City to Pay $22.5 Million to Bipolar Woman Released in High-Crime Area

Fran Spielman, Chicago Sun-Times, January 14, 2013

Chicago taxpayers will spend $22.5 million to compensate a mentally-ill California woman who was arrested and held overnight, then released in a high-crime neighborhood, where she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted before falling from a seventh-floor window of a CHA high-rise.

The settlement to Christina Eilman, now 27, is one of the largest to a single plaintiff in Chicago history—and $4.5 million more than the $18 million paid to the family of LaTanya Haggerty, one of two unarmed civilians shot to death by Chicago Police in 1999 after high-speed chases during the same summer weekend.


A former UCLA student, Eilman was arrested in May 2006 after allegedly creating a disturbance at Midway Airport. At the time, she was suffering from a bi-polar breakdown.

She was taken to the Wentworth District police station, 5101 S. Wentworth, where she was held overnight and continued to behave erratically.

The following day, despite frantic calls from her parents, Eilman was released without assistance or instruction into a high-crime neighborhood while dressed in short shorts and a cut-off top.

She was subsequently lured into the last remaining high-rise at the Robert Taylor homes, where she was sexually assaulted before falling from a seventh-floor window.

Eilman suffered a devastating brain injury and several broken bones, including a shattered pelvis. She now requires around-the-clock care and lives with her parents in California.

Christina Eilman, prior to the attack.

Christina Eilman, prior to the attack.


An even more devastating blow to the city’s case came last spring.

That’s when a federal appeals court rejected the city’s attempt to dismiss the case and said police “might as well have released her into the lions’ den at Brookfield Zoo” when they ignored frantic calls from Eilman’s parents and allowed the young woman to leave without assistance in the high-crime neighborhood.

In the federal appeals court ruling that turned out to be the death knell of the city’s case, Chief Judge Frank Easterbrook did not mince his words in talking about the cavalier disregard that Chicago Police officers exhibited for Eilman’s safety before her release.

“She was lost, unable to appreciate her danger and dressed in a manner to attract attention,” Easterbrook wrote last spring.

“She is white and well-off while the local population is predominantly black and not affluent, causing her to stand out as a person unfamiliar with the environment and, thus, a potential target for crime.”

Marvin Powell, convicted of kidnapping Miss Eilman.

Marvin Powell, convicted of kidnapping Miss Eilman.

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  • Some Guy

    “She is white and well-off while the local population is predominantly black
    and not affluent, causing her to stand out as a person unfamiliar with the
    environment and, thus, a potential target for crime.”

    Well off?? How can you tell while she is dressed like that! Maybe it was just because she is White? The truth is ANYONE anywhere is a target for the black thugs. This thug needs to be put down like the rabid dogs he is.

    • Daisy

      Yes, the thug who did this to her should be held responsible, and that’s it. She chose to dress herself, she chose to go into his apartment. The parents couldn’t raise a person who can take responsibility for her own actions, and now they’re suing the taxpayers…

      • Bob

        You don’t know anything about bi-polar disorder, do you? At times they are not responsible for their actions.

      • OlderWoman

        Her parents informed the police they should send her to a hospital, but they held her for two days without medical intervention while she had a breakdown. I bet the cops who released her were black.

        • Daisy

          The article simply said ‘overnight’; where are you getting ‘two days?’ Calling me ‘nudnik’ doesn’t strengthen your argument regarding the cops’ actions.

          • NM156

            Daisy, STFU and go away.

      • Integration Anxiety

        I understand what you are saying, but at the same time, I’ve got to admit that I’m glad she’s getting paid for this. You know a black would probably get 5x the amount. If the races were reversed (which, in the case of rape, it rarely is a two way street), then a black woman would get 5x the amount. Is she an adult? Yes. Was she arrested? Yes. Is she attractive and blonde? Yes. And let out in a black drug infested neighborhood? You might as well drop a wounded flounder in a shark tank.

        I don’t know if anyone knows what this unfortunate woman looks like now, but hopefully she’s gotten proper treatment for her disability.

      • kjh64

        The woman was mentally ill at the time, that was why she was taken into custody, she was causing a disturbance at an airport due to her mental state. People who are in the throes of an attack of serious mental illness (ie. bipolar, schizophrenia, severe depression) are NOT rational. The city ought to be sued and they are responsible for releasing a mentally ill person that they knew was ill into that environment. She should have been sent to a hospital and then released once she was stabilized and rational.

        • Daisy

          This woman according to court documents was a stripper, sorry folks. At issue in the docs was whether her ‘behaviors’ were due to a mental illness or to the peculiar norms of ‘stripping culture.’ The police tried to contend that their interpretations of her various behaviors were influenced by this but it looks as if that argument was either rejected on its merits or kept from the jury.

          The court avoided the so-called ‘mental health’ issue for the most part and decided that by moving Eilman to a wholly different and inherently risky and violent environment the cops had responsibility for adding harm to her. This seems to be attributed to the class and racial difference moreso than from some mental health issue.

          Are all strippers mentally ill or bipolar? I have come to agree with the judges that moving Eilman constituted a harm done to her, but want to post for the record that I was right about a) ‘bipolar’ proved to be a very weak argument for the plaintiff and b) there was way more to this story and Eilmans’ choices than just ‘bipolar.’ Further, I strongly suspect that Eilman was the survivor of childhood sexual abuse and think that her breakdown likely resulted from it. It explains the hyper-sexuality combined with mental instability and impulsivity and the seeming from-out-of-nowhere nature of her change in character and behavior. Her parents should be suing the s*** out of not only the police involved in moving her and obstructing their communications with and about her but also the truly mentally ill psychiatrist who told them she suffered from some organic brain illness. Had they actually tried to not explain women’s abuse experiences as their mental illness then maybe, just maybe, the whole episode may have been prevented and Christina may have gotten the insight and control over her own mind and spirit she desperately deserved. I also lay blame at the feet of the media who may have poisoned her mind with romanticized notions of black men and culture; had Christina any true idea what she was letting herself in for when she went upstairs perhaps she may have chosen differently.

