Southern Poverty Law Center Website Triggered FRC Shooting

Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner, February 6, 2013

The Family Research Council shooter, who pleaded guilty today to a terrorism charge, picked his target off a “hate map” on the website of the ultra-liberal Southern Poverty Law Center which is upset with the conservative group’s opposition to gay rights.

Floyd Lee Corkins II pleaded guilty to three charges including a charge of committing an act of terrorism related to the August 15, 2012 injuring of FRC’s guard. He told the FBI that he wanted to kill anti-gay targets and went to the law center’s website for ideas.

At a court hearing where his comments to the FBI were revealed, he said that he intended to “kill as many as possible and smear the Chick-Fil-A sandwiches in victims’ faces, and kill the guard.” The shooting occurred after an executive with Chick-Fil-A announced his support for traditional marriage, angering same-sex marriage proponents.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said that the Southern Poverty Law Center should take responsibility for the shooting and take down their hate map.


His comments had no impact at the law center. Their “hate map” still includes FRC.


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  • Puggg

    This means the SPLC by the SPLC’s own standards have links to violent extremist hate criminals? Should they sue themselves on behalf of themselves, paying homage to that old Roissy parody blog post?

    From the original article:

    “Once again, I call on the SPLC to put an immediate stop to its practice of labeling organizations that oppose their promotion of homosexuality,” said Perkins, adding, “Whether the SPLC continues to demonize those who hold to biblical morality or not, the Family Research Council will remain unequivocally committed to our mission of advancing faith, family and freedom.”

    Translation: We don’t have a problem with the SPLC slandering people, we only have a problem when they slander “us,” the FRC and conservative Christians in general. If they slander those “evil ole racists,” not our problem.

    I should remind Tony Perkins: First they came for the Kluxers…

  • ViktorNN

    This is the exact sort of incident that the SPLC routinely uses to classify groups as “hate groups.”

    By their own willingness to use the most tenuous logic to establish links between people and groups that barely have any association with each other, the SPLC has become a hate group.

    Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch of hate-filled scam artists.

  • The__Bobster

    If you want to find the true, self-righteous kooks, look to the Left.

    • Pelagian

      self-righteous is right. Religious people are the ones that usually get accused of being self-righteous. But at least a religious person is obeying the person he believes to be his creator. The SPLC, on the other hand, are a self-aggrandizement society making up the rules to suit themselves.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    A few notable assessments of the Southern Poverty Law Center — to enlighten and entertain:

    1) Carol Swain, Professor of Law and Political Science, Vanderbilt University and Director of the Vanderbilt Public Policy Program:

    “….what is most shocking is that the SPLC has spent far more resources hounding conservative organizations, such as the Center for Immigration Studies, and prominent citizens like CNN’s award-winning anchor Lou Dobbs, than it has protecting the civil rights of American voters . . . Rather than monitoring hate groups, the Southern Poverty Law Center has become one.”

    (“Mission Creep and the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Misguided Focus, “ Huffington Post, August 10, 2009)

    2) Alexander Cockburn, columnist for The Nation, Editor of CounterPunch, a man of impeccable leftwing credentials:

    “The Southern Poverty Law Center: We published a piece about them years ago in CounterPunch saying . . . it’s scare-mongering for elderly people . . . elderly Jewish people across America, saying that if you don’t send us ten bucks or twenty bucks the brown shirts will be marching down your main street tomorrow. SEND CHECK NOW . . . It’s a racket, a lot of it.”

    SOURCE: One hour into a three-hour interview on C-Span’s In-Depth on, April 1, 2007. To see video, click on “Watch” at:

    3) Mark Krikorian, executive director, Center for Immigration Studies, Washington, D. C:

    “Across the West we see efforts to restrict free expression of political ideas related to immigration . . . The most recent salvo on this side of the ocean is a report released last week by the Southern Poverty Law Center tarring the three leading groups working to limit immigration—including my own Center for Immigration Studies—as part of a racist conspiracy, supposedly orchestrated by a retired eye doctor in Michigan named John Tanton. The fact that they went after mainstream groups rather than fringe ones shows that the goal is not elevating the tone of public discourse but shutting it down altogether. Perhaps a more honest title for the report would have been ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Restrictionism.’”*

