A Huffman High School English teacher is being questioned for instructing her ninth graders—as part of a Black History Month exercise—to see the R-rated Quentin Tarantino movie “Django Unchained.”

The assignment is part of a scavenger hunt, and one of the items requires students to see the violent slave pic “Django Unchained,” a “Roots”-goes-“Pulp Fiction” shoot-em-up about slavery and revenge.

As one parent—who asked that her name not be used for fear of retaliation against her child—put it, “I hardly see what my child can get from this movie other than how horrible white people were.”

Efforts to reach the teacher this morning were unsuccessful. Larry Contri, director of high school instruction, said Birmingham city schools “does not endorse students attending any R-rated movie as part of a class assignment.”

Contri said he is having the requirement to attend the movie as part of the scavenger hunt removed from the list. Parents will be notified of the change, he said.

In the assignment, the teacher says it is being given “in an effort to develop your understanding of the black history that surrounds you daily.”


The first item on the hunt? “Go see Django Unchained.” Students must bring proof that they saw the movie—a ticket stub and summary of the movie, including what “disturbing things” they learned about black history from the movie.


“This is an English teacher, not history,” the parent said. “If she feels it’s OK for children to see this movie as a historical basis on how slaves were treated, then I seriously question what else she is teaching my child.”

[Editor’s Note: According to this website, Huffman High School is 97 percent black and 2 percent Hispanic.]

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  • June

    This is just one of many reasons that Birmingham City Schools are the worst in the state. They are so bad that the state took over operation several months ago. They have half the students they had 40 years ago, but have more employees. Almost $2000 per child in school spending goes to “front office” expenses. In suburban, almost all white, school systems that amount is often a tenth as much.

    Birmingham City Schools aren’t in the business of education. Their business is political appointments and cushy, often no-show, jobs for friends of the local civil rights “industry.”

    • storibund

      To say nothing of the School Board meetings: Laff Riot Central 😉

      • falsedawn

        I have a BOE meeting tonight. I’ll really hold their feet to the fire over the mlk idiocy and the upcoming black history month celebrations.

    • Jefferson

      Birmingham is geographically located in Alabama, but culturally and racially they are more similar to Haiti than they are to the rest of the state.

  • JackKrak

    Wait – students at a school that’s 97% black were given homework????

    • dukem1

      Beat me to it!

    • Jefferson

      When I think of public schools that are either predominantly or entirely made up of NAM students, I think of the type of schools that you see in films like “Dangerous Minds” with Michelle Pfeiffer and “The Substitute” with Tom Berenger.

      In both of those films there are scenes where one of the Black or Brown students threatens to kill the White teacher.

      No doubt those films were showing the true reality of America’s “vibrantly diverse” urban inner city public schools.

      Being a White teacher in a “vibrantly diverse” inner city NAM school has to be one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

      • Johnny Clay

        I think they’d be safer teaching at a school in North Korea.

        • Actually they would. Though he might have been indoctrinated with Marxist propaganda, Confucianism is at the heart of Korean culture, even in the north, and they respect learning and wisdom.

  • bubo

    I often wonder if blacks know the difference between fantasy and reality. Some whites, too. They take anything that Hollywood produces as historical fact.

    • So CAL Snowman

      They do not know the difference between fantasy and reality, have you seen the way they dress? Every day for them is Mardi Gras.

      • Look @ Me

        Thanks for the belly laugh. I’m surprised they don’t wear Christmas lights.

      • Look at me

        Thanks for the laugh. I’m surprised they don’t wear Christmas lights.

  • The__Bobster

    As one parent—who asked that her name not be used for fear of
    retaliation against her child—put it, “I hardly see what my child can
    get from this movie other than how horrible white people were.”

    Well, that ‘s the point. They need a replacement for their old “Roots” assignment,

    • Liberalsuck

      I’m glad to see whites waking up to this. of course I can hear some obnoxious, self hating white mocking these understandably angry white people.

  • falsedawn

    Here’s a movie that should be assigned students – “Ride with the Devil.” – Absolutely great Civil War movie coming at it from a very different angle. I recommend it 100%.

