We Owe Illegals an Apology?

John Rocker, WND, March 4, 2013

You ever read something so stupid, you weren’t immediately sure if it was supposed to be hyperbole? Harry Binswanger, an acolyte of Ayn Rand and Objectivism, just published what amounts to the most asinine column in the history of columns—published at Forbes.com, it’s titled, “Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants Is Not Enough, They Deserve An Apology.”

Atlas didn’t shrug because of the growth of the state; Atlas shrugged because of this piece by Binswanger, hoping to shake individuals such as him off his back. It is these open-border fanatics who advocate the same policies that turned the once golden state of California into the actual manifestation of their ideas.

And yet, Binswanger is still delusional enough to believe that illegal aliens are the answer to creating Rand’s fabled “Galt’s Gulch.”

Take this line from his Forbes.com piece:

“The illegals came here because they value America. They broke an unjust law in order to live a free, better, richer life. In the vast majority of cases, obeying anti-immigration laws would mean never getting to live here. It’s a life sentence.”

Illegal aliens don’t value America—they value the type of conditions Americans have created in America, which, absent of actual Americans, don’t exist.

As was the case with California, those conditions “illegals value” began to crumble when the actual American people were replaced with a population of illegal aliens dependent on the state for their very existence.

If the American government actually enforced our laws and protected the integrity of our border, there would be no threat from illegal aliens, and the American people would be able to live a “free, better, richer life” instead of watching their tax dollars be redistributed to pay for what amounts to colonization.

Sadly, many conservatives and members of the Republican Party believe that throwing up the white flag and surrendering to this colonization is the best way to move the party forward and remain competitive in future national elections.

It’s curious that Binswinger and other conservatives seem so keen to consider an ethnic group that believes, by a vast majority, in abortion rights, gay marriage and bigger government to be viable additions to their movement in America.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek reported that powerful exit data showed the GOP would have to adopt the Democratic position on a number of key issues to attract Hispanic voters:

Take the repeal of Obamacare, a conservative rallying point that was central to Romney’s campaign. The Latino Decisions exit poll showed that by a large margin, 61-25 percent, Hispanics want to keep the health-care law in place. On the other great Republican obsession, deficit reduction, Hispanics once again differ sharply with Republicans about what to do: 77 percent of Hispanics want to pay for it by raising taxes on the wealthy or combining higher taxes with spending cuts; only 12 percent favor cuts alone. And contra [Charles] Krauthammer, they don’t share the Republican position on abortion: Exit polls showed that 66 percent of Hispanics believe abortion should be legal, a higher percentage than the population overall.

All the while the state of California stands there as a shining example of a “objectivist” paradise, where the GOP has absolutely no chance of ever carrying the state in a presidential election again.


If anyone is owed an apology, it’s the American people; for decades, elected representatives to our government (Republican and Democrat) and unelected, unaccountable employees of both the State Department and the Department of Justice have sided with illegal aliens.

Meanwhile, the state of California in 2013 is a vivid, powerful reminder of what happens when the government decides to “elect a new people” by displacing Americans who were responsible for creating the economic conditions that attracted the illegal immigrants there in the first place.

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  • WmarkW

    Illegal immigrants might be tolerable if we lived in Rand’s world.
    But in America, we take care of our own downtrodden with things like food stamps, and give all kids a free education.

    I don’t care how many illegals LIVE here; if they buy vacation homes, don’t take benefits, and don’t participate in our economy except as consumers, that’s fine.

    But we don’t have enough jobs or a large enough tax base, for them to parasite off.

    • Even if we do have jobs, I don’t want them living here, destroying our culture and preying on our women.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Ayn Rand. One day we could be living in a country similar to the Russia she described in her book “We the Living”.

    • SargeInCharge

      Wrong. Third World immigrants, even if they didn’t receive welfare, would still greatly raise crime rates while destroying our schools, communities, national identity, and international competitiveness.

      • KittyAmerica

        A Hispanic in a BMW just killed an Orthodox Jewish man and wife and their little baby in NY. I don’t know if he was illegal but he was Hispanic. That’s the problem, legal or illegal makes no difference.

        • gemjunior

          And he served time for manslaughter, btw. He was probably one of Obooga’s release program for illegals criminals. What a madhouse our country has become.

        • saxonsun

          And he has a long string of felonies behind him. This savage should be turned over to the Orthodix Jewish community.

    • saxonsun

      They are a distinct cultural threat to this nation. If I have to “press 1 for English” my country has been terribly compromised.

  • IstvanIN

    What can I say, John Rocker is right, concise and to the point. We are owed an apology. And restitution. And our nation back.

    • bigone4u

      I agree with you, but I fear that to get our country back we will have to take it by force. Not a good option, but perhaps the only one left.

      • Cato

        ATF? FBI? $PLC? or just a mentally retarded adult living in a halfway house?

