U.S. Post Office Cuts Threaten Source of Black Jobs

Mary Wisniewski, Yahoo! News, January 21, 2013

While delivering mail on Chicago’s North Side, Lakesha Dortch-Hardy spoke about how much she loves her job at the U.S. Postal Service, and how much it would hurt if jobs such as hers were to disappear.

“These jobs are the middle class  . . . ” said Dortch-Hardy, a tall, energetic 38-year-old, who took long strides as she wheeled her cart along a row of two- and three-story brick apartment houses. “Without this job, I don’t know where I’d be right now.”

The cash-strapped U.S. Postal Service has eliminated 168,000 jobs since 2006, and more cuts could result as it struggles to avoid its own “fiscal cliff.” {snip}

African-Americans represent 13.1 percent of the U.S. population and 11.6 percent of the labor force, according to a 2012 U.S. Department of Labor report. Nearly one in five African-American workers hold government jobs such as mail clerks, firefighters and teachers, the report said.


African-Americans make up about 20 percent of U.S. Postal Service workers—and are the majority in some urban centers, representing 75 percent to 80 percent of the 5,000 letter carriers in the Chicago area, according to Mack Julion, president of the Chicago branch of the National Association of Letter Carriers.

But the public sector has cut nearly 600,000 jobs since 2009, due to shrinking government budgets and a range of other issues, according to the Bureau of Labor Relations. The slower recovery for African-Americans in the labor market has, in part, been the result of government layoffs after the end of the recession was declared, according to the Labor Department report.

In December, the black unemployment rate was 14 percent, roughly double that of whites.


Last week, the Postal Service Board of Governors met to discuss a range of cost-cutting measures to strengthen the service’s finances following the loss of a staggering $15.9 billion in fiscal year 2012.

The Postal Service, self-funded by postage sales, blames most of the losses on a pre-funding requirement enacted by Congress in 2006 that requires it to make annual payments of nearly $5.5 billion in health benefits for future retirees.

The U.S. Congress has not been able to agree on legislation to overhaul the agency. The postmaster general has proposed eliminating Saturday mail delivery, closing some facilities and changing its benefit payment obligations, but congressional approval is needed for the more significant measures.

U.S. Postal Service labor costs, with most postal employees covered by collective bargaining agreements, have also been criticized as a contributor to its fiscal problems. Defenders of the service say labor costs have declined in recent years while worker productivity is at a record high.

With no action by Congress, the postal service is losing $25 million a day, by some estimates, and could run out of money by October.

“I’m afraid that Congress is going to fiddle while the Post Office burns,” said Philip Rubio, assistant professor of history at North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro.


Why are there so many African-Americans in the Post Office? Because historically it was less prone to racial discrimination than other employers and offered a way out of poverty, says Rubio, a former postal worker and author of the book “There’s Always Work at the Post Office: African American Postal Workers and the Fight for Jobs, Justice and Equality.”


{snip} By World War I, 10 percent of the Postal Service’s work force was African-American.

After an executive order by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1941 banned discrimination in the government and defense industries, there was a sharp rise in postal employment among African-American men and women, Rubio said.


The national average annual salary of career employees who work directly with mail, such as letter carriers, is $53,000 to $55,000, said a Chicago Post Office spokesman.


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  • Some Guy

    Georgia supervisor, coworker and four others cashed 1,300 U.S. Treasury checks before authorities caught them. More than 171 Postal workers arrested in 2012

    Postal Worker Arrested in San Mateo County for Stealing Mail

    Mail handler charged with stealing Walmart gift cards in South Florida

    Type “USPS employee arrested for theft” in your favorite search engine and see what you get.

    • Morris Thecat

      The same complexion as the luggage handlers at the airlines. When you have blacks, you have massive theft. There is no such thing as an honest black person. There might be black people who haven’t stolen anything, but that is only because they never had the opportunity to do so. When the postal service was made up of white workers, and when the luggage handlers for the airlines were white, theft was a very rare thing.

      • Laager

        Quite right.
        A major insurance company in the UK published a global claims list of airports where they have to make good for “lost” luggage to passengers who have bought travel insurance from them.
        Top of the list – i.e. the worst airport with the highest number of claims and correspondingly highest payout – was Oliver Tambo International Johannesburg South Africa.
        80% of the population in SA is black and AA laws require that all organisations must reflect the demographic %s of the nation in the staff they employ.

        • Morris Thecat

          If I mail cash to relatives, it only gets there if the route the USPS takes does not go through a “city”. In other words. If I mail it in a suburb next to another suburb, it get’s there. If I mail it in a city, to the suburb where it is going, it never arrives. Do the experiment yourselves.

      • saxonsun

        Yes, JFK airport came out recently with a report of major theft. Whenever you see reports of JFK there are always blacks–no wonder the theft rate is off the charts.

  • I have to apologize on behalf of St. Louis helping to make this happen. Congressman Bill Clay (Senior) ran the House Post Office Subcommittee from 1990 to 1994, and he used that time to ram affirmative action down the throats of the PO big time.

    Now you know why if you live anywhere close to a lot of blacks, you’ll often get the wrong mail. And don’t think that you’ll get quality white letter carriers in the suburbs — It is my experience in St. Louis that the PO will assign ghetto blacks to POs and routes so far away from the inner city of St. Louis that you literally have to live outside of the St. Louis area’s suburbanized footprint to all but guarantee that you have whites working at your delivery-level PO and on your route. But don’t forget that’s only half the equation — The mail does have to get from point A to point B, and eventually, illiterate blacks will be handling it at some point.

    Not even rural areas are immune. My mail in my Carbondale, Illinois (technically Carterville) address in 2009 was hit-and-miss simply because there is a mini-ghetto of residential blacks in Carbondale that the PO must employ.

