Daughter of Segregationist Forges Path to Tolerance

Bill Plante, CBS News, March 6, 2013


“Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever,” Alabama Governor George Wallace once said at his inauguration in 1963.

Wallace personified racist defiance of civil rights. Six months later, he blocked the doors of the University of Alabama to prevent integration.

His daughter Peggy was 13 at the time.


On whether she thought her father’s earlier positions were wrong when she was young, Peggy Wallace said: “My mother kept us very, very sheltered. So there were a lot of things we didn’t know about. And so we weren’t able to think about them or have an opinion.”

Peggy Wallace married and raised two sons in Alabama, rarely speaking about her father—until she watched America elect its first black president.


She decided she would start on the Edmund Pettus Bridge, a place where 48 years ago this week, her father ordered police to brutally attack civil rights marchers. It became known as “Bloody Sunday.”

Congressman John Lewis was badly beaten that day in 1965. But for the last five years to mark the anniversary, Peggy Wallace Kennedy has walked with Lewis across the Pettus Bridge.

“I told him, ‘I’ve crossed many bridges in my life, and I’ll cross many, many more. But the most important bridge I’ll ever cross in my life is the one I crossed with you,’ in 2009,” she said.


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  • Ralph

    Yawn. Another puff piece about how a well known White came to “tolerance.” The fact is tha this woman is not very bright and it is clear that she is easily suggestible and easily conditioned to believe anything the crowd believes at any moment. Have enough people say the Earth is flat, and she’d probably join them and we’d be reading an article about how she gave up Earth roundism and now sees the light.

    • Jedi Mind Tricks

      Just one more sheep. She’d marry Satan if he was marketed to her right.

      • MikeS

        Look at that face. I believe she already has.

        • New Rise

          Beauty fades. Dumb is forever.

          • Genocide is forever too.

          • Treble

            Imaginary fear/phobia is also a condition that can’t be cured and will last forever.

          • That reminded me of Proverbs 28:1 –
            The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.

            The anti-whites & traitors are indeed wicked.

            Anti-racism is just a code word for anti-white.

    • Tom Iron

      Yep, but I still don’t like it when someone comes out against their dad.George Wallace was a good man. He didthe things he was supposed to do as a man and she should honor him for it. He went in the service and flew bombing missions over Japan in WWII and was a good and faithful husband and father and was also faithful to his people, the people of the state of Aabama.

      • Greg Thomas

        George Wallace was a great American. I would give anything to have him back.

      • Pale Rider

        I totally agree. I have spent my life supporting my ‘racist’ father, because he spent his life supporting his ancestors, who just happened to be Southern, white, and … wait … slave-owners. I don’t apologize for my ancestors in any way, shape, or form, because I know the reality of the antebellum South was far different than portrayed in these days.
        Shame on George Wallace’s daughter for not standing up for the person who gave her life, and who gave his life for the greatest of principles, namely preservation of heritage.

      • Cohen

        George Wallace was an ass! That piece of excretment will forever go down in the toilet bowl of history. Except for a few racist numbskulls, no one cares about some old racist has-been!
        Besides, what sort of a sick twisted freak do you have to be to deny people their basic rights just because they are of a different color? What right did that old fool have to block the entrance of innocent black girls to enter a school/ college despite orders from the government of the United States of America. To hell with forced segregation.

        • Tim

          “To hell with forced segregation.” So to hell with forced integration too?!?!…

        • Tom Iron

          Sir, I disagree with you completely, but I won’t go into it. Having said that, The woman was wrong to go publicly against her father. That’s what I said. I don’t care if your dad was Atilla the Hun, you have to stand up for him.

          • Cado

            You are advocating paternal fascism and the idea is absurd. There is no justification for obliging someone’s offspring to the ideals of their predecessor.