        • IstvanIN

          Mentally retarded? Or truthful? The political process has failed. The future isn’t bright.

      • Non Humans

        Whose says it’s not a good option. I take pride in my rifle and survival skills honed as a youth raised in the country. When it does break loose, and the changes become sudden and sweeping across the country because our economy has failed for very obvious reasons, I do not believe it will take much to send the illegals scrambling back over the border.
        With the absence of government handouts and protection, and the emerging presence of an aggressive, resentful, and patriotic american population, they will have little desire or reason to remain here. It’s the main reason I own a crossbow….so I can reserve the ammo for my 30.06 for hunting for venison and other assorted meats. Well that and stealth.

    • The Hispanics killed the American Indians, raped their women, took away the Indian’s way of life, and taught Spanish to the Indian’s sons. Then the French and British came to liberate the Indians from the evil Spanish who are still hear killing Indians and teaching Spanish to the Indian’s sons.

      • Son of Abraham

        And the Indians killed Mexicans in kind
        Read the history of Cohise and his band of Chiricahua Apaches of Arizona. The
        Apaches regularly raided Mexico to murder, rape, steal horses, and take captives as slaves.

        • Son of Abraham

          That’s Cochise not Cohise. It was a typo.

        • Luca

          It’s called returning a favor. And you could also include Geronimo as doing the same. Seems the Apaches didn’t enjoy having their relatives scalped, raped and sold as slaves by those peace loving Mexicans.

          • joesolargenius

            Those Indians on both sides of the border were just following their culture , take the Aztecs for example . I have personally witnessed seventeen year old Mexican males using trash can lids as a shield as they fought with machetes in the streets of Guadalajara back in the seventies. Plus look at the Conquistadors whom came from Spain ,like all military draftees they came from poor families and since the Moors were breeding with poor Spanish women (a white race) for one hundred and fifty years during Islamic occupation those soldiers were mostly of a mixed heritage.They in turn bred with the Indians of Central and South America creating the modern day Mexican whom is technically an Arabic Indian Negro with a pinch of Causian blood so it is no wonder they are cutting off heads to instill fear in others.

          • Luca

            I have read some interesting genetic info that suggests the following DNA components for Mexican (Amerindian): 83% Native American, 5% Northern European, 4% Mediterranean, 4% Northeast Asian, 3% Southwest Asian.

            However Mexican-Americans are more blended at 28% Mediterranean, 8% Southwest Asian, 36% Native American, 2% Southeast Asian, 20% Northern European and only 4% Sub-Saharan African.

            The Arabs (Moors) can be quite dissimilar when it comes to the amount of Sub-Saharan (African) DNA they carry: Tunisians 19%, Egyptians 14%, Kuwaiti 8%, Lebanese 2%.

            It is a matter of who bred with whom and how many generations it happened or didn’t happen. Apparently the Sub-Saharan DNA can be bred out or diluted after a few hundred years. Modern Iberians (Spain and Portugal) generally show no Sub-Saharan DNA.

      • Tucker

        Baloney, Aunti Occupy. May I encourage you to obtain a copy of the outstanding, must-read-book by author John Myers Myers, titled “Bravos of the West”, copyright date 1962? This book was released at a time in our nation’s history that preceded the eventual takeover of the vast majority of America’s book publishers, and hence was not saturated with virulently anti-White Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism’s poisonous efforts to rewrite the history and courageous struggles of our White European ancestors in order to twist, distort, and demonize our ancestors and their accomplishments, when they tamed this continent and made it safe for White families to settle during the westward expansion.

        In short, Myers provides an in-depth and highly detailed account that includes the settling of the state of Texas and other parts of the desert Southwest. In fact, those territories might have been ‘owned’ by Mexico – but, due to the significant presence of scores of very dangerous, very violent, and very blood-thirsty Indian tribes (Comanches, Apaches, etc.) – very, very few Mexicans had the courage or backbone to try to establish settlements within those territories, because they were literally terrified of the Indians. This was one of the primary reasons why the Mexican government invited and encouraged White Europeans to move into Texas; they wanted to populate Texas and since their own Mexican citizens were too chicken to risk getting scalped, they had to extend a welcome to the braver, sturdier, more daring and courageous White Anglos.

        When our steel-spined White male ancestors were confronted with the savagery of the Indian tribes – they rolled up their sleeves, armed and organized themselves, and decided to put a permanent halt to the Indian menace. In other words, White men took care of the job of taming the Southwest that Mexican’s didn’t have the stomach to handle themselves. A large part of the early history of the Texas Rangers dealt with accomplishing this task; the Texas Rangers were professional Indian fighters and they were feared by even the bravest Indian tribes of the day, who learned to do almost anything in order to avoid a confrontation with these tough, ruthless and highly skilled White men.

