thing, designed to slip past auto-filters. That’s fixable, though…

            I’d like to send these spammers to an expense paid vacation to New Guinea…

      • cabin

        It’s a shame though that some beautiful landscapes & exotic species, and, yes, even other cultures are completely closed off to us just because the natives can’t control themselves. I mean, I’m proud of who I am and generally stick with like-minded folk, but a little curiosity about other parts of the world is not a fault, I mean who wouldn’t want to see a lion in its natural habitat or a bioluminescent bay, or the Taj Mahal, if given the chance (safely)?

        If someone is going down to Mexico to get wasted, or to Morocco for sex tourism, or to Somalia to help the “poor people who are just like us!!!11!” while knowing the risks and run into trouble, well yeah, that’s pretty dumb. But people who are just traveling out to explore and see beautiful things are probably naive about what they’re getting into, which is understandable due to mainstream media lies etc. but they certainly don’t deserve to have their lives ruined.

        • ms_anthro

          The only way for a White woman to safely travel in the Third World is to hire White mercenary types who live there as protection. For instance I wouldn’t set foot in South Africa unless I knew I’d be greeted at the airport by a Jeep full of hard-as-nails Boers armed to the teeth and ready to escort me wherever I cared to go.

          Since that’s an unrealistic travel arrangement for most people, including me, I choose to visit civilized countries only. Seeing the magnificence of the African savannah for myself is not worth the risk of being raped to death, stoned to death, “necklaced,” or used for muti by savages.

          • Liberalsuck

            Considering our country is getting more nonwhite and more multicultural and more third-world, why do we need to get on an airplane and experience it? Hell, it’s right outside our doorsteps here!

          • Bill

            The problem is, many of those civilized countries have imported just these kinds of people in large numbers, so it is no longer safe in civilized countries now. Including the US and Canada.

        • Pelayo

          I agree. These people who have no sympathy for what this woman and others suffered wouldn’t be so callous had THEIR daughters been victimized. Several people expressed no sympathy for Eve Carson either. Shame on them!
          These victims of gang rapes were also victims of the PC mind bending program over the last 60 years.

    • LastBastionOfHope

      They were brilliant men. They knew blacks were a totally different people from us in both culture, physical traits, and genetics. They are rolling in their graves as our nation crumbles attempting to rectify past ills for minorities while they turn America into a 3rd world ghetto.

    • François

      Yes, they knew better. But that doesn’t mean this woman deserved to be gang-raped, right?

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Certainly not, but I bet this woman is seriously rethinking any liblefty cumbaya ideas she may have had before.

        That’s the shame of it all. They are so brainwashed they walk into the tiger’s den clueless.

        Black areas should be quarantined and only entered in heavy force by those with darned good reason to be there. Who need to understand what they are getting into if not.

        • ATBOTL

          “Certainly not, but I bet this woman is seriously rethinking any liblefty cumbaya ideas she may have had before.”

          I doubt it, that’s not how female psychology works. I’ve know several white women who were raped by blacks and none of them became racially aware as a result

          Read up on “Stockholm syndrome” for a better understanding of how the female mind works.

          • François

            But Stockholm syndrome is a medical condition, and it can be cured, or at least helped, through psychotherapy.
            The unhealthy thinking patterns can be broken.

        • François

          “I bet this woman is seriously rethinking any liblefty cumbaya ideas she may have had before.”
          That sounds like a pretty godd bet to me.

          “They are so brainwashed they walk into the tiger’s den clueless.”

          If we gained back control over our MSM ans schools, we could give White kids… more acurate information, shall we say, about people form the Third World, and their habits.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Teach your children well,
            Their father’s hell did slowly go by,
            And feed them on your dreams
            The one they picked, the one you’ll know by.

            Don’t you ever ask them why, if they told you, you would cry,
            So just look at them and sigh and know they love you.

            I have other ideas regarding this.

            Look for my post here and think about it.


          • François

            Thank you. Nice.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            “Their father’s hell did slowly go by.”

            I dream about it every night.

      • eunometic

        The woman was an ornithologist. Not some lunatic liberal christian like Amy Biehl. I think she deserves commendation for exposing what happened to her nevertheless I did think “duh” it is known that Papua New Guinea is extremely dangerous due to widespread lawlessness and “rascal” gangs. It really only was a matter of when she would be sexually assaulted rather than if. Why were they so foolish? White people that venture there such as miners and geologists take great precaution because of the violent and quite dumb gangs. In prior times when the Australians and prior to that the Germans were running the place armed White men would have pragmaticly dispatched such rascals without too much legal process. Christianity has a calming effect and did much to civilise the canabalistic Fijians, the process however did not complete among the melanesians of Papua New Guinea and so we have a mixture of liberalism, disorder mixed with the canabals morality. They really got their independence way too early.