    SOURCE: “Free Speech Is Great, But . . .The open-borders lobby’s attempts to silence its critics,”By Mark Krikorian, National Review, February 11, 2009:

    4) Renowned anti-death penalty lawyer Millard Farmer, on his former associate SPLC co-founder Morris Dees:

    “He’s the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker of the civil rights movement, though I don’t mean to malign Jim and Tammy Faye…”

    SOURCE: “The Church of Morris Dees,” By Ken Silverstein, Harper’s Magazine, November 2000:

    5) Fairfax Journal on the SPLC:

    “…a bunch of slick, parasitic hucksters who live high on the hog by raising money on behalf of needy people who never see a dime of it.”

    SOURCE: “Lump of Coal,” editorial on the SPLC, Fairfax Journal, December 2003:

    Take a Photo-Tour of Dees’ Palatial Home:

    And, saving the best for last:

    6) Laird Wilcox is an expert on fringe groups of both left and right. He is founder of the Wilcox Collection of Contemporary Political Movements at the University of Kansas’s Kenneth Spencer Research Library. Below is Wilcox’s primer on the SPLC:

    “When you get right down to it, all the SPLC does is call people names. It’s specialized a highly developed form of defamation however — a way of harming and isolating people by denying their humanity and trying to convert them into something that deserves to be hated and eliminated . . . They use their enormous resources to practice it on a mass scale . . . Anyone attacked by the SPLC is basically up against a contest of resources, from the ability to engage legal counsel, the access to fairness in media treatment, to the ability to survive the financial destruction of a reputation or a career. What they do is a kind of bullying and stalking . . . Their victims are usually ordinary people expressing their values, opinions, and beliefs and they are up against a very talented and articulate defamation machine.”

    “The SPLC has managed to engage police and government agencies to assist them, interfacing informational resources about personal circumstances vulnerability, and opportunities for prosecution. The have even counseled the military in stigmatization and defamation procedures …”

    “Americans really need to ask themselves if they are willing to tolerate this kind of operation in a free society . . . remember that sooner or later they might start looking at you or someone you love . . .” (“An Expert on Fringe Politcal Movements Reflects on the SPLC’s Political Agenda,” The Social Contract, Spring, 2010, pp188-189)

    And from Wilcox’s “The Practice of Ritual Defamation,” in the same issue of The Social Contract:

    “It (ritual defamation) is not used to persuade, but to punish . . . its thrust is primarily emotional. Ritual defamation is used to hurt, to intimidate, to destroy, and to persecute, and to avoid the dialogue, debate, and discussion upon which a free society depends. On those grounds it must be opposed no matter who tries to justify its use.” (p191)

    On the stakes for freedom of speech:

    “I’m still involved in civil liberties and freedom of speech issues … I think these are the critical issues of our time, and to the extent that they’re compromised we’re all in trouble. As long as we can speak and write freely and discuss and debate openly, we can gradually work issues out. Extremists know this . . . that’s why this kind of freedom is under attack.”
    (p. 183)

    • Katherine McChesney

      I met DOCTOR Carol Swain at the Republican Party Headquarters the night of the election. This is a BLACK CONSERVATIVE woman. My impression – she really makes a big deal out of her being a Doctor. Her name tag showed Doctor in large letters next to her name.

      • Pelagian

        not surprised. No white professor at Vanderbilt could get away with doing all that.

        And, yes, they do love their titles. Dr., Rev…Grand Puba of the Knights of the Mystic Sea.

        • You forgot Esquire.

          • Joseph

            That’s cold…but funny.

        • Joseph

          Don’t forget the ever-popular “Bishop” and “Apostle”.

          • Katherine McChesney

            Minister, as in Minister Farrakhan.

      • Carol Swain is good, and I’m glad the SPLC doesn’t like her, but she’s no Sam Francis, and never will be.

