The Chiles Test for White Liberal Racial Hypocrisy

Robert Henderson, England Calling, December 2, 2012

In 2003 radio and TV presenter Adrian Chiles self-indulgently allowed himself a gigantic wallow in liberal breast beating . In a long article for the Daily Telegraph entitled “Why are all my friends White?”, Chiles expressed his surprise that he, a white liberal bigot of impeccable anti-racist, multiculturalist credentials, had no non-white friends and precious little deep social interaction with blacks and Asians:

The thought struck me as I was looking through my wedding photos recently: why is it that I have no black or Asian friends? I work with some black people, I socialise with them, but when I looked at the pictures of the 131 guests at my wedding, I was shocked to find that there wasn’t a single non-white face among them. I consider myself a fairly liberal, open-minded chap, so the demographic of my circle of friends was quite troubling. I decided to investigate further, and scrolled down the 99 names in my mobile phone’s memory, to find that there is only one black person on the list—a television producer whom I work with.

It’s not that I haven’t come into contact with many black or Asian people during my life. I grew up in the West Midlands, which is home to the largest non-white communities outside the capital. And I now live in Hammersmith, a decidedly multi-racial area of west London. Yet, when Petal Felix, the aforementioned producer, came to visit me to discuss the possibility of making a documentary on the very subject that was causing me such concern, I was horrified to realise she was the first black person who’d ever been to my house.

Faced with this traumatic (for the politically correct) disjunction between the quasi-religious utterances about the enriching qualities of racial and ethnic diversity in a society and claims that “race is just a social construct” that people such as Chiles routinely make, he embarked on a series of exquisitely exciting (for a modern white liberal) exercises in masochism as he explored the very white, very English world he inhabited and in all probability still inhabits. (The absence of non-white faces in Chiles’ wedding photos is made all the more enjoyable for normal, that is, politically incorrect people, because his then wife Jane Garvey, who is currently employed by the BBC as the presenter of the feminist propaganda vehicle Woman’s Hour, is an especially devout disciple of political correctness).

We decided to make a film—The Colour of Friendship [for the BBC]—that would attempt to find out whether mine was an isolated case or not; and whether 21st-century Britain really is a multi-cultural melting pot, or—if we’re brave enough to admit it—still a largely segregated nation.

Chiles worked with an all black team whilst making his programme. He finds being in the racial minority disconcerting:

As a white, middle-class male, very rarely have I found myself working in a minority—until now. This time, the producer, executive producer, researcher and camera crew on this documentary were all black. I was surprised to find that I couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable with the situation and grew increasingly defensive about it, although I was unable to articulate exactly why…

Chiles takes the all black TV crew to a Pakistani—run pub in West Bromwich (the area in the English midlands where he grew up) which he still regularly frequents and fondly imagines is an example of unalloyed multiculturalism in action. Much to his horror when they arrive he finds “the punters in the Sportsman turned out to be 95 per cent white. The only Asians in there were staff, serving beer and curry to groups of white blokes.” His liberal fantasy world has overcome reality.

Throughout the programme Chiles is constantly putting his liberal foot in it. When he recounts a story about how his wife could not say the word black when giving a description of someone his black producer Petal tells him that it “is typical behaviour for white people who don’t mix with black people. For God’s sake, it’s perfectly all right to call black people black!” At one point he uses the term “half-caste” and is covered in liberal horror when he is told “mixed-race” is the polite word these days. Most traumatically for Chiles (and hilariously for the politically incorrect), he meets Simon Darby of the West Midlands branch of the British National Party. Unsurprisingly, Darby complains that whites cannot celebrate their whiteness. This leads to the ultimate horror for a white liberal of being suspected by Petal of wanting to celebrate his whiteness: “Petal and me into a furious argument when he asserted that it is no longer possible to celebrate “whiteness” in Britain.

 I wondered aloud why it would be quite reasonable for Petal to say publicly that she was proud to be black, while for me to say that I was proud to be white would cast me, in some people’s eyes, as either a football hooligan or a Nazi.

 “So are you proud to be white?” Petal asked me.

 “Actually, no.” I shouted back, startling an elderly woman, who was struggling past with her shopping. “I just want to know what the difference is.”

In addition to these embarrassments Chiles constantly encounters the physical reality of racial and ethnic division. He visits Handsworth, and Hagley, towns stuck in the middle of the heavily black and Asian settled West Midlands and discovers Handsworth is almost entirely non-white and Hagley almost entirely white.

He also addresses racial separateness at the individual level when he meets Nigerian Didi Anolue who tell him she is “looking for a husband—specifically, a black Nigerian. She rules out marrying a white man, which sounds fine coming from her.

“But how would it sound if a white woman in Stourbridge declared she’d never marry a black bloke, I wondered. It would sound terrible. But what’s the difference?”

At the end of his Odyssey Chiles seeks answers to his questions:

If anyone would be able to answer my growing list of questions, it would be Dr Robert Beckford, who runs the Centre for Black Theology at the University of Birmingham. He told me the reason I am unable to assert that I’m proud to be white (not that I’d want to) is that “the language of whiteness has been appropriated by the far Right”, and it has to be taken back from them before people like me can understand what it means to be white and engage in a sensible debate about race. And another thing, he said: “Everyone’s always studying Afro-Caribbean culture or Asian culture. Why isn’t anyone studying white culture?’