    Then there’s another factor that isn’t quite the fault of the PO’s AA policies resulting in the hiring of literacy optional blacks. Letter carriers are instructed to deliver mail where they best believe it should be delivered, and are instructed to ignore names that are posted on doors and mailboxes. You see, the mailbox or mail slot might have a sign that reads, “Jane Doe,” but in reality, La’Quita Edwards with a dozen outstanding warrants lives there, but she can’t put her real name on a sign indicating her box or slot because she doesn’t want the inconvenience of being arrested. You might put your own real name on your own box or slot, because the police don’t want to arrest you, but the letter carrier is instructed to disregard that.

    Because…postage rates went up, again.

    And also…it is my experience that UPS and FedEx aren’t that much better when it comes to getting it right and losing stuff, especially UPS. UPS is almost as bad as the USPS when it comes to AA.

    • Some Guy

      I’m in the wine & spirits business and almost everytime we send samples to our Chicago area distributors through UPS they become “lost”, especially around the holiday season.

      • My husband used to work as a manager at a comic book store. They used UPS for delivery. He said he noticed several times where several expensive books had been stolen. The order invoice showed that they were packed but they were not there when the order was delivered.

        • Do you know what group of people you can thank for not getting your items delivered?

      • Morris Thecat

        Do you mean USPS or UPS?

        • What I mean is that UPS (brown trucks) can sometimes get it wrong and lose stuff as much as the USPS (white trucks with eagles), and for much the same reason.



          This updates often. But as you will see, from 1863 to 1958, a regular stamp was either two or three cents. I’m just old enough to remember affixing 15 cent stamps to my mother’s outgoing letters…mostly bills. I was too scared to ask her what “life insurance” really was…I had a bad feeling.

        • Some Guy

          UPS, you can’t send alcohol through the Post Office. And why would any one tumbs down my comment, it’s the truth!

      • saxonsun

        I had a friend who worked in the PO–he said that if the public knew what went on there…well.

        • OlderWoman

          My postman says blacks in my post office play the race card all of the time. He has worked with my last postman who he said was an Affirmative Action hire.

    • pcmustgo

      Less “ATTITUDE” AT UPS THOUGH… UPS seems to have more Black Males and less Angry Black Women.

      • pcmustgo

        I’ve noticed in typical Black woman style, some of these Black female postal workers like to beat up on one customer and then lavish praise and kindness on the next one, almost a hot/cold thing.

        • It’s called PMS.

          • Greg Thomas

            No…it’s called being a black female.

          • PMS on top of being a black female.

        • Don’t care

        • From what I have seen is that every time that I go to the post office and deal with a black female clerk, I get nothing but attitude.

        • saxonsun

          You’re right.

        • pcmustgo

          Black women run hot and cold in general… bizarre… perhaps a part of the Narcissism thing. Gays do it too.

      • AutomaticSlim

        Funny, you think the females are worse than the males?
        From my perspective, the black males are worse than the females (if that is possible).

        I think that may be a typical male/female response, to have a greater dislike for the same sex of the other race…

        • pcmustgo

          I WANT EVERYONE TO LISTEN UP- MOST RACISM IS GENDER BASED… Most Black women have no problem with White men but hate White Women… Ditto for the Asians, Indians and Latinos.

          Until you know this, you know nothing.

    • I had a friend of mine who retired from the post office. He told me this story of new hire who could not read the addresses to where he had to deliver the mail to. He asked his supervisor if he was going to keep him, the guy said yes. My friend is white and the new hire is black.

      • Karl

        I worked in the Post Office for 30 years. The Blacks have truly taken it over big time. Here’s one of my more favorite Black mentality stories: Priceline.com dropped off their Express Mail shipping (airline tickets, ya know) on SATURDAY afternoon – The next day Express Mail went out of the building on SUNDAY night! – They simply don’t give a damn about service, etc. – plus I think they love to stick it to Whitey in any way they can.

    • The__Bobster

      The things that mudflaps fear most are ghosts and certified mail.

    • Tom

      I usually have good experience with USPS. Sometimes I send cash to David Duke or James Edwards at the Political Cesspool Radio, or some other pro-white activist. Up to $100 at times. To make sure they get it, I ask them to send some of their book to me. Such mail has never been lost.

      • Of course, most transactions with the USPS work. But you also have to admit that it’s nowhere near a six sigma operation, and we know why it’s not.

    • Puggg

      As you know, I live in Arnold, and they even have blacks do routes here, There are days when all of us on our street have to do the community mail re-shuffle.

    • NM156

      What about SIU? It must be stuffed with AA beneficiaries from St. Louis metro, Peoria, Chicago.

      • My job in that neck of the woods was with a private firm that relied heavily on SIUC. Yes, SIUC is so “stuffed.” But even not counting that, Carbondale the town has a ghetto in the northeast part of town, unrelated to SIUC. The history of how it developed, I don’t know.

  • JackKrak

    How many white people would have to be faced with losing their jobs before newsroom editors would be interested?

    • The__Bobster

      Check out the comments at the Yahoo site.

      • The link is already down

    • Lewis33

      When would they get interested if white people lose their job?, never…God’s “chosen” people…that would be another bowl of fruit altogether.

  • veritas_lux_mea

    You want job security Lakesha? Then you should be advocating for the immediate deportation of all illegals as well as other measures to increase the white share of the American population. Only a large, productive (white) tax base allows for so many government jobs like yours. Lose/marginalize this tax base, and you get Detroit.

  • Blacks are doing to the USPS what they did to the US auto industry, making it unprofitable and uncompetitive.Without black “employees” the USPS could put UPS out of business overnight.

    • Brian

      I’ve wondered how its possible for places like McDonalds and the USPS to actually lose money, when under any normal circumstances it should be impossible.
      Just add thousands of incompetent Blacks, and wait.

      • shmo123

        From what I’ve read in the past (can’t corroborate it now) the USPS was top heavy with management. They had something like 1 manager for every 10 employees–a colossal waste of money. That was one of their problems. The second was overly generous pension programs. They’re screwed, plain and simple.

