Coulter: ‘Not a Gun Problem,’ U.S. Has ‘Demographic Problem’ with Non-Whites

David Edwards, Raw Story, January 15, 2013

Ann Coulter is insisting that guns don’t kill people, non-white people kill people.

The conservative columnist on Monday told Fox News host Sean Hannity that the country had a “demographic problem” because “white populations” in the U.S. and Belgium had the same low murder rate.

“As you know, I just got back from England,” Coulter explained. “On the gun crimes, we keep hearing how low they are in Europe and, ‘Oh, they’re so low and they have no guns.’ If you compare white populations, we have the same murder rate as Belgium.”

“So, perhaps, it’s not a gun problem, it is a demographic problem, which liberals are the one are pushing, pushing, pushing, ‘Let’s add more [African-American mass murderer] Colin Fergusons and more whoever the [Muslim] guy was who shot up Fort Hood.’ Why are they coming in to begin with?”


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  • Eagle_Eyed

    Ann is correct. Now hopefully she’ll quit telling us that people like Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, and Tim Scott are the saviors of the conservative movement.

    • So CAL Snowman

      You have hit on the problem I have with Ann Coulter and her so called race realism. The controllers know that a large segment of the American people understand innately the differences between the races. They also know that they have to keep this segment of the population under control at all costs. How do they do this? By keeping these people (people like you and me) invested in the Republican party. As we all know by now, the Republican party is no more than a wing of the Socialist death bird flying straight towards the gates of hell. This is why Coulter is so dangerous, because she tells aware Whites what they want to hear and then stumps for the Republican party. Fox News is obviously the media arm of the Republican party and since the Republican party is just as diabolically evil as the Democrats, I am immediately skeptical about any talking head that is allowed air time. If she causes even one person to sign up with the Republican party because she has convinced them that the “conservative right” is interested in what is best for the White race, then she has succeeded in her goal of leading the sheep to the slaughter. That’s why I don’t like Ann Coulter. Also she sleeps with the enemy.

      • snickle

        ” Also she sleeps with the enemy.”

        I have heard rumors that she’s a “mud wrestler”. Can you point to any articles perchance?

        I think your analysis of her role as a political operative is right on the money. For years I have thought that the Repubs and the Dems are two sides of the same coin designed to “manage” us by giving us “false” choices in all things such as elections, legislation, etc., diabolically ingenious when you understand it.

        • So CAL Snowman
          • Vonhauer

            Well, that proves she’s a nut. Even though she may stumble onto the truth now and then, I would NEVER trust a race traitor.

          • Garrett brown

            Yah… Don’t really take her seriously at all when she’s dating one. What a joke.

          • Nate Miller

            Good grief, that is who she chose as her boyfriend? Wow!

          • Israel Cohen

            Don’t blame Ann. I wrote the book on interracial dating. It’s working just fine. Can’t have communism in America without diversity.

          • Kblankenship7

            Strange…dated the son of a pornmonger, Guccione, that idiot Bill Maher…now Walker.

          • rebelcelt

            Makes me wonder the truthfulness of any of it.

          • OlderWoman

            Ann is very diverse for a Republican.

        • What’s Happening

          Would you say this is the blacks or the Mexicans that have devised this ingenious plan for us to destroy ourselves?

          • Extropico

            You guys are hilarious. Have fun.

          • DudeWheresMyCountry?

            Neither are smart enough. Guess again.

          • ZB

            Maybe a group of people, who, to all intents and purposes, look White….but are not quite; and they don’t identify with your values either, taken collectively, that is….

          • snickle

            I would guess that if you selected one from each group you named, combined their IQs, you would still not have the horsepower to devise such a diabolical scheme.

          • snickle

            I would also say that “we”, to a large extent, are complicit. Otherwise, it would not be as successful as it has been thus far.

    • The__Bobster

      Rubio’s Ridiculous Immigration Plan: So Bad, It Might Sink Amnesty

      By Washington Watcher on January 15, 2013 at 10:17pm

      Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) outlined his yet-to-be introduced immigration bill
      in a Wall Street Journal interview on Monday [Marco Rubio: Riding to the Immigration
      Rescue, By Matthew Kaminski, January 14, 2013]

      Predictably, coming from the WSJ Edit Page, the interview missed no cliché—unpicked fruit, E-Verify being unreliable, “nativists” hurting the G.O.P., Hispanics being “natural conservatives,” blah blah…But for the purpose of simplicity, I will simply focus on Rubio’s proposed policies.

      Before going through the details, I must point out that the actual legislation that Rubio introduces will no doubt be much worse than what he said in the interview. This is the pattern with all “comprehensive immigration reform” bills: the increased enforcement measures always have loopholes, while the amnesty and increases to legal immigration are wider than advertised.

    • Guest

      She needs to distance herself from the “Weekly Standard” lobby as well. Why can’t people see they have declared war on us?

  • Triarius

    The useful idiots on the forum are blaming the usual cop outs, “poverty” and “whites kill people too”. Be sure to go to the original article and make a comment or two. I will on my alt account for sure.

    • Ulick

      When you argue crime rates and welfare rates with Liberals and minorities they always say “whites do it to”. It’s like they don’t understand percentage of crime or welfare in relation to a group’s percentage of the public. After arguing with some of these dim-wits, I’ve realized that some of them really can’t understand the math.

      • Triarius

        I’m not trying to wake up liberals, they are gone for the most part. It is the undecided and open minded I am trying to convince.

        Plus, with liberals it is whoever yells the loudest wins the argument. It’s never been about facts for them. Mock them and call them names at tomes, use their own weaons against them. We can always fall back on facts.

      • NotYourTypicalBlack

        Well, I’m a minority, and I don’t think that way, though I admit that many, if not most, others do.

        Not to over think this, but it’s interesting to recognize the differences in motives when blacks use that type of reasoning, and when white liberals do. A black person using that reasoning will often do so merely attempting to defend blacks. You would think that upon being told that persons of your race are responsible for a massively disproportionate amount of violent criminal mayhem, the instinct would be to question whether the number is really that high, or to be outraged, rather than to be childish and say “Well…well…YOU do it too!!!”. For many blacks the instinct is simply to drag others down to their level of misery and shame, rather than uplift themselves. Hence the need to emphasize that whites commit crimes, too. White liberals use that type of reasoning for a totally different purpose, however.

        Whites are under a tremendous amount of pressure to not express ideas about race which defy the establishment. Even when presented with insurmountable evidence regarding black crime, welfare dependency, underachievement, irresponsibility, etc., whites are still under pressure to at least appear to disagree. For instance, suppose you’re white, sitting in a college classroom, and someone stands before your class presenting evidence that violent crime is a primarily black pathology. As a white person, how are you expected to respond? Are you supposed to just sigh and say, “Hmmmm, I thought the notion of blacks being more violent and criminally inclined than whites was a racist notion, but after hearing THIS evidence I guess I’m sold”??? No. You’re expected to persist in your denial that there are natural differences in criminal propensities across racial lines, and continue preaching that everyone is inherently the same. Or at least admit that blacks are more criminally prone, but blame it on poverty, racism, and lack of opportunities. Notice how that last approach is really no different than the previous ones. It simply suggests that black misbehavior is driven by unfair circumstances, and that whites would misbehave equally if placed under the same circumstances. In short, it’s an ardent denial that differences in behavioral propensities are innate, a denial which the liberal establishment demands of whites.

        The approach you described is one in which minorities and liberal whites are able to take something which is really a matter of degree, and reduce it to binary terms (yes -vs- no, true -vs- false, in -vs- out, possible -vs- impossible, etc.). When seeing things that way, one doesn’t have to consider HOW MUCH crime is committed by blacks compared to how much is committed by whites. One also doesn’t have to compare each group’s annual tally of violent criminal offenses with that group’s total number of citizens, which would be more revealing (i.e. fifty crimes being committed by a group with sixty members is not as alarming as fifty crimes being committed by a group with only thirteen members). By looking at it in binary terms, one simply says, “Are there whites who commit crimes? YES. Are there blacks who commit crimes? YES. Conclusion: Criminals come in all colors. It’s reduced to a matter of YES -vs- NO, rather than being seen in degrees.

        By reducing things to binary terms, as I’ve described, a white liberal can remain in denial of racial differences, and avoid looking like a complete fool for casually disregarding the blatant evidence that he’s wrong. When his opponent brings up the atrocious number of homicides and rapes committed by blacks each year, Mr. Libby’s knee-jerk reaction will be to name the likes of Adam Lanza, Dylan Klebold, and James Holmes. And he’ll get a round of applause for doing so. Tada!!! He’s just presented crime as a binary matter (Yes -vs- No), as opposed to 36,000 per year -vs- <10 per year.

        • Joseph

          I think that is a fair argument BUT they suddenly get much better at math when confronted with disparities which affect (name your minority) in a way that they believe harmful to their interests. To wit: “The new glue factory in town will *disproportionately* affect black residents who live downtown by the river.” or “Hispanic women are greatly underrepresented among the Physics Department faculty at Texas A&M Univ.” The entire idea of infinitesimal degrees of proportionality becomes vivid under these conditions where there is GAIN instead of BLAME.