      • Michael Ryan

        she wasnt dressing for rape camp she was at an airport is is bipolar. but im sure youre right i should make my daughter wear a burka cause we cant rile the animals

        • Daisy

          Did she wittingly and willingly go upstairs into the guy’s apartment? That would have nothing to do with her style of dress.

          • alas

            You’re an idiot.

          • pcmustgo

            She may have been hallucinating… People in this state are delusional.

      • dukem1

        Yo Daisy…the picture shows what would seem to be typical attire for a young gal on a nice spring day…actually, quite modest compared to the gaggle of skanks one can find at any happy hour, chuggin’ the Red Bull and Jager, probably lookin’ to do a little mud wrestling themselves.

        She had mental problems, which her folks tried to tell the cops about…I doubt she was just askin’ for it.
        It would be curious to know if the cops involved have been counseled on their poor decision making in this case….
        Where is the detective with the unspeakable name when we need him?

      • ATBOTL

        The woman was in a psychotic state. No doubt she was forced. That’s why the man was convicted of kidnapping.

        “and now they’re suing the taxpayers…”

        When are white people going to stop thinking about everything in terms of money? That’s one of things that’s killing us.

        I’ve noticed over the years that many conservatives think that mental illness, mental retardation and autism are just excuses for lazy people use not to work. This kind of selfish stupidity is a big part of the reason why most well educated people are liberals now.

        The subsequent comments by “Daisy” show it to be a misogynist troll.

        • Daisy

          That’s odd given that I’ve been recently accused on here of being a ‘manhater.’ I simply call out responsibility when and where I see it. Where is your proof that she was in a psychotic state?

          • Daisy

            And how do you define ‘lured,’ as the article goes on to describe the assailant’s approach to her. That bothers me, frankly. I don’t consider luring an adult the same as kidnapping.

          • IKantunderstand

            Look, Daisy, no one has the right to rape anyone. Period. No one should either push, or cause someone, to jump from a seventh floor window. I don’t know what the exact mental state of this White woman was exactly, but, then really, it shouldn’t matter, should it? Or, are you saying it is far more dangerous as a White woman to be around Blacks in a housing project? I’ll bet the same thing would have happened to her if she had been released in an Amish community. Well, except for that being shoved out of a 7 story window.

          • NM156

            What proof, you idiot? She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

        • A multiracial individual

          Conservative hostility toward science is one of the those reputations that conservatives have fully earned. Mental illness is particularly stigmatized in conservative circles. Many people think that mental illness is some kind of (weak) choice. The amount of needless human suffering caused by this scientifically illiterate perception is beyond calculation. Needless to say, the brain is an organ, bestowed upon us by genes. This organ, being made of organic material, is just as susceptible to pathology as any other tissue. Surprise, surprise

          • Daisy

            I don’t identify as ‘conservative,’ for one, and disrespect the faux-field of ‘psychiatry’ precisely because it is completely unscientific. These diagnoses are not made based upon blood tests, X-rays, CAT scans, etc., but on some upper middle class shill’s need to pathologize every body that walks into their door so that they can prescribe drugs to them; without a ‘diagnosis’ the shill makes no money. Psychiatry is the only ‘field’ in medicine that requires no empirical data to support or prove a diagnosis yet you call that science.

            Most of these alleged ‘mental illnesses’ begin to present in the late teens or twenties according to the fancy drug peddlers; they’re asking us to believe that the human brain gets seriously ‘sick’ at a rate and an age that no other organ in the body does. Count how many people you knew who got Hodgkin’s or died of an anneurism, etc., in those late teen and early twenties years and that’s how many people you know who actually suffer from schizophrenia or manic depression. We have the technology to do genetic testing for these diseases yet your beloved field of ‘psychiatry’ has tried to block this kind of research for years since they know it will reveal that almost none of their ‘patients’ suffer from true biological mental illness.

          • pcmustgo

            WOW… I have bipolar disorder. I have had serious, psychotic mental breakdowns where I was completely out of touch with reality and while I never threatened anyone, I was a danger to society.

            Psychotic Breakdowns/Nervous Breakdowns often happen when people haven’t slept for days. Which is typical in Bipolar… being so manic you can’t sleep.

            Just because some people are over-medicated these days or a.d.d. and the like are over-diagnosed does not mean mental illness is not real.

            One hour in a mental hospital would teach you that.

            Schizophrenia? You think those people just lie in their own filth and walk around mumbling to themselves by choice?

          • Daisy

            I don’t know what it is with people who need to distort what I wrote, which was that schizophrenia and manic depression exist and that they are legitimate mental illnesses, but occur very rarely. Manic depression if you don’t know is what is currently called bipolar. I use that term because it is a real condition; part of why psychiatrists wanted to change the name was to try to water down it historical meaning so they could call everyone and their brother ‘bipolar.’ Who knows, perhaps you may very well have manic depression. I have known some legitimate cases, although most bipolar people are simply having behavioral issues that have nothing to do with something wrong in their DNA as the psychiatrists would have us believe.

          • pcmustgo

            I agree… it’s become a “catch-all” for any teen with behavioral problems, many BP 2’s really just have depression and are into it cause Bipolar is more trendy and hip and historically full of Artists than plain old boring Depression.

