Horrifying Moment Burmese Buddhists Set Fire to Muslim Man in Riots Which Left 43 Dead

Jill Reilly, Daily Mail (London), April 22, 2013

Horrifying footage has emerged of police officers standing by while Burmese Buddhist rioters set fire to a Muslim man.

The video was largely filmed by police in the city of Meiktila during intense clashes between a gang of Buddhists known as the ‘969 squad’ and Muslims last month which left 43 people dead.

In the grainy footage posted on the internet a man–almost certainly a Muslim–is seen rolling around on the ground in agony after being set alight by an angry mob.

His body is charred, but he is clearly still alive and moves slowly as a crowd surrounds him. Several policeman can be seen looking on.

A voice can be heard calling for water, to which another voice replies ‘ No water for him. Let him die.’

The clip surfaced today as Human Rights Watch published a report which concluded Burmese authorities and members of Arakanese groups have committed crimes against humanity in a campaign of ethnic cleansing Muslims.

The sectarian violence, the worst seen in Asia’s fledgling democracy since last year’s conflict, was sparked after an argument between a Muslim gold shop owner and his customers in the city of Meikhtila.

Anti-Muslim followers are known as the ‘969 squad’ and hand out stickers printed with the number ‘969’, which symbolise elements of Buddhism.

In the grainy clip Buddhist men can be seen looting and attacking the gold shop in the town while police stand by, clearly outnumbered by the crowds–a few monks can also be seen in the angry masses.

The tension escalated after a Buddhist monk was attacked after being pulled off a bike – he died later in the town hospital.

The next morning a Muslim district  in Mandalay is seen burning–riot police are deployed, but again they stand watching.

People are seen fleeing the fire into the bushes, but a young Muslim man is forced into the open.

He is pushed on to the ground and beaten with sticks before a savage blow with a sword strikes him and he is left on the ground, presumed dead.

As a consequence of the violence a Muslim community that dates back many generations has been wiped out.

The unleashing of ethnic hatred, suppressed during 49 years of military rule that ended in March 2011, is challenging the reformist government of one of Asia’s most ethnically diverse countries.

Jailed dissidents have been released, a free election held and censorship lifted in Myanmar’s historic democratic transition.

But the government has faced mounting criticism over its failure to stop the bloodshed between Buddhists and Muslims.

Hundreds of Muslims fled their homes to shelter at a sports stadium, said local officials.

The unrest is a bloody reprise of last year’s violence in Rakhine State in western Myanmar, which officially killed 110 people and left 120,000 people homeless, most of them stateless Rohingya Muslims.

Locals complained there were too few police in this city of about 180,000 people to subdue the unrest.

Human Rights Watch said today that forces were complicit in disarming Rohingya Muslims of makeshift weapons and standing by, or even joining in, as Rakhine Buddhist mobs killed men, women and children in June and October 2012.

The human rights abuses took place in Myanmar despite widespread political, social and economic reforms by a quasi-civilian government that took power in March 2011 and convinced the West to suspend most sanctions to allow aid and investment into one of Asia’s poorest countries.

‘While the state security forces in some instances intervened to prevent violence and protect fleeing Muslims, more frequently they stood aside during attacks or directly supported the assailants, committing killings and other abuses,’ the report said of the unrest, in which at least 110 people died.

The failure to investigate properly or punish state officials had emboldened those behind campaigns against Muslims elsewhere, said Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director at HRW, referring to violence in central Myanmar that killed more than 43 people in March and displaced at least 12,000.

‘People are allowed to incite and instigate in a coordinated campaign–this is the lesson taken in by others,’ Robertson told Reuters. ‘What happened in Arakan (Rakhine) has helped spark radical anti-Muslim activity.’

Ye Htut, a presidential spokesman and Myanmar’s deputy Minister of Information, dismissed the report for only taking news from ‘one side’ in a statement on his Facebook page.

‘Its words are unacceptable. The government of Myanmar is not going to give any special consideration to a one-sided report,’ he wrote, adding that the government would only pay heed to its own investigative commission set up after the initial violence in June.