Until that happens, I might never find out why I have no close black or Asian friends. But, whatever the reason, I don’t think it necessarily makes me a bad person.

The answers to Chiles’ questions

Chiles should not be surprised at what he finds because all he is displaying is normal human behaviour, namely, a selective preference for those who most resemble him. This is called assortative selection and is a trait widely found throughout the animal kingdom.

The strength of assortative selection in humans can be seen most easily in mating patterns. Even in such racially and culturally mixed areas as inner London, the number of mixed race relationships is remarkably small considering the apparent opportunities on offer. Indeed, the fact that there are shared external physical differences which cause human beings to classify people by race testifies to the general reluctance of humans to mate with those who radically differ from them in physical to mate with those who radically differ from them in physical appearance.

There are also differences in mating patterns where mixed race relationships occur. Women are more likely to take a mate of a different race than men and the higher the socio-economic class, the less likely that a mixed race relationship will exist.

These selective tendencies are very powerful. In Freakonomics Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner cite a study made of a US dating site (the full story is on pp 80-84). The site is one of the largest in the US and the data examined covered 30,000 people equally divided between San Diego and Boston. Most were white but there was a substantial minority of non-white subjects.

The questionnaire the would-be daters had to fill in included a question choice on race as “same as mine” and “doesn’t matter”. The study compared the responses by white would-be daters (those from non-white were not analysed) to these questions with the race of the emails actually sent soliciting a date. The result in Levitt and Dubner’s words was:

Roughly half of the white women on the site and 80 percent of the white men declared that race didn’t matter to them. But the response data tell a different story. The white men who said that race didn’t matter sent 90 percent of their e-mail queries to white women. The white women who said race didn’t matter sent about 97 percent of their e-mail queries to white men.

Is it possible that race really didn’t matter for these white women and men and that they simply never happened to browse a non-white date that interested them?

Or, more likely, did they say that race didn’t matter because they wanted to come across especially to potential mates of their own race as open-minded?

In short, around 99% of all the women and 94% of all men in the sample were not willing to seek a date of a different race. How much stronger will be the tendency to refuse to breed with a mate of a different raceConsiderably greater one would imagine.

The effect of social and economic differences is that the higher up the social scale a white person is, the more likely they are to have meaningful social contact with non-whites. Moreover, the contact they do have is almost entirely with middle-class and very westernised blacks and Asians.

The truth which “white middle class liberals” like Mr Chiles find disconcerting is that they are much more likely to live in a very white world than the white working class whom they both despise and fear.

 The Chiles Test

Chile provides the answer:

The only thing I know for sure is that, in this multi-racial society, many middle-class whites have much less meaningful contact with black or Asian people than they would like to think. If you don’t believe me, check your wedding photos and your address book.

If the Chiles test is based on non-white faces in wedding photos, arguably the most potent indicator of social interaction, it is a fair bet that most white liberals would score perilously close to zero.

What did Chiles learn from his experiences? That the liberal fantasy of multiculturalism and multiracialism is just that, a fantasy and a most dangerous one because of the fractured society it produces? Don’t be silly the man’s a white liberal. At the time the programme was broadcast Chiles announced to the Birmingham Evening Mail that he “hopes his three-year-old daughter Evie will marry a black or Asian man one day (Aug 18 2003 Graham Young).

Chiles’ ignorance of the realities of racial and ethnic difference or a refusal to acknowledge them, is summed up in that wish. He fails utterly to understand that the conflict in heterogeneous societies is not merely between white and non-white, but amongst non-whites of different types and those of the same race but different origins, for example, in Britain blacks with West Indian ancestry are often at daggers drawn with blacks from Africa. He makes the mistake, which itself is an unconscious form of racism as defined by modern liberals, of lumping all non-whites together.

If his daughter does marry a “black or Asian man” she will not be decreasing racial and ethnic tension in Britain but increasing it, because the greater the heterogeneity the greater the mistrust and tension between racial and ethnic groups occupying the same territory.

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  • PDK

    I am a realist, first, foremost and last. To be a realist,
    one must necessarily mature, those who fail to embrace their personal
    responsibility to mature remain the immature, and in our world the immature
    gravitate to liberalism. Liberals, the immature, deny reality, and substitute a
    preferred illusion in said reality`s stead.

    Being a realist I am necessarily a racist, one who accepts
    the reality of separate races and the different type of human produced by the
    mutually exclusive gene pools. It is science itself that has made clear the
    truth of this phenomenon, it has made manifest what my own eyes tell me I see,
    that the difference between the organisms produced by the mutually exclusive gene
    pools are more than skin color deep, and in fact are cerebrum deep.

    Science has shown the black gene pool produces an organism
    that is more “r” selective, where reproductive energy favors higher output
    numbers coupled with less nurturing by parents, and further favors, a less
    neotenous development of and by the individual organism.

    Neotenous development refers to the slowing down of
    development, allowing the human cerebrum to become bigger and therefore more

    The white gene pool is more “k” selective, where fewer
    output numbers are couple with more parental tutelage, and an organism that has
    a longer neotenous development strategy, therefore creating a larger, more
    intelligent cerebrum.

