Pat Buchanan Calls ‘Gang of 8’ Proposal Acts of ‘Madness,’ ‘Suicidal Folly’ for GOP

Jeff Poor, Daily Caller, April 22, 2013

Conservative columnist Pat Buchanan says the “Gang of Eight” immigration reform bill will, if passed, threaten national security and destroy the Republican Party’s ability to compete on a national level.

Buchanan, author of “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?” told radio host Laura Ingraham on Monday that passing a “blanket pardon” of illegal immigrants would be “an act of madness,” particularly in the wake of last week’s terrorist attacks in Boston.

“It’s been one week since something like 178 to 180 Americans—three of them murdered—but 178 injured, maimed and wounded by two individuals who were immigrants to this country who were asylum seekers and granted asylum and given benefits,” Buchanan said. “They were newcomers to America, and the idea that we would be considering amnesty—a blanket pardon for all 11 or 12 or 20 million, or however many millions of illegal immigrants are in the country—[that] we would be considering a blanket pardon is an act of madness.”

“I mean what the United States ought to do and what Marco Rubio and the others ought to do is say what we need to get into law is these enforcement mechanisms we’re working on at the border,” he continued. “Get all the enforcement mechanisms and drop the amnesty until we find out who these folks are and who is in this country. This is ridiculous, absurd that the United States should be thinking about amnesty for 11 or 12 million people right now.”


“[W]hat is the reason Republicans are doing it?” Buchanan said. “You and I know, Laura—they were terrified by the fact that they lost the Hispanic vote 71-to-27 [percent]. I think there were many other reasons why they did that but that’s what they believe, and they’re in a political panic because of this, which is all fine and politicians in panic do various things. But, right now amnesty for 11 or 12 million people that we do not know—we do not know where they are or who they are—a blanket amnesty, it seems to me, is almost an act of suicidal folly.”

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  • Beyond any doubt if amnesty goes through my state, Georgia, will become a majority Democratic state. The Republican Party must have a death wish.

    • The__Bobster

      Their leaders are taking the money and running.

      • Erasmus

        They’re selling the country out for money. I think the democrats are an odious lot, but you can’t get much lower than betraying your country and your fellow citizens for money.
        (Thirty pieces of silver, anyone?)

    • Sherman_McCoy

      They don’t call them “The Stupid Party” for nothing.

    • Nancy Slagle

      Georgia is my home state, too, and Gwinnett County has become practically bilingual. My oldest is in one of the nicest, best performing high schools, and they “proudly” proclaimed that 92 different languages are spoken there (like this was a positive quality). She’s got 2 more years before college, and then my husband and I are taking the other kids and getting the hell out of Dodge. We plan to relocate to Salt Lake City, where it took me an entire WEEK to count 10 non-white, non-Asian minority individuals when we were just there last week. Whitopia, here we come!

      Care to join us, Jesse James?

      • saxonsun

        And we pray it stays that way.

  • David Ashton

    “Liberalism is the ideology of western suicide” (James Burnham – 50 years ago!).

  • The people who support the Republican Party are supposed to be smarter than the democrats, yet too many of them will blindly vote Rubio 2016 simply because he has an R by his name.
    Marco needs to be neutralized before he has a chance to take root. Let him and his liberal RINOS lose next year at midterms.

  • IstvanIN

    Pat is usually correct.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Yes. And he’s paid a very heavy price for it too.


  • The__Bobster

    I’ve voted for Pat in the past and would do it again. Let’s just hope he picks a better running mate this time.

    • IstvanIN

      Sadly he is too old and besides the Republicans hate him.

      • Erasmus

        F*** the republicans. They are now become as useless as t*ts on a bull.
        -signed, an independent conservative

        • dd121

          Guess you’ve noticed: Republicans don’t represent conservatives at all.

          • edie

            somehow the dims infiltrated the repubs and we end up with all these rinos and faux repubs to where now, the repubs are dead…………

            they’ve become the demonrat party lite

            so now what?

        • edie

          we need to start a third party soon!!!

          or better organize the tea party or something…………

          2014 is next year………

      • edie

        not to mention the media

    • RisingReich

      Yeah – I still don’t get why he did that.

      • Pelagian

        Easy. He was hoping it would take the sting out of the “racism” barbs which were holding him back. If he could have gotten the 16% that initial polls showed he had before the barbs from the usual parties started coming, … he could have become viable … at least for a 2004 run, … at which time Ezola Foster would have been too old to run anyway.

