Study: Minority Youth More Often in State Courts than Whites

Manuel Valdes, The Seattle Times, January 20, 2013

Minority youth are arrested and in the Washington state court system more often than their white counterparts, a recent study commissioned by the state Supreme Court shows. But researchers said that counties aren’t keeping complete data on ethnicity and that the gap between minority and white youth is larger.

Between 2007 and 2011, African-American youth were nearly 250 percent more likely to be referred to juvenile court for prosecution than their white counterparts. They are followed by Native-American youth, who are 80 percent more likely to be referred. Overall, minority youth are 22 percent more likely to be referred.

To determine the ratio, researchers calculated the number of minority youth in a particular aspect of juvenile law and the overall population of each county.

In arrests, minority youth were nearly 85 percent more likely to be arrested than white youth statewide, the study found. But researchers said that number is likely much higher because counties count Latinos as white in their record keeping. Latino is an ethnicity, not a race.

Sarah Veele, one of the researchers from the Washington State Center for Court Research, said there isn’t a federal or state requirement for local agencies to track ethnicity in their juvenile-arrest data, so Latinos are put in the “white” category.


Once minority and white youth get to sentencing, the disparities begin to even out, [researcher Sarah] Veele said, because judges usually follow sentencing guidelines.

“What we’re seeing is that the disparities are occurring earlier, such as arrests, referrals to juvenile court, and as you get deeper the outcomes are relatively comparable,” Veele said.

Veele said this particular study lacks other data points, including severity of charges and crimes as well as criminal history of the youth.


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  • There are several admissions here: One, that they count Hispanics as “white” in “bad” metrics. And two, that there is little if any “gap” in sentencing disparities at the sentencing level. That’s important to grok because there are often “studies” which try to “prove” otherwise.

    I found this part at the end of the original to be a bit comical:

    But to Gonzalez, the data backs up what he hears from kids. “They don’t feel they’re trusted or respected by law enforcement,” Gonzalez said. “An officer is more likely to arrest a student of color rather than ask questions and talk things out.”

    Sure, because cops are hired to be chatty conversationalists and feel-good self-esteem therapists, not enforce the law. If only a cop would respect a colored kid’s feelings as much as his public school teacher does.

    • John

      Just wait until some of the “conservative” justices on the Supreme Court retire over the next four years. Obama is virtually sure to appoint the most radical and militant Black lesbians he can recruit; the kind who aggresively despise Whites, vociferously loathe men, and absolutely hate the United States and The Constitution. I will be surprised if Muslim Soetoro makes any fewer than three such appointments over the next four years.

      Of course, with “conservatives” like the SCOTUS sellout and traitor, John Roberts, how much worse could it be?

      America is in the horrible place that it is in today because of Whites like Lincoln, who failed to fully execute the Liberia Project that he started [1]. Or Whites like Eisenhower, who failed to fully execute Operation Wetback, which he started. Or Whites like Lyndon “Immigration” Johnson, or Jimmy “Community Reinvestment Act” Carter, or Ronald “Amnesty” Reagan, or George H.W. “NAFTA” Bush, or , or Bill “Community Reivestment Act, redux” Clinton.

      Blacks were enslaved centuries ago because their fellow Blacks sold them out for personal gain. Whites are enslaved today because our fellow Whites habitually sell us out for personal gain. When will the madness end and how?


    • Kip

      What a crock. I have never had a cop, of any color, cut me any slack after talking to them.

      More non-White posturing without any facts.

    • IKantunderstand

      “Grok”? Makes me nostalgic. Sigh. Remember when White men ran everything? And when White people could live their lives in peace, contentment, and safety? Talk about strangers in a strange land.

      • Or just a really smart learned man from Butler, Missouri.

      • vladdy1

        Yeah. Every time I read a college kid, sneering about “going back to the 50’s” (Ew! Jim Crow! Duh…), I think, “if only they knew what was given away, they’d never forgive those who did it.”

    • Robert

      “When we are six feet under, we are all equal.”

      Wise quote!

      • Puggg

        When everyone is in the same kind of prison, everyone is equal with the same equality of “civil rights.”

