Immigration’s Latest Ally: Christian Right

Anna Palmer, Politico, February 6, 2013

The usual suspects pushing immigration reform have a new ally in the fight this time—the religious right.

Christian conservatives, who stayed on the sidelines in 2006 or opposed reform outright, have sprung into action for the cause.

They’re talking to their congregations from the pulpit. They’re urging lawmakers in private meetings to support reform. And they’re even calling for change publicly.

The efforts have dramatically changed the dynamics of the debate, so much so that Republicans anxious to vote yes on a deal might have the political cover to do it.

“I think it is night and day, particularly among social conservatives,” Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Ralph Reed told POLITICO of the support for immigration reform.

Reed’s group released a letter Tuesday that outlines broad goals for reform, like keeping families together, reforming the visa system and securing the border.

High profile leaders are also weighing in. Mathew Staver, vice president of Liberty University, the college started by former TV minister Jerry Falwell, is on board. Focus on the Family, which for years has focused on issues like opposing abortion rights and gay marriage, is supporting immigration reform for the first time in its history—even using its radio broadcast that reaches millions to push its message.

“The issues had been so demagogued for the last five or six years, it was hopeless to get seriously into this,” said Tom Minnery or Focus on the Family. “It seems the time is better. The time has changed…That’s why we’ve become more active.”

Social conservatives are directly targeting GOP offices and trying to show that they can give cover to lawmakers in the South, West and Midwest, who are worried about facing retaliation at the ballot box in 2014.

“Many of the most hostile critics got beat, a fact not lost on the other House members,” said Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention, referring to Republicans who have lost their seats since 2006. “I think there’s a bigger coalition in the House for immigration reform than people think.”


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  • Puggg

    Except must of the “Christian Right” activists who are for amnesty and open borders are either Hispanic themselves or are bought and paid for mercenaries. A few of the “Christian Right” leaders pushing amnesty and open borders are liberal and Jewish.

    Polling consistently shows that on the ground, fundamentalist and evangelical Christians consistently hold the “correct” positions on the widest range of immigration questions, when compared to other Christian or non-Christian religious groups.

    Ralph Reed has always been a leader in search of a cause. And I don’t take Focus on the Family as credibly “Christian conservative” anymore since they hired the Butcher of Waco as one of its leaders.

    • David Ashton

      Sadly Catholic clerics welcome “Catholic” = Mexican immigrants.
      The principled defense of national identity, however, used to have Papal support.
      The attack on the family, on nationhood, on private property AND on Christianity are part and parcel of “Cultural Marxism”.

      • When my archdiocese became pro-amnesty, I stopped going to mass. I stopped making donations. Know what? I’m happier than before, much healthier spiritually and more certain about my relationship with God than ever before. (Why in the world should I continue to listen to an inarticulate in a pulpit, who’ll never know half as much as most people do about life, just because he’s wearing clerical garb? And if he means well, so what? History is filled with well-meaning people who were totally wrong.)

        Vote with your feet people. Vote with your wallets. If your chuch’s leaders are spouting pro-amnesty garbage, leave.

        • saxonsun

          On a visit to Mexico, my mother was told by the tour guide that the poorest Mexicans give money to the church. Brainwashed peasants have always made up the majority of Catholic parishioners.

    • The__Bobster

      This naturally leads to the question: who is really running the Evangelical
      Immigration Table?

      Well, at the top of the aforementioned list appear the names of the nine
      principal leaders—I’ll call them The Big Nine. Let’s look at the Big Nine and
      consider what sorts of motivation these people might have. Here are the

      Leith Anderson,[Twitter] President, National Association of Evangelicals

      Stephan Bauman, [email him]President and CEO, World Relief

      David Beckmann, [Email him]President, Bread for the World

      Noel Castellanos, [Email him]CEO, Christian Community Development

      Luis Cortes, [Email him]President, Esperanza

      Richard Land, [email him]President, Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

      Samuel Rodriguez,[Twitter] President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

      Gabriel Salguero, [Email him] President, National Latino Evangelical Coalition

      Jim Wallis, [Email him]President and CEO, Sojourners

      Note that four of the Big Nine—Noel Castellanos, Luis Cortes, Gabriel
      Salguero and Samuel Rodriguez—are Hispanics.

