New Republican Super-PAC May Target GOP Hardliners on Immigration

Cameron Joseph, The Hill, March 6, 2013

A pro-immigration Republican super-PAC led by former Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez could support primary challenges against GOP lawmakers who take a hard line on the issue.

Gutierrez, the head of the newly formed Republicans for Immigration Reform, told The Hill that his group’s main push will be to give cover to Republicans who support immigration reform.

But if anti-immigration Republicans face their own primary challenges, Gutierrez said, he’d take a hard look at spending against them as well.

“We focus primarily on ‘take the vote now and we’ll support you.’ Those who don’t take the vote who get attacked by primary challengers who would have voted for it—that’s a very interesting question,” he said. “That’s also a possibility.”


Gutierrez was one of former President George W. Bush’s main surrogates on the failed immigration talks six years ago.

He also led Mitt Romney’s Hispanic outreach efforts in the 2012 presidential race, though after the election he was highly critical of Romney both for his harsh rhetoric on immigration and the campaign’s failure to spend more time trying to win over Hispanic voters.


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  • Looks like the mexicans are going to infiltrate the GOP in order to accomplish their goals faster. For get the democrat party, forget the GOP party, we need THE WHITE PARTY

    • Hal K

      My thought exactly. A pro-white party doesn’t need to have any chance of winning elections to be effective or worthwhile. All it has to do is draw votes away from the GOP. The GOP prevents white identity politics from developing in this country, and it deserves to collapse for allowing the demographics to shift and keep shifting to the point where whites are a minority. It seems unlikely that nonwhite pandering will keep the GOP viable as one of the two main parties. This means that a collapse of the party is a strong possibility in the next couple of decades, and this will be a good thing. We want to make sure conservative politicians get the message that “not as bad” is not good enough if it means keeping explicit white identity politics suppressed. We also want to make sure that a pro-white message gets out there so that white identity politics will be able to move into the mainstream when the GOP collapses.

      One nice feature of this plan is that it won’t matter if pro-white parties are united, since their main role will be to take votes away from the GOP and to educate politicians and the public about the need for white identity politics.

      • Tucker

        Not too long ago, right after the November 6th election in 2012, I made a prediction about where I saw things heading, with regards to the top two mainstream political parties. Let’s recap:

        The RINO and neo-con infested GOP – who clearly despise their own White conservative base and who have gone to extraordinary lengths to demonstrate this hatred by spewing copious amounts of contempt for Whites – often even surpassing the hate and venom spewing antics that we hear coming from the mouths of the Democrats on the left – finally got what they richly deserved on November 6th – a huge defeat that was handed to them by the 3-4 million or so White conservatives who refused to vote for another war mongering RINO named Mitt Romney.

        I predicted that the RINO factions inside the GOP establishment were going to try to move to the left – because these RINOs know full well that these millions of Hispanics are hard core liberals, they are virulently anti-White, and also big time parasites. This will fracture the GOP and drive White conservatives out of the party completely. The new RINO and Hispanicized GOP will then become the ‘La Raza’ party, and they will package themselves as the party of Hispanics. This will result in a mass exodus of Hispanics from the Democrat Party – since Hispanics and blacks do not really like each other all the much to begin with and they tend to see each other as competing parasites who both feed off of the same source of nourishment, i.e., White conservatives and neither one of them really like to share the spoils.

        So, the Democrat Party will quickly become the black party – and for a time, they will keep a few self-hating, white liberal race traitors around to provide a little window dressing – but, eventually, these white liberals will be cast aside and replaced by blacks. The GOP will become the La Raza party – taken over and dominated by Hispanics like Rubio and Gutierrez, – and, for a time, they will keep a few self-hating, white RINO race traitors around to provide a little window dressing – but, eventually, these white RINOs will be cast aside and replaced by Hispanics.

        This is the exact scenario that is now beginning to play itself out.

        So, this transformation will effectively disenfranchise the 120 million or so Whites who did hold their noses and vote for Rino Romney, and if you add in the 3-4 million White conservatives who stayed home – that figure increases to about 124 million White conservative voters who will have zero political representation.