          • Tom Iron

            I don’t care. Her father was as I said in my first post. A good man by any measurement of a man. She owes his memory her loyalty, even in death. What a terrible person she is. She will pay a price for what she did. DISGUSTING…

          • Cado

            I don’t understand the reasoning behind the position you have taken regarding dogmatic ancestor worship. I’m not making a statement about the nature of the man; I am questioning the reasoning behind believing that because someone sired another that their ideals somehow have precedence or are more correct than their offspring. You sound like the kind of [expletive] who thinks that children should worship the ground their parents walk on, solely because they submitted to their carnal desires and replicated, rather than because their parents were worth emulating. Any [expletive] can make a baby. Good parents are good because they invest in their children with no expectations of reciprocation (supposedly like God is, agape and all that, hah). Everyone should have a choice in who they honor, otherwise we’re living in North Korea. Sorry that you don’t care that you embody fascist ideals and judge people by unreasonable standards.

          • Tom Iron

            Any [expletive] can make a baby.
            Yes, but that [expletive – your word] was a good decent man and a good decent father to her.

          • Cohen

            Her father was NOT a “good man” by any measure of human morality or ethics. I read about Gov. Wallace and based on his policies, he most certainly was a racist spiteful douche bag who LOST out in the end. It is rather ironic that even his daughter seems to get it, but you don’t.

        • Non Humans

          Guys… Time to put on the hazmat suits. Libtard in our presence. Don’t let it cough or breathe on you.

    • The__Bobster

      MexCain’s libtard daughter daughter isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer either.

      • Katherine McChesney

        McCain’s daughter is cheap and ignorant and whorish.

        • Pop Culture Lover

          Nonsense! She is aver progressive , open minded republican. She is the future of the GOP.

          • ncpride

            The GOP has no future.

          • Sloppo

            I agree with you and pop culture lover. She is the future of the GOP and the GOP has no future.

          • “Very progressive, open minded Republican.”
            Or, to sum it up in one word:

          • liberalsuck

            Right, because the liberal Democrats who spew their hate against white people, against the Tea Party, against gunowners, against successful people, against the working class white people are very nice and tolerant people. I really like how they say they’re against censorship while they shut down conservatives and try to get us fired from our jobs. I really like how they say they’re against bullying while forcing their liberal views on everyone. I really like how they say they are against hate while they say they want conservatives to die. Yeah, really tolerant liberals!

          • bluffcreek1967

            Yeah, the Republicans are so “open-minded” that their brains fell out.

    • StillModerated

      The three virtues of an empire on the skids are: tolerance (not in the Bible), conformity (bashed into unwilling crania at taxpayers’ expense), and ratting out you friends and neighbors. Welcome to Hell! Smoke another cigarette, I’m going to the still for another jigger of brandy.

  • MekongDelta69

    Another one bites the multi-culti dust…

  • This is just the kind of story anti-Whites will wet their pants over for obvious reasons.

    And did you ever notice how “tolerance” is always a one way street? We are supposed to tolerate endless anti-White hatred and abuse while they will never tolerate us even having an open, free discussion about what’s good for our race.

    They say they are anti-racist but what they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

    • So CAL Snowman

      The non-whites and white liberals know that what is good for US is bad for THEM.

      • The word “racist” scares the living hell out of most of us so we end up agreeing with them rather than risk being tagged with it. Render “racist” innocuous and the anti-White house of cards comes tumbling down. “Racist” simply means “white person”.

        • Ed_NY

          I am constantly tagged as a racist. I proudly tell anyone and everyone that I am a realist and not a racist. And with that said, I realize that there are differences between the races. I prefer not to talk to or have any contact with blacks but if I have no choice, I have no trouble calling a spade a spade.

          • Ed, next time tell them that in their OPINION you are a “racist”.
            They are only saying that because you are White.
            Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

          • whiteuncleruckus

            The word “racist” simply means someone who doesn’t beleive in the multicultural/diversity religion. Similar to the way the words “witch” and “infedel” are used. Since multiculturalism isn’t good for White people and is fan super tastic for non-whites, it’s almost always a White person who gets called “racist”.