    This is further borne out by science as the brains of blacks
    on average are physically smaller than whites, and further IQ tests have consistently,
    over decade’s, demonstrated higher IQs for whites, or lower for blacks, by 15 points.

    Clearly to my eye, the white cerebrum is capable of higher
    culture creation, and higher culture maintenance, while the black cerebrum
    demonstrates, quite clearly, incapability in either higher culture creation or
    higher culture maintenance. For example look at Detroit, a once thriving white
    metropolis, now virtually destroyed by a 90% black population.

    As a realist, and as a racist, I would not move to Detroit.
    White liberals may besmirch me for my position here; however they will not put
    their money where their mouth is and move to Detroit. In fact, you will find
    most white liberals that preach from their false moral high ground, living in
    whiteyville, an exclusively white area with the occasional, token black.

    Our Founding Fathers gave us, their posterity a Republic, a
    free enterprise, capitalist nation-state. Our liberals and their minority
    allies are destroying our Republic, usurping it with their socialist democracy,
    and further ultimately intend the death of nation-states and the birth of the
    new world, one world order of globalism, socialism and democracy, which further
    produces a world of tyranny, poverty and misery.

    I see secession as the only hope for our Founding Father`s
    culture and its subsequent liberty, wealth and happiness. I see further the
    need to reduce our new nation-state Republics democratic process, by limiting enfranchisement
    to white males only.

    I sense white liberals are cowardly afraid of living their
    illusion without we non-liberal realist carrying their self- created burden for
    them, but I no longer care about them. They have made their house and they
    alone should have to live in it.

    Liberalism is the iceberg targeting the Titanic.

    If blacks are equal to whites, let them support themselves.
    Thank you.

    • Robert Binion

      To paraphrase The Great Commoner, liberals sacrifice progressivism on a cross of black.

    • Aaron

      The best comment I have ever read in my life. I kneel before you.

      • PDK

        Thank you friend.

    • Mar1ne

      Paul ,, You crushed it ..Thank you

      • PDK

        Marine, are you the Native American marine from the PP?
        By the way thanks.

    • If Latinos are equal to whites, let them stay in their own countries and clean them up instead of trashing ours.

      • PDK

        Felix, I do not recall having mentioned Latinos, but obviously they are not here to assimilate, but rather, pursuing their superiority via outreproducing white America in our fully enfranchised democracy. Further,clearly they are parasitizing the country they intend to conquer.
        The white liberals do not care, first and foremost they need votes to gain control in order to destroy the American Republic, Hispanics vote for the liberal party, the democrats and so an open border, amnesty agenda, is inacted.
        It should be obvious to all, the Hispanic IQ is higher than blacks but lower than whites. I`m not sure where your statement belongs, but it does not seem to belong with mine.
        By the way, I too believe they should stay in the dump they created, rather than immagrate here and wreck ours. Thanks.

  • MekongDelta69

    I decided to investigate further, and scrolled down the 99 names in my mobile phone’s memory, to find that there is only one black person on the list

    I just scrolled down the 99 names in my phone’s memory and was pleased to see I had NO black people’s names on my list.

    I leave the guilt-ridden, self-loathing to idiot white leftists. They’re very good at it.

    • Hirschibold

      I just looked through my e-mails. Several of them are from black people, but they’re all Nigerian advanced fee fraud scams.

    • Terry

      I have very good liberal friend who is a female,not a girl friend, and I communicate with her on face-book sometimes. Her profile says she is liberal and she fought for black majority rule in South Africa standing on street corners with a placard. However she has many face book friends and not a single black.

    • Svigor

      They don’t seem to be very good at it to me. Very few of them have even the shriveled capacity for introspection and intellectual rigor that Chiles displays. Most of them are quite content to heap guilt upon and loathe other whites; that “wrong sort” of white that doesn’t follow the leftist code.

  • David Ashton

    I don’t know how Robert Henderson summons up the energy to combat this ubiquitous drivel, but he always does so with logic, aplomb and knowledge. He is a breath of oxygen in the smog. More from this writer please.

  • David Brims

    God that was hard work, I only managed to read the first two paragraphs, I couldn’t take any more, I just gave up.

  • At the time the programme was broadcast Chiles announced to the Birmingham Evening Mail that he “hopes his three-year-old daughter Evie will marry a black or Asian man one day

    Yes, he says that, but his actions will speak just the opposite. There is no way that Father Chiles will ever send Daughter Evie to a mixed race school of any sort.

    • White_Prime77

      Just like how the Clintons preached racially integrated schools and supported Civil Rights… but when they moved to Washington D.C. they sent little precious Chelsea to all White private school instead of to a majority Black public school.

      Liberals do this all the time. Hypocrisy is the air they breath.

      • Joseph

        Hypocrisy is the gas they pass.

    • MarcusTrajanus

      “hopes his three-year-old daughter Evie will marry a black or Asian man one day” Why wait? Wait till “one day” and he risks her marrying a White man (gasp!). If he’s so eager to sacrifice his daughter at the altar of Multicult to atone for his sin of having only White friends, I’m sure there’s plenty of “Asians” and blacks who’d be only too happy to have her now, or in a few years at most (Mohammad did marry a 6-year-old, after all).

