Eva Longoria’s Next Role: Hispanic Activist in Washington

Monica Langley, Wall Street Journal, January 18, 2013

When Barack Obama takes the presidential oath of office on Monday, he will be joined on the platform by Supreme Court justices, former presidents—and one of the “Desperate Housewives.”

Actress Eva Longoria, the 37-year-old star of the hit television show and twice Maxim magazine’s Hottest Woman of the Year, is taking on a challenging new role as a Hispanic activist and power player in Washington, D.C. One of her primary aims is to make the case that “Latinos aren’t a drain on the economy or criminals crossing the border,” she says. “Most are hardworking people who are America’s emerging market.”

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria

Ms. Longoria is the most prominent among Latino leaders who are gaining political sway from the 2012 election, in which the Hispanic vote was a critical force in delivering victory to Mr. Obama. A co-chair of his campaign, she stumped for him at rallies across the country and was one of the largest “bundlers,” or fundraisers, while hosting star-studded events raising millions of dollars.

Her role reaches beyond fundraising and speechmaking, however, and into policy and strategy. She helped urge Mr. Obama to make a key change in immigration policy last year, and she is teaming with business to explore investments in housing and retail developments in Hispanic communities.

Along the way she has developed a rapport with the president and his advisers. She is now planning meetings this weekend with the capital’s elite, including private receptions at the White House and vice president’s residence and a bipartisan brunch she is co-hosting at a Georgetown eatery this weekend with Mark McKinnon, a former strategist for George W. Bush and Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain. There, she plans to begin a Republican outreach by meeting with Colin Powell, the former secretary of state, and other attendees including Grover Norquist.

It is part of a broader strategy to build her personal brand within the nation’s fastest-growing market. Ms. Longoria is modeling it on Bono’s celebrity-to-political-activist transformation, and has hired one of the singer’s advisers.


She has had a few missteps along the way. In the heat of the presidential campaign, Ms. Longoria angered some of her Republican fans on Twitter. In October, she re-tweeted, or re-sent, someone else’s message describing GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney as “racist/misogynistic” and calling people who would vote for him “stupid.”

She tried to delete it, but some of her nearly five million followers saw the message and objected. She followed up with apologies. “Sorry if people were offended by retweet. Obviously not my words or my personal view. I respect all Americans #FreedomOfSpeech,” she wrote.


In their occasional meetings over the past two years, Ms. Longoria and Mr. Obama have developed a rapport. Last spring, in a private meeting with Hispanic bigwigs, she pressed the president to move unilaterally to protect Latino undocumented youth at risk of deportation. According to Ms. Longoria and two others present, Mr. Obama first blamed Congress for failing to pass the Dream Act, a bill designed to address the problem.

To the surprise of several people present, Ms. Longoria persisted. “But Mr. President, you have to do something,” she said. As the conversation continued, she said: “With all due respect, sir, it needs to be delivered by you in an emotional manner.”

“What do you mean?” he replied, after suggesting that the executive branch was already working on a plan.

“Show your connection to us,” Ms. Longoria said. “You were raised in an environment similar to many Latinos. Talk to us like you’re talking to family.”


About two months later, on June 15, Mr. Obama announced a directive in the Rose Garden designed to help illegal immigrants who had been brought to the U.S. as children. They are “Americans in their hearts, their minds and every single way but on paper,” he said.


After Mr. Obama’s election in 2008, Ms. Longoria was named to a commission studying a possible Latino-American museum in Washington, D.C. {snip}

Around the time her marriage ended in 2010, Ms. Longoria launched her own production company, perfume line, her Los Angeles restaurant called Beso (“kiss” in Spanish) and a cookbook filled with her Tex-Mex favorites. She also enrolled in a master’s program in Chicano studies and political science at Cal State-Northridge, for which she is writing a dissertation. She says she didn’t want to be one of “the rich celebrities who don’t know what they’re talking about.”


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  • No children for this nearly 38 year old aging star. She has already taken her steps to becoming the hag femnazi we all know too well. Her bitterness will grow when the reality of no children sets in for her. She doesn’t do anything to help mexicans help themselves, but she sure wants to tell us how to run things?

    • The__Bobster

      If she’s so proud of her “race”, why did she rut with a Bantu?

      • razorrare

        If amren is so proud of the White race why do they favor jewish posters over their own?

        • Drifter745

          And right on queue, here come the progressive trolls.

        • RisingReich

          How’s this for Jewish favor

          Arbeit macht frei

      • William_JD

        Well, other marranas I have known have said that it was okay to “rut” with Blacks as long as you didn’t marry or have kids with them. You had to marry within “the circle”.

        • Vonhauer

          Making herself unavailable to have children with her own kind. Not okay. She is a bantu breeder. Nuff said.

          • Athling

            It isn’t just the end result of this behavior that matters but also the behavior itself in that it influences other members in society. Many young girls will see this woman as a glamorous movie star and some will imitate her behavior just as they do with Madonna, Heidi Klum, and other famous women who are notoriously loose in their sexual behavior. These women would have been targets of derision and social outcasts a generation ago. There is nothing good that flows from this behavior. It does nothing to preserve or positively influence one’s own people.

          • David Ashton


        • “Well, other marranas I have known have said that it was okay to “rut” with Blacks as long as you didn’t marry or have kids with them.”
          She’s a mudshark by any other name. She’s not white so I couldn’t care less.