A decision expected on Monday by the European Union to lift all but its arms embargoes would only weaken the hand of Western powers seeking to clean up Myanmar’s poor human rights record, Robertson said.

‘They’re going to be hostage to what the military and government does,’ he said. ‘They’re not going to have the kind of leverage and capacity to push back on the government if it becomes more oppressive.’

The report into the Rakhine state violence, which called for international pressure on the government, said authorities had blocked aid from going into the squalid camps occupied by stateless Rohingya and Kaman Muslims, exposing them to malnourishment and diseases such as cholera or typhoid.

Robertson described the segregation of Muslims as ‘ghettoisation’ that left them vulnerable to abuse.

More than 120,000 people fled arson and machete attacks in Rakhine state and thousands have embarked on perilous journeys on rickety wooden boats to other countries, where they are prey to human trafficking gangs.

An estimated 800,000 stateless Rohingyas live in Myanmar, where the authorities restrict their movements and access to employment and consider them illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

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  • VW

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Muzzies are like cancer and need to be restricted to the middle east. This story made me smile a lot. Thanks

    • brengunn

      These people are not linked to Arabs in any way but a belief in Allah. It’s like comparing a Roman to a South American Indian Catholic, they’ve got nothing in common but the faith.

      Most likely, as in most disputes of this nature, they are the same ethnicity as the aggressors, the Buddhists, though they have the misfortune that their ancestors converted to Islam and now they’re paying with their lives.

      You show remarkable cruelty in your glee at their misfortune. These people have never hurt America. They’re just rural peasants, the fact they believe in Islam is no reason to wish them ill.

      • rightrightright

        Their incontinent breeding proclivities caused them to leave Bangladesh and move into western Burma, where they continued to breed huge families. If no-one stopped them, they would dispossess the Burmese as the Albanian muslims displaced the Serbs in Kosovo.

        It is islamic dogma that muslims must rule over “the other”. They most certainly do wish the kuffar ill. If the Burmese don’t act now, before muslims form more that 15% of the population, there will be a bloody war, jihad style.

        Remember the Banyan Buddhas? Where are the Buddhist shrines and temples of India?

  • Evariste

    Coming soon to several majority white communities in the U.S.: A few hundred thousand
    Rohynga refugees.

    • The__Bobster

      Yes, it can see it. We’ve let in hundreds of thousands of fake refugees already.

      We should note, however, that when a certain group is despised (like Chechens), there usually is an underlying reason. Do we really want that problem here?

    • GM (Australia)

      Unfortunately it appears that many of these refugees have in fact applied (or have been invited or assigned) to come to Australia.

      They appear to be ethnic Bangladeshis, perhaps they should be sent to that country. Bangladesh was originally East Pakistan, a country that was created for Muslims who were not particularly wanted in India. (Again does multiculturalism really work anywhere?)

      • George

        Pakistan (Formerly West Pakistan) was created for the same reason.

        ‘India’ itself was never a nation until we whites made it so. Under the British Raj, things worked. When the whites withdrew, violence erupted.

        As Sir Winston said, pre-independence: ‘India is a geographical expression. It is no more a united nation than the equator’.

    • Morris LeChat


  • S

    Question: Can’t we all just get along?

    Answer: No.

    • GM (Australia)

      1, I thought that following the de-imprisonment their democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi that Burma was going to be paradise on Earth! (or some such result)

      2, Another question; Can someone please let us know of just one really successful multicultural country any where on this planet?

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Switzerland, but this is a weak case. The individual cantons are allowed serious local autonomy, and tend to be ethnically rather non-diverse in themselves.

        • Morris LeChat

          They are also all European, all Christian, The only differences are their language.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I’m not certain Christianity did much to prevent fratricidal mass-slaughter among European Christians before 1945, or even in Northern Ireland after that.

      • K

        The Human Rights Watch crowd has been shocked and dismayed to find that Aung San is a Burmese nationalist and doesn’t give a damn about the poor, oppressed, picked on Rohingaya muslims.