    • vladdy1

      I thought the same thing. Who in the world told these kids who can’t even speak the language or pull up their own pants that they deserve respect just for existing? Respect is earned. Yet, after so many years in goivernment schools (outta there now, thank God), I know exacty where they get the idea. “EVERYBODY deserves respect,” they start hearing in first grade. No, everybody doesn’t. Especially in this case, expecting veteran cops to “respect” black yoofs is incredibly disrespectful to the officers.
      One more thing — black kids’ idea of “being respected” (as opposed to being “disrespected,” a non-word that has crept into our everyday language) in schools or on the streets is for the educated, trained, wise adult to tiptoe around any possible harsh tones or hints of disapproval. I’m sure you all know that giving a student a command in school will now likely bring a parent and an administrator to your classroom door for an unannounced ambush attack.

  • The__Bobster

    Only 250% more? That far too low. Okay, here’s your answer:

    Sarah Veele, one of the researchers from the Washington State Center for
    Court Research, said there isn’t a federal or state requirement for
    local agencies to track ethnicity in their juvenile-arrest data, so
    Latinos are put in the “white” category.

    • ArmenianWN

      Most Latinos are just as white as Elizabeth Warren is an Indian.

  • libertarian 1234

    “Study: Minority Youth More Often in State Courts than Whites”

    And they also commit more crimes and are involved in far more trouble-making than any other group in the country.

    I wonder what kind of solution these out-of-touch elitists think is appropriate.

    Blacks are by far the biggest discipline cases in school, perferring to run amuk and bother other kids who want to learn, so they’re disciplined more per their portion of the student population.

    Obama wrote one of his famous EO’s to once again show his bigotry in favor of black criminals and declared blacks couldn’t be disciplined at a rate greater than other students.

    Is he now going to do the same for blacks in the criminal court system?

    These are really dark days, and we haven’t even begun to see the worst of it.

    • JohnEngelman

      Those who complain that blacks are more likely to be in State Courts than whites, or that they are more likely to be expelled from school are either blacks, or they are white liberals who suffer from what George Orwell called “money sheltered ignorance.”

      I do not worry about the large number of black criminals who are under the jurisdiction of the criminal justice system. I worry about the large number of black criminals who are not.

  • Enar_Larsson

    1. If the discrepancies are only at the early levels of arrest of referral then
    apparently only the cops and the social workers are racists.

    2. — Veele said this particular study lacks other data points, including severity of
    charges and crimes as well as criminal history of the youth.—
    This is a stunning admission that
    the samples used in this study are biased. If the police are running ID before
    making arrests, or if social workers are considering violent history when
    making recommendations, then background is absolutely essential.

    3. They have also left out some important background data like the likelihood of
    arrest or referral in proportion to the number of reports of criminal
    behavior that prompt the arrests in the first place. It would also make
    more sense to compare youths by neighborhood or by socio-economic status
    than by county since there can be vast disparities. For instance, black
    youths are overrepresented proportionally in arrests in St. Louis County
    but not if you take the sample set as individuals neighborhoods rather
    than the entire county.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Well obviously, just look at how dangerous and violent black and brown schools are when compared to White schools. When Whites flee the racial undertow and leave “blue ribbon” high schools in their wake, these same “blue ribbon” high schools are inhabited by the blacks and browns. These schools THEN become violent and dangerous. I guess someone installed trap doors, booby traps, and saw blades right? Nope, dangerous people make for dangerous schools and that’s where most of these juveniles get arrested.

    • pablo

      It gets so tiresome hearing about “bad” schools as if the building is haunted and the school supplies were dangerous.
      A school is just a building with desks, chairs, books and chalkboards. It can never be “bad”. Its the inhabitants of the building that is the problem. Its the minority students and unqualified minority AA hires that make it bad.
      But the liberals can never say that so they blame an inanimate object as the culprit in this failure.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Study : Men More Often In State Courts Than Women

    I don’t see the liberals screeching and squealing about that!

    • bigone4u

      It’s part of feminist ideology that all men are guilty. And that women are noble victims. That’s why liberals have nothing to see. Women are a protected class in law.