    • StillModerated

      No, EPP, this hate group does so much more than that. They are also a clearing house for information gleaned by Hillel trolls. Whenever a “right-wing group” gets together, there will be an infiltrator to gather names. They use Mossad techniques like saying they’re from Barbados or Peru to explain away foreign accents. They monitor classified adverts in dangerous publications such as National Review and The American Spectator. They usually engage in bizarre letter-writing exercises, and in those letters claim to be liberal Republicans. See you in Nashville?

    • David Ashton

      Excellent research – just what is needed in this and other areas.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Does the SPLC publish its own address?

    • 400 Washington Ave, Montgomery AL 36104

      Just look for the gawdy tacky out of place building that looks like it should be Montgomery’s museum of post-modern art, and you’re there. The Alabama NEA headquarters (National Education Association) occupies the same square block, appropriately enough.

      • bigone4u

        I hope the county whacks the SOBs on their property taxes.

        • They might not have to pay them, being a non-profit org.

        • StillModerated

          I hope an Anonymous hacker clears out the $PLC’s $100 million stash.

      • Pelagian

        postmortem art is more like it:

        • Pelagian

          Wow, while looking for a photo of the SPLC bldg., I stumbled upon their SPLC website. It’s amazing. first article I clicked on , there is a comment on a David Duke article which claims that God is a fornicator, Mary is a whore and Jesus a bastard. Undisturbed by any moderator’s hand for three years.

          and he doesn’t mind using his real name! :Mitch Beales.

          That’s the difference between now and 20 years ago. The things people use to hide like being a blasphemer, gay, masturbator … . People use their real names. While those of us who subscribe to the least little non-politically correct opinion have to use pseudonyms or else lose our day jobs, get our homes spray-painted or even invaded… or get our kids bothered. You name it: expect it.

          • Thor Bonham

            Sorry to say, and this shouldn’t be moderated out , After reading the article and clicking on the links, the one word that came to mind is, douche .. Really it was after the link where Duke’s one time girlfriend gave detailed accounts of him being greedy, racist ( you knew that was coming) and down right nasty to everyone including her the most (of course) ..
            Right, he’s the greedy one but I’m sure she didn’t do the interview for free …
            They are bunch of douche bags, ALL of the SPLC

          • Katherine McChesney

            There is an article that asserts that Dees has had multiple affairs and a threesome with his wife and another man. It named names. Sorry, I didn’t bookmark the site.

        • That’s actually its old HQ, across the street. They converted their old HQ, the one you presented in that pic, into a museum of civil rights.

    • storibund

      Haha! It actually is situated in one of the most conservative states in the country, ironically enough (where Morris Dees was born, but the civil rights history symbolized in the area is lost on no one).

      My stepdad, who was a very proper Southern gentleman living in Montgomery, would encounter Dees on occasion; upon seeing him, my stepdad would turn and walk in the other direction because, as he explained to me, he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to overcome his overwhelming urge to “smack him one” (and he certainly wasn’t alone in feeling that way 😉

    • MobyWhite

      When you drive by the SPLC fortress just below the Alabama State House, you see groups of White tourists walking around it in all agog in awe of its power to fight and win against the Evil Whiteness that “just won’t go away”.

      “There’s the SPLC! They help blacks! Where can we make a donation? We love blacks, too!”

    • StillModerated

      Their HQ is on Washington St, Montgomery a block away from the Alabama state capitol.

  • Easyrhino1

    I believe the correct abbreviation is: $PLC

  • NorthernWind

    The SPLC should add itself to its own list.

    • Daisy

      Speaking of lists, I just tried to direct a poster on another site to American Renaissance and for the first time my comment wasn’t automatically posted but instead came back as ‘Awaiting Moderation.’ There was no foul language in it, etc. So SPLC reports or lobbies for listing sites like AmRen as ‘hatesite’ and then other websites have to program into their filters or something so as not to allow comments mentioning Amren, etc. or else face harassment or worse. It’ll be interesting to see if it ever gets posted, or if it simply gets edited. Someone on here suggested putting spaces between letters to circumvent automatic censoring. The irony of it is this other site is devoted to skepticism re the Sandy Hook massacre and the MSM’s censoring and/or fabricating of certain facts related to it.

      • It probably had an in toto cuss word. That is the only a reason a comment would be held over for moderation.