    • Pelagian

      He was thisclose to getting Jimmy Hoffa Jr. as running mate, I believe. That would have rocked the establishment.

  • Puggg

    they were terrified by the fact that they lost the Hispanic vote 71-to-27 [percent]

    And their terror would be relevant if the only people allowed to vote are Hispanics. But last I looked, white people can and do vote.

    • Steve33

      Amnesty would affect any state that’s on the tipping point between Dem and Rep. It would favor Dems.

    • edie

      and imagine if we had someone we were very enthused about voting for……….

  • The__Bobster

    Working my way through the intimidating backlog of One Old Vet’s Amnesty news compendiums accumulated since I last wrote on them, I find in Friday’s 57-strong collection the transcript of Rush Limbaugh’s interview with Marco Rubio EIB Interview: Why, Senator Rubio? April 18, 2013

    In this Limbaugh, who really understands the immigration issue, asked an extremely penetrating question:

    The last time you were here, you were very certain — you assured everybody — that until the border was secure, there would not be legalization of a pathway to citizenship. Now people who’ve seen the bill say that what actually happens is that the legalization does take place and that then there’s a commission that has 10 years to figure out border security.

    Which is true?

    (The bill had actually been made public at 2-25AM (!) that morning)

    Rubio dealt with this awkward query by lying:

    The Department of Homeland Security has …the following goal: a hundred percent awareness of border, 90% apprehension. They have five years to meet that standard. If in five years the border is not 90% apprehension, 100% awareness, they lose control of the border issue to a commission that is not a Washington commission. It is a commission that will largely be driven by the governors of the border states.

    • Erasmus

      Rubio is to Jeb Bush what Miss Lindsey is to Grandpappy McCain. Grasp that and Rubio’s fundamental hypocrisy becomes obvious.

    • Anon12

      Hope Rubio gets his comeuppance soon! He is only vying for POTUS and thinks the “hispanic” illegals will think of him fondly for passing that amnesty bill. Which won’t work so Rubio all of a sudden will switch parties and run as a Dem…That is his plan all along.

  • Erasmus

    Buchanan is a national treasure. He is one of the few republicans left on the right to speak the truth. When the GOP signs on to amnesty, its days, along with the US’s, are over.

    • edie

      millions of white men feel exactly like Pat. The media scowls at them and calls the tea party, or angry white men…………… just like they call Pat those names.

      • George White

        Yes, he represents us….in fact he’s just about the only one who reps us.

        • edie

          he’s not the best we could do…………….

          he’s just better than most

      • Erasmus

        Which explains precisely why the MSM are becoming ever more irrelevant to the national conversation.

        • roger

          I wish they were……….. but it seems with this administration, the media go hand in hand………… they don’t need popularity, they can get gov. grants and tax monies….

    • NeanderthalDNA

      “Conservative columnist Pat Buchanan says the “Gang of Eight” immigration reform bill will, if passed, threaten national security and destroy the Republican Party’s ability to compete on a national level.”

      He must be a racist…makes too much sense.

      • Erasmus

        Logic and clear-headed analysis are tools of the white devils – Logic be raciss’!
        *sarcasm off*

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    I sense panic in the open borders/amnesty camp. My panic gauge is amnesty enthusiast David Brooks, the “conservative” New York Times columnist who “debates” leftist Mark Shields every Friday evening on PBS News-Hour. For weeks, Brooks has been gleeful at the prospects for “comprehensive immigration reform” For example:

    April 12, 2013

    DAVID BROOKS: “Yes, so this is the best news of all . . . the immigration is just a sheer — if you are for comprehensive reform — a sheer win . . . a bill which I think has got border security for the people who care about that . . . It’s a pretty robust piece of legislation. It’s impressive.”

    What a difference one week makes! And not because of Boston’s immigrant-inspired terrorism:

    April 19, 2013

    DAVID BROOKS: “I’m a little bit dubious that it [the Boston bombing] will have a huge effect on immigration reform . . . I have become much more pessimistic, even in the Senate.”

    Let’s do what we can to keep Mr. Brooks pessimistic. You can find the Washington telephone numbers of your two senators and representative in seconds by Googling “contact your senator” or “contact your representative.”

    Remember, the young person answering the phone is not your enemy. See if you can make her/him your ally. Low-key is the best approach.