            It’s like how the words “Racism” and “Rape” have been so over-used they’ve lost their former meaning and no one buys it any more….

            This is what happens when you abuse or over-use any word.

          • ATBOTL

            People who think mental illness is not real are not people we want in the pro-white movement. Let the crazy freaks who repel normal people find somewhere else to hang out.

            We can’t afford to have our ideas associated with general nutiness. Too many people involved with racialism seem to be motivated by a desire to embrace ANY contradictory view, no matter how absurd. These types tend to be paranoid, quarrelsome and focus on trivial or irrelevant details rather than the larger picture.

      • NM156

        Daisy, just stop right there-you’re foot is right over the pile.

      • rebelcelt

        What part of diminished mental capacity do you not understand. She was not in her full mental capacity. Therefore the police do have an obligation to look after her more carefully. Also, Would you like your daughter released in an all black crime ridden neighborhood..full mentle capacity or not? The judge was right, the might as well delivered her in to a lions den.

      • ewcz

        Here’s an article 6 yrs old. Eilman was completely insane. Even her cellmates pleaded with cops to help the girl. Her mother from California called the precinct incessantly. Sad story.

    • dukem1

      It takes a village to rape a ….person with diminished mental capacities.

    • Stan_Mute

      They couldn’t just say “she was white, they were black” although that summed it up well enough. They had to inject the poor poor victimized Africans and the evil rich capitalist white storyline. It’s a bit surprising they mentioned race at all really.

      In the end, this is just another of the tens of thousands of African rapes of whites annually … Just another “dog bites man” story … Except here the cops actually facilitated this instead of the more common passive involvement where they do nothing to prevent or to punish the African rapist.

  • Daisy

    This story is one of the weirder ones…what were the cops supposed to do? She dressed herself. She did something in their jurisdiction to get arrested, they didn’t abduct her. Is she a child? Were the cops supposed to tell her parents something that wasn’t legal to tell them? This family sounds utterly ridiculous and with a country of male cops doing abusive things to women this case just brings the insanity of the whole situation into stark relief. I get why some of the posters on here express such disgust for women who are victims. She got ‘lured’ into some rapist’s den? How old was she…21?!!! This is the responsibility of the city?!!! There is no such thing as ‘bipolar’ it is total Big Pharma myth. While there is such a (very rare) thing as manic depression it sounds like this whackjob was just wanting it…since when are slutty men called ‘bipolar?’

    • Luca

      Apparently, you are bipolar as well.

      • The__Bobster

        Or at least “bi-troller”.

        • Daisy

          I like that one…I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that men want to treat grown women as children…she *did* agree to go into this man’s apartment. The rapist is responsible; the cops did nothing wrong.

          • Luca

            You go, girlfriend. Uh-huh.

          • Daisy


          • kjh64

            Yep, the cops did do something wrong. If it were a crazy man released into that neighborhood and brutally attacked, I’d say the cops were just as wrong.

      • Daisy

        It is not a rare ‘disorder,’ or more aptly an f’d up way of behaving, for young, teen and twenties white females to fling themselves on black men particularly to piss off their white fathers. A white male friend of mine had such a case in his daughter and she didn’t stop doing it until they held her responsible for it and stopped calling her ‘bipolar.’ Her liberal white father was an irresponsible F up himself and liked to blame that on whites and constantly bemoan his and black people’s alleged oppression at the hands of those white ‘wallstreeters’ so maybe you need to look a little more deeply into what’s really going on in these situations before reducing yourself to name-calling.

        • Daisy

          The first sentence above is confusing grammatically; I meant that it is not rare that these young white females will act in a messed up way by throwing themselves on black men often in the depressed urban areas in which they are so likely to be exploited. I’ve lived near black urban environments where this weird drama goes on more than many realize and it is definitely a way to rebel or anger white fathers and maybe parents. It’s often a way for white young women to give some concrete justification for their own sense of being victims of maybe unloving white fathers, etc.

          I have no idea what this woman was intending but she dressed herself that morning or day before and willingly went into a black man’s apartment.

        • gemjunior

          Ha ha, I bet he didn’t like it when she was out coalburning like a dirty alley cat. No matter how liberal the father was he must have been disgusted at the thought.

          • Daisy

            Yeah, he was outraged by it, yet to this day still thinks blacks are oppressed. And BTW, on one occasion when this girl was wandering the streets of, say, Newark, NJ and one of her friends called to report her to her parents, the blacks around her, I think the cops, wanted her out of the area so trouble didn’t happen.

        • Luca

          Thank you Doctor Daisy for your medical definition of Bipolar Disorder, be sure to contact the JAMA on that one.

          I wasn’t name-calling, I was assuming by the way you write you too have a medical disorder characterized by an ability to comprehend or retain what you read. However, upon reflection I believe it to be more closely related to low IQ, entitlement mentality, ghetto culture and challenges within your DNA. Not your fault, I understand and I sympathize.

          • Daisy

            Send your regards for the JAMA to the doctors who ‘diagnosed’ Jesse Jackson, Jr. for his ‘bipolar disorder.’ I wonder how many posters on this thread made fun of that case.

            I believe you also may want to check, Mr. Mediterranean, on the Ohio rape case with it’s mafia-orchestrated gang rape of a white victim, and ensuing police cover-up. I believe it to be closely related to low IQ, entitelment mentality, ghetto culture and challenges within your people’s DNA.

          • Daisy

            And if you need to make issues of typos, etc. at least I don’t confuse grunting for actual speaking, a common mistake made by mafia types, southern italians, mediterraneans with their huge noses, et al. Not your fault, but neither I nor most whites understand or sympathize.

