Oberlin College Cancels Classes After Racist and Homophobic Incidents

Matt Williams, Guardian (London), March 4, 2013

A liberal arts college in Ohio suspended classes on Monday after a series of racist and homophobic incidents on campus.

Over the past month at Oberlin College, swastikas have been daubed on windows, gay-rights flyers defaced and a poster for Black History Month overwritten to read “Nigger History Month”.

On Monday, police were called to investigate a sighting of someone dressed as a member of the Klu Klux Klan near the college’s Afrikan Heritage House in the early hours of the morning.

That prompted officials to suspend classes “to make a strong statement about the values that we cherish here at Oberlin: inclusion, respect for others, and a strong and abiding faith in the worth of every individual”.

Officers later indicated the KKK sighting could have been a case of mistaken identity, noting that college security found a student wrapped in a blanket nearby.

Oberlin is famed for its liberal and progressive politics, and has a long tradition of promoting civil rights. It was one of the first colleges in the US to admit black students, and its list of commencement speakers includes Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Dr Martin Luther King Jr and the Rev Jesse Jackson.

More recently, Oberlin has been noted as one of the most gay-friendly colleges in the country.

Its long tradition of progressive values made the recent spate of racist and homophobic graffiti all the more jarring for students and staff.

According to college newspaper The Oberlin Review, the vandalism began on 9 February, with the defacing of Black History Month and Year of the Queer posters.

This was followed three days later with a note found in the Multicultural Resource Center that read “Nigger + Faggot Center”. A “Whites Only” notice was written above a water fountain and a swastika was drawn on a window, the college newspaper also reported.

The final straw for college staff came with Monday’s reported sighting of a suspect in KKK robes.

A joint statement from faculty including college president Marvin Krislov and dean of students Eric Estes said it involved “a person wearing a hood and robe resembling a KKK outfit” and that police were investigating.

The statement read: “This event, in addition to the series of other hate-related incidents on campus, has precipitated our decision to suspend formal classes and non-essential activities for today.”

Instead, students and staff were encouraged to “gather for a series of discussions of the challenging issues that have faced our community in recent weeks”.

Lt Mike McCloskey of Oberlin police told the Guardian on Monday that officers were still following up the KKK sighting, but suggested that the only witness may have been mistaken.

“Officers checked the area and were unable to locate anybody. College security later saw a student wrapped in a blanket.”

McCloskey suggested that the apparent missighting may have been an innocent mistake. He also indicated that those responsible for the racist vandalism had now been caught and were being dealt with.

“My understanding is that the individuals are college students and they have been identified. They are no longer on campus. The college is dealing with it internally, and we have been working in co-operation with the college.”

He added: “Charges could be happening, depending on prosecutors’ review. Our case file has been forwarded to prosecutors.”

Two students are thought to be behind the vandalism, but it is unclear if they were motivated by racial hatred, or—as has been suggested—were attempting a commentary on free speech.

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  • BernieGoetzFan

    There is a 100% chance this is yet another anti-white hoax done by a black or maybe a white lefty.

    • bubo

      Black or gay more than likely. Even straight white lefties know that they would be prosecuted or thrown out of school if they try this stuff. Gays and blacks on the other hand have run of the place.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        There is one thing we can be assure of; It wasn’t a jewish rabbi

    • No, it was done by the admissions department.

    • YngveKlezmer

      Most likely a Black perpetrator, yes, that is what I am thinking as well. Some Negro trying to defame us Whites by trying to create a “hate crime”. They do this kind of stuff all of the time. Blacks are sociopathic. By the way, your screen name is awesome!!! I remember Bernie Goetz well. Good guy.

    • Daisy

      Remember that the fake noose hung on Columbia prof, Madonna Constantine’s, door was staged by her! My first thought was this is a hoax.

    • Daisy

      What’s particularly bizarre is that everyone knows Oberlin is screamingly liberal so it’s pretty obvious that any ‘authentic’ expressions of ‘hate’ wouldn’t come from it’s own students who chose to go there. I’m also very suspicious about the gay dimension of it; it’s not *as* usual for the younger white gays to associate themselves with black people’s imaginings; after all, they too want to get a job.

      • My theory? The school’s budget is a little bit strained, and they want to sequester the rate of growth of the “Afrikan” Studies Department by a few percent. And as we all know, that will inevitably and irrevocably lead to slavery and segregation and apartheid and JIm Crow and lynchings all over the place, not to mention a bigger achievement gap and workout gap and swimming gap and drowning gap and gap gap and more food deserts and voter disenfranchisement. So it’s time to haul out the fake Kluxers and the fake nooses and the fake graffiti.

  • Alternatively, all the above incidents are racial hoaxes.

  • BernieGoetzFan

    “Two students are thought to be behind the vandalism, but it is unclear
    if they were motivated by racial hatred, or—as has been suggested—were
    attempting a commentary on free speech.”

    In other words, they were black.

    • Xerxes22

      Everytime there is one of these incidents the school should be forced to shut down for the entire semester. After a few shut downs, the school will have to do something about its diversity problem or go out of buisness.

  • Token Finn

    Dont see the hate in there. Gays are F-words. Blacks are N-words. Whites are crackers and honkeys and the only ones who don’t seem to mind. But I guess it’s hard to come up with hurtful names for things that you simultaneously lust (white women’s flesh and white men’s ingenuity). Sounds sort of fake. In either case, whites did not invent the slurs out of hate but as simple observation. It’s the liberals who set electricity to the comfy rocking chair.