        Once the Gringos had managed to tame the Southwest, that’s when the pink sombero wearing Mestizos began to move northward and set up a few settlements.

        Oh, by the way. This business of ‘who was here first’ really does need to be settled once and for all. Every regular AmRen reader should make a promise to themselves to set aside the time needed to watch the ‘Ice Age Columbus’ documentary, which is available for ‘free’ on the web. Also, in addition to the must-read book by John Myers Myers, I also recommend the book ‘Scalp Dance’ by Tom Goodrich.

        Take this advice and I guarantee that you will permanently cured of any lingering White guilt.

        • Aelfgar

          White guilt what is that? White pride world wide! =)

        • saxonsun

          If we ever had it to begin with–I never did. I was always extremely proud and happy to be a White European.

        • Stentorian_Commentator

          Amen, The Mexicans claimed territory that was once claimed by the receding Spanish empire, a derivative of an imperial claim, pretty weak except that they had some administrators in the territory. As you point out, they did not have the wherewithal to populate or civilize it, leaving the job to whites, who then found living with a Spanish-speaking dictator unbearable.

      • Andy

        I have a little bit of Indian blood. When I think about it, I am extremely glad that I am not living in a Neolithic village being exterminated by a rival tribe (my ancestors’ tribe was about to be wiped out by the Iroquois when the white men showed up). There were good things about the American Indians, north and south, but on the whole the arrival of whites was the best thing that could have happened to the Americas. And almost all American Indians either died from disease (90-something percent) or married into white families (~5 percent).

    • In every American Indian face you see a Hispanic looking out at you. The Hispanics destroyed the American Indians, took their land and Gold, and sold it to white people.

      • Andy

        Hispanics are mostly American Indian… If they were mostly Spanish, Latin America would look like Spain.

        • Bad_Mr_Frosty

          North Mexicans are around 50% White, which is why they have a higher IQ and slightly lower criminal tendencies than the blacks. South Mexicans are around 100% Native American and their IQ and crime rates are very close to blacks.

        • Peoplesjustice

          “Hispanics”, to the degree they are of Indian ancestry, are from tribes south of the territorial US. They have no legitimate claim to our land or direct kinship with the Indian tribes in the US. The tribes within US territory before the arrival European settlers would have fought off the invading tribes from the south and so should we.

    • Felix_M

      Happily, most Americans of all political strip think as we do.

    • Wayne

      You do know that John Rocker is married to a Black woman? correct?

  • Hal K

    Let’s not just think about who has a legitimate claim to what geographical territory. Whites have lost control over their biological territory. Whites have become slaves to nonwhites, in a sense, because whites have no identity politics for looking after their own group interests.

    • Andy

      The present day American Indians’ ancestors *actually* exterminated their predecessors almost completely. There are no full-blooded descendants of the original American Indians left (a group related to the Japanese Ainu). Do we blame American Indians for this? No, that would be ridiculous. By the logic the liberals would foist on us, we should kick the Bantus out of southern Africa, the Moors out of Northern Africa, the Asians out of northern China and Mongolia, and everyone not descended from the earliest Celts out of Britain.

      • Hal K

        Also, why do they really want this land? Why are nonwhites so eager to move to historically white countries? It isn’t because of historical claims. It is because of the opportunities provided by white countries. In other words, it is the biological territory that they are really interested in. They know that the living is better around whites. Whites have to wake up and start conserving their biological territory, since they pay a price, collectively, as a result of so much nonwhite immigration. They have no voice in the mainstream to make this case right now, and this has to change.

  • HadEnough

    When I read Binswanger’s column, I had one of those moments — I’m sure experienced by many on this site — where you are tormented to the point where you can no long express yourself properly. You simply cannot articulate your rage sufficiently nor articulate the idiocy enough. You just want RELIEF from the madness, some sort of anti-liberal Pepto-bismol. In short, you don’t know where to turn.

    Of course, the simple fact is that “illegals are the new blacks.” Just as white liberals used to, and indeed still do, love parading around with an array of black “friends” for PR purposes, so the embracing of the amnesty cause is the same thing for the 2010s. It says, “I’m good. Look at me. I love immigrants.” These same liberals’ children will be dispossessed and out of work in 50 years, but that’s not what’s important. The NOW is what’s vital, along with that all-important cocktail party you’ve been angling for an invitation to.

  • Just what I’d expect from a member of the group that wants to destroy America.


    Ethnic Agenda-Mongers

    Leonard Glickman, president and CEO of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and formerly a spokesman for the U.S. Federal Office of Refugee Resettlement, was quoted here on VDARE.com in 2003 as saying

    “The more diverse American society is the safer [Jews] are.” [Community Questioning ‘Open Door’, by Nacha Cattan, Jewish Daily Forward, November 29, 2002.]