          • Non Humans

            I bet it’s usually libtards who try to stigmatize you with the term. Don’t defer to “Realist” when they do, even though that is more descriptive label. When you do defer, it automatically changes your place in the conversation to “Defensive”. Fully embrace the term when they do so, and it will completely nullify the stigma they are trying to apply, usually disorienting their argument, and afford you the upper hand in the debate.
            Usually when the libtards resort to playing that card, they have little to no argument left, as most of them spew the crap that they do without having any real understanding of the reasons why they do, other than it feels morally correct.
            As Jared has said (something similar) many times before, “We have to beat them at their own intellectual games with hard facts and statistics.” It helps to understand and study debate strategy when doing so, as passion will only take you so far. Fact is, though, you will rarely ever turn anyone who is truly libtarded to our cause through debate, but you can bring them down off of their high-horse far enough that they will begin to doubt their unfounded beliefs. That is the mark that I shoot for.

        • saxonsun

          If that was the only thing to deal with it wouldn’t be so bad–we lose our jobs when we stand up for the truth.

    • Anders

      She’s ‘forging a path to tolerance?’
      I don’t get it, isn’t ‘tolerance’ already enforced? How much ‘tolerance’ can a person handle? Maybe she’s just an empty-headed attention-seeker.

  • Francis Galton

    Blech! White Guilt Dementia never ceases to amaze–and disgust–me.

    Doesn’t Wallace realize that if the tables were turned blacks would not hesitate to make life a living hell for Whites every chance they got (which they indeed do in cities all over the US, as well as in Zimbabwe and South Africa)? Does she not realize that most blacks despise her (alleged) Whiteness with every fiber of their beings?

    Why isn’t John Lewis and his ilk protesting the CURRENT enslavement of their own people in their ancestral continent? Doesn’t it seem rather self-serving to worry about hypothetically not being allowed to eat lunch at White-owned establishments when blacks elsewhere in the world are still being kept as chattel?

    The mind reels.

    • The__Bobster

      John Lewis is the spoonie liar who said Tea Party members spit on him and called him a nagger.

      • edie

        yes and steny hoyer holding his hand while they walked was a gag inducer too.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Liberalism is the largest and most destructive suicide cult known in human history. It’s followers are mentally ill, immature, emotionally unstable, indoctrinated individuals. They make the ‘Heaven’s Gate” cult look sane by comparison. These liberals are on the level of Muslim Wahhabi religious fanatics and extremists.

    • Jedi Mind Tricks

      The funny part is everyone notices the muslims, the liberals slip around in the dark so it seems.

      • So CAL Snowman

        even the liberals openly embrace muslim immigration despite the fact that muslims are perhaps the most regressive group on Earth when it comes to women’s rights. For some strange reason honor killings and female mutilation just don’t seem to bother the feminists.

        • Jedi Mind Tricks

          The root cause of feminism is the hatred of Man,or well the Family at least. Feminists couldn’t care less about women

        • bluffcreek1967

          That’s because today’s liberalism is pure insanity. It makes no sense, it’s destructive by nature, it’s inconsistent and deadly – all the while parading as enlightened and as having superior intelligence. The fact that liberals or ‘progressives’ will openly embrace Western-hating Muslims when, once in power, these same Muslims will utterly annihilate every liberal shows how completely insane and foolish they truly are.

        • Joseph

          The libs apparently think that once the Moslem Horde is more firmly established here that they will just educate away the “nuisance features” like rape, honor-killings, animal sacrifice, polygamy etc. with a gov’t sponsored inclusiveness program.

    • Will White

      And yet they go unpunished!

  • [Guest]

    I think we all know by now that “tolerance”—and especially “racial tolerance”—has no stopping place.

  • One doesn’t need to abandon reality to object to racism.