  • http://gawker.com/5988307/oberlin-cancels-classes-after-figure-in-kkk-robes-spotted-near-african-heritage-house

    Update: According to a person with knowledge of faculty
    and administration discussion, faculty members had been
    told—”unofficially,” (i.e., not through official channels)—that “the
    investigation into this incident was dropped when it was discovered that
    the person responsible was someone within the MRC [the Multicultural
    Resource Center], who would be disciplined internally”; according to
    conversations with other members of the Oberlin community, this appears
    to be a widespread, and widely-believed, rumor. (The same source, who
    asked to remain anonymous, claims that the MRC, whose former director,
    Eric Estes, is now the Dean of Students, has been criticized for the
    amount of student college money it receives, and that its
    leadership has “had trouble justifying how many campus coordinators they
    have on staff.”)

    • edie

      no surprise there………… most of us expected the typical fraud

    • sbuffalonative

      Either they were trying to ‘send an important message about homo-negro-lesbian-TG-phobia’, or, like the Southern Poverty Law Center, they knew their only source of income was to create an enemy and then wait and watch for they sympathy and funding to pour in.

    • StillModerated

      What color was the perp?

    • Uh-Oh

      I wish they could have held off on that announcement until Al Sharpton had his say.

      • sbuffalonative

        I used to wonder about that; how Al and Jesse knew which dog to pick in the fight but I think I figured it out.

        The reason is that, had it been real, they wouldn’t have known about it and they would have known to react.

        The fact that they didn’t react tells us that someone in the network knew about this false flag so they knew not to respond.

  • MekongDelta69

    I literally was LMAO when I read this hypocritical, puking nonsense.

    I’m gonna file a complaint with the Afrikan Heritage House and the people who run the Year Of The Queer campaign. And I’m REALLY mad they left of charges of ‘sexism’ and ‘colonialism’ and ‘Islamophobia’.

    I’m also gonna wail and moan because this was as ‘jarring’ to me as it was “jarring for students and staff” who got such a case of the vapors and their panties in a bunch that it “precipitated our decision to suspend formal classes and non-essential activities for today.”

    But everything might work out ok.
    After all, they DID post this:
    That prompted officials to suspend classes ‘to make a strong statement about the values that we cherish here at Oberlin: inclusion, respect for others, and a strong and abiding faith in the worth of every individual.’

    But then again, I forgot that doesn’t include straight, white, conservative male American citizens.

    And I was ‘jarred’ and will ‘suspend’ posting… for 10 minutes.

  • bigone4u

    Whether a hoax or not, I love the way the university’s overreaction exposes the paranoia of whites in positions of power. They take up the cause of blacks, homosexuals, and every other allgegedly persecuted group except their own. A white girl can be raped, a white boy murdered on campus and there MIGHT be a candlelight vigil, but let somebody write the word n****** on a bathroom wall and my goodness: ” CLASSSES CANCELLED! Let’s all meet in the quad and pay respect to the diversity gods.” What pathetic losers these people are.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Such a good point. Being a racist is worse than being a murderer or a rapist in the eyes of the mentally ill liberals.

      • Carolina

        That’s right. OJ kills whites goes free. Furmann says en-word and goes to jail.

    • Gay Black Man

      Your comments are total racist and homophobic nonsense.

      • bigone4u

        Guess what, pal? I don’t care what you think.

        • StillModerated

          Quite frankly, I’m glad you’re offended.

          • Gay Black Man

            It seems you and others like you have not learned your lessons form this past November. Continue to offended and engage in hostile behavior toward non-Whites whose support you will need and you will soon go the way of the Whigs.

          • bubo

            Republicans may go the way of the Whigs? Don’t throw us in that brier patch. Most of us realize that the Repubs and Conservatice Inc. are just the opposite side of the same coin. The sooner they disappear and a real alternate party takes it’s place the better.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            I hope the Republicants DO go the way of the Whigs so we can have a truly white party. Oh, and I hope GayBlackMan goes the way of AIDS.

          • Rachel

            Why would you want anyone to die of such a disease. This comment is disgraceful and unnecessary.

          • Samantha


          • robinbishop34

            Oh… that was beautiful. I see we went to bed tonight with our usual sense of smug self assurance and our Lifetime channel code of ethics? I wouldn’t take that luxury for granted much longer if I were you. Fair warning.

          • StillModerated

            Quite frankly, my dear, I glad that you too are offended!

          • ms_anthro

            What’s good for the goose…

          • Gay Black Man

            Even though I disagree with most of the insane commentary on this website, I would never, ever wish that any of my detractors would die of a disease of any sort, especially one such as AIDS that have decimated millions of lives.

            You are truly a cold, and evil person.

          • YngveKlezmer

            I don’t believe you for a minute. Why are you here?? Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the rest of the Black Power gang is where you belong. You are only on here to instigate, and disrupt our community. If you had some decency and respect, you would head to a Black website, and respect our rights to enjoy our online community.

          • Steve

            Actually, he probably does show more decency by posting on this website as opposed to a Black Shartpton, Jesse Jackson hustling, paranoid hate Whitey website,

          • StillModerated

            Not to mention racist, sexist, chauvinist, homophobic, libtarded, and quite possibly — anti-semitic.

          • The Worlds Scapegoat

            “Even though I disagree with most of the insane commentary on this
            website, I would never, ever wish that any of my detractors would die of
            a disease of any sort, especially one such as AIDS that have decimated
            millions of lives.”

            You would only hope that their wives and daughters were raped by your brothers.

          • ms_anthro

            Your kinsmen prey on our kind with the most sadistic and brutal violence ever seen on the face of the planet. We know evil when we see it, and words on an internet page aren’t it.

          • mistermark123

            What a vile thing to say. And sadly, I think your comment represents the majority here. No wonder your “cause” is losing more and more support every day.

          • ms_anthro

            Keep telling yourself that. Our numbers grow exponentially each day. Or do you not read the comments sections of articles? You are outnumbered.

          • Strong and Fit

            You sound like one of those little punk ass boys (White, Black and Asian) in high school who were in the glee club or nerd groups. You obviously still are a wimpy, whiny prick. As a jock I would have f*cked with you big time. I would have made your life miserable you gay crybaby!