      • SkorzenyO


  • Erasmus

    So much for Buddhism being the religion of peace.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    “The unleashing of ethnic hatred, suppressed during 49 years of military rule that ended in March 2011, is challenging the reformist government of one of Asia’s most ethnically diverse countries.”

    This should be a wake-up call to all white nations. It is impossible to have large amounts of diversity and a free country. The only way to keep massive amounts of diversity under control is through a police state. And as soon as the police state ends, ethnic hatred erupts.

    Any whites who don’t want to live in a police/military-ruled state should be strongly against increased diversity.

    • George

      See also: Yugoslavia.

      See also: The former USSR.

      See also: Rwanda.

      ‘Diversity’ is impossible without oppression. France is discovering this, the United Kingdom has had more than a few riots, too.

      • brengunn

        The West seems to be getting by for now, but I fear for a time when either the numbers of minorities come close to parity with Europeans or there is severe economic pressure on the populace. Both situations could reveal the arguments why diversity is ultimately a weakness.

      • K

        At least oppressive control of those particular factors in the ‘diversity’ who are unable and unwilling to live by Western standards of behavior. And what a coincidence, the governments in their home countries are universally oppressive and autocratic because that is the only way a state composed of these individuals can survive.

  • dd121

    Members of one religion of peace burning members of another religion of peace. Priceless.

    • Luis


  • Katherine McChesney

    Everywhere Muslims go…

  • Cannot Tell

    I never would have believed that Buddhists could do something like this. I thought Buddhists were the only religious people in the world that hadn’t committed acts of violence in the name of religion.

    • RebelliousTreecko

      Everyone has their limits.

    • They will fight when they are kicked around often enough.

      • K

        Unlike Western conservatives, sadly.

    • edie

      Many Buddhists are very aware of Tibet and how non-violence has to be coupled with common sense, unless you’re willing to sacrifice your family and other loved ones.

    • Buddhism is about temperance, self-reliance and self-sacrifice. That doesn’t mean they will allow someone to walk all over them. Buried deep within their ideology are various interpretations of self-preservation.

      Antagonists? Absolutely not. Pacifists? Absolutely not.

    • brengunn

      Believe me, they have the same problems we have. Their ‘priests’ are also partial to underage boys. They’re just as likely to commit violence or any other type of sin as any other religion.

    • Bill

      Your beloved Buddhists like to burn out Christians too. Setting fire to homes and churches with attendees in them. Whatever gave you the idea Buddhists were NOT violent? In the horrific Japanese civil wars they were pretty much all Buddhists.

    • K

      Check out the warrior Buddhist monks of medieval Japan. They were so badass that even the Shogun was afraid of them.

  • I guess that diversity is THEIR strength too?!
    Now if only white people would get a little stronger.

  • edie

    I love a happy story

  • bigone4u

    Even peace-loving lilly-livered Buddhists show courage and take action in the face of invasion by “the other.” Yet American white people don’t even say a word, much less take to the streets to protest our massive invasion. Is it the hormones in the milk, the flouride in the water, or New World Order brainwashing? This is a serious question, not whining.

    • K

      Believe it or not, I think the real problem is prosperity. We Westerners live in a bubble of prosperity unparalleled in human history. It has conditioned us to believe that life is a sunny open-ended vale of choices and self-affirmation and ‘diversity’, instead of the grim struggle for survival that it has historically been for the majority of humans on the planet. Fortunately, we’re quickly destroying and abandoning the hard work of millenia of our European ancestors that made our current prosperity and freedom possible.

      • I agree. My consolation is the fact that by the time the stuff really hits the fan, I will be dead and buried.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Aw what’s that muslims, a little taste of your own medicine huh? Aren’t Buddhists very peaceful? That’s very telling that some of the most peaceful people in the world want to light muslims on fire now. I think many of us have had enough.

  • Secret Tribunal

    What to the Bhuddists know about the Muzzies that we aren’t allowed to say?

  • George

    This is the way to deal with non-white violence.

    A monk was pulled off his bike and later died. The community which produced the perpetrator was set alight.

