Teen Who Orchestrated Attack That Set Classmate on Fire Is Sentenced to 11 Years in Prison

Daily Mail (London), December 20, 2012

A teenager convicted of orchestrating an attack on a middle school classmate who was soaked in alcohol and lit ablaze was sentenced to 11 years in prison Thursday even as he continued to insist on his innocence.

Circuit Judge Matthew Destry agreed with prosecutors that Matthew Bent, 18, deserved the same sentence as the youth who flicked the lighter during the 2009 attack on Michael Brewer, who was then 15.

Michael Brewer in 2009.

Michael Brewer in 2009.

Although Bent did not set the fire or pour the flammable liquid, Destry said he was just as much to blame. Bent was convicted of aggravated battery in June.

‘I cannot ignore that, but for Mr. Bent’s orchestration of these events, none of this would have happened,’ Destry said.

Before he was sentenced, Bent turned and apologized to Brewer but said he was not the ringleader.

‘I didn’t intend for any of this to happen,’ he said. ‘I didn’t tell nobody to do that.’

Bent faced a charge of attempted second-degree murder after prosecutors say he offered friends money in 2009 to harm Brewer, who was doused in rubbing alcohol and set on fire in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Matthew Bent

Matthew Bent


Mr Brewer suffered severe burns over 65 percent of his body but survived after leaping into an apartment complex swimming pool.


A defense attorney said the three years that Bent has been in jail awaiting trial was already a hefty penalty.

‘He thought that three years for his involvement was quite substantial,’ said defense attorney Perry Thurston, Jr. ‘He’s disappointed.’

Bent and two other teens were charged with second-degree attempted murder, which carries a prison sentence of as many as 30 years.

Denver ‘D.C.’ Jarvis, 17, and 18-year-old Jesus Mendez pleaded no contest earlier and were sentenced to eight and 11 years behind bars, respectively.

Bent faces a maximum term of 15 years at his sentencing hearing on July 23. {snip}

Bent initially intended to plead no contest as well, but backed out at the last minute and opted for trial. His attorneys insisted he was not the instigator of the attack and never intended to hurt Mr Brewer.


Mr Brewer testified that he stayed home from school the day of the attack because he was afraid of Bent. The two had gotten into a dispute over a marijuana pipe that Bent was trying to force Mr Brewer to buy, Mr Brewer testified. Bent then allegedly tried to steal a bicycle belonging to Mr Brewer’s father, which led to Bent’s arrest.

‘I was afraid,’ Mr Brewer testified. ‘I thought something was going to happen to me.’

After school the day of the attack, Mr Brewer decided to visit a friend at a nearby apartment complex. On the way he encountered a group of boys including Bent, Jarvis and Mendez.

The boys had found a jug of rubbing alcohol by chance on a low wall alongside the complex, and Jarvis testified that Bent offered him $5 or $10 to pour it on Mr Brewer. Other boys said Bent offered the group $5 each to punch Mr Brewer.

Jarvis did douse Mr Brewer and Mendez then flicked a lighter he was holding, sparking the blaze. In a statement to police, Mendez said he never expected the liquid to ignite so explosively.

Mr Brewer spent months in the hospital, undergoing seven skin graft operations, followed by months more of rehabilitation and physical therapy. He testified that he still feels pain in his back and legs but said he remembers little after diving into the pool.

‘I started getting really cold, and then I started seeing blur,’ Mr Brewer said. ‘When I stand too long my legs start to burn. I can barely move.’


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  • Puggg

    But for the swimming pool nearby, “Mr.” Bent and his cohorts would be classified as murderers today.

  • Xanadu

    I never even heard this happened. But then again it’s not surprising, considering the liberal media’s blackout (pun intended) on black on white crime. But of course we all had emmitt till drilled into our heads from the time we were ten years old. I guess I was just barely intuitive enough to mistrust my grade school teachers, and miss the indoctrination. They always show their true colors eventually.

    • The__Bobster

      You need to go here for the moolie crimes that the MSM refuse to report:


      • gemjunior

        Yes, this is a great site for the truth about black crime. I’ve been looking at it for a year now and have seen many things that i can almost not believe humans could commit. I was also surprised at how many people know the site and read it. It’s somewhat heartening.

    • fsagas

      The Daily Mail reported it. So some media is reporting this. Otherwise Amren wouldn’t have posted it.

      • blight14

        The Daily Mail needs to be renamed, its mostly news from America…..but they do post things like the above that our controlled media ‘forgets’ to mention….

        • If you access dailymail.co.uk from the United States, you will be automagically directed to the Mail’s American version.