      • NM156

        How is it possible for the USPS to make money is the question. Technology has made mail redundant. Who but retirees gets bills in the mail? That this quoted professor and USPS union reps blame its demise on politics and pension contributions is ridiculous. The revenue the USPS takes in must be half of what it was in 2003, and cheap, mass junk mail won’t make up the difference.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          That’s right; it’s easy to set up a regular bill for auto-debit from one’s checking account. One still normally receives a monthly statement, but since nothing needs to be sent back, the volume of mail is instantly halved. Since your return mail with the payment enclosed would go first class while the bills are originally sent out as presorted standard, the financial hit the USPS is taking is larger than 50%. That’s 45 cents for each bill that stays in your pocket. If you’re making monthly payments on telephone (bundled with internet), cable TV, mortgage, car payment, utilities, and homeowner’s insurance or homeowner’s association dues, that’s six bills per month, for 72 per year, plus two more payments for car insurance, or 74 bills annually: $33.30 per year in postage.

          If one multiplies this amount by maybe 100 million adults, it represents a big hit for an inefficient, overstaffed organization.

          • NM156

            Most customers can sign up for secure email billing with no paper billing at all, these days. I haven’t seen a Comcast bill or a BOA statement since 2007. USPS better figure out how to compete with UPS and FedEx or find themselves wailing and flailing in the tar pits. Just today, my local PO was out of stamps. Worker there said it was due to the phasing out of the “forever” stamps before the price raise on the new stamps next Mon. Strange though that they had none for the old timers in line. Strikes me as a sign that management is scatterbrained because of the upheaval.

    • Ed_NY

      Bill, you hit the nail on the head. When the auto industry was forced to hire unqualified and lazy employees through racial quotas, so began their decline. When you have a bunch of employees with no work ethic, quality suffers and so does the bottom line.

  • pcmustgo

    Well, it’s not like there’s any shortage of Blacks over at UPS… Also, the more Blacks get layed off, the more pressure there will be to end illegal immigration… one would hope.

    • The__Bobster

      My post office is full of legal Hindus. I guess the Quickie Marts weren’t hiring. What happened to hiring White Americans?

      • Johnny Clay

        I applied with the USPS twice and took their exam. I never got hired and was told that I didn’t score high enough, but when I see who works there, I know it wasn’t because of their smarts. I heard a woman on TV say that when she noted on her application that she was white, she didn’t get the job. The next time she applied, she changed her race to Hispanic, scored lower on the test, and was hired.

        • My friend who retired from the post office scored a 96 on the test and initially was not hired until he threatened to sue them. He is white.

      • Xerxes22

        Veterans are supposed to receive preference for all Civil Service jobs. but that rule has probably been discarded.

        • Except what’s a “veteran” these days but the same kind of black woman making a nice lateral move from a secure public perch wearing fatigues to enforce EEOC codes for the Army to not being able to read mail?

        • Nathanwartooth

          When I worked for the census, veterans got a bonus to their score on the exam.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I lied on the census form.

        • Karl

          you’re absolutely correct about Veterans Preference, particularly for postal jobs. The minorities, especially blacks, have taken over many of the postal Human Resources offices so they make sure da brothas and sistahs are given preferences. Believe me, you have to see it to believe the blatant disregard for the rules – any rules.

        • Johnny Clay

          Veterans get short-shrift for government jobs. They get a points preference for applying to get in, but once they’re in, they get put in a corner and forgotten about because the agency has hired their quota of vets.

      • StillModerated

        White women prefer barren wombs, abortions and careers. Even the so-called Evangelicals rarely have more than 2 children.

      • You have to be a subcontinental type related to the subcontinental type who scammed his way into an SBA loan to work at the quickie mart.

      • Some Guy

        The majority are
        Filipinos over here. My friends
        wife (White & Blond) works
        at the other Post Office in town and they just changed Post Masters. The old
        White man retired and was replaced with a Mexican female, a two-fer!

    • Nathanwartooth

      If you watch A Conversation About Race the Blacks were against illegal immigration.

      They are smart enough to know that if there is another bigger minority group who gets the same benefits they will be pushed aside.

      It’s already starting to happen. All of the MSM was abuzz talking about courting the Hispanic vote. Because seriously, who cares about courting the Black vote? 90% of them are going to vote Democrat. The Democrats don’t care about pleasing them and neither do the Republicans.

  • The__Bobster

    USPS and a shoe store chain. Both have thousands of black loafers.

  • OlderWoman

    Yahoo snipped the link to the original article.

  • Luca

    Well, for one thing they are making $20 – $28 per hour + 13 -26 days of leave + 13 – 26 days sick time + health plan + pension. Has anyone done a time and motion study on postal workers? Does anyone know what level of skills, abilities, knowledge and education is needed to be a postal worker? We are talking, low-skill, low education jobs. In the real world these folks would be known as clerks and probably making $10 an hour with meager benefits if any. But in the world of Government unionized minority workers this is just another transfer of wealth job where you invest a minimum of education, labor and skill and get maximum pay in return. Who cares if you drive the company into the ground, the Government is there to bail them out or approve a raise in the cost of a stamp. Just wait until they take over healthcare.

    • There once was a time where someone didn’t need a college degree to actually make a living. People could actually afford their homes and cars on a 40 hour work week. Why do you hate the idea of the middle class? With the cost of absolutely everything rising, incomes have not risen to a proportionate level.

      • Unions also benefit a lot of white working class people. They allow them not to have to live in dangerous neighborhoods where lives are considered cheap. They allow people to get healthcare for their children if they have pre-existing conditions and allow them to live longer lives without heaps of medical bills.

        • Fewer and fewer white people fall under this aegis of benefit over time. And you have to make the distinction between public employee unions and private employee unions. Lots of teamsters and a UAW in my family tree.

          • There are a lot of hard working people in public sector unions. I have known many who put their lives on the line and have to deal with dangerous people in the streets and prisons.

          • Now you’re talking cops and prison guards, a whole different deal than your typical Boo’shyquanequa pushing paper in a social service agency behind a desk.

          • Luca

            Giving isolated anecdotal examples does not support your argument. That’s like saying “When I was in 8th grade one of the black girls got 100 on her history test, so therefore that proves there’s lots of smart blacks”.

