Black Agenda Summit at Howard: Obama “Does Not Deserve a Pass Anymore”

Lauren Victoria Burke, Politic 365, February 1, 2013

On the first day of Black history month, policy experts analyzed the current economic state of Black Americans during a summit at Howard University. One featured participant said President Obama, “does not deserve a pass anymore” regarding confronting Black issues head on and asked that the President “summon his courage” and “find his voice” on economic inequality in America.

Today’s 4th Annual Summit on African American Economics was hosted by Howard University and the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies. Participants included Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA), Dr. Bernard Anderson, Ralph Everett of the Joint Center, William Spriggs of the AFL-CIO, William Darrity of Duke University, and Profs. Dr. Charles Betsey, Dr. Rodney Green, Dr. Enrique Lopezlira, and Dr. Lorenzo Morris of Howard.

A growing sense of urgency at the start of President Obama’s second term could be heard at today’s forum as well as other events hosted by a growing chorus of experts hoping to put policy focus on a specific “Black agenda.” {snip}

“We’re talking about an economic system that is shot through with discrimination against Black people—it denies them opportunities to participate full in this economy. Until we attack that head on we will never solve the problem,” said noted economist Dr. Bernard Anderson of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

There has been discussion on what some refer to as a “cone of silence” over the Obama presidency regarding issues dealing with race and racial disparities in America. The Washington Monthly magazine featured Obama and race on their front cover in January.

Last Friday in Washington, the heads of the NAACPNational Urban League, the National Action Network and many other Black leaders, convened to discuss many of the same agenda items highlighted today with the goal of presenting specific policy to the President.

As the White House signals that immigration and gun control will be the first two issues the President will spend political capital on at the start of his second term, Black leaders are positioning to make sure the next four years will include attention on their economic and job agenda.

As he said that Black Americans gave President Obama a “pass” on Black issues during his first term, Dr. Anderson, who has been an enthusiastic supporter of the President, (including hosting a fundraiser in 2008) said the days of Obama getting a “pass” from Black Americans is now over.


Dr. Anderson spoke directly on the need for President Obama to, “find his voice, summon his courage, and use some of his political capital to eliminate racial inequality in American economic life.”

“We know he’s not President of Black America. He’s the President of the United States and we are proud of that. But asserting that a rising ride lifts all boats is not enough,” the prominent economist added.


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  • “Doesn’t deserve a pass anymore?”

    Or else what? He’s already a lame duck. You can’t refuse to vote for him again, because he’s not up for re-election ever again.

    • Lorin

      I am waiting for someone to start screaming racism if the twenty second amendment is not repealed.

      • Maybe they think they can “punish” Obama vicariously in the 2014 midterms. But almost all of these people live in Congressional districts that are safe and solid blue/Democrat gerrymanders, so it would mean absolutely nothing if they do stay home in November 2014 to punish Obama. These dorks stay home — This means the typical black Congress(wo)man wins re-election with 80% of the vote instead of 85% of the vote. Oh, wow, I bet they’re scared.

        Seriously, this summit and its participants whining about how “Obama doesn’t deserve a pass anymore” is like closing the gate after the cows got out.

        • Shitavious

          Black agenda = gibmedats!!! And there will NEVER be an end to it . . .

          • pcmustgo

            There will never be an end to non-white cries of “racism!”

      • Anon

        Although that is being used as a fearmongering tool, it’s obviously not going to happen. It’s easier to understand if you admit that there is no such thing as voting or competition for the vote and no legitimate party system in the US. They simply change sides, and often give lip service to extremely differing ideology….yet, the agenda has been constant for 50 years if not 100.

        Look at what Obama has done. He’s attempted a gun grab….probably the one thing that is likely to energize white people (who are still large enough in number to matter) to get rid of the so called “liberals”. There is zero chance of an actual gun grab….a point made perfectly clear that you cannot buy any gun in this country anymore for anything less than a thousand dollars over MSRP or be put on a one to two year backorder waiting list (and its getting worse, not better). I’m serious about this……look at this, the main auction sight for people who want to trade guns privately:

        Search any gun. Some of the more, in demand weapons are going for THOUSANDS more than they were sold for a few months ago. Demand has become frantic. Obviously, no one is giving up their guns in this country….and millions of new gun owners have joined the ranks of the armed to make sure that doesn’t happen. We ALL understand that, should a gun grab actually occur, we can expect a soviet style genocide of tens of millions of “inconvenient” people. Americans are stupid….but not that stupid….well, for the most part.

        Instead, there will be a “backlash”. This is a manufactured one. There are obviously no legitimate elections in this country anymore….but they put on quite a show. Who knows what part of the agenda they plan under the new “republican” administration a few years from now. Whatever it is, it certainly won’t be anything anyone who “votes” republican wanted or signed up for.

        The democrats are in the same boat. How many of the promises Obama made both times he was supposedly elected, did he keep? What’s that? Zero you say? How’d he get re-elected?