          Not to say that you are wrong; I think you make a good point. Dramatic inconsistent reasoning is the business of liberals.

        • I_Eat_Crakkkers

          “For instance, suppose you’re white, sitting in a college classroom, and someone stands before your class..” That setting crakkked me up, because the ONLY thing my mind conceived next was that another White student was going to go an a shooting spree, LMBAO.

          I just have a few gems to drop for your kkklan meeting:

          First off I’m NOT making excuses for ANY bad things that Blacks do. It
          always gets under my skin when Whites talk about Blacks as a WHOLE based on things done by a FEW. BUT when Blacks apply the same LOGIC to your RACE then WE are wrong. Statistically speaking you are the global minority and yet have caused MOST of the ills in the world today.
          You have the benefit of not being referred to as a collective hive mind
          while people like Dahmer, Casey Anthony, pedo priests, Jerry Sandusky, Ted Bundy, the Uni-Bomber, Scott Peterson, Jared Loughner,James Holmes and Adam Lanza are rampant in your numbers. REMIX: When a drunk White man falls out of a chair, it’s just a drunk; but when a drunk Black man falls out of a chair,it’s the whole damn Negro “race”. – Bill Cosby

          We are marginalized and stigmatized from the cradle to the grave. If criminality is biological then nothing you do should deter us from it, even slavery. From the western expansion era thru the Civil War times Marshall Law and the Pinkerton Detective Agency were certainly used and created to curb the overwhelming amount of White criminals. Furthermore, there should be NO examples of White brutality since your skin color magically prevents you from acting “Black”.

          Poor people commit certain types of crimes far greater than those with money. Those-that-have are more likely to be victimized by those-that have-not.The average White household is 20 times greater than the average Black household because of the White Supremacy/Racism in policies like:THE HOMESTEAD ACT OF 1862, THE FED. HOUSING ADM. & HOME LOAN PROGRAM(of the 1930’S-1960’S.),THE VETERANS ADM. HOME LOAN PROGRAM and AID TO DEPENDENT FAMILIES(created in 1935) which was exclusive to White women for 25yrs before POC were allowed to partake. If you trace your history and find that you have benefited from any of these, yet you are against welfare for the needy then please give back the land you inherited from these racist policies.

          Lets speak of supposed intellectual inferiority betwixt Blacks and Whites:

          The success of African immigrants to the United States,
          Canada, and the UK can not be overstated. Those are the only three countries that studies have been done on, and for all three, they’re performing better than all other ethnic groups and that includes indigenous Whites as well as Asians, who are considered the model minority. Not only are African immigrants the most educated group of people with
          the highest percentage of bachelors and graduate degrees, they also have
          the highest percentage of workers employed in high skill jobs. And,
          it’s not just the work of affirmative action, since African immigrants
          on average have better qualifications for college than do Whites or
          Asians or any other group; which means that they don’t need affirmative
          action. In fact, in most Ivy League colleges in America, African
          immigrants make up the majority of the Black students, which is amazing
          considering that they’re just a small percentage of the total number of
          Blacks in America.
          What does all of the above have to do with IQ and race? Well, it’s
          frequently said that while IQ tests do not measure intelligence or
          everything to do with intelligence, that they’re a good predictor of
          success; people tend to do well in life if they have high IQ scores, and
          people tend to do worse if they have low IQ scores, etc. This is not
          the only purpose for having IQ tests but I argue that it’s probably the
          only valid argument that people who consider IQ tests to be important
          have for making their case, since aside from practical value, IQ tests
          have no purpose other than to increase the self esteem of people who
          test higher.
          I don’t know of any IQ studies of African immigrants, but the fact that
          they enjoy such great success in this society and in Canada and Britain
          goes to show that IQ tests don’t matter if the whole purpose of IQ tests
          is to determine how successful someone can be. In the early part of
          the 20th century, Italian and Eastern European immigrants to the U.S.
          ranked around what is currently the black average for IQ scores and now
          that they’ve been accepted as fully White in this society, their IQ
          scores are the same as the other White groups; 100%. So, what happened
          in that time to make Italian and Eastern Europeans so intelligent?
          Maybe their perception of themselves is what changed. I believe that the
          reason why African immigrants are doing so well is because unlike the
          indigenous blacks in America, Canada, and Britain, they don’t have a
          sense of inferiority ingrained in them from centuries of slavery and
          prejudice. African Americans have been taught to hate themselves and to
          think of themselves as less intelligent, ugly, and all around inferior,
          which is probably why they aren’t as successful as African immigrants,
          who come from majority Black countries with a strong sense of their
          culture and sense of identity. This sense of inferiority among African
          Americans still persists and starts at a very young age.

          One more comment on crime: If a portion of a population is singled out for increased policing while another much bigger portion is simply overlooked the result is obvious. If health inspectors chose to focus on Burger Kings, while neglecting McDonalds: BK would surely be overrepresented in written violations, but that in NO WAY speaks to the cleanliness of McDonalds atall. Why do racists claiming intellectual superiority always lack simple HS level reasoning abilities? Blinded by belief or just dumb???
          Have a good day:)

  • BernieGoetzFan

    Good for her. I don’t often commend conservatives but they sometimes surprise me.

    • The__Bobster

      Libtards never surprise me. They always march in lockstep. To be a libtard, you have to buy the whole package.

  • David Ashton

    So critics, give the girl a break.

    • Liberalsuck

      I give her a break, but I just don’t know why it’s taken them this long to be so vocal about these issues we here have been saying for years.

    • snickle

      Right. When you think about it, if she has come over to the right side, she would have to step rather lightly in order to keep access to the tv shows, etc. Otherwise she would be immediately relegated to the outer darkness from which no one returns. Let’s hope she really has had a change of heart. Now she needs to change boy-friends.:)

  • Biff_Maliboo

    I’ll be surprised if Conservatives Inc. can sustain this line of thinking and actually expand on it.

    Maybe we’ll give Mr. Holder the “conversation on race” he’s got a mad-on for.

  • 52.2% of homicides in America are committed by blacks; most by black males between the ages of 18 and 49 who comprise about 3% of the population.

    When 3% of the population is committing about 50% of the violent gun crime, we have an demographic problem.

    • Ulick

      Those figures should be as common knowledge to Americans as 911. Yet they are kept hidden away from the general public.

      • So CAL Snowman

        and obscured by the MSM which promotes people like WHITE Adam Lanza and James Holmes (the Batman shooter) as the true faces of evil and gun violence

        • kjh64

          Adam Lanza may have killed around 20 people in his shooting spree, same for the Batman guy, but that is the amout Blacks neighborhoods in big cities average EVERY weekend of the year. Yes, you have evil Whites who shoot people but it is not common and gets huge media attention. Young lower class Black shootings are so common and get little media attention.

          • Joseph

            It was the economy of this shooting which sets it apart. The guy shot 60 people in a few minutes and killed about a third. That is what makes it a big deal that the social engineers can capitalize on.

            The fact that it was a white guy is a major bonus. We expect blacks to do this kind of stuff because they are oppressed. The lily-white liberals like to place stickers on their Audis and attend “candle-light vigils” in the park but figure that since THEY don’t actually *live* around blacks there is to little real threat to them. BUT, if a guy in some ordinary, predominantly white area or upper-middle neighborhood kills a bunch of people, they wet the bed realizing that they could be killed even in their safe, white neighborhood. NOW they are really mobilized. Their proposed solution is as usual, absurd.

          • And also, because it happened close to New York. The closer something happens close to New York, the more likely it is that it’s actually happening. In winter, it could be 55 degrees and sunny here, but if it’s zero degrees and two feet of snow in Central Park, it will be zero degrees and two feet of snow everywhere.

          • Joseph

            Well, it is true that the rest of the country was built to make “things” and grow “stuff” for people in New York, Hollywood, and D.C.

          • Jack Wood

            No, the solution would be illegal.

      • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

        Excellent point. Interracial crimes ought to be — but never are — placed in a statistical context. Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than vice versa, and they are 136 times more likely to commit robbery.

        But American news organizations make sure that whites do not know this. Otherwise, many more whites would avoid placing themselves in dangerous situations and thus be spared much interracial violence. Walter Williams elaborates:

        “Last June, Jared Taylor, president of New Century Foundation (American Renaissance), in Oakton, Va., held a press conference at Washington’s National Press Club to report on the foundation’s recently released study, ‘The Color of Crime.’ Some of the study’s findings about interracial crime were surprising, so much so that I did an independent verification of the numbers. “

        “Regardless of race, criminal violence is despicable and deserving of condemnation. But far more destructive are the official and unofficial attempts to mislead and conceal. Roughly 400 members of the major print and electronic media were invited to the press conference on ‘The Color of Crime.’ According to Taylor, several asked for advanced copies before they’d consider sending anyone. Only 14 people stayed for the briefing and only a couple reported on the study, most notably The Washington Times and C-Span. One reporter said that he’d like to write a story but he doubted he could get it by his editor.”