          • Luca

            Please take your meds. I was making fun of your inability to read and comprehend, not typos. Why does everyone here have to explain things to you? I think you need to be moderated and medicated. This is my last post to you as you have reduced this conversation down to your level and the best thing everyone here can do is ignore you. Starting with me. Ciao.

          • Daisy

            Appealing to the moderator for help? If you can’t handle the heat…

          • NM156

            Whose white people are you referring to? If I met you at a white social event where you opened your big stupid mouth, I’d be the first white guy to stuff my size 12 boot up your backside and throw you onto the pavement.

        • kjh64

          How was she “flinging herself” at a Black man when she jumped out of a seven story building to get away from him?LOL

    • dhs

      I’ll make this very simple: She was arrested at Midway airport; she should have been returned to Midway airport upon her release.

      • Daisy

        While it might have been better I’ve never heard of cops releasing arrestees back to the ‘scene of the crime’ but only from the police department.

    • Bob

      “There is no such thing as ‘bipolar’ it is total Big Pharma myth”

      You are as ignorant as hell.

    • OlderWoman

      Bipolar does exist. I know someone who is bipolar. Unfortunately she’s a leftist and admires black culture.

      • Daisy

        I know someone who’s still waiting for Elvis…that doesn’t mean he’s coming for her.

    • Michael Ryan

      SHE WAS MENTALLY INCAPACITATED AND THEY WERE DULY INFORMED SHE SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN ARRESTED SHE SHOULD HAVE BEEN TAKEN TO A HOSPITAL AND POLICE SPENT EFFORTS TO FIND FAMILY HAVE YOU NEVER SEEN A BIPOLAR PERSON ITS NOT HARD TO SPOT HALF A BLOCK AWAY THE GLASSY EYES INSANE MANIC BEHAVIOR you dont know what youre talking about look it up its diagnosed by the ama not ” big pharma” yes its the only way to convince the city to reign in the cops little pranks and act like the pros we spend a fortune paying these thugs to be

      • Daisy

        Michael I’m actually not closed to reasoned debate but typing in all caps kind of comes across as, I dunno, bipolar maybe? Ha. Seriously, it just sounds like you’re screaming.

        Where is the evidence that she was acting in some hallucinatory way? I guess I’m not convinced that just causing a scene at an airport, something I’ve seen many people do, is some function of being mentally ill. And furthermore, I’ve noticed that people who just have emotional or psychological problems and also often simply anger issues are labelled bipolar when DNA is not the issue. They’re not hallucinating, they’re often just being a******s. An article in the NYTimes quoted one of the bigwigs in ‘psychiatry’ as claiming that half the population had a mental illness. Do you really believe that nonsense, or respect the source who’s asserting it?

        Five judges in Norway overrode the psychiatric establishment regarding the mass shooter; they deemed him ‘sane’ when psychiatry said he was, what, bipolar or something? This woman may have had anger and irresponsibility issues, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t in touch with concrete reality. I’m just not drinking the psychotropic kool-aid. Maybe if there were more evidence in this case supporting that the woman was hallucinating I’d have some sympathy, but usually rapists are turned off by truly nutsy-acting potential victims, so it all doesn’t add up. .

    • kjh64

      Daisy, you are being ridiculous and very disrespectful towards the victim. SHE WAS MENTALLY ILL, SHE WAS NOT RATIONAL, HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She most certainly was not “slutty” she was ILL. I hardly think she wanted to be raped, jump out of a 7 story window and be permanantly disabled. Yes, men are bipolar too and sometimes they do crazy things also. Bipolar is not a myth, it affects about 1 out of 100 people. It is not common but it does exist and she had it, her medical records showed that. The cops should have taken her to a hospital and it WAS legal for them to tell the parents that she was in jail.

      • Daisy

        First, there’s little concrete evidence proffered in this article so how can we know things like, that she was permanently disabled. That’s one of my problems with this lawsuit; is breaking your pelvis permanently disabling? My cousin fell from quite a distance, broke her pelvis and lived fine enough afterwards.

        I also have not seen or been confronted with concrete evidence that she was kidnapped. This case won on appeal so that means it may have not been that strong to begin with. People just seem to be assuming they know all these details and all I know for certain is that bipolar is a made-up diagnosis. Yes, manic depression exists in the human genome but it rarely occurs. Whether she had it or not does not seem evident at all, therefore I cannot find fault with the police.

    • NM156

      You’re a complete kook, Go away!

    • Who Me?

      Where did you get the idea it isn’t legal for the police to tell a parent (or anyone else) if they have someone in custody? Arrests are public record, in many places even published in the local newspaper.

      • Daisy

        Arrests are made public record but I’m not certain that while detaining someone the cops are legally allowed to comment. I also don’t know if they had come to some conclusion about her status and I know some types of interactions are considered confidential permanently, such as in the case where a friend overdosed and I had to call 911. I can only access that record because my name is mentioned in it; in my state I am guaranteed a copy but the public is not even though I reported a crime the person had committed in the report.

        The article is written very poorly. It says she was ‘kidnapped’ or that the assailant was found guilty of kidnapping, then describes her as being ‘lured’ into his apartment in another. It doesn’t state what race the cops were who decided the outcome, and I’m shocked at how many on here seem to feel convinced the police were conspiring to racially punish the white woman when we don’t even know if they were black to begin with. She’s said to have ‘fallen’ yet that doesn’t make sense. Did she jump to escape or get pushed? People are also assuming she was held for more than one night and that the cops were being told by her parents she was mentally ill. Not only is that not conclusive to them if she wasn’t behaving psychotically but it’s not even clear the cops were told directly by the way the article was written.