  • So CAL Snowman

    I’m surprised that the teacher didn’t pick Tyler Perry’s – Madea : I Can Do Bad All By Myself

  • guest

    Purpose (according to the teacher): “to develop your understanding of the black history that surrounds you daily.”

    The actual purpose: To indoctrinate good white students into hating their own race and embracing all things anti-white.

    This “assignment” is really no different from that “American diversity” class being taught in that high school that was telling non-whites that they’re oppressed victims and that whites are oppressive. And all that Django movie really does is present the false image that all whites are evil and all blacks are perpetual victims of racism. It’s nothing more than a movie made by the corrupt anti-white media. There’s really nothing else to learn from a movie like that.

    • Some Guy

      1% of this school is not black or mexican, I would guess they are told they are the cause of the worlds problems on a daily basis. All this will do is make the Bantus more bold about attacking Whites.

    • 1stworlder

      Any good white students would get woken up if they where in a mixed audience. With blacks hollering and cheering with every death, no one will be able to lie about non-asian minorities again.

  • Robert Binion

    Huffman High stands an impressive new edifice where old Springville Road begins. I suppose, the scholars pursue exuberant studies now since ones more penitential will come later. Plenty of businesses dot the landscape in which to stage the hunt: pawn shops, payday loaners and thrifts from which I’ve taken a fine collection of classical records over the years. A nice man from the nice Indian subcontinent (?) stocks a nice rye in his nice liquor store across the parking lot. (If you want to know what Obamacare will cost, walk into a state run emporium for booze.) My cool, new son-in-law attended Huffman during “the change” and tells the stories you have heard a thousand times. If Head Start were truly to stimulate a child’s native talents, wouldn’t it give the little tyke a handgun and weed? I could write plenty more, but my imaginary girlfriend and I have been fighting like cats and dogs.

    • storibund

      The place is a freekin palace. This in a school district that is hemorrhaging students and money.

      Black-run America strikes again.

  • C_C_Conrad

    This teacher is more than likely a Leftist and they do not know the difference between fiction & reality. On the other hand I think that it is a very good idea for white kids to see this movie. Just be sure that you give a copy of Jack’s War to every one of them after they see it, it probably costs less than the movie anyway.
    Jack’s War

  • ncpride

    What a difference between majority black schools and majority White ones. The new semester started today, and my daughter has English II this term. The reading list they will cover include classics such as Death of a Salesman and The Great Gatsby, just to name a few.

    She will also take US History this term, and she was telling me the first thing her teacher told them was that she was going to teach them the truth, and not some one-sided nonsense they have probably heard all their lives. She then started talking to them about revisionism, and how disgusted she was with it…… I have a feeling she is going to be an awesome teacher and open more than a few eyes and minds in this class.

    • Formerly Known As..

      You brought back one of the few pleasant memories of my grade school days with your comments, NCP. In the eighth grade, I was privileged( that word, again!) to have a terrific history teacher, who one day anounced that we’d begin going over the Civil War-she started with this statement: “If you think that Lincoln fought a war of aggression against the Confederacy to free the slaves, you’re very much mistaken”. The classroom went as quiet as a mausoleum. She proceeded to go over nearly every aspect of that fratricidal conflict that you never hear about in a modern classroom, or from the media that produces effete, perverted hacks like Tarantino. The reformation, the carpetbagger phenomenon, the real reasons for the rise of the KKK…for an hour we all sat there, transfixed. Mind you, this all took place in 1973 in the San Francisco U.S.D., of all places.
      It forever changed the way I viewed the public education system in this country. It changed my view of the whole country, actually. It was bad enough then, with the ’60s having only recently wrapped up, and school bussing a sorry reality. I can only imagine what kids are being fed these days.

      Thank you Miss B, wherever you are.

      • dukem1

        Reminds me of something ,but totally different when I was in high school.
        One day one of the typical History, or Civics teachers just decided to lead his class in a discussion focused on the positive aspects of socialism and communism.
        Dude was fired and disappeared before the bell rang the next morning.
        NE Ohio, c. 1964.
        Everything was better then.

