New York City’s plummeting murder rate may have increased the average life expectancy for residents of the Big Apple has risen, and the NYPD is crediting it to their controversial stop-and-frisk policy.

The life expectancy of New Yorkers was listed at 81 in 2010 compared to 78 a decade ago, according to a report from the city’s Health Department.

There are other reasons for the increased longevity besides less crime. The report credits two-thirds of the boost in life expectancy to a reduction in heart disease and cancer rates.

It also attributes 11 per cent of the increase to better treatment for residents living with AIDS/HIV.

However, the report agrees that the murder rate’s decline is contributing as much as 2 per cent to the change.

Last year there were 419 homicides in New York City, compared to 536 in 2010 and 673 in 2000.

The city’s overall death rate dropped from 7.4 per cent in 2002, which saw the deaths of 59,651 people, to 6.4 per cent in 2010, when 52,575 people died.

While every ethnic group benefits from the bump, the greatest increase is among the city’s black residents, who got another 3.8 years. Whites were given 3.2 years more while Hispanics were given an extra 2.2 years.

The murder rate for blacks is highest among ethnic groups at 16.8 per 100,000. Those figures are triple that of Hispanics and eight times the rate among whites.

When asked about the connection between the homicide rate and increased life spans by the New York Post, Health Department spokesman Sam Miller agreed that one had affected the other.

‘Yes, it has,’ he said.

Law-enforcement called the numbers a special case.

‘Wow. That’s amazing. Normally life-span increases are due to medical advances — not law-enforcement advances,’ said City Council Public Safety Committee Chairman Peter Vallone Jr.

The stop-and-frisk policy has been under fire recently, with critics claiming it is simply a tool for the city’s police to target and harass minorities.

The NYPD is in the midst of fighting a federal class-action lawsuit from the New York Civil Liberties Union alleging the the practice of stopping a person who an officer suspects has committed a crime, is committing a crime or is about to commit one, is unconstitutional.

The NYCL alleged that while black and Latino men ages 14 to 24 make up only 4.7 per cent of the city’s population, they accounted for 41 per cent of stop-and-frisk cases in 2011.

In testimony earlier this month, former NYPD Chief Joseph Esposito said no resident had ever criticized the program, The Huffington Post reported.

‘I don’t get a complaint from a civilian,’ he said. ‘I’ve heard it from Al Sharpton’s group.’

But an audio recording made public as part of the suit revealed a commanding officer ordering cops to stop ‘male blacks.’

The recording was made in secret in February by Officer Pedro Serrano in the 40th Precinct station house in the South Bronx and played for jurors.

Serrano captured a heated argument with his commanding officer, Deputy Inspector Christopher McCormack.

In the tape, McCormack lambasts Serrano for not stopping enough people and insists that he has a duty to prevent violent crime by frisking ‘the right people at the right time, the right location.’

After being pressed as to who the ‘right people’ were, McCormack explained that they were the ones causing the most problems, Gothamist reports.

Finally, he specifies exactly who he means.

‘The problem was, what, male blacks. And I told you at roll call, and I have no problem telling you this, male blacks 14 to 20, 21,’ McCormack can be heard to say on the tape.

Since Bloomberg took office the number of people subjected to stop-and-frisks has increased more than five times over.

531,000 were stopped-and-frisked last year.

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  • Once again America doesn’t have a gun problem we have a dangerous minorities with guns problem.

    • The__Bobster

      No, we have a minority problem. If you take away their guns, they’ll use knives and baseball bats instead.

      • brengunn

        As almost all stabbing stories in London confirm. It’s an inconvenient truth but it’s a truth nonetheless. You barely need to read the names or look at the photos to know that it will be a young black attacker and a young black victim.

        It also dispels the myth that the legacy of slavery has somehow made African Americans violent, as the young thugs in London are mostly second generation Africans who have no history of slavery.

        The violence in London is one of the reasons I believe their is genetic link between crime and violence and people of African descent. Had it only been an American problem, I may have believed that it was the history of prejudice that made them violent. Alas, no, it is a pattern that shows up everywhere there are Africans. That is, an elevated crime rate, elevated unemployment, elevated numbers of single parent families etc. Right across the board the is an increase in negative behaviours that can only be explained by genetics.

  • The__Bobster

    New York City’s plummeting murder rate may have increased the average life expectancy for residents of the Big Apple has risen, and the NYPD is crediting it to their controversial stop-and-frisk policy.

