Rep. Hank Johnson on NRA: ‘They Still Cannot Get Over’ That Obama Is ‘Black’

Matt Cover, CNS News, January 16, 2013

Representative Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) said that the National Rifle Association (NRA) opposed President Barack Obama’s gun control plans because the group “still cannot get over” the fact that the president is “black.”

Following a Capitol Hill press conference on Wednesday, Rep. Johnson suggested that NRA opposition to Obama’s gun control policies was personal. then asked Johnson, “You said just a minute ago that part of the NRA’s true colors was a personal dislike of the president. Why do you think that is?”

Rep. Johnson said, “First of all, he is a black. And as a black person being the president of the United States, that is something they still cannot get over.”

President Obama announced on Wednesday a slate of proposed gun control regulations in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Conn.


“They couldn’t get over the first election, [and] they’re still shell-shocked at the second election,” he said. “That’s a pun, shell-shocked.”


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  • Hirschibold

    Hank has his priorities right. The potential for being a victim of minority violence pales in comparison to the chances that Guam will capsize some time in the near-future.

  • Triarius

    They cannot get over that Obama is the worst president ever and no one cared about his skin color since 2008.

    • Alan

      It is too early to make a definitive asssesment on Presdient Obama. He will have to complete his second term. That being said, I would say that
      Warren G. Harding
      Zachary Taylor
      Herbert Hoover
      Ulysses Grant
      John Tyler
      Andrew Johnson
      Jimmy Carter (although he has had an excellent post presidency)
      Millard Filmore
      would be considered worst presidents than Obama.

      • Linda C. Dines

        Zachary Taylor died in office after about a month from an upper respiratory infection. If it is unfair to judge Obama since he has not completed his second term, how much more unfair is it to judge someone who did not complete his first term with 3 years and 10-11 months remaining, I suggest he didn’t have the time to show up what he could do. Had he completed his first term, then we could have known what he was really like. I do know he wanted to take Mexico, while still a serving General, if he had, perhaps we wouldn’t have the immigration problems we have today. Perhaps Uncle Sam should propose to Seniora Mexico “Half of your children come to live in my house, how about hooking up”. They could become a territory and ultimately the Largest State in the Union, they could be bi-lingual, just like Puerto Rico, still a Territory. If we had control of all the territory down to Panama, we would have better control of illegal drugs moving this way and they would be required to have better facilities for jails, etc.

  • Some Guy

    Hank “Guam will tip over” Johnson is a low IQ racist who interjects race into ever issue. If something is not right, it must be rayciss!

    • StillModerated

      I think Americans have a tendency to vote for the dumbest candidates because they seem to fear the clever ones. The voters in his region of Georgia are not quite as dim as their elected “leader.” But then again, I might be wrong!

      • blight14

        Hey guy, its Brett from the conference…….hope you made it home safe and sound….it sounds like we missed a good time last night, a few of our folks ‘encountered’ some of the vermin in a local bar and took care of business……ha, RamzPaul actually got a bit of a cut from some broken glass….BL

  • On related matters, I was able to listen to Rush for awhile today, but not his whole show. I think Rush was using rhetorical-polemical techniques to insinuate (even though he pretended as if he had no clue himself) that Obama is trying to bait us into overreacting to give him an excuse to put us down like rabid dogs. This was at the same time Rush was dealing with the brilliant NRA ad, that flat out called Obama an “elitist hypocrite.” Really, Obama and his ilk aren’t elitist hypocrites, because that which seems to be elitist hypocrisy is really elitist self-perpetuation. But the accusation is useful for public consumption.

    Barack H. Obama II literally thinks he’s a better person than everyone reading these words.

    As for his goading us into lashing out, I choose not to participate. I’m going to try to tune that man out of my life as much as I can. Even if it requires me turning off all media and all doodads, sitting in the park and listening to what few birds remain around here during the winter quack or squeak or squawk. Thankfully, at least during the very early morning to late morning hours most days, I have a built in excuse not to mind any media.