        • To be fair if a teacher did that today he’d also be gone the next morning, but this time due to the fact that he got a promotion.

      • Tim

        I never understood the carpetbagger and scalawag phenomonon until I saw a scene in the John Wayne/Rock Hudson movie “The Undefeated”….’The one that ends with Rock refusing to let them down from their carriage saying, “I mind!! My father resting over there, he minds too”…

    • Nathanwartooth

      The other and honestly much more likely scenario is that the history teacher is actually a super liberal who thinks that history has been taught to make White people look good.

      But keep us updated, I would be very surprised if it turned out good like you hope.

      • ncpride

        I understand your concern, but based on many other comments she made that my daughter told me about, I really don’t think so. For example, she told the class how irritated she gets when she hears and sees the way Abraham Lincoln is portrayed in history books, when the reality is so much different. Not to mention the remarks she made about left-wing liberalism. No, I think this lady is the real deal, and at the very least, she will point out all the facts and let these kids decide for themselves.

        • anonynmous

          if only the majority of teachers and professors were like her these days.

      • Liberalsuck

        If a teacher points out us locking up Japanese, point out the fact the Japanese Army rounded up British people (white people) who were in China when the Japanese invaded China during WWII.

        • Nathanwartooth

          Can someone give me a good link about this? I tried to do a Google search for it but all I got was information about American internment camps for the Japanese.

          • Liberalsuck

            Watch the movie Empire of the Sun made in 1987. it’s a true story with Christian Bale (when he was only 13) playing a British boy living in China during the early 1940s when the Japanese invaded.

          • Nathanwartooth

            OK I’ll check it out. I really want a good response for when people bring up the Japanese internment camps.

          • PesachPatriot

            This was a great movie. I remember seeing it when it came out.

    • Garrett Brown

      What school is that? I sure as hell would love my kids going there as well!

  • Vonhauer

    First, have Tarantino make the movie on the Knoxville Horror where the white teenage boy and girl were both raped, sodomized, tortured, and mutilated by a gang of blacks. Then assign blacks to go see that and do a report on the current state of affairs.

    • George

      Maybe we can add the Wichita Massacre to the mix, too.

    • Angry White Woman

      I get your point and it is a valid one, but Christopher Newsome and Channon Christian
      (Knoxville Horror victims) were not teenagers when they were murdered.
      That was such a horrific excess of violence that I cannot for the life of me understand how it was swept under the carpet and kept out of the media so successfully. Most Americans still have never heard of it.

      I tell nice liberal types about it, and they say, “But that’s just one incident…” Then I tell them about the Wichita Massacre and they say, “Well that’s two, and yes, really it’s horrible, but still only two.”

      So then I add Justice Department stats, and they start to get appalled and change the subject. But I have had two or three come to me later and want to discuss it further, and a couple of them have even changed their minds, at least a little.

    • Joseph

      They need no encouragement.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    “in an effort to develop your understanding of the black history that surrounds you daily.”

    Is there any doubt that a supposedly “educated” black wrote this?

    Isn’t “history” something that happened in the past? So how can it “surround you,” (and on a daily basis, no less)?

    I can just imagine this strangely-defined entity known as “history” swarming up and surrounding a student on his way to school, like some kind of deadly strain of Africanized killer bees!

    Perhaps the teacher meant “the effects of history that influence you on a daily basis, but that is only marginally better, because it still holds the idiotic insinuation that blacks are being made to perform badly by external forces.

    Miserable teachers like this, who can barely write beyond a third-grade level in a sort of miserable, pidgin English and harboring a persecution complex are just one of the many reasons black “students” continue to perform so miserably.

    • storibund

      Well, in her defense, this *is* Birmingham… They’re stuck in 1963. Edifices and monuments to the “civil rights era” abound. Politicians refer to it constantly. Whitey can’t turn around without having his face rubbed in it.

      • SheikYerbouti

        As I ask white people in Detroit, Why stay?

    • We can publish a book about it. We’ll call it “Why Shaqwana can’t read.”

  • 1stworlder

    I have been telling people to prove they are not racist by seeing this in an ethniclly mixed audience. Hearing blacks in theudience should wake people up.

