Seattle School District Orders Teacher to Stop Teaching Class on Race

KIRO TV, March 4, 2013

A required class on race was suspended at one Seattle public school just two weeks before it was scheduled to end.

The Center School class was stopped last Monday on orders from School Superintendent Jose Banda after a student said teacher Jon Greenberg had created an intimidating environment.

KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Deborah Horne spoke with several Center School students who disagreed with that assessment of Greenberg’s class.

The students told Horne that Greenberg teaches by getting students to open up about their own prejudices to better understand the role race plays in society.


Several students were galvanized by what they contend is an injustice, and they plan to take the cause directly to the School Board when it meets on Wednesday.


According to the Seattle School District, the district’s Human Resources Department “investigated and concluded the class was intimidating.”


Michael Tolley, assistant superintendent for teaching and learning, and Shauna Heath, executive director of curriculum and instruction, issued the following statement on Monday:

Statement on issues at Center School

March 4, 2013

At Seattle Public Schools, we expect every classroom to have an environment that is conducive to learning for all students. We also believe it is important for our students to have access to a wide range of academic subjects, including curriculum on race, gender and social justice.

On December 21, we received a complaint from a family at Center School alleging that the instructional activities used in the Citizenship and Social Justice: Advanced Placement Language and Compositions and Social Studies class included intimidating and discriminating actions, attitudes and classroom environment. Our Human Resources Department then launched an investigation of this complaint, as is our process. At the request of the Superintendent, the Teaching and Learning Department reviewed this particular course, convening an ad hoc committee to examine the curriculum. In the meantime, the class continues to meet and we’re reviewing how a portion of it—a six-week race unit that has since ended—will be taught in the future.

Regarding the first issue, the Human Resources department found that the way in which the race unit at the Center School was taught did create an intimidating educational environment for a student.

• School Board Policies 3207 and 3210 require that we teach units in a manner that treats all students with respect, does not intimidate or harass students, and does not discriminate against students because of their race or gender.

• Based on the Human Resources finding, Superintendent Banda requested the Ad Hoc committee meet to review the curriculum.

In the second issue, the Teaching and Learning team is reviewing the Ad Hoc committee’s recommendation and making a decision on how the race and other course units are taught in the future.

Seattle Public Schools strongly believes that race and social justice should be taught in our schools. These are important conversations for our students and staff. But we don’t want to put any child into a situation where he or she feels so intimated by the manner in which these issues are taught that the course is no longer effective.

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  • ArmenianWN

    Of course the Uber Liberal city of Seattle would have the class cancelled. After all, If all the students at this school knew the truth about race and racial differences, wouldn’t they become sexist-intolerant-xenophobic-homophobic-islamophobic-racist-bigoted-NeoNazi-NeoConfederate-fascistic-libertarian-Nutjobs? Ironically, these words are the ones most commonly used to describe us White Nationalists by liberals and racially unaware “conservatives”.

    • Felix_M

      The problem is that students are finding out the ugly lies promoted as truth by the PC’ers for the last 40 years. That’s what the left is so afraid of.

    • liberalsuck

      These white liberals who say the embrace diversity most often don’t practice it. It’s our goal as prowhite people to expose them on that.

  • brengunn

    It’s hard to comment when we know f all about the student who complained.

  • The__Bobster

    Pandering to mudflaps can only result in grief for YT.

    Black History Mumpf Lesson Causes Controversy At Penns Grove Middle School
    March 4, 2013 11:59 PM
    By Todd Quinones

    PENNS GROVE, N.J. (CBS) — A lesson about slavery during Black History Month has caused a classroom controversy in Salem County. The school district has come to the defense of the teacher, saying she did not do anything wrong.

    Critics argue the assignment gave the nine students in the class at Penns Grove Middle School the option of acting like a slave owner who is trying to track down a runaway slave.

    “This is clearly disrespectful,” activist Walter Hudson exclaimed.

    • Son of Abraham

      “Pandering to mudflaps”….
      Mud flaps? Very nice.
      I remain in awe of your intellectual prowess and incisive comments.