    This seems to be the same idea that Earl Raab expressed, the first time the Census reported that whites would become a minority in America:

    We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party will be able to prevail in this country.

    We [Jews] have been nourishing the American climate of opposition to bigotry for about half a century. That climate has not yet been perfected, but the heterogeneous nature of our population tends to make it irreversible—and makes our constitutional constraints against bigotry more practical than ever.”
    [Earl Raab, San Francisco Jewish Bulletin, July 23, 1993]

    Emanuel Celler, a Jewish Congressman from Brooklyn, made his first ever speech in the House of Representatives against the massively popular and extremely necessary Johnson act of 1924. Celler, who served in the House for over 49 years, was able to reverse this success with the Hart-Celler Act, which was to become the Immigration Act Of 1965. His biography in the Jewish Virtual Library makes it clear that he opposed immigration restriction and endorsed mass immigration for ethnic reasons. As the JVL puts it

    Today, nearly 75 percent of American Jews descend from immigrants from Eastern Europe. In this season in which we celebrate the ancient Hebrews’ exodus to freedom, it is fitting to recall Emanuel Celler’s efforts to make America a promised land for Jewish immigrants, and for all victims of persecution.

    • IstvanIN

      Well, look at it this way, Mestizos are no fans of Jews. The Jews, and the Jews who pass for white, will eventually share our fate.

    • Son of Abraham

      That just goes to show: You can’t trust those pesky Jews.

    • Nancy Thomas

      Surprised this wasn’t deleted.

      • george00

        Give it time.

  • David Ashton

    I strongly doubt that Ayn Rand would have been pleased with those who inherited her name and publications, and who mucked up the filming of “Atlas Shrugged”. She regarded American civilization as a primary value, and free market capitalism as a secondary corollary. She would not have welcomed any mass-invasion of the USA.

  • Ironic that a self-style Ayn Randian is peddling this, because it will be the big government that our new “immigrants” vote for and empower which will be the end of any chance of Randian economic ideology being politically credible in the United States. If we have to create Galt’s Gulches, it is because we’ll have to create small Orania-style Whtiopias because we’re swimming in a sea of non-whites.

    As an aside, I read a piece (lost the URL) which broke down data state by state, relating to the crucial swing states in 2012 — If Romney would have gotten 78% of the Hispanic vote in Ohio, Obama still would have won Ohio. A similar situation exists in many other important swing states.

    In related news:


    QD Reacts:

    Uh, Karl? That has nothing to do with diversity. That is entirely due to the white vote in Texas consolidating (or, more accurately, Mississippiizing) around the Republican Party. Meanwhile, conservative Republican whites are leaving California in droves, and some of them are going to Texas. Hispanics in Texas don’t vote for Republicans much more often in percentage terms than Hispanics in California (and in both cases, it’s a severe minority of the overall Hispanic vote), and the difference is so small that it could be pure statistical noise.

  • Extropico

    I missed the part where Binswanger advocated open borders for Israel and the minoritization of Jews in Israel. I missed the part where he advocated the destruction of the democratic majority in any other nation. Not one paragraph in that article is meritorious of plaudits. America has a social safety net and racial preferences, which largely eradicate the “free market” aspect of open borders. And even without the issue of government spending, the American people have value in their own unique amalgamated identity. Article IV, Section iv of the Constitution mandates that the government protect the States from invasion and from the destruction of a republican form of government; fortunately the Founding Fathers were wiser than the author of this adduced article.

  • Snowhitey

    People like Harry Binswanger supposedly are American-born and raised yet I do not believe it. There is no way these people grew up in the same country I did. They are literally hellbent on changing America into something totally unrecognizable.

    I’ll keep the rest of my thoughts to myself because I don’t want anyone knocking on my door in the middle of the night.

    • Thor Bonham

      I feel the same way ..You’re not alone.

  • jay11

    Remember when Americans in general were patriotic?

    • RisingReich

      That was back when there was a real “America”. It only exists now in textbooks and people’s memories.

      I find myself wishing for the end so we can break up and start over.

    • guest

      Those days are long gone. Today’s Americans are now very unpatriotic and appearantly very apologetic towards illegal immigrants who are invading and making trouble in this once great nation. The future of this country just keeps getting more and more bleak and those who try to fight for what’s best for this country are seen as villainous.

    • mobilebay

      I well remember, Jay11. I arrived between the two great wars and was old enough to witness the natural patriotism of people during WW11. I lived in a port city and it teamed with military from the nearby bases. Our flag flew from every home and business as we worked together to stop the assult on our beloved country. Even we children collected tinfoil, rubber bands, newspapers and whatever else that was useful to the war effort. The USO was opened daily for the war weary military. Our parents were block wardens who patrolled the streets with their hard hats and flashlights every night. Food and gasoline were rationed, but it was for a good cause, so no one complained. We cheered at every victory or shed tears at every loss as we listened to the hypnotic voice of H.V. Kaltenborne (sp) when he delivered the evening news. Etched in my mind was one Sunday afternoon in December, when my grandmother and I emerged from a movie to hear the paper boys shouting, “Extra, Extra. Read all about it. Pearl Harbot has been attacked by Japanese planes.” The world we knew ended that day, but for several years after, the whole country banded together to defeat the enemy and we did. Today, sadly, if this administration, or several previous ones, had been in charge, I believe a white flag would have been raised over the White House.