    • Bill

      Excepting for ranking all “evangelical” even if white christians as one entity, which it ain’t and in terms of what the media deems “evangelical” which often are just preaching social gospel ……I say amen to your comment. All of it.

    • ATBOTL

      Then why do they do they allow their leaders to advocate this?

      • Puggg

        Would it be the first time in history that there’s a disconnect between what the leadership want and what the “common” people want in a large institution or group or collection?

  • ArmenianWN

    The so-called “Christian-Right” would never advocate open borders for Israel, so why would they do it for America?

    • Dave4088

      The blood of the Jewish people and borders of Israel are inviolate, but those of white people and nations is expendable and not worth preserving according to the dispensationalist Christian nut jobs like Ralph Reed and the like.

      • Anon

        Why are you so surprised? The problem is really quite basic. For nearly a hundred years, what has been known to be true about white Christians has been hidden and intentionally kept from us. We ARE the Israelites of old.

        The issue, as far as I’m concerned is one of facts and documentation vs lies. Read The Great Impersonation, by Eli James, for what should be obvious but isn’t in our culture because discussion of it is sanitized. Actually, I’ll go so far as to point my finger at much the leadership of the church for spreading what they KNOW to be lies (no, today’s jews have no link whatsoever to the line of Abraham….they are turks from a foreign land who mass converted looooooong after the events of the old testament) and demonize those who speak the simple truth that study of the historical record reveals quite strongly that those Israelites taken into captivity became……US…the white people of the world. Specific tribes can be traced to specific countries….that’s how much we know. But are forbidden to say.

        Were white people to know this, in large numbers, jews would simply not be allowed in our countries and not taken seriously in our religion.

        • NeanderthalDNA


          Got links?

    • NeanderthalDNA

      The Christian right gets their souls, the Demoncrats get their votes, the Repugnants get their cheap labor and…

      Whitey gets the bill and the blame!

      White people – the new Jews!

    • jeffaral

      Christian Conservatives have a long tradition of bringing non-Whites into the USA: Blacks were brought as slaves, now they are bringing the Spanics as cheap labour!

      • refocus

        No. The English king, proxy of the City brought the slaves to America.

      • someName

        “Christian Conservatives have a long tradition of bringing non-Whites into the USA: Blacks were brought as slaves”
        I think you mean Jews brought blacks as slaves, not Christians.

    • Joseph

      We are not “the chosen people”.

      • Felix_M

        We are not “the chosen people”.

        Neither are they. “Chosen People” is a belief fit for Palestine in 500 BC, but not for the modern world.

        Chosen people/master race/vanguard elite: All the same idea.

    • More Catholics voted for Obama than voted for Hitler in Germany. These Christians are not really Christians. How could they defend and support illegal aliens, people who came here illegally and who illegally take expensive benefits they are not legally entitled to take?

  • The__Bobster

    Memo From Middle America| The “Evangelical Immigration Table”—A Treason Lobby Front
    By Allan Wall on February 1, 2013 at 10:41pm

    Another battle over amnesty is about to be joined. Informed members of the historic American nation have to mount another bitter grassroots struggle against our political, media, corporate and religious elite.

    That elite definitely includes a group of Evangelical leaders that calls itself the “Evangelical Immigration Table”. (See my blog entry on this group here).

    The Evangelical Immigration Table is staging a major PR campaign to bamboozle
    evangelicals into supporting amnesty as their Christian duty.

  • Garrett Brown

    All religions care about is that moolah.

    • The Last White Man Standing

      Exactly! Religions are nothing more than tax exempt businesses. Religious organizations need members to support them just as much as big business needs cheap labor. Both big business and religions need immigrants for their own selfish reasons no matter how those immigrants ruin our country.

      I’ve always felt that there are three types of organized crime syndicates in the world;
      1: the government
      2: organized criminal organizations such as the mafia
      3: organized religion

      Of the three I consider organized crime to be the least detrimental to our country and its people.