  • ncpride

    I’m betting it was White students who felt intimidated. I mean, when it comes to talking about race, Whites are constantly lectured, preached at and blamed for all of sociceties problems wih our mythical ‘White Privelege’ and such. With nonsense like the ‘Unfair Campaign’ being taught in our Universities, what other race could possibly feel intimidated by this class?

    • So CAL Snowman

      I agree, I do not believe for one second that “Jon Greenberg” was promoting the virtues of pre-1965 America.

    • Jefferson

      The only White people who have so-called “White privilege” are those White people who have fat bank accounts and vacation homes in places like Honolulu and Palm Beach, Florida for example.

      Having White skin alone does not make a person privileged. I don’t think the homeless White drug addicts I see here in San Francisco are privileged at all. Would Oprah Winfrey and Magic Johnson want to switch places with them ? I doubt it very much.

      • liberalsuck

        Yet Chris Rock racebaited his white audience saying, “I bet a poor crippled white man wouldn’t trade places with me and I’m a rich black man.”

        • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

          To be perfectly fair, I may not be crippled, but I’d rather be the low income White man I am than be the rich Bojangles Chris Rock is, no questions asked.

    • gemjunior

      That is why the students are all defending the teacher – because they were probably lapping up all the anti-white bather and loving it. Good for the white student(s) who went to the school board, because this stuff is so sickening. I long for the virtues of pre-1965 America. I’ll even settle for pre-1975, because even the seventies look wonderful to me.

      • Thor Bonham

        Agreed …

      • ncpride

        I agree….. it’s about time White kids and their parents shout.. ENOUGH! My kids know to tell me immediately if a teacher starts spewing anti-White nonsense. I’ll not tolerate it for a second.

  • Katherine McChesney

    $1 bet the dissenter was pro black.

    • So CAL Snowman

      The teacher’s name was Jon Greenberg, the class was most definitely a white guilt indoctrination seminar.

      • Andy

        I’m sure it was (nothing else would be allowed in a public school), but he may have done one of those stupid white-guilt experiments where you divide kids up and have them mistreat each other, and a black student thought it was an assault on *their* race and complained.

  • SargeInCharge

    The school board’s race policy can be summed up as — You can teach about race so long as it goes by our narrative. That narrative, of course, is that YT is evil and responsible for all minority pathologies.

  • SargeInCharge

    Since it’s Seattle and it’s a class about race relations, hopefully they showed the infamous Seattle Mardi Gras riot footage…

    • brengunn

      More beasts attacking white people, even girls.

      • SargeInCharge

        It’s sickening. They go straight to attacking teenage white girls. What’s most disgusting is that there are white men standing by doing nothing. Simply watching without any retaliation. Whites grossly outnumbered blacks and Hispanics that night, but they allowed themselves to get attacked without mounting a defense. This is what Cultural Marxism has done to the white race. It has so stripped them of their identity that they think it’s “racist” to even defend themselves or their women. I feel like I’m living in a perverse science experiment.

        • guest

          I dunno – if I knew one of those girls was there with bantu “friends” or a bantu “boyfriend”, I would not defend her. Why were those girls in such proximity to those bantus? I will not leap in and defend a white woman if I think she has somehow created the situation.

          • Andy

            Teenage white girls have been brainwashed by their parents and schools for their entire lives. They have never been given any honest information about black crime, are just reaching the age of real thinking, and would be ostracized for any realistic conclusions they came to. White protection in the face of black violence might teach them something, whereas white apathy likely will leave them cynical toward everyone.

          • Katherine McChesney

            Some White women date or marry black men in defiance of their fathers. I know one from Toronto who married TWO black men against her fathers wishes. She has daughters by one of them. She’s now divorced from the second and complains about they way these blacks treat her. I offered no consolation at all to her as she brought it upon herself.

        • saxonsun

          I’ve been waiting for white men to wake up for 35 yrs.; I have been disappointed thus far.

        • Seek

          It’s also about the rewriting of law. A lot of tough whites, otherwise predisposed toward defending their own, are paralyzed with fear about the possibility of being hauled before a jury in a “hate crime” case. And if found guilty, the worst would be yet to come.