        It is a mystery.

  • pcmustgo

    I think Blacks are angrier than ever because they have their “Black President” now and they are still stuck in the ghetto with the same old problems. We could have black presidents for the next 20 years and still nothing will change for Blacks because change comes from within the culture- if that’s even possible. Blacks and white liberals probably magically thought a Black President would solve all their woes- of course it hasn’t and things are worse now than ever due to the economy. Black Presidents and Affirmative Action are only a band-aid for a 70% out of wedlock (poverty creating) single parent culture.

    • Liberalsuck

      Maybe they can stop hating white people, stop attacking us physically, stop acting like we owe them something and be responsible parents and citizens like the, say, average white person was in the 50s? One can hope!

      • LaShaniqua

        Pure fantasy.

    • Katherine McChesney

      They don’t live in ghettos. They live in slums they created. They haven’t been forced to live in slums, they’ve had every opportunity handed to them on a silver platter but they’re too lazy to do anything about their circumstances. Their present generation are a bunch of worthless thugs, pimps and hos.

      • LaEsquaitamama

        I find many of them horrifying, not entertaining. The ignorance and violence. There are some that are very decent folk I’m happy to associate with, but the overall level of dysfunction is just tragic.

        • pcmustgo

          I find middle class/talented tenth Black folk to be just as hateful and horrifying in their hatred of whites…I don’t think it’s just a “ghetto” black people problem. I find their behavior to be disgusting… including those “talented tenth” blacks… even when it’s not violent it’s still disgusting, bullying, hateful behavior on their part…

          • Katherine McChesney

            I don’t trust them. I believe they try to get into the good graces of whites, meanwhile they support their criminal element no matter what they do. If we brought up the escalating black on white crime they’d explain it away by citing slavery as the problem. We have one black woman (married to a white man) who wanders the halls bumming money off elderly white women. They think we owe them.

  • anarchyst

    Wait till the EBT cards run dry . . .

    • If we amnesty tens of millions of illegal cholos, the date comes ever closer.

  • chuck_2012

    i want to be supported and i am too lazy to work is what they are saying. its an acknowledgement of being too stupid and unmotivated.

  • The__Bobster

    “We’re talking about an economic system that is shot through with
    discrimination against Black people—it denies them opportunities to
    participate full in this economy. Until we attack that head on we will
    never solve the problem,” said noted economist Dr. Bernard Anderson of
    the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

    Oh, there’s plenty of discrimination in the system….and it’s all directed against YT.

    • pcmustgo

      Why do most whites wind up “discriminating” against Blacks? Because they are impossible to deal with on any level… most are “just awful” to be around.

  • If blacks are unhappy with him now, imagine how they’re going to feel when Obammy floods the country with tens of millions of illegal cholos.

    • Greg Thomas

      Yes…their beloved obama has had his lips firmly planted on the behind of la raza and the
      30 million illegal invading mexcians he so desperately wants to grant amnesty
      to. As far all minorities, their hate for Whites supersedes common sense.

  • JackKrak

    So the “Black Agenda Summit” is hosted by a, ahem, university in the nation’s capital that receives God knows how much gubbamint money every year and a steady stream of well-known people from various fields passes through to make their contribution to the very public proceedings.
    Meanwhile, American Renaissance meetings are hounded into nearly secret locations and subject to cancellation from the bullying tacticts of third rate agitators.
    But remember – it’s the blacks who are persecuted at every turn and the whites who enjoy every privilege.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Oh settle down black agenda folk. I know exactly what your agenda is, and so does Obama. Patience, grasshoppers. Your messiah is working on the agenda as well as any white president.

  • Ulick

    This means two things. First, black people were willing to give Obama a pass on his poor performance based solely on Obama being black (as is customary among black people.). Second, they’re lying because they won’t rescind the pass. The pass has never been rescinded in Detroit, DC, Birmingham, etc.

  • Yes and a lot of whites do not think blacks deserve a pass either.Noticed that some buisnesses are employing whites in positions usually occupied by blacks.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Good for them.

  • HadEnough

    I guess they’re mad because Obama never did pay the gas and mortgage for this chick and millions like her:

  • bigone4u

    This group is only mad at his white half. They still worship his black half.

    • Katherine McChesney

      The only positive about obama is that he’s half white. Beyond that he’s a failure as a human being.

      • guest

        Another positive is that he can’t be re-elected again in the next election.

        • [Guest]

          What’s to prevent it? After all, when it’s Barack Hussein Obama versus the Constitution of the United States, Obama wins.

      • pcmustgo

        He’s a liar and a manipulative, race-hard pulling jerk… I really dislike his “character”… gates-gate- inexcusable.

  • libertarian 1234

    “We’re talking about an economic system that is shot through with discrimination against Black people—it denies them opportunities to participate full in this economy.”