        • rebelcelt

          Did she really think when going deep into the jungle that she was safe? These men would love to say they bedded a white woman. Forced sex is as good as consensual sex to these brutes.
          Her husband is stupid for allowing such a thing. Now, he had to watch tied up naked as other men raped his wife.

          • François

            They wouldn’t seem to have brought any weaponos with them. I guess that was part of the big risk they were taking.

        • François

          ” I think she deserves commendation for exposing what happened to her…”
          Yes, she does. Now, I hope something will actually be done about it.

    • IndridCold

      I agree. I Dont feel sorry for her at all or her husband. She is the one who should have known better and she should have learned a lesson from all those women that have had a similar experience like such high profile cases as Diane Fosse, Lara Logan et al. She and her husband are lucky to be alive.

      • LAFCD

        Just as I don’t feel sorry for these white females who date, sleep and have children with black males. There is something not wired right with them. You can explain it to them all you want, but they’ll scream at you and call you a racist.

    • Liberalsuck

      These white women (no, not all) hate white men, and so they will deny nonwhite men will do bad things to them, or they’ll assume “white men could be just as viscous” or they will feel sorry for these nonwhite men. I know of a white female who got raped by three black men in South Africa, yet she still felt sorry for them. If that didn’t wake her up, I don’t know what would.

      • Ross Kardon

        How could she possibly feel sorry for those three rapists? What kind of sick mind is that? Did she have Stockholm Syndrome, or an extreme case of “turn the other cheek mentality?”

        Or this an extreme case of self-hatred?

        It does happen where women rape men. I am a heterosexual man. But if either three women did heterosexual rape on me, or if three queers did homosexual rape on me, no way would I feel sorry feel for them!

    • Djangotamer

      True enough. The fact of the matter is, she could have been stateside, walking in one of our own urban jungles, and the same thing or worse would have occured. Our savages are just as bad.

  • Sloppo

    Before she goes out to study those exotic birds, perhaps she should learn a bit more about the habits of some of the more dangerous wild animals.

  • They probably aren’t allowed to arm themselves for protection over there, are they? Folks, we’d better be ever vigilant with our 2nd amendment rights in this country. That is the ONLY thing that keeps us from going down this road.

    • brengunn

      Down the road of what? A stone age country that is mostly jungle?

      What has this got to do with the 2nd amendment? Had they been armed they still would have been outnumbered 3 to 1 by men with guns.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        My solution would be go down with the slide locked back and a lot of company at Hell’s smoking gates.

    • Wayne

      Ma’am, I don’t mean to sound rude but too many Republitards are putting their eggs in the 2nd amendment basket and not resisting enough amnesty. The Constitution is a piece of parchment with scrawling of dead white men on it. It will not and never has protected your precious “rights”. You know what has? The mighty arms and will to fight of our white ancestors. Mark my words, when whites are a minority, what is left of that ragged piece of paper will be finished off, along with you “gun rights”..

    • François

      “They probably aren’t allowed to arm themselves for protection over there, are they?”.
      An important question.

  • Erasmus

    Celebrate Diversity!

  • guest

    >>>…the cowardly act of animals…

    Sorry to state the obvious, but cowardly, animalistic behavior is on display daily in the U.S. It’s largely black and brown, and it’s very often aimed at white people.

  • Dani

    This woman was gang raped and terrorized. Picking apart her statements, pointing out the riskiness of travel, ridiculing her “possible” liberal leanings or chastising her husband for not protecting her is really disturbing. She may be trying to mitigate her own pain by hoping her story will save someone else. As human beings, can’t we allow her w/e comfort she can find? There is absolutely nothing to be gained and no way to justify the nasty comments about this victim. No woman should have to go through what she did.

    • Siouxsie

      I usually agree with your overall point. However, when liberal fanatic white women feel compelled to try to justify the rape and torture of other white women by denying that we are being purposely targeted by blacks I lose all sympathy. She is then actively promoting my rape, and that of other white women, by blacks. Leave her to the savages.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        “by denying that we are being purposely targeted by blacks I lose all sympathy”

        BING! Then they only enable more…

      • François

        But do we know for a fact that she is such a liberal fanatic?

    • Extropico

      I recommend that you take a look at some interracial cuckold porn sites. This is absolutely glorified as a form of hatred against YT. Her statement about wanting her race to be unimportant is an expression of inculcated self-hate or a further cry for help from further interracial raping. Hatred of Whites is relevant to these rapes whether it makes you discommoded or not.

  • a multiracial individual

    Aren’t these the people that Jared Diamond thinks are much smarter than Westerners?