  • Being a good leftist I hope that he realizes that all this all his guilt about not having any friends of color is about capitalism,cheap labor and huge profits.I myself use to be in much bigger demand and I bet I would be paid much more. But thanks to H1B visas and mandatory diversity my options are not as varied. I come across plenty of Black people who are barely competent doing what I do. But no one can fire them thanks to the EEOc.

  • guest

    This article states what has always been obvious about white liberals. They preach about diversity and multiculturalism and make a living by guilt-tripping whites with their insane anti-white beliefs, yet they will not embrace the diversity and multiculturalism they claim to love so much.

    Chiles can claim himself to be “open-minded” and “fairly liberal” all he wants, but he’s not fooling anyone. He’s just a fraud and a hypocrite like every other liberal in this world.

    • Svigor

      Correct, except that Chiles possesses a modicum of introspection, honesty, and intellectual rigor, three qualities that are anathema to racial liberalism, especially in combination.

      • Joseph

        I think that this “true-confession” is simply a cathartic by which people of his ilk aggrandize themselves even further, His “brutal honesty” places him in the top-tier of liberals and so much more to be admired; he has entered the inner circle of true believers, the “Enlightened”. Now, this will not materially change anything he does as some genuine repentance would but this self-exploration session will make him a more racially sensitive person. He can’t change his whiteness, but he can always raise his opinion of his own humility.

  • Tim

    I was “cruising” with my best friend of over thirty years. On the side of the freeway was a lady struck and killed while trying to cross it. I saw the chocolate and work scarred legs in an eight dollar dress sticking out from underneath a sport coat a driver had thrown over her face. My mind raced with the numerous social inequities of her life and the meaning of it all. My best buddies thoughts then interrupted my own. ” Oh wow!! She`s four things lil Timmy`s never been. Poor, Black, female and dead!!” I`ve never felt closer to him or the old neighborhood before or since…

  • Ulick

    Chiles keeps looking at these racial double standards and asking, ” What’s the difference?” The difference, Chiles, is that everyone in the world except for Liberal whites knows that race is a biological reality and that race matters. White liberals like you, Chiles, are the only people stupid enough or cowardly enough to acknowledge that reality. And, Chiles, you’re disavowing pride in whiteness to curry favor with a black who just avowed his pride in blackness was truly pathetic.

    • Svigor

      True, but do you understand that most “conservatives,” inter alia, fall under your definition of “Liberal whites”? Conservatives, libertarians, liberals, and any other not-explicitly-racialist whites all tend to profess, in the overwhelming majority, that race is not a biological reality, and that race does not matter.

      That’s why I tend to use the phrase “Racial Liberals” in this context instead.

      • Ulick

        I agree wholeheartedly with what you wrote. I only use “Liberal whites” for lack of a better term. I realize that term doesn’t capture all the people you mentioned, and some physical and government Liberals (like John Engelman) may also be race realists. I agree that “racial liberals” is a better term because it specifies race. I still feel like we need a better term for these people, though.

        • JohnEngelman

          Call me “a lover of facts, and logical reasoning.”

          • Ulick

            I don’t always agree with your posts, but I find your posts interesting. I don’t get why people want to alienate potential allies based on minor philosophicakl differences.

          • JohnEngelman

            Thank you Ulick. 🙂

            Those on the American Renaissance website who dislike me do so because of my admiration for Orientals and Jews, and the fact that I do not hate blacks and Hispanics. I do hate criminals, and want them to suffer.

            Because I do not hate blacks and Hispanics they accuse me of disloyalty to my own race. They also do not like to be reminded that Jews and Orientals tend to be more intelligent than white Gentiles.

            On the one hand I feel an affinity with decent people of all races, and am particularly attracted to intelligent people of all races. On the other hand I recognize that these people are not equally distributed among the races.

            I believe that genes are considerably more important than any other factor in determining not only ability levels, but personality and character. I believe that good genes and bad genes are more likely to be found in persons of some race than persons of other races. Stating that belief might make me unwelcome at a Georgetown dinner party, although everyone present would be a beneficiary of factors I acknowledge.

  • StillModerated

    If I was Chiles’ boss, then I’d send him to do an expose on the Illinois State Pen in Joliet.

  • Every time I pass by a little beach around here, I see the birds on shore, the geese with the geese, the gulls with the gulls, the ducks with the ducks, comorants with the comorants, etc, etc, etc. I suppose in Chiles’ view, the birds are wrong. Maybe with a bit of diversity training, the birds will see the error of their ways.

    • gemjunior

      Well I think they should be arrested and put in cells with different birds in order to prove once and for all that their feathers may be all different colors, but underneath they’re all the same. I think whoever is allowing those birds to stay with each other in homogenous groups is not letting them be enriched. I think it’s very birdist. You know, virulent birdism and hate.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        The spotted owl is worthy. The real problem is in not seeing the WASP as worthy as well.

        If anything, look at the white man as a despised species., We are the new wolves, the new bison, that must be eradicated for progress to happen.