        This means that the time is ripe for the rise of an explicitly pro-White political party, folks. It also means that it is IMPERATIVE that Whites across the nation must come to grips with the fact that the GOP is their mortal enemy – and we should REFUSE to vote for any Republicrat RINO who supports amnesty or who refuses to take hard line on the issue of border control and on stopping this third world invasion and colonization of America.

        The GOP absolutely MUST be destroyed as a viable national political party. It is up to White conservative, racially healthy White Americans to step back and let the GOP commit political suicide by becoming the La Raza Party.

        • Hal K

          Romney in 2012 received only ~1 million few votes than Bush in 2004, and Bush in 2004 got the most votes ever for a Republican. Bush did relatively well among Hispanics in 2004. Romney did very well with white voters in 2012. I doubt that it was 3-4 million white conservatives who stayed home in 2012. It was >4 million white moderates. These are whites who voted for Obama in 2008 and stayed home in 2012. The most significant drop in white votes in 2012 was on Obama’s side. He sank like a rock with white voters, but that still wasn’t enough to give Romney the victory. If Romney had convinced those white moderates to show up and vote for him rather than staying home he might have won.

          I think Hispanics will stick with the Democrats as long as liberalism is an alliance of nonwhites and feminist women. If the GOP becomes unable to win control of any of the branches of government, and if pro-white parties are seen as playing a role in bringing this about, then politicians will realize that they will have to start talking about white interests explicitly the way they talk about nonwhite interests. This will be a fundamental change in our political and cultural landscape, since currently it is regarded as illegitimate for whites to talk about their group interests explicitly.

          • Romney totally wiped the floor with Obama among white independents. That only means enough self-described white conservatives didn’t vote.

          • Hal K

            Obama lost at least 4 million white votes from 2008. You seem to think that these people did show up to vote for Romney and that the people who stayed home were white conservatives. I tend to doubt this. I just glanced at some statistics on independent voters, and it looks like Obama did better with independents than he did with whites.

          • westie

            Romney neglected the Reagan Democrats aka White Working Class voters. Thus he lost the MW; Ohio, MI, WI, PA…..just as well though as Loser Mitt was as bad in most ways as McCain or even the illegal Obama!

          • freespeechzone

            While the fact that Romney neglected the Reagan Democrats–it is my observation that there was widespread voter fraud that perpetrated by the Obama Campaign that was never challenged.

            Democrats and the anti-White agenda will continue to win in the near term as result of guaranteed voter fraud.

            Neither side of the aisle in Congress is willing to acknowledge or stop this.

        • Joseph

          “…a huge defeat that was handed to them by the 3-4 million or so White
          conservatives who refused to vote for another war mongering RINO named
          Mitt Romney”

          And the “take home message” that the GOP received from this: We need to reach out to Hispanics. They DID NOT see the loss of admittedly white middle-class votes staying at home as due to flawed politics on their part. They saw it as a failure of Hispanics to be aware of the alignment of Republican politics with Hispanic interests.

          I still maintain my party connection with the Repubs and participate in the local party ONLY because the federal government has put whites out with the rest of the trash but we have had very good success with state and local conservative placement (back in ’96 my precinct went to Buchanan) and significant legislative success (i.e. we can carry any non-NFA weapon whatsoever, concealed or openly -even in bars). We are going to have to seek refuge in those remaining states which are not hostile to white interests. The US Congress is very nearly a lost cause now.

          Voting against the Repubs unfortunately, is only going to get us Michelle Obama types for president from now on.

          Rubio or Clinton/Obama – I’ll take Rubio.

          • Wayne

            Then let us a Democrat! No more fools for the Republitard Party. The sooner whites acknowledge their dispossession the better. No more voting Republicsn!

          • ATBOTL

            Are you insane? You are advocating the same failed policy that racially aware whites have been using since Nixon. It’s been a total failure and must change now. European nationalists have proven that losing votes to a “far right” party will push mainstream conservatives in the right direction.

    • JohnEngelman

      The party I love is the Democratic Party of the New Deal coalition. It improved the economic status of all who were not rich, but it did not do so by forcing white blue collar workers to make sacrifices on behalf of blacks, with polities like affirmative action and forced school busing.

      The New Deal coalition of Northern social democrats and Southern segregationists was less incongruous than it appears to have been in retrospect. The Northern social democrats were post capitalist in their thinking. the Southern segregationists were semi feudal, and pre capitalist. Both groups disliked commercial values and the corporate elite.