    • Dude

      He was a jew promoting multiculturalism to Whites. I doubt he really believes that.

      • François

        I don’t think people like him really ever believe what they say. They are not scientists; they are propagandists.

  • GM (Australia)

    PNG is probably one of the most violent filthy hell-holes on this planet. Many Australian ex-pats have worked (and still do) there over the years, awful existence, especially for families, you just stay locked up in your secure compound for your own safety at all times. The only thing that keeps PNG afloat is it massive mineral and timber resources. Australia also provides substantial monetary aid to to that country.

    Do I have any sympathy for these primitive tribes people? Yes, but only in one area and that is their continuing and often violent opposition to the Indonesian occupation of the western half of their island.

    • GM (Australia)

      Re the Indonesian occupation of West Papua;

      1, Indonesian justice against Papuans is swift and brutal. (But the world says nothing)

      2, The Indonesian occupation of West Papua by Muslim Indonesia was totally wrong yet again, the international community says absolutely NOTHING. The double standards and hypocrisy seem to have no limits.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      One of my friends from NSW and I went to PNG to sell supplies to a mining operation. I bought an M-3 and several hand grenades at Port Moresby, even though I was never any good with a SMG.

  • dd121

    Even after this experience she’s probably found some rationalization to retain her libtard politics. I know some anthropologists and I can assert they are the most liberal bunch on earth. For them everything is relative.

    • Dr. X

      You’re right. A couple of years ago a white liberal woman went to Haiti to help with the earthquake relief. She got raped by a Negro and then wrote an essay on how “thankful” she was because the experience taught her how violated her black brother felt because of white racism.

      • dd121

        It’s truly amazing to me how liberals can blame all the failings and crimes of blacks on whites. White racism = blame whites.

      • GM (Australia)

        Is that why some posters to this website say that liberalism is a mental condition?

      • Freya

        I sense hoax in that case. I really think she’s lying.

  • bigone4u

    Is Detroit any safer for a blonde white woman? No! Memphis, Birmingham, et. al.? No! Why are these places unsafe for any white woman? The black and brown race with its stone age mind and stone age values. Let her rape be an example to anyone who thinks you can civilize a savage. You can’t.

  • Bobby

    Yes. But who is it that you think your story should change?….

  • Siouxsie

    A list of some of the blonde females who have been murdered (and/or sexually assaulted and tortured) and gravely assaulted, many quite recently, by diversity:

    Autumn Pasquale
    Brittany Watts
    Tiffany Ferenczy
    Melinda McCormick
    Christina Edbert
    Kari Dalton
    Eve Carson
    Christina Eilmann
    Ann Presley
    Channon Christian
    Melissa McLaughlin
    Emily Haddock
    …and the list goes on…and on.

    All BLONDE! Fair haireds are routinely singled out for hatecrimes by diversity. This should:serve as further proof that these attacks aren’t ‘random’ or ‘senseless’ acts of violence.

    The woman in this article is nuts, however. All the above martyrs were slaughtered in the ‘safety’ of their own country. Edbert was the young girl killed on the british bus recently. All others were americans. Ferenczy survived Thandiwe’s ‘White People Made Me Do It’ shooting spree; Watts did not. Eilmann survived being raped and thrown out of a window, if one can call permanent brain damage surviving.


    • Siouxsie

      ETA light ‘real’ redheads endure a similar systemic targeting, in my observation and experience. We fair haireds are an endangered species, as some symbolic expression of an an entire endangered and hunted down race.

      • Angry White Woman

        Hell yes! Ever wonder how the myth of the “redheaded temper” gets perpetuated generation after generation? It’s because every redheaded child has at least one crusty old vermin of a family friend or relative who thinks it is great sport to tease the red haired child beyond the limits of average human endurance. When the child finally erupts in anger, the tormentor chuckles and tells the child to “watch that redheaded temper of yours…” This is among our own race and family.

        When we are exposed to the outside world, (school, work, walking on the public sidewalk, going to the store, whatever) and get exposed to the darker tribes, they seem attracted to the red hair like rats to cheese. The redhead is already used to this and over-reacts inappropriately, and gets hurt or killed.

        **BTW folks, natural redheads have whiter skin than blondes! (Check it out sometime.)

        • François

          I heard about the “Kick a ginger day”, that they have in some schools. I thought that was just unbelievable!