        “If the facts were the other way around, everybody from The New York Times and President Clinton to the NAACP, Jesse Jackson and the Congressional Black Caucus would be shouting about it and demanding that something be done. Some might want to keep silent about the facts for fear that publicizing the true nature and magnitude of interracial crime might give, as I’ve been told, ‘aid and comfort to America’s white racists.’”*

        *An ugly conspiracy of silence
        Walter Williams
        August 18, 1999

        Walter E. Williams, Ph.D., is the John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va.

        • kjh64

          Blacks are also 300 times as likely to commit rape against Whites than the reverse. When it comes to Black/White couples, the domestic violence rates are 8 times higher, this is true whether the domestic violence is male on female OR female on male.

          • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

            I don’t know where you got the 300 figure for the ratio of black-on-white rapes to white-on-black rapes. It sounds low to me. My understanding is the white-on-black rapes are so rare (less then 10 per year) that the DOJ doesn’t record a number. Black-on-white rapes, however, are typically in the 30,000 per year range. Thus 30,000/10 = 3000, not 300.

          • newscomments70

            That figure does not include male prison rape which is believed to be much higher.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            300, or 3000, like E. Pluribus says?

            The 90% divorce rate is fine, except that so many mulies are created before. And BTW, what is the spousal homicide rate?

          • Flossie

            Shouldn’t that be moolies?

        • Lewis33

          Mr. Williams is great, ot but once while guest hosting on a popular radio show he was asked what he was getting his wife for Valentine’s day…he was serious when he answered “a vacuum cleaner.”

          • ConantheContrarian

            And there is a problem with a vacuum cleaner?

          • Lewis33

            Nope, that was my point…

          • dmxinc

            He once said he was going to buy his wife golf shoes. He said “she doesn’t golf, but where we live it gets icy in the winter and I don’t want her to slip and fall while she’s out washing my car.”

            Williams has a running joke about gifts for his wife. It’s hilarious.

            As far as the vacuum goes, search YouTube for “JC Penny Doghouse” watch the two 5 minute videos in the correct order. They are funny.

          • kmorgana

            they aren’t funny, they’re fake- made by man-hating/woman hating marxist media campaigns. Even the “OMG this is so funny!!” comments are made by paid commenters. And I am an American woman, I’d LOVE a new vacuum cleaner from my husband…

        • ATBOTL

          This is in stark contrast to the press in the UK and Europe, which often print major stories about racial disparities in crime rates.

      • Joseph

        It’s not actually *hidden* from the public; it is just denied in public.

      • I_Eat_Crakkkers

        So should these: there have been 200 convictions of innocent people reversed based on DNA
        evidence. Of the 200,120 are Black defendants. Why are so many
        innocent Blacks being convicted of crimes as compared to everyone else???… – look at the quick facts on the left hand side.

        • Ulick

          I understand that math may not be your strong suit, but 120 wrongly convicted prisoners of 200 wrongly convicted prisoners is 60%. If you look at crime statistics, corroborated by witness reports, blacks commit nearly 60% of all crime. Thus blacks represent about 60% of all convictions and sentences, and 60% of the false convictions that happen. There is no grand conspiracy.

          Further, since blacks usually commit crimes against other blacks and in black communities, false convictions could be lessened if witnesses actually worked with the legal system. You can’t implement your own “No Snitching” policy, and then complain about a side-effect.

          • Jack Wood

            Everybody in prison is innocent; just ask them.

    • fakeemail

      What percentage of homicides are mestizos committing?

      • falsedawn

        Don’t worry about their percentages. When everything really gets rolling here, we White’ll show all the races in the world what killing really is all about. We’ll make Pol Pot and the Kmere Rouge look like a bunch of chior boys…

        • Redrum

          Another comment of incitement to murder that should be stricken.

      • Richard Williams

        fakeemail, that’s a very good question. Hispanic Americans are not categorized among perpetrator groups by the FBI and, as a practical matter, their homicides, other serious felonies, and hate crimes are divided into black Americans (about 10%) and white Americans (about 90%). Check the annual FBI criminal reports and look at Hispanic perps to see the zero, and at Hispanic victims to see several hundreds counted in hate crimes.

        This has been going on at least since the time of President Clinton. Check out the most wanted by FBI list with pictures, too. You will be astounded to see how many are white Americans — NOT.

        • drofmanythings

          Only one white guy and he was a Russian gangster!

      • StillModerated

        I found wikipedia to be quite enlightening on the subject:

    • samuel jerome

      white people are now slaves. just like black people used to get whipped in the past. white people now are getting whipped with black crime. hopefully “the man” won’t come and “whip” you

    • John

      I strongly agree.
      I would only add that the Republican Party as a vehicle for White values and the preservation of White ideals and White heritage has completely died.
      The primary emphasis within the Republican Party today is the promotion of non-White candidates, namely Hispanics and Indians, for the 2016 election. Suzanna Martinez, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, and Nikki Haley are now the “big” names the RNC bandies about.

      The Democrats don’t speak for us or represent the interests of conservative Whites. The Republicans don’t speak for us or represent the interest of conservative Whites. In fact, both parties work relentlessly, night and day, to destroy conservative Whites.
      Where does that leave us? What is our future? Most of us seemed resigned to quietly accept the inevitible and fade into the annals of history. Is that really where we stand?
      No other race/ethnicity/religion on Earth is threatened by the prospects of almagamation. Not Asians, not Indians, not Blacks, not Mestizos, and not Muslims. Only Anglos are set to self-destruct and fall. Why is this the case? What can we do to stop it?

      • Daisy

        I believe we should instead of allowing our agenda and rights to be subsumed under ‘republican’ become our own quasi-party, or unofficial voting block and lobby for ourselves as a consortium of white interest groups. Basically I think we should be modelling much of our activism on how the blacks went about doing theirs. Fighting in the courts should be the #1 priority. .

      • kmorgana

        Have more children. Multiply. Find a good woman who isn’t a product of today’s society (ie, a woman not raised on marxist ideals) who actually appreciates staying home and raising a family, who appreciates her husband, and is willing to bear children. Outnumber them. We, the Gentiles/Anglos were TRICKED into giving up what we believed in and traded it in on consumerism and denial of the faiths of our fathers. That’s what we can do to stop it.

    • LastBastionOfHope

      Wow. And they wonder where these “stereotypes” come from. Stereotype is a code word for reality. 3% of the population commits 52% of all homicides in America. If we cleansed ourselves of all minorities tomorrow, our crime rates would go down to extremely low numbers. Our economy would be boosted big time by allowing us to cut back on entitlements, we could build new apartments and new businesses in Brooklyn, Harlem, the Bronx, etc. and fill the new apartments with college students or recent grads. This is actually already being done in West Harlem as more whites move in as nearby Columbia students. The crime rate has completely dropped, people are not afraid to walk around at night, and it’s quickly becoming a rather wealthy area of NYC. We have a minority problem and we need them out.

      • CharlesFinley

        We DO have a minority problem.

        The birthrate of European-Americans.

        • Sloppo

          Agreed. People say many things about mainstream Christianity’s contribution to our demographic problem, but the Bible tells Christians to “be fruitful and multiply” in more than one place. If we had abided by that, we would have been much less vulnerable.

          • Joseph

            “…but the Bible tells Christians to “be fruitful and multiply” in more than one place”

            True, but in the first instance there were only* two* people and in the second, *eight* people. The problem is not too few Euro-Americans but FAR too many of everything else.

    • blight14

      Kenn, you and I and a few others know these facts but far too many people will find any/all reasons to refuse the obvious…the corrupt, occupied ‘media’ works 24/7 to bury the truth………I still can’t believe the shill Ann Coulter was honest enough to speak the truth…..

    • shattered
    • A Reader

      Even it they weren’t more violent and law-breaking, they still are a threat to us.
      Here is a good read on that other threat:

    • I_Eat_Crakkkers

      PER CAPITA is for Whites, I use ACTUALS

      Yes per capita all
      minorities combined commit more crimes then Whites, why, simply because
      there are more Whites than all minorities combined. This point cancels

      OF THE ACTUAL CRIMINALS – there are more White criminals because they are more prone to crime then all other races.

      Per Capita is simple:

      1 from 10 is 10% which is a higher yield
      then 1 from 100, which is only 1 %. Even though both groups only offered
      1 piece from their respected sample the larger group looks better off
      per capita.

      PER CAPITA is a misnomer, forced on by White scholars to try to subdue Whites negative stats.

      PER CAPITA only proves that there are more Whites in America then Blacks, so what!

  • Morris Thecat

    This was a very important statement for someone in the public eye to make. Now let’s watch Michael Savage either pretend she never made the statement, or else he will find some fault with her.

    • lovebythesewerplant

      michael likes her because she looks like a man in drag, you hear?…. thats all…….

      • Morris Thecat

        he is a very petty man, he can not stand any other conservative getting attention. He is not the kind of person that can lead any type of movement, sooner or later he considers EVERYONE to be his enemy.

  • [Guest]

    What an outrage! She’s stated an obvious verifiable fact that we all know but almost none of us are willing to utter.

    • StillModerated

      I utter it all the time. And I tell government employees that subsidizing sloth is the worst idea ever.


    This is great. Outrage will ensue. We need to keep getting our ideas out there no matter how badly the establishment receives them. Statements like this are what start people on the road to racial awareness.