    Now, if only every time a white child was shot in its stroller, or a white woman raped by a negro, or a flashmob robbed a white person or store, whites would act in concert to put down 20 times the number of our victims. The negroes would quickly come to realise that their mothers, grandmothers, younger siblings and they themselves are in mortal peril if they step out of line. They can practise as much violence and lawlessness amongst themselves as they may wish, but laying a hand on a white person carries terrible, terrible consequences.

    • brengunn

      There certainly is a logic to it but I don’t think hurting innocent people is the right way in a civilised society. Were we to go down that path it would likely have other repercussions that we cannot know about while merely thinking about it.

      • George

        The repercussions are actually fairly predictable.

        Jackson, Sharpton et al, would bleat when the pattern became clear. A black-on-white crime triggers an overwhelming white response. They’d cry ‘racism’. Blacks would riot. The police would act. Eventually, order would be restored.

        This process would happen again. And again. Eventually, even the lowest-IQ member of black society would realise that whites were serious. It isn’t a matter of ‘an eye for an eye’. It’s a matter of ‘twenty or one hundred eyes and turning your community to scorched earth for an eye’. Mugging a white means a city block in the projects is cleansed with fire. Raping a white woman means twenty or thirty black men indiscriminately swing from oak trees. A flashmob that affects a white person causes a re-enactment of Sherman’s Burning of Atlanta.

        The concepts of ‘proportionate response’ and ‘justice’ are 18th century white ideals. We understand them, and play by them. The Cold War didn’t turn ‘hot’ because both sides were white and generally rational. The blacks’ intellectual capacity is at a median white 8th grade level. This means that exactly half of them can’t even function to this standard. As a result, they are incapable of functioning in a civilised society.

      • HamletsGhost

        We’ve been going down that path for a long, long time. See Hiroshima and Dresden as examples.

    • Smitty

      The unleashing of ethnic hatred, suppressed during 49 years of military
      rule that ended in March 2011, is challenging the reformist government
      of one of Asia’s most ethnically diverse countries.

      Notice though that even these Buddhist were suppressed from seeking justice or revenge as well…there are many ways in which a people can be suppressed without using military rule…we Whites are an example of such suppression…remove that which keeps us from acting against those who attack our race for the last 49 years and you would most likely see a blood fest of revenge that would make these revengeful Buddhist look like saints.

  • IKantunderstand

    What they need are American community organizers. Perhaps Obama could provide his expertise after his term expires. Obama has done such a fabulous job here, I think his talents should be employed overseas when his term is done. I don’t know about you, but I know Obama can bring peace to the world. Of course, this is not be confused with “piece to the world”. We already have that, due to Marxist programming of our women. If this woman gets pregnant from this experience, I expect that she should have the baby. Anything less would be racist.

  • Seb

    This is 1/100000000th of what non-Muslims deal with in Muslim countries. If anyone doesn’t believe me, check out voice of the martyrs website.

    Notice how the article is pro-Muslim. This never fails; in the Leftist religion which dominates most news outlets, Islam is well below Judaism but higher than Buddhism.

    • K

      It’s a Brit newspaper and we all know that Britain is a muslim nation now.

    • K

      Incidentally, virulent antisemitism and hatred for Israel is one of the many ways Britain’s islamic nature finds expression in, so you’re definitely wrong about Judaism.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    When you eff with Buddhists, real old world Buddhists, they respond.

    Good work! See, we have allies…

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I suspect the only genuinely submissive Buddhists are the Nichiren sect. I think Zen is the best; for me, rifle shooting was a very Zen thing. For one of my old friends, it was golf.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Rinzai Zen is pretty brutal…

        There was an old Rinzai Zen fellow known as the Master of the One Finger Doctrine. (I have my own “one finger doctrine” which has gotten me in some pickles from time to time, by the way, lol). Whenever asked a particularly difficult question he would smile serenely and raise his index finger. Must have looked mysteriously wise or something because many folk went all gaga over the guy and someone made up a story about him, lol…

        Regardless one day a learned scholar came to visit the Master of the One finger Doctrine, and the masters servant boy greeted the visitor. When asked where his master was, the boy smiled impishly and slowly raised his finger in mocking imitation.