      • concernedcollegekid

        This became a semi-relevant rant about feminism that I felt kind of bad for writing – sorry to the moderator if it doesn’t belong. But I think psychologically, ugly feminists (I don’t know any pretty feminists) want the government to protect them because they don’t think a man ever will, and they further shoot themselves in the foot regarding their chances of finding a mate by being vocal about their resentment of men. It’s sad, in a lot of cases. I always want these people to find genuine happiness but their attitudes – and the fact that many men are eschewing marriage because they can get premarital sex just fine – make their prospects look bleak. Maybe a really careerist mentality makes some women happy but I think most feminists are hugely kidding themselves about the extent to which it does. I’ve known of too many really depressed women – “ambitious” ones – who got their acts together and became happy only when they finally got married and had a kid.

        Pretty women (actually, I think all women, secretly) would rather have a hunky, cuddly, caring husband to care for and protect them than an insufferable federal bureaucracy that will give them special privilege in jobs that sound boring anyway. But now that we’ve had the Sexual Revolution, it’s just so easy for men to get sex without marriage that all the women who aren’t really hot or rich know they may have to completely support themselves. Hence feminism and demands for special privilege for women. I really think feminism makes both genders less happy than they would be without it, but with everything else as it is now, I see no way to make it go away.

        • Daisy

          I can assure you that there is no such thing as one look to feminists, and further, that the ‘prettier’ a female is (along with whiter) the more likely it is that she will be targeted chronically for aggression and violence.

          Ugly men hate women; if chicks dug them they wouldn’t be so angry.

          • Luca

            Ugly men love and fantasize about women they can’t get, then they sleep with prostitutes. Ugly women curse their mirrors and either sleep with low IQ, subculture men or become bull dykes like Rosie O’Donnell.

          • Daisy

            There is no connection between ugliness and homosexuality. There are plenty of attractive lesbians and gay men out there. Rosie’s always had cute women. Rosie’s not ugly just overweight anyway.

            Less aesthetically attractive mates tend to find each other. I see more plain or homely straight women hating on their more attractive rivals than on men.

          • Luca

            I live in So Cal and I have never seen two attractive women holding hands or living together as mates. (Plenty of the Rosie types though). Some may engage in bi-sex for money or fun but that’s about it.

            No one is talking about gay men.

            Pretty women will mate up with rich, old, ugly men or Rosie-types. It’s the money, fame and alimony thing.

            Regardless of looks or weight Rosie is an ugly, disturbed person through and through.

          • Daisy

            I guess you’ve never run into Ellen and Portia…

          • Luca

            Again with a solitary anecdotal example. Portia was married to a man before so I guess that leaves us with my earlier comment above, they do it for fame, and alimony. Ellen is not pretty, she’s quite the plain tomboy-type which a lot of Hollywood make-up artists try to hide. And what does this have to do with minority youth in court?

        • Daisy

          Oh and another thing: your post and some of the others on here (this thread and website) thoroughly answer the question of why white people are dying out.

        • Puggg

          I’d be more inclined to give more thought to what you say, except the real subject matter is race, not gender.

      • vladdy1

        It’s no bed of roses being a white woman, either. Trust me on this one.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Followup study: Teens More Often In State Courts Than Senior Citizens

      Gasp! Age discrimination against the young!

  • shattered

    The powers that be would like to change that. They would like to increase the number of whites appearing in court so everything will be “equal.” A bonus is it’s more money for the sprawling judicial/prison-industrial complex.

    • Which is why I warn as many young white men as I can: Be purer than the wind driven snow plus Caesar’s wife combined. The system, fuming over this “gap” and hungry for every white defendant they can find, will find any excuse to arrest whites.

      • bigone4u

        What you say is true in my experience. Keep warning them.

  • In other news, males are more likely to get in trouble with the law than females. This is clearly a case of anti-male discrimination.

    • George

      Shush, Rueben!

      Liberals can accept that men engage in more criminal behaviour than do women, and are even willing to acknowledge that genetic factors are the reason, but when it comes to men of different *races*…well, then clearly it’s a matter of environment, or lack of proper social programming or family supports, etc.

  • Kip

    ““What we’re seeing is that the disparities are occurring earlier, such as arrests, referrals to juvenile court, and as you get deeper the outcomes are relatively comparable,” Veele said.”

    Might behavioral differences account for this? Are we seeing that? No? Are we seeing anything other than what our Left-wing religion has decided beforehand? No? There’s a “disparity” for you.