        • Daisy

          What is an in toto cuss word? My post contained no curse words nor abbreviations for curse words. Not even sketchy words that could be considered uncouth language.

          • It’s a standalone cussword. Since your post did not have one, we must chalk it up to the usual Disqus gremlins.

      • storibund

        Many websites don’t allow links, maybe that was the problem.

        Just have them google AmRen.

        I direct people to here and SBPDL alla time 🙂

  • bigone4u

    Went to the map, clicked on Texas. Failed to find La Raza and similar Mexicano Supremecist organizations on the list. Did note that the Jewish Defense League is listed, because they are anti-Muslim. Conclusion: The map and accompanying lists are subjective, without any substance as to what merits being included. FRC should sue SPLC.

    • George

      The same SPLC that considers the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) a “hate group”, — because it opposes illegal immigration and uses demonstrations as a method, which the SPLC deems intimidation? The same SPLC that apparently considers
      people exercising their First Amendment rights to oppose criminality and law-breaking
      as ‘hate’?

      The same SPLC that provides tangible support to NCLR (La Raza), whom U.S. Rep. Henry Gonzalez (D-Texas), a liberal Democrat, criticised as “reverse racism…. as evil as the deadly hatred of the Nazis.” Denouncing what he called “the politics of race,” he said.” “Only one thing counts to them, la raza above all”. La Raza has endorsed Jose Angel Gutierrez with its 1994 ‘Hero Award’. In 1969, Gutierrez was on record as saying: ‘We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to
      the worst, we have got to kill him’. Yet the SPLC wouldn’t even remotely consider listing their partner in crime as a ‘Hate Group’.

      • bigone4u

        Thanks so much for the Henry Gonzalez info. Part of a book I am writing explains what it is like for a white male to work for a Mexicano Supremecist. I will be doing more research on Henry and bring him in to that part of the book.

  • MobyWhite

    Same old, same old. Whites are becoming so used to being targets, they now believe they SHOULD be targets.

    • Liberalsuck

      I think more of the white youth is growing tired of this. The Baby Boomer whites had lots of this guilt, whereas the whites under 40 are starting to wake up. They will, just time by time.

  • StillModerted

    $PLC also claims that the League Of The South is a hate group, and that there’s a chapter in the Old Dominion. There is not. $PLC is not ultra-liberal at all, but rather a group of money-grubbers looking for a nazi under every bed, and frightening little old ladies into parting wing with their money.

    • libearlsuck

      I think anytime a few white conservative men even so much as meet up for dinner the SPLC will have to write an article about that.

  • alas

    So that’s this attack, the one JT spoke of a few days ago based on racism towards whites, and then today we have a left-wing pro-Obama, pro-Clinton, pro-Gun Control, mass-shooting. Despite being right wing for many years, I have always considered our side, despite it being right in ideas, to be the most likely to commit violent acts (I chalked it up to us being the ones without any power). But actually, they are just as violent, probably more so.

  • George

    Just so we’re clear that we’re talking about the same thing, we are referring to the Southern Poverty Law Center founded by Morris Dees, whose only goal in creating the organisation was to grow rich. The man who pays himself more than nearly any officer of other advocacy groups surveyed by the National Journal, more than the chairman of the ACLU, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and the Children’s Defense Fund? ($305,121, plus expenses last year). Compare that with the $25,000 Stephen Bright receives as the President and Sr. Counsel of the Southern Center for Human Rights, which actually takes on death penalty cases. The Morris Dees arrested and removed from court in 1975 for attempting to suborn perjury [bribing a witness] in the Joan Little murder trial in North Carolina. The same Morris Dees who in 1961 defended a man charged with beating one of the Freedom Riders. The legal fee was paid by the Ku Klux Klan and the White Citizen’s Council (The Progressive, July 1988).