      During the 1960s the Democratic Party passed three civil rights bills, and initiated the war on poverty. The black response was five years of black ghetto rioting.

      An excellent explanation of how and why the Democratic Party lost dominance in the United States can be found in the essay, “How Race Wrecked Liberalism.”


      This is John McCain again.

    • sbuffalonative

      The way to fight this is to expose them and shame them. Make it obvious to the public what they’re doing and make them sweat.

    • Spencer E

      check out the American 3rd position. Classy and thought while maintaining the goals of the whites I voted for them this year

      • Spencer E
        sorry for the typo’s above

      • Hal K

        They are now the American Freedom Party. I looked at their website the other day and saw no mention of whites. This is puzzling, since they still have some well known pro-white people associated with the party. I would not recommend supporting any party, including A3P/AFP, that does not explicitly look out for white group interests.

  • If you are a liberal, and you want to be elected to office, and your political party prefers who is already in, then you can either run as a third party; or as a candidate of the other, higher profile party.
    This is what the Republican Party is now, full of guys who should be democrats.

    • John McCain needs to change parties, Graham too

      • Felix_M

        John McCain needs to have his head shaved, be stripped naked, thrown into a padded cell and spend his remaining years gumming bowls of cold oatmeal and playing with his fe**s.

        (Graham, too.)

    • BannerRWB

      “It’s kind of like how the europeans used to get rival primitive tribes to fight each other, then the europeans fought the tired surviving tribe. Both sides were too stupid to realize they had a common enemy.” – You mean it’s kind of like how the enemy of the White race gets Europeans to fight each other to the death and/or to the point of exhaustion and then convinces us to give up the belief in ourselves. Whether the World Wars or the American Civil War Between the States, we were cousins fighting each other to the death over issues that had other means of resolution. We (or some of our “leaders” anyway) were just too stupid or greedy to figure it out. We need another option, a different outlook on how we manage our -White- society. Voting for one party or the other will not matter, as staying within our current system means we remain on a path to the Genocide of the White race.

  • What’s their main advertising schtick going to be? Throw this immigration patriot bum out, he’s not for amnesty and open borders.

    • Jedi Mind Tricks

      Would you really be suprised if it was?

      • Actually, the way I think they’ll try to pull it off is the way John McCain beat J. D. Hayworth and Russell Pearce was recalled, both in Arizona, and both in 2010 — Pretend that the open borders types are “reasonable” and who want to “finish the dang fence,” while dwelling on minor insignificant non-troversy non-issue “scandals” in the histories of the more sane candidates.

        • Felix_M

          Ain’t gonna work this time.

        • Tucker

          I am really, really, really looking forward to the day when the obituary page announces the demise of Juan McAmnesty McCain.

          How the White people in Arizona could have been so stupid as to put that piece of scum back into office, after the race treason this worm has committed really is a testament to the falsity of the phrase ‘white supremacist’.

          • I am really, really, really looking forward to the day when the obituary page announces the demise of Juan McAmnesty McCain.

            I’m not. Because for a solid week, the media will tell us how much integrity he had.

            Who were the biggest political crooks and scoundrels in life? Here’s how you can tell: When they die, everyone at their funeral will be eulogizing about how much integrity they had. The media will follow suit for a solid week.

            Which political figures had the most integrity in life? Here’s how you can tell: When they die, if their deaths are newsworthy events at all, the media will talk about their “controversial” lives and political careers.

    • jambi19

      Vote against the “racist” incumbent of course.

    • Felix_M

      Tell everyone in any contested race that the challenger is being supported by members of the pro-Bush wing of the GOP and is pro-amnesty. Americans of almost every political strip now overwhelmingly oppose immigration “reform”.

  • IKantunderstand

    The GOP had the nerve to call me the other day to ask if they could continue to count on me as a supporter. Actually, it was the RNC. Gosh, you can imagine what I said. I unloaded on this poor man calling from D.C. “The Republican party no longer represents my interests”, I said to him. He, reading from a SCRIPT, relied, “I understand your concerns, but we need your monetary support more than ever”. After I ranted and raved, this poor man, abandoning his script, said: “I feel the same way, I just keep hoping”. Screw that. I am no longer interested in “just keep hoping”. As a matter of fact, I think hope sinks. No more hope. Perhaps we should resort to a graffiti campaign.” Molon Labe”.” Live free or die”. “YAY WHITE PEOPLE”. Something.