            There are hardworking people everywhere. It has to do with personal work ethic and not whether or not they belong to a union.

            Government jobs like the USPS are a mecca for people looking to milk the system in a job that has high pay and benefits in return for little requirements of skills, abilities, knowledge, accountability, work output or responsibilities. I speak from personal experience. I saw many people shuffle around at half speed, drink on the job, etc. and the minute you hinted disciplinary action they had the shop steward in your office telling you the 42 steps necessary before you could issue a written warning. It was easier to promote them than to fire them.

            That scenario, (high paid government jobs + unions + lazy workers) produces unsuccessful companies.

          • NM156

            Killing off govt. unions is fine by me too.

          • Johnny Clay

            The only reason I took a government job was because no one in the private sector seemed to be hiring in 1984, contrary to all the employment news I heard. I was ex-military, but it didn’t help me because I didn’t have a college degree. It was either take a full-time government job or a part-time stock clerk job in a local supermarket.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I am one of those “dangerous” people, as my FBI file says “Firearms Expert, Explosives Expert, Chemist Ex-Mercenary”. These “brave” public-sector folks hype things to make themselves seem more valuable than the fertilizer most of them deserve to be.

            My mail carrier and UPS deliveryman are both black, but the UPS guy is OK. I gave him fresh home-grown tomatoes and bell/jalapeno hybrid peppers last summer. I told him to save the pepper seeds. He always waves when he sees us.

            The last time I was at the downtown post office in Colorado Springs, there was an enormous line, and the only thing one of the “folk” – who appeared to be a manager – managed to do was stand and look confused.

            When there was a kitchen fire next door a few years ago, I put it out by carrying the pot of flaming oil outside and covering it. The firemen shook my hand and asked whether I’d had any disaster training, so I explained that I’d had laboratory HAZMAT training in spades as a grad student at CU Boulder. I loved teaching lab classes. At UNSW in Sydney, Australia there was a fire in the next lab area, which I put out by simply placing an empty beaker over the top of the flask. The Arab TA was running around looking for a fire extinguisher. The other TA was an Iranian, who laughed at his fellow Muslim’s distress. I’m afraid of heights and for many years I was terrified of falling in love again, but fire doesn’t bother me.

            These public sector “workers” are mostly otherwise unemployable. These jobs are really just paid babysitting for nominal adults.

        • Luca

          Have you heard of pay commensurate with education, skills and abilities?

          High skills justify high pay.

          Low skilled, low IQ workers are not in demand and do not command such high pay and benefits. But the unions force the pay higher so they can collect more dues.

          When you artificially inflate wages and benefits you get a dysfunctional organization with high overhead and an inability to be competitive. That’s why the Post Office has an army of inefficient overpaid workers. And management can no longer afford all the wage and benefits they’ve been doling out over the years. It is now at the breaking point.

          Unions did the same thing to the auto US industry. Demand, more, more more and give nothing in return. Unjustifiable rising wages and an inability to fire poor workers drives industries overseas or out of business.

          Economics and the law of supply and demand cannot be ignored. If you ignore it there is a price to pay. That’s what’s happening to the USPS right now.

          • The auto industry unions are what created a lot of the middle class. People could afford to feed their families. You speak of entitlement but there are many CEOs and people in top management willing to cut wages for everyone but themselves.

          • Luca

            They created a middle-class but at what cost? They destroyed an industry. if you have never run a business, or been in management, then you only understand one side of the story. Wages should be increased when employees deserve it based on merit, market performance and industry standards, not because workers threaten to walk off the job and workers should be fired when they break rules or are non-productive. Unions have made that virtually impossible. The result is a dysfunctional organization that can’t compete.

          • NM156

            The Big Three made money hand over fist for 15 years from SUVs. As usual, management and leadership needed an education in Japanese business practices in the auto industry. Can’t compete with Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and Mitsubishi is more like it. Stock P/E ratios for US car makers were as strong as those for Japanese auto makers. Detroit rolled over and died when their profits from the uncompetitive SUV dried up.

          • Luca

            You’ve told one side of the story. Two wrongs do not make a right. I agree that management can be stupid and make poor decisions. You never touched on how the Unions destroyed the auto industry. Also don’t forget all those efficient Japanese car makers you are talking about make cars in the US with non-union labor. Perhaps the Japanese are smarter after all.

          • josh

            So here we have John Engleman coming back! How are you doing,John? Hello,shalom,howdy…

          • NM156

            Japanese car makers are not union, but pay is (or was, prior to ’08) at parity with US auto makers’, and though they have no pension scheme for their workers, they do have nice retirement benefits such as tax-deferred ESOP plans along with 401s, etc. and generous vacation time commensurate with time in.

          • josh

            Profits are at an all time high. The rich are no longer in a depression. But the wages of white males have not risen at all and many have gone down. Uhm,is this the best of all possible worlds that the free markey Milton Friedman disciples like to imply? Really?

          • IKantunderstand

            Well, Mary, I think the obvious answer to this dilemma is to put Lakesha Dortch-Hardy in charge of, oh, I don’t know, Apple? I.B.M.? Ford? I’m sure she would be perfect as the CEO of any company. Because everybody knows, that all those stupid CEOs out there are vastly overpaid, and, let’s face it, anybody could run a major corporation. Mary, the only unions right now with any power are the public service unions, and, as you so cogently expressed it, the private enterprise unions did at one time help form a strong middle class. Those days are over. The fatted calf is a carcass. There are so many, many places to lay the blame. However, if you will permit the use of a term you are not overly familiar with, the BOTTOM LINE is this: Ordinary Americans out there, no longer make sufficient income to finance by their taxes, public sector jobs that pay outrageous sums of money for low level skills and the concomitant health care and pension benefits.

          • NM156

            US auto industry screwed themselves as well, not the unions. The idiots running the show didn’t do anything productive with the billions in SUV profits that would have enabled them to survive the recession and the fuel-cost die off of the SUV. Japanese makers had no such problem, largely because engineering was priority, not massive payouts to management and institutional investors and clueless speculation by their financial divisions in impenetrable Wall St. “products” that nearly destroyed the economy. The demise of USPS has nothing to do with unions. The Internet is killing off mail delivery.