    • Cherry Bomb

      Not one white should spend so much as one dime on a movie that promotes hatred and violence against whites. Every white should boycott this movie.

  • Keep the hate alive.

  • Luca

    I remember watching a TV show back in the 90’s where they were trying to prove to blacks that Snapple did not have slave ship on the label (it was a ship tea-laden ship in Boston Harbor) and the “K” on the label was for “kosher”, the company had no connection to the KKK as the popular black urban myth of the day purported. After the commentator explained this to a young black lady she was asked if she now understood it was all just a myth. She said something like “Yeah, well it sure looks like a slave ship, it could be one. There must be some truff to the story otherwise why’d dey say that?”

    If they believe Django is real, you’ll never convince them otherwise.

    • Triarius

      Ah yes, the good ole’ kosher tax. What a farce.

      This anecdote reminds me of the “black hole” controversy.

      • Cherry Bomb

        Or that guy that used the word “niggardly” correctly in his workplace — and all hell broke loose…

        • dukem1

          Beat me to that, too.

    • Because at the time, Snapple was a Rush Limbaugh advertiser. The left was up to no good. The “K” thing was a hoax that was already well known.

      • Luis

        For me, Snapple was more closely associated with Howard Stern, than Rush Limbaugh.

    • They also think the word “picnic” means pic a nig**r. And don’t let them ever catch you saying the words “niggard” and “niggardly.

    • Garrett Brown

      Muh grape drink got dat slave ship on da cap”

  • First: “I just want to know if this is in any way an appropriate assignment for students that aren’t even old enough to see the movie?” said the parent. “This is not Red Tails, a movie based on factual events of the Tuskegee airmen. This is Quentin Tarantino’s version of exploiting slavery’s ugly history for entertainment purposes.”

    Factual events?
    Exploiting slavery’s ugly history?

    Then: “This is an English teacher, not history,” the parent said. “If she feels it’s OK for children to see this movie as a historical basis on how slaves were treated, then I seriously question what else she is teaching my child.”

    Historical basis?

    Does anybody really believe a Birmingham parent made either of these coherent comments?

    And since Marie Leech didn’t name names, I am going to guess she made them up.

    Seriously, historical basis out of the mouth of a Birmingham public high school parent?

    It would be my estimate that both comments sounded more like:

    “If dey wants my chile to see dat moobie, den dey bess be gibbingme dem dam ticketts”

  • bigone4u

    By coincidence I watched Part V of D. W. Gritthith’s Birth of a Nation last night on Youtube, about 15 minutes of true history. Part V focused on the behavior of blacks who were the state legislators in the Reconstruction era south. The atrocious animalistic black behavior I saw in the film matched exactly what I was taught in high school history before PC set in. Perhaps the blacks at Huffman Hi should be required to watch that film, rather than the delusions of a vile mentally ill death dealing skunk named Quentin Tarantino.

  • LHathaway

    Perhaps the teacher knows students are going to see this film anyway. R-rating or not, It must cost 50 cents for a bootleg copy at the arab store. So the teacher is just getting out ahead of the students on this one, and only has constructive purposes in mind.

    Just because she uses poor english doesn’t mean she’s just a dummy.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Reason number 116,359 to keep your kids out of public schools.

  • In the assignment, the teacher says it is being given “in an effort to develop your understanding of the black history that surrounds you daily.”

    People go to college to learn how to write this sort of gobbledygook?

    The black history that surronds us daily? Just have the students paste article about drive-bys in scrap books. Go to the local grocery store on the first of next month and which unwed black mothers with five children in tow buy soda and chips with their EBT cards. Drive through a black neighborhood and see the litter on the streets, the shuttered businesses and the homies standing on the corner jus’ keepin’ it real.

  • All we Whites have to do is admit that every single White person in the country at this time is responsible for every single problem that the black people have. We should turn over all the assets of our businesses to them, as they were probably built on slavery anyhow. We should all assume the beliefs of the ultra liberals that the poor exploited blacks of today are definitely the product of our “white devil” like attitudes and apologize and bow whenever possible. We must acknowledge the only reason the prison system is over run with black individuals is because of the railroading of the hard working honest black people with the crimes we Whites are somehow responsible for because of our racist ways. Then and only then will we have made a small start towarding setting the world right. I must conclude this as I am on my way to give all my possessions to some poor disenfranchised folks across the tracks.