      • Joseph

        An accurate comparison would be dogs. They are the same species but different varieties and you see that they don’t make any distinction in grouping or mating; they show no hint of racism.

        But then, they’re dogs and they also eat their own feces and decayed matter off of the ground. They mate promiscuously and frequently and certain varieties are renowned for their viciousness.

        Humans shouldn’t act like dogs.

    • Svigor

      Liberals seem to have inherited the Christian conceit that man is not an animal, that he is somehow above the rest of the species of the Earth and not subject to any of the laws or realities that govern them. Paradoxically this also places the White man beneath the animals; it’s all right to save the spotted owl, but the White man must not save himself.

    • JSS

      I am not an expert in biology or genetics, so I honestly don’t know where I stand on the whole evolution debate. I have a hard time accepting that a given enough time a puddle of sludge will spawn advanced life but I also accept I don’t know much on the subject to begin with. On the other hand what makes me doubt the sincerity of modern evolutionary biologist is exactly what you brought up in your post about the birds.

      Many modern scientist and their faux intellectual groupies like to rail against Christianity (never Islam or Judaism of course) yet these same people would be the first to claim race does not exist and anyone who disagrees is not scientific and should be fined, muted, etc. That is why I have no faith in modern science. i am supposed to be able to see so plainly that God had no hand in shaping the universe that if I disagree Im in idiot. Unless Im a Muslim. Then I can claim Islamaphobia if they try and push evolution on me. But I am also supposed to accept that humans are the only Mammals on earth that have no sub species or breeds. The only ones who are not subject to the same rules as the other mammals.

      I have literally heard a hard core leftist say with a straight face that because all humans can mate that race does not exist. Like different dog and cat breeds can’t do the same. Believing humans are the only mammals exempt from natures very obvious, observable laws takes just as much faith as that possessed by the average religious person. If not more. I have twice in the past brought this up while arguing with zealot atheist’s. One instantly shut up and had a glassy look come over his face before saying he had just got a text and walking off. The other, one who I would call a friend of sorts now shut up for a few seconds, looked back at me and said “your right”.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        I cannot blame you for your confusion, and this topic is NOT taught nearly well enough as it is, and when it’s tainted by ideology, things get even worse.

        The pile of sludge thing is really the idea of the entire, open ocean, full of chemicals. The early Earth did not have the atmosphere it does now – it had an atmosphere much like we see on other Solar System planets – lots of ammonia, carbon dioxide, etc. So the early replicating molicules could confuct their business in peace, without that horribly corrosive material we call free oxygen (O2).

        Then, one fateful day, blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) appeared, as some weird mutation. What these do, is photosynthesis (the trick they passed on to modern plants). Photosynthes is the process of taking carbon dioxide and sunlight and water to create sugars (for the plant’s metabolism) and free oxygen. Once oxygen started building up in the atmosphere, it was a survive or die strategy, nothing more and nothing less. Fortunately for humans and all other multicellular creatures, it was the act of life learning how to utilize oxygen (excellent at burning food for energy) that won the evolutionary race, 2 billion years ago.

        And I see you and I agree on one thing, specifically – that logically, huamns CANNOT be excluded from the rules that other mammals are subject to. I, too, find it dumb for Leftists to claim something they really know nothing about.;

        Just because all humans can mate does, indeed, not mean that races do not exist. The liberals here are DELIBERATELY confusing “race” with “species”. To be a truly separate species from another creature means that mating, of any sort, is impossible (witness the silliness of the “cabbit”. Cats and rabbits cannot cross.) Of course, Life does not follow our pigeonholes, and intermediate species exist – intermediates of the sort that produce the sterile mule or hinney from donkeys and horses.

        Humans most certainly have races, just as canines have races (and the major races there are coyote, wolf, and domestic dog).

        I am an athiest, yes. But I’m not one to be afraid of what reality is telling my brain and eyes.

        • JSS

          Thanks for your thoughtful reply, I personally just consider myself agnostic because I don’t know enough to have an informed opinion and it seems that evolutionary science has been hijacked by Leftist and is more concerned with trashing Christianity and “proving” race doesn’t exist then actual science. Thus I don’t really trust either side of the debate because as you pointed out it is more about ideology now then anything else. I believe our own Question Diversity put it best “Like war science is now just politics by other means”.

          And your dead on right about this subject not being taught well enough in schools, I think Ramzpaul put his one best “if you want make sure kids learn nothing about about a subject put in the public school curriculum”.

  • The irony is that, unlike Chiles, I am not liberal – but I do have non-whites on my cell phone contacts. Unlike him, I don’t give a damn one way or the other. If I know a non-white who is worthy of being my friend, then so be it. He will not be a feather in my hat.

    • Oil Can Harry

      That makes you the opposite of p.c. leftards in Hollywood like Sandra Bullock and Angelina Jolie.

      They adopt nonwhite children and then show them off like they were designer handbags.

      • I wonder if, in fifteen years, we”ll read about the violent beating or death of celebs like Bullock and Jolie at the hands of their adopted kids.