        What if she got angry or caused some scene in the airport and security called the cops. After 9/11 this is not an uncommon occurrence. The cops take her to the police station and she’s either obnoxious for a time or maybe has cooled off and goes to sleep for the night. They release her in the morning and then she wanders around, starts to get involved with the perp maybe looking for drugs or sex or both. In a drug-induced fog she falls out of the apartment and sustains serious injuries, and her parents then decide to sue and claim she was kidnapped and raped by this man. That’s just one possible scenario but the article doesn’t give enough detail to know much for certain. I do know bipolar is absolute bullcrap and that angry obstreperous people who ‘act out’ do it because they have anger and often emotional issues. No one seems to be aware that the rate of diagnoses for this ‘illness’ skyrocketed just at the time when the pharmaceutical companies were able to develop endless variations of psychotropic medications. Psychiatrists are no better than common street drug dealers.

    • ATBOTL

      Does anyone else remember a troll who was here a little while ago, attacking white girls who had been raped by nonwhites, saying it was really consensual with no evidence? It used a woman’s name.

      This may be the same troll.

      • This moderator is getting intel that some Reddit style site has some sort of “let’s troll AR” effort” afoot.

  • I recall when this story first broke. The calloused, cowardly cops who committed this crime need to be held accountable.

    • Daisy

      And exactly what crime is that?

      • OlderWoman

        Read the article you nudnik.

      • kjh64

        Um, releasing a seriously mentally ill woman into a violent Black neighborhood when whe was unable to take care of herself. Yes, I believe what the cops did WAS a crime which is abuse of the mentally ill.

      • Michael Ryan

        the crimes would be reckless endangerment, attempted manslaughter, facilitating the abuse of the mentally ill,malicious prosecution,false arrest, acting under color of law, breach of public trust and likely dozens of police protocols, police live for this sort of prank, anyone who has been arrested which is practically half of us since they implemented the get everyones fingerprints on the slightest pretense strategy -knows how they operate

      • Those cops work in that hood. They had to have a pretty good idea of what would happen to a pretty white girl left to fend for herself.

      • Seagull

        Elimination of standard testing so that those who speak in ooks and eeks can actually become law enforcement officers.

  • Luca

    I’d like to see the cops or city employees who released her. Their names are mentioned in the original article and most sound negroid. They did it with malicious intent and should be charged with a hate crime on top of losing their jobs and paying the family restitution.

    • whiteunclerukus

      Who in their right mind could ever possibly think it’s a good idea to have black cops, judges, or politicans ruling over White people? Our grandchildren will suffer the consequences.

  • Tim

    I recall a case where a couple in the wilds of Alaska was in serious distress. They had gone forty miles off roading when a rock punctured their gas tank. A day or so later a Park Service employee found them but refused to take them back to civilization as it was against “policy”. The man pleaded for the employee to at least take his wife. I believe some ended up dying. I never understood why the man “Asked” and didn`t command in a life or death situation. He might have been elderly and unable or unused to enforcing his moral will upon another. Anyone else out there remember this and how it turned out?!?.

  • The__Bobster

    It reminds me of yesterday’s story where an institution wouldn’t pay for a British girl’s cab fare, so the driver drove her back to her Paki groomers. I hope that girl gets millions, too.

  • Chicago Citizen Number One will help Chicago pay this settlement. It is another one of those acceptable expenses of diversity. The payout is supposed to scare the hundreds of other police departments into never releasing a white woman in a black neighborhood. Covering up black crime takes a lot of effort, with each case resulting in a few more whites giving up on diversity.

  • Ulick

    Drop an attractive blonde alone in the projects. What could go wrong?

    I want Liberals that claim that blacks have a high crime rate due to poverty to explain the financial incentive in rape.

  • Lakeview Senior

    Well, if you don’t live in Chicago then you wouldn’t be aware of how dangerous it would be for even a White man to be let out into the street around 51st and Wentworth. You would stick out like a ‘sore thumb’ as you’d be a target in a New York minute, that’s if you already hadn’t been assualted already in the Wentworth lockup. By the time you’d yell for a guard you could end up dead. Nobody in their right mind should have left that woman out alone in that black ghetto the way she was dressed. The excuse the police gave is that they didn’t have a squad car available to take her to a hospital even though their own protocol calls for it. That judge who said it was like leaving her in a lion’s den in Brookfield zoo was right, as that neighborhood is a zoo. I wouldn’t walk around there even if I was packing ‘heat’ as the saying goes. Now the taxpayers are on the hook for the $22+ million to take care of this woman for the rest of her life. The truth of the matter is that nobody in charge will be fired or demoted on account of it either. Makes me kind of think of the Channon Christian and Chris Newsom case in 2007.

    • NM156

      Wentworth was called “the deadliest square mile in the United States” by a Chicago reporter during one if its deadliest years in the late ’80s-early ’90s.

  • fakeemail

    Hmmm…this smells fishy to me. The injuries sustained by this woman are tragic. But. . .

    Somehow I’m reminded of drunk crazy college girls who hook up with some drunk guy and then claim rape the next day because they are pure innocent princesses (and they deem the guy below their standards).

    This chick was bent and arrested for disturbance. It’s not the police or city’s fault that she was “lured” into homeboy’s apartment. She is an adult. Call me cynical or misogynistic, but I suspect she chose to go in.

    • kjh64

      Oh please. Seriously, how many drunk, crazy college girls who willingly have sex then claim rape the next day because the guy is beneath their standards? I’d say almost zero. Get real.
      As to this woman, why on earth is this fishy? The woman WAS bipolar, this has been proven through her medical records. People who are “crazy” DO cause disturbances, due to either paranoia, delusions, severe mood swings etc. Yes, she was an adult, a mentally ill one, and yes it WAS the police’s fault for releasing a woman who was ill and not rational into a dangerous place.