      • bigone4u

        To fulfill the university’s diversity requirement?

      • Luis

        Good one, Bobster! “Rutting” is a term commonly used with the deer, elk, caribou and moose life forms.

        Speaking of rutting, I saw on another site where Tiger Woods is “rutting” with the white skier Lindsay Vonn.

        • “Speaking of rutting, I saw on another site where Tiger Woods is “rutting” with the white skier Lindsay Vonn.”

          Niger Woods ought to stick to his own flava. Plenty of high-yellow sistas out there for him…but NOOOOO he’s got to after our (brainwashed and deracinated) women.

    • pcmustgo

      Longoria, like many Hollywood actresses, made the mistake of dating a man 8 years younger than her. They think they are so hot they can marry men below the 2 year younger age limit cut off for women (statistically much higher divorce rates when women marry younger than 2 years- not so for older men/younger women).

      • Vonhauer

        Yes but it is not just age that matters. Race matters. It is important. It seems that its only men, the protectors of society, who ever get this. Which leads me to believe that men really do have to control the behavior of their women. Thats sounds harsh in today’s mixed up world but I’m becoming a believer in traditional roles for men and women if our race and nation is to survive. Many women just naturally cant see this by virtue of being females.

        • Athling

          You have struck upon an important point. The white man must re-assume his natural authoritative role in society if anything is to be saved.

        • CourtneyfromAlabama

          I agree. Perhaps white men can be suitable role models when they stop hooking up with Asian women. White men were misceginating long before white women were even allowed to. I agree that men should be leaders, but in order to be leaders you have to first acknowledge how you are at fault before constantly blaming the weaker gender for all the race’s shortcomings.

    • “She has already taken her steps to becoming the femnazi ”
      More like femi-communist.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Well with intellectual giants like Eva Longoria heading the Hispanic struggle what could possibly go wrong? Tell me Ms. Longoria if Latinos are such hard working people and this amazing emerging market, WHY are there no first world Latino majority countries? WHY do millions of Latinos have to come to a White created country for a better life?

    “Show your connection to us,” Ms. Longoria said. “You were raised in an
    environment similar to many Latinos. Talk to us like you’re talking to

    Oh yes it’s quite common for many Latinos to spend their childhood in Indonesia as Muslims and then transition to live out the rest of their formative years in Hawaii with their White grand parents.

    I had to laugh at the Master’s program in Chicano studies and political science. Surely she will be an informed Wise Latina now, having studied Chicano supremacy at a university established by the hated White man! It’s funny that this airhead is so concerned with the plight of the HIspanic people and then goes on to marry a serial adulterer like the african Tony Parker. If this anti-white racist is so concerned about the plight of her people I propose that she personally pays the cost to feed, house and educate these people.

    • Gene

      She is an intelligent person.

    • Kblankenship7

      Re: No latino first world nations. Chile seems to be doing very well, yet Argentina, next door is a mess economically. Chileans seem to have less European heritage on average than Argentines, although lots of Germans, Italians and others settled there. Why does Chile, arguably more mestizo, do better than Argentina? Not meant to be argumentative, just a curious point.

      • Carlos Geary

        Argentina, still the most advance society in Latin America. They are just experience a crisis.

    • “WHY are there no first world Latino majority countries? WHY do millions of Latinos have to come to a White created country for a better life?”
      They come here (illegally) to create a “better life” but in the process make MY (and other white folks who live around them) quality of life WORSE. You should hear the noise they make (music booming, kids running up and down the sidewalks and streets, always a party going on in one backyard or house or another, etc.) whenever the sun is shining and the temperature is above 65 degrees (especially on Saturday night), among other things.

    • Carlos Geary

      Argentina, a Latin American country, has a 90% white population. There are, also, high % of whites in Chile, Uruguay and Southern Brazil. Latino or Hispanic is not a race.

      • pcmustgo

        “White” on who’s term? According to their standards or ours…. ? Fully 100% white or 90% white or 95%?

        I don’t trust the stats from down there….

        • Carlos Geary

          Argentina received millons of Emigrants from North West Europe, mostly catholics, from 1600-1940. Lands were granted free of charge to emigrants. Same thing in Uruguay and Southern Brazil & Southern Chile. You can find information in internet. They will not try to pass for white, if they are not, because, race is not an issue in those countries. However, you may be partially right because they are receiving emigrants from neighboring countries and the % of whites may be lower.
          However, returning to the USA, the DNA results of some of my friends, (whites) were full of surprises, they suffered an “identity crisis” after learning the results.

        • Carlos Geary

          You don’t trust the stats from down Argentina, so I send you information from Wikipedia about whites in Argentina. However, remember race is not an issue for them. Just open:

        • Carlos Geary
  • Ulick

    Brigitte Bardot is a former glamour girl who speaks out for her people. I have a feeling that the anti-racists will be a lot more receptive to Longoria than they are to Bardot.

    • Vonhauer

      Bardot got it. She understood the nature of the beast. She was raised right as they say.

  • Guest

    Ummm, hey sweetheart, do what you were bred for; stand there, look pretty and SHUT UP! Oh and one other thing, get on the business end of that iron and make sure my shirts are ready for tomorrow.

  • The__Bobster
  • bubo

    Her genetic heritage is probably 90% European. The Cuban poet from the inauguration is 100% European. Why do these people think they are so damn special?