  • kjh64

    “He makes the mistake, which itself is an unconscious form of racism as defined by modern liberals, of lumping all non-whites together.”
    No different than in the USA. The term here is “people of color”(POC) and liberals along with some Blacks and others try to lump all non-Whites into one ie. POC vs. Whitey. This is patently ridiculous. Here you have African-Americans(AAs) at odds with Hispanics, with Asians, and with African Blacks and vice versa. You have Hispanic Mexicans out for Mexicans only, not other Latinos like Cubans, Koreans out for Koreans and Indian Asians out for their own groups respectively.

    • nathan wartooth

      As you can see by their voting habits, people of color are voting against whitey.

      That of course is the point of calling them people of color in the first place. To create an “Us vs. Them” mentality to try to destroy whitey.

      • kjh64

        Agree that POC vote against YT. The problem is that they don’t realize that with not enough YT, all the benefits they want will no longer be available because there won’t be enought YT to create them or maintain a first world country. Then the POC divisions will turn on each other fighting for gets the crumbs in the new 3rd world America ie. Black vs Latino, Black vs Asian, Asian vs Latino etc. I predict the Latinos will get the most crumbs by sheer numbers, Blacks will be out in the cold.

    • And many, many so called african-American blacks killing and terrorizing other african-American blacks.

  • JohnEngelman

    The two best friends I had in high school were Chinese Americans. I am still in touch with one of them. One of the most fascinating friends I have ever had was a black college professor. Unfortunately, we have lost touch. I have always been attracted to Oriental women.

    At the same time, I have been robbed at gun point, mugged several times, and nearly murdered. I have friends and relatives who have been mugged and robbed at gun point. Blacks did it, every time.

    I do not spend a lot of time analyzing my ideology, but I am very definitely not a guilt stricken white liberal. It angers me when whites who have had little contact with blacks dismiss me as a racist, while continuing to avoid contact with blacks.

    • Caracal

      Hahaha ! You obviously do not spend a lot of time analyzing your illogical ideology because you’ve always been nothing but a typical liberal with a mongol fetish who still think he can have his cake and it eat too no matter how often he gets mugged.

      The survival of White hegemony will never revolve around your twisted personal taste and insignificant life experience, Engelman. It’s no wonder that you keep trolling and arguing against real White racialists here when all you’ve been writing for years, like the above, has absolutely nothing to do with anything but yourself.

      Talk about liberalism being a mental disorder, wow !

      • JohnEngelman

        The high regard I have for Orientals and Jews is amply substantiated by statistics that are available to anyone. The point I was making is that unlike presumably hypocritical liberals, I have always had many non white friends.

    • David Ashton

      Oh, we never knew any of this, did we, folks?

      Don’t forget to tell us again and again. Your personal story uniquely enthralls us all.

      Shouldn’t this be not just the Engelman Renaissance Site but the Engelman Autobiography Site, with plenty of reiterated tributes to President Obama, the lovable Communist Party, the desirability of Far Eastern mass-immigration, the benefits of marijuana and miscegenation, the futility of resistance, the non-existence of “Cultural Marxists”, the insights of Marx, the superior beauty of Chinese females, the superiority of the Jews to the rest of us, etc.?

      • JohnEngelman

        My opinions are based on personal experiences amply substantiated by fairly wide reading. I believe I make more of an effort than most posters on this website to document my factual assertions with credible sources.

        Female beauty is subjective, but the biological superiority of the Orientals and the Ashkenazi Jews is objectively true.

        I think it was Professor Rushton who said that Oriental women have less testosterone than white or black women. That may be why I and many other white men prefer them.

        • Pearl

          Let me spell it out in plain English what the others have been trying to tell you, that you just can’t seem to grasp.
          You’re a self absorbed broken record, Enlgeman. Nobody here cares what you have to say.

          You’ve made yourself more than clear- over and over again. Argumentum ad nauseum.

        • FourFooted_Messiah

          In other words, Asian women are wimps.

          I’m no lesbian, but I am glad I have at least enough testosterone to get righteously angry from time to time, as well as enough oestrogen to be dangerously unpredictable.

        • Many white WOMEN like white men who see them as individuals, and do not go about saying asians are better, etc.I It’s treating women like buying a car, where they’re pretty much the same if they’re the same brand –Oh, I like those ‘cos they use less gas. I like Asian women; they have less testosterone.
          We’re not cars; we’re people..Y’know? All different?

    • Is there any way you can move from wherever you’ve been experiencing these attacks by blacks. It might save your life.

      • David Ashton

        Ulan Bator or Lhasa, Gaza City or the West Bank – home from home for JE, and no chance of being mugged by blacks.

  • Cesare

    “The thought struck me as I was looking through my wedding photos
    recently: why is it that I have no black or Asian friends? I work with
    some black people, I socialise with them, but when I looked at the
    pictures of the 131 guests at my wedding, I was shocked to find that
    there wasn’t a single non-white face among them. I consider myself a
    fairly liberal, open-minded chap, so the demographic of my circle of
    friends was quite troubling. I decided to investigate further, and
    scrolled down the 99 names in my mobile phone’s memory, to find that
    there is only one black person on the list—a television producer whom I
    work with.”