          • It’s a fact of life. We live in the United States of America. Kicking the can down the road until we’re out of road is what we do.

            And not just in the public realm.

            Why do you think the “auto bailout” needed to happen in the first place? It was NOT to “save GM,” as Obama flunkies say. If GM and Chrysler had gone through Chapter 11, its debts would have been re-organized, and they and their jobs would still be here today. However, the pensions and health care of UAW retirees would have gotten a big axe, simply because theoretical promises to unions in union contracts have very low standing in bankruptcy law pecking order.

            What is euphemistically called the “bailout that saved GM” was really a special Congressionally created bankruptcy path for both GM and Chrysler that shifted priority to union retiree pension and health care benefits. So…GM and Chrysler really did go “bankrupt,” but it went in a special red carpet way to save a politically favored benefit for a politically favored constituency that revolves around one big political party.

            And why did that have to happen? Let’s go back to kicking the can down the road. You figure, the average corporate CEO only has a few years’ shelf life. It behooves him to get the bad PR of union negotiation off the pages of the news and business media ASAP, but he also has to worry about his own company’s balance sheet while he is CEO. So the obvious “out” is to agree to vastly backloaded contracts with the UAW that heavily favors big benefits to retirees. Why should CEO care about the ticking time bomb of that? He’s long gone golden parachute in hand by the time it will go off. And UAW rank and filers love that idea, too, because it’s lifetime financial security (so it seems).

            When the SUV turned from cash cow to dinosaur in the summer of 2008 of $4 a gallon gas, that’s when the ponzi scheme of sorts broke apart.

            I favor giving the pensions and health care benefits of union contracts legal bankruptcy court standing equal to that of a secured creditor, FOR EVERYONE, not just car companies and their unions. Why? Then the CEO can’t overpromise on the back end when negotiating with the union. He will have to answer to the more permanent board of directors for the promises he puts them on the hook for, if the company has to file Chapter 11. Therefore, the CEO will only agree to pension/health retiree union benefit packages that the company itself can actually afford, co-funded by union members’ relevant paycheck deductions. Sure, they won’t seem generous, but they will be financially viable in most cases.

          • NM156

            Management and subsidiary suppliers were screwed out of those benefits. They should be in court.

          • Luca

            “It is impossible to bargain collectively with the Government.” George Meany, 1955, former president AFL-CIO.

            Labor Unions were founded to help workers share more in the profits they helped create. Government does not create profit.

            When government unions strike they strike against taxpayers, FDR said that was “unthinkable and intolerable”.

            You would think with all the high-tech advancements in sorting mail, the costs would be going down. It is the cost of union-bargained benefits that are breaking their backs. Same reason why states and cities are going broke, the unions pushed for gold-plated benefits (for life) for retirees and spouses and let them retire when they are 50-ish. There was a day of reckoning and the can has been kicked as far down the road as it can go.

          • NM156

            You are right about that. Govt. can always say “no”, but govt. knows who puts them in office.

          • Well, things are changing in the US Postal Service. I was in a Post office today, and I saw a job listing which was advertising new letter carrier positions. It said the new starting salary is–$15.00 per hour. I saw the exact same job listed 6 months ago, and the starting salary was $21.35 an hour (to start). How in the world can anybody live on $15.00 an hour in NYC? There was once a time when a Mail Man could afford to buy a house, a car, and have a wife who stayed at home to raise their 4 children. The new normal, huh?

        • Michael_C_Scott

          We’ll kill them too, after the revolution.

      • No one hate the middle class, by which I mean people who earn middle class livings based on hard work and qualifications. The post office is a jobs program for blacks who would not be able to earn a living any other way. Government jobs have created an artificial black middle class. It is simply another form of wealth transfer from white taxpayers.

        • Yep, 20% is a disgusting number. I can see why they are in a death spiral.

        • NM156

          Black govt. employment-at least in working-class positions such as mail carrier-are fine by me. Beats baby machines sitting at home putting out welfare earners and violent guttersnipes cut loose on the streets. Affirmative action for black natives does serve a purpose.

        • Ed_NY

          I completely agree and this will be the doom of this country.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I call this “paid daycare for adults”.

        • HKwills

          Exactly. And a safe harbor for mediocrity.

        • Reggie

          You should take a refresher English/grammar course before you make comments, loser.

          • So, do you have anything to say to refute my claim? No, because you know you cannot. So you just nit pick on petty stuff instead. So, who is the real loser now? Did my comment hit a little too close to home for you, Reggie? Worried you might lose your gold-bricking USPS job? Towering intellectual that you are, you could no doubt get a job as an English teacher.

      • tickyul

        Blame a lot on Big Brother…….many of their very corrupt policies severely inflate the price of housing….how is that a good thing????

      • Nathanwartooth

        A true middle class is almost impossible. Feminism and immigration have pushed wages down and globalism has erased the industrial base from America.

        You wouldn’t need unions if businesses actually had to compete to get good workers. When my friend applies for a job with a masters degree there are over 200 people all applying for that job. Why would a company pay a living wage for that job? If you don’t want it they have 199 other people they can call.

        Oh and if those 199 people wont take the job at horrible pay they’ll just import people and say that it’s a job Americans wont do anymore.

        • saxonsun

          “Feminism;” in other words–reality, that is–women having the gall to want to work and define their own lives. Do you ever stop and listen to your own thoughts? How do you stand it? You men have no right, legal, moral or otherwise to tell women how to live. And you better get used to that. You think you own us. What a laugh.

          • Bob

            “You men have no right, legal, moral or otherwise to tell women how to live.”

            Actually we do. Men created civilization and therefore civilize women. When we fail at that what we end up with are hostile spinsters who blame all their problems on men.

            Like you.

          • OBSERVER

            A man’s job is to work like a mule and support a woman whose job is to have babies and love them

          • josh

            Typical woman:child-like. “You dont own me wah wah wah I can do what I want!” Hope you enjoyed your hero’s Inauguration Speech. You probably fainted,you were so beside yourself.