    The same SPLC whose entire legal staff quit in 1986 in protest of Dees’s refusal to address issues–such as homelessness, voter registration, and affirmative action–that they considered far more pertinent to poor minorities, if far less marketable to affluent benefactors, than fighting the KKK? The same SPLC whose black employees regularly quit, citing harassment and discrimination? Black attorneys who have worked for the SPLC
    complain of systematic discrimination against them at the center. Harvard law professor Charles Ogletree has said: “My students have come back with disappointing experiences…. It’s particularly disappointing to encounter racism at a civil rights organization. (Dan Morse, “Equal Treatment? No blacks in center’s leadership,” Montgomery Advertiser, February 16, 1994)

    The same SPLC that was going to stop fund-raising when it reached an endowment of $50 million? That now has an endowment of $238 million, plus whatever undisclosed sum
    is held in its offshore account in the Cayman Islands? In 2000, SPLC fundraised $27 million and made an additional $17 million from investments, but spent only $13 million on its
    civil rights programme. Last year, it accumulated $36,295,888 and had programme expenses of $23,465,464.

    The same SPLC that has been criticized by liberal civil rights writer Laird Wilcox for de facto
    functioning as a private intelligence gathering agency for the FBI and other law enforcement agencies, doing yeoman’s work as a private organization that public law enforcement agencies are barred by law from doing (such as keeping dossiers on people solely because of their political or religious views) because for a government agency to do them would be a violation of civil rights?

    Yeah, the SPLC is a credible source of information. Perhaps you’d be better labelling them $₱£₡. For Dees, it’s all about the Benjamins…no matter who gets hurt.

  • JohnEngelman

    Here is a website to the Southern Poverty Law Center Hate Map:

    It is little more than a list of left wing hate targets. The Southern Law Center claims to be dedicated to teaching tolerance. Those in the Center should start by learning tolerance for those who disagree with them. Democracy works best when the voters are exposed to a variety of political opinions.

    • It goes back to what I said here a few days ago, about Federal law enforcement and the paranoia-industrial complex (ADL-SPLC-et al.) having a working relationship. A very large majority of “groups” on the SPLC’s rock ’em sock ’em everything-must-go list of ExtremistHateGroups (TM) are either fake, obsolete, one-man operations, sting operations, or a result of an FBI stool pigeon standing on a corner in Podunkville wearing a Nazi Klan uniform, where an SPLC photog “just happens” to be close by to snap a picture. Eventually, Podunkville will be shown to have both a Nazi presence and a Klan presence on the SPLC’s fake hate map.

      • JohnEngelman

        The Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate group.

        If that organization did what its name implies, and gave legal advice to poor people who could not afford lawyers, it would be worthwhile. Instead it harasses groups it does not like. Some, as Question Diversity points out, are harmless. Others, like American Renaissance, say things that are worth listening to.

    • StillModerated

      AmRen made the list! Cool!

      • Or, not cool, if Floyd Corkins would have been hanging around Northern Virginia instead of Washington, D.C. itself.

  • libertarian 1234

    “His comments had no impact at the law center. Their “hate map” still includes FRC.”

    Yes, and the anti-white hate rhetoric spewed from the mouths of self-hating whites on MSNBC; the media; the black leadership; and the rank and file throughout the entire black community, still goes on as well.

    All of them are blatant instigators of black on white violence and murders, with almost all of academia coming in as a collective close second.

    They absolutely love the way things are going right now, so it’s no wonder the whole pack of them get nervous when somebody mentions economic catastrophe, followed by civil war.

    After all their lies, deceit and manipulations they couldn’t bear the thought of watching the mobs take it all apart, then have to find a good place to hide so they won’t have to answer for their crimes.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The Family Research Council shooter picked his target off a “hate map” on the Southern Poverty Law Center website.

    This is BS and couldn’t have happened. I didn’t read about it in the news or see it on ABC/CBS/CNN/ABC.

    Tony Perkins said that the Southern Poverty Law Center should take responsibility for the shooting

    The only way the SPLC will take responsibility is to have it shoved down their throat and up their rectums. It’s time for some “common sense” regulations to restrict the speech of groups that incite hate, like the SPLC.


  • LHathaway

    ““It (ritual defamation) is not used to persuade, but to punish . . . its thrust is primarily emotional. Ritual defamation is used to hurt, to intimidate, to destroy, and to persecute, and to avoid the dialogue, debate, and discussion upon which a free society depends”.