          • PesachPatriot

            you sound kind of gay yourself with a handle like strong and fit….big strong jocks that dominate high school social scenes end up fat, beer bellied middle aged losers talking like al bundy about past gridiron glories…i’m not enamored of the initial poster but seriously dude…ooh what a tough guy picking on queers…I took a lot of cow manure from jocks in middle school simply because I didn’t care about america’s bread and circuses(pro sports) and would rather read books, play video games and hang out with other non-jocks

          • Edward

            So true Pesach Patriot.. So you felt all big and strong by picking on and beating up small guys half your size. You are an a*shole!

          • Edward

            I was referring to Strong and Fit before his post was removed.

          • PesachPatriot

            I have never in my life picked on someone smaller than myself, either verbally or physically…I generally ignored taunting but if some strutting alpha male douchebag put his hands on me for being a “nerd” I resisted to the fullest extent possible. Its funny how jocks feel all tough when they have the entire football or baseball team behind them…they never liked fighting or trash talking one on one. I have been called an a hole many times in life…doesn’t really bother me…

          • Edward

            Sorry , I wasn’t talking about you. I was agreeing with you in regards to your comments about Strong and Fit. I referred to him as an a*shole.

          • bigone4u

            Whites don’t need the support of nonwhites. We need you to stop killing us, raping us, and sponging off us.

          • ms_anthro

            We don’t really need them to stop. We can easily make them stop, if we get the will to do what has to be done. And that is happening as more and more whites wake up across the world.

            We don’t need rattlesnakes to stop being venomous and vicious. We just need to nurture the self-preservation instincts that keep us from bringing them into our homes as pets. They can’t help what they are, but we can decide what to do about them.

          • Luca

            It is not against the law to offend someone, it’s called free speech, I believe you liberals call it “promoting a dialogue”. As for engaging in hostile behavior, try preaching that in your community, we really could use a little less murder, rape, armed robbery and the like. Focus on that for a while.

            If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

          • ncpride

            Please. As if Republicans would ever get that support you claim we need, no matter how much they pander. Do your research, and you’ll see most of us here are no fans of the GOP to begin with. They haven’t represented us in decades, so good riddance to them.

          • The Worlds Scapegoat

            Gay black man is probably not black; he is a fat Abe Foxman lookalike that desires gay black men

          • Lifelong Jock

            You are probably one of theose small 5’5 to 5’7 140-150 lbs at best little liberal self rigtheous gay weakilings who engage in smug arguments. You just the kind of little fag I would like to meet in a dark alley, knock your teeth out and make you suck my cock with not teeth you little Black pansy!

          • Daisy

            You and yours haven’t learned the real lesson: Obama won in ’08 by 7 percentage points of the popular vote; compare that to the margin Reagan won over Mondale (hint: the dems only carried one state, Mondale’s own). Obama and the Democrats should have won in a landslide. This past November he only won by less than 1 percentage point, and many white people in swing states simply refused to vote. The tide has turned and white people are rising up; the times, they are a-changing. This comes from a former Howard Dean campaign organizer!

      • Tom Iron

        Most of the sweetest, caring, wonderful people I know are racists.

        • Frank

          Good one! Who cares some self righteous, liberal Black queer thinks.

          • Gay Black Man

            You and your despicable ignorant ignorant (like those of some of your fellow posters) demonstrates your rampant ignorance.

        • YngveKlezmer

          Likewise!! The old generations were awesome, but the Lefties are now trying to teach the kids that the old folks were terrible people because they were racial realists. They just loved their heritage, and saw the reality of Negro behavior.

      • Tyrone Ooks

        Why is this comment allowed here?

      • BernieGoetzFan

        How so? Whites are routinely victimized by blacks on college campuses and other areas yet there is never any outrage comparable to what Oberlin is doing. When I went to college in DC in the 90s a white student was killed by blacks yet they never shut down the campus or gave any thought to condemning that racism.

        • Gay Black Man

          There were a number of Black and other non-White students who were the victims of racially motivated attacks on college campuses during the late 1980s/early 1990s. Several of the stories made national headlines.

          • IstvanIN

            Most violent crimes are committed by presumably heterosexual black males. Blacks have very little to fear from whites. White on black crime is rare. Why don’t you post on some homie web site and tell your “straight” bros to act like human beings instead of telling us about the couple of bad white guys from the 1980s or 90s. We know their are bad whites, bad Chinese and bad everything else, the fact remains black males are the worst of all. And how often are black children beaten or burned to death by white kids? Go away.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            GayBlackTroll, NO ONE on this site gives a damn what you think.

          • Gay Black Man

            Perhaps you and others of your ilk do not, but I intend to speak my mind.

          • YngveKlezmer

            A real Gentleman would excuse himself from this site, at the very least. You are nothing but an instigator, and are engaging in the very kind of behavior that causes us Whites to recoil at the sight of your people. You are not on this site to speak your mind. Your are here to instigate. When confronted, you take that typical “I ain’t do nuffin” attitude. Typical Negro!!!

          • Denise

            Actually, I would argue that Gay Black Man is fairly civil especially given the sort of mean spirited comments that have been directed toward him in regards to his race and sexuality. I don’t agree with his viewpoints or lifestyles, but he is civil in his responses.

          • Charles

            Reluctantly,Ii have to agree with you on this one. Some of his critics are the ones who are often over the top with their comments.

          • Gay Black Man

            Thank you for having common sense.

          • Tom_in_Miami

            I agree with Denise. Gay Black Man is very civil and an asset to this discussion. We don’t want a forum where everyone has the same opinions. Discussions follow dissenting opinions.

          • Denise


          • Denise

            No problem.