    • The__Bobster

      But first they’ll point and sputter and call you a racist. That’s when you’ll have to laugh at them and ask if that’s all they’ve got.

    • Robert Binion

      Yes, good stuff, though I expect the infommercials for slicers and choppers on Al Gorzeera to be even more spectacular.

    • Ulick

      There’s been no media outrage so far. It smells of the media intentionally avoiding publicizing her comments in fair of people doing internet research and seeing that she’s correct.

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        Most everyone already knows, it is just one of the 800 pound gorillas in our collective room.

  • Hugo

    The one thing I really admire about Ann Coulter is that she is unapologetically White. That takes a certain amount of courage. I just wish there were more of us doing the same. It has been said that the most radical thing a gay can do is come out of the closet. Whites need to learn that lesson. 200 million people saying at once, “I am White.” There, that was not hard.

    • Daisy

      I agree with the overall sentiment but unfortunately Ann does apologize – she just blames it on other whites. Have you read her latest book about race? She tries to blame the celts for whatever evils have gone on…it is apologetic and finger-pointing more than defiant unfortunately. And interesting and valid in other ways while also full of crap in some.

    • Extropico

      Were she unapologetically White, she wouldn’t date and probably sleep with the very liberals for whom she appears to have so much disdain in her public persona. She’s a pistol though, but I wouldn’t trust her aim.

  • The__Bobster

    The conservative columnist on Monday told Fox News host Sean Hannity
    that the country had a “demographic problem” because “white populations”
    in the U.S. and Belgium had the same low murder rate.

    The same logic applies to our student test scores.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      “The same logic applies to our student test scores.”

      …and rates of people on welfare, on the growth of the Democratic Party, on rates of illegitimacy, on increasing tax rates, etc.

  • wattylersrevolt

    There are irreconciliable differences between Native Born White Americans..authentic Americans..and post-1965 non-whites..fake Americans. It is a demographic battle over who controls the living and breeding space of America…the racial compostion of “America” will determine the outcome of this ongoing race war. If Native Born White Americans lose..become an ever dwindling racial minority within the borders of “America”…they will be violently persecuted..raped,murdered, made economically redundant. The ultimate endgame for Native Born White Americans is complete annihilation which will happen if the demographic transformation of “America” is irreversible. The following, better sink into everyones head including all the secessionists:if the point of irreversibility is crossed during the demographic transition, the demographic structure of the US will generate explosive population growth that will only stop when Mother Nature has the last word..which She surely will. There will be megadroughts,severe arable land scarcity,massive species extinction..and finally ecological collapse that will wipe out the remnant Native Born White American Population in the private little Idahos the secessionist fantasize about. All that will be left will be a Chacon Canyon type ruin…Native Born White American Variety…that some future inhabitants will discover..if I had to guess the future inhabitants will evolve out of the brown,smelly stagnant cesspool that will exist from sea to “shinning” sea…maybe the e.coli that live in this e.coli paradise will evolve into some kind of complex archae on a dfferent tree of life..and pass judgement on us.
    But this is what you get when civic vigilence goes awol for 48 years..Native Born White Americans have put their fate in the hands of various hostile post-1965 high fertility…they breed at the same exponential rate as a well known insect pest species…nonwhite hispanic,muslim,african and asian species.
    I submit the what I have written is a very very high probability scenario in the Komogorov 0-1 law sense…we are reaching 1 very rapidly. Folks it is..over-the-top very serious.
    This is what’s behind the implicit White Identity Politics of the gun-control issue.

    • Lewis33

      Its also amusing when you google SO MANY of the crazy leftwing authors employed by the Times and such, you find another group of “fake Americans” who’s parents emigrated here after WW2 from Eastern Europe. Try it yourself, its a fun little game!

      • StillModerated

        I especially like the ones who use “second generation holohoax survivor” as an excuse for leniency in the courts.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    She has access to millions of people, where I do not, so I can’t very well fault her, when if I said what I really thought – even here – I would be exiled farther than the moon.

    • Morris Thecat

      are you feeling sorry for yourself?

  • Ann is right. The problem is the nonwhites do not share the same values as white America. Instead of solving their problems by talking it out, they shoot it out and sometimes innocent people are killed.

  • Puggg

    “As you know, I just got back from England,” Coulter explained. “On the gun crimes, we keep hearing how low they are in Europe

    London is full of homicidal “gun crime.” The London Police have a whole division to deal with it among blacks. There are civil rights loud mouths there who wish that division would be dismantled.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Give me break, Michael Wiener Savage is a mortal enemy of Native Born White American Christians. He is also a pervert who swam nude with a nude homosexual pedaphile enthusiast and poet..Alan Ginsburg. Read all about it Salon Magazine. It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to trick conservative Whites. Forget about the pervert Savage.

    • Jerrybear

      Ah that smear piece. I’ve read it. The author does a pretty good job at making claims that he has no evidence for. Just speculation. Savage used to be a hippie in his younger days. He has never tried to hide that fact. So what if Savage skinny dipped with a bunch of hippies that included Ginsburg? His message is pretty sound and he is a force of good keeping RINOS in check. I don’t agree with his hawkish foreign policy but he isn’t a establishment hack like all the clowns on Fox News. He actually recognizes that immigration is destroying the nation. Something establishment conservatives want to avoid like the plague. He recently even admitted that the races are not equal and was defending a scientist who lost his job because his studies showed the races are different.

    • Nathanwartooth

      Ad hominem attacks are just silly.

    • IstvanIN

      There is such a thing as redemption. Or how about maturity. Or just plain wising up. Experience plus continual learning can change a man’s views, it did mine. Was it Churchill who said that a young man who isn’t a liberal has no soul and an old man who isn’t a conservative has no brain?

      • wattylersrevolt

        Not for Michael Wiener Savage. You don’t believe that nonesense about Weiner dating a playboy bunny..I hope you don’t. This little creep threatened to sue Jared Taylor for harrassment after Jared Taylor sent him a letter asking Savage if he could come on his show to talk about issues affecting White was a standard letter that Jared sends out to all MSM outlets. And did you read the post about Weiner on a few days ago….Weiner is a creepy thing, eager to behead an embryonic Native Born White American Patriot Movement. And the question is:why?Answer:stark raving ethnic fear that a full blown Native Born White American Patriot Movement will not offer up its teenage sons and daughters up on a silver platter to Netanyahu for canon fodder.

        • anonymous

          Savage wants to start a “nationalist party but not race oriented” yet he constantly praises his Jewish people and won’t listen to any conservative like Jared or Patrick who are more standard conservatives than the neocons today. I will, however, give Savage credit for standing up to muslims and anti-white bigots who call into his show.

          • Mike E. from Denver

            Muslims, just like the blacks and illegals are only symptoms of the problem. They are the tools used to destroy white Christian society. Please, let’s keep our eyes on the bouncing ball.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble


          Every time I hear Weiner’s voice I think of this e mailed response he sent to Jared Taylor after the request was made:


          When I hear Sean Hannity, I’m reminded that he called Al Sharpton “my great friend.”

          For Savage: He was run out of the LA radio market years ago, it is not possible to hear him locally. I know of only one station in California, in San Francisco, that carries him, however, I can pick up Rush Limbaugh on local stations from the Mexican border to the Oregon border, from the Pacific Ocean all the way to Las Vegas.

          As for Hannity: Sean Hannity Ratings Plummet, Loses Half His Viewers After Election


  • Ulick

    Here’s the article recently posted on Amren with figures that back Coulter’s truth-telling..

    When the subject is gun control, those who demand more for the United States always point to Europe. Europe, they say, has more gun control than the United States, and lower murder rates. Europe, of course, is a diverse place. Some places have lots of guns and low murder rates. Some places have few guns and higher murder rates. The reason that many developed European countries havemurder rates much lower than the United States is not guns or gun control. It is demographics.
    In 2006 the Department of Justice issued a report on violent felons in large urban counties. It covered the period from 1990 to 2002, and included the 75 most populous counties in the United States. The study accounted for over half of all the murders in the United States in the covered period.

    Revealed in the study was a simple breakdown of the demographics of the murderers that is not commonly available. Murderers were divided into three groups. Blacks were the most numerous at 46%. Hispanics were next at 27 percent. Non-Hispanic whites were last at 23 percent.

    While the study does not account for all murders in the period studied, it accounts for more than half and almost certainly slightly understates the percentages of Black murderers, because the latest FBI statistics (for 2010) show that when all the murders in the U.S are taken into account, the percentage of Black murderers is over 53 percent.

    No one would dispute that there are several distinct cultures among the American black population. No one would dispute that none of these cultures exist in Europe in any statistically significant numbers. Some of the Black American subcultures probably have very low murder rates. We cannot tell because we do not have the data to distinguish between them.

    Similarly, there are a number of distinct Hispanic cultures in the United States. These are all derived from cultures in Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. They are not Spanish or Portuguese. No one would argue that any statistical number of these populations exist in Europe. No doubt, some of these cultures also have very low murder rates, but without data, we cannot separate them out.

    Where does that lead us? If we take the 23 percent figure for non-Hispanic whites to be representative for the entire population (remember, it is likely a good bit lower), then the number of murders committed by non-Hispanic and non-black people in the United States for 2010 would be 2989.