    Are we still talking about the SPLC, or every newspaper I’ve ever read? I guess even ‘objective’ newspapers are subject to ‘consciousness raising’.

  • anarchyst

    At the risk of my post being deleted here goes . . .
    The $PLC is run by the same people that are milking the jewish “holocaust ™” for all it’s worth. There have been many non-jewish “holocausts” throughout history . . . what makes the jewish “holocaust ™” special??

    • Joseph

      It is so special, (and I use the present tense intentionally since it never ends) because Jews were involved.

      According to Finkelstein (The Holocaust Industry), the promoters of the ongoing shake-down (his term) believe that the suffering of a Jew, even ones never victims of the holocaust, is uniquely incomparable to anyone else.

      • anarchyst

        I would like to add that jewish “holocaust ™” “survivors are having their ATM (oops, I mean tattoo) numbers placed on their children and grandchildren. Does this action make them jewish “holocaust ™” survivors too??

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        That notion does seem to be borne out by many posts I often read here. Also, of all the Germans I have met in my life (and I lived in a country next to Germany for several years) perhaps 25% are Deniers and still find a place to harbor a grudge against Jews after all. The cycle never stops because they are competing for victim status at this point (these Germans, I mean).

        Before everyone jumps back at me, what I want to point out is that this is a case of picking the wrong battle to fight.

        • Pelagian

          What are you talking about? Unpack please!

    • Katherine McChesney


  • Pelayo

    Just another excuse for this Mau Mau bastard to kill White people. He’s posing as a champion of gays as though it will mitigate the murder and given the period of genocide against Whites that we’re now experiencing, it probably will.

  • Norman

    $PLC is shameless in the way it will flypaper “cookie cut” information that deliberately
    omits what might be exculpatory for whatever pre-determined label they are cultivating. What they do is something that other outfits, less large and lush, probably are doing. Quite some time ago, a useful “schematic” outline should have been sketched of how such organizations likely function. A key tactic is entering a routine legal matter–a divorce case
    or an employment case or a matter of zoning, etc.–and just aggravating it with satanic legal
    expertise to inflict harm on the party they have declared to be a “hater”. Much of what they
    do is a massive perversion of the law. Lots of lawyers have a keen practical livelihood
    interest in seeing the law not being so perverted. When local lawyers gets some inkling
    that an outfit like this is using their local legal system to “get” people–they tend to be able anonomously to make the $PLC task lots lots harder for the outfit–all for their own local self interest, not for any regard to the nominated “hater”. The same effort to twist normal procedures, etc, is made with police work. Abler policemen catch on to the game and to the fact that in the short view some juicy plums may be held out for their going along with perverse practices and perverse omissions of duty. The matter that causes police departments often to get cold feet about $PLC is to catch wind that perceptive people are
    lawfully but carefully monitoring matters to detect the “little things” that if seen for what
    they are , can be widely perceived as outcroppings of otherwise unseen fiddling with normal even-handed police work. Cops may be a little dumb, but they sure don’t like
    to discover it. And they certainly don’t like to be manipulated into revealing it. One of
    the really vulnerable things $PLC does is to try to “cookie cut” facts and evidence. It
    is one thing for a lawyer to try this in court where an opposing lawyer has the duty of
    detecting and exposing and counteracting it. It is quite another for it to find its way into
    the level of information gathering that police do. A big vulnerablility of $PLC is that many
    of their legal staff consider they can use cops and not understand them. Again, it is sad
    sad that a detailed outline of the gears and pulleys of these outfits has not been set forth.
    Some law schools incline to get into “abuse of legal process” (how the system can be
    perverted by lawyers to effect pre-determined punishment at the expense of even handed justice. But apparently not very many….yet.

  • Kaffirsmasher

    They may as well list every single Christian church at this point, with how radical they’re becoming.

  • josh

    Can we shut these pieces of excrement down? Cantw e sue them and destroy them??

  • Frank

    Maybe the SPLC should protest itself.

  • Pelagian

    New on their list of nefarious haters: Ex-Gays

    The SPLC … every press release they put out reads like from the Onion.