          • Native of Chicago

            I agree with both you and Tom In Miami. I would argue that if anything, Gay Black Man is an asset to this discussion. He has apparently struck a nerve among some of our posters. I think has made them forced them to rethink their established viewpoints. In short, he has taken them out of their comfort zones so to speak.

          • I just wish we would hear from him on issues other than sexuality.

          • Rick

            He can certainly speak for himself , but I recall him commenting on some other issues outside of sexuality. That being said, several other posters like yourself have stated that you would like to see him post on other topics on this website. To be honest, so would I.

            I know that I will probably arouse the wrath of some fellow AMRENERS here, but, in fact, I do agree with John Engleman when he says diverse viewpoints (as long as they are respectful) can be beneficial to a website. Everyone repeating the same old mantra (preaching to the choir so-to-speak can be mundane and intellectually limiting after awhile.

          • Roadrunner

            To the moderators. This comment should be removed. I believe AMREN has policies about using terms such a Negro , the N-word etc… especially when they are employed in a mean spirited manner as this comment is.

          • Roadrunner

            I am referring to YngveKlezmer’s post where he uses the term Negro.

          • Pop Culture Lover

            A real gentlemen would not use the term “Negro” in the year 2013.

          • StillModerated

            In your face, boy! By the way, I think you’re John Engleman in drag.

          • Gay Black Man

            No. I am who I am.

          • YngveKlezmer

            Thank You, Istvan. I too hope that this sociopathic Negro troll leaves our site. He seems to think he is slick with his disgusting commentary.

          • Gay, White and Conservative

            You do know that here a LARGE number of White gay men? Correct?

          • IstvanIN

            So are you saying that there are bad, white, gay men? Well, yes, that is true enough, but the fact remains is that black males are the single most deadly group in the country. Period.

          • YngveKlezmer

            Yes, and The Crown Heights pogrom also occurred in the Summer of 1991, courtesy of your people. White students being bullied by Blacks was also a daily occurrence on any campus with a large Black student population, and you know very well that this is the case. If you can find a respectful bone in your body, how about taking your pro-Black commentary to a pro-Black site??

          • The Worlds Scapegoat

            When I was in the Army in 1995 there was a racist anti-black letter posted around the fort (Ft Benning). It threatened to kill blacks and was signed by the infamous three letter organization; the KKK. There was a huge outrage from the idiot whites and of course the blacks. Blacks wanted the culprits hanged beaten, and then shot. The FBI was called in to investigate the “hate crime.” They found out it was a group f BLACK yoots. The black community [sic] quickly changed their story, and started rationalizing the event. They said it was a good thing and that the yoots were only bringing the seriousness of racism to the surface. Apparently their wasn’t enough discussion about racism already. I think the term “discussion about racism” is a code word for “not having enough excuses for black failure.”

            Nohm Sain

          • BernieGoetzFan

            Perhaps there were a few but I have my doubts. The few real cases of white racism tend to make the headlines and never leave them (Medgar Evers, Emmett Till). These are certainly they are dwarfed by the amount of black on non-black racist attacks (which rarely make the headlines).

          • Daisy

            So did Tawana Brawley.

      • Ted

        Why don’t you go and run to your boyfriend and let him take you in his arms and give you a big hug you Black sissy!

      • Dale

        Hey you Black homo, why don’t you suck my conservative, caucasian d*ick. I am sure you would love to.

        • Deborah

          This sort of language is offensive and is uncalled for!

        • Bret

          Are you serious? You are a sick person dude!

        • Blain

          While I don’t agree with Gay Black Man’s statement, I am actually more repulsed by comments like your and other posters who have posted similar rhetoric.

      • Luca

        You really have to learn to be more sensitive to racists and you must also be tolerant and inclusive of homophobes. They are part of that diversity rainbow that makes our country so strong. They have feelings too you know, stop judging them because they think differently then you. Besides, some of my best friends are racists.

        • Gay Balck Man

          Sarcasm is the truest form of arrogance and ignorance.

          • Luca

            Is it a little uncomfortable when the shoe is on the other foot? Your wrong about the ignorance part, I find it quite witty actually. But you don’t have to agree, it’s okay, I made my point and you helped.

            BTW..Black is spelled b-l-a-c-k.

          • liberalsuck

            I agree. Sarcasm is a sign you are intelligent and can observe things well and observe the irony and hypocrisy in things.

          • Greg Thomas

            So is being black apparently.

          • Gay Black Man

            No more so that being a myopic racial bigot.

          • Tom_in_Miami

            What is a “Balck Man”?

          • Gay Black Man

            A person who ancestry derives from Africa or whose ancestors were of African or Carribean origin. You should have learned this in middle or high school.

          • Tom

            Why don’t you go to your gay bathhouses with your queer buddies and suck some dick. You queer bastard!

          • Tom_in_Miami

            Oh, most people would say “Black Man,” not “Balck Man.” You confused me with your hip lingo.


            Well Mr. Balck Man we all know what a black man is but you were not asked what is a Black Man. You were asked what is a “Balck Man”? How amusing. Your supposed to be here arguing for your people not exposing your maximum capabilities by instantly misspelling the 2nd word you ever wrote here. This is too funny. You just change the name to the correct spelling and answer the question as if you never made the hilarious spelling error to begin with. What’s even funnier is that you actually had the unintentional comedic insight to go on and try to admonish the education of AmRen members by saying “you should have learned this in middle or high school”. ( “middle or high school”, is that really how long it took for you to be taught what a black man is? )

            As if that wasn’t funny enough you even go on to expose your stunted intelligence in the reply as well. It’s not “who ancestry” it’s whose ancestry, and it’s not “Carribean” genius, It’s spelled Caribbean, that’s C-a-r-i-b-b-e-a-n. I know it’s tough but just keep practicing and you’ll get the hang of this English language thing someday.