    The population of non-Hispanic whites for 2010 was 196.8 million. Applying the 2989 murders to this population gives a murder rate of 1.52 per 100,000 population. We cannot get a more precise figure unless we have more demographic data than that given. Asian-Americans, for example, have historically had very low murder rates, but we do not have the data. The 1.52 per 100,000 murder rate is right in the middle of the murder rate of developed European countries. Add the Black and Hispanic numbers back into the mix and apply to the entire United States population, and the murder rate goes up to 4.2 per 100,000. Guns or gun control simply do not correlate to higher murder rates, particularly when you consider that non-Hispanic Whites own guns at much higher rates than do Blacks or Hispanics in the United States.

    There are huge numbers of German-Americans, English-Americans, Greek-Americans, Italian-Americans, Scandinavian and Swiss-Americans in the United States. There are no statistically significant numbers of African-American or Hispanic-Americans in Europe.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I am a convicted violent federal felon on the Terrorist Watch list, and I can think of a very long list of persons – all of them adults, and nearly all of them other men – whom I would like to murder. There is a good reason wrath is considered a “mortal sin”; it – like the others I imagine – will devour your life if you let it.

      There are other practical reasons: I wouldn’t be able to make a remotely useful start before I was apprehended. The people who have deliberately hurt me tend to have families who (probably) care about them. It would take me away from things I would rather be doing, like teaching my daughter, making love with my wife, taking showers with my wife after making love, playing Neverwinter Nights, cooking us dinner, vegetable gardening, woodworking, metalworking, bicycling, hiking, fishing, camping and so-on. Also, if I gave in to wrath again, it would make my mother cry, and I don’t like that very much at all.

      Perhaps I’m smart enough to think through the problem in a way other violent whites are not. Introspection is a luxury I can afford. My best friend became my worst enemy while he was house-sitting for me the three years I spent in federal prison. He stole and lied and told anyone who would listen I was “crazy”, swore out a false police complaint against me (I beat the case), and even received a deferral for molesting children. He violated the deferral and is now six years into his three-to-life sentence with mandatory life on parole. My ex-father, who cheated me out of $625,000 and bribed his way onto the Cambridge faculty with it before sending me to prison for threatening him over the money is dying of a particularly hideous form of intestinal cancer. The way I see things, all I really have to do with enemies is keep my cool and wait. They have other enemies – often themselves – and three years in the hoosgow has left me very good at waiting.

      • pcmustgo

        Is your father where the Asian/Amer-Ind blood comes from?

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Both sides. Welsh, Irish, German and Cherokee on my mother’s side, and Scottish, Irish, Welsh and Tuscarora on my ex-father’s side.

          • pcmustgo

            Did your parents identify as American Indian? Did they grow up on reservations? Did they go around white-bashing? Also noticed the mostly white “native americans” are also the most racist towards whites, much like the over-compensating Mulattoes.

      • I_Eat_Crakkkers

        YOU WROTE: “The way I see things, all I really have to do with enemies is keep my cool and wait.”

        I SAY: Red,Black and Brown folk have been waiting oh so long for this day.

    • Joseph

      Facts confuse people. Just distill it down to a feeling that we can all have or a slogan.

  • I always overhear sissified white boys under 30 bad mouth Coulter all the time, clueless like the two white pansies who tried to throw a pie in her face a couple of years ago. They were told that Ann Coulter is their enemy, and they bought it without question.
    As I’ve posted many times since Obama won reelection, I can’t feel sorry for white people under 30 who complain about not finding a job beyond entry level blue collar.
    That guy who got his pants yanked down in Baltimore, I would like to hear his opinions on diversity now, plus when was the last time he got drunk.

    • ATBOTL

      Your hatred for white victims of black violence and globalist neoliberal economics is truly disgusting.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        No; he’s just in a more advanced state of curmudgeonhood than I am.

  • Brad Trun

    Violent crimes per 100,000 people:

    35 for Asian countries.
    42 for European countries.
    149 for African countries.

  • storibund

    Can’t say I’m a huge Coulter fan, but…

    Truth. It’s like cold fresh water in the desert.


  • joesolargenius

    Criminals are cowards and they target those whom they perceive as a victim, when they see you pointing or shooting a fire arm in their direction then their perception of you changes in your favor. We will always have to fight for the right to be free from and unmolested by that present enemy as where ever there exist a semblance of prosperity will also be found Pirates , Bandits and Jackals seeking treasure .

  • Andy

    Is there any way to get crime statistics by race for individual states?

  • SoCal LoCal

    “America does not have a gun problem, America has a minority problem.”
    –Jared Taylor, addressing an Amren Conference in the late nineties.

    It has taken the (somewhat) MSM about fifteen years to catch up to us mouth breathing racist troglodytes.

    • anonymous

      what pisses me off, though, is these conservatives were trying to ‘distance themselves’ from people like Jared Taylor, yet they are using their fame and status know to say what he’s been saying for years with only them making all the money off of it. Then it again it shows that us white nationalists do what we do for integrity, love, preservation of our people and personal reasons; our enemies do what they do for power or because they have a chip on their shoulder. To quote Harold Covington, “A conservative is concerned about their pocketbook; a white nationalist is concerned about their race.”

  • white dude

    I like what the political Cesspool said about these’s ‘conseratives’. you know, the kind that say something pro-White oneday and the next day worship the ‘civil rights’, and ‘conserative’ nonwhites. ad nauseum.

    • anonymous

      Conservatives do what they do for money. We are more white nationalists more than we are conservatives.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Money’s nice, but we don’t really need much of it. One of my best friends for the last 31 years stayed here some months after separating from his now ex-wife. One of his comments I’ll remember for the rest of my life was “Jesus, Mike; when you need something, you don’t go out and buy it. You just go down to the basement and make one.” Glenn said he was envious of me, in spite of my federal felony conviction and also “A mouse would starve on the food you waste.”

        He made $84,000 a year, and his now ex-wife wasted every penny of it. Glenn has nothing to show for it, except he looks 40 years older than his true age.

        Call these alleged “conservatives” instead the religious fringe of the socialist left, and you’d have them pegged.

        What I have instead of a nice salary is a survival machine. Sayaka and I discussed holidays overseas in places where I would be allowed, but we wouldn’t be getting away from work, which we refuse to do anymore, but she would want her sewing machine, and I would want my machine tools, so on her last “use it or lose it” paid vacation, we stayed home.

  • The Final Solution

    There is only one solution. The final solution.

    • Redrum

      No comment to incite mass murder is welcome here. Piss off.

  • steve7789

    Of course Ann Coulter has had relationships with non white men but that shouldn’t take away from the fact that she remains the most pro white of any mainstream figure excluding Pat Buchanan. This isn’t Stormfront and there’s no reason we can’t accept those who come to their senses.

    • Jerrybear

      She’s been reading VDare. Probably this site too. She’s definitely changed her tune in the past year or two and good for her.

      • Ulick

        You’re correct. She really has been incrementally chipping away at this point for the past year. I too wouldn’t be surprised if she’s reading Amren, VDare, SPBDL, Taki’s Mag, and so on. Kudos to her. I really respect her for being the lone voice in the wilderness of the mainstream media on this issue. She knows she’ll get attacked, but she’s taking one for the team.

      • pcmustgo


    • Big Tent the RIGHT way

      At least we know the Stormfront folks aren’t going to stab us in the back. Damn, out of all the people in this country to complain about I’d figure they’d be last.

      • steve7789

        I was a member of Stormfront once and large numbers of them are full blown neo nazis. Of course many white activists are smeared in this way but Stormfronters are the real deal. Association with a totalitarian dictatorship does not help our cause and educationg miscegenators to make better choices is more constructive than hurling venom at them.

        • snickle

          Some “fringe” organizations are “controlled opposition”; they are “used” for the very purpose to smear real opposition. Being controlled opposition, they are the perfect mechanism for identifying “bad actors” for the Establishment. All have been infiltrated by feds.

  • Rob

    Anthropologist Marvin Harris noted the racial element in violent crime in his 1980 book AMERICA NOW. He documented that White men, who owned nearly ALL the guns in the USA, had a lower violent crime rate than Japanese in Japan, and Englishmen in England. This current situation reminds me so much of South Africa, and now the push on for our firearms, the very types needed to defend our hearth and home and kin. This is a dark moment in our history. JOIN THE NRA TODAY, do not delay your very life and those of your family may well depend upon that membership.

    • snickle

      Everyone who owns a gun should join the NRA and/or GOA. Now is the time. They want our guns!!! Those guns are our last ditch, folks. Read DEATH BY GOVERNMENT.

      • Joseph

        True. I have decided to join up again and donate what pittance I can to all. There are few people who can’t afford $25 to $100 a year for something so important at this late date. I was peeved at the NRA for many years because they were so diligently supporting certain idiotic gun laws and politicians with dismal (2nd am) voting records for some other political agenda BUT they really have straightened out a great deal in the last decade or so -I think there was some kind of a fortunate coup d’etat within the org. GOA is good too but much smaller so not much press exposure.