  • dd121

    Some older people, like Pat, just keep getting wiser and wiser.

  • JohnEngelman

    When condemning the tendency of corporate capitalism to close factories in the United States, and move production to third world countries, while destroying working class neighborhoods in the process Pat Buchanan wrote, “Conservatives should ask themselves what they are trying to conserve.”

    • Jerrybear

      Buchanan is one of the few conservatives who never bought into the ‘free’ trade nonsense that is helping to destroy the country. The people who swear by free trade also happen to be big supporters of open borders. It’s all about the supply and demand of labor and how big business can squeeze every penny out of human labor worldwide. Export jobs to third world countries while importing millions to work as serfs for the elites. It’s too bad most of these elites will be dead or in guarded communities when their planned dystopia is reached.

      • David Ashton

        Big business and revolutionary leftists, consciously or not, have a shared goal: a nationless, spiritless, globalized racial mixture from which they benefit as a controlling directorate.

      • Realist

        Although big businessmen are into the whole dysgenic-population-control-NWO, we should see that the nature of business/capitalism is not monolithic but rather the product of history and thus, heterogeneous. For instance, some Rockefellers create endowments for “Human Values” and international religion, but they are mostly living off of trust funds and so, have no specifically economic power in economic affairs. Likewise we should know that a lot of pretty nice stuff exists in America even though, these things are technically “Foreign owned”. As of today, we get our beers from foreign owned Anheuser busch, our games/electronics from the Japanese Square-Enix/Sony, 50-60% of the ice cream market is controlled by Dutch-British Unilever Co., etc. While we should also note that although profits and politics go together, the relation certainly is not essential or organic. For instance, the Swiss medical Co. Roche is now growing faster (in percentage change of profits (26%) than our politically connected monolith J.P. Morgan & Chase (9.2%). Globally Exxon Mobil is only #2 while Royal Dutch Shell is #1 and yet, I don’t believe our government is in any danger of being subverted by the Dutch . The impact this globalization has had on unemployment has been no where near as negative as the impact of our homegrown bankers.

        • Jerrybear

          Our banking system is corrupt. I’m not going to argue with that but our government has a duty to have moderate protections on American industries. Instead they export jobs and import cheap labor to displace Americans. Free trade isn’t an awful idea with other first world nations. We need fair trade with the goal to benefit the United States. Trading with protectionist China with almost zero tarrifs is insane.

  • bigone4u

    Muzzies bomb, Mexicans steal, Africans demand free goodies. All of them practice a voodoo religion of one type or another. The economics of immigration demands a cost/benefit analysis. With these groups, it’s all cost and no benefit. Stop all immigration of nonwhites NOW.

    • Bossman

      Mexicans are still the ones working the fields so there is some benefits from them. The Africans were originally brought in as slaves to work on the plantations.

      • Realist

        Are there even any fields left? Aren’t most fruits and stuff that Americans eat (ironically) produced in Mexico and not in the US? What would we really lose if “the fields” were gone?

        The things we would lose are probably some workers in well-known restaurants. But I was never a fan of Chipotle anyways.

        • purestocles

          “Are there even any fields left?”

          There are “fields left”, but what’s grown on them is no longer food.

          I used to live on the West Coast and our grocery stores were stocked exclusively with California grown cucumbers and tomatoes etc. They hardly qualify as food. Looked okay, but tasted like cardboard.

          I moved, just so I could enjoy the taste and smell of a real tomato before I died. Like the ones I remember from my boyhood in the midwest.

          Californians love to trumpet the wonder that is the Imperial Valley or whatever valley, and the miracle of their volcanic soil and what not. In reality, their’s is the absolute worst produce I’ve tasted anywhere in the world. It’s manufactured, not grown.

      • Greg Thomas

        We have 25 million illegal invading mexicans currently squatting on U.S. spoil and less than 1% of them “work in the fields.” So what are the rest of them doing boss?

      • Anon12

        They take MORE of our TAX DOLLARS than they will ever BENEFIT us. YOU know that yet you continue with your little charade on this site. NO ONE here listens to your garbage because we KNOW who and what you are.

  • Bobby

    Pat says the GOP is guilty of “madness and “suicidal tendencies”
    The way I feel about the issue is that, Pat continually shows a talent for understatement.

  • But dont tell that to Rand ‘sellout’ Paul, Mike ‘Huckaberry’, Sean ‘Vannity’, they will say we need “diversity” in the GOP or the nation is doomed.