    • edie

      seems like it would be nice for white, blonde girls to get the message……….
      and act accordingly and defensively

    • bigone4u

      Blonde and red haired fair skinned women are the most beautiful creatures god ever created (or that evolved if you’re into evolution). Blacks and browns cannot produce such beauty, but they covet it. The coveting (warned against in the Ten Commandments) leads to anger and resentment, which expresses itself in the need to destroy that which they cannot have. So they rape and/or murder the beautiful ones. When blacks burn down entire neighborhoods and kill storekeepers in riots it’s the same idea: Destroy that which they do not have and never can have. Somehow these violent acts enhance their self-esteem. If the white world really understood black and brown pathologies, the white world would demand it’s own space free of the evil that this mindset leads to.

      • cadmium

        True blondes and redheads are tiny minorities.The vast majority of Europeans are brunettes, light to dark, even in the north. So careful, because in a way you’re actually backhanding most of the Euros right there.

        • bigone4u

          Believe me, it was unintentional. All white women are beautiful, but I replied to a comment that specifically mentioned fair skin.

        • Freya

          I think he was trying to express support; we have quarreled over this top of attacks on blondes recently. Fair haireds aren’t tiny minorities though in many european countries; I think it’s like half blond or red and half brunette in Scotland, for eg. I’ve noticed that the fixation on them seems symbolic and often prettier brunettes escape attack when a natural blonde is available.

          • brengunn

            No, the number of people with red hair even in Scotland and Ireland isn’t that high, though higher than other countries. The most common colouring is light brown.

          • Freya

            I said blond and red, which Wikipedia estimates around 23% last I checked. Then there’s a range of light brown which could go as light as dirty blond, especially as women often dye it; that might make up for another quarter of people. And the rest dark brown and black especially in Ireland. I guess if natural fair hair beyond childhood is the issue then only around a quarter of the population has it in Scotland, don’t know about the scandinavian countries.

          • François


      • François

        “Destroy that which they do not have and never can have…”

  • HA HA HA HA HA !!!
    OH, was that out loud??

  • mike

    This story just doesn’t add up. Everybody naked but nobody injured. Just some hair cut off.

    • Dude

      They got scared of by some rustling in the bushes.

    • MBlanc46

      As I read the piece I thought, “And they’re still alive?”

    • Who Me?

      You don’t consider gang rape injury?

  • Scarlett OHara

    Stupid woman– she is gang-raped by a pack of white-hating third world savages, yet her primary concern is “being nice” to her “equals”. Does it get any sicker than this?

  • Spencer E

    Where is Jared Diamond when you need him, I’m sure he would have had some insight into this

  • trigon400

    Liberal white women have this strange idea that any Black savages they encounter are able to “read their multi-kulti minds” and forgive them for being white & allow them safe passage on their journey…
    Reality has just smashed its ugly face into this woman’s college induced fantasy.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    What is this? What an ungrateful white woman! She was just enriched with the celebration that is diversity! She should be celebrating should she not? I mean, afterall…it’s not their fault…they are black and just misunderstood. Somewhere along the line a white puppet master made these Africans do this horrid act.

    I’ll bet everything she was another token liberal white woman who celebrated diversity and saw no harm in going to a 3rd world nation full of black savages. She probably tried to help out some less fortunate black children along the way just like in those commercials. When white men urge white women to avoid black men, this is why. It’s not “racist”, it’s not “jealousy”…it’s rape, torture, murder, etc. You will never hear about white men gang raping an African woman and tying up her husband. By the way, in no way am I implying she deserved it…this is a terrible story, but white women NEED to stop being so guilt-laden and naive when it comes to blacks.

    • Freya

      They’re naive because the MSM represses the facts, so when you warn them they think you’re being ‘racist.’ I hope it’s just ignorance and not guilt motivating them.

  • Secret Tribunal

    Blondes who used their White privilege to make themselves available to Diversity rape get what they…

  • a multiracial individual

    Can someone try to make a hierarchy of most to least liberal college majors?


    1. Identity Studies
    2. Anthropology
    3. Sociology
    4. Psychology
    5. I heard theology departments are now pretty liberal

    • antiallanbloom

      6 comparative literature 7 philosophy 8 art 9 polisci

      • a multiracial individual

        I heard those racist Comp Lit majors mostly read European classics. They don’t spend much time reading about the African Plato, or the Australian Shakespeare.

        • GM (Australia)

          How can you compare the absence absence of African literature with the very real literary scene here in Australia. (We have had Nobel laureates in literature from this country) Shame on you for a very bad post!

          • a multiracial individual

            I was speaking of Abos

          • GM (Australia)

            OK, all is forgiven!

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      Don’t forget Women’s studies! The desire to see all men expunged from the earth entirely is becoming mainstream among feminist ranks. What’s more is that they’ve always been thick as thieves with race-traitors and the rest of the “Rainbow Alliance”. Anyone who still believes that feminism is or ever was about equality is hopelessly naive. Feminists always want things both ways in favour of women. Don’t believe me? See for yourself:


  • antiallanbloom

    at least they didn’t kill her

    • François

      But she will live waking up from nightmares, screaming, at night!