        • Daisy

          I’m sympathetic to any who were just terrified to get involved. The coward who whacked the interviewee with his skateboard went on to kill a man that night. This video is terrifying and should be emailed to everyone’s friends. It’s where we’re heading if we haven’t arrived there yet.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Pardon me, but there were thug whites beating people. But, this does not mean I’m in support of blacks. They, in my opinion are the scum of the earth.

        • brengunn

          There may have been, so what? What I seen was a black gang attack a white teenage girl and then the beat the only guy that came to her rescue. The other fight appeared to be a white guy against two hispanics.

    • bigone4u

      Watched the vid. Thanks for posting. Should be shown in every die-versity training class.

  • jay11

    I watched the video. Here are my observations:
    1. The majority of the students shown were non-white. Diversity? Check!
    2. The reporter was an older black female. Diversity AND Moral authority? Double Check!
    3. The superintendant was named Jose Banda-something – a latino immigrant it seems. Immigration and white replacement? Check!
    4. The white male student with the black hair admitted his racial guilt, referencing ‘things’ he had done in the past. White guilt? Check!
    5. The teacher in trouble? With a name like Greenberg he sounds Jewish. Moral authority for social justice? Check!
    6. A Jewish leftist was teaching ‘social justice’ to a ‘diverse’ group of students and clueless, guilt-ridden whites, and probably the ‘difficult’ discussions were very, very anti-white in nature. Commie leftism? Check!

    It’s just too bad for them that an obviously white student saw what was happening and couldn’t keep the kool-aid down any longer. Welcome to the “New” America. Seriously, this is what leftists are calling our multicultural ‘future.’

    • Liberalsuck

      If they are going to destroy us–and there’s no guarantee we’ll win–let’s at least make it a struggle for them. If they want to wipe us out and enslave us, make them work for it.

  • bigone4u

    Wanna bet that the Amren website and Amrenner perspectives are left out of that class. Wanna bet the kids come out unaware of racial differences in IQ, crime rates, welfare rates, and a host of other real racial differences. The course in question is not education, it’s indoctrination.

  • Felix_M

    Greenberg? Any mention of how Israelis treat Palestinians?

    • ArmenianWN

      Most likely an American of German descent. While it is possible that this teacher is Jewish, it is very unlikely for a Jew to be teaching a class of this theme.

      • freddy_hills

        I wouldn’t want to stigmatize all Jews based on the actions of this one teacher but what you said is utterly ridiculous.

      • Acc

        Greenberg is not German language. Neither is Greenspan.

      • Funruffian

        They take a risk when they do, because somewhere down the line an inquiring mind will learn of American history and how the Civil Rights Movement was nothing more than a Shakedown game orchestrated and planned by ‘You know Who’.

      • Andy

        I would have to disagree. Jews tend to be liberal, so it doesn’t strike me as unlikely. It does strike me as unlikely that the school would assign a gentile German to such a class.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          I assure you he was not assigned to teach this class because there IS no such class.

          He created the curriculum all on his own and then got permissions to teach it – there are plenty of anti-White textbooks, videos and lessons he can draw on.

          My guess is that he is trying to get this class sanctioned by his board of trustees AND the AP board to make AP Citizenship and Social Justice an official, nationally recognized (if not required) high school class. He can then move up to “director of (anti-White) curriculum” and take it all the way to the university level where he’ll fit right in because so many anti-White mandates in the schools come from Ivory Towers — from those who know better than you do or who are smarter than you are.

          But make no mistake: What these monsters are pushing is the genocide of the White Race.

          Mexican-American/Chicano studies, black studies, Asian studies, Holocaust studies all dehumanize Whites and glorify non-White victimhood at the hands of Whites.

          White studies and Social Justice classes vilify, demean and humiliate White children, teach them they are the scourge of the earth past, present and future and that the only solution is the complete subjugation and then elimination of the White race.

          It’s far past time parents stood up to the bullies in the schools pushing this evil, sick, twisted curriculum on our children.