  • Luca

    This is why I propose that all candidates for higher office should have to pass an IQ test with a minimum of 90, have at least a Master’s in Political Science with coursework in Economics, American History, and sociology and must be able to pass a background check at least as vigorous as if they were applying for a gun permit. Look what we get instead. Is this anyway to run a country?

    • So CAL Snowman

      Sociology? Why not require that he has coursework in under water basket weaving, Social Justice, and Chicano studies.

      • Luca

        My point being that instead of taking African/Chicano studies and ebonics like they do for a BA, they’d have to finish a Masters Program. I didn’t say a degree in sociology. It’s a weeding out process.

        • So CAL Snowman

          You also said a Master’s degree in Political Science. Pro Tip : There is no “science” involved in Political “Science” it’s just another useless major to rope in students who are too dumb to go into law, business, or the hard sciences.

      • OlderWoman

        and black history.

    • anarchyst

      I would also prohibit anyone that attended harvard, yale or princeton from holding ANY public office . . .

      • Lewis33

        ADL would be all over you…

    • The__Bobster

      ……a Master’s in Political Science with coursework in Economics, American
      History, and sociology….

      These Congresscritters DO have backgrounds like that, but what good are they when the colleges have been poisoned with political correctness? I’d rather vote for someone who has never seen the inside of a college classroom.

      • Roddion Raskolnikov

        Sociology is pure marxist anti-white indoctrination. I can assure you of that. I took a sociology class last semester. I’m contemplating uploading transcripts of the class lectures just so more people can see what they teach young whites today.

        • mrcan

          do it… i would like to read what is the ‘current’ propaganda…so long as u dont get sued for copyright infringement.

          • Roddion Raskolnikov

            Very well. 😉
            I have one transcript almost ready. I’m not so worried about betraying a bunch of subversive leftist’s “trade secrets”. Internet anonymity is a wonderful safeguard.
            Here’s a preview:

            Whites don’t have any legitimate reason to organize (according to leftists) because there’s “no gene for race” and because “race is a social construct”. But it’s fair-game to vilify the “hated majority” (aka white people) and blame them for all of society’s ills. We were taught to embrace diversity. To avoid it would be “aversive racism”, but that’s another lecture. 😉

    • Cali

      I.Q. test, yes. College degree not so much. College degrees don’t really mean a lot anymore. I realized in my undergrad studies that many people got a degree just showing up. I think several were there because they had financial assistance and sitting in class was better than working. They should develop a testing system to make sure they could handle/understand a least the core basics of economics/politics/geography/history. Unfortunately, you and I know that would be dumbed down, because it would be considered “racist”.

    • MollyPitcher28

      Luca, I know this is an old thread but it’s still so relevant.
      I agree with your assertion however, not just candidates must be required to take the tests (I would have added the Constitution to the list) but, more importantly, those already in office. Those doddering old fools who have held their seats for 20, 30, 40 years i.e., Mitch McConnell and those that show clear malice and contempt for the foundations our nation i.e. Sharia loving, Keith Ellison, professed communist, Bernie Sanders.
      I could guarantee that pea brained, racist Hank Johnson would score an impressive fail and have his sorry butt kicked to the curb as well as the others with questionable belief systems.
      Enough dreaming though….
      Sadly, the Beltway gangsta’ vermin would find efficient ways to cheat on whatever test was required in order that their political seats continue to be warmed by their wretched posteriors.
      What Washington really needs is fumigation.

  • So CAL Snowman

    I’m thinking it’s the other way around, Hank Johnson can’t get over obama’s “blackness”

    • OlderWoman

      It’s apparent Hank Johnson does nothing to earn his paycheck. Same as Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel and Sheila Jackson Lee. Their constituents scraped the bottom of the barrel to put them in office. These are among the dumbest people in the history of US Government.

      • dukem1

        They do actually earn whichever fraction of their check comes from their districts. Their main job, which they are elected to do, is poke YT in the eye with a stick at each and every chance, and which they do, faithfully.
        This is not to say that there is no collateral damage from their works, such as turning the United States into at least Detroit, if not Zimbabwe.