    • gemjunior

      It is 90% European. She was on some show where Americans were told their DNA percentage of White, black, Indian, etc. She and some negroes who were about 90% white were told their large percentage of white DNA and they were visibly horrified and disappointed. These were the more successful blacks and hispanics – of course they would never connect their large white backgrounds to their success.

      • Jefferson

        You are a liar. Eva Longoria is not 90 percent European.

        Here is the link which reveals the breakdown of her genetic ancestry.


        Eva Longoria only has 70 percent European admixture. She also has 27 percent Amerindian admixture and 3 percent Sub Saharian African admixture.

        Adolf Hitler would be rolling in his grave if he knew that some White nationalists like yourself consider racial mutts like Eva Longoria to be “White”.

      • Garret

        A 90%Black person? Are you serious?

      • pcmustgo

        George Lopez show and I think you’re confusing her with Jessica Alba, who is 90% european genetically and was on that show.

      • pcmustgo

        George Lopez show and I think you’re confusing her with Jessica Alba, who is 90% european genetically and was on that show.

        • gemjunior

          No it wasn’t that show; it was a show with that jerk of a black Harvard “black studies” professor, Gates who was doing one of theose sob sister shows about mixed African Americans who believed they were part Indian (where they got their “good hair” but they have to face the reality that they have white dna, which they hate. They want to believe that whitey forced himself on some poor hapless nappy ancestress, of course, never that they were willing participants.

          • “they have to face the reality that they have white dna, which they hate. ”
            Self-hating blacks. LOL

          • “They want to believe that whitey forced himself on some poor hapless nappy ancestress, of course, never that they were willing participants.”
            Sheeeet…more like the other way around!

      • “These were the more successful blacks and hispanics – of course they would never connect their large white backgrounds to their success.”
        That’s been that way since day one, i.e., the more “whiter”, the more brighter the non-whites. Genes don’t lie.

    • Dean

      Barack Obama is at least 50% european. What is your point?

      • Vonhauer

        I follow the one drop rule myself. I dont care what the skank is. She is an enemy of whites thats all I need to know.

      • He’s an interloper-in-lieu-of-president and does not represent nor speak for White American interests…that is MY “point.”

      • “Barack Obama is at least 50% European. What is your point?”
        He still comes off looking like a garden-variety colored guy with his dominant African features.

    • Jefferson

      Eva Longoria’s genetic heritage is nowhere close to 90 percent. She only has 70 percent European ancestry.


      Eva Longoria also has 27 percent Amerindian admixture and 3 percent Sub Saharian African admixture. So she is not exactly epitome of Whiteness.

      • George White

        NO! She is 70% WHITE.

      • Miscegenation is wrong

        “So she is not exactly epitome of Whiteness.”

        Of course not, but the point again is that even when one is mostly White (70% no less), one still sides again his/her White heritage. If she was 70% amerindians, you can bet she would not even see herself as a mestiza.

    • Carlos Geary

      There are places in suburban South America, entirely populated by germans, italians, irish, etc. Most of them are wealthy.

  • Funny, another “Hispanic activist” who looks strangely gringo.

    • George White

      Because she IS!!!!!!

      • Jefferson

        Eva Longoria is not White, she is a product of race mixing between Spaniards, Amerindians, and Sub Saharian Africans. DNA don’t lie.

        • George White

          Sheesh. Go to Youtube. Do a search for Eva Longoria gets DNA test and finds out she’s white. You’re right that DNA doesn’t lie. She is WHITE. That’s the crazy irony of this woman. She hates white people but she’s WHITE.

          • Joseph

            I think it is like the (numerous) whites I know who allegedly have a “Cherokee” or something somewhere in the family tree that they can never really pin down. It gives them some people a misplaced sense of legitimacy and absolves them of white guilt to say “My great-great-great grandmother was an Indian princess who was captured by white soldiers so I can feel their pain”.

            If you are a celebrity you get extra credit for being politically correct and are assured not to be left out of potential jobs on that account.

          • Jefferson

            How can you compare a Mixed Race Mutt like Eva Longoria to a pure unmixed White American who lies about about having a Cherokee princess in his family tree.

            It is apples and oranges. Eva Longoria is not lying about having Native American ancestry and DNA proved her family tree is not as pure as the driven White snow.

          • The__Bobster

            Just like Natalie Morales of the Today Show.

          • Carlos Geary

            There are some latinos that are mixed with indians and/or african; but the DNA result of most Latinos is white. Those latinos that “look white”, are white.

        • Miscegenation is wrong

          Eva Longoria is indeed mixed, but is still mostly White nevertheless:

          70% European, 27% Asian/indigenous, and 3% African.


          The point here is that she’s siding against her mostly White ancestry.

          • Jefferson

            Mostly White is still not good enough to be considered White, especially not during Jim Crow.

          • Carlos Geary

            should have an DNA test. Those tests are full of surprise, people discover that what they thought about themselves is not true.

        • Carlos Geary

          are white. NW & Central Spain is Celt, NE Spain is Basque territory; both
          Celts and Basque are the most ancient Europeans. When Arabs invaded Spain, most
          people escaped to the mountains and never mixed with Arabs. Only in the
          southern part of Spain there were mixing of Arabs and Spanish. Some blond
          people coming from Spain and Latin America are forced to dye their hair black
          in order to work in Hollywood to meet the terms of the Latino stereotype

          • luisferd63

            Carlos,the same thing with Arabs,they are NOT a race,they are a culture,many Arabs are white like Shakira and Carlos Slim.