      • Thor Bonham

        Beautiful story .. Thanks for sharing it ..

      • ConcernedYoungAmerican

        This made me emotional. I loathe the fact that I never knew this America having been born at the end of the Cold War.

  • bigone4u

    Illegals come here because their own countries are ratholes. They are too stupid to understand or don’t care that they are turning the USA into a rathole too. One rathole down (California or should that be Mexifornia) and 49 more to go.

    • Tucker

      You are dead right about that, Bigone4u. Look at what the mestizos have managed to do to most of California. Look at what blacks have managed to do to Detroit, Chicago, Oakland, East St. Louis, Philadelphia, and scores of other big cities where they have hit the 40-50 percent population mark.

      And, the Cultural Marxist enemy who’s hijacked our nation – despite the very clear evidence that exists of how destructive these non-whites are – continue to import them and then deliberately try to shove them into the whitest communities and whitest areas that are left within America.

      I mean, really. What kind of idiot thinks that importing Bantu Somalis from Africa and then depositing them inside formerly tranquil, safe, crime free and prosperous White communities is somehow going to benefit those communities?

      Answer: These enemy elites are not idiots. They know what they are doing. And, what their objective is – is White genocide.

  • Felix_M

    While the country’s going down in flames, at least we’ll be laughing all the way.

    John Kerrey, Barney Frank, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama? The world has never seen such farce as these people bring to the fore.

    • Tucker

      We won’t be laughing when we find ourselves tied to a stake in the middle of a big bonfire, surrounded by hungry, salivating, dancing and howling cannibals who will be licking their chops in anticipation of the coming meal.

  • Owen

    Linking to WND destroys AmRens credibility.

    • IstvanIN

      How so, the article was written by John Rocker, and, and this is an assumption, most of us agree with him?

    • gemjunior

      WND has published many excellent articles by very respectable people. It’s not exactly the National Enquirer.

      • Tucker

        Joe Farah, who runs WND, also has a lot of articles by Tom Tancredo that discuss immigration. Tancredo, however, just like Rocker – always dances around on the head of a pin and never touches the issue of White ethnic interests. Basically, pretending that White ethnic interests do not exist.

        Well, it is up to us – to make it painfully clear that White ethnic specific interests not only EXIST – but any politician who refuses to address those interests is our mortal enemy.

    • Kblankenship7

      Please state why.

  • IKantunderstand

    We, as White Americans, need to enter into a class action lawsuit. We need to sue the Federal government of the United States of America, for discrimination, and denial of our 1st and 2nd amendment rights. I’m serious. Deadly serious.

    • SargeInCharge

      Yeah, but the federal government and the federal courts are the people doing this to us. The class action suit would be dismissed by a federal judge.

      Forget class action, we need actual action.

    • joesolargenius

      I agree one hundred percent and the first lawsuit should be about discrimination in regards to hiring for all Government jobs !

    • Thor Bonham

      I agree, but we never win those types of suits against the government ..
      But it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try..

  • Jefferson

    A writer at Forbes magazine who advocates for more 3rd world illegal immigration. That is why it boggles my mind when libtards claim that Forbes magazine is run by right wingers.

    No right winger worth his salt would want to turn the U.S into an extension of Latin America.

    • Scott

      The Forbes of 30 years ago wouldn’t have run tripe like this. Like all “conservative” publications save for amconmag, they’ve been devoured by neocon flesh-eating brain worms who despise this country but think Israel is a light unto nations.

  • ViktorNN

    Is there something preventing all these hard-working libertarian Randian Mexican mestizos from setting up their own Objectivist utopia down there in Meheeco?

    Oh, you mean these “hard workers” aren’t only coming here for the jobs – they’re also coming here for the birthright citizenship for the many offspring they tend to drop once they’re here, thus allowing them to collect on a whole array of public bennies in their childrens’ names?

    Ah, so these “hard workers” aren’t just coming here for the jobs – they’re also coming for the quality of life that European Americans have built including a functioning tax base which they have paid nothing into but which they’d sure like to benefit from?

    Here’s the bottom line when you hear a libertarian start talking about open borders, amnesty for illegals, and the like:

    They want the cheap labor. Period.