    • Romulus

      The only way we will keep our nation (sadly), is if we tell the truth to our women. Unless our birthrate goes up, we WILL lose our country to brown people. There is no other way. ………. Unless!!!!!!, the fuels that keep this ginormous machine running go into depletion(oil,coal,LNGAS,URANIUM). When there isn’t enough supply to scale for growth(the economy)then it will crash. Then the strong(armed) will prevail. Under no circumstances whatsoever should you ever give up the second amendment. Even if all the other bill of rights get thrown in the trash.
      For greater analysis, PLEASE READ
      1) the long emergency by James Howard kunstler
      2) the dispossessed majority by Willmott Robertson
      3) the death of the West by Patrick j. Buchanan

      • roger

        ‘our’ women don’t listen too good — that’s why we didn’t let them take part in those kind of decisions until 1921 or so

        our nation is gone, it just takes a while for the tree to fall over and hit the ground

      • Anon12

        It would take thousands of YEARS for White/men and women to have enough WHITE kids to do us any good whatsoever. When many White men and women nowadays will have mixed race kids, period! The only chance we have it to insist on our White homeland and then White kids will follow.

        The NON-white races will out breed us 10 to 1 if they are allowed into our nations, so what good will it ever be by allowing them to remain here? NONE!

  • Anon12

    But, right now amnesty
    for 11 or 12 million people that we do not know—we do not know where
    they are or who they are—a blanket amnesty, it seems to me, is almost an
    act of suicidal folly.”

    Come on Pat! You know darn well for any other race coming into our land is suicidal folly! You say, “but, for right now”…what is that suppose to mean….maybe in the near future we can give them amnesty but just not right now? Tell the truth Pat!

    • Bossman

      There will be no such thing as “blanket amnesty.” The unauthorized immigrants will need to come forward and be registered, pay a fine and any back taxes, be on a ten-year probation period. And only then will they be considered for permanent residency.

      • Anon12

        LOL!!!! and of course you believe that same ole nonsense they have been spewing for DECADES now? The incompetent/lying government we have is going to do background checks on those who have all FAKED documents now? They are going to let them pay back taxes, pay a fine, and have a 10 year “probation” period? Where is your BRAIN? Those are all LIES to fool people such as yourself (if you ARE white, that is). They want to legalize ALL of them even the criminals and gang bangers. WAKE UP!

      • Greg Thomas

        The law mandates they be deported. Anything else is a perversion of law and a reward for violating not only our immigration laws, but sovereignty as well. How does mexico treat those who violate their sovereighty boss?

        • roger

          since when is the law a consideration about these matters?

      • edie

        in your dreams

    • Buchanan has always spoken and worked for people on the immigration issues. He’s 100% on our side. Stop ragging on solid people on our side. Stop enabling traitors who are working for the mass amnesty (Paul Ryan, Linsey Graham, John McCain, Rubio)

      • Anon12

        WHAT? I love Pat! I am just pointing out that he said “But, RIGHT NOW”!!!! We do not EVER need it let alone “”for right now”!!!!

  • Exoplanet Finder

    I agree. Buchanan is a national hero who deserves a very high honor. Can you think of anyone in the national spotlight who actually cares about this country as much as he does, and fights day in and day out for its well being? He doesn’t use paranoia, he balances his arguments with razor sharp precision, and yes, it is unfortunate that he is getting up there in age, but it just means he is paving the way. Buchanan is a lion, like Geert Wilders, and that iron will frightens every leftist and neocon because deep down, they know he is right. As more of us take after him, Jared, Canadian professor Ricardo Duchesne and others, the dessication of their corrupted worldview will be more and more out in the open.

  • Secret Tribunal

    Reagan’s Conservative party is now the Auschwitz Revenge party.

    • Thanks, I’ll listen. Another great voice of reason is Dr. Kevin MacDonald. Do a search for some of his radio interviews.

  • Anon12

    This needs to be our White call to action song.. We will not back down, EVER. Maybe Pat can play this every time he is allowed on TV….

  • Archimedes_777


    Mr. Buchanan is 100% right. The left-wing media is trying to con Republicans into helping Democrats import more Democrats and destroy USA by tricking them into voting for Amnesty. They are fraudulent calling this racket “comprehensive immigration reform” when it is, in reality, “national deform” and the death knell of USA.