    • Jefferson

      Eva Longoria would stick out like a sore thumb in a crowd of Gringos in Vermont for example. Eva Longoria clearly looks like a Mestiza.

      • Definitely. But Eva Longoria is 37, according to the online encyclopedia of questionable credibility. I dare say she looks a lot more white than the typical 37-year old Hispanic woman (many of whom are already grandmothers) that a certain someone reading these words sometimes deals with. I’ve been told that in that community, 37 looks and feels more like 57, and far more Chiapas province than High Society Madrid.

        • pcmustgo

          Racial gradations down there… spectrum of mixed people.

          • Jefferson

            I have a friend who refers to most Hispanics as mystery meat, because most of them are so racially mixed that you can not neatly fit most of them into either a White box or a Black box. They are a grey area.

          • Vonhauer

            In Cuba for example, I’ve heard that you cannot trace anyone’s family tree back to 3 – 4 generations without finding an African relative.

          • Carlos Geary

            The ADN of most “latinos” shows “caucasian”, but they are usually not detected because they look white.

        • “I dare say she looks a lot more white than the typical 37-year old Hispanic woman”
          Without her make-up on (which makes her facial skin look more white that it really is) I’d bet she looks a lot more Hispanic than she does Caucasian.

          • Carlos Geary

            Hispanic is a ethnolinguistic classification, caucasian is a race. A “hispanic” can be of any race. In Latin America, you find europeans, including of germans and irish ancestry, as well as italians, spanish, etc.

          • luisferd63


      • Miscegenation is wrong

        Eva Longoria is 70% European and looks nothing like the typical 5ft overweight flat nosed mestiza here in California. As for Vermont, I fail to see how this tiny state’s population could possibly be representative of the entire spectrum of White Europeans from Spain to Finland.

        The issue here is that she’s siding against her own main heritage as usual. This is what happens every time you go out of your race, and should be a warning to all who advocate miscegenation here, especially with those “smarter” asians.


        • Jefferson

          It does not matter if it is Vermont or Minnesota or Nebraska. Eva Longoria would stick out like a sore thumb in any Non Hispanic White community in this country.

          Eva Longoria can not pass for an all American WASP White girl named Jennifer Matthews.

          Eva Longoria has a south of the Rio Grande phenotype.

      • jane

        Did you see the Andy Garcia movie The Greater Glory? Eva plays the General’s wife and does not look very meztizo.

        • Jefferson

          If Eva Longoria is so so extremely White looking, why is it that she NEVER plays the role of a Non Hispanic White character ? She ONLY plays Hispanic characters in movies and on television.

          Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen have Spanish ancestry, but that does not stop them from playing Non Hispanic White characters all of the time. And that is because their phenotypes fall within the Non Hispanic White range.

          Nobody would realistically believe Eva Longoria as a German American or an Irish American character for example. And that is because her phenotype does not fall within the Non Hispanic White range.

          That is why Eva Longoria is limited to only Chicana roles, because that is the only thing she can pass for. That or a Middle Easterner because of her dark complexion.

          • luisferd63

            Sorry Jeff but you are wrong,Eva Longoria can play an Italian role easy, ,which is within the non-Hispanic white range like you say.Jennifer Lopez has played roles like that in the past!!!For your information,NOT ALL WHITES ARE BLOND AND BLUED EYED,MANY ITALIANS AND SPANIARDS LOOK SIMILAR BECAUSE THEY HAVE THE SAME ROOTS (LATIN), FOR EXAMPLE,PENELOPE CRUZ AND SOFIA LOREN HAVE SIMILAR FEATURES!!

    • The above picture is the darkest I have ever seen of her.

      But then Mitt Romney is Hispanic …. his dad was born in Mexico – never did figure out why he was allowed to run for president (the dad I mean).

      • While George Romney was born in Mexico, his parents retained their American citizenship, so George Romney was born under American jurisdiction. Still, the way his own Presidential campaign turned out in 1968, would it have been worth it to make a big deal out of that issue? Better to let the sleeping dog lie.

      • mobilebay

        You should be questioning why Obama was allowed to run – and win – the presidency. He in not a natural born citizen, but somehow he’s in the Oval Office.

      • Jefferson

        Mitt Romney is about as Hispanic as John McCain. John McCain was born in Panama.

        Ancestry wise, both John McCain and Mitt Romney are pure 100 percent Northern European. So they are disqualified from being Hispanic because they do not have a single ancestor who is an Indigenous Latin American Amerindian, they do not have a single African slave ancestor who was brought to work in the sugar cane fields of Latin America, and they do not have a single Spanish conquistador ancestor.

        Genetically both John McCain and Mitt Romney have more in common with the average person from Boise than someone from Bolivia.

        • Luis

          Vivian Leigh was born in India, of British parents, so she has no Indian bloodlines whatsoever.

          Xaviera Hollander, she of “Happy Hooker” fame, was born in Indonesia, of Dutch parents; back when it was known as the Dutch West Indies. No Indonesian bloodlines there.

          Ethnicity trumps geography.

          • Xaviera Hollander was a Dutch Jewess.