    Libertarians are for flooding the lower end of the labor pool with as much cheap labor as possible and any other high and mighty sounding platitudes they offer up about “freedom of movement” for “people who just want to better themselves” is a load. That’s right – libertarians are notoriously deceptive about the true reasons why they’re in favor of open borders. FYI.

    • Jefferson

      That is why I have NEVER voted Libertarian and I NEVER will. They have a lot of good ideas, but their views on illegal immigration really pisses me off. Every Libertarian politician gets a big fat F when it comes to stopping 3rd world illegal immigrants from coming into this country and securing our borders.

      The only political party in America that looks out for American workers is The Constitutional Party. They are the only political party in America that does not advocate flooding the job market with 3rd world illegal immigrants in order to displace working class Americans.

      Too bad there are not enough racially aware White Americans in this country to support The Constitutional Party.

      The Republicans and The Libertarians elites sold their souls to the Devil in exchange for cheap gardeners, nannies, and maids that they can pay below minimum wage because they are too cheap to hire White Americans to do those jobs.

      • The strange part is that before a certain time period, even most “pure” libertarians (white, of course) recognized the legitimacy of race and wanted nothing to do with open borders with the world.

        I can’t even be sure if today’s Constitution Party, and the people that lead it, can be counted on to recognize race and resist open borders and mass non-white immigration. I do know that not so long ago, the kind of people who would organize and lead such a political party did recognize race and did not support open borders.

  • ConcernedYoungAmerican

    While it’s true that our fellow Europeans are dealing with an immigration crisis, not ONE European country is promoting amnesty. In fact, I looked it up, and America is the ONLY nation in the modern world to grant citizenship freely to illegal invaders. We must have a death wish.

    Read this speech “I Have A Plan To Destroy America” by Richard Lamm, a former governor of Colorado who understood what immigration would do to the United States.


    As for me, I can’t wait to get out of Mexifornia, and I think I’ll head to Maine, the whitest state in the country.

  • Greg Thomas

    John Rocker is owed an apology! This guy is a true American and lost a career because he dared speak the truth about diversity! Of course, he’s right once again about illegal invaders destroying the state of California. As for apologies, well, it’s too late for that now. The traitors in our government should not be allowed to get off with a simple apology. They owe much more…

  • mobilebay

    Not only are we owed an apology, we are owed leaders who care more for their own people than the welfare of foreign criminals who are destroying our country. We haven’t had a true American who knows what immigration enforcement means in a very long time. Dwight Eisenhower comes to mind immediately.

  • rocker rocks

    When Clinton and Bush and the rest of the liberal world apologized to blacks for slavery they failed to mention the other half of the apology and that is that had their reject ancestors not been sold off by their tribal chiefs to the white man starting 500 years ago they would still be back in that 3rd world hellhole eating monkey brains filled with maggots or living in a jungle mud huts dodging 20 foot long crocks in the rive while bathing.
    If anything blacks should be on their knees worshipping the white elite for bringing their ancestors into the enlightenment of the 1st world and out of the dark side.
    Macon GA boy former 100 mph fastball Braves pitcher Rocker is on the money telling the obvious and dosent have to worry now about some hymietown NYC sports writer doing a hack job on him for telling the truth about his scumbag city hellhole 3rd world concrete jungled wretch.

  • I just cannot bring myself to read such bullshit. Illegals OWE the Americans an apology!! They are here illegally. Illegal means criminal

  • Fed Up

    Of course the illegals value America. Just look at the display of Mexican flags on every occasion or at every rally. Look at the very high number of criminals arrested, who happen to either be illegal aliens, or their older anchor babies.

  • Vyncennt

    Here we see a prime example of the right holding hands with the left to achieve a common goal, if not for the same reasons, surely with the same consequences.

    This is why the Conservative citizens of this nation must break completely with the Republican party. It is easy to see a group of older white men and assume, by their appearance and their rhetoric, that they share the same goals. They do not and have not for a very long time. Even the Democrats are more honest in their approach to their goals.

    Men such as Pat Buchanan have long since left the political arena, and in my opinion at least, are sorely missed.

  • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading


  • kjh64

    Frankly I’m sick of hearing all the tired media cliches on immigration:: Here are the top 10 nonsense cliches on immigration:

    1-“They just want a better life”

    That is America’s problem how? It’s not the job of America or any nation to give foreign nationals a “better life”. It’s the job of a nation to look out for its’ own citizen’s interests and mass immigration is not in the interest of ANY country.

    2-“They just want to feed their families”

    Again, this is America’s problem how? It’s not America’s job to feed the families of foreign nationals, that is the job of THEIR governments, not ours. We have a harder time feeding OUR families because they take jobs. Anyways, Mexico is the 2nd most obese nation in the world after our nation, so they obviously don’t have any problems feeding their families.

    3. “But, but they just want to work”

    Once yet again, that is America’s problem how? America is not the world’s employment agency. We don’t have enough jobs for our own.