          • HKwills

            In the 1970’s women flooded into the American job market. Since the 1970’s men’s real wages have stagnated. Just as classical economic theory would predict. Oh, and rights can be suddenly and violently redefined.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Another Yahoo! article that got taken down due to too many people that can see!

  • blitzen51

    My black female mail carrier in Vegas got out of the truck talking on her blue tooth, talked All the while as she sorted out the mail and was still talking when she got back in the truck. It was a crap shoot about who got what mail in their mail box.

  • StillModerated

    Mailmen have an extremely difficult time reading cursive. But they speak it OK, gnome sane?

  • Morris Thecat

    The Postal Service—the most unreliable service available for sending things in the US. Once blacks became a significant part of the workforce it became impossible to send anything valuable through the mail. This is the same story as with the luggage handlers for the airlines. Black people are all born thieves.

    • saxonsun

      We need to stay credible; it is not all of them.

      • Morris Thecat

        Sorry to say, but it IS all of them. You still haven’t shrugged off your brainwashing. Everyone seems to know the black person at work or the one black fambly in the neighborhood, and they think, from superficial contact , that they actually know these people. Black people’s behavior is very different when they know they are being observed than when they think they aren’t being observed. There are many many stories of the supposedly “good” black kid, who had the free ride at the prep school and a college education before him, who rapes, robs and kills and loses it all. When you have REAL experience with them, then get back to us. Believe me, My life experience has taken me into places where most people will never ever get to go, and taken me into the confidence of many people of all sorts. I know, for a fact, that the black mind is different. I will say that there may be 5 black people out of 100,000 black people, that really have a mind like white people-and that they are always blacks that are very mixed- to the point their hair is not kinky or their facial features are like a white’s facial features.

        • Ed_NY

          I agree, avoid blacks whenever possible. Most are rude, violent, obnoxious, nasty and repulsive but some are not. The ones who seem well mannered, nice, polite and well dressed are nothing but wolves in sheeps’ clothing. They will victimize you the first chance they get. They are raised “to get over on the man”. That means to cheat and steal whenever they can, especially from Whites.

  • Many people don’t realize that without unions the middle class disappears. There is absolutely no way we can compete with Chinese wages without unions and tariffs. One of the reasons we produce nothing in the USA is because it’s so much cheaper to do it in China.

    Also, without a livable wage, a lot of working class whites will be forced into neighborhoods where they have to fear for their lives, where rape and murder are daily occurences.

    • Morris Thecat

      Pure, unadulterated BS!!!!

      • How is it BS? Where exactly are all these manufacturing jobs we once had? Oh yes they are in China! Also, in a lot of places you need a certain wage in order to escape having to live in a dangerous neighborhood. The housing prices in California have skyrocketed because people pay more to escape dangerous living conditions.

        • Partially agree, partially disagree again. California is a special case due to self-inflicted damage due to the double pain of open borders and environmental restrictions. Even high wages weren’t enough to afford the artificially high prices for residential real estate there during the recent bubble. Needless to say, most white people can forget about affordable family formation in the state of California today.

        • Greg Thomas

          The jobs went to China because American manufactures
          got sick of paying some union thug $40.00 an hour to put widgets together, when
          a Chinaman could do it for $2.00 a day. This is what Hilary Clinton called
          globalization and she could not stop praising it.

        • OBSERVER

          People in CA won’t vote for a White Racist political leadership class.

      • Thomas Katt

        We need a tariff in the worst way. I am surprised this is not a WN issue.

        • Thank you. It’s not a good thing when we don’t produce anything and our economy falls because of it.

    • Partially agree, partially disagree. The strongest reason will be a lack of labor supply, i.e. immigration control. Today, most unions are full open borders ahead.


      You are wrong on 2 counts.

      Unions cause factories to move to China.

      Second, without Jim Crow RACIAL discrimination laws to KEEP Africans OUT of white neighborhoods, there is no hope. It is not the cost of homes, really, it is that we whites can not use force to keep them away.

      BLacks will do anything to live around us and we must do everything to keep them away.

  • Morris Thecat

    they are no different than the millions of black workers working in the government and the universities, they do next to nothing and they collect good salaries. They are parasites.

  • Morris Thecat

    After the civil war, when slavery was officially abolished, up to half of the black population at that time perished because they could not provide for themselves. When the federal government goes bankrupt, the same thing will happen again, only this time they will be striking out in armed bands. It wont do them any good though, they can not provide for themselves, they may act scary but they are in fact very feeble. They are nothing but the proverbial paper tiger, or paper ape as you may have it. Their communities are wracked with discord and dysfunction and they are only existing due to the white taxpayer paying the government salaries for do nothing jobs or paying the welfare benefits. Their attempts at militias will be ridiculously unsuccessful. as long as white America is prepared for them. Their militias will be wracked with the characteristic discord and dysfunction, they will rob and kill more of each other than anyone else.

    • Nathanwartooth

      If Blacks were really that bad at survival they would have died out tens of thousands of years ago.

      Give credit where credit is due. They may be very dysfunctional in western society but they must be good at survival or else they wouldn’t be on earth anymore.

      • Laager

        Could it be that their birth rate maintains their critical mass and sustains their survival?
        Put it another way.
        Do you recall the Live Aid and Band Aid pop concerts back in the 80s?
        Due to a politically induced famine the population of Ethiopia was on the brink of being halved.
        Enter the cavalry in the form of Bob Geldorf and a host of predominantly white pop musicians. Their stadium concerts and Xmas CD raised about $90m which was spent on food relief and saved many lives.
        Today the population of Ethiopia has virtually doubled as has the aid budgets of western donor nations who support this increased number of non producers with food aid.