        Don’t forget that too the SAF is hugely influential in keeping the gummint honest though they don’t have the membership either since they are mostly litigants and information resource. We can thank SAF almost exclusively for both Heller and McDonald decisions.

        • Problems I have had with the NRA historically:

          1. Their promulgation of and endorsement of “gun control is racist” histrionics

          2. The fact that they endorse incumbent Democrats over some very good Republicans only because the Democrats have good 2A records. But, being as NRA is single issue, that goes with their territory. But they really ticked me off when they stuck with Paul Kanjorski over Lou Barletta in 2008 and 2010. But, Barletta finally punched it through in 2010, and the NRA endorsed Barletta in 2012. NRA also semi-endorsed Harry Reid in 2010 over Sharron Angle. (Now you know why anything that comes out of the Senate won’t be done without NRA input or endorsement.)

          But here’s why I’m re-joining:

          The “Elitist Hypocrisy” ad.

          Stephanie Cutter has said that the Obama WH will re-assemble the campaign to “take on the gun lobby.”

          There’s one big key difference — With just one ad, “Elitist Hypocrisy,” the NRA has engaged in more serious political-personal combat against the person of Barack H. Obama II than all of Obama’s political opponents have against him since his ill-fated run for Congress in 2000 challenging Bobby Rush in the Democrat Primary for IL-1. “Elitist Hypocrisy” was a more severe direct body blow to Obama personally than everything that Alice Palmer, Blair Hull, Dan Hynes, Jack Ryan (not JackRyanVB who comments here at AR), Alan Keyes, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Mitt Romney and John Boehner combined have “brought” against him.

          I’m rejoining because Obama will finally have a real opponent who will take it to him and keep on taking it to him.

          • Joseph

            Yeah, the bed-wetters were exceedingly distressed so we know that we are on the right track. I suspect their next move will be “proving” that the NRA is a racist front organization which is why they oppose “common-sense” Barry’s proposals and singled out His Hopeful Blackness for the TV ad. I do think the ad might’ve been broader to finger a larger swath of the hypocritical left but it’s a great start. They need to get just the right amount of nasty going.

            I’d like to see a commercial involving a scenario where there are several typical black yoofs eyeing, making rude comments, then trapping a blonde woman in a car in some lonesome area and then fade away with: “President Obama vice-president Biden believe that the safety of violent criminals is more important than the right to self defense…What do YOU think?”


            Some scenario where 4 or 5 Mexicans barge into a ranch house terrorizing a family, then as if the father is looking over, have the camera pan over to an empty rifle rack where the mini 14 *used to* sit -before the ban.

          • I suspect their next move will be “proving” that the NRA is a racist front organization

            They’ve been trying that for a solid month. Charlie Rangel, Tom Brokaw, Bob Schieffer, most of MSNBC, as examples. They have tried to make that case.

            Your ad suggestions are great. But the NRA would never do it. However, what they have done so far, and what they will continue to do if Obama continues to bait them, will far surpass in terms of being actual oppositional combat anything and everything done against Obama combined post-Bobby Rush.

          • I_Eat_Crakkkers

            You crakkkers are raving idiots!!! Nowhere has Obama or anyone on the left claimed they want to take away any law abiding citizens guns nor their right to defend their homes. There is even proposals to grandfather in those that own “military” style firearms to be allowed to keep them after the ban. You fools are REALLY looney. Have a nice day:)

  • StillModerated

    I grew up in an England where the only people prohibited from carrying pistols were the police constables.

  • Jefferson

    SWPL types at The Huffington Post are comparing to Ann Coulter to Adolf Hitler, after she mentioned the truth about the color of crime in America.

    • SWPL types at The Huffington Post are comparing __________ to Adolf Hitler.

      (Fill in the blank with any “conservative” to the right of David Gergen.)

    • Puggg

      But for Hitler, nobody who comments at Huff Poo, Daily Kook, Democratic Underwear, Southern Poverty Law Center, Media Mutters, etc., would have anyone to compare anyone else to.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        They’d still have me, if only I was better-known, though what I would really like to do to the world was established fact, they wouldn’t be complaining. This is one of the reasons I always post under my own name. Hitler was a political opportunist and grotesquely incompetent at military strategy. He was also a psychopath, but some of his artwork was decent. Hitler would have been excellent as an illustrator if he had embraced the horror and worked with H.P. Lovecraft, alive at the same time. I think he would have still ended up shooting himself in despair, but it might have been 1960 instead of 1945, and Europe would have been a happier place.

      • Joseph

        They still have David Duke.

  • bigone4u

    The Huffington Post covered this story a few days ago. I leave comments there sometime even if I am out of step with many of their commenters. Most of them have poorly developed minds, and simply rejected Miss Coulter’s message with ad hominem attacks, basically claiming she is a racist. As I recall, at least a few commenting on that liberal/progressive rag have a degree of common sense. What’s amazing is that specific facts such as are brought up here are dismissed as racist. How can facts be racist?

    • Jerrybear

      They’re ‘Hate Facts’. We are taught to ignore these inconvenient truths.

    • Liberalsuck

      They don’t care if what Ann was saying is true. Liberals can’t or don’t want opposing views getting out there. Ever argue with liberals? They’ll tell you don’t know what you’re talking about, so you show them proof to back up what you say, and then they’ll find some other childish BS way to discredit it and you.

    • Joseph

      I saw the same “critique”. They saw that Coulter wrote it so they knew in advance that it could not be correct, even without reading. I don’t even like her but I can’t fault the mailman just because he brings bills.

    • I_Eat_Crakkkers

      It’s a FACT that Whites are not stigmatized as pedophiles,serial killers,mass murderers or those who commit infanticide,genocide,patricide,matricide or suicide as often as it’s reported and seen on television and throughout history. Conversely, it’s also a FACT that despite your magical white skin, you still have people that commit EVERY crime that Black peoples skin compels us to commit. Is not it moronic/ironic???

  • JohnEngelman

    What Ann Coulter said is probably true, but she should have documented her assertion that white populations in the U.S. and Belgium had the same low murder rate.

    When I point out that in the United States blacks have a murder rate that is nearly eight times the white rate I quote the Bureau of Justice Statistics of the United States Department of Justice.

    When I point out that there is a close correlation between murder rate and the racial composition of a country I quote the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

    • White Nationalist

      Nice try engleman, but most of the things you “point out” on AmRen are hardly documented. Especially when it comes to your claims of asian and jewish superior intelligence just from IQ tests, which of course are not backed up by world economy and military rankings, nor by science, technology, medicine, the arts, literature, philosophy, architecture, craftsmanship, exploration, etc, etc…

      All you can do is point out the obvious about blacks with the same few links time after time, otherwise there is nothing intelligent or truthful about you.

      • JohnEngelman

        “Ashkenazi Jews have the highest IQ of any ethnic group known.
        They average around 112-115, well above the European norm of 100…

        “Their numbers among prominent scientists are roughly ten times
        greater than you’d expect from their share of the population in the United
        States and Europe. Over the past two generations they have won more than a
        quarter of all Nobel science prizes, although they make up less than
        one-six-hundredth of the world’s population. Although they represent less than
        3 percent of the U.S. population they son 27 percent of the U.S. Nobel prizes
        in science…

        “American Jews are also over represented in other areas, such as
        business (where they account for about a fifth of CEOs) and academia (where
        they make up about 22 percent of Ivy league students).”

        – Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending, from “The 10,000
        Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution,” Chapter 7:
        “Medieval Evolution: How the Ashkenazi Jews Got Their Smarts,” pages
        188, 189, 190.

        • snickle

          Does it bother you that they have helped lead every movement destructive of the West and Western values for the last 100 years?

          • JohnEngelman

            Movements like what? List them.

            Obviously I do not think Jews have done that.

          • snickle

            The NAACP, which has done no good for America, was founded by them for the purpose of sewing discontent. It was years before the NAACP had a black president. That’s only one example. Watch the youtube video where Ms. Spectre speaks about how Europe MUST become multi-cultural. Why?

            Otherwise, I refuse to do your homework for you; wallow in your ignorance of history as long as you wish.

          • JohnEngelman

            When I base arguments on factual assertions I document my assertions. When you do that it your responsibility.

          • snickle

            “Obviously I do not think Jews have done that.” John Engelman

            That is not a documented statement. It is surely an unfounded assertion.

            Again, I gave you two solid examples to back up my statement. You must do the rest for yourself or remain ignorant of the facts. Given the fact that you are a self-described “Christian Zionist”, I doubt that you will want to discover anything since you “know the truth…” and it has made you free (to paraphrase). The “people of the book” hate Christ, btw. You have a lot to learn. You could start by reading the Talmud.

          • JohnEngelman

            Although I believe the NAACP has served its purpose, I believe it had a purpose when blacks were denied basic human rights in much of the United States. I admire Jews for contributing to the civil rights movement, just as I admire them for contributing to the labor movement, and the anti war movement during the War in Vietnam.

          • ralfphe

            You probably admire them for leading the communist revolution in 1917 in Russia too.