          • luisferd63

            It means Vivian Leigh is white and her CULTURE is Indian,because India is NOT a race,it is a country,therefore it is a nationality,the same way being born in a Hispanic country is NOT a race.In my case,I was born in Latin America,my race is white and my culture is Hispanic.

        • John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone, not Panama. At the time, it was American territory. But even if he was literally born in Panama, he would have been born to two American parents, meaning his jurisdiction is American, and both parents are white Americans, meaning he’s a white American by gene line. Hispanic has nothing to do with it.

          • luisferd63

            you are wrong,Alexis Bledel is a white Hispanic,white because both parents are of European descent and Hispanic because her parents were both in a Hispanic country.For your information,the word Hispanic comes from ”Hispania”,which is the name given by the Romans when they conquered Spain and that is why all countries and people connected to Spain are called Hispanics,in other words IT IS A CULTURE AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE,I INVITE YOU TO OPEN AND ENCYCLOPEDIA AND DO A RESEARCH ON THE SUBJECT!,

    • Jefferson

      If by Gringo you mean old Northern European WASP stock, Eva Longoria looks nothing like a WASP American.

      • William_JD

        Her ancestry is largely Jewish.

        • “Her ancestry is largely Jewish.”
          Ha! Now we know the key to her success (and bitterness towards White America).

    • Garrett Brown

      Someone sure is trigger happy on the thumbs downs tonight.

      • As far as that goes, we have a prime suspect, maybe two. One of the suspects likes to post long pre-written holocaust denial rants and lauding the man who made life uneasy at the 2006 AR Conference (initials D.D.), which we must delete, then he uses the occasion of the rest of his posts to complain about his posts being deleted.

        For the record, complaining about comment moderation will get one nowhere. Take that as a hint about who we think is the second suspect.

  • Chris

    She is of Spanish ancestry. One of her ancestors was granted 4,000 acres along the Rio Grande from the king of Spain. Its typical of Hollywood elites to feel guilt about their success. They make millions for doing relatively little. Most get involved with some kind of asinine activism. In her case, its Chicano….whatever. Her heart bleeds for the little brown people.

    • George White

      No. Mostly white.

  • Richard from Vancouver

    “It is part of a broader strategy to build her personal brand within the nation’s fastest-growing market. Ms. Longoria is modeling it on Bono’s celebrity-to-political-activist transformation, and has hired one of the singer’s advisers.”
    Perhaps, Ms. Longoria, but wasn’t Bono just quoted that he lives for the day that third-world people will tell well-meaning rock stars to f–k off because they can now look after themselves. Of course both celebrities are delusional, and isn’t being delusional part of the zeitgeist of most celebrities?

  • wattylersrevolt

    Eva Longoria’s Next Role:scaling up her skankiness to even greater levels of skankiness.

  • George White

    This woman is a total idiot. If you want a good laugh, go to youtube and play the video where she gets her DNA test and finds out that she’s 70% WHITE!!!!! Haha! So much for Miss Indigenous!!!!

    • Adam Clayton Powell genetically speaking was 90% white. Politically, he was 100% black.

      • Seek

        His grandson, Adam Clayton Powell IV, looks 95 percent white. But hey, his name carries a lot of weight in Harlem. So politically, he’s 100 percent black.

        • Except if he’s running against Charlie Rangel. Then, all of a sudden, he’s not black enough.

    • Xerxes22

      She could have just looked in a mirror and figured that out. This woman is definitely not a rocket scientist.

    • gemjunior

      I enjoyed her discomfiture immensely in that very video.

  • Harnizo

    She is a Harniza!

  • Lewis33

    I’m pretty sure she is doing this as everyone knows what a horrible actress she was and the coming parts will be few and far between…no family, got to have a cause! How long do you think before she “adopts” some foreign beast?

    • Amy

      The fact is that her performance in season 7 of Desperate Housewives was FANTASTIC. She received raveeviews from critics.

      • Entertainment Tonight is that way.

      • Lewis33

        It’s called proping up the weak link…some berg praises her in Variety hoping people will follow his lead and nominate her for something. Berg knows how important it is to diversify those awards shows!

      • Joseph

        In a world of make-believe promoted by phony people. This is not a genuine accomplishment, even if true.

    • Cherry Bomb

      She is long in the tooth. 37? More like 50.

      Smartest thing Parker ever did is dump her, because of her class, beauty and bearing…NOT

      Longoria shouted: “He’s just a Mexican bike cop. He only wants your autograph.”

  • Harnizo

    Why does Amren never write about Harnizos?

    • What is a Harnizo/Harniza?

      • razorrare

        A harnizo is a moderator who deletes good substantive post in the interest of his jewish boss…jus sayin…………

      • Garrett Brown

        Don’t be a Nazi mod.

    • Cherry Bomb

      Because this is a white issues site.

      Go somewhere else.

      • razorrare

        dont kid yourself…….

  • Harnizo

    They are the Jews of the Mexican Americans. They are at the top of the heriarchy of non-white hispanics not quite Castizo so they still play the race card. Most prominent Mexican Americans in Politics and the Media are Harnizos.

    • pcmustgo

      Are you a Harnizo Mexican?

      Are these terms just in Mexico or through-out Latin America?

    • William_JD

      Um, the Jews are “the Jews” of the Mexican Americans. The Longorias all have real Jewish ancestry. Some of them are so old school that they still marry their first cousins.