  • Mr_hollands_nopus

    In other news, studies have shown that the sky is blue. More details at 11

  • bigone4u

    In the last few years, cultural Marxists, professors, community organizers and other BS artists have been redefining the meaning of bigotry. Specifically, racial differences in arrest rates, incarcertation rates, and so forth are now taken as evidence of systemic bigotry that must be rooted out. Media pundits such as Anderson Cooper tout these theories and lead the charge on calls to action. The only way to equalize outcomes I can think of is to arrest and incarcerate innocent whites or allow guilty minorities to get away with murder (pun intended). Innocent whites would have no chance before a nonwhite jury. As we know, guilty blacks (OJ) before a minority jury can get away with murder, especially if the victims are white.
    When the already corrupt legal system completely breaks down in the way I’ve just described, with innocent whites in prison and guilty minorities running free, is there any alternative but vigilante justice. I would start with the politicians and judges myself.

  • concernedcollegekid

    Hmmmm. I wonder why they didn’t include the data for how often Asians are arrested, when Seattle has more Asians than blacks OR Hispanics (I checked). Seems pretty relevant to the topic of this article to me!

  • I have a liberal employee who will tell you, that blacks are in more trouble with the police, because police target the blacks, thats her reasoning for the disparities,
    myself, I know better, you got to call a spade a spade

    • Puggg

      You can tell the genius that the Feds do surveys of random people to make sure this isn’t the case. Year in and year out, they find out that there is no real disparity between arrest race stats and crime perpetrator stats. The Feds do this study to try to catch cops in the process of targeting, but never find it.

      Of course, she would just come up with another excuse, because racial equality is a cult.

    • MartinBurgisser98204

      The police actually target whites to defend themselves from diversity abuse claims.

  • “referrals to juvenile court”

    I would suspect the that attitude and demeanor of the suspect at the time of the arrest and during the criminal proceedings have something to do as to whether someone is referred to a juvenile or adult court.

    Is the suspect defiant or contrite when arrested or when he appears before the court? If the suspect acts like a ‘tough guy’, he might just be treated like an adult and not a juvenile.

    • Ulick

      I used to do juvenile legal defense work (helped me become a race realist.). While the white juveniles were miscreants and losers, they at least wanted to work with me as their attorney. The black juveniles either refused to speak with me or gave me lip even though I was their attorney. I sometimes saw them treating the judge the same. To them, the judge and I were “The Man” working against them.

      It’s the same with alleged police brutality. Blacks say police verbally or physically abuse them more because they’re black, but it’s really because blacks give the police way more lip, refuse police requests, and resist arrest way more than anyone else. If other races instantly hopped into a confrontational posture with the police, the police would stomp them more too. Other people conduct themselves appropriately, though.

  • cali

    I’m sure your going to hear a lot of people say that the reason is they are “picked on”. I work in an environment that this can’t be factor. I have worked in Emergency Medicine for 20 years and can tell you, if someone comes in assaulted, stabbed, or shot that 9 times out of 10 its a minority (black or Hispanic). It also important to note
    that I am fortunate enough to live in a city that is about 80% white.

  • whitepony87

    Wait a second, let me get this straight. You are telling me that minorities commit more crimes and therefore end up in court more than whites? Unbelievable.

  • Fed Up

    Of course, the REALITY being that members of racial minority groups COMMIT MORE CRIMES than White youths has nothing to do with it. It’s just those nasty cops who simply love to apprehend and arrest non-White criminals — responsible for this outrage! Right, friends?

  • Luca

    News for liberals:

    The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
    The moon is not made of green cheese.
    1 + 1 = 2
    Low IQ + high testosterone + single parent + subculture = justice system candidate..

  • Michael_C_Scott

    One amusing aspect to this is that the same liberal buffoons who screech about police arresting criminal nonwhites also complain when police ignore minority neighborhoods. Which way do these hypocrites want it?

  • melvin polatnick

    Bashers have replaced muggers and rapists as the most feared villain on urban streets, often leaving their victims bloody and beaten without taking a dime. Women as well as men have suffered from the punches and swift kicks of these youngsters who have cleared the night of joggers and strollers.Few have been caught as they escape into the darkness with legs as swift as the God Mercury.

  • Matt Turner

    I demand respeck! R-E-S-P-E-C-K! Respeck!