    Of course what he means is that blacks can’t compete on the same level as everyone else and he wants to believe….and wants others to believe as well…. it is something other than lack of black ability. If they couldn’t blame racism, oppression or because whitey doesn’t hold his mouth right they would have to admit they just can’t cut it, and they’re far too arrogant for that.

    Beneath all their complaints it’s obvious that they’re embarassed to have such a lack of achievement in anything of an intellectual nature. To compensate for it in recent times they create gross fabrications about being “held back” by whitey, and in response to their obvious lack of historical contributions they want people to believe they were builders of the pyramids and had advanced civilizations in ancient times.

    But the world doesn’t know about all that, because whitey craftily covered up all traces of their great accomplishments in his never-ending efforts to keep the black man down.

    • pcmustgo

      The single parent/ out of wedlock thing creates poverty. How dare they deny it. Or be so clueless to it.

      • Let me present to you an alternate explanation:

        Chronic single parenthood and poverty are both symptoms of a common more fundamental cause.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Blacks want everybody to do everything for them. This is the laziest bunch of people the world has ever known.

    • libertarian 1234

      “Blacks want everybody to do everything for them. This is the laziest bunch of people the world has ever known.”
      Absolutely right on both points. Those two aspects of their characters are obviously why the have no economic clout that they earned themselves.
      They don’t even have the ability, intellect or ambition to create retail outlets in their areas, so Koreans and other immigrants come in and provide businesses for them.
      The community organizer is pro-black above all else, but he doesn’t have a magic wand that he can wave over their heads to make them smart.

  • Obama only appears black, but in fact he’s neither black or white, he is some mongrel in between creation.
    But what Obama has taught us is that having black skin makes him immune to PC criticism, so watch more and more Western countries put forward people of color to represent both left and right wing political parties.
    So people of color worldwide can be screwed by one of their own (while thanks to PC we Whites will remain mute), who is just a shill for the same old political forces wrapped in a modern day media created package.

    • MikeofAges

      Why would anyone expect anything different anyway out of the political system?

      • The things I aspire for politically, I must admit come from an innocent, idealized and naive place (where truth prevails), in contrast to the things that I see in this world which make me feel cynical and old.
        Given a choice between the two, being the naive optimist gives me hope which is easier to live with, as opposed the other which makes me feel trapped and dead.
        Fighting a losing battle is more of an affirmation of life (especially one where you don’t actually die), rather than conceding defeat and resigning yourself to slavery (even if it’s just mental slavery).
        I’m not saying this ‘at you’ Mike, because your presence here indicates that you are no mental slave yourself.
        Although I must admit that I spend more time feeling cynical, than I’d prefer.

  • Kaffirsmasher

    Notice how they “rescinded” the pass right after over 95% of them voting him through. “Yo, Obamaz, we helped you beat that pasty white guy so we cans still gloat over white people, but it beez time for some gibsmedat now, gnomesaiyan?”

  • PesachPatriot

    When Jefferson Davis was president of a certain region of the north american continent there was 100% full black employment. I love how they say we beez presodent now. Obama is the president, you’re still a convicted felon working at mickey d’s living in the projects with your mother. What do they want him to do exactly…wave a magic wand to transport them all from Detroit and Chicago to gated communities in Malibu and Greenwich connecticut? Send them all a reparayshuns check for a cool million per household? His name is barack, not Gandalf or Merlin…he is a politician, still somewhat constrained by the Constitution, not a wizard. I bet even he is starting to get fed up with the shenanigans his sons are engaged in.

  • Anon

    What black people mean by this is that they expected the US government to side with them in open race war against other races, and reward them with white wealth….even white women, in overt slavery. In their eyes, it’s “their turn” to hold the whip and so what if no white man today nor his ancestors ever held that whip against any black man nor his ancestors.

    What they don’t know is that Obama isn’t even a race traitor. He’s white. He was raised white. He had no non-white friends or relationships growing up (other than that communist who is probably his real father). Barack Obama is a fictional character and role given to a white person of mixed lineage who used to be known as Barry Soerto. At best he’s a communist and like all communists, considers blacks a tool to advance their evil agenda. But he is neither one of them, nor does he have any real power or interest to promote their agenda.

    He’s the very definition of an empty suit. He wasn’t even chosen for anything in his background. He was simply a white person (and could be trusted) that was dark enough to pass for black. Which is what he is doing….passing for black.

    He’s also a handy excuse. The failing of our country is a manufactured phenomenon. Completely artificial. But those making it happen can pretend it’s caused by simple incompetence. There have been no black run states….ever, in the history of the world, that weren’t instant failures. Obama has no say, in any thing. He is not his own man, and I highly doubt ANY black person has any say at all in anything our government does.

    But he makes a handy scapegoat.

  • pcmustgo

    Blacks do not deserve a pass anymore

  • MikeofAges

    Barack Hussein Obama is not African American. In my estimation, he is a biracial African. His wife is African American. His children are African American. He is not African American.

  • Dave4088

    So Obama’s still not black enough? Could’ve fooled me.