        • StillModerated

          Our media is lies and propaganda? Why I’m shocked, utterly shocked to find out this ugly truth! But what do I know, I watch Russia Today because it’s less dishonest than news from New York, Washington, and Los Angeles.

    • This tragedy has been pretty thoroughly and fairly covered since inception by the South Florida Sun Sentinel; probably the only news organization that has done so.

  • Seek

    This hideous act was committed by “teens.” No mention of their race. What else is new?

    • HamletsGhost

      Note how Trayvon Martin is routinely referred to in the media as an “unarmed teenager” as if to suggest he was harmless. There is nothing harmless about teenagers and certainly not black teens. They are the peak of the physical and hormonal development and the most dangerous of the two-legged beasts.

      • George

        Trayvon’s last words, as reported, are ‘Youre going to die today, white boy’.

        The fact that Martin couldn’t distinguish between a white and a hispanic are immaterial.

        • Dr. Möbias

          The fact that Martin couldn’t distinguish between a white and a hispanic are immaterial.

          Neither could the msm.

          And it wasn’t immaterial.

  • Easyrhino1

    Why do we keep reading about stories such as this in English instead of US based news-papers/websites?

    • The__Bobster


      This repression, of course, is the pattern perfected by MSM news managers for
      handling black crime. Perhaps significantly, the one MSM outlet that regularly
      breaks the embargo and reports on black crime—the London-based Daily
      Mail—has also been one of the best MSM sources of stories from the Christmas

      • Joseph

        I think that the Mail, like some other foreign outlets likes to showcase American crime and other failings -even if black- for their own purposes. I watch Russia Today pretty often because they will put up news/interviews nobody here will touch but it isn’t because they are our friends. It just happens to suit their agenda. Useful info nonetheless.

  • Oil Can Harry

    The defendant is 18 and has giant lips.

    When the older inmates get a hold of him it will look like a remake of “Deliverance” set in Detroit.

    • josh

      He will love every minute of it!

    • Luis

      Good one, OHC. LOLOL!

      I can hear an inmate say to Bent:

      “Now let’s you just drop them pants”.

    • OlderWoman

      They’ll love that he set a white boy on fire.

    • newscomments70

      It’s likely he will be protected by black gangs and treated as a hero. He will most likely be a prison rapist at some time.

  • Are you guys a bunch of newbies here? I seem to recall this story made it to Amren when it was fresh. This account of mine may be new, but I’ve been commenting here for over a decade. Remember the old heading, “There is nothing new under the sun”?

    • Xanadu

      Well done D.B. for being a long time commenter here at AmRen. I would think, however, that you would be encouraged by the new traffic here at this site. Every time a new set of eyes are opened that’s a small victory. Especially for someone like me who a decade ago was sitting in the 5th grade, wondering why these teachers were trying to make me feel guilty. I know I mentioned it before but the level of indoctrination in schools is staggering. You’d be encouraged to know not all of us swallowed the pill.

      • Dr. Möbias

        I’m surprised to see you here. Are you linking to this site now?

        Maybe AmRen will start publishing a few of your articles.

        I certainly hope so…

        • Xanadu

          My good doctor, I think you may have me confused with someone else.

          • Dr. Möbias

            Don’t worry. I won’t blow your cover.

            Loved your last article, BTW.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Always glad for some new ones here. I grew up in Boulder, Colorado, and did my undergrad degree at UC Santa Cruz. I’m not a recovering liberal, and being exposed to liberals never much bothered me after I discovered that they hate being laughed at. When indoctrination of children fails, it fails utterly. I think that was at age eight or nine in my case. I’m always sorry children are exposed to that in school, when they have more important things to learn and have other things going on emotionally and physically. Unlike you, we were not, so that somewhat dates me.

        The news story is old, but the court finally got around to sentencing the perps, so it is back.

    • OlderWoman

      ‘”There is nothing new under the sun”?

      That’s in the Holy Bible. Ecclesiastes 1:9

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    I would never even have heard of this incident if it were not for AmRen, and yet I heard of the Trayvon Martin affair every night for a couple of weeks on the Chicago news (both incidents happened in Florida). Just goes to show how incredibly corrupt our MSM is.

  • SmithandSmith

    I can’t wait until everything falls apart for then we’ll finally be able to protect ourselves again like our Founding Fathers promised us we could.

  • IstvanIN

    ‘He thought that three years for his involvement was quite substantial,’
    said defense attorney Perry Thurston, Jr. ‘He’s disappointed.’

    But the victim will suffer for a lifetime. Sorry, don’t feel sorry for the beast.