    4″They do the jobs Americans won’t do, we have work shortages to fill, we need more skilled workers, we need more global talent” yada yada yada.
    All ” Big Business speak” for we need ot drive down wages. These are the biggest, most tiring of all lies. Americans did all the jobs Americans supposedly won’t do. It’s not that Americans won’t do these jobs, it’s just that these migrants will do them much more cheaply. Americans can’t afford to work for such low wages, pay their taxes and still afford to feed their families. There are NO shortages of workers, there are no shortages of skilled workers, there is more than enough “talent” right here in this country. The only shortage is a shortage of jobs. Businesses just want to drive down wages through immigration, that’s all.

    5-We need these workers to pay for our social security etc.

    Letting in millons of 3rd world people who are poor, unskilled and have high birthrates and as such, take far more in social welfare than they make in taxes will not pay for anything, quite the opposite, they will drain it, they already are (see California.)

    6 “We’re all just a nation of immigrants”

    Um, no we are a nation of citizens with a common culture, language and people and mass immigration erodes that. Every nation was founded by people who came from somewhere else in past history.

    7 “The Indians were here first so you have no right to keep anyone out”

    Actually, new evidence is showing that Europeans might have come over around the same time as the Indians but whatever the truth, much of North America wasn’t owned or occupied by anyone when Whites came, much of it was empty wilderness,.. Anyways, that’s not the point. The point is that all throughout history, when continents were being settled and countries created, people fought each other, invaded each other etc. etc. What happened in distant past history in what is now the USA happened all over the world and has nothing to do with people or immigration today nor does it entitle anyone to immigrate here today. Any issues between Whites/Indians are between those 2 groups and have nothing to do with anyone else outside the USA. Plus, mass immigration hurts American Indians today because they too suffer from job losses, etc due to this.

    8. “The Indians are the first Americans”

    If you are talking about the first citizens of the USA, you are wrong. Whites created the nation called the USA and were the first “American(US) citizens:. Indians had their own tribes and didn’t create the USA.

    9.”You’re a racist if you are against immigration”

    When you change the race of a country, you change that country, it’s people, culture and everything else. Also, the more multiracial a country is, the more strife internally it has. It is in no way, shape or form “racist’ to not want people of other races to immigrate in order to protect YOUR unique culture or keep racial problems to a minimum.Since immigration is not a “right” you are not depriving people of other races of their “rights.”

    10-“You’re a xenophobe who hates and fears foreigners”

    The fact that you don’t want foreigners pouring into your country and competing with you for jobs, making demands, changing your society and country, is perfectly rational. The fact that you don’t want this doesn’t mean you “hate” anybody, non-Whites don’t want or allow this in their countries either, it is common sense practiced today by everyone….except Whites.

    • Jaego

      Bravo. We have to look in the mirror at ourselves. The Conservative Movement is utterly corrupt in its own way. There’s nothing a White Man hates more than paying another White Man a living wage. That’s how Socialism got a foothold. Look at Henry Ford: he would’t deal with the striking Whites and brought in Blacks to take their jobs – now we have the 4th down, 4th quarter in Detroit.
      The Economic philsophy of life will betray a Nation, be it Capitalist or Socialist or a mixture of both. But put the People first, and the Nation will prosper all other things being equal.

    • David Ashton

      If America belongs to the Indians, it doesn’t belong to Mexicans, Muslims or Mongols either.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    Ayn Rand escaped from the Soviet Union in the ’30s and hated everything about communism. Objectivism has obviously been hijacked and converted to a quasi-Marxist philosophy by the current directors. Objectivism supported the idea of individualism to an extreme. It could easily be interpreted to support Anarchy (as a governing form) and pure capitalism. How it became a voice for supporting the support of illegal invaders both in their defiance of legal borders or citizenship and how it came to appear to support the idea that a state (California) should support them is incredible. Objectivism theoretically only supports the illegals as far as that they as individuals did what they had to do in their view, to survive taking advantage of whatever there is out there to accomplish that. Our Objectivism supported response is to get rid of them because they take our chances for survival away from us in the process.

    • David Ashton

      Rand believed in limited government, not anarchy or anarcho-capitalism.
      She supported effective national defense against possible external enemies.
      Her model factory owners did not engage in a race to the bottom in wages, but attracted workers with high salaries because of their productive skills.
      There are weaknesses in her philosophy and faults in her life, but at least she wrong-footed many of “revolting students” in the 1960s.

  • StillModerated

    Ayn Rand plagiarized The Fountainhead from an obscure book by Garet Garrett called The Driver. And I once read a review of The Turner Diaries which stated that it was better written than anything Rand wrote. I can’t understand why silly Whites worship her. I also can’t understand why silly Whites also worship Marxist Looter Kuhn.