    • The__Bobster

      I keep getting the same calls…..and I keep responding like you did.

    • SmithandSmith

      They still call me too and my response to them is:

      What are you doing for White People? I’ve actually had a few of them say “white people?” which of course, really pisses me off and I can’t help but scream “YES, WHITE PEOPLE!, WE STILL EXIST!”.

      I start listing the excruciating long list of Minority Privileges and ask them, ‘where is ours?’ and of course, all I get is, ‘I understand’. I tell them to call me back once they get the Government, Businesses and Banks to start giving White People all the same set-asides the non-whites get and you’d think that would get me off their begging list but it hasn’t.

      Some of them think they’re slick by trying to tell me White People can apply for the same things but that’s not true I tell them. Non-whites have set-asides White People cannot apply for because they’re White whereas the programs that are not race-based are open for ALL to apply for so you see, not only do non-whites get their own special set-asides but they also have access to the programs that are not race-based. Non-whites get to double dip but no one will admit that.

  • [Guest]

    This nation is all but done for as a result of “outreach efforts.” One more might just finish us off once and for all.

  • So CAL Snowman

    “Gutierrez was one of former President George W. Bush’s main surrogates on the failed immigration talks six years ago.”

    The immigration talks may have failed but golly gee whiz for some reason that did NOTHING to stop the invaders from proudly marching over the border and embedding themselves like ticks into the soft underbelly of the pathetic liberal marxists that now run the show.

  • Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal, blah, blah, blah…. it’s all a ridiculous game of sideshow semantics that always seems to throw White people under the bus. If you’re not a Racist, then I want nothing to do with you.

    • SmithandSmith

      I’ve never in my life, ever denied being a Racist and I wish everyone would stop denying it. Seems to me that if people didn’t run from it but rather, Embrace it and be Proud of it, that “tool” of theirs would turn into dust.

      And speaking of “racism”, I’m forty-four and for my entire life, the only time I heard the word “racist” and “racism” wasn’t until that Affirmative Action Flunkie, I mean, obama came along. Did it all just suddenly appear like I think it has or have I been living in a bubble all my life? Where did all this “racism” suddenly come from?

      • freespeechzone

        You’re absolutely correct–EVERYONE who looks after their self-interest over that of a minority is often labeled as a racist.

        Mind you, if a minority looks after THEIR self-interest, often to the detriment of a White person, that is considered ‘fairness’.

        I consider it ‘payback, retribution and punishment’ against Whites—for slavery that was abolished in the United States over 150 years ago.

        Nobody, black or White is alive today when slavery was in effect….

        Time for Whites to ignore the racist label and start looking after THEIR own interests—and force the government to stop the attack on Whites.

        • SmithandSmith

          Slavery never did fly with me. White People aren’t the ones who thought of it and we’re not the ones who brought it here neither. I’ve known about Anthony Johnson for a very long time so for me, White People were never to blame for participating in something that a non-white fought for to make Legal here.

          racist label – My personal preference is to Embrace it but that’s only because I really am one. I really do believe The White Race is Superior and I do discriminate ’cause I Trust White People much more than I do the non-whites.

          You can’t stop the Government from discriminating against you unless you stop paying Taxes. They use your money against you. If we could get all the White People to walk out on their Job (military and all) at the same time, “We” could shut down this whole Country immediately but I can’t people to play along. Imagine the message “We” could send if that were done.

  • The__Bobster

    The party has been bought by a crazy Zionist billionaire.

    Sheldon Adelson’s money and Hispanic arrogance combine in GOP PAC to target Republicans who don’t walk pro-immigration line by Cheryl K Chumly The Washington Times Wednesday March 6, 2013

    A new Republican super-PAC headed by former Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez is aimed at supporting GOP candidates who want immigration reform

    “If someone has voted for immigration reform and gets a primary challenger , we’ll go after them. We’ll go after challengers.”

    As I noted in “Is Cash Avalanche Sweeping GOP Into Amnesty Acquiescence? this outfit is in the Adelson stable.