      • Garrett Brown

        Religion as a whole is declining drastically worldwide yet hundreds of churches are continuing to be opened up. All they want is them tithings.

    • Bill

      Not all. Some do not. Find a church that cares more about salvation and donating it’s money beyond necessary bare operating expenses and you will likely have found a TRUE church. The Catholic church, by that standard, is not a true church. Some priests and parishes might be, but those priests are soon yanked and the parish given to somebody who will make it “profitable”.

      • Garrett Brown

        “Not at all” You mean not entirely? Because I would wager you’re in the small percentage that are in it for the good and positive. If not, you live in a fantasy world my friend(believing in any religion already is though)

  • They tell me that God is bringing the “mission field” to them.

    But it seems to be working backwards. They are converting us!

    • blight14

      Hey Kenn, BL from Louisville……

  • Dave4088

    I wonder how much money and secret back room deals it took to get leaders of the Christian right “on board” with white race replacement and genocide? And contrary to the claims in this article immigration restrictionists and anti-amnesty political candidates are winning big in most areas of the country.

  • Barrack Osama

    As if Western youth didn’t dislike traditional religion enough, the “Christian Right” pops up to betray us once more. The abject misery of the old testament and the suffering of Jesus mean little to today’s youth who are mostly unknowing of the true horrors of reality. They’re more concerned with preserving personal liberties, and it is from that point ironically that the leftist traitors snatch them up.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Western youth is a shallow and narcissistic bunch. They don’t have time for God and couldn’t care less about immigration policies which affect the nation.

  • Extropico

    Once a nation has a significant middle class, the biggest targeted gain for international marxists is to be a functionary in the transfer of wealth to those outside the nation, either by explicit foreign aid or domestic foreign aid via immigration and racial preferences. If American women won’t have babies who fill the pews and “give” that tithing (MONEY), well, maybe we can find those who will do so in exchange for our support for immigration and race preferences. We used to call that treason.

    • Bill

      I agree with what you say, but you have it backwards. Churches are seeing empty pews at an alarming rate because they have left the King of Kings cambriawillnotyield speaks of and preach an empty, socialist gospel. Hence, they intend to fill their pews with – or hope to – with these mestizos and blacks from third world countries. They are wrong. Those people come for handouts, not Christ. No church and no country can possibly give handouts to the entire world. If no handouts, these new “citizens” won’t become church goers, you can bet your life on that. But, having preached a gospel of delusion for so many years, these “church men” are given over TO delusion and self destructive behavior

  • Dave4088

    It won’t stop with amnesty. No sooner than the ink dries on amnesty legislation mestizo firebrands like Louie Gutierrez and La Raza will be demanding more racial set asides, race based programs, and wealth transfer schemes that come at the expense of you know who…..white people. And the Marxist Democrats and always eager to please and compromise with the left RINO Republicans will happily oblige them.

    White people must come to the realization that they’re about to be thrown under the bus and kicked to the curb by the so called white party, but soon to be defunct party.

    • Tucker

      You are partially correct. What I see unfolding is that the GOP is being seen as a political party that is ripe for a takeover by Hispanics. Since November 6 and the humiliating loss to an avowed anti-White Communist, which came as a direct result of the neo-cons trying to foist yet another war mongering for Israel, RINO and neo-con upon the GOP white conservative base, but a sufficient number of whom were wise to this scam and decided to stay home – the White establishment leadership of the GOP have been in a state of shock and denial as to why they lost. These numbskulls just cannot grasp the reality that ethnic identity politics is now the name of the game – and those who refuse to play that game will always get steamrolled by the political opposition who does play that game.

      Thus, Hispanics – lead by the vulturous and opportunistic likes of Marc Rubio, Ted Cruz, along with disgusting white race traitorous rats like Jeb Bush, Juan McCain, Lindsey Graham, Orin Hatch, Newt Gingrich, etc., smell blood in the water and sense that the time is ripe to orchestrate a coup de tat and takeover of the entire GOP party leadership. Already, we see Marc Rubio promoting himself as the ‘new savior’ of the GOP – and he is getting plenty of help with that promotion campaign by the Cultural Marxist, white genocidists who own and control our mainstream media.