    • HamletsGhost

      Did he think he gets to choose his punishment?

      He’s disapponted? Well, I am truly sorry. We’ll try harder next time to live up to his expectations.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      Considering that this young white boy is ruined for life, I feel that the sentences were entirely too lenient. The punks should have gotten at least twenty years.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    I’m a South Florida person. I didn’t hear about this story. What a horrible news media we have in the USA. All propaganda.

  • Magician

    This certainly breaks my heart. Imagine what could have happened if there was no swimming pool nearby. I am glad, but also not surprised, that the criminals did not put that into consideration. The worst criminals in our world also tend to be careless, unintelligent and cowardly. My analysis is, if one is intelligent and courageous enough, he or she would never have to commit crimes. They can do what they want and get what they want without committing crimes.

    The victim is a white male

    The perpetrator (Matthew Bent) who planned it is a black male

    One of the two perpetrators (Jesus Mendez) who actually carried out the crime is a Hispanic male

    The other perpetrator (Denver Colorado Jarvis) is a white male

    From the attorney – “‘Matthew Bent was the reason why this crime happened. He was offering people money to beat Michael, not to scare Michael.’” Well, “setting someone on fire” is not beating. It is more close to “attempting to murder” or “attempting to have the targeted person permanently and significantly disabled”

    • Magician

      I do feel marijuana should be legalized, just so our governments can collect very high taxes from it, but I might have to change my mind after reading this…. Setting someone else on fire for 5 or 10 dollars? You can’t even get a McDonald’s meal nowadays with 5 dollars.

      • Angry White Woman

        I remember reading about it here at AmRen when it happened, and thinking at the time that nothing much would happen to the teenaged thugs that did it. They are guilty of assault causing grave bodily injury, attempted murder, attempted negligent homicide, and reckless disregard of human life. I really think they ought to be given 20 years at hard labor, but nobody gets hard labor anymore. The very threat of being given hard labor would have an instant lowering effect on the black crime rate.

        (Maybe if marijuana were legalized nationwide these 3 vicious young miscreants would have been home eating, rather than running around setting white kids afire.)

        • EndTimesComing

          Right. And maybe if all guns were made illegal, there’d be no more crimes committed with guns.

  • josh

    Where is Obama?? That pig! Whereb is the mnews media?e are the stinking feminist fat pigs who wail about saving the children?? These thugs should be puta way for life. But above all–WE NED TO SEPERATE!!!!!Living with these savages is living in hell.

  • SintiriNikos

    The Daily Mail should be commended for doing what our cowardly North American media (pseudo-conservative Fox included) fail or refuse to do.

    This poor kid suffers even after all these years. Look at the defiant expression on the thug’s face.

  • Michigan Daddy

    Look how the video clip included in the dailymail website mostly shows the white perpetrator only, in order to convince the general public viewers that “This white guy is the one who did most of the crime.” and also desperately tries to emphasize that the black male Matthew Dent, has his “reasons” or something for this crime.

    • Magician

      I am not sure, if there ever can be a good reason, for a crime where a teenager is set on fire.

      • Joseph

        Maybe if he were being eaten by zombies.

  • Joseph

    Once again, proto-humans discover fire, calamity ensues.

  • Sloppo

    I think eleven years in prison is an okay sentence if the perpetrators could then be set on fire in a manner as similar as possible to what their victim experienced. Then it would be easier for them to understand how their victim felt. It’s always good to promote understanding.

    • Tact

      …followed by a good horsewhipping.

  • PesachPatriot

    So in about a decade this fine upstanding citizen will be back on the streets of Florida and i’m sure he will no doubt learn all sorts of swell new techniques for arson,murder, home invasion and rape while matriculating at the university. Everyone cries and cries over sweet little trayvon…this poor kid will be scarred and disfigured for the rest of his life. When I worked on the ice cream truck I was often in Deerfield beach…west of I-95 is very nice and white and wealthy,but between 95 east to Dixie highway looks more like Haiti than america.Florida is strange in that the wealthy live within a very close proximity to the very poor. In NY outside of the city, there is usually a much larger distance. In the town where I live the ghetto is barely 5 minutes drive or a 20 minute walk from beachfront mansions…The owners of those magnificent dwellings might be in for a very unpleasant surprise one day.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      Less than a decade. He got 11 years but already has done 3 waiting for trial. That leaves 8 minus good time. He’ll be out in 5 or less.