      • OBSERVER

        It does’t take real survival skill to peel and eat a banana

      • Morris Thecat

        parasites manage to cling to existence but their numbers decrease drastically once their hosts take measures against them. The numbers of blacks in Africa only ballooned once the white man arrived. Before that , they existed at a minimum subsistence level. Yes, they managed to cultivate yams- the technology to do so was nothing more than a stick. The numbers that existed on their primitive technology and culture were a paltry fraction of the numbers of black Africans that exists today.They are a unique parasite in that they can just barely exist on there own when their is nothing to feed off of. Once they find a group of humans to feed off of though, their numbers increase rapidly. Logically, this would mean that there should be a huge die off coming in Africa as the last vestiges of the white man’s world there crumble to dust. This is being prevented ,somewhat, by charity from the white world, but even so, we get stories such as this :


        • Nathanwartooth

          Oh for sure, I agree with everything that you said.

          I was just pointing out that Blacks aren’t just going to go extinct if the White man goes away. They’ll just go down to a population that can sustain itself from the surrounding wildlife.

      • StillModerated

        They’ve survived because silly liberal whites have been propping them up for over 200 years. Cut off their food aid, and they’ll learn to feed themselves.

  • professor

    My neighbor was a white postal carrier in Va., his boss was black. He told me he took an early out when it was offered because the entire operation where he was at was totally disfunctional due to the blacks that worked there. Magazines were stolen, letters opened and looked at and then resealed with “inspected” or “damaged during handling” stickers applied and whole bags of packages pilfered. He stated that the public should avoid USPS whenever possible.

    • I have heard of greeting cards opened and if there is any cash inside, it is stolen.

    • I sent my sister and my nieces some Christmas gifts one year in the form of gift cards to Toys R Us (for the girls) and Barnes & Noble (for my sis). Low and behold, the card arrived in a bag with the “we’re sorry your mail was damaged” flier. Amazingly, the Toys R US cards went missing but the B&N somehow arrived. Moolies are so afraid of books they won’t even steal a gift card that you can use to buy some. Guess since they stay out of book stores they didn’t realize you can buy rap CD’s at B&N.

  • HamletsGhost

    In the 60s, there was a serious proposal mooted to deliver the mail TWICE a day. Not because there was any demand for it, but purely to increase the numbers of blacks they would have to hire. The USPS has been since then a gubbamint jobs program first and delivery service second. That’s why it’s dying.

    • Puggg

      My parents tell me when they were kids, and yes, when a stamp was $0.02, that during busy seasons like C****tm*s, the Post Office did deliver twice a day.

  • tickyul

    I probably recieve about 10% as much mail as I did compared to just 10 years ago. Most everything now comes into my email inbox.
    Business model has to change if the USPS wants to survive. Urban Americans will threaten violence and/or riot.

    • Most mail I receive is either junk mail or bills (which I end up paying online). Outside of Christmas and birthday cards, I mail one thing a month, HOA dues for a rental property I own. As for email, just wait until somebody proposes a tax on sending email to cover the fact that the USPS does not make enough money anymore to pay all the shitfless groids that work there.

      • tickyul

        YUCK, a tax on email……the Libscum would use the revenue to prop up their Urban American Stormtroopers.

  • “Why are there so many African-Americans in the Post Office? Because
    historically it was less prone to racial discrimination than other

    The truth is, as HamletsGhost points out, there is strong discrimination in government/postal jobs in FAVOR of blacks. This pro-black bias now exists everywhere, but it is even stronger in government. In the warped minds of the Left, any lack of pro-black discrimination is perceived as “anti-black” discrimination.


  • Krn

    When taking civil service tests, Whites should always register as Hispanic. If Senator Elizabeth Warren can be an Indian, then I can be an Hispanic. Let them disprove it!

  • Tom in MI

    “Why are there so many African American workers in the Post Office?” Affirmative action.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Has the USPS ever been anything but a government jobs program and wealth transfer to blacks that lack an education and marketable skills to compete in the private sector?

    Frankly, my Give a Damn Meter has run dry and I am indifferent to sob stories about those favored over me by Affirmative Action. Why should I care? Have blacks every concerned themselves about Whites?

    Someone FedEx me a crying towel.


    • Morris Thecat

      Yes, in the days before the depression most of the workers were white and it was very reliable.

  • RHG

    Well, now we know why the postal service is so inefficienct and loses money.

  • The Ice Queen

    I recently had the misfortune of dealing with the “DMV lady” at my local government center. I was there to fork over a hefty chunk of change for my property taxes. She asked me if I wanted a receipt. I said yes. I then decided that I also wanted a copy of the statement. She got perturbed, and snapped at me, “I axe you!” It took her all of two seconds to click the keyboard and print a copy for me, yet this made her feel put out. How dare this white lady inconvenience her. I just wrote a check for thousands of dollars, which pays her salary, and she has the nerve to snap at me. When are these people ever going to get a clue? And when, oh when, are they going to realize it’s ASK, not AXE!

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I would very much like to axe some of them. I even have an axe right around the corner here.

    • Luca

      I just watched a real estate show where the “educated black woman” who was a school teacher, not only “axed” her Realtor a lot of questions but kept talking about her desire for “Betrooms wiff da high sellings”.

    • chuck_2012

      They are simply too stupid to correct themselves. I have heard them use “axe” many times, ‘skoo” for school and the first lady was heard to say “git” instead of get. Uneducated and ignorant….a segment of the population that should be sterilized.

      • Ron Cheaters

        Too lazy to pronounce words

    • Johnny Clay

      I’ve heard some refer to “Skittles” candy as “Skillets,” Google as “Goo-goo,” and breakfast as “breafkast.”

  • a multiracial individual

    Almost as wasteful as our “defense” force.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      The difference is that by the useful metrics available, the Department of Defense does its job: it purchases the equipment the elected politicians tell it to buy and wins the wars the same politicians tell it to fight. The Post Office doesn’t do its job. In fact, if the USPS was a cancer patient, its family would be telling doctors to pull the plug.

  • bigone4u

    Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. I would rather see blacks employed than unemployed. However, they should be doing jobs that they are capable of, such as making license plates in prison. Ain’t I naughty to say such a thing?

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I would rather they were extinct.

    • MartinBurgisser98204

      They could start watching tyro’ne and shan’an’a

  • Black destroyed the USPS. Lazy lazy lazy.