    • freddy_hills

      I was actually liking Adelson until he came out for more immigration. That really torqued me. He used to be a Democrat. He only switched because he doesn’t like taxes or unions. I don’t blame him for that. But he also likes cheap labor which is why he supports immigration. The only thing Adelson cares about is doing what’s best for Adelson. He’ll be 80 this year and he’s not in the best of health. So he may not be a problem much longer.

      • However, his money will probably live on. If he doesn’t have most of it in one tax sheltered or tax exempt entity or another, he’ll probably give most of it away before he has to go away to The Big Casino. And you can be sure that when that happens, the money he leaves behind will be used to lobby for amnesty and open borders.

      • Felix_M

        Never liked Adelson. Someone should ask Gutierrez why his boss thinks it’s wrong for Americans to defend their borders but Israel forcibly expelling Africans is okay.

        While I’m not keen on the Arabs, are Jews sympathetic to Mexicans because, like the Israelis, they’re just trying to steal someone else’s country?

      • ATBOTL

        There is seriously something wrong with you if ever liked Adelson. Part of the problem with conservative whites is that they have a really poor ability to detect who their friends and enemies are until it’s too late. Simply knowing Adelson’s biographical information should have alerted you that he almost certainly harbors strong anti-white views.

        Why do so many of us have this dodo bird like naivete and broken threat detection system?

        This is reason why neocons always win political battle against paleocons. The neocons don’t need to waste time, they all know instinctively who opposes them and they all go after those people automatically. We are stuck standing around trying to convince fools among us that people who have made a career of attacking white interests are, in fact, really our opponents and shouldn’t receive our support.

        • freddy_hills

          I wasn’t an expert on Adelson. But I knew he was anti tax, anti union and anti Obama. What’s not to like about that? Yeah, he turned out to be a dud. But there was no reason to think he was going to come out for amnesty. He was keeping that last one up his sleeve. But, seriously, look at what the GOP establishment is doing. They’re trying to do the same thing. Which is one of the reasons I don’t like the GOP establishment.

          • ATBOTL

            The anti-tax, anti-union wing of the GOP are the ones who want open borders for cheap labor. There was every reason to think that someone who is driven by wanting lower wages for American workers would favor amnesty.

            We have to be more aware of these dynamics.

          • freddy_hills

            I disagree that anti-tax and anti-union necessarily means open borders. Not that the contingent doesn’t exist or isn’t a problem. But there was no indication Adelson was a member of it.

  • SargeInCharge

    As early as 2000 the Republicans made clear that they were ditching the historic white population and would be courting the new Hispanic population that they were allowing to take over the country — “We have now moved from the Southern strategy we pursued for the last three decades, since Richard Nixon, to a Hispanic strategy for the next three decades,” Republican pollster Lance Tarrance told The Washington Times’s Ralph Hallow in 2000.

  • SmithandSmith

    I don’t understand why no one can see the blatant, in your face, dare ya to do something about it, take-over.

    I don’t mean no one can see it, I mean, why are they doing this? I happen to believe they’re (congress) deliberately destroying us so they can be dictators rather than Elected Officials. Fill this Country with Third World Aliens and it’s real easy to go from a Republic to a Dictatorship but they’re so caught up in their own greed and corruption, they just can’t see that they too, will be eaten up and swallowed alive by the very ones they sic’d on us.

  • freddy_hills

    We can’t sit back and expect politicians or political parties to represent us. Because it will never happen. If you want something done you have to form a special interest group to hold their feet to the fire. That’s what Gutierrez is doing with this PAC. If we want representation we’re going to have to do the same thing. Ultimately, there is only two things politicians care about — votes and campaign contributions.

    • SmithandSmith

      Freddy, you’re dreaming and ya know it. Whatever “white” Congress Members left standing will not be for us no matter how much pressure we put on them. They’re trying to secure their Seats Forever and they think that by pandering to non-whites, they can achieve that. They’ve officially x’d us out.

      We need to spend our energy on figuring out how we can create our own secret society away from all the Traitors and non-whites.

      • freddy_hills

        Freddy, you’re dreaming and ya know it.

        We can disagree on how we assess the situation or what to do about it. But please don’t tell me what I “know”.