        Now, if they seem to be unable to see the long-term effects of their actions, that is, killing their golden goose – eh, maybe there’s something in the water, or in their genetic makeup which makes the big picture a bit blurry, if not invisible. Maybe they are the types of people that have trouble making “brain pictures of the future”‘

        Don’t get me wrong, Older Woman, I agree with your assessment. The group you mention, and their cohorts in the Black Congressional Choir, are the the type that give imbeciles all over a bad rap.

        But it’s their job,and they do, unfortunately, show up.(Unless their grandmother dies again, and they need a few weeks off.)

        • OlderWoman

          ‘(Unless their grandmother dies again, and they need a few weeks off.)’

          Hahahahaha….thanks for the laugh.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          This is not “collateral damage”, and it never is because these Fecal-Americans are doing it on purpose.

      • And his predecessor, Cynthia McKinney.

      • Not Politically Correct

        You can say this about 95% of Congress.

      • Cali

        I agree. They are actually comical to watch and hear. They have enough supporters and yes men to actually think they are intelligent. They sound like a first grader lecturing a college physics class. There so out of their league and have no idea.

    • dukem1

      …Hank Johnson can’t get over Obama’s blackness – that is totally hitting the nail right on the head! –

    • StillModerated

      Or Obongo’s whiteness.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    I am very careful only to hate BO’s white half, but I do so with a white hot fury.

  • Obama’s race is not the issue. His policies are. A fine patriot Derrick Grayson also known as TMOT (the minister of truth) is running in Johnson’s district as a pro liberty candidate. Those who live in this district need to vote for him to get rid of Johnson.

    • RisingReich

      If the district is mostly black, your idea is a farce.

      • Derrick is black and he is pro gun, anti-Obama, you can listen to his videos on you tube under TMOT. He makes a lot of sense.

    • His race certainly is the paramount issue. We either live in a white country or we don’t. Therefore, we either have white heads of state or we don’t.

      • Tucker

        I fully agree with Question Diversity. His race IS most certainly an issue, the same way race would be an issue if every one of the historic black African countries had a White guy in the top position of power. Or, if Japan had a White guy and his entire cabinet consisted of his fellow white elites and the Japanese people were expected to tolerate being subjugated to rule by an alien race of men.

        The entire concept of ‘self-determination’, which I believe all the different races of people of this world are naturally entitled to, brings with it an automatic requirement that people have a perfectly legitimate right to wish to be governed by their own people and not by aliens who will always be hostile to their perfectly legitimate ethnic interests.

        This is why ethnic nationalism is the only solution to ethnic conflict and also why the nation-wrecking, divide-and-conquer gang despises it with such fervor.

        Having said that, however, Crystal Lee is also correct – to a degree. His policies are a direct reflection of his desire to advance the ethnic interests of his race, as well as to advance the diabolically evil and extremely sinister agenda of the Cultural Marxists who groomed him during his formative years and who financed his way into power. This is a marriage of convenience, but both of the parties in this alliance share the common characteristic of being virulently anti-White and this is the glue that keeps this marriage together.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          President Orangutan’s race is certainly an issue, and he is the one who makes an issue out of it every day he is alive. If he had not already done so for decades, I would not be using the two racially-loaded, vitriolic nicknames I use in print for our First Shoeshine Boy.

  • anonymous

    I’m tired of hearing these older blacks make everything about race. Oh, but they’re allowed to because “they lived during a time when they were discriminated against, blah, blah, blah.” My grandfathers both fought Japanese people in WWII. Not one of them hated Japanese people. Hell, even one of my grandfathers was a high-ranking marine in WWII and was against the Japanese people here getting disarmed by the local sheriff (writing him a nasty letter back in the day in WWII) and getting put into internment camps here. Muslims enslaved our people in Europe during the Middle Ages, yet how many people would say it’s ok for us to hate muslims? Are Russians free to hate Mongolians because of Genghis Khan?