  • IKantunderstand

    Just threw up in my mouth. Again. Went to my doctor. I have been diagnosed with a very serious condition: P.C.S.S. Yes, that is correct, I have a severe case of P.C.S.S. The disease has the following symptoms, besides the aforementioned tiny vomiting: Excessive eye-rolling, constant head shaking, and a complete refusal to remember what “LBGT…” whatever, stands for, and to even care that I don’t remember. Please pray for me. I am after all, cisgendered.

  • I am old enough to remember the stories that were going around at that time. The story was that Wallace called Bobby Kennedy BEFORE he stood in the school doorway and told that he needed to make his little show so that the people of Alabama would continue to vote for him. He promised that it was only a show and that after he had his say in front of the cameras, he’d step aside and the Fed’s could proceed.

    • The__Bobster

      Just remember that after he was shot, he made a sharp turn to the left.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I don’t believe that story.

      • You may be right. I don’t have the proof. But then again that is just how it played out. Never put your complete faith in a politician.

    • him

      She loves Big Brother.

    • Robert Binion

      It is thought here in Alabama that Nixon unleashed the IRS upon Wallace’s brother to induce George to drop out of the race in 1972.

      • Well, Wallace did run for President in 1972, but he ran as a Democrat within Democrat primaries and caucuses.

        What Nixon feared, and what he used the IRS in a roundabout way to intimidate George Wallace out of doing, was running for President in 1972 like he did in 1968, under a third party label. It was that which almost cost Nixon the election in 1968. Nixon was Machiavellian to know that Wallace would never win the Democrat nomination, because by 1972, the Democrat Party was too far gone actually to nominate him. So Nixon “prodding” Wallace to run as a Democrat was de facto running his Presidential ambitions into a wall. That of course was notwithstanding what happened in Laurel, Maryland.

  • Ralph

    When you come to knowing about human races and evolution scientifically (as have many of us, I believe), then you do not change your mind and suddenly become “anti-racist,” when the current social trends (manipulated by advertising and PR) change.

    Race is to human as breed is to dog as variety is to rose. Race is real. It is not something to be overcome. Our White race comes from our particular DNA code that has us on an evolutionary path different from other races and we will evolve and improve so long as we do not blend in with non-Whites.

  • Ralph

    Hopefully, this self hating and disgusting woman has not passed on her defective genes to her two children.

  • The first vote I ever cast was for George Wallace in the 1972 primary.

    It was also the last vote I ever cast for a Democrat.

    • StillModerated

      I voted for Lyndon Larouche in a primary once. Sure, he’s a bull goose loony, but he was the only candidate from Virginia!

    • Luca

      Our high school in NJ allowed us as students to vote in the 1968 election, I guess as a civics experiment. We voted for the Independent candidate Wallace I honestly think we were sick of Democrats like LBJ and Nixon seemed like an out of touch jerk. Wallace seemed determined, assertive and had an ounce of backbone.

      The minority black population (about 10%) started a week or two of fist fights everywhere around the grounds of the school. I distinctly remember overhearing someone ask a black girl why they were fighting and she said it was because we had voted for Wallace.

      Like small spoiled children, they must have things their way or they answer with violence and will use any excuse as justification for their bad behavior. And liberals will defend them.

      • Some younger folks seem to think black violence is on the rise. Seems to me it’s been a reality as long as I can remember.

        • bigone4u

          My mother was the victim of an unprovoked attack by a black youf back in the 1930s. Till the day she died she wanted nothing to do with blacks and she for sure did not wish them well.

        • Truthteller

          White violence has been around longer.

        • Guest

          Correct!!!!! Since the 50s at least.

          • HamletsGhost

            The 1850s.

    • jane johnson

      ’76 Carter…1st & last Dem. (Also first time I was old enough to vote.) My dad said that at least he was honest.

  • Trivia – In 1972 Hubert Humphrey won the popular vote in Dem primary, but McGovern carried more states and won the primary. Had Humphrey won he likely would have named Wallace as his running mate and won the White House. He also would have died in office during a second term, leaving Wallace to succeed him as president in 1978. Wallace would then have been the candidate of choice to face Reagan in 1980.