      • PesachPatriot

        I never heard of eva longoria being of jewish ancestry, but I suppose its possible. She is definitely an attractive woman, but I’m married and probably not her type anyways.

        • Son of Sambo

          Correct. You’re probably not black.

  • Harnizo

    Harnizos are between 60-75% European. Over 75% is Castizo.

  • shattered

    Another racist La Raza promoter.

  • pcmustgo

    This isn’t the best picture of her. She actually looks more euro in this picture than in other pictures though.

    • Miscegenation is wrong

      Wrong, and still projecting your own half-jewish heritage on others as usual. Longoria looks more European because she is (70%), and most pictures of her look that way indeed.


      • Jefferson

        Every Ashkenazi I have seen looks more European than Eva Longoria. Eva Longoria has darker hair, more prominent cheek bones, and darker skin than the Ashkenazis I personally know.

        If you look less physically White than an Ashkenazi, than you sure as hell are not White, that would make you physically a Person Of Color.

        Eva Longoria tans darker than any Non Hispanic White I have ever met. When she tans she turns brown, she does not turn red or orange like us Non Hispanic Whites.

        No pure unmixed White person can get a tan as dark as Eva Longoria. Look at how dark her tan is in this picture, she looks straight up Brown here.


        Do you think Conan O’Brien can get a tan as Brown as like Eva Longoria ? Hell no he can not.

        • “Every Ashkenazi I have seen looks more European than Eva Longoria. ”
          That’s because many Ashkenazis have intermarried with us hated “goyim” over the centuries and “hijacked” our genes like one WN activist calls it.

      • pcmustgo

        Wrong. She looks more “Latina” on that desperate housewives show… Browner… than in this picture… I’ve noticed this with J LO too… I wonder if they use tanning booths. Jennifer Lopez looked WHITER before she was famous. Not totally white, but whiter… now she looks more “brown”… does anyone else notice this?

        I see Alicia Keys uses tanning beds too…

        Perhaps these Latinas need to play up the Brownness in Hollywood to really be considered fit for the part….

        I have noticed this.

  • IstvanIN

    Why doesn’t anyone mention the fact that most of the new world is already LATIN AMERICA? Why should they even be allowed here? They have ruined most of the Americas, now they want to ghettoize the whole hemisphere!

  • dhs

    This is a good example of public relations. This B lister, soon to be C lister, is trying to pump up her decaying career. Becoming politically active is a standard technique, and Hispanicity is available to her.

    Note that the article even states that she has hired a PR type with Bono experience for this purpose. Also note the placement of this publicity piece in the once respected Wall Street Journal.

    • George White

      Yes, she will try to transition into politics as her looks fade. She’s yet another hate filled anti-white bigot.

  • George White

    I don’t believe this. Last year I’m certain that I watched a video on Youtube where Longoria had taken a DNA test and she was then told that she is 70% white. My memory is good and I am NOT mistaken about this. Now, I just went back there and they’ve cut the segment down to about one minute and the emphasis in on her “Native American” heritage!!!!! You can still find the original results by doing a Google search, but she got the original show from public television taken down but for a truncated version that supposedly supports her claim to being “indigenous.” She’s just your typical liar, bottom line. The woman has MOSTLY European blood running through her veins, and it looks like she and her handlers have taken steps to try to cover up the results of that DNA test, so that she doesn’t appear to be the hypocrite that she really is. And I am NOT confusing her with Jessica Alba. Her DNA test said that she is 70% WHITE, and I’ll take any and all bets that I’m right on this.

  • bigone4u

    Ms. Longoria is being unfairly criticized here. Let me explain why.
    With my light brown hair, pinkish complexion, and blue/grey eyes I would hope that if I were DNA tested that the results would come back 100 percent European. Alas, there was strong family talk of native american ancestors on my father’s side, so I fear that I may not be as genetically white as I think I am. Culturally, I am 100 percent Scotch-Irish. I would guess that Ms. Longoria identifies with the south Texas Mexican/Catholic culture that she was raised in, and thus is not terribly concerned about the DNA percentages that have been reported here and in wikipedia and that many commenters seem to obsess on.
    Although I do not follow her career, I perceive her as a beautiful woman, far more attractive than Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and Jennifer Lopez. As to her age, since I am not an ageist, I don’t consider it important. Given the career path that she has set for herself, I doubt that her age is signicant. Jennifer Anniston is older, I believe.
    I see nothing here or in her wikipedia entry to suggest she hates whites. Like many women, she prefers her men tall, dark, and handsome. So what? Her first husband was native american, her second black. Maybe she will figure out that white is alright and take a white husband next time. There are certainly lots of south Texas Mexican females dating and marrying white men. In fact, one of them told me that among Hispanic females, the belief is that Mexican men treat women badly, while blacks and whites treat them well. For many, the preferred partner is white because white men are nice and steady providers too.
    As to her activism, every hispanic professor, public official, singer, restauranteur, etc. in south Texas embraces the Hispanic cause. It’s built in, part of the culture. She may have ulterior motives related to keeping her in the public eye, but so what. Many white actresses faded into obscurity because they had no plan to deal with the fact of their aging. She has a plan. Good for her. And her philanthropy according to wikipedia runs through quite a few nonracial areas.

    If someone held I gun to my head and said I had to pick between Eva Longoria and Lady Gaga or be executed on the spot, I would take the lovely lady Eva and leave the less than lovely albeit white Lady Gaga to someone else.