          • anarchyst

            It is FACT that the jewish “holocaust” was engineered by zionists, beginning with the declaration of war on Germany by Judea in 1933. Destabilization of
            the German financial and political systems was done so that they could more easily take control. The Nazis were “pushed into marginalization of certain jewish groups –they KNEW who they were dealing with . . .

        • anarchyst

          I (along with many others) REFUSE to buy into this “chosen people” crap.

          The “chosen people” idea came about with the Schofield translation of the Bible, which many dispensationalists use to elevate the jew to a supremacist position. Schofield was a charlatan and con man . . .

          The ashkenazic jews are russian converts to judaism. They are not jews “of the book”(hebrews). Their conversion was done more for social and cultural means than for religious reasons.

          You will find that most ashkenzic jews are atheists, have a soft spot for communism (being the inventors of that flawed “system”), and strive to control any society that they choose to be a part of. “Divide and conquer” is the way that they operate. They infect society by blending in and seizing control of a society’s major systems–political, financial and entertainment and once in control, insist on mongrelizing everyone else but themselves.

          Ashkenazic success is based on ONE thing–NOT superior intellect (as you infer), but a healthy sense of cultural insularity and exclusivity. You see, ashkenazic jews help each each other by “greasing the skids” in the examination process in their dominant fields, insuring that only “their kind” make it to the top. Cheating and lying are considered “means to an end”. The Christian concept of honesty does not apply to them.

          Looking back through history, there was a healthy mistrust of them for their insistence on “multiculturalism” and “diversity” for everyone but themselves.

      • JohnEngelman

        “The Chosen People: A study of Jewish Intelligence and Achievement is the most recent work of Richard Lynn dealing with group differences in IQ and their ramifications. As in all of his previous work over the past decade, he substantiates his arguments with huge quantities of empirical data. He advances his positions dispassionately and lets the facts speak for themselves, which they do in impressive, nearly irrefutable fashion. In his previous books he examined racial and ethnic differences in IQ for many groups.The Chosen People is a case study of one distinct group that has shown remarkably similar patterns of achievement in a wide variety of settings.”

        Richard Lynn has spoken at American Renaissance conferences.

        I have a high regard for Jews and Orientals for reasons I have clearly explained using articles that have appeared on this website.

      • SLCain

        This nitwit, Engelman, has been befouling this website for many months now. He talks about how dangerous black people are – yet he voted for the most dangerous black person of all – Barack Obama.

        • OlderWoman

          Yeah, I noticed his hypocrisy. I believe he’s here for self-promotion.

          • SLCain

            I don’t think it’s hypocrisy on his part. I think it’s stupidity.

      • A multiracial individual

        In the United States, Jews and East Asians are overrepresented in all cognitively demanding fields. How does denying that two ethnic groups have higher IQ than Whites help your cause?

        • JohnEngelman

          It helps their feelings. Eric Hoffer put it best when he wrote in “The True Believer,” “The less justified a man is in claiming excellence for his own self, the more ready he is to claim all excellence for his nation, his religion, his race or his holy cause.”

        • snickle

          This site is not about comparing IQs!! It’s about saving the White race.

          • Why not both? I fail to see any contradiction in doing both, and I go so far as to say that I fail to see any contradiction in doing both even if our IQs don’t wind up on top.

          • snickle

            There is no “contradiction” in doing both. And it’s not about where “our IQs” wind up. My point is that this Engelman person seems to be obsessed with IQ to the exclusion of the purpose of this site. In fact, based on his posts, I wonder why he is here.

          • a multiracial individual

            The problem is that people who wish to work towards your goal hamper their efforts by arguing invalid positions regarding racial differences in cognition.

    • A multiracial individual

      John, the visceral reaction you receive after pointing out the superior IQ of Jews and East Asians is quite astonishing. You would think that people around here would be more sensitive to your treatment. It is after all, the EXACT same reaction that liberals hurl at people when they are forced to listen to IQ data that they disagree with. It seems there are more than a few people around here that are more than happy to play the, “IQ only matters when I say it does game.” When you are too busy laughing at the people behind you it difficult to see who is ahead of you.

      • JohnEngelman

        A multiracial individual,

        Thank you. The people who operate American Renaissance demonstrate intellectual integrity by posting articles that document the higher average intelligence of Ashkenazi Jews and Orientals. They also make a practice of inviting those who document these facts to speak at American Renaissance conferences.

        I am of course thinking of the late Professor J. Philippe Rushton, whose “RACE, EVOLUTION, AND BEHAVIOR” describes the moral and biological superiority of Orientals,

        as well as Professor Richard Lynn, who has done important work documenting IQ differences between many countries.

        Nevertheless, this website does attract a few posters who are not motivated by a love for the truth of race realism, but by a hostility toward anyone who is not a white Gentile. Some of these think that I, who am a Nordic Gentile, am a traitor to my race.

        Some of the comments of these posters are removed by the moderators. Others are allowed to remain, because American Renaissance is committed to the free dissemination of facts and ideas.

        Unfortunately, the comments of these posters damage the image of American Renaissance, and impede the good work American Renaissance is trying to accomplish.

        • anarchyst

          Much of jewish “success” is NOT due to IQ, but a strong social structure that values cultural and social insularity. In short, jews look out for each other.
          These traits are admirable in EVERY society; the social bonding in other cultures is not as strong (and in some cases is looked upon negatively) and is somewhat discouraged by official “government policies”.
          Look at our “civil rights (for some)” laws and government agencies that have done nothing more than to destroy one of humankind’s basic rights–freedom of association . . . Imagine if whites were permitted to form social bonds as strong as those of jewish society. We can form those bonds, however, clandestinely . . .

          I have a question for my jewish friends. Why is cultural and social insularity looked upon as a desirable trait among the various jewish populations yet predominantly jewish (leftist) organizations push “multiculturalism” and “diversity” on us gentiles?
          Cultural and social insularity benefits EVERY race, yet, whites are generally looked askance if we attempt to promote it among ourselves. It is OK for blacks, asians, hispanics and others to promote their own cultural and social insularity; let a white individual (or group) do the same and we are viciously attacked for being “racist” not only by organizations but government.
          Whites are generally loath to act, even in the face of hostility. It may take quite some time for “push” to come to “shove” but it will happen. It may not be pretty, but it will become necessary.
          I bear no ill will towards any race, group or individual, but am merely pointing out that the present situation does not look good. Remember, those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it.

          • snickle

            Well, well said. I also bear no ill will toward any race, but I do think we need to identify those who wish us ill.

            Additionally, I would remind people that this site is NOT about who has the highest IQ; it is about trying to save the White race.

          • PesachPatriot

            Good question. There are basically two strains of thought in the jewish community. Some like the ultra-orthodox hasids believe in cultural and social insularity…its ok to live in gentile society, but they don’t really take much part in it other than voting every 4 years. Others, like myself have basically assimilated into white american society…I speak english, don’t keep kosher and probably attend synagogue about 3 times a year…I identify with the white figures of american history, and consider myself an american first before anything else. We do look out for each other, more so in Israel than in the states…we do not have the luxury of conflict amongst ourselves…as an impartial observer it seems like white american society is constantly in conflict over religious, political and economic issues…there something like 180 million white americans…good luck getting them to agree on anything…you also have european whites divided along national and linguistic lines who will also never agree on anything and killed each other in record numbers twice during the 20th century. I have always respected and admired white americans and europeans, thats why I post here.

            I also believe genocide is wrong….I was not on this planet to try and assist the amerindians, the armenians, or my own people….If i can help against 21st century white genocide I consider it my obligation to repay the descendants of the brave men who stormed the beaches of normandy and saved the jewish people from being made in to a footnote of history.

  • Most of us have been saying it for years and years and years. Take away the black and brown factor and the White portion of America is on par with most of the still White parts of Europe when it comes to violence. Guns or no guns, White people(as a whole) create the safety and security that blacks takes advantage destroy it. Even the more liberal areas where they have hardly any black people are virtually the same when it comes violent crimes. The Leftist crowd will not face the truth, so someone else has to.

    Okay, Ann, you have earned a reprieve. Use your Time wisely.

    • I_Eat_Crakkkers

      You conveniently erase the safety and security you took away from Amerindians, Africans and Mexicans at the start of your invasion of this hemisphere.

      So Black and Brown people are responsible for all of your homicidal,genocidal,infanticidal,matricidal,patricidal,serial killing and mass murdering acts??? Without us there would be no Columbine, Batman Rises or Sandy Hook???

      FACT is after committing the above acts at unprecedented levels, you’ve consolidated wealth and power and no longer have to due it daily. Simply because institutionalized racism and your police force help to maintain to status quo. Yet your machine is showing signs of fatigue and it won’t be long before it grinds to a halt. Yes with you wackos out there as in this forum there will be bloodshed unfortunately, but then a rebirth of something better. Have a nice day:)

  • drofmanythings

    In mostly two black areas of Chicago, over 520 people were murdered last year. There were about 14,500 murders in the entire USA in 2012, so almost 4% of all murders were in the minority sections of a single city! Overall, the murder rate has been trending downward for decades and is about half of its peak from several decades ago. Uniform Crime Statistics show Hispanics as murder victims, but not as perpetrators. They are lumped in with whites to make it seem as though there are substantial white murderers and shooters. There is now more violent cirme rates in many European nations as compared to the USA. They too have changing demographics, lenient courts, and societal breakdown. Guns are a false issue.