        Eventually the visiting scholar saw the master and in the course of their discussion mentioned the incident with the boy. When they had finished, the Master of the One Finger Doctrine called his servant in…

        And seized the boy’s arm, produced a sharp knife and proceeded chop his index finger off.

        The boy screamed and fled bleeding but as he reached the door the master called out to him and the boy turned to face his master, who with a quizzical smile, slowly raised his finger in typical fashion.

        At that moment, the boy was enlightened…

        Great koan, that. Something evocative of how we Whites are only now awakening to our true situation as well, I’d posit…

        Sorry you can’t do the rifle shooting thing anymore.

  • Didn’t they hear that “Diversity is strength”?

  • Mel

    Buddhists believe fire is very purifying, maybe that is why the Burmese Buddhists are burning everything Muslim…

  • WhateverWorks

    What I get through all the verbiage is a Muslim or group of them started this by pulling a Buddhist monk off his bike and killed him. The Buddhists reacted by burning the Muslim part of town to the ground and killed several of them, one by burning. A little bit of this kind of reaction against African savagery in this country would do wonders for the crime rates.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      In the 1921 Tulsa, Oklahoma riots, whites in surplus world war one biplanes dropped homemade bombs produced from commercial dynamite and gasoline on the black parts of town. We have a greater tolerance threshold for BS, but it isn’t very pretty when we decide we’ve had enough.

  • Morris LeChat

    Well, the Burmese have common sense and know how to deal with muslims

  • Burmese-Buddhist monk Shin Thawbita who was brutally assaulted and then burned alive by the Muslim mob in Meikhtilar at about 5 in the afternoon of March 20 was a devout teacher-monk from Mogaung Monastery in Hanzar Village of Tharzi Twonship. …

    By about 5 they reached Meikhtilar and soon they saw a large mob of angryMuslim Kalars armed with swords and iron rodsgathering on both sides of the main road just before the traffic light by Taw Win Nan restaurant. …

    Instead of just throwing petrol and acid wholesale from the cans the Muslim men, women, and even the Muslim children were using small cups to slowly pour acid and petrol all over his body as if they were committing a communal torture on a completely-innocent but anyway-much-hated Buddhist monk. …

    Meanwhile the angry Buddhist crowd had followed some fleeing Muslims into the nearby mosque and burned the huge Saudi-built mosque down along with the Muslims inside. …

    The dead monk was completely naked. The morgue staff was then sewing the gaping head wound back. When they looked close-up they sadly noticed the monk’s genital was completely chopped off (by the Muslims).”

    *** graphic picture warning*** http://jihadonbuddhists.org/?p=382 ***graphic picture warning***

  • Ryan

    Where the hell are the human rights complaints when the Coptic Christians in Egypt are persecuted and murdered just because they want to pray in their own church?

    It’s always the lowest scum of the earth who kills murders, and riots over nothing that gets a free pass, but when others stand up to them no matter who they are then they are the ones in the wrong and something must be done!

  • strength and numbers

    Is this a sympathy article for muslims? Forget it. Clearly it proves you must fight fire with fire and majority numbers wins if you take charge. Muslims are meek when they risk their lives living outnumbered by strong aggressive enemies. Weakness loses regardelss.

  • Bill

    As some others were brave enough to say…….I somehow cannot force myself to sympathize with the muzzies. Nor the Indians. Third world is third world. It’s that simple.

  • K

    They “consider” them to be illegal immigrants from Bangladesh because they ARE. I am so sick and tired of islamo-pandering Brit media. This is EXACTLY what muslims all over the world have been doing to non-muslims for 1400 years and continue to do. Personally, I hope the Burmese keep right on doing what they’re doing. They’re apparently the only people on earth who aren’t prepared to let muslims walk all over them.

  • rebelcelt

    Well…..at least some people are not afraid of the Muslims.

  • Kairu

    in Burma did it very wrongly. If you want to defend you need to attack
    straight to the heart (quran). attack islam but not muslim. Patiently
    preach about their religion violence doctrine (quran) and many of the
    fallacies such that their number will reduce naturally in a non violent