  • Jason

    I can only feel hate for these 40 year old anti whites who use their position of power and experience to attack the feeble minds of these white kids who dont know any better.

    • liberalsuck

      They’re losers who can’t find a job out in the private sector so they get jobs in the government to push their anti-white, socialist agendas.

  • Diamond_Lil

    I noticed in the video that this particular class only made the white male student feel uncomfortable. Every other student was just jazzed by the f aux anger these type of courses generate. Very glad some parent had the stones to speak out against it.

  • dj2


    These snakes know the game is ending. America is falling apart, nobody above the age of 30 believes the diversity bullshit, and they don’t control the internet.

    So they’re going after the young. Pretty despicable if you think about it. And in Seattle, one of the few white bastions left, even if it’s naively liberal in it’s seclusion.

    • Andy

      These are hardly the youngest victims. What does elementary school social studies teach about? When I was there, it was slavery, the Civil Rights movement, Africa, and the Trail of Tears. Everything was the fault of whites. Repeatedly. No Revolutionary War until middle school or world history until high school. When I was in second grade, I became ashamed of my white skin. I don’t know what I’d have done if I was male. It continued all the way up. My US history textbook consistently referred to all whites as WASPs.

      • liberalsuck

        There’s even a growing number of whites under 30 who are starting to wake up to this BS too. They might be too scared to say anything, but I’m sure these under 30 whites will eventually wake up to the dangers of diversity when they or some white person they care about gets beat or killed by “youfs” or loses their job to an affirmative action black. Oops, did I say black? I meant to say ‘youth’?

    • Jenna Kerr

      I was just recently there for business and the increase in non-whites is
      quite astonishing. There were a lot of Indians, Somalians, Pacific
      Islanders, Blacks, Asians and others I could not identify. I also saw a lot of

  • tyler

    Jesus I didn’t think this white guilt bs had gotten so close to home.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    What video? I watched THREE commercials, a short about Cesar Milan and his dogs and an interview with Shaq before I finally gave up.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Citizenship and Social Justice: Advanced Placement Language and Compositions and Social Studies class

    This is bs of the worst kind. There IS no such thing as an AP class called “citizenship and social justice” (well, not yet!!). There are AP Language and Composition and AP Literature and Composition classes.

    This idiot teacher wanted to put his own twisted, warped spin on this particular class — and another idiot approved it — as an excuse to humiliate Whites and unleash his own personal anti-White curriculum.

    You can be sure this class is anti-White because no details are mentioned in the article — if it were anti-black/Hispanic/Asian, every last minute detail would be carefully logged and noted, the teacher branded a Nazi and suspended or fired — and the attendant media outrage felt all the way down here in So California.

    SOP for public schools: If it’s anti-White, it’s sanctioned and approved; anything having to do with “social justice” is anti-White. (Maybe I could say “Social justice is code for anti-White”).

    Too bad the kid didn’t take surreptitious videos with his cell phone as proof and post them on YouTube.

    Unfortunately, it appears the anti-White curriculum in the schools, under the guise of “social justice” is accelerating and gaining strength.

    Yes, “Social Justice is code for Anti-White.”

  • Greenberg, a name like this does not surprize and blathering about “social justice”. What is it about so many jews like greenberg wanting to teach about ‘race’. A ‘union contract’ also sounds so fitting. I wonder what his pea brain wonders about all day. It’s probably about ‘social justice’ and the holocaust.

  • Fed Up

    I guess someone rightfully pointed out how much CRIME is perpetrated yearly by people who happen to belong to non-White racial/ethnic groups.

  • Katherine McChesney
    • StillModerated

      Another wacky ~egro name, and it plays with a white Barbie, too. Alton is within smelling distance of that ghastly East Saint Louis.

  • Guest

    The students talked a lot about how the teacher encouraged them to b honest about their own prejudices…I wonder if he let the hispanics tell the blacks what they REALLY thought of them. Oops!

  • Wayne

    Most of the students , including the white ones, said that they had no problems with what that teacher was teaching.

  • Jolie

    this girl had the courage to stand up for herself as she was tired of being brainwashed to feel white guilt.