      The idea is to takeover the GOP, push aside most of the old guard White males who were putting up token efforts to fight the third world invasion of the nation and replace them with RINO rats of the Jeb Bush/Juan McCain ilk. Next step will be to transform the GOP into a Democrat-lite party – which means amnesty, plus lots of free goodies offered to the mestizo invaders that will be paid for by white conservative taxpayers, of course. Oh, and lots of very liberal family reunification provisions to go along with amnesty, so the 30 million or so illegal aliens (most of whom are from Mexico) can import every member of their family trees and this will effectively bury Whites under an unstoppable avalanche of virulently anti-White, voraciously parasitic Hispanics.

      Once the GOP has been ‘hispanized’ and becomes a ‘socialized’ facsimile of the Democrat party, Hispanics in the Democrat party – who are not all that fond of blacks because they see them as a competing parasitic minority who are also feasting off of the White middle class taxpayers and neither of these groups are all that eager to share the spoils – these Hispanics will flood over to the GOP.

      What we’ll wind up with is a Democrat party that becomes overwhelmingly black, with a few self-hating White liberals left hanging around, but who will eventually be purged and replaced by blacks. The GOP will become infested with Hispanics and the handful of self-hating White race traitors will, for a time, be allowed to hang around – to serve as window dressing, i.e., they’ll be assigned the roles of a ‘white’ equivalent of Colin Powell, J.C. Watts, Herman Cain or Alan Keyes – to give the faint (but false) impression that the GOP is somehow still concerned about White interests.

      As more and more mestizos are allowed to flood into America, the percentage of the White population will continue to whither and decline, and the number of white females with pro-abortion bumper stickers on their cars will continue to increase as our new non-white ruling elite change our tax laws to offer $5 or $10 thousand dollar tax credits to every white female careerist who provides documented medical proof of having aborted a white fetus.

      Eventually, the Hispanicized GOP will purge the White race traitorous RINOs and replace them with Hispanics, just as the Democrats will have purged the White race traitorous liberals and replaced them with blacks. At this point, White European descended humans inside what’s left of the USA will have zero political representation and will be literally devoured, stripped of every dime of their wealth, deprived of every last one of our Constitutional rights, and the White males will probably be rounded up and either executed, or if they are lucky, put into a FEMA work camp and forced to spend their remaining days toiling away at some menial task while being supervised and brutally horse whipped every day by a mestizo or black version of Boss Godrey who’ll be wearing mirrored sunglasses. The fate for White females will very likely involve their being turned into pin cushions for the sexual pleasures of long lines of lecherous blacks and mestizos. The prettiest white females will probably be traded back and forth like baseball playing cards, between the minority ruling leadership until such a time as their beauty fades or until their masters finally lose interest in them and then decide to send them to join Channon Christian in the after life.

      Oh, and for all you White Christians out there – do not forget. The Christian Church leadership is fully on board with, and completely supports, the scenario that I just described to you. They support and advocate in favor of White Genocide. They fully support race replacement policies and the dispossession of White European people inside their native homelands. They support race destroying miscegenation. They are increasingly supporting the homosexual agenda. Perhaps you should remember that the next time you’re sitting in Church and the collection plate is passed to you. Perhaps you should remember that, the next time the pastor of your church greets you at the door of his church and extends his hand and tries to snooker you into believing he or she is your friend.

      Incidentally, may I point out that the beautiful Channon Christian wound up being dismembered and her remains were found stuffed inside plastic garbage bags which were left inside garbage cans? Did any of your favorite Christian preachers ever devote a sermon about the horrors of the Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome murders? Probably not. But, if the Christian ‘Right’ has their way, such horrors will become a common place event in all areas of a country that once belonged to White European people.

      • Dave4088

        Mestizos want politicians that look and think like them. They will use the white characters you mentioned as useful idiots for a time before rudely casting them aside in favor of militant mestizos.