    • David Ashton

      This point about plagiarism has been disputed, but the coincidences are admittedly strong. However, Rand’s short, poetic “Anthem” and long, melodramatic “Atlas Shrugged” both present an intellectual challenge and an emotional inspiration against the egalitarian slop of our time. I wrote what I felt was a fully researched, balanced account of her work some time ago for the UK conservative quarterly “Salisbury Review” which was mangled for publication by gross editorial incompetence, but anyone who writes to me c/o that publication may receive a copy of my original article. Like other conservative and libertarian organisations and publications, Ayn Rand’s heritage has been well and truly “neo-conned”.
      The less said about the “Turner Diaries” the better.

  • Anna Tree

    This is a post I read, written by Carol “Amnesty is brankrupcy”:

    LISTED BELOW are several of the arguments that have been used by misguided
    people to try and justify illegal immigration. Next to each is the
    reason why that argument has no merit.

    1) They are an economic necessity – Not true. The idea that a bunch of
    desperately poor, uneducated, unskilled, non-English speaking foreigners
    are an economic necessity is ludicrous. In fact, when you compare cost
    vs. benefit, it is obvious that they are not only NOT a necessity, they
    are not even an asset. Rather, they are a liability and a huge one at

    2) They do work Americans won’t do – Not true. They do work Americans
    won’t do for $7 an hour (especially if Americans can collect welfare and
    unemployment instead). Of course, if you got rid of the illegals, the
    jobs wouldn’t pay $7 an hour. The people who wanted the work done would
    have to pay a wage that was attractive enough to get Americans to do the
    work. And it might even be enough to get Americans off the unemployment
    and welfare dole and back into the taxpaying workforce!

    3) We benefit from all that “cheap” labor – This is nonsense. The only
    people who benefit from the cheap labor are the unscrupulous people who
    hire illegal immigrants. Taxpayers are left holding the bag. Ultimately,
    it is they who must pay to support all the Americans who have been put
    out of work by illegals and must also provide billions of dollars in
    services and benefits to the illegals themselves. ‘Cheep’ labor is not cheep. We, the taxpayers,
    simply foot the rest of the bill for their cost of living.

    4) They are just trying to make better lives – Aren’t we all? The
    difference is that most of us understand that we DO NOT have a right to
    acquire by illegal means those things that we find difficult to acquire
    by legal means. And we certainly don’t have the right to do it in a
    foreign country.

    5) It is impossible to round up and deport the illegals – We don’t have
    to. All we have to do is remove the incentives that brought them here in
    the first place. No jobs. No housing. No taxpayer financed services or
    benefits (including education). Once we remove the incentives that
    brought them here, they will leave on their own.

    6) Immigration control is racist / xenophobic – This is just another
    play of the race card by people who have no other cards to play.
    Immigration control is the world-wide status quo. There is nothing
    racist about it. Furthermore, the USA welcomes LEGAL immigrants of all
    races and ethnicities from all over the world who have gone through the
    legal immigration process. This is not just a bad argument, it is an
    attempt to create racial hatred and division.

    7) We are a nation of immigrants – This is the “BIG LIE”. The vast
    majority of Americans are native-born. I am not an immigrant. Nor were
    my parents. Nor were my grandparents. We are a nation that has,
    historically, allowed and even encouraged LEGAL immigration. And we
    continue to do so. The issue at hand is illegal immigration, which has
    nothing to do with legal immigration.

    8) They are people. We must treat them humanely – Yes & yes. But
    lets not pretend like they are victims who were dragged here kicking and
    screaming against their will. Nothing could be further from the truth.
    They came of their own free will and for their own benefit and they
    is nothing “draconian” or “mean-spirited” about it.

    9) It is wrong to break up families- Yes. Unfortunately, families are
    often broken up by criminal activity. If you don’t believe it, just drop
    by any prison or jail on visiting day. We can’t keep families together
    if some family members choose to participate in criminal activity.

    10) They work & contribute to our society – So do I. And if I break
    the law and commit crimes, I can expect to pay a penalty of some kind.
    Anything from a small fine to the death penalty. I do not receive a

  • delano

    Acevedo at least appears contrite and the deaths were within the definition of an accident, though irresponsible. He was sppeding on an early Sunday morning and ran into the family’s car. You want horrifying, that would be the knife attack on the beautiful 16 yr old girl on a bus in England, by a black man who kept eyeing her. She was tweeting to others how scared she was and how she longed not to ride buses anymore. I don’t think busses are the problem…

  • Bobby

    I well remember when Mr. Rocker made his comments about the New York subway. I didn’t know much about the man then, but if one listened to how the Main Stream Media described him, one would think he was a stupid uneducated and ignorant fool. But having now read Mr. Rockers articles, I find him a highly intelligent and erudite personality. I should have know it was a case of the MORONIC MAIN STREAM MEDIA, AND THEIR ANTI-WHITE HATRED.