  • 48224

    They likely sold the blonde hair for some magic beans.

    • GM (Australia)

      It will be used as some type of cargo-cult fetish, the superstitions and beliefs of these people are deep and complex and probably beyond the understanding of most westerners. (And for the most part these people are not stupid, just vastly different to us but violence is part of their culture)) The cargo cult aspect could possibly be for the provision of another white woman.

  • ye ol’ swampyankee

    Grad students and researchers in the Biological and social sciences tend to be lefties. Probably in this case, a naive, suburban bred granola girl, wandering the third world in sandals thinking the key to life is treating everyone with kindness and talking your way out of conflicts.

    I could be wrong, since I don’t know her, but chances are. . .

  • Tired

    No one listens to us.

    Often I feel as if we (race realists) are like Cassandra in Troy, foreseeing the future but cursed in that no one will believe us, even when the truth is before their very eyes.

    I’m tired of bringing facts and proof before the eyes of others, only to have them deny them (not refuting with facts, but literally just denying them). I never realized what a religion the diversity cult is. It sucks you in, with automatic defenses against opposing ideas. It cannot handle question and seeks the violent removal of any opposition to it. It acts like a bacteria, seeking nothing but survival, regardless of what is truly right or wrong.

    Those who want to see the truth will seek it, but so many of our people are gladly blinded. They are happy so long as they have their circus and bread, no desire to seek anything more.

    When we arrive, interrupting their careless homeostasis, they react to us violently, not only because their dogma demands they do, but also because the implications of race realism requires one to challenge so much that you once believed. It isn’t just a built in reaction via the diversity cult, it is also a reaction against change.

    This woman will likely block her mind’s natural race realist response, probably unconsciously and she will go her whole life unable to realize the reality of race.

    It saddens me, and it can feel so lonely as the single child who looks behind the curtain and knows the truth. No one will believe us, but we mustn’t give up. We are growing in our numbers. We are evolving.

  • MikeS

    “…who was on her fifth visit to the country…”

    She she have purchased a lottery ticket and retired a multimillionaire instead of making trip No 5.

  • François

    I’m a bit bit surprised those savages didn’t rape the two men, too.

  • ye ol’ swampyankee

    I’d never travel the third world without my Glock.
    and an adequate supply of clips and ammo.
    Maybe that’s why I haven’t traveled the third world. . .

  • NM156

    Please, stay in New Guinea-especially if stone-age offspring is on the way.

  • Like the jigs here, Papuans are no different. Rape is common with these savages, look how they treat their women and perform voodoo. The researcher needs to arm herself when dealing with negroids, they are savages, half man half ape.

  • IKantunderstand

    I just keep waiting to see how our cultural Marxism affects the natives, you know, their culture is as good as ours! Hope you enjoyed your rape, because you won’t be raped like that in an Western country, unless of course, it’s done by Muslim immigrants. Bon rape!

  • The Culturalist

    Keep her, she’s all yours. Put a nose through her nose and make her a Mau-Mau or put her on a spit and feast, your choice, enjoy.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    ” ‘the cowardly act of animals’”

    No truer words have ever been uttered.

    Hey White women. Wanna get raped by subhuman savages? Plenty of places to go for that.

    Gotta love that diversity…

  • Haha. Fuk you liberal. “We’re all equal. The only difference is skin color”. Say it until you believe it.
    PS You now have AIDS

  • robinbishop34

    Anyone remember this clinically insane white woman who was brutally, and repeatedly raped in haiti after the earthquake but shortly after came to realize that she was ‘grateful for the experience’ and blamed the ‘white patriarchy’ for it happening? Take a look at the short essay this idiot had to say about the experience. Warning: you may may want to shoot yourself after reading.


    • NeanderthalDNA

      I can’t stomach that kind of idiocy, so will not read it. I’d like to sell morons like her to her pet darkies as their sex slave and get her out of our gene pool forever.

      • robinbishop34

        Oh, this person is long gone, a bonafide lunatic. The thing that concerns me is that this type of rationalizing seems to be becoming more common. Maybe not to this extreme, but incrementally as can be seen by the comments of the rape victim in this story.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          I take your word. White genocide takes multi forms. As far as I’m concerned people like her receive no sympathy from me. Need never reproduce. Hope they ruptured her uterus.

          • robinbishop34

            “receive no sympathy from me”

            She would construe sympathy from a white man as a form of abuse. Here is a little gem she wrote…

            “Afraid he would kill me, I pleaded with him to honor my commitment to
            Haiti, to him as a brother in the mutual struggle for an end to our
            common oppression”

            Yeah, I’m sure it was all about oppression as he (as she described) slapped her and pried her legs apart.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            I read that during the earthquake there some bantu buck rescued a 12 year old crow from the rubble and immediately started raping her. I’d post a link, but does it really need one?