            Listen, this has all been great fun Mr. Balck Man but I’m starting to feel like I’m picking on one of the kids who used to ride the short bus to school. If you know what I mean? So I’m going to end this on more of a positive note with a little friendly advice. Activate the spell check on your computer it’ll save you from further embarrassing IQ glitches in the future. After all you are the exact reason we invented it for, so use it homey.

          • James

            A n#*##*r?

          • Triarius

            Because liberals do not have a track record of arrogance and ignoring facts.

    • Luca

      I young white boy was beat to death in Darby Township PA. and after some agonizing soul searching the liberal academia gurus struggled through and gave the two animals who did it, a two day suspension. Can you imagine if the races were reversed and the victim was gay? The flags would have been flown at half-mast after an emergency session of Congress and tearful 2-hour speech from the Rose Garden.

      • IstvanIN

        If the victim were black he wouldn’t have to be gay for this to be a coast to coast story.

      • Sloppo

        I read about that incident yesterday and it took me about a half hour for me to confirm that the perps were black. It was reported as a “fight” when it was actually two young bantus beating a smaller white child to death.


        • Tom_in_Miami

          I’ve read several versions of the beating story (it’s labeled “bullying”) and I have yet to see any acknowledgement that the perps were black, although they obviously fit the profile. Where did you find find the confirmation?

          • Sloppo

            They probably would never said “black” of course, but the race of the man in the video is obvious and he was identified as the father of one of the individuals who killed the white boy. Here is an interesting link about the incident which I came across when I was trying to find out about the individuals who killed that little boy.


            Notice the fourth of the five listed “facts” about this incident. It’s about a black football player who is “outraged” about what happened and he calls the dead white boy his “little buddy” and he hopes the murderer “get’s the help he needs”. He failed to mention that there were 2 murderers, that they were black, and and that black on white violence like this is very common in “diverse” schools.

    • James

      I know for a fact White girls were raped and White students were robbed and assaulted in the 70s. And there was never anything in the local paper about it.

    • newscomments70

      I was about to write bascially the same text…you beat me to it.

  • HadEnough

    “Afrikan Heritage Center”? You just can’t make this stuff up.

  • Robert Binion

    “We will never be truly diverse until everyone thinks alike.”–statement from Oberlin faculty

    • Why are people up’ing this?

    • Andy

      Are you serious or joking?

      • Robert Binion

        The fraudulent quote is, of course, ironic.

  • WmarkW

    “See class, the Klan hasn’t gone away.
    They’ve just changed from sheets to blankets.”

    • The__Bobster

      I think it was the Coneheads.

    • Felix_M

      And those members of the KKK, enough with those white sheets! This is the 21st century. How about something in flannel or satin?

      Those white sheets….so 1868!

      • NYB

        From certain angles, a light colored hoodie can be mistaken for a klan hood.

    • me


  • PBL

    “Dealing with it internally,” is code for:This was done by Super Negro or Wonder Woman, maybe both, and we want it forgotten.

    • Daisy

      Oh BS. When I was at Georgetown a guy in a my dorm wrote “Ho’s Suck My D***” and the like on the closet of a Women’s Center door and nothing happened to the easily id’d perp. I also had “Feminazi Raus” scribbled on my own door over a NOW poster and all the admin said was that it was ‘inappropriate.’ The NOW poster only said “March for Women’s Lives.” Don’t blame everything on women or assume if they’re white they have any more immunity from diversity-mongering than men.

  • James

    I used to live in Oberlin on and off up to the 80s. In the 60s, there were more bicycles there per capita than any place in America. That is, until the small community of local blacks began stealing them like it was going out of style. Last time I was there you hardly saw a bike.

    In the late 60s-early 70s a reservoir around there was a popular site for nude sunbathing and swimming. It was nothing to go for a walk and see pretty coeds naked enjoying themselves. Fantastic!!! Everyone was pretty cool and all White…

    That is, until the local blacks found out and a few beatings, muggings, rapes and gang rapes put a stop to that.

    Eventually, all the dorms had to have high security measures and id card activated locks…..Guess why? What gets me is the incredible amount of political correctness and overall butt kissing of blacks the student body has participated in for decades now. The are black ‘townies’ that have made a career out of exploiting dumb liberal White college students there…..Literally. They can’t wait for a freshman class of new victims to con or menace out of anything they can.

    I guess championing gays was a logical extension of being a heroic defender of the oppressed. When I lived there most gays were dour lesbian feminists, many Jewish and a few gay White boys. Apparently the place is just crawling with queers now, to the point of being disgusting, from what old friends are telling me and insanely politically correct.

    Too bad….At one time it was a nice town and a nice school. It really was………..

    • The__Bobster
      • NYB

        “Philadelphia Police describe the three suspects as black men in their early twenties. They say the first is about 5’7″, 170 pounds with a stocky build, wearing a red hoody and armed with a black revolver. The second suspect is about 5’10″, 150 pounds with a thin build and goatee, wearing a gray hoody and blue jeans, armed with a gray revolver. The third suspect is about 5’9″, 165 pounds with a medium build and short hair, wearing a black hoody and black jeans, armed with a black revolver.” – students tied up and robbed in home invasion.

        • Luca

          Doh!, I should have bought stock in “hoody”, it’s bigger than the hula hoop ever was.

    • bubo

      It probably was a nice place back then. After seeing the video of all the “oppressed” alphabet soup groups it looks like a breeding ground for a modern day Mau Mau movement.

      • James

        I went for many, many walks on those streets. The only headaches I ever had were when I’d encounter the occasional black. Yeah, it was nice. Very clean, safe, laid-back. Nice Ohio 50s-60s town…

        As a matter of fact, the first time I was a victim of a crime was there. This black ^#%#$&#&&&$ about 12 knocked on my door, bent over holding his crotch and told me he was about to go to the bathroom in his pants. I did what any decent person would think to do and let him use my bathroom..When I went in there a couple hours later, the little #&#^$*&#%I^^#*^#^$#^$$##@ had stolen my watch and all my jewelry. I swear to you, any one of them could crap their pants right in front of me today before I’d try and help them.