  • Vonhauer

    Okay, at this point one wonders is there ANY religion that doesn’t support unfettered immigration? Even Satanism seems to be all for it.

    • Bill

      You are more right than you know. Satan is IN most churches these days and governs things.

    • StillModerated

      The Eastern Orthodox churches are the ones least likely to sell out to the Zionists. The evangelicals have been a write-off since the late 70s.

  • Huh. You know, I think the last time I was in a church was in 1996.
    I guess I’m just not hearing the call.
    Way back in 1980, when I was 12, my little brother and I were watching the Billy Graham Crusades one Sunday morning, waiting for a Godzilla movie to come on afterward.
    I said to my brother, “So this is what Superstar Billy Graham is doing since he stopped wrestling!”
    My mom overheard it and was p*ssed! I didn’t know! I really honestly thought…
    Speaking of Jerry Falwell (back to the article), I remember reading an issue of his best friend’s magazine. A B&W cartoon of a Sigmund Freud type was sitting down taking notes. He looked over at his patient on the psychiatrist couch and asked, “So tell me, how long have you imagined yourself as Jerry Falwell?” The patient was the only color part of the cartoon. It was a brown pile of brown dung, with a green, smoky aroma rising from it.
    I thought about these two incidents from my youth after reading this article.

    • AutomaticSlim

      “Speaking of Jerry Falwell (back to the article), I remember reading an issue of his best friend’s magazine.”

      Falwell’s best friend?
      You mean good ol’ Larry?
      Yeah, Larry really had a thing for Falwell.

      Some of his Falwell cartoons were real doozys.

      • I don’t know about that, but I do know that his mis-named “Liberty” University he founded has probably the worst and most repressive campus speech codes on racial issues, bar none.

      • Tucker

        Not that it was necessarily a tragic event, but something has always made me suspect that Falwell went to see his Israeli godfather and asked if he could request a favor of a ballistic variety and this was how his best buddy wound up confined to a wheel chair for the rest of his life.

        Just a hunch. What is really comical, however, is that Falwell managed to beat his best buddy by arriving in Hell first.

  • bigone4u

    Now I know why there are so many news stories about Mexicans seeing the face of Jesus in a piece of toast, a car bumper, and in clouds. These miraculous sightings of Jesus are just confirmation that Jesus wants them in the good ole USA. What next? Will the Christians claim that Mexicans are one of the Lost Tribes of israel. Jeez!

    • MarcusTrajanus

      “Will the Christians claim that Mexicans are one of the Lost Tribes of israel”

      I’ve seen “Black Israelites” claim just that.

  • MobyWhite

    When will they just come out and say it?

    “Jesus’s thinking on borders, nationality, immigration, and men marrying little boys has evolved along with his decision to seat himself at the right hand of St. MLK. Jesus wants us to stop talking about the Virign Mary and recognize his multicultural birth from the mothers of Civil Rights- Harriet Tubman, Ida Wells, and Rosa Parks. When Jesus returns to reign over his Diversity Kingdom, he will be born from the sacred loins of MichelleO.”

    That’s what they all believe, so we should demand they say it. Let Satan be Satan and shine the light on his darkness.

    For the rest of us Whites Only Christians, we go to church here-

    • Bill

      THAT is a very good website, and a very well and intelligently written piece every week.

      That thinking is closer to a real biblical understanding than most churches have these days. It is very close to the way most churches conducted themselves and what they believed 60 years ago.

    • StillModerated

      Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

      Gospel of Saint Matthew

      Liberals tend to ask negative questions like “wouldn’t it be better …?” or “don’t you think?”

      There is a way that seems right to a man, but the ends thereof are the ways of death. Think on it.

  • The reason why the Christian right is supporting immigration reform is that many denominations have strong Hispanic congregations that tend to be more traditional than white English speaking congregations. For example, Hispanics tend to follow the teachings of the Roman Catholic church more strictly than that of their English speaking counterparts. Hispanics are also more likely to donate money to the churches than anyone else.