            Treacherous morons like the one you quoted deserve what they get – no pity.

            Seriously – that kind of suicidalism should not be passed on to a new generation. Part of our white problem. Hope she never reproduces. Wish she had stayed down there – one way or another.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            One last thought – wonder how many evil White men ever brutally gang raped this moron, eh?

          • robinbishop34

            I originally googled the story only to go through a few links that had her picture before getting to the actual article. Judging by her picture the alarm is about to go off on her biological clock. That doesn’t mean she can’t bring back some pets from the pound though.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Google “blue waffle”…

          • robinbishop34

            I could of done without that.

          • robinbishop34

            “Seriously – that kind of suicidalism should not be passed on to a new generation”

            Too late. The same domesticated whites that reflexively cheered when jamie foxx described how he killed white people in his latest movie on SNL are the future.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Please, what is a “Crow”.

    • bubo

      Yes, I remember that. It was industrial strength cognitive dissonance.

    • Freya

      I’ve read this story and article before and have to say that I smell a hoax and have from the first time I heard about it. Since she self-describes as some sort of feminist, and contributed to a feminist critique of her story (Tabitha Hale’s piece), I have to say that I have never in all my experiences of feminists run into any that would justify a man raping them, black or white. How would excusing black men raping help all the Haitian women? No, this sounds about as canned as it gets to me.

      • robinbishop34

        I understand your skepticism, but the depth of psychosis that afflicts this small contingent of hardcore leftist thinkers is hard to reconcile for psychologically healthy people. The story is true, I recall visiting this loon’s facebook page around the time of the article and she was squawking like a magpie about it. However, suppose she made it up and posted it for the world to see –that would almost be worse would it not?

        • I’m with Freya on this issue. Simply, there is no evidence that this happened at all. For instance, no real criminal records or forensic material. Facebook page is not enough. I guess this woman is attention wh*** & exhibitionist freak.

          • robinbishop34

            “criminal records or forensic material”
            This is Haiti we are talking about.. a shitpile, not the United States.

          • Freya

            Well I can just say that her artlcle screams totally contrived BS to me in various ways and points. So I’m still maintaining that’s what it is. I’ve just known too many ‘feminists’ to not smell a rat.

          • robinbishop34

            You may be right. I’m a woman, I assume you are as well. So let me give you the straight dope on ‘feminism.’ Feminism has nothing to do with the advancement of women.

            Jewish men created feminism, as well as all the other ‘victimized masses’ groups as a battering ram against WASP society. So called feminists are nothing more than exploited foot-soldiers for a leftist, ideological cause. The sad thing is, they think they are empowered, when in reality they are exploited idiots.

          • Jewish men created feminism
            Educate yourself.

          • robinbishop34

            I believe I have.

          • Not on this matter. Really- how intelligent people can sincerely believe in such fantasies is beyond me. Perhaps one lets their aversions or sympathies distort perception of reality. Personally, I don’t care about Jews, and in not few respects I find this ethno-cultural entity actually distasteful (to say the least). But- amicus Plato, sed magis amica veritas.

          • François

            Perhaps Jewish men did not “invent” feminism, no. It was already there, possibly.But I would say that a number of Jewish women who were writers, like Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan, made a very significant contribution to it and helped it spread.

          • And- who forced anyone to believe such nonsense ? I’ve read much better feminist works, like Simone de Beauvoir’s magnum opus, and they’re not anti male nor anti-White. Friedan is one among others; Steinem is half-Jewish and…gasp..married. It’s lunatics like Susan Brownmiller & the imbeciles like these “students”: http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2012/05/20/robyn-urback-on-shocking-anti-male-hatred-on-the-sfu-campus/ that have to be blamed. A side note- huh, it’s great to be a man.

          • robinbishop34

            Critical Theory.

          • Critical theory- if you mean followers of para-Marxist Frankfurt school- is absolutely marginal. It did have some influence during 1970s, mainly through the agency of Herbert Marcuse’s writings, but it sizzled long ago. More, the head of the school, Theodor Adorno, was an uber-European intellectual chauvinist who considered all non-Europeans-and many Europeans- to be odious barbarians. If you, on the other hand, point to blabber of Obummer’s mentor -some Black “philosopher”, I forgot this guy’s name- this is rubbish without any credibility & weight in academic discourse. Simply, there is not a big conspiracy behind slogans of lefty-liberal nuts, just a weight of outdated ideas recycled by various half-educated knuckleheads, in the climate of moral relativism & media dogmatics. What will very soon dispel all these lies is a combination of two elements: socio-economic crisis and advancement of genetics and biology that will beyond any doubt show strong differences between human collectives.