  • steve7789

    Wallace himself was never really pro white. He just posed as such in order to win votes. As soon as leftists and neocons gained the other hand he quickly changed his tune.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Wallace was pro-White and very, very anti-black. I know. He was my Governor. I heard him speak, once when he was on a whistle stop in York, Alabama and once in Nashville when he was running for President. Wallace was to Whites in Alabama as true hero.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Bleeccch. Yuck. What a disgusting woman.

    I remember when George Wallace made a whistle stop in York, Alabama back in the 1960’s. It was a White town, clean and safe to live in. The townspeople supported Wallace’s views about segregation. Today, York is a cesspool…..over 80% black.

    • York Boy

      Small World! I grew up in York, AL myself. Lived my entire childhood and early adult life there. You are 100% correct about good ole York. From ideal, sleepy little Southern town to cesspool of decay. It just kills me to see what has happened to my home town. York had a nice airport with a long, lighted runway–a real nice thing to have in your backyard as far as attracting business. I spent many a lazy afternoon hanging on the fence, bumming airplane rides from the local pilots. When blacks got a hold on the city government, they turned the airport and runway into a public housing complex. How smart is that? The first black mayor fired all the white people working for the city. Months later,sewage service goes haywire and our drinking water is brown. My friend that ran for the water department that was fired for being white had to be re-hired to show the “new government” how to make clean water. I call York a “mini-Detroit.” It just kills me to go home………….

      • Katherine McChesney

        Hello. How are you? I gratuated from Sumter Co. High in ’63. I remember the blacks destroyed their new school. When integration was implemented, Whites from York and Livingston and surroundings pooled their money and built a private Christian school midway between the two towns. Blacks began going to SCH. I heard there were only three poor White children who were attending SCH. I worked part time for Dick Smith at the weekly newspaper. He went on to be one of George Wallace’s advisers when he ran for President.

        York Boy, nice to ‘see’ you here on Amren.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    No doubt this chick dated all the big black basketball players in college. Just to prove she wasn’t racist of course. There is an epidemic among white women with daddy issues and the need to “save” Africa or prove they are not racist.

    • edie

      it’s hard to fight all that school propaganda they push down their throats.

      Not to mention the constant hammering of the media

    • Aaron

      The fact is that many White women date Black men,including Black athletes (Sarah Palin did) because they WANT to. Period.

  • SargeInCharge

    Please, she should be proud of her old man’s position during segregation. When most other people had their head in the sand and their dick between their legs, Wallace correctly predicted that desegregation would lead to more crime, worse schools, and a coarsening of the culture. Then he had the balls to buck groupthink and instead stand front and center and tell the truth. That takes a big man.

  • JohnEngelman

    This is the kind of story liberals love. The implication is that segregationist apprehensions about blacks were unjustified. The only way one can believe that is to be ignorant of troubling facts, or to refuse to think about them.

  • JohnEngelman

    George Wallace did not have a national issue until the black ghetto riots began in Harlem in 1964. Until then segregationists did a poor job of presenting their case to whites with little knowledge of blacks. It was difficult to convince those whites that blacks were dangerous when the national image of the civil rights movement was of non violent civil rights demonstrators being jeered at, beaten, and sometimes killed by segregationist mobs.

    Outside of the South Martin Luther King successfully projected the image of a humble man of God who was too good of a Christian to hate his enemies.

    During pivotal periods of history effective leadership matters.

  • J. Reed

    George Wallace was a courageous man who told the truth. His daughter is simply a conformist.

    • Joseph

      She can get a lot more positive notoriety and probably MONEY by being a repentant white than she ever could hope for being honest. Follow the money.

  • Ralph

    I just got a better look at her face. She seems to have some of the characteristics of Williams syndrome–the so-called anti-racist gene. Those with this genetic defect lack a proper survival gene–sometimes called the “racist gene”–and have trouble distinguishing between us and not us. Those with this genetic defect (again, Williams syndrome) are easy victims of non-Whites.