        • SmithandSmith

          Fine. You go ahead and be that one magic white person to suddenly make them stop taxing Americans in order to pay for all those Minority Privileges and good luck with that.

          And good luck trying to get Americans give money that they don’t have (you may not be suffering but the rest of America is suffering from depressed wages, overpriced food and utilities and ridiculously high tax rates) to give to a bunch of Congress Members who’ve made a career out of betraying them.

          • freddy_hills

            Are you sure you even read my original comment? It doesn’t sound like it.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    We are telephoned nearly every day by creeps just like these and in the NRA who want my continued support of my own disarmament. I call them and their women every word in the book. They always say it is an “emergency”.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Disqus is preventing me from seeing everything here.

  • bigone4u

    Ted Cruz of Texas and Marco Rubio of Florida are the poster boys of the new Republican pro-Hispanic party, which is not exactly the same as a totally pro-immigrant party. Republicans love Hispanics, but perhaps feel less love for other ethnic groups, such as Indians and Africans.
    Unfortunately, the majority of Hispanics do not have the same dreams and aspirations as I do, which are expressed in the values often propounded on this website. Thus, a pro-Hispanic Republican party has nothing much to offer me, other than perhaps an alternative to ever-more radical Democrat policies of higher taxes, cultural Marxism and wealth redistribution.
    Something big is in the air in this country. I just can’t figure out if it’s going to be good or genocidal toward the middle class, and whites in particular. I know from reading comments on liberal websites that the hatred of whites and Euro/Christian values is now nearly universal among minorities, white liberals, and misguided white youth. Many in these groups would like to see me (and you?) dead. I doubt that most of us will take the poison pill voluntarily. For us, the main issue is how best to counterattack our enemies. It was the same with the early American patriots prior to the revolution. Think, study, exchange ideas and formulate a winning reaction is what they did and we are now doing.

    • Tucker

      You are right – the levels of anti-White hatred and venom spewing towards Whites is at an all time peak. Movies like: Machete, Inglorious Basterds, Udango Unchained and non-stop anti-White hate being spewed from literally every major TV program are having the desired effect.

    • Felix_M

      If the GOP must move further to the left to win voters, then they have no reason to even be.

      The logical (and effective) step would be to try and win back the middle class American voters they’ve alienated. They’re their natural constituents. But, GOP leaders want to be thought of as “compassionate” and intelligent, and so will do whatever the bien-pensants tell them to.

      Very sad.

  • mobilebay

    I’ve wondered for a very long time how we seem to be losing the fight for our country to third world uneducated, poverty-stricken, corrupt hoards. It finally dawned on me that it isn’t so much
    these invaders as it is the many traitors in this country who are bringing about its destruction. We have been the victors against all attacks on this country until recently. That was because our leaders loved this country as much as we did. Now, we have administrations and individuals whose agenda doesn’t include Americans. We are seeing an event unheard of to our once-powerful nation. No longer are we “one nation, indivisible.” We are a fragmented piece of real estate where anyone who wants to can drop in for a day or a lifetime and our government won’t lift a finger to defend us.

  • Felix_M

    And when Republicans support amnesty for illegal aliens, they’ will win tens of millions of new voters for the democrats and maybe a few hundred thousand at most for themselves. Spending will go through the roof and, in time, a 3rd amnesty will be inevitable.

    F*** Gutierrez. He stands for group interests and not the nation’s. Rank and file members of the GOP need to tell him to go to hell.

    I will never support the members of any political party that supports amnesty. Others should do the same. This should be made common knowledge throughout the entire party.

  • Felix_M

    Someone needs to remind voters that the republicans opposed to amnesty are acting in a fiscally responsible way, also.

    When Americans are being told that we have to be ready to embrace austerity and that the social programs they paid into soon may not be there, why in the world should we want tens of millions of more in our country whom almost everyone agrees will take FAR more from the public coffers than they ever put in?

  • StillModerated

    We shall cease to be a Republic ruled by law, and instead become an Empire ruled by Power. Fisher Ames
    Since the GOP was complicit in murdering the Old Republic, I no longer care what scheme they concoct next. They’ll veer hard left, and keep counting the money. If you want to see a real horror show, then attend CPAC and watch the Hillel trolls seek government jobs — preferably in the policy-making realm.