          • robinbishop34

            Of course I’m referring to the Frankfurt School. I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about in the rest of your post.

          • Of course you don’t. http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/explainer/2012/03/derrick_bell_controversy_what_s_critical_race_theory_and_is_it_radical_.htmlAs for Frankfurt school (Adorno, Horkheimer, Marcuse, sometimes Fromm, Wittfogel, Benjamin (now & then), ..)- it has zero influence in the US academia, let alone wider public. It has nothing to say about race, colonialism, public discourse, PC & the rest.

          • robinbishop34

            “it has zero influence in the US academia”

            You’ve got to be kidding me? When Hitler came to power the ‘Institute for Social Research’ (marxist Frankfurt University) fled to the United States where it was re-established with the help of Columbia University. This when they began to apply ‘critical theory’ to their new home.

          • You just don’t know what you’re talking about. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Critical_theory



            This all has nothing to do with contentious issues of affirmative action, PC, media manipulation, denigration of Western civilization, promotion of multiracial society and miscegenation etc.

          • robinbishop34

            You and I will just have to agree to disagree on this one.

          • Freya

            There were a lot of white, non-jewish feminists, or at least suffragists…the self-proclaimed ‘feminist’ movement was led by jewish women more than any other group it seemed to me. I tend to sympathize with many of the white ones, who merely fought to be allowed to vote or be treated equally in academia and on the job. The shrillness of the jewish feminists, or any who fit that characterization, was often a bit much, and overall they were too parochial, too essentializing of men and women, and in modern day tend towards anti-white attitudes. The courtship between the white non-jewish ones seemed born of convenience, while that of the modern more jewish-led ones seemed downright mercenary anti-white/nordic.

  • bubo

    Only fools would travel to a place like that without a weapon. Pay off who you need to and secure a permit to carry a gun or rifle. If the husband and guide had fired a volley of rounds at the marauders chances are that would have been the end of it.

    There seems to be a lot of unawareness with people like this. They will swear a place is safe, even when it isn’t, just because they haven’t been a victim yet.

  • Q-ship

    These feral savages were described as likely more intelligent than westerners by Jared Diamond. Their average IQ is probably on par with Australian aborigines (62). An IQ below 70 is considered mentally retarded. That goes a long way toward explaining the behavior of the inhabitants of that wretched country.

  • USMC Gunny

    I worked in PNG for a year (2007 – 2008). I was in the Southern Highlands Province, and guys, that’s about as off the beaten track as it gets. I worked on a 28 and 28 rotation, and every time I went over there, I knew I was going to see SOMETHING that had me scratching my head and saying “Damn, just when I thought I’d seen it all”. There is no nice way to say it, so I’ll just say it, those people haven’t made it out of the trees yet.
    It’s one of the most dangerous places on the planet, Port Moresby was in the Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities when I worked there. Criminal violence, rape, wife beating, tribal wars (yes, tribal wars, always one in progress somewhere in the country 365 a year).
    When I was there, a 14 year old girl was going to fetch water for her mom, she was attacked and gang-raped by several men. When they were done, she picked up her bucket and went and got the water, just a little break in her routine it seems. I guess that tells us it’s every day.
    There is no way I’d go back up in the boonies with just a guide in that country, There is REALLY no way I’d take my wife in there.
    Murder, rape and mayhem, even a bit of canibalism are everyday occurences there.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      One of my Australian friends and I went to a mining camp in PNG to sell supplies there, and I carried an M-3 submachinegun. I’d have shot any of the local men, police or otherwise with no hesitation. Papua New Guinea is what the end of the world looks like.

  • I hope she was ‘anti-racist’ and willingly did what ever she was told. So called ‘racists’ will be the ones who are not a victim of crime.

  • BV

    Savage apes. Nothing like shattering those stereotypes.

  • Morris LeChat

    If they had not freed themselves and run away, they would have been dinner

  • Morris LeChat

    She was studying “exotic birds and the impact of climate change on the forest”…..nuff said. In other words, she is doing nothing important but trying to feel important. She found a weak man that would not tell her to stop her foolishness. They paid for his weakness and her foolishness.

  • Jughead

    now that the reality of life has hit you on the face, after you moved to a non white country, are you surprised that they act like non whites? Sorry it happened to you but in reality, that’s life in a non white environment.

  • Real men don’t wear sandals

    I’m sure her husband is a religious sandal wearer.

    Out of shape.

    Basically passive

    not physically imposing.

    And a hairy like cave- man beard. ( All these third world science types love lots of hair on the face).