  • Gay Black Man

    The fact is that George Wallace was never as much of a segregationist as he pretended to be. When he was a law student at the University of Michigan, he was about to be kicked out of law school for his “very liberal ” viewpoints. He was an opportunist who knew that he had to embrace a segregationist philosophy in order to be successful in southern politics. His opportunism caught up with him in 1972 when he was almost murdered by a gunman. His later “transformation” was not really a “change of heart.” The fact is that many Black people new this fact. Hence, that is why he was re-elected governor in 1983 with a large percentage of the Black vote.

    • By the standards of Alabama of the immediate post-WWII years, George Wallace was a moderate to slight liberal. But, if you pick him up with his exact same ideology and put him in America 2013, he would be (“called”) a “right wing extremist,” and would be “untouchable.”

  • freddy_hills

    I have no idea whether her father was sincere or merely an opportunist. Every politician is an opportunist so he may have been both. His later “conversion” leads me to believe he was merely an opportunist. Regardless, she didn’t like being the “bad guy” and so she conformed. If that weren’t the case she wouldn’t be performing this song and dance routine to prove she’s not. She would have just gone on about her business.

  • Translation “I am so scared of being called a racist i will stab my own family in the back.”

  • Joshua

    Wonderful story.

  • bigone4u

    Governor Wallace’s daughter is a disgrace to the family name. Her ungrateful kind make me happy I have no children to betray whatever legacy I leave behind.

  • Zackers

    “The fact that liberals or ‘progressives’ will openly embrace Western-hating Muslims when, once in power, these same Muslims will utterly annihilate every liberal shows how completely insane and foolish they truly are”.

    Embrace muslims, yes. Gush at themselves over it. Embrace us, no. Maybe liberals aren’t that stupid. . . From the sound of things we’re the ones who would annihilate everything libs stand for. Wait, make that WILL.

  • robinbishop34

    What an idiot. That’s all.

  • MBlanc46

    No one here seems to remember that in the late 1970s Wallace renounced segregation and apologized for his actions to civil rights leaders. This is more a case of like father-like daughter than a daughter renouncing the views of her father. She looks like him, too.

  • Thor Bonham

    Peggy Wallace = Libtard .

  • Did I miss something or did somebody edit one of my comments and delete another one entirely because they had – dare I say it without further censorship? – parts of the Mantra in them?

    I thought this was a pro-White site. Again, if I missed something I sincerely apologize.

  • liberalsuck

    She hates her “evil father” for being a fan of segregation, meanwhile she probably lives in a nice, crime free, predominately white neighborhood. God, I’m so sick of these anti-white people. If they dislike white people so much or feel so guilty about white culture, then why don’t they just move to a nonwhite area?


    A person tolerance for diversity is in direct relation to their distance from it

  • Pro Constitution

    I urge those of you who praise George Wallace’s actions to remember that he called out state troops at Selma in 1965 to stop a peaceful march by black people WHO WANTED THE RIGHT TO VOTE. Please read the 14th amendment to the Constitution (“equal protection of the laws”) and the 15th amendment–which was added in 1870. George Wallace was literally in violation of the U.S. Constitution. If President Obama did that, you would call him a traitor.

    • Well, those blacks got their voting rights and how well is that working out? Furthermore, what kind of “equal protection under the law” has my race been getting for the past 50 years or so since they got those rights?

      The Constitution was written by White people for White people, a homogenous population group. Granting equal rights to blacks and other non Whites has left the Constitution in shreds and left White people in a very precarious position, to say the least.

      The colorblind, libertarian “solution” to our race problems is a complete failure. The only practical solution I can think of is homelands based on race or, if we must live together, a return to Jim Crow.

      • Johnwharl

        You can always pack and move to Europe or wherever your ancestors came

        • Well, as the saying goes Johnny boy, “you can run but you can’t hide”. The same mess goes on in Europe, Australia, NZ and every White country on the planet.

          Anti-Whites running the show in every White country do NOT want us to have our OWN homelands.