  • The only reason — and I really mean the ONLY reason — that most of the hardcore Leftists want to mention gun control is because they believe White people and guns are synonymous. There are practically no studies and no statistics that prove gun control actually makes a society less violent. In fact, the reason you will see Leftists avoid using statistics is because most of the studies that have been done have concluded that gun control does absolutely nothing to deter or lessen crime. In many cases it makes things worse.

    The Leftists know that America is one LA Riot type of event away from black people pushing their luck. People seem to forget that America has one of the largest small arms civilian military/militias in the world. There’s not another country even close. Who are these law-abiding gun owners that make up the majority of that small arms militia? It’s White people. A majority of them conservative White people.

    • Fun starts at 0:55

      Because white Southerners sure have a sky high murder rate in the South.

      As RJP commented over at my blog, what explains the high murder rate in Chicago, which has no white Southerners?

      • They are truly a crazy kind of dangerous. When he says “Southern areas have a culture we have to overcome,” I can only guess that he means the Southern areas that are mostly black. I’m just not sure if we Southerners are supposed to be aspiring to be like Philly, Detroit, Chicago, Camden, Baltimore, or wherever else we’re supposed to get our civility lessons.

    • Joseph

      “But if it saves even one child, it’s worth the effort.” they are actually back to that threadbare plea again.

      With the number of drunk Mexicans killing people in the country every year, how about: “If banning Mexicans from driving in the US saves even one child, it’s worth the effort.”

  • MekongDelta69

    When it comes to the subject of race, Hannity is the biggest and most terrified of all the so-called ‘conservatives.’ A very long time ago, he was totally the opposite. A pretty well known guy (who used to have a great site on the Net and a radio show), was friends with Hannity way back then, and to make a LSS, he (Hannity) easily could have been an AmRen member.

    But he knew (as do all the others), that if you mention the truth about anything racial (and you’re a straight, white male) – OR, if you allow OTHERS to mention the truth, you’d better change the subject FAST, or you’re history. Hannity makes (approx.) $20 Million a year and there’s NO WAY he’s giving that up for ANYONE.

    Btw, you want to know how to get leftists to go along with stopping abortions? Make it a law that every abortionist has to SHOOT the fetus with a GUN.

    • What will happen with someone like Hannity is that he will wake up one day and find himself at the precipice where black meets White. A literal place in time where he will realize that his cowering and kowtowing no longer afford him the luxury of even expressing a dissenting opinion. He’s either going to make a slow, controlled descent off that perch of his, or someone will just push him off. I really don’t trust him at all, but I don’t think he’s a stupid man. I think he will realize that he is far safer and more secure around people like us than he will ever be around the black and brown hordes.

      The bottom line is that he’s coming down off his perch. How he comes down is up to him.

      • snickle

        Good points. He did give Ann Coulter a pretty large forum. And I have noticed that over the past couple of years, he also made note of the swarm attacks by blacks. He would be immediately shut down if he became explicit with what I’m sure he knows about race relations.

        I’d rather see him keep his “perch”, and reveal the truth by increments than be shut out immediately.

    • Hannity seems to indulge black callers on his radio show, It may be his attempt at afro-action

    • Joseph

      Naw, they’re okay with “officials”, and the intelligensia having guns. You and I are the problem.

      I’ve seen just this week where some notable loonatron “journalist” gun-prohibitionist saying something to the effect that the NRA members should be shot to death and tortured. THAT is the kind of rational discourse that we can expect from the left on guns.

  • georgezimmerman

    7 black men just walked into a Virginia saks at 6 pm saturday and took thousands of dollars worth of handbags and walked out. carry a handgun and don’t hesitate to use deadly force. dont worry about the law carry it anyway and USE IT

    • anonymous

      I have handguns. If it ever got to the point where they wouldn’t offer CCW permits and there were few cops around to stop gangs and if my neighborhood got overrun with crime, I would carry that firearm on me anyways. I wouldn’t wait around a “piece of paper” to tell me it was ok to carry a weapon on me to defend myself in that instance.

    • I_Eat_Crakkkers

      Several White men in a $7,000 Armani suits stole BILLIONS from innocent Americans and flushed our economy down the toilet. They got to keep their jobs and our money. Let’s start at the top with deadly force you sheeple are ridiculous.

  • Garrett brown

    Doesn’t Ann coulter date a negro?

    • snickle

      I’ll give her a pass on that one for now; maybe the Walker thing is a shield for her. 🙂

  • Barrack Osama

    People tend to dislike Coulter’s miscegenation, but I don’t care all that much. Coulter is like a shark to me. She’s smart, she’s on point, she knows the score. She can handle the consequences of her decisions. When she is done, her little pets are spit out unceremoniously. She’s completely different from those doe-eyed foolish children who buy into “Diversity Is Are Strength” nonsense and find themselves sleeping with blacks.

  • You have to admire Coulter for saying that. It takes real guts to say race everything when the MSM and the left will want to crucify her for it. But, because of brace people like her, folks are waking up the truth: demographics is destiny.

  • red states

    When will the Red States wake up and split this bad marriage once and for all? Had the South won and returned all slaves to their roots peacefully and harmlessly the original America would have been the safest wealthiest most advanced on earth. Slavery was a horrific mistake and no unneeded plus the worst form of eco system on the planet. Hired help and share cropping was the best economic system and still is. Its called capitalism.

    Marxism since Lincoln arrived on the scene has been nothing but the downfall of the white chosen blessed Shem race and split and fractured it.

    The caste class system was always the best. Marx was a satanic liar from hell who found his perfect solution to turn whites against whites with his bullshit class struggle knowing full well things are changing and the wheels are always turning for those who try to make better for themselves in a mobile western society.

    Whites were too intelligent to heed that bullshit until the Ham factor became institutionalized in the western world that was genetic and above even the white race comprehension to understand what destruction he had wrought on himself.

    This is why white on white slavery was never outlawed in the ancient Hebrew Books and should have never ended since white slaves built and maintained all white European advanced nations for 4000 years going by the Hebrew time table.

    Ending white slavery 500 years in the western world created the vacuum for the introduction of African slave rejects bought off tribal chiefs and the imminent downfall of the white chosen blessed Shem race introducing a genetic fallacy breakup of the NWO post flood that tampered with the Creator and footnotes can be put on this unlike the Jefferson rogue lies calling all races equal.

    That was like calling heaven and hell equal and then along comes Madison to completely obliterate everything with his equality of religion.

    Were the Founders this ignorant and stupid that couldn’t see any further than the length of their short penis’s?

    Clearly they had a mixed society in mind somewhere in the future or they would never have been so moronic in their writings in such soapbox delusions of grandeur style as if they were talking to the entire planet, and they were.

    Sure Jefferson and Madison were under great duress but they could have easily corrected their errors and changed the course of destiny by ending the boondoggle of erroneous slavery and returning all slaves to their roots without problem or returned to white on white slavery as the Book they claimed to believe in approved of without question.

    Hypocrisy is putting it mild.

  • Guest

    This was written in 1999 and its even more true today………….

    • George


      The author of that article is black. He is able to say things that would result in tar & feathers for a white academic.

  • shattered

    Democrats are obsessed with pushing the poorest most criminal people in the world into the U.S. simply because these people live off the government and vote Democrat.

  • white europe

    Yea there goes that racist white blonde bitch telling the truth again that is clearly grounds for the Barbara Walters 90 year old hag to have her on the View again to laugh and mock her after the hunch back ugly Whoppie Goldberg, aka Caryn Johnson, gorilla slams her with explicit deletives.

  • Don

    And just like that, the War-On-Whites claim two more innocent (actually 3 she was pregnant) victims.

  • A multiracial individual

    The police harass Asians less than Whites because Asians have lower rates of violence than Whites. It’s that simple. This pattern continues until you get to a small gap between Hispanics and Blacks.

  • mike5586

    There should be a campaign to post links to US government VICTIM reports every time someone calls her a bigot or racist in response to what she said.

    There won’t be, but there should.

  • Doppleganger

    Blacks commit 4 times MORE crime than would be expected based on their population size. Whites commit 50% LESS crime than would be expected. For all intents and purposes, Asians don’t commit crime (4 times LESS than expected). This pattern is almost universal throughout the U.S.

    • zWsA

      Universal throughout the WORLD.

  • Dave4088

    Is orphan Annie schizo or does she have an evil twin? One week she sounds like a white nationalist then the next week she’s calling Andrew Jackson a “racist scumbag” and passionately arguing that the Republican party is the best friend of black America and that dittoheadism and blackness go hand in hand.

  • Rufus Tate

    What do you call a mass shooting in the hood? Saturday night.

  • Every morning when I turn on the news I hear of another black person murdering a black person. Sometimes several. If I ask why black people are killing each other at such a rapid rate, I am called a racist. When the young white man in Newtown killed all those people at the school and I ask, wonder why white people don’t kill often but when they do they kill several sometimes? People try to discuss it and find a reason. You can’t even talk about black murderers PERIOD, without being called names.