        So that was it. The only problems, so help me God, came from the small black population across the tracks. And they became progressively bolder and more intrusive as they got away with more and more. And then rich, liberal students from out of state began taking up their cause.

        But back then, it was mostly beatnik, intellectual types and no one was particularly politically correct. More like live and let live, but very conservative and much more sensible compared to what it is now.

        • Are you an idiot?

          Letting a negro use your bathroom?

          • YngveKlezmer

            This is why they had a separate BR in the good old days down South. The Southerners knew what they were doing. Negroes have extremely high frequencies of venereal disease. Back in the old days, those rates were even higher.

          • freddy_hills

            Segregation is before my time but I remember using public toilets in the black part of town. A number of times I had to wade through puddles and the stench of stale urine was unbearable. I don’t know if its still like that because I no longer live where there are large numbers of blacks.

          • James

            A life’s lesson learned that day. Apparently you didn’t read the whole post. I don’t do anything at all for them anymore and am large enough and have the wherewithal to be confrontational if provoked, so they are not part of my immediate reality. I utterly despise them..

    • R.F. Smith

      Lena Dunham star of the HBO program GIRLS went to Oberlin College. In an interview she discussed how several of her boyfriends turned out to be closeted gay men. It must be a of them on that campus

      • TeutonicKnight67

        Seems she’s a magnet for queers.

      • freddy_hills

        The character she plays on her show had a college boyfriend who turned out to be gay.

    • YngveKlezmer

      Sounds like the town has a Negro problem.

  • bubo

    Michelle Malkin has a piece about this silly liberal college on her website. Evidently it has a long history of spurious hate crimes that “paralyze the campus with fear” and drum up support for the special interests that were targeted.

    Since this latest hoax involved blacks and gays I’d say there is about a 99% chance the perpetrators came from those groups.

    Huffpost has buried this story BTW. Which tells me all I need to know.

  • MarcusTrajanus

    To paraphrase Voltaire, if White racists don’t exist, it’s necessary to invent them.

  • The__Bobster

    I saw a TV report on this. An army of marching angry lesbians and aggrieved minorities vowing to “get” whoever did this, so that the multi-culti cult can crush any dissent. You can imagine the group they’ve targeted.

    Are they that stupid that they can’t realize when they’ve been hoaxed?.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      They marchers are the ones that should be dealt with by the University. They are the ones spewing hate.

    • Daisy

      “An army of marching angry lesbians”…I wonder how many actually were.
      I’ve known straights and lesbians from Oberlin and have noted no differences among them in terms of sympathy for fake outrage. One lesbian I met despised the class hypocrisy of rich BMW-driving cocktail party marxists.

  • I can see the pansified white editors at newstations and newspapers across America, when the “klansman” turns out to be black…
    DANG! Then they throw their cups of overpriced Starbucks to the floor.

  • brengunn

    Nearly choked laughing.

    The idea that a whole college could be shut down over a few swastikas and a person wrapped in a blanket. Someone needs to satirise these people on TV, they’re a compete joke.

    I wish I lived somewhere like that, I’d be out on a midnight mission to offend the limp wrists.

    • Felix_M

      Once you can look past the tragic absurdity of the age in which we now live, there’s a helluva lot to laugh at. Real life in 21st century PC America is a comedy writer’s gold mine.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      “Someone needs to satirise these people on TV, they’re a compete joke.”

      Maybe Saturday Night Live can do it. They did an excellent job with the Republicans and Chuck Hagel.

      see here


  • josh

    Was the swastika drawn correctly? Probably not. “Er,uhm,Mr. Googoobunga,about the swastika…” “Yes,O’Reilly,what about it? A terrible racist attack. Have you found the racist racists who drew it?Are they under arrest yet?” “Well ya see, the swastika is kind of…backwards. I googled it and its definitely backwards.” “So what?” “Well just sayin,it may be you know,kind of a hoax. We have had quite a few here…” “Thats so RACIST! Youre fired! You must never EVER set foot in the Afrikan Heritage center again is that clear!!? Now get out of my sight,racist racist!!!” “Yes sir,sorry,I apologize sir!” “Oh O’Reilly!” “Sir?” “before you go,why dont you tell the boys to call off the investigation?After all,we must be forgiving and all that. Heh heh heh. And keep it under your hat,OK?” “Yes sir…”

  • Felix_M

    If I were an Islamo-fascist, (or any sort of terrorist), I would put Oberlin toward the top of my list of places to terrorize. For pity’s sake, talk about a bunch of pussies.

    Members of their student body need to grow a pair before they get out into the real world.

  • NorthernWind

    “Oh no! Please don’t deface our posters! Only we are allowed to do that…”
    -Oberlin College Student

  • Jefferson

    There are only around five thousand Klan members left in a country that has a population of over 315 million people. So their numbers are extremely miniscule.

    The vast majority of Americans will go their entire lives without ever meeting a Klansman in person. There are more New Zealanders in the U.S than there are Klansmen. There are more Burmese people in the U.S than there are Klansmen.

    • Uh-Oh

      Are we to understand you harbor some kind of racial prejudice against Mexican Homosexuals with wooden legs?

      • IstvanIN

        I went to school with a Peg Mariposo.