    90% of these 3rd world aliens will always vote for the Democratic party, which is interested in importing poor 3rd world aliens to vote for them and help win elections, and to hell with the country. The Republicans will not be able to win any votes by posing as pseudo-democrats. It will make the Republican party’s “Demographic problem” worse, not better.

    The world population is now over 6 billion and keeps exploding. Most of these people are in poor destitute 3rd world countries, desperate and willing to kill to make a living.

    With so much unemployment, trillion dollar deficits, water shortages, urban sprawl and mile long congestions, this 3rd most populous nation on earth (after China and India) should be totally banning immigration, not importing more aliens. Alienism is a crime against humanity. We cannot fit the whole world here.

    We cannot defuse the world’s population bomb by creating our own immigration bomb.

    The Republicans are digging their own grave by helping Democrats import more Democrats and turn the nation into a 3rd world gutter with the majority of poor desperate Democrats, so they Democratic party can have a permanent majority and can thus establish an unopposed police state.

    • George White

      Undocumented democrats. GOP suicide.

    • edie

      it doesn’t matter if they vote for dems or not…………
      soon enough, latin americans will vote themselves to lead america……..
      they stick together racially and are a tad smarter than blacks and they will own america in 20 years………. they own parts of it now………

  • mobilebay

    The gangsters of eight have no intention of checking the background of the border jumpers. With the fake, forged and stolen IDs, their true identies will never be known. But what the heck, the ocho say, let’s just give ’em amnesty anyway. We need the drunk drivers, pedophiles, murderers, abusers, etc. because… they’ll vote for us! Let’s hear it for diversity!

  • SmithandSmith

    Will anyone ever take these liars to task over this “eleven/twelve million” lie? That figure has been thrown around for well over a decade now and everyone knows, even those with pea brains know that there are over a million illegal aliens who pour in every year and then there’s the over a million legal aliens who are allowed in every single year which, God only knows how many of them turn into illegal aliens via their refusal to be honest and return home when they’re supposed to.

    An educated guesstimate is thirty million illegal aliens if not more due to their propensity for breeding like cockroaches.

    As for Congress, they’re trying to seal their future (keeping their Seats for themselves and for their own clans forever) but what they stupidly forget is that when their chosen non-whites are done destroying us, they’ll be coming for them too.

    • Anon12


      I say this all the time and these stupid neocon talk radio hosts STILL repeat that d…lie!

      • SmithandSmith

        The neo-cons are in on it. Have you noticed how the muslims (Boston) are referred to as boys, brothers, by their actual names and of course, U.S. Citizens and Americans? They call them anything and everything except muslims. They believe that by using that sort of verbiage that it will make Americans forget that it was islam and the fact that those two muslims who attacked us were muslims. Same applies when they try to separate islam from islam with their “extremism/radicalization/ vs. moderate” lie.

        Ali Sina ( said it best when he told me that the only difference between so-called moderate muslims and extreme muslims is the timing of jihad. He also says there is no such thing as a moderate muslim and he’s right of course.

        Same goes for “undocumented immigrant” and “honest, hard-working” and “seeking a better life” as if that will take away the fact that they commit tons of crimes ranging from Identity Theft to Theft of Welfare and Public Services to Murder and Rape and Theft of Jobs and on and on it goes.

    • edie

      40 million +

      • American Tax Payer

        Thank You. I know you’re right but I personally believe we’re both wrong because it stands well above that.

        You know that unending stream of Illegal Swimming, Climbing, Walking and Flying Third World Immigrant Legal and/or Illegal Aliens pouring into Our Country every single second of every single minute of every single hour of every single day is happening and for why?

  • How about stopping the amnesty because of another attack that took place. Anyone remember 9/11? Wasn’t that supposedly done by immigrants? After 9/11, our borders remained wide open. Arab Muslims continued coming here with no background checks. Muhammad Atta was granted a Visa by our legal immigration system 6 months after the 9/11 attacks. Unfortunately, most white Americans are more afraid of being called racist than seeing their nation destroyed.

    • I always use the Mohamed Ata 9/11/01 terrorist attack to argue for immigration control. I note that Switzerland, Israel and Japan don’t allow murderous terrorists to flood in to their countries, why should we?

      This argument works with everyone except die hard White haters and idiot conspiracy theory kooks who insist 9/11 was all an inside job and Muslim immigrants had nothing to do with the mass murder of our people in our country.