    • Joseph

      He does, and he is.

    • Katherine McChesney

      The more they get the more they abuse the system…the more they murder, rape and steal.

  • Bruno

    My guess whould be if he knew what a low level she had sunk to he would want to be dead if he already wasn’t

  • Epiminondas

    She has not only dishonored her father, but also her mother. This woman should be tarred and feathered and put on the first plane north.

  • jackryanvb

    I apologize to Amren’s many bright, principled female readers, but this case just shows the truth that too many American women should not be involved in politics and should instead focus on:

    Church, Kitchen, Children

    The anti White powers that be are always looking to corrupt female familty members of White leaders that were once on our White side.

    The powers that be offer the traitor females some publicity, some money and too many or females will jump to the oportunity to betray our people.

    This idiot Wallace women needs to make some pilgrimage to the New South Africa and be set loose on the same street where another White female renegade Amy Biehl met her terrible, just violent death.

    Can some of our readers in Alabama please clue us in on this question?

    Is Wallace’s daughter young enough, attractive enough that Muslim sex groomers would want her?

  • Joseph

    Well, Ms Peggy Wallace Kennedy should be proud now.

    We have three boxes of Girlscout Cookies at home. I examined the pictures of the “Girlscouts” on the front to determine the racial composition of America as reflected in the photos. It was of course, consistent with TV commercials. There were I think two boxes with three girls each on them ONE WHITE and two non-whites from black to that “I can’t tell what” admixture. The other box had four girls on it with only one white and three non-whites.

    The boxes depict the liberal goal for America and it doesn’t look like a renaissance.

  • slavery a bad concept

    So what if China began chanting all this pc trash about wanting 1.5 billion Chinese to mix up with Africans or Indians and liberals there started demanding everything become multi-cultural and diverse so that they would lose their identity and be forced by their govt or media to become half breed of yellow and black or yellow and red and even be required to be educated and talk and act different consciously or be chastised as racists in the own country while revising their history? Admit it. Slavery was a terribly bad misguided concept and the worse eco system ever and never needed in a million yrs. Why has wages for paid labor been such a success that past 150 yrs of America that could have easily been the case from the gitgo 50 yrs ago had African slaves never been bought off tribal chiefs and brought west. Total mistake to say the least. Who was behind the original concept of slavery in the west is the problem along with those who perpetuated it and refused to change it when they had a chance opening the door for Marx and his peasant troublemaker Lincoln tool.

  • MBlanc46

    People seem to be forgetting that in the 1970s George Wallace renounced segregation. This is not so much a matter of the daughter repudiating her father, but like father, like daughter.

  • She is so against ‘racism’ that she probably lives in an all white, upper class community.

  • Johnwharl

    ‘brutally attacked civil rights marchers’.Those who deny compassion to others deserve it
    not for themselves.

  • anarchyst

    George Corley Wallace was a “racial realist”. Even blacks knew (and still secretly know) that racial segregation favors BOTH blacks and whites. Governor Wallace had blacks voting for him because of his racial honesty. Southern blacks are different than northern blacks, being somewhat more realistic about their place in American society. . .

    • That and he was an economic populist (not necessarily left-socialist) of the “Big Jim” Folsom wing of Alabama politics. That could always get him and (during her one race) Lurleen Wallace (as his “stand in” during the days when Alabama governors couldn’t serve consecutive terms) a certain appreciable percentage of the black vote, albeit nowhere near a majority, but certainly much bigger than 1%.

  • So what? she is simply another brainwashed liberal, who would and should run a country mile if surrounded by blacks. I bet she thinks the “N” word,. lol

  • Alexandra

    Seems to me segregationists didn’t want to tolerate what’s commonly known as TNB.

  • rebelcelt

    I am a good person, I am a good person!!! she is weak. She can not stand being with the unpopular group. If we race realists ever get the good press and people start vocalizing support for us , well shell come back.
    It does not matter how many whites are killed by blacks. She wants the world to see her as a good person.