  • falsedawn

    Daily, jobs that blacks can perform in this society are becoming obsolete…

  • skara_brae

    I’ve mentioned this before but it bears repeating. Beginning in the mid ’90’s Christmas cards friends, family and I receive from the United States arrive opened. Cards from all other countries arrive intact. What kind of person would open a card and extract and pocket a ten dollar bill sent to a child at Christmas?

    • HamletsGhost

      I once saw a segment on the old MacNeil-Lehrer Newshour in the 90s that covered the problems with the USPS. There was an example of a cosmetics company that had a special offer whereby anyone who sent in one dollar would get a sample pack mailed to them. Long short, it was discovered that the mail staff were opening the letters just to get that solitary dollar bill. The ethnic aspect wasn’t covered, but it wasn’t that hard to figure it out from the context and the accompanying video.

    • Luca

      A person with a “Hunter-Gatherer” mentality, an entitlement mentality, a person with no conscious, someone who does not equate actions with consequences, someone who can’t think ahead, someone with a low IQ, someone who has no fear of getting caught or fired, someone who when caught can accuse you of racism and someone who thinks you owe them a living and they owe a payback.

      • saxonsun


        • Luca

          Doh! The brain works quicker than the fingers and spell check cannot be relied upon. Thank you.

    • Have your relatives send cash gifts using registered mail. Blacks are afraid of registered mail.

  • Bob

    I had a white guy tell me he was subbing for a black postman in a black area, and a woman came out and started ranting at him, telling him he was taking a job from a black person. Apparently she never noticed her regular postman was black, only that a white guy was there that day.

  • Liberalsuck

    Whites lose their private sector jobs that support the government, oh big deal. Blacks lose their affirmative action/government jobs and suddenly it’s a big issue.

  • The Ice Queen

    I recently had the pleasure of being waited on by the “DMV Lady” while forking over a hefty chunk of change to satisfy my property taxes. She asked me if I wanted a receipt. I said yes. I then decided that I wanted to keep the statement as well, and asked for a copy. She was obviously perturbed, and snapped at me, “I axe you!” How dare this white lady inconvenience her. It took one click on her keyboard to print a copy. Here I am parting with hard earned money to keep her deriaire employed, and she has the nerve to snap at me. The use of “axe” for “ask” wasn’t much help. Being polite, I let it slide. When are these people going to get a clue? I know many unemployed white people who can pronounce three letter words properly that would love to have her job.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I used to know an Ice Queen.

      • Morris Thecat

        I used to frequent a Dairy Queen

  • josh

    Its funny,I was listening to a bit of Rush today and he talked about this. A black lady called him to talk about it. He was so scared. Visions of sponsors bailing out danced thru his head! She wondered if old Rush was trying to imply that blacks may be just a touch slower on the uptake than YT and thats why they wind up at the PO.Rush would NOT go there! The lady said blacks like the PO because they can take the test,and its colorblind. Yeah,thats it. Because the PO is colorblind,and blacks get judged on their merit, thats why so many blacks “work” there! Then the lady references the famous “resume” experiment,where they sent out resumes with names like Travonious & LaKinisha and didnt get call backs.Poor Rush admitted that yes,theirs ‘scrimination against blacks. He let her go and sighed with relief. No doubt telling Mr. Snerdly,”No more post office calls.”

    • Heard it myself.

      My instant analysis:

      Because Boo’shaniqua and N’De’Shawntavious are J’unemployable. And Boo’shaniqua and N’De’Shawntavious aren’t unemployable because they have names like Boo’shaniqua and N’De’Shawntavious, they are unemployable because they are direct genetic descendants of people who think it’s a good idea to name their newborns Boo’shaniqua and N’De’Shawntavious. IOW, the same people would still be unemployable with names like Jane and John.

      However, more and more is the case that they are not unemployable in the private sector. That’s because many larger corporations have bigger and bigger “equal opportunity” bureaucracies that, like the public sector, exist only to hire otherwise unemployable blacks. The big difference is that the private sector wants to hire unemployable blacks named Jane and John who dress and behave semi-professionally, and have a relatively thin criminal record. Meanwhile, Lemonjello, Orangejello and D’Felony are usually Post Office-bound.

      And yes, Rush was wrong.

      • Howard W. Campbell

        At least the people named Boo’shaniqua and N’De’Shawntavious would have been named Brenda and Donald when I was born. However, most of the blacks I knew had screwball middle names. The post office might pick up and deliver mail, but a heck of a lot of it is sent through Fedex (I know someone who worked on the day shift at one of their larger hubs). At Christmas time, they would move literally tens of thousands of US Postal bags through this facility. I’m sure that most of the upper management at the post office realizes what they have been forced to hire. Hence the contracts with Fedex.

        My experience with the DMV was standing in line while the Shanequia was on her cell phone screaming at her “baby daddy” for diaper money. From that point on, I made it a point to try to do as much DMV business as possible out in the boondocks where all of the clerks are middle aged white women.

        • The post office might pick up and deliver mail, but a heck of a lot of it is sent through Fedex

          Familiar with it. FedEx calls it “SmartPost.” The sender takes it to FedEx, who handles it on the intercity route, then FedEx delivers it to the Post Office commensurate with the zip code of the sendee, and the regular letter carrier (a Russian Roulette proposition by itself) takes it the last ten yards. But keeping it out of the USPS at least in the intercity shipping reduces the risk of sticky finger pilferage.

  • capnmorgan5150

    Well, at least it explains why I’ve had so many mailed packages stolen by the USPS.

  • Justa Seagull

    Considering some of you A-holes lost my bills that I tried to pay. costing me $200.00 + late fees, you jerks need to loose your jobs, that don’t count getting my neighbors mail two weeks ago. Screw you ********s.

  • PissedOffSmoker

    My question is, how many Negroes were hired because of affirmative action? You add the 1/5 government welfare monkeys and then probably roughly 50% of their workforce you get a much higher rate that more qualified applicants are being screwed over because these morons can’t compete.