    • George White

      You’ve missed the point and you’re unaware of her anti-white activism. Fact is, ALL of the brown activists constantly rail against whitey. LaRaza and MECHA are brown versions of the Klan. She told Obama that he has to give amnesty to the illegals. She has the ear of the POTUS. She defends the criminals and drug dealers and rapists and gang members who’ve RUINED my once beautiful state, saying that Latinos are law abiding saints. She’s yakked about being “indigenous” for as long as I can remember, and the point of that in case you’re asleep is that she belongs here and supposedly we don’t. By the way, Jessica Alba makes Longoria look like an old bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, and as far as I know Alba hasn’t been spouting hate whitey rhetoric. Longoria is a silver spoon Latino and she has NO CLUE about what happens when her people infiltrate an area like a crew of dirty cockroaches. Okay, you think she’s pretty. Whoopie.

    • George White

      This conversation highlights the exact reasons for why and how we as whites are getting our butts kicked and our country is being taken away from us…because so many of us are unable to see what’s going on. I’ve worked in the Latino community for 25 years and I can tell you that they are NOT the friends of white people, not on any level. Push come to shove they side with their own kind against us, every single time. I have notebooks filled with stories about the abuse I have taken as a white minority in brown/black Los Angeles. White people in America have no idea what is coming their way, but they damn well better wake up before the country is entirely stolen and destroyed.

      • “I’ve worked in the Latino community for 25 years and I can tell you that they are NOT the friends of white people, not on any level.”
        I can vouch for that. About twenty years ago I worked for a race track in New Jersey that had four (illegal) Mexican groundskeepers, i.e., cutting grass, etc. This was before the great deluge of these illegals into our country. Being the gregarious, good-natured fellow that I am, I would speak some words in Spanish with these migrants whenver I ran into them at my job throughout the day to joke around or get a smile out of them. After one big event, a swap meet, the owners usually hired about twenty illegals from I don’t know where to asist in the clean up on Monday.
        At the end of the day, as I was washing up in the men’s room in the shop, the one Mexican, whose name was Antonio, was with the rest of his hombres as they were waiting to get paid for their one day service near the timeclock by the track owner’s office. Tony was waiting there too (but unlike the temporary help) waiting to punch out at 4:30, same as I was (reason I was washing up). I called out to him from the other end of the garage, “Hey Tony, mucho caliente”, which means “very hot” in Spanish as that day was.
        Again i called out to him from about fifty feet away whilst he was milling around the timeclock with the rest of his compatriots. I KNOW HE HEARD ME. Still no response. Then once more, same non-response from him.
        Then it hit me like a ton of bricks…Antonio didn’t want to be seen joking around with a “gringo” in front of his Mexican homeboys. The message was very loud and very clear: these mf’s had contempt for me, and although Tony didn’t, he didn’t want to be seen socializing with me like we used to do all the time prior to that day. After that day, I never was warm to him again like I was prior to being “dissed”.
        Why do I dislike illegal aliens? Let me count thy ways. Those who do nothing to stop their flow into my country and secure our border I ‘dislike’ even more. With the utmost in predjudice.

    • Daisy

      Gaga dyes her hair blonde. I still say we need a designation for the continuity of white in the US, which didn’t include italian or mediterranean until well after the Civil War. Go take another look at the women who’ve been targeted for hatecrimes by the ‘POC’ or what’s most often blacks: they will all look like northwestern europeans. Even Autumn Pasquale looked like the traditional definition, that most blacks still use to determine who they rape, kill, etc., for ‘white.’ i bet Autumn’s background is no more than 1/4 italian.

      I get that all non-jews who have to check the white box on the census are facing and experiencing a systemic discrimination, but there’s still a huge space as to how the various ethnicities within that get treated. I think Longoria’s hystrionics probably stem from the need to remain relevant. If she’s part jewish that may also explain some of them.

      • Italians and Jews are white. Get real.

        • NO, you “get real.” Northern Italians, yes, they are white. Southern, swarthy Italians no, because of their semitic and negroid genes. Not “white” in the sense that English, Irish, Polish, Russian and other Nordic people are “white.”
          Jews, well, their skin is white, but genetically they are not White. That themselves they admit.

    • I’d choose to be executed on the spot.

    • Joseph

      “If someone held I gun to my head…”

      …It would probably be somebody who is Hispanic or black.

      I don’t care if this broad is as Irish as a leprechaun or flew in from Valhalla. If she promotes this racial takeover of America she is the enemy of whites.

    • “Alas, there was strong family talk of native american ancestors on my father’s side,”
      The term is American Indian, dear. And just now ‘native’ were your ancestors on your fathers side? I can assure you these Siberians who immigrated to North America once upon a time, a long time ago via the Bering Straits, weren’t fair-skinned, light-eyed people.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Lady Gaga ‘lovely’??? GAGGGGGGGGGGG!

  • liberalsuck

    Let me get this straight: Eva thinks Republicans are ‘racist’, meanwhile she hates the fact she has white European in her and she champions only for people who are Hispanic. It never ceases to amaze me of not only the hypocrisy with anti-white bigots, but that they don’t even see it themselves. (Or maybe they do but they don’t care.)

    • Anyone who stands up for White America and White American interests is “racist” just like yours truly and like those militant meztizo racists over at LaRaza whom I KNOW MIss Eva speaks highly of and most likely $upports.