    • C_C_Conrad

      If the Christian churches weren’t so willing to support white genocide maybe some of us whites would support them. Supporting white genocide is the same as working to destroy part of God’s creation and that means that they have sided with Satan.
      Jack’s War

    • Bill

      And they do so because the Catholic church is riddled with idolatry, is imperial in it’s dictatorial authority, is the denomination they are most familiar with since the catholic first raped and plundered the South American people of all it’s gold and silver, and then afterward got around to “spreading the gospel”. With fire, if need be, which they were still prone to do at the time of the conquistadors. First they wanted the gold. Only as a poor second did they care about souls. And after all that said, the gospel they spread even today is unbiblical and cannot be supported by the bible taken fundamentally. Hispanics are superstitious, hence the Catholic church “mysteries” appeal to them. Light a candle, save a soul type nonsense.

    • saxonsun

      Yes, easily controlled and brainwashed.

    • David Ashton

      Don’t forget those televangelists who demand “seedings” $10, $100, $1000….

  • C_C_Conrad

    “Leaders of Christian groups think the time is ripe for an amnesty.”

    Well of course they are. They are just the latest victims of the Quaker disease. Look up the word Quaker in the book Wilderness Empire.
    Jack’s War

    • liebralsuck

      They just want amnesty to add more people to their pews as it means more dollar signs for them.

  • Bill

    Get a clue. The “christian right” the media talks about are lost churches full of non-blblical “christians” who belong to leftist churches. The fact that they claim to be christians is good enough for the media. The REAL right wing christians the media hates so much, and merely calls right wing or worse, are against illegal immigration and amnesties. Bible believing Christians are closer to Christian ID than they are to Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, and other mainline denominations these days. For instance, the Catholic church is called part of the religious right……when it suits the media…..mainly because they stand against abortion and even that stand is weakening. The Catholic church, however, can’t seem to bring itself to prosecute pedophiles among themselves, are full bore for amnesty (being as they see hispanics as always catholic and will fill their plates if only they can come out of the
    dark) and MOST of the treasonous lefties in Congress and Senate are catholic. What they call “evangelical” and “emerging church” protestants are social gospel preaching blatherers. They don’t have a clue about the bible they spout.

    • Jackryanvb

      Yeah, but be honest. The Southern Evangelicals, Southern Baptists have pretty much gone to pot. Christian Zionists supporting the likes of Mike Huckabee, John McCain and Lindsey Graham. All support endless wars for Israel, open borders immigration for the US, pandering to Blacks, Hispanics and they are tax exempt millionaires. You know you are really old when you can remember a time when the Religious Right was White, reasonably pro White and opposed the politics and culture of New York and Hollywood.

      NY/Lib producer Norman Lear (All in the Family, the Jeffersons) went so far as to set up a lib activist group to oppose the Southern Religious Right – ” People For the American Way”, using scare techniques that the Religious Right was RACIST pushing America towards NS Germany Fascist. Why did he/they bother?

    • Xerxes22

      “Most of the treasonous lefties in Congress and Senate are Catholics”. Oh really, Like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Chuck Shumer, Harry Reid, Eric Cantor Etc.. Not a Catholic in the bunch. You don’t defend your church by slandering other churches.

    • jeffaral

      How deluded people can be? The most race-mixing states in America happens to be in the Bible thumping South, Mississipi leading. Guess why…..

  • our race should be our only religion

    • blight14

      It is mine……………

      • Tucker

        Ditto that.

    • jeffaral

      Well said! Christianity, a messianic religion from the Middle East, has been promoting race-mixing since it was forcefully imposed on the European peoples.

  • Jackryanvb

    I know. Many of our readers fantasize about fighting Black gang bangers, Islamic Jihadists, defending the honor of our women threatened by rapists, but it’s not realistic to try take on, unarmed, such heavily armed NW bad guys. But, I think everyone on our list could take on a little smug punk, like former Christian Coalition page boy Ralph Reed. Pee Herman could take down Ralph Reed.

  • Jackryanvb

    the Romans should have thrown all the “Christians” like Ralph Reed to the lions.