    Does anyone care ! It must be nice to only have to worry about stupid things like this. Chiles obviously has too much idle time and is self absorbed. Many Whites are struggling to make it due to unchecked illegal immigration and way too much legal immigration increasing competition for the dwindling amount of jobs not yet outsourced. Our nations are becoming third world cesspools where we must compete in our own lands along ethnic lines for what little resources remain. But poor Chiles stays up at night and worries about not having enough Black and Asian hinders to kiss. These people are unreal !

  • gemjunior

    Poor little Evie, having such a shithead for a father. He can rejoice because it actually is pretty likely that she will marry a non-white. It’s also probable that she will live a life that is close to the choice she made: bottom. She’ll likely be beaten and maybe even killed. Idiot didn’t do any research on the matter – he’s a victim of brainwashing and is just bleating out the same garbage but took it to a totally new level by wishing his daughter will grow up to marry “an asian or a black man”. Why should he even wait? Find a muslim now and have her betrothed so that in another year the dirty, filthy, sick muslim can “consummate” (pedophiliac rape) the marriage. He sound like such an open minded chap so surely he doesn’t judge the prophet and his worshippers who believe it’s ok since muhommed put aisha’s doll in the dollhouse and then committed pedophilia on her. I hope he is not judging their culture by protecting his daughter? These people prove beyond a doubt that liberalism is truly a mental disease. Jeez

    • Pat

      I’m rather hoping that Evie’s generation will be the ones that start to ‘wake up’.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      I recently came across the phone number of a fellow who lives in the city where I currently live. His cousin ran to Iran with an Iranian man, all the while calling my friend all kinds of names for opposing the whole thing.

      I suppose I should give that number a try, but I don’t think asking about the outcome will have any happy answers.

    • Joseph

      He would probably gladly sacrifice a child to a mixed marriage to assuage his own guilt and obtain a “trophy” son-in-law to parade before his liberal compatriots demonstrating how open-minded he is. It is ultimately all about self-promotion with these people. They don’t give a damn about blacks, whites, whales, owls or anything else except self-indulgent pontification on the inferiors who are self-reliant and want to be left alone.

  • Svigor

    As a white, middle-class male, very rarely have I found myself working in a minority—until now. This time, the producer, executive producer, researcher and camera crew on this documentary were all black. I was surprised to find that I couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable with the situation and grew increasingly defensive about it, although I was unable to articulate exactly why…

    I think we all know how to prevent those poor, noble, magical blacks, browns, yellows, and so on, from enduring the awful experience of being in the minority in white countries, don’t we? And I think we all know which political type is hell-bent on making sure they are subjected to that experience, don’t we?

    Or, more likely, did they say that race didn’t matter because they wanted to come across especially to potential mates of their own race as open-minded?

    This is one of those tantalizingly obscure, but ubiquitous, signs of White tribal identity. I am unable to escape the conclusion that much of liberalism simply boils down to unhealthy beliefs that attach to White tribal identity. The most salient examples are to be found by sussing out rules that Whites enforce only on themselves. E.g., the ban on racism; Whites only enforce it against other Whites. This is because Whites are acting out their implicit belief that anti-racism is a White tribal rule – a part of White tribal identity.

    These examples abound, and make it impossible for me to agree with those who assert that Whites “don’t see race,” or the like. I think it’s obvious that Whites see race and have their tribal-racial beliefs, much as the rest of humanity does. The difference lies in the insane, self-destructive tribal-racial laws they internalize and enforce on one another.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      That’s what really gets me, is the double-standard. It’s ok for blacks to hang with blacks, for arab mulims to hang with same, for Chinese to hang with same. But if a white person doesn’t have a certain percentage of non-white buddies, well, he’s “racist”.

      Witness Burnaby, British Columbia. A TNT Superstore (a Chinese chain) buys up a mall, and proceeds to cancel the leases of anyone who is not East Asian. One hairdresser even promised to hire nothing but Chinese, and STILL got her lease canceled, just because she was white. That was seemingly OK … but imagine if, say, boots or Marks and Spencer (assuming these still exist) wanted to buy up the mall and not have anyone but WASPs working there .. well …

      I hate double standards.

    • Joseph

      The observation that this proscription on race-consciousness seems uniquely self-imposed by whites is the most puzzling aspect. I have pondered this for some years. I am pretty libertarian and for the longest time did not believe that I had any concern for race -I always claimed to be a “culturist” I accept anybody who cleaves to this culture. I always rejected this liberal tenet that whites are unconsciously and inherently “racist” but after some considerable cogitation I decided that indeed, I DO prefer my race above others. The blacks and browns and yellows clearly do and by golly, I do too. I don’t wantonly hate these people, I just don’t prefer their company. I decided that culture itself is some product of race and I like “white” culture best, just as others like their own. It is the natural order of things so I accept my inborn tendency to prefer my own kind. Okay, I’m a racist and so is everyone else. So what? The self-debasement of whites does still flummox me. Has this served some adaptive purpose in our dark past; is it some pathological expression of empathy ? There is no shortage of self-promotion among other races and the Jews who promote this so heartily here in the U.S. certainly want no part of it for themselves. They are among the most racist/culturist people on the earth. Why has this been such an easy sell to whites when I feel in my white celtic self the wrongness of it?


  • Guest

    Bravo to Mr. Chlies for acknowledging White privilege and his own racism.