  • NYB

    “[W]hat is the reason Republicans are doing it?” (supporting citizenship for 11 – 12 million illegal foreign nationals)

    Because the illegals are consuming 42 billion kw of electric energy per year, consuming 137 billion gallons of water per year, and spending 72 billion dollars a year on food. Rent and other goods and services like telecommunications and housewares also run into the billions.

    To suddenly remove this amount of consumption from the economy would ‘solve’ shortages of housing, energy, education, healthcare, and utilities. Struggling white families would actually get some breathing room, at the expense of the wealthy stakeholders.

    The financiers of Washington would launch dagger attacks on the Republicans if they caused the deportation that many consumers.

  • s shadow

    `A pretty good stand for Pat. Ann Coulter was on Hannity tonite and changed a discussion of Boston to immigration quickly. She has become quite intense on the issue in recent times. It’s not simply conservative vs liberal anymore. She raises the issue of bringing in the wrong kind of immigrants in very strongly. She commonly pounds on the 65 Immigration Act. Strangly, when Hannity tries to interrupt her, she talks over him, and he allows it. It’s as though he allows her to say what he can’t say. Maybe it is a secret agreement. Good. Regarding boston, as Rahm Emmanuel said “Never let a good crisis go to waste. The ball is in the right’s court now.

  • QueFah

    Deport them all, regardless of the cost, starting with Barry Soetoro. BTW, how did immigration work out for Native Americans ?

    • Morris LeChat

      Followed by Rubio

    • Anon12

      BTW, how did immigration work out for Native Americans ? ————————————————————————

      Pretty d…good, wouldn’t you say? They get reservations, they get us dummies to give them everything free. From free Welfare, food stamps, housing, education, SSI/SSA, They get all these casinos that we could never qualify for. They get “sovereign ” nation status while we lose ours!

      I would say they have it made in the shade….we are the ones who got the shaft!

  • blight14

    I believe the term used to describe this willful flooding of western nations with 3rd world vermin is ‘Never Again’…………..allegedly……………….

  • DelmarJackson

    People forget what Pat wrote about Rubio back in December 2011.

    …”Last week, Sen. Marco Rubio, rising star of the Republican right, on everyone’s short list for VP, called for a unanimous vote, without debate, on a resolution directing President Obama to accept Georgia’s plan for membership in NATO at the upcoming NATO summit in Chicago.

    Rubio was pushing to have the U.S. Senate pressure Obama into fast-tracking Georgia into NATO, making Tbilisi an ally the United States would be obligated by treaty to go to war to defend.

    Now it is impossible to believe a senator, not a year in office, dreamed this up himself. Some foreign agent of Scheunemann’s ilk had to have had a role in drafting it.

    And for whose benefit is Rubio pushing to have his own countrymen committed to fight for a Georgia that, three years ago, started an unprovoked war with Russia? Who cooked up this scheme to involve Americans in future wars in the Caucasus that are none of our business?”
    Pat identified Rubio as a weasel in dec 2011.
    Pat is my hero, and I am a freakin democrat.
    I don’t agree with pat on all social issues, but Pat was right on the war, on jobs, on trade, on immigration, and on our countrys future.

  • Morris LeChat

    The GOP is already dead, it just doesn’t know it yet. It was the party of white people, but it decided it was “better” than that, now it is the party of NO people

  • AfricanAmericanPerson

    This man’s books have truly changed my life. State of Emergency is superb. Although it makes me so angry that I can’t bare to reread it whenever I try to. Conservatives, especially race realists, really need to take over the mass media in order to get facts like those he compiles in his books out to the mainstream. I think the mass media and education system have now become a fourth branch of government, like Ann Coulter says. So much power in the written word.

  • Anon12

    Listened to a conservative talk show host last night out of San Diego. He is not for amnesty. He said in the “comprehensive ” bill is the DOUBLING of the LEGAL immigration(nonwhites) into our country. The gov. won’t tell you but we allow at the very least 2 million LEGALS a year! That is compared to what ole Teddy said would never be over 250,000 a year…Remember?

    That bill will also double or triple REFUGEES (nonwhites) each year that we take in. It will give automatic citizenship to all these illegals. It will also bring in family members for all these groups of people. So add another 30 or 60 million of family members alone!

    Now, if Whites do not see what “they” were trying to do to us since 1965, then they are completely hopeless and are of no use to us realists whatsoever. If this is not stopped White America is OVER. Now we can absolutely see that the 1965 Immigration Act was to FLOOD White America for the take over. Their numbers alone will accomplish what the enemy within intended it to do.