      • dukem1

        Knowingly releasing a young white woman into the heart of a ghetto…
        My conspiracy-theory opinion – the cops knew exactly what they were doing…if she was having a mental episode of some type, not hard to imagine she may have given the cops a hard time…they paid her back.
        Some world we’re livin’ in.

        • kjh64

          Mentally ill people aren’t “trying to give the cops a hard time”. They often cause disturbances because they are crazy. It’s common for cops to have to deal with disturbances caused by the mentally ill. I don’t think they were paying her back, I think they were just incompetant Blacks who didn’t care, I’ve heard the cops were likely Blacks due to their names. I think these Black cops or cops of color didn’t care about a White person and just turned her loose to the wolves.

          • Daisy

            One problem with the charge of malicious intent against the cops is that drug addicts who are coming down especially often exhibit seemingly crazy and irate behaviors and this woman may have seemed to cops to be just another angry, crazy detoxing druggie. It sounds from other articles as if some of the cops were black and made anti-white comments, like ‘white bitch.’ It’s unclear what color the cops were who made pivotal decisions, and since one officer called her parents out of concern and her race is not mentioned it may even be that she was black.

            I’m not sure this woman didn’t have a drug problem and that some of her behaviors might be explained by that. there still needs to be some question of airport arrest protocols and maybe even in general for releasing people. Transporting someone so far from where they were detained and then releasing them in what to that person may be a foreign country just doesn’t seem to make sense.

    • Michael Ryan

      you’re cynical and misogynistic, probably never had a girlfriend sister or mother certainly never met anyone having a bipolar attack

  • So CAL Snowman

    The blood is on the hands of the police officers that KNOWINGLY dropped her off in a black ghetto. These officers KNEW that she was going to be targeted for rape, assault, and murder, this was their intent. This is police brutality/willful negligence. This was revenge against Whitey by the Chicago PD. This is beyond sickening

    • Daisy

      They did not arrange to have her make some scene in the airport. They held her overnight it says, and it seems that they withheld information from her parents. Well, that’s likely the law since she was an adult, and if she’d wanted to call them she would have.

      It’s odd that so many posters who decry liberal victim whining and profiteering then indulge such an obvious case of irresponsibility in the ‘victim’ who agreed to go upstairs into some black guy’s apartment. That is not the cops fault.

      • kjh64

        Daisy, the woman was nuts, ok. Crazy people are NOT rational. The police never should have released her or ANY crazy or disabled person, female OR male, into that environment. Yes, they are at fault. Please, don’t ever get a job as a counselor for the mentally ill. LOL

        • NM156

          No, Daisy’s f’n nuts. She (or he) is one of these kooks who think psychotics like The Joker and Jared Loughner are left wingers in control of themselves.

      • schmenz

        Dear Daisy:

        I was generally sympathetic to your viewpoint, while also being sympathetic to the other views herein expressed, until your last paragraph. The issue is the behavior of the cops. That is the crux of the matter. What this troubled woman did after being dumped by the cops into a hell hole is only a bi-product of the initial offense.

        Perhaps you are a police officer, or have a family member who is a cop, which could explain your viewpoint here. I don’t know. All I will say is that you have made some valid points but should always bear in mind that what those coppers did was outrageous. And it would seem that the judge ruled on that crucial point.

    • NM156

      Cops must be all black. CPD policy is such that cops are stationed within a few miles of their homes, and this neighborhood and all the areas surrounding it are all black.

  • Young Man

    Never trust a black cop. No. Matter. What.

  • Michael Ryan

    the cops were black and did it on purpose i see this all the time now in brooklyn

  • Eagle_Eyed

    Releasing a diseased White woman into the African jungles of Chicago seems to be the perfect metaphor for the insane immigration and anti-segregation policies that liberals push. We bring in more and more scorpions, trust them for no good reason, and then wonder why they sting us.

  • Stan_Mute

    The sum is nowhere near enough. It should be trebled and the cop(s) who dumped a vulnerable and attractive white women off into an African housing project should themselves be sent to a prison for sexual predators where they may reap what they sowed. There is/was no plausible reason whatever for dumping her into the African village. She committed no crime, was unlawfully detained, and the dumping could only have been the work of racist African cops who thought they were giving a gift to their homeboys in the projects.

    This is one of the most vile incidents of which I have read. And for the troll here claiming she “went willingly inside” with the African, this is a common MO. They begin with a mob making catcalls and threats, maybe a bit of groping. Then the victim is “rescued” by one or more “good guys” who offer safe refuge from the mob. It’s only when the victim is off the street and in a private apartment or car that the truth is revealed and by then its too late.

    Chicago, like every other African village, is past hope for revival. Whites should pack up and move to Tennessee or other white enclave then do everything possible to prevent the Africans from following with their savagely brutal crimes against powerless victims.

    • Daisy

      Plenty of white women go willingly into black guys’ apartments, without any mob MO.

      • throttler

        And a lot of them don’t, idiot.

        • Daisy

          According to articles that I’ve since read, this one did. She was even offered help and warned by bystanders as she was on the street and what sounds like once she was in the apartment, yet she didn’t take it. At some point she seems to have been held without her consent in the apartment, and either assaulted or threatened with assault.

          Some accounts claim she asked to be taken to the hospital while irately screaming at the cops during her detainment; where was this desire to be hospitalized when she was being warned and offered help once released?