    • Tim

      My father fought the Battle of the Atlantic. He always felt sorry for Pacific War veterans who did not have the luxury of treating their enemy as a skillful, courageous and honorable opponent..Both sides throwing lead instead of life preservers, as he put it…

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I’m not certain that was such a luxury. Leaving aside the nasty North Atlantic weather, which the Pacific War made up for with heinous tropical diseases, I think the Pacific War still wins the contest. When one is not willing to fight to the death with the expectation that one’s foes do the same, perhaps it is time to wonder whether your government had good reasons for sending you out to fight in the first place.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      My wife’s great-grandfather was an Imperial Navy pilot during that unpleasantness, and he wrote a rather un-Japanese letter criticizing the way the war was being conducted and sent it to his superiors his last day alive. He had no reasonable expectation of surviving the war, but as an educated, decent man, he had his say. When the Kempeitai arrived at the airfield to arrest him, he was already gone.

      Yes, it’s OK for us to hate Muslims. They still want us enslaved in a global caliphate, and the behavior of them in Western Europe speaks volumes about their real intentions.

      • Dyn-O-mite

        Blacks and Muslims may want us enslaved and may want our women, but they don’t have the power without someone giving it to them. Stop the people opening the gates to let them in and the problem is solved. We need to focus on the enemy within. Where are the State Department communists from the 1950’s? How much deeper are they entrenched in our federal system and beyond?

        • Michael_C_Scott

          The jurisprudence in US law is called “Affirmative Defense”, which means if we win Civil War Two, we get to hang them all. Will Mr. Engelman please try to explain himself at this point?

    • ed91

      it’s all they have

  • PesachPatriot

    I don’t care if the president who tries to mess with the 2nd amendment is black, white, green, orange or plaid…the first and second amendments are plainly stated in easy to understand language because they are so self-evident. There has not been a human society ever that has managed to completely legislate away crime, violence and mental illness. If I recall my history correctly wasn’t the NRA founded in 1871 by some gentlemen who wore blue uniforms so that representative johnson could make ridiculous statements to the media on a taxpayer provided salary?

    I do not have as much life experience as some of the other posters but I recall the NRA getting in quite the tiff with the very white president clinton too.

    • anonymous

      It seems like many of these black public figures who complain when/if a black person gets criticized are either too dishonest or too lazy to notice that when whites do the same thing they get equally called out on it. Maybe they just think because someone’s black they shouldn’t be criticized or held accountable for it. I know I’m a white nationalist, but I’m mostly pissed off right now at all people trying to disarmed me. Specially the liberals.

      • PesachPatriot

        Good point…when the sandy hook massacre happened there weren’t a bunch of white people saying how adam lanza was a good boy and was just turning his life around and we need to understand the root causes of these kind of incidents. The liberal desire to disarm people is their own cowardice and unwillingness to be responsible for the defense of their own families and lives.

        They think by passing the right laws that every black and hispanic gang in the country will simply turn in their already illegal firearms. They think everyone else on the planet is a kind hearted liberal like they are…the smarter members of the american jewish community realize how dangerous gun control truly can be. Some guy who wore brown uniforms and wasn’t very good at painting people was a big fan of gun control….so was some other guy in russia with a mustache who once said “everyone is guilty of something”. I’d rather take my chances of being shot in a mall or movie theatre than trust the good intentions of governments not to commit 20th century style democide against disarmed citizens. Power mad governments with tanks, nuclear weapons, airplanes, drones and who knows what else are far more deadly than lone nuts with AR-15’s.

        • Luis

          Pesach, consider THIS scenario:

          Obawangara Juwann Lumumba takes four handguns to Martin Luther King Elementary School in Newark, NJ where he guns down 26 coal-black schoolchildren, dead on the spot. Would Obama have promulgated his gun-control schemes if it were Bantus killed? I think not – because he knew that nobody would give a rat’s cannoli, about Bantus killing one another. But with a whitey shooting 26 whites, he thought it would be more palatable.

          He’s finding out different.

          • That is doubtful to happen because Martin Luther King Elementary in Newark probably has metal detectors and near prison style security with constant police patrol within. And also…Newark has a Mayor who isn’t so hot about public schools having armed security.