  • ConcernedYoungAmerican

    All of the Latino Republicans are the same. They don’t care about the well-being of the nation; it’s all about “todo por la raza.”

  • Suzanne Cooke

    I find it very interesting that Carlos Guterriez’s daughter just got married to a man with many aka’s, now known as Rodrigo Garcia. But in a cout document and under oath , his mother Marlene Kent Cooke, referenced her son as Angel Rodrigo Gomez.
    And it is rumored to be his bastard father, is Col. Luis Arce Gomez, known as the Milatary Minister Of Cocaine. The Col. is now doing a thirty year jail term in Bolivia.And the Col. protected the King Of Cocaine Roberto Suarez Gomez, while he profited bringing $400 MILLION a year into Bolivia.
    Marlene Kent Cooke, played both sides of the fence, both , SMUGGLING and being a DEA informate at the same time.
    Marlene, brought down both the Bacarreza and The Fuentes Organizations. But at the same time profited, and was paid tax free by the US Goverment.
    The DEA agent Marlene Kent Cooke worked with,

    • Suzanne Cooke

      was a man by the name of Kevien Tamez. And they both profited mutually from their friendship. While Marlene helped This DEA agent Tamez, move up to the highest point of his career . Marlene was the QUEEN of cocaine .She introduced him all the way to the Largest Drug LORDS,in return for her protection.
      Kevien Tamez the DEA Agent was facing a thirty year sentece, when he became #3 in Command in the South Eastern part of New York, for corruption.
      And Marlene tells people to this day” that she was just a victim of these Bad Guys!!!!
      All along , working her dirty deals bring in drugs to the U.S. as the HEAD of the organization.
      She was able to get the protection, of the U.S. Goverment, The Secret Service, DEA, and the highest agencies in the U.S.
      Marlene Kent Cooke, went to a powerful man and sold false information about her friend Suzanne( who was clueless to her antic’s) and then married Jack Kent Cooke in 1990( w/ an annulment by Mr Cooke) again in 1995 . Jack Kent Cooke had all papers drawn up for a 2nd Annulment, when he mysteriously died. Marlene came in at 4:30am in the morning, high as a kite!!!!!
      But during these years w/ Jack Kent Cooke , she was able to use his power, money and connections.
      Mr Bill Bennett, one of the most powerful CRIMINAL lawyers in the US kept her in the country until 1999.
      Will MR CARLOS GUTIERREZ , do the same type of favors.
      Will Marlene Kent Cooke be able to over turn JANET RENO’S decision made in the SuPREME COURT! Which was ruled against

      • Suzanne Cooke

        Marlene, for an immediate DEPORTATION ORDER!!!!

      • Suzanne Cooke

        in the #1Site a DEA agent could move up to, which is the Southeastern Division of New York.
        And that is finally when he got caught for showing the DIRTY COP he was.
        Kevien Tamez was corrupted and finally aquitted for corruption .Facing a thirty
        year jail term he only got thirty months.
        So as far as Marlene is concerned , she wants again can hold up the U.S. Highest Levels of Justice in the U.S.Due to her cooperation from the past

        • Suzanne Cooke

          and she Goverment turned their heads while she illegally dealt drugs.
          Marlene Kent Cooke is one of the most EVIL and deceitful women in the world. Soon Carlos Gutterriez will be Marlene back into the U.S. despite the deportation order! As they are indirectly related due their two children’s Marraige.
          Kent Cooke is a cat w/ nine life’s! Always getting aware w/ murder!!!!!
          Poor Jack Kent Cooke waiting up for her on April 6th of 1997, whe Marlene came in at 4:30 am in the morning
          Will anyone find out what happened the morning of his death? Don’t forget Jack Kent Cooke had thec1990 divorce annulled and had all annulilment papers ready for 1995, to make sure he was never his wife.
          Marle during his life time provided all the top Crminal lawyers in the world to protect her, ie; Bob Bennett, Clark Cliffordson.
          But after Jacks demise in 1997 , Janet Reno finally in 1999 stamped the Deportation Charges
          To throw ” this piece of trash for once and for all!
          Will Carlos Guterriez bring this cat with
          nine life’s back into US? Janet Reno made her decision in the Supreme Court ordering her deported!!!!!!