          Sorry, I still after researching do not see a clear case that this woman was suffering from truly disorganized ‘psychotic’ thinking. What I do see is tragedy and one that likely could have been avoided, so my question is: should police policy somehow address the problem of releasing arrestees into areas that are racially or otherwise dangerous? Contrary to conspiracy theorists on here, she was taken to a distant station so that she could be held in a women’s cell for the night. Yet it was still quite some distance from the scene of the disturbance and of her apprehension. Very sad indeed.

    • WoodCarverHolo

      Tennessee? Google Channion Christian.

  • bigone4u

    The judges are usually in the back pocket of the politicians. I am surprised that her lawsuit went anywhere and would not be surprised if the verdict is reversed.

  • APaige

    The sun-times website had the names in a post:

    Berglind, David – Sergeant 057- Department Of Police $102,978.00

    Williams, Teresa – Sergeant 057- Department Of Police $102,978.00

    Smith, Pamela – Police Officer 057- Department Of Police $80,724.00

    Quinn, Catonia – Detention Aide 057- Department Of Police $64,596.00

    Hudson, Cynthia – Personnel Ofcr I – Department Of Social Services $40,212.00

    Stokes, Sharon – Family Support Eligibility Spc Department Of Social Services $28,596.00

    Grand Total of $420,084.00 in salaries decided this woman’s fate. Another great example of our tax dollars at work.


    On Chicago’s address grid system, Cicero Avenue runs north and south at 4800 west. Wentworth Avenue runs north and south at 200 west. That means they transported her 46 blocks east and 4 blocks north of where they originated. They took her there instead of to the #08 Precinct which is at 3515 W. 63rd Street. Which is the closest Police Precinct to Midway Airport

    • WoodCarverHolo

      And every single one, other than Berglind, is BLACK.

  • They should pay, couldn’t happen to a worse city.

  • LHathaway

    ” she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted before falling from a seventh-floor window of a CHA high-rise”.

    If you think she just ‘fell’ down – it just happen to being a 7 story drop, then you also must believe this women is an unfair beneficiary of white privilege. It must get her disability check faster to her. . .

  • LHathaway

    ” would not be surprised if the verdict is reversed”.

    It’s difficult to sue the city. I would imagine most of these cases are of a political or social nature. That is, they don’t become news stories unless the moral of the story is ‘big bad whitey is evil’ once again. Or perhaps if a large number of people in town are familiar with the story and so it is covered for that reason. It’s a judge who works for the city – heck, it is the city, the city judge is being asked to rule that the city should fork over millions of dollars. You can bet these lawsuits have seen their heyday. How will Obama be able to balance the budget if these million dollar settlements continue?

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Perhaps we could sell off our surplus black population to countries who still have black slaves?

  • MAJ

    The bottom line is – in a so-called civilized society – any person, no matter what their mental condition – should not be subjected to the type of tragedy this woman endured.

    The Court, despite the economic/class swipe – basically admitted that blacks are worse than animals – worse than creatures living in a zoo. It’s almost as if the woman was nothing more than a piece of meat tossed into a cage of starving tigers.
    Reading between the lines the Court said such barbarity is to be expected from blacks and everyone should know this by now.

    The issue here, then, is flagrant black savage behavior that for some reason is tolerated by White Americans.
    And it now just cost us $22 million dollars and another crippled White casualty of the undeclared race war.

    Lastly, if this woman was “dumped” into a poor but White region of Appalachia instead I hardly think we’d see the same awful outcome. In fact, I suspect you’d find people trying to help her.

    This is something of a poster story for why blacks do not belong in any place but the jungles far away from here.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      “And it now just cost us $22 million dollars and another crippled White casualty of the undeclared race war.”

      Correct. White Taxpayers will be footing this bill. The only consolation is that in Chicago, most of them are likely scum-sucking liberals.

    • Kblankenship7

      Ther are alot of good people in Appalachia. Thanks for saying a kind word about them.

  • puffdaddy

    To Daisy – If you read the story you will learn that the woman was picked up or arrested at the airport. According to her parents she is bi-polar, a serious mental illness. She displayed her condition at the airport in a bi-polar episode. If you read the story you would know that the police spoke to the woman’s parents, who told them of her mental state and condition, and begged them not to leave her on the street in a strange city. The police should have taken her back to the airport at a minimum, not left her in the street, where they knew exactly what would happen to her. Ideally, the officers (who admitted recognizing signs of mental disease – you would know that if you read the story) should have called medics, not placed her under arrest. But maybe that’s all the police know how to do in Chicago. Second, Marvin Powell has been charged with kidnapping. That does not sound like the woman threw herself at him. That sounds like he saw a vulnerable person, and kidnapped her, raped her, and held her against her will before tossing her out the window when he was done (do you really think she “fell”?),

  • bubo

    If it were my daughter turned into a vegetable, I would go back to the scene of the crime and kill everything that moves. The time for running and hiding is through.

  • The police officers who were involved should be held personally liable. They are the ones who committed this crime, not the taxpayers.

  • Barrack Osama

    If this doesn’t make your blood boil, you are dead inside.

  • Where are they going to get the money? They had to borrow several millions to pay off the dumb simians that failed the FD test.

  • rebelcelt

    Finally a Judge with commonsense. He bespoke the real danger of her being left in a high crime black neighborhood. I wonder what was the color of the officers that released her?