  • bigone4u

    Gave the school website the once over. Awesome menu. If the cooks are any good, the kids eat a lot better than I do. Curriculum wise, lots of vocational choices as well as a full range of academics. Naturally, band and sports are big on campus. Pics show no grafitti and other vandalism. Lots of white kids in various places would thrive in the physical plant and curriculum at Huffman. Oh, and the principal looks like a toned down version of Mr. T of “I pity the fool!” fame.

  • Elena Andbasket

    “Huffman High School is 97 percent black and 2 percent Hispanic”. Pity the remaining 1%. What were their parents thinking?

  • Elena Andbasket

    For homework go and watch an idiotic, grossly historically inaccurate, violent movie, pay and keep your proof of purchase. That sounds sufficiently challenging for little geniuses.

  • PesachPatriot

    I think I can take abraham lincoln vampire hunter more seriously as history than django. I’m not that old, but when I was in a majority white(with a few jews and asians) cold northern rural school district our history class assignments involved reading,out of real books with mostly words and a few black and white pictures. Django depicts plantation owner candie fighting his slaves for amusmement. I’m pretty sure that purchasing a single slave was about a years wages for most people then…it would be like me starting a demolition derby with porsches and ferraris. Slavery is morally wrong and everyone knows that, but how poor of a learning institution cannot assign actual homework? My dad would only take me to see movies if I actually did my homework to his expectations all week.

    Is the american school system now so pathetic that movies are homework? Why did the teacher not assign something useful like the writings of president lincoln, sherman, grant, william lloyd garrison or harriet beecher stowe? When I was a kid everyone in class was expected to memorize the Gettysburg address…apparently the twitter generation can’t be bothered to open an old fashioned piece of analog literature and actually examine its contents. I feel sorry for kids being born in to the age of ignorance.

  • Garrett Brown

    More brainwashing and more teaching of hate.


    “Teachers should show up for their classes, prepare syllabuses, TEACH WHAT HAS BEEN ADVERTISED, be current in the literature of the field, promptly correct assignments and papers, hold regular office hours, and give academic (NOT political or moral) advice.” [Emphasis added]

    “Save the World on Your Own Time” by Stanley Fish

  • schmenz

    That she would instruct children – any children – to sully themselves by watching such a loathsome movie is just appalling.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Interestingly, this assignment was given to a ninth grade class. Ninth graders are 14 and 15 year-olds. How are they supposed to get into an R-rated movie if their parents won’t accompany them?

    Charges of “contributing to the delinquency of a minor” ought to be filed against this teacher: a separate count for each student involved. Let’s see the district renew this teacher’s contract after the dust has settled in county court.

    • If they flunked a year, they could be old as 16. But, NBD…their IDs all say they’re 21 anyway.

  • Think it was Marie Leech who went though last night and gave a down click on every single reply to the article written prior to 11 Eastern / 10 Central January 23, 2013?

  • Weib Staat

    I finally saw this movie – as a “torrent” – and the first thing I noticed was the JEW that unchained django. Them kids will now think, “The jews free the slaves!” Not the truth… In fact jews have turned america into a slave nation via their fake money! 1913…

    Anyway, the day after I saw this movie I had to deal with a black man at a store. All I could think of was; Does he want to kill me? (Of course before I saw django I would have wondered the same thing!)

    As a movie it was entertaining – in a horror movie for whites kind of way… As pro-jewish propaganda, it was a kick in the white mans face! As HOMEWORK, it’s a crime against white humanity!

    How else can you get blacks to sit still enough to watch a WESTERN movie, for 3 hours? Answer, pander to their hate.

    As a western/horror, movie it’s ok. As homework, it’s a hate crime!

  • Fran

    White parents need to make sure their children see “Birth of a Nation,” because THAT is an accurate telling of the Civil War, and you can still see the same themes being played out today. It is also uplifting and entertaining.