          • PesachPatriot

            Both of you guys bring up some good points…My point that I make with bitter grabbers out in the real world is that if you desire strict gun control then either move to american cities like NYC, DC, Chicago, San Francisco etc or foreign countries like the UK or Canada and enjoy some of the strictest gun control laws on the planet…let people in pro-2nd amendment states enjoy their rights….I also like to tell them that they are far more likely to die from obesity related heart disease or a car accident than a firearm.

            I also tell people that their BS detector should go off whenever a politician says we have to do something for the children….the only children the politicos care about is their own…who all go to school with armed security guards….remember that these same politicians said we have to lock up harmless long hairs for enjoying fun plants while muggers, rapists, bank robbers and murderers roam free due to overcrowded prisons. These are also the same geniuses who thought you could actually make alcoholic beverages illegal in the not too distant past.

            The silver lining in these tragic incidents is that may former grabber types are re-thinking their positions….they want their kids protected by something a little more substantial than hope, change or a coexist bumper sticker.

          • Except whatever Obama thinks he can get away with by executive order, (and he wouldn’t kill this goose laying golden eggs for him if doing so is so politically risky that it endangers the goose for future eggs), all this yammer about more “gun control” at least on the Federal level is just that, yammering. Or more specifically, fundraising yammering. Political campaigns are expensive, don’t you know?

            And also…Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly are starting a new foundation which is said to be a “political force to take on the NRA.” Okay, so why start an organization that is in direct competition with the Brady Bunch? A dollar given to Brady is by definition a dollar not given to Giffords, and vice versa. Answer: Because Giffords has nothing to do with advancing a political agenda or “taking on the NRA,” it has everything to do with hustling the tragedy to make people with surnames Giffords and Kelly and their in-laws a lot of money. (And, to keep Gabby Giffords in the spotlight). You see, we don’t actually engage in real economic production in this country any longer — We merely hustle for donations based on reputations and sob stories, then hire our niece’s new husband and a first cousin twice removed for lifetime sinecures with our “foundation” in earnest.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Hank (d/Racist-Ga) is still angry that Americans ignored his dire warning that Guam could capsize and tip over.

    Hank was voted in because he is black, a racist and stupid, just like his electorate. Same type of voter that voted in the likes of Cynthia McKinney (and Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee) — the three dumbest people in congress.

    BTW, Hank, Obama is not black, he’s RED.


    • IstvanIN

      he’s both black and red.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Genealogical evidence has revealed that the impostering “first black president” Barak Hussein obama is 6.5% Negro and 48% Arabic, the remainder, 45% Caucasian.


        • Michael_C_Scott

          Sometimes I wonder if there had been a similar workup of myself as President and My Lady as the first lady if I had been elected, what would have been said about concave incisors.

  • Bob

    What I’ve witnessed today from the Jewish controlled press is frightening to say the least. The orchestration, the demonization of normal, the chutzpah to all but formally declare war on the American people. There is only on response needed to punch back and it is nonviolent as it must be. The 53% need to remove their children from public schools tomorrow. You have power but not if you refuse to use it. Stop paying Hollywood to overthrow your society. Damn people, WTFU!!!

  • Michael_C_Scott

    I expect to fight in the next US civil war from kickoff until I am dead. I now believe this will start this year. I do not intend to accept the voluntary surrender of our enemies. I intend to execute – without any exceptions – foreign military, UN or Mexican adventurists.

    If I am ever allowed any major seat of power in a transitional US government and foreign forces are fighting on US soil, I promise I will order nuclear strikes on the homelands of those forces who aid our enemies.

    Were I yours, none of them would ever be back for several thousand years.

    And none of you have any guts.

  • bigone4u

    Obama and his loathsome wife come across as not the kind of folks I would want to have over for Sunday bar-b-que. The emptiness of his words ring loudly in the vacuum of lost decency that has descended on Washington during his reign as Emperor. The O man’s political enemies are sometimes focused on his race, but more often on his irresponsible spending, taxing, and other policies inimical to Euro/American tradition. I cannot stand to go to Drudge anymore for fear that a big picture of His Arrogance is going to be staring me in the face.