    • fsagas

      Acknowledging is for pussies. He should put it into action and give away all of his unearned wealth instead of telling other people to give up theirs.

  • ShoutsAtTV

    The first thing that struck me here, and suspended my belief in the rest of the article, was his wedding photo. If Mr. Chiles thinks that he planned and executed his wedding, well, he’s unique in the history of male/female relationships. Unless he personally selected and signed the invitations, (riiiight) he had almost no input into the event. So what he’s saying is that not only is HE racist, his whole family is racist. Try THAT one at Christmas dinner this year. So, while I’m sure that Mr. Chiles has a real heartfelt concern. He’s been misguided by the liberal bilge he been reading.

  • NorthernWind

    All you need to do is peek at the super liberal anti-racists’ facebook page. Oh snap! They have <5 or so percent non-White friends. And we all know that facebook friends aren't really all real friends. Their real friend group is probably almost completely if not completely White.

    These people are spectacular hypocrites. They are very pathetic.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Well, yes. Aren’t wedding arrangements usually left to the woman and her assistants? I’m surprised he didn’t blame his wife here. After all, white women still take a back seat to people of any other stripe in Leftist parlance, yes?

  • Give Chiles credit. He’s criticizing his own behaviour.
    if he were Jewish he’d be denouncing everyone else’s and still, at the same time, doing the same thing.

  • Chiles “hopes his three-year-old daughter Evie will marry a black or Asian man one day.”

    Does this mean Chiles really wishes that his daughter were dead or simply didn’t exist?

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Well, who knows. I’m reduced to hoping that my own kids are high enough IQ not to do such a stupid thing.

  • English Bob

    I have seen this guy on TV a few times presenting soccer and its embarrassing how overly liberal he is .He thinks of himself as some sort of diversity warrior.
    He is always making fun of his own people which would be funny if he did it with everyone but he avoids it like the plague. i can see right through him its fear of saying the wrong thing and being called a racist which these days is worse than actually being one.

  • Should race realist be called racealist?

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    A Pakinstani run pub … what? These are the same people putting up Shariah-zone signs that ban alcohol (among other things, like uncovered women and dogs).

    All this, and he still wants his kid to marry a barbarian some day.

    As for wedding photos, hahaha. Glad he was able to afford some big offical do. I have never been legally married, never had the big she-bang. And you know what? It isn’t important to me. While I would be willing to marry my current, it would probably be lousy on his taxes if we did that (and lord knows what it would do to my simple tax return.) As for photos, well, do photos of my cat as party guest count as multiculti?

  • HamletsGhost

    “I consider myself a fairly liberal, open-minded chap”

    There’s the essence of modern liberalism right there. The need to preen and pretend that one is morally superior to the great masses of unwashed that work with their hands, and can’t handle the beautific thoughts of the self-anointed.

  • This reminds me of al those Chinese communist self critism sessions which were also very popular during the Lenin and Stalinist trails of communists who ran afoul of other communists.

    This kind of thing was also popular during the 1960’s and 70’s terrorist groups and heroes such as Bernadette Dohrn, Billy Ayers, Kathy Boudin etc. Funny, I’m an extreme, extreme White Nationalist but one of my best friends is Japanese.

    Why oh why did the paper print this nonsensical navel gazing? Also reminds me of some medieval monk agonizing over the fact that he noticed pretty women. Sometimes I’m ashamed to be White. If he wanted non Whites to come to his wedding why did he not invite them? If he wanted non Whites to come to his house why did he not give a party and invite his non White work mates?
    PS, I don’t belong to adl. I use that email because when Jared Taylor sells all our names and addresses to those who plan to exterminate Whites from the face of the earth I don’t want my name and address to be included.

  • Bless me Father for I have sinned. You see Father, I do not have one bit of IKEA or swedish modern or 20th century style furniture in my home. I am so evil, I only like antique furntiure. I am even more evil in that I have refused to buy any oak, pine or mahogny furniture. I am such an evil “woodist” that I only like walnut and cherry, preferably red walnut. Furthermore, I only like clear, bright colors. I don’t like brown, beige, cream, white or all those dragged through the mud colors like rust, olive green, brownish gray or maroon.

    I know it is a mortal sin to prefer clear, pure blues, greens, pinks, yellows and reds. How can I do penance Father? Shall I whip myself with a cord? Shall I wear a flea infested hair shirt? Shall I wear a spiked chain around my waist?

    Help me Father, prescribe a proper punishment for my evil preference for red walnut over
    knotty pine and jade green over mud green.

  • Robert Henderson

    It is possible that Chiles is engaged in a similar behaviour to that of peacocks. One explanation for the peacock’s massive tail is that although it is both cumbersome and requires a good deal of energy both to create it and bear the burden of it, the tail is saying to the peahen, look, even though I have to carry this ridiculous tail around I can still function. The bigger the tail the greater the Darwinian fitness advertised to the female.

    A second explanation would be that Chiles is engaging in behaviour which in any normal circumstance would result in grave disadvantage to him, namely, admitting things which show him in a poor light, most notably his hypocris, to say to the general public “Look how powerful I am. I can admit discreditable things and be in no danger punishment”. It could be called conspicuous misbehaviour in imitation of conspicuous consumption.

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