    • Katherine McChesney

      So they scream diversity but hate it because their DNA is diverse?

  • Joseph

    Why does it matter what another whore from make-believe TV world thinks?

  • shmo123

    I wonder, if Ms. Longoria had been born and raised in Mexico, if she would have the same concern for the full-blooded Indians (and mestizos) she so clearly identifies with here? Like the ruling class there, she looks to be almost 100% Spanish descent (and clearly a beautiful woman). But as a budding intellectual, I wonder if Ms. Longoria could answer a few questions regarding Latinos not being a drain on the economy. I’ll even give her the benefit of the doubt and go along with “most” being hard working and “not criminals” crossing the border. They are:

    Why are so many of them in prison?
    Why do they use social services way above the level of whites?
    Why are so many seemingly incapable of getting even a rudimentary education, and can’t even make it through high school?
    Is the social stratification of Mexican society (whites at the top, full-blooded Indians at the bottom) now present in Los Angeles? Would some short, fat, round little Indian peasant from Chiapas get the role of a “Desperate Housewife”?

    What is a Chicano, and how do you study it?

    No doubt her research will come up with some answers and I wish her well. We’d all love to read your dissertation Ms. Longoria.

  • white liberal bitch

    Her people? She is a white European of Spanish heritage like so many white liberals in America who voted and support the sorryass pos muslim socialist homo in chief. Obviously her people are liberals in general and most illegals are red mongoloid Asian migrants who remnants of the aztecs myans or incans etc. conquered by Spain 500 yrs ago and forced to learn Spanish and WMR etc.

  • white liberal pos

    She is a real white hispanic latino of Spanish European ancestry and not the red race type but she is a LIBERAL POS.

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    I think a lot of people in this movement just enjoy finding any excuse to demonize white women. How this is supposed to help our cause, I have no clue. If this woman is 30% nonwhite, she shouldn’t be considered a “typical white woman”. Stop comparing her to the waspy looking whites who claim American Indian ancestory. Those types of whites have less than 10% nonwhite heritage, and their “nonwhite” heritage isn’t nearly as dark and muddy, if you get my drift.

  • Fomerly Known As..

    Longoria recently made public the results of a DNA test she underwent. She was “shocked” to discover her bloodline was over 70% Europid. OMG! In addition, there apparently was a substantial amount of “African”, i.e. NORTH African blood as well. Almost no Amerindian blood. In other words, she’s pretty damned white.
    Does it really matter what she does or says, when so many of our own spend so much time and effort catering to these mostly indian, frog-faced mestizos that DON’T resemble Longoria in the slightest? This is nothing but her attempt to avoid adopting a black baby, like all the other has-beens are doing. Mariska Hargitay and Sandra Bullock come immediately to mind. These broads (sorry, female AmRen readers!) will do anything to stay before the public, even if it means tossing their genetic legacy (and a lot of personal resources) out the window.

    I guess it’s no surprise that her character was one of the least scrupled and the most sexually duplicitous of the ladies on “Desperate Housewives” Art imitates etc., etc.

  • David Ashton

    There is just something a little ludicrous about the extensive “Aryan Paragraph” chewing over this sex-star’s phenotype and genotype in this thread. She can’t help her looks, but she can help what she does with them.

  • Fran

    Sexual harrassment and abuse of women is the norm in Latino countries and she knows it. Where does she get off teaching white people?

  • Fran

    Why doesn’t she go to a Latin country and be an activist for her people? Because she would either a) be raped, b) be shot, or c) both.

  • Let this militant meztiza do her ‘activism’ in that corrupt narco-government-run turd world country of hers south of the border.

    “Latinos aren’t a drain on the economy or criminals crossing the border,” she says.“
    These so-called latinos (do they speak Latin? Are they descendants of the original Latins that built the Roman empire? What’s ‘latin’ about these Spanish-speaking meztizos and Indians?) a) are a drain on the economy via higher taxes, e.g., illegal spawn attend schools, drain social services like welfare, etc. More than one hospital has been bankrupted and forced to close because of these illegal alien interlopers and their baby-making factory. b) By the very fact of ILLEGALLY “crossing the border” into MY country and start residing here makes them a criminal (third class felon, from what I undestand). What part of illegal alien don’t you understand, you militant meztiza?
    LaRaza roaches like you, Miss Eva, ought to go back where you came from and do your activism there. Go ahead, vamos, reform that backwards turd world country (good luck) that only YOUR people are capable of building rather than being an advocater for these immigration criminals THAT WE WHITE and BLACK AMERICANS DID NOT REQUEST, who are turning MY country into a northern version of the same anywhere they settle in any great numbers!

  • Beenhere2013

    Spaniards, Portugese, and Italians are, after all white, natural, 100% european. They came here over 200 years before the British. England still thought the earth was flat. Remember? Oh, and Puerto Ricans are here legally, on and off the island. And….Oh yeah, Ecuadors main monetary unit is officially the U.S. dollar, last I read. Additionally, like 80% of the so-called Hispanics in the U.S. are of the ancient pre-Mexican descent, that became U.S. citizens after the Federal Army of the States conquered lands leading to Texas and California. Don’t you people know your own history? LOL. “Nor shall we forget the Maternal.” A quote by Thomas Jefferson, if I remember correctly, in regards to Spain.