    He also said that a unwed mother in Mexico with a downs syndrome kid (she never even applied for “legal” residency)was allowed to become a citizen within 2 MONTHS so she could be here because of our compassion. Now, that alone will bring in millions more from all over the 3rd world because of our “compassion”……

    Now, can you just see the rolls of SSI/SSA soaring for all these “new citzens”? They will all fall under the rules of being disabled of course. Not to mention welfare, food stamps, FREE medical, education that WE will be paying for. The crime rates will soar even higher and the costs of jails and prisons will skyrocket.

    We all need to be in the streets marching and protesting the DELIBERATE genocide of the White race and the take over of our own country. If not now, it will be far too late for us to do a d…thing to stop this insanity! So, which way will it be White man?

  • Steve33

    White people don’t have anybody speaking up for us. Our people built the country but everybody that counts wants us to become a minority in our own country. That’s what happens when you let an anti white media come into control. Repubs and Dems aren’t for us that’s for sure.

  • suicidal for the GOP? Good. I would love to see the end of the GOP. Same goes for the Dems.

    Why is it that anti-immigration advocates care so much about the future of the GOP?

    Mass immigration is bad for american citizens, bad for democracy. So focus on immigration, please. Focus on ending the anti-white propaganda. But don’t focus on saving the GOP.

    Is the anti-immigration movement online simply an outreach function of the GOP?

    Seems like it…

    The GOP aint doing NOTHING to end immigration even if the president and every single senator and rep were to be GOP. Same goes for ending affirmative action etc. GOP gives lip service and nothing more.

    Just like the Dems promised universal healthcare if elected and then pulled a bait and switch.

    Getting information to the public is the key.

    Problem is that you do not even understand the real dynamics and forces involved in politics. Not what the media and edupropaganda system puts out. But real politics.

  • Erasmus

    Americans need to remember precisely why British weasel Tony Blair’s party flooded the UK with millions of immigrants. The traitors in the Senate are now trying to flood the US with tens of millions of immigrants for the same reason.

    The democrats hate the US and their willing accomplices in the GOP are going along with amnesty for monetary gain.

  • Tannhauser

    What a shame this man was not elected over the globalist Bush I in 92′. I voted for him in 2000 over the second Bush and believe that America would be a far better place had he got 8 years in office instead of the fake conservative Bush II. Buchanan is truly a man among men.

  • Romulus

    Thank you to the liberal scum of the sixties counter-culture revolution. Particularly to Dr. roc and his pill, the porn purveyors, the sixteen original founders of the naacp. If,as a nation, we advocated embrace the 3 f’s, femme,filth,and fag,and you don’t reproduce your own people, you must import your labor. Not to mention that the more kings and queens you produce, the more serfs you need to run the system cheaply(outsourcing). The glaringly obvious result is that you end up debasing your own country.

  • WR_the_realist

    It should be self evident that amnesty will be suicidal for the Republicans. That is why nearly every Democratic representative or senator favors it. But the Republicans are called the Stupid Party for a reason. Seeing that the overwhelming majority of “people of color” vote Democratic should make the Republicans want to keep their numbers from increasing — but they vote for more immigration anyway.

  • Ralph

    Some pitiful “conservative” Whites can’t seem to figure out why their new Brown Cover–Marco Rubio–is pushing so hard for amnesty. After all, that’s not conservative. Well, of course it isn’t. Rubio is a Brown Racist and he’s motivated by skin color. He’s trying to destroy White America and turn it into a Brown America.

    • roger

      it’s more along the lines of destroying white america…….

      repubs have sold us out and will survive with their $$$

  • Dave4088

    It’s not 11-12 millions. It’s more like 30 million but the truth won’t come out until amnesty passes. Whatever enforcement provision are in the “reform” legislation won’t be enforced.

  • Dave4088

    And sorry to burst Laura’s bubble, but Latinos won’t be swayed by lame arguments that liberalism is not good for them and that dittoheadism is in their collective interests.

  • Fredrik_H

    The way I see it, they gave your guns a limited lease on life in order to make the deal to bring in yet untold millions of potential democrat voters. So in 10-20 years of time they can point to another Sandy Hook but then they won’t be satisfied with mere background checks and bans on “assault-style-high-capacity”-weapons or what-not.