    But a cave man who crunches granola instead of meat.

    Her great white warrior. . . . .

  • Michael Gregory

    Quite a bit of talk about White Liberal women throughout this thread, with the emphasis seemingly on the “woman” part. The emphasis should solely be on Liberalism, as after all Henry Rollins (king tough-guy Liberal) saw his best friend murdered by two Blacks as he himself was nearly murdered during the incident, yet and still…the guy remains staunchly pro-Black Liberal. Just goes to show, it is Liberalism (not female naivete) that creates such a confused state amongst ALL White people (regardless of sex).

    • I wouldn’t be so quick to judge. Do we have more examples of liberals who had lived through the consequences of their ideology ? Not defending nor accusing anyone, I’m not inclined to say “they all are the same …”. Perhaps a more realistic approach would be: some- most ? 30% ? 50% ? 80% ?- learn from their mistakes; some- 20% ? 50% ? 70% ?- simply don’t.

      • robinbishop34

        It’s safe to say that when reality hits these marginal people in the face they simply double down on their idiotic beliefs rather than becoming aware of reality?

      • Michael Gregory

        As opposed to White women? Shouldn’t you be busy with the “quick to judge” and “all the same” blah involving White women within this thread, in fairness. And yes, there are plenty of examples of Liberals (of both sexes) who have lived through the consequences of their ideology and remained Liberal.

        • Do I sense an irrational aggression here ? If yes- sod off. If not- I apologize.

          • Michael Gregory

            I sense an irrational pedantic streak within your reply to me (that, again, I don’t see otherwise in this thread FULL of “quick to judge/all the same”). And you piss off, pal. I don’t suffer pedantic foolishness lightly, it is a waste of my time.

  • Charles Edward Lincoln III

    It’s interesting, but the real question here is probably whether justice can be done (the gang rapists all hanged by the neck until dead) or whether they will all somehow become UN Ambassadors of Peace…..
    Today is St. George’s Day and St. George knew how to deal with monsters (human and non-human). http://charleslincoln3.com/2013/04/23/st_george_the_anarchist/

  • Epiminondas

    She’s lucky they only cut off her hair. Another liberal who learned nothing.

  • I’m truly sorry for this woman’s, and her husband’s ordeal, but…. well, you’ve said it already.

  • NOT because you were WHITE…Are you a LIBERAL. I ask, because you appear STOOOOPIDS!

  • Bill

    I’m a firm believer in keeping all the savages in their OWN countries, and OUT of ours, while never visiting the savage countries unless their is a good reason, such as obtaining raw materials, resources, etc, and doing so only with a platoon of mercenaries or Black Hawk types in tow. They don’t belong HERE, and we don’t belong THERE otherwise. Get them outta here, and send no money, aid or vacationers into their sorry countries. Let them rot.

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      I agree, however the problem is finding a politician who if elected would carry out such a policy. As far as I’m concerned a repatriation policy for all so called” american” ( lower case because the majority aren’t) Blacks would be well worth the expenditure and it would be feasible. Instead of supplying Egypt with choppers and sending aid to all the Muslim countries we could repatriate Blacks back to West Africa and have done with them. Think of the money we’d save. Any self hating Whites would be more than welcome to accompany them and help them to create a society where the Blacks could do whatever struck their fancy and partake of any impulse that came upon them while the Whites would continue to support them. Same old, same old except not here.
      “I have a dream today!”

  • Marc B.

    These Post-modern liberals are victims of a heavy dose of Cultural Marxist brainwashing. I have to remind myself of that to avoid schadenfreude when awful things like this happen.

  • Inki Snowe

    Hardly surprising in a place where the traditional way to take a wife is to grab a girl you like, raper her and she’s yours for life. Female missionaries to PNG were routinely warned about this stuff when I was growing up. Of course, being good Christians, they still went, but they were never to go out without a male companion. Obviously that didn’t help this one, though, did it?

  • Fr. John+

    And this does NOT exemplify the construct of ‘casting one’s pearls before swine,’ how?

    The White Race is being JUDGED by YHWH God for leaving their ‘first love’ and worshiping the Dark Idol, thinking it to be as they are. Non-Whites are animals. They are irredeemable.

    Even the early church was told by the Holy Spirit, only to preach to the race of Men living in Europe, and NOT to go to the East. It’s in the Bible [ Acts 16;6] – why are Whites so folly-ridden?

  • Fredrik_H

    These people were headhunters just a couple of generations ago. 100, or perhaps even 50 years ago her and her husbands white heads could have ended up as prized possessions hanging from the chief’s longhouse. But keep worrying about the important things – like climate change.

  • TheTRUTH

    Clearly a liberal. F*** her.