  • George from Washington

    Christians didn’t cause this problem. Jews did. Place the blame where it belongs. I’m tired of them getting special treatment because they’ll throw a fit if they don’t get it. If you don’t like your reputation, then change!

  • libertarian 1234

    “Leaders of Christian groups think the time is ripe for an amnesty.”
    Yes, attendance and membership are getting low.

  • The Eastern Orthodox churches are the ones least likely to sell out to the Zionists. The evangelicals have been a write-off since the late 70s.
    This is treu but some Evangelicals are pro-Isreal but against illegal immrigation like Tom Tancredo. Eastern Orthodox marched with Martin Luther King, so they can be liberal as well but the good thing is few of the illegal immirgants are Russians or Greeks so the Eastern Orthodox Churches are not that interested in immirgation Reform. The liberal issues with the Eastern Orthodox is the enviroment, Patriach Barthelow of Istanbul hangs out with a lof of leftist enviromentists and against the death penality and the war.
    see more10


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  • IKantunderstand

    OMG, OMG, OMG. I don’t care what the Christians think about immigratiion. I also really don’t care what the jews think about immigration. Frankly, I only care what I think about immigration. And I do not like it. It infringes on my being a White person. A true life anecdote: Candy was always handed out at Halloween. Things began to change: Suddenly, Halloween became a time for non-Whites to come to my house and get candy. I am talking full grown adults from a “diverse culture”, not even bothering to dress up and wear a costume. I assume the fact that they looked so “diverse from me , was enough of a costume. I no longer participate in Halloween.I’m fighting for a White tradition, that absolutely NO NON-WHITES will carry on, they just merely take advantage of it for free candy. Christmas is on its way out. So is Easter. Get ready to celebrate Chinese New Year; Ramadan; Cinco de Mayo,Martin Luther King Day. Caesar Chavez Day, Che Day! Every stupid so called holiday, our enemies can think of. If you do nothing else, please refrain from celebrating these anti-White holidays. MOLON LABE. If the people on this website are so smart, why aren’t we in the vanguard of change?

  • Anon

    If you want a thorough understanding of what the problem is, read the Cambria will not yield blog. This person has done one of the most thorough jobs of describing how and why the church has fallen and is no longer an institution of God. They literally, no longer worship Jesus Christ and his supreme Sacrifice for us…..instead, they worship a demonic entity….the black man.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Ralph Reed, I say this as a Christian in brotherly love.

    Burn in hell!

  • blight14

    So ‘Christian right’, you defile our nation and heritage in your unfettered support of a certain country in the middle east and NOW this blatant support of an alien invasion…….you are now deemed enemies of America!

  • If the leaders of the Christian Right want to stay in power, they’d better STFU and real fast. Americans across the board , (yes even mom and pop democrats) are sick of having the country invaded. They overwhelmingly oppose amnesty.
    Immigration reform[sic] was a failure in 1986. It would be a failure today.

  • liberalsuck

    Tell your congregation–if you go to church–that if they support amnesty or any multiculturalism that you will go to another congregation and will take your donation money elsewhere.

  • seek

    It is time to have a frank discussion of whether Christianity is serving the best interests of our nation. I don’t simply mean “liberals who appear to be Christians.” I mean Christians as a whole. It’s an open question. Nobody has the answers. But people at least need to raise and hear the right questions. For it is a fact: Conservative Christians, clergy and laity alike, are providing much of the theological and policy ammunition for the destruction of American identity.

  • The idea is to takeover the GOP, push aside most of the old guard White males who were putting up token efforts to fight the third world invasion of the nation and replace them with RINO rats of the Jeb Bush/Juan McCain ilk. Next step will be to transform the GOP into a Democrat-lite party – which means amnesty, plus lots of free goodies offered to the mestizo invaders that will be paid for by white conservative taxpayers, of course. Oh, and lots of very liberal family reunification provisions to go along with amnesty, so the 30 million or so illegal aliens (most of whom are from Mexico) can import every member of their family trees and this will effectively bury Whites under an unstoppable avalanche of virulently anti-White, voraciously parasitic Hispanics How, true Republicans will not help poorer whties.

  • A Reader