  • Angry White Woman

    For what it’s worth, my opinion is they shouldn’t have just kicked her out the door into that neighborhood, no matter what mental state she was in. It’s apparently a 99-100% black area for miles around and she is white. That in itself is enough to attract unwanted attention and cause problems. Police are supposed to be doing what they can to keep the peace, not doing things that will stir up the population. Her parents were apparently aware of where she was and in contact with the officers in charge of her detention. Why didn’t they go pick her up upon her release from the jail and prevent this from happening? The way the story is written it sounds like they had plenty of time. The police don’t usually give released “guests of the city” rides back to where they were arrested or much of anyplace else. It’s not their job to be taxi drivers. On the other hand, they live and work there, they know who and what lives there. They deal with that demographic every day and they should have known the possibilities (probability?) of what could happen in cases like this. (Oh and by the way Daisy, bi-polar IS a valid medical diagnosis. You need to read a little.)

  • Krn

    I read that the rapist, Marvin Powell, was sentenced to twelve years, but has been released. Also, the blacks cops involved were only issued reprimands.

  • shattered

    That didn’t take long. They went at her on sight! Now a bunch of innocent white taxpayers have to pay millions so that “justice” will be served.

  • pablo

    Funny. Cops would stop a white female in a black hood on thinking she was buying drugs or prostitution. After all, why else would a clean suburbanite be in a dangerous environment?

    So they also thought it a good plan to dump her off in the same hood. HHMMMM.

    Cop think.

    BTW, isn’t the judges ruling the same logic that got Derbyshire fired? That its dangerous for whites to be in a black hood? More HHMMMMM.

  • Were there no white police officers in that precinct? Or any white office staff workers with enough honor to look after one of our own and get her to safety rather than casting her out among those animals?

    • WoodCarverHolo

      No. Chicago requires its officers to work in the same precinct that they live in. It’s a 100% black neighborhood. Every officer – most were females – was black, other than the saragent at the first precinct.

  • mike5586

    Suing the city (and the white people who pay taxes) will accomplish almost nothing.

    Pretty sure if this had happened decades ago we would have burned the entire block down. That’s what should have happened.

  • pcmustgo

    WONDER IF THEY COPS WHO DID THIS TO HER WERE BLACK COPS? Or “locals” with an attitude? Or surly white cops who hate “upper middle class” white yuppie/.transplant types, which is what they presumed her to be?

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    The point I take away from this story is that Chicago has to basically admit that their black and brown neighborhoods are open-air zoos without cages, full of wild and dangerous savages. Thus, the City admits that it is negligent in protecting ALL Whites, not just this woman. Viewed in this light, their strict gun control policies are the height of folly and evil – denying Whites the minimal means of self-protection in a City where fully-armed savages are allowed to roam free. In civilized countries, prosecution and punishment are meant to protect people, and violent criminals are pursued on the theory that someone who commits a violent crime will do it again. In diverse countries, this idea is laughable – the vast numbers of savages makes it impractical to imprison them all, so potential victims are on their own to learn the areas to avoid, how to dress, how to behave, etc. and more often than not, the victims are blamed for the crimes to which they are subjected. Is this the sort of country we want? What’s in it for us?

    • Nonsense Abounds

      so potential victims are on their own to learn the areas to avoid, how to dress, how to behave, etc.

      How could she “avoid the area” as she was taken there in a cop car?

      • WoodCarverHolo

        Yeah – look at the pic above to see how she was dressed – see-thru tanktop, black bra, and tiny shorts. Just pure meat for the savages.

  • This has happened before in the same city. With the same ‘no interest’ from the MSM.

    Does anyone recall the story of Richard Will? He was a 32 year old white male, who in 1995 was driving with his friend, who was black, through a black Chicago neighborhood. When they were stopped by two black police officers for a broken tail light.

    When they discovered the white male had no drivers license they had his car towed away.

    Richard Will pleaded with the officers for a ride away from what he knew was a dangerous neighborhood but they refused. Telling him that he “Best start walking”, as they drove away laughing, according to his black companion, who the black police officers did drive to safety.

    The white male, who know found himself alone, was set upon by two black males, Wardell McClain and Michael Armstrong, who beat him, dowsed him with gasoline, and burned him to death.

    Source-‘Friend Says Slain Man Had Begged For a Ride’, Chicago Sun-Times, October 28, 1995, p. 3.)

  • mrcan

    the judge said it plainly. it was dangerous. the cops made a stupid mistake. in future stupid mistakes will cost cities financially. its the only way to get the message to the politicians that whites are targeted. hit them financially and it will change their indifferent attitude.

  • Niko Kotsores

    Right down the street from Obama’s house!

    CHICAGO, IL 60615

    • WoodCarverHolo

      Powells’ address? Thanks Niko.!

  • Ben

    Daisy. WTF are you doing here? You are a revolting moron with no redeeming values. You make me sick to my stomache.

    • Daisy

      Coming right back at you…people who cannot countenance reasoned debate will crumble in the face of the PC Grand Inquisitors. Toughen up.

  • WoodCarverHolo

    Why didn’t someone kill him in prison? All the white guys in prison pussy?

  • Alan

    Trust me, the cops drop off this exact type of person displaying CLEARLY “abnormal” behavior in ANY NEARBY ER all the time. I know because I am an acute care psychiatric nurse. You have to see a Bipolar type 1 manic episode to believe it. The person going through it becomes psychotic and cannot control the behavior, period. And for some reason, they often end up in airports where this case started, at Midway airport. I have treated many, many a case originating from O’hare and Midway. I admitted one such 20 something that flew back and forth around the country until the behavior escalated to the point where finally someone intervened. Their behavior is erratic to say the least, and often provocative. And it only escalates, gets worse, until they get treated. These cops dropped her off in that neighborhood on purpose and they know it. In her condition, they might as well have shot her. A slap on the wrist for them is not enough. Criminal charges should have been filed.

  • blackguy that been there.

    All bi polar whitegirl screw blackguys for fun and power. Then when thing go wrong she is a victim.