  • me

    LOL! The fact that our POTUS is half-White, raised by White grandparents, and was groomed for political life by a White man never crosses the minds of these pinheads! The fact that he’s an out-of-control, power-grabbing, unlawful Marxist that wants to ban guns is why guns are flying off the shelves. That, and the rise of black on white hate crime. The comming financial crash will make the Great Depression look like a cakewalk. When the SHTF and the welfare money runs out, you’re going to see riots and race wars that will make history. THAT’S why people are buying guns, Johnson–you idiot!

    • Tucker

      Those half-white genes were overpowered and rendered into a permanent state of ‘deactivation’ by the time this guy hit his 10th birthday, if not sooner than that. The simmering hatred for White European people that radiates outward from his black genes is what drives this guy’s every waking thought and every item on his political and ideological agenda.

  • After extensive research, Gary Kleck, a Professor of Criminology at FSU, and professor Marc Gertz, concluded that gun control does not deter violent crimes or make you safer. It does not even deter gun crime in many cases. He used data from his study to project that over 2 million citizens defend themselves or thwart attacks and violence by having a firearm. This projected number of people successfully using firearms to defend themselves is actually 4 times higher than the number of violent crimes committed with guns. He also concluded that guns do not increase the number of suicides; only the number of suicides with guns are increased.

    Gary, if you don’t already know, is a liberal, a registered and active Democrat, and a member of the ACLU. He has testified before Congress on gun control proposals. His research was cited in the Supreme Court’s decision of District of Columbia vs Heller, which struck down the ridiculous D.C. handgun ban and held that the 2nd Amendment protects an individuals’ right to keep and bear arms.

    So much for the myth that statistics and views that support pro-gun, pro-2nd amendment people come from nothing but rednecks and NRA types who disagree with Obama just because he’s black.

    Get over that one, Hank Johnson.

  • Puggg
  • Ulick

    Yeah, it’s not like the National Rifle Association has a history of protecting gun rights when there were white Presidents or anything.

    We need to start laughing in the face of such debunkable stupidity.

  • odious liberal

    He has all of the insight I have come to expect from a democratic negro politican.

  • MAJ

    I understand he’s in congress but really, why does anything he say make the news? The guy is certified moron.

    Short-changed by the Lord and dumb as a jackass.

    If someone told Jefferson (Thomas, not George) in 1776 that 235 years later this clown would be sitting in the House voting on legislation Jefferson probably would have returned to England.

    The liberal media cannot fail to see that Rep. Hank J. is an imbecile. I suspect they report on him just to anger non-liberal Whites.

    When a society elects characters like Hank to lead then that society is finished. Hank is living proof that the end of America is near.

    • Liberalsuck

      Liberals don’t even like blacks or mexicans or muslims. I’ve said it time and time again. If they loved them so much, they’d move to countries or neighborhoods where these nonwhites or muslims are already a majority and would give up their own resources to these people. These liberals need called out for this BS just as Breitbart was doing. I’m still convinced he was murdered. He was the most outspoken anti-liberal person out there and right before he said some damning evidence was going to come out he was dead not too long after that. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I don’t put anything past the liberals anymore. Oh, I’m sorry. Meant to call them ‘progressives.’ My bad.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Nobody is really going to this.

    • Liberalsuck

      Even if they pass this legislation on paper, there’s a far many number of Americans who will not comply. I sure as hell won’t!

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Yes, but you can all blame me after the job is finished and our beautiful country restored to the Constitutional government to which we are entitled.

        I, Michael Christopher Scott, also known as 29787-013 swear to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

        That was easy.

        Your household firearms are already known to the Enemy via the 4473 forms – the infamous yellow sheet – you filled out when you bought them. They will pick you up on some pretext like an expired warrant or other deliberate disinformation when you are driving away from your home, the way they did with me on December 11, 1011, and then they will search your home, probably shooting your dog, stomping your cat and abducting your children to place them with paid, professional indoctrinators.

        Your position is not easy.