    Maybe they should credit it to the fact that the city have pushed out a lot of the Bantus. Unfortunately, some of them ended up in my area.

    • Conan


      A lot of former ghettos are now hipster enclaves.

  • Puggg

    If the biggest increase in life expectancy was for blacks, then this probably means that stop and frisk was the factor most responsible, rather than improving health care.

  • JohnEngelman

    I have been stopped and frisked by police officers several times. I was glad they were doing their jobs. I had no contraband with me, not even a Playboy magazine.

    I want the police to be in the faces of young black ghetto thugs.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      I agree. I have never been stopped by the police, but I wouldn’t mind being stopped if it meant they could stop Jamal and Shaniqua too. I wouldn’t support such invasive police procedures in a homogeneous white country, but it is the only way to keep minority violence under control in a diverse country.

      • JohnEngelman

        When the police stop me I move slowly and keep my hands in sight so that they know that I am not reaching for a gun. I always carry pepper spray. I would not carry a concealed handgun unless I had a permit to carry it.

      • ATBOTL


    • freddy_hills

      I’m the same. I was stopped and searched on occasion when I was younger. And one was an illegal search of my vehicle. But I didn’t particularly mind. That’s part of their job and I’m glad they’re doing it. I’m sure there are some bad apples who take advantage of their authority. I’ve run into a couple of pushy officers. But mostly they were alright.

      • ATBOTL

        You are not a man. You’re a dog.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Blacks cry and cry over a lack of justice and police “racism” with these stop and frisk policies, yet they work. They hate real solutions that target black thug criminals. They want more police to protect them, then when they arrive they want them to leave because “dey be raciss yo”. They want their cake and to eat it too.

    • K

      It’s very simple. The essence of the black demand in America is to be rewarded for all positive things that they haven’t done, and be excused for all negative things that they *have* done. This is the essence of black/DWL “logic.”

  • bigone4u

    That “duty to prevent violent crime” are the words of a fine police officer. Thank you Deputy Inspector Christopher McCormack. As for Officer Pedro Serrano, justice, sir, would be served if you are killed in the line of duty by someone you refused to investigate because of your concern with “racial profiling.” Should you live in spite of your stupidity, let me opine that you are a disgrace.

  • APaige

    The stop and frisk policy makes rational sense, but I have to admit I do not like the police being able to frisk someone just by appearance. If it is increasing the life expectancy of blacks…like the policy a little less.

  • a multiracial individual

    I have been stopped and frisked by police about 20 times in my life. They always let me go because I did not give them any lip.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    “New York City’s plummeting murder rate may have increased the average life expectancy for residents of the Big Apple has risen, and ”

    Does nobody effin’ proofread anymore? Diversity and the sinking IQ/standards of the West…

    • K

      There’s a certain major race realist blog whose members almost seem to take pride in their illiterate punctuation and grammatical skills. I think they believe it makes them look like feisty rebels or something, but it really just makes them look stupid. Our language is one of the pillars of our culture, and the inability to use it properly just another sign of loss of pride in our culture.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        What is it? I’m curious now.

        I mean look at that – first “sentence” is an obvious run on. Not even buried deep in the middle of the piece. I almost stopped reading it right there. There’s no excuse. Sloppy.

  • StillModerated

    God help us! This policy reduces crime, therefore the ACLU shysters will move to ban it.

    • blight14

      Well, per the results of this study, perhaps we SHOULD end the practice of ‘stop and frisk’…….allow Darwinism to yield its sweet fruits…….

      • StillModerated

        I’d prefer that Darwinism yielding its fruits take place on another continent and that Western Civ. proceed without cement overshoes. SM

        • blight14

          Indeed…or perhaps another solar system…….B

  • blight14

    Ok, I’m on board now, END ‘Stop & Frisk’………….lol………………


    Remember that the people behind “stop and frisk” would like nothing better than to confiscate guns from all Americans. They are not our friends. This is about keeping the anti-white, largely non-European 1% elite safe.

    The real reason crime is down in NYC is that blacks and Puerto Ricans have been pushed out of the city by rising rents and have been replaced with lower crime immigrants like Chinese, Indians, Peruvians and of course, gentrifying yuppies.

  • rebelcelt

    Any excuse to trample over the constitution. But, what is different from a Terry stop? (terry vs Ohio)?