        • Luca

          I thought you were going to say “Peg-Leg Padilla”

    • PesachPatriot

      I’m pretty sure if someone managed to find one of the less than 5k Klansmen in this country most of them would be at least 60 years old…cross burnings and rallies simply can’t draw big crowds when people would rather be sitting home playing xbox or watching netflix. I saw a stat somewhere that said the klan killed about 3,400 hundred blacks between 1882-1968….the black on black murder rate kills that many every six months in my lifetime. When I grew up in the north the south was badmouthed as some backwards hellhole full of illiterate toothless hillbillies ready to lynch anyone with a big nose. The one actual klansman(manager of a hooters) i actually met was a hell of a lot nicer than the aspiring rappers and athletes on my ice cream route.

    • Luca

      You have a higher chance of filming Sasquatch in a UFO hovering over a school of Loch Ness monsters than you do of meeting a Klansman.

    • Xerxes22

      A few years ago there was a report in the msm about a Klan rally in some. town. The Klan rally turned out to be the Shakespeare play Julius Ceasar. Someone mistook the togas worn by the actors for Klan robes.

      • PesachPatriot

        Seriously? I guess in this day and age since shakespeare was a dead white male he must have been a klansman, even though mr. shakespeare had been decomposing for almost 3 centuries when mr. forrest founded that organization. Every klan rally I have ever seen on TV is dwarfed by the number of protestors….I recall seeing a special about the invisible empire on the history channel and the costumes of the original organization in the 19th century were pretty creepy and frightening looking. Julius Caesar is a good play but my own tastes run more towards macbeth, hamlet and henry V.

      • Scott

        You shot 5 actors Drebin, good ones!

      • liberalsuck

        “I shoot the bastard; that’s my policy.”

    • You have a higher chance of meeting a Mexican Homosexual with a wooden leg than you have of meeting a Klansman.

      And that is part of the problem with this country.

    • ms_anthro

      And half of them are probably federal agents and provocateurs with a plea bargain.

    • Liberalsuck

      A majority of the Klansman are probably cops and informants. Same way back in the old days. Lots of the ‘hate crimes’ are just hoaxes created to stir up more fear among the blacks and liberals to push more agendas.

  • Ralph

    Genetically defective weak seed whites (lower case intentional) getting all squishy over having another circle gush with non-Whites about horrible non-weak seed Whites are.

    Many strong seed Whites wonder why they can’t awaken more Whites? The reason is that the weak seed ones aren’t like us. They are defective. They can’t be awakened. We must stop seeing all Whites as being like us. We are a deme.

  • Let’s see, how does a small greatly over-priced liberal arts college in Ohio draw increased attention (and applications) during application season ……….


    • mistermark123

      lol… You really think Oberlin would create a story like this in order to increase applications? Oh, the mind of a conspiracy theorist. Thank goodness I’m not one of them.

      • NaiveWhiteGuiltLibtard

        You are obviously incredibly naive.

  • hastings88

    I live and work near Oberlin College. It is affectionately called “n*ggertown” by locals in the surrounding area. It’s a nice campus to walk around; interesting architecture. Here and there are monuments to the underground railroad and other PC nonsense. Black students there get all kinds of scholarships and support, regardless of qualifications.

    I was once asked by a student (I am an educator) to fill out a recommendation for his application for admission to Oberlin. The recommendation form asked at least three times about my student’s commitment to diversity. At the end, it asked something like “are you really sure the student is commitment to a diverse community?”

    The place is a Bolshevik outpost.

    • StillModerated

      If only the Reverend D.L. Moody could see what his seminary has become, he’d roll over in his grave. But then again — maybe not.

  • StillModerated

    students and staff were encouraged to “gather for a series of
    discussions of the challenging issues that have faced our community in
    recent weeks

    When all is said and done, more is said than done. Typical progressives.

  • IKantunderstand

    Sadly, these comments were not left by enlightened Whites. Enlightened Whites don’t have the balls to make these comments public.

  • SmithandSmith

    I’m glad to hear The Ku Klux Klan strikes fear in the “hearts” (they have none) of the “new americans”.

    I’m gonna start wearing my Klan T-Shirt that was given to me by one of my best friends who collects Klan stuff (picture of three klansmen that says ‘the original boys in the hood) everywhere I go since now I know it works so well!

    For me personally, it’s one thing for a non-white to be afraid of an Antique Klan Robe but not for anything Klan of Today. Today, they use The Klan as an excuse to deny people their Right to Speak or Freely express themselves whenever it goes against their “Free Speech”.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Even on CNN many people think it’s just a hoax. Being white in America today is like a death sentence.

  • christopher mahoney

    Typical marxist “hijinks”. When there is no class enemy within 500 miles, invent one.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      This is China during the Cultural Revolution.

  • Zackers

    “if they were motivated by racial hatred, or—as has been suggested—were
    attempting a commentary on free speech.”

    If we reverse that statement it would suggest free speech is racial hatred. It seems as though they do, however, have plenty of some kinds of free speech at Oberlin college. Apparently, it’s OK to arouse racial hatred of whites there, which is what this event is trying to do (if indeed it was a hoax) and what the accompanying public press releases are designed to do?

    • Of course it was a hoax. They are trying to drum up applications to attend.

  • Thomas Katt

    Here is the text of a recent crime “report” from Oberlin. Apparently this is part of the recent racism epidemic:

    “The Safety and Security Office is informing the Oberlin Community of a robbery, not involving a weapon, and physical assault occurring near campus early Sunday morning February 17, 2013. The incident was reported at 3:48 a.m., but may have occurred around 2:30 a.m. after the student left a village house. Oberlin Police Department and Safety and Security officers responded immediately to a request to assist the Oberlin College student, who reported he was the victim of a physical altercation while walking from the area of West College Street and Cedar Street. The victim reported he was approached by an individual, who made a derogatory remark about his perceived ethnicity, then physically knocked him to the ground.”


    His “perceived ethnicity”. Good G-d, that’s a new one on me. I bet the mugger perceived the ethnicity of his victim as white, and the victim perceived the ethnicity of the mugger as black.