    • Tucker

      Ditto that, Mr. Scott. I have often marveled at how tenderly American patriots have treated Communists within our society. I have repeatedly asked myself – the entire White Western world’s leadership are fully aware of the horrific and sadistic mass murders, gruesome tortures, and stark terror that these Communists have engaged in throughout the last 100 years whenever they’ve managed to seize absolute power over a nation – horrors which they most certainly lust to repeat here on American soil – so why are these Communists even tolerated?

      Communism is equivalent to a termite infestation of one’s home. Ignoring a termite infestation will result in the destruction of your home. Hence, the only way to deal with a termite infestation is to kill every last termite. After all, it is not possible to co-exist alongside termites, right?

      Why should Communists not be dealt with in the same fashion?

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I knew another Scottish kid my own age named Eric Tucker. He had the guts of a lion. His family went back to Edinburgh.

  • liberal demonics

    That clown liberal scumbag can only speak for himself and not others and just because you utter hyperbole and innuendos does not make it true. Sounds like liberals are the ones who cant get over the moronic socialist criminal Marxist muslim homosexual enabler they gave another years to destroy all of white western built society.

    Is that idiot refusing to look at the incredulous proposals and changes of this homosexual enabling bisexual socialist in the WH who cant even produce a valid birth certificate or other documentation to prove the hell he is and why he refuses to do so? Obama and his liberals want to detroy and tear down the very fabric of western civilization and become a 3rd world stone age group.

  • 1XXX

    Obama’s phony “blackness” is the least of his problems.

  • I think the NRA should bring forward a civil rights lawsuit against people like Hank Johnson:

  • boring as hell

    yada yada yada .. don’t these stupid racist liberal lying diverting smoke and mirror political mouthy idiots have any new material? ZZZZZZZZZZ ….

  • quantico

    Dont fall for this BS. Blacks know Obama is a tired beanpole loser pos and done nothing but put them all back into the stone age but they would never admit it. This Johnson moron and his ilk are the ones who really cant get over that a black man is still president and has done nothing but run up a 17 trillion debt with nothing to show for it while putting twice as many on welfare and food stampers with a terrible economy. The magic is gone and the bloom off the rose that was a fake anyway. Where are all the cliche “eyes on the prize” or other BS these days? MLK has been put on the shelf. Blacks have come back to earth and finally realize they are nothing but an an inferior race in the end. Nothing has changed and meanwhile who will pay the 8 year 14 trillion dollar tab their messiah has run up over and above the intake of taxes they don’t pay?

    So they and guilt ridden lib scum whites let this incompetent grand standing mutt keep power now diverting attention to make a power play to seize white firearms that will fail. How does that help blacks who are doing nothing but collecting welfare and food stamps?

    Gang killing in the hood is a good thing and blacks know it no different than drug dealers kiling each other in mexico. Its a win win. Cops have no problem with these open and shut cases either. Gonna be a long four more years as the real truth of this fake in the WH continues and even Obama acted like he was less than enthusiastic about running again.

    Blacks have learned their lesson about buying homes and the massive work and money that goes with this responsibility and most all choose to live in apts only these days with help from Sec 8.

    And why would Obama want to legalize 30 million spics to make things worse than he has already made them plus run up the debt trillions more? Gonna be a boring 4 years and black will sink deeper into disparity and depression knowing nothing comes free in the end as they revert back in time caring less about any so called bullshit progress.

  • David Ashton

    Obama can’t get over the fact that he is “black” either.

  • mrcan

    Let me see…if you agree with Obama you are enlightened…if you do not…you are a racist.
    Interesting logic. Maybe the home boys should form their own gun club. Although it might be hard to get insurance.

  • rebelcelt

    When that clown said Guam might tip over did you notice the admiral just said “we don’t foresee that happening”. I mean give this guy the poker face award. I would have fallen out of my chair.

  • Cali

    Hank Johnson simply embarrasses me when he speaks. The fact that any American voted for him crushes my trust in America.

  • razorrare

    Is it Obama’s gun control plan that the NRA rejects to or is it the ADL’s gun control plan they reject to?…

    A must read article written in 1990 by “The Birdman”…

    The ADL: The Price to Outlaw Free Speech and Thought…