    Just a guess.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    According to FIRE, Oberlin rates a “red light” — meaning it “has at least one policy that both clearly and substantially restricts freedom of speech.”

    the exercise of free speech does not extend to language that is intimidating or harassing to individuals or that creates a hostile environment for particular members of the community.

    The problem, as always, is who gets to define the meaning of “intimidating or harassing” speech.

    Tuition, room and board at Oberlin runs $57,000+/year.

    I would be infuriated if my child attended Oberlin and his classes were cancelled because the “Africana” Studies department wanted to have a “teach-in” in the “Lord Lounge” of the Afrikan Heritage House. (geez, does it get any SILLIER than that??).

    Teach-in my ***. They wanted to humiliate and abase Whites and spew one-sided, anti-White, racist venom.


    • What kind of a Moron would spend $57k a year for their child’s education at Oberlin?

  • robinbishop34

    These animals have learned that accusations of racism makes them almost bulletproof and able to get away with anything. Here is an incident that just happened in a bedroom community of St. Louis where I live. This mall is literally 5 minutes from where I live and it is lily white community. These north St. Louis undesirables are pouring over the Missouri river into our suburbs and victimizing us as the bed wetting leftists are desperately trying to justify it and propose one silver bullet solution after the other to the hopeless problem of black failure and violence.

  • mistermark123

    It’s very disappointing to read so many anti-gay comments. Are there any groups that you people don’t hate other than white, Christian heterosexuals?

    • robinbishop34

      Aren’t you essentially nailing yourself to a cross with your hackneyed question?

      … edited for grammar 🙂

    • StillModerated

      Christians are not very popular with many bloggers on this site either. The love thy neighbor concept can be a bitter pill to swallow when your black neighbor has raised A$$holes who beat up your kids and break into your house.

    • freddy_hills

      Since you asked. I don’t hate homosexuals and I think that insinuation is a smear. I’m not a fan of sodomy or promiscuity regardless of sexual orientation because it promotes the spread of disease. But I don’t think most homos can help their orientation. So I cut them some slack as long as they’re not being promiscuous or flaunting it. If you can do that and otherwise share my values then I don’t have a problem with you. I think a lot of people here probably feel the same. But we’re tired of radicals wearing it on their sleeves.

  • Greg Thomas

    Another sighting of the KKK boogeyman I see.

    • me

      It was a groid homosexual in a Snuggie, all messed up on ‘poppers’….heck, anyone can make a mistake like that, especially at night when it’s dark….

  • Fire Eater

    Wouldn’t it be fun to witness the reaction of Oberlin’s Red Guards to a rally by real live “haters and bigots” at a nearby off-campus PUBLIC venue that the local authorities would be compelled by law to protect?

  • Andy

    “Queer of the Year”? Who needs to deface that?

  • MBlanc46

    It’s a shame that it’s that sort of silliness. Serious opposition to political correctness at Oberlin would be a breath of fresh air.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    Another hate crime hoax

  • OT: come over to Taki to witness Asian stereotypes walking. Geez, our Asians – a few regulars- are super developed human beings with a sense of humor etc. So far over 800 comments.

  • The Ice Queen

    I was at a liberal public college on 9/11. They did not cancel classes. Seriously – 9/11 and classes went on. It was surreal. It gets worse. The next day there was a meeting scheduled and a letter posted for all students, the gist of which was, don’t retaliate against Muslims! I’m not kidding. There was no concern whatsoever for those who were attacked or Americans in general, but the reaction was to jump to the defense of Muslims. Twisted world my friends, twisted world. I transferred to a private conservative college after that.

    • SmithandSmith

      And why I absolutely HATE, that’s right, HATE bush. That Traitor told us “islam is a peaceful religion” and that was the FIRST thing he said after they had just attacked us. Not to mention, “We” paid so all the arabs could fly out of here and probably, First Class too.

      As a matter of fact, that’s all they talked about after 9/11. “We” are not to be angry, islam is peaceful, we’re not at war with islam and blah, blah.

  • newscomments70

    Often minorities plant racial epithets to stir up attention. There is no real white racism so they have to fabricate something. I recall a female black student at a university scrawled the N-word on her car and screamed racism. It made national news. And I recall I liberal Jewish person spray-painted swatstikas on synagogues in NYC to stir up some racial controversy. Wealthy liberals create fictional movies about “white racism”. Poor minorities draw swatstikas on buildings, etc. They both have the same objective. There is not enough white racism in reality to whine about, so they have to create something fictional. My favorite part of the story was the “KKK sighting”. These disgusting liberals blatantly ignore violent black on white crime, but they become hysterical about a student wrapped in a blanket.

    I believe this is an age of insanity. It is an age of extreme injustice, double standards, and anti-white racism. I believe we have reached the brink. Most normal people are aware of the double standard. There will be an equal and opposite reaction in the near future.

  • Paleoconn

    When this story eventually disappears, you will know it was a hoax. But even if it wasn’t, I’m sure most Americans aren’t kept up at night by fears of Klan violence. Btw, the Klan was very much present in currently liberal strongholds like New England where they persecuted Catholics (much more than they did blacks elsewhere) especially French people from Canada.

  • tomasso

    It is getting to the point where white people are literally going to start sucking off Al Sharpton every time a a black might be offended. It is time to get off your knees and wipe the jizz of your lips and start actling like men again. God I am so embarrassed to be white sometimes.

  • Peter

    The two Oberlin College “students of color” who perpetrated this hoax have been identified and ferried out of town by the college. Neither the college nor the local police will disclose their whereabouts or their identities citing an “ongoing investigation.” How long this cover-up under the guise of an “ongoing investigation” can go on will now be determined by the “Feds” since the FBI under Obama’s Robert Mueller has inexplicably been called on to aid in the “ongoing investigation” – scary!