    • samuel jerome

      there wouldn’t be black people in america if white british faggots wern’t too lazy to pick their damn cotton. now you made their ancestor work for free. now deal with the consequences. you made your bed now rot in it

      • Laughable World

        But what about European countries such as Sweden and Norway that keep importing the worst people from least developed muslim countries in the world every year and give them citizenship and free meals for the rest of their lives? and watch them rape their beautiful blond young native women?

      • OlderWoman

        ‘…now you made their ancestor work for free…’

        They had to pay for room and board.

      • JohnEngelman

        One of the few things everyone agrees on here is that the slave trace was the worst mistake this country ever made.

    • “Florida is strange in that the wealthy live within a very close proximity to the very poor.”

      Yes, that was my exact same experience in living in north, south, east, and west FL for over twenty years. Complete ‘hoods w/ daily shootings and murders, just two miles from million $+ oceanfront mansions, and just a few blocks from $300K+ homes. Also, dope dealers, violent ex-cons, future-cons, and assorted other criminal sociopaths cheek to jowl with well-off Whites walking around the nice malls, like the Aventura Mall and International Plaza in Tampa. I was surprised that there weren’t more black criminals interloping into the nice areas.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Bent’s parole board is just going to love this continued denial of responsibility on his part.

  • StillModerated

    ‘I didn’t intend for any of this to happen,’ has become the new I din do nuffins.

    Listen to the female detective grilling the 17 year-old perpetrator in the recent Proutey murder that took place in Wilmington NC. That little skunk said the same thing.

  • PesachPatriot

    AH…samuel jerome comes in with the typical bantu response…any and all black savagery is justified because of the misdeeds of a small group of white people centuries ago…You know something SJ, my still living ancestors in the Ukraine came in for some pretty rough treatment at the hands of germans about 70 years ago but I don’t use that as an excuse for my every failing in life, nor do I use unpleasant historical incidents as an excuse to go assault and murder persons of german descent, nor do I go to germany and cause trouble there. If you are truly unhappy here in America I suggest you book yourself a flight or boat ride back to Africa where there will be no evil white/hispanic/asian/other non-black people to oppress you. No one has been holding you in chains in the cotton fields for over 150 years. You are free to leave at any time but we both know that won’t happen. My family didn’t get here until 60 years after slavery ended…most whites in the USA are descended from immigrants who came here between 1880-1930, long after the last slaves and slave masters had died.

    If it wasn’t for slavery mr. jerome, you wouldn’t be talking smack on a computer invented by whites and built by chinese or enjoying other peoples taxes on your EBT card…you’d be in sierra leone or liberia having your arm hacked off with a machete or mining diamonds at gunpoint. Without slavery there wouldn’t be multi-millionaire basketball players and rappers today. I was born in 1978 and have never “oppressed” a black person in my life, but I guess I’m guilty of being white. You blame me for slavery over a hundred years before I was born.

    I will deal with your shenanigans in a severe way if it ever comes on my property. Maybe if the black community pulled up its collective pants, started working, paying taxes and taking care of their own kids without government assistance you might get a little more respect from other americans. Even illegal immigrants who got here last week and don’t speak the language manage to get legitimate jobs….you might want to ponder that. Also, I wouldn’t gloat over whitey’s demise so quickly…when the hispanics and asians are the majority here they will have much less time and patience of the likes of jesse jackson, al sharpton and louis farrakhan.

    • OlderWoman

      Even native Africans who come here are ashamed of black Americans. They don’t mix with them. Samuel should know this.

  • JohnEngelman

    If a gang of whites had done this to a black person it would have generated a black ghetto riot.

    • Frenchman

      And a frontpage headline on all newspapers and receive tremendous amounts of coverage on all TV channels in North America for the next three years

    • Right; it’d be playing on an endless loop on pMSNBC and Dateline.

  • lupin

    The perp’s lawyer (“Perry Thurston Jr.”) is an AfrAm Democratic politician with a seat in the Florida House of Representatives (District 94). Why is it that AfrAm “leaders” gain cred with their constituents by representing psychopathic teenagers?

  • PesachPatriot

    Lupin…they gain street cred because the suspect is probably an aspiring rapper or affleete who dint do nuffins and was finna turn his life around. All black crime taking place today can be blamed squarely on ebil rayciss dead whitey’s like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Jefferson Davis, Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Nathan Bedford Forrest….The Union guys who freed them like Abe Lincoln, Ulysses S Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman were also at fault for not giving them multi-million dollar basketball and rap music contracts as soon as they were emancipated.

    Lighting white kids on fire is is simply part and parcel of african american culcha and if you can’t accept that you are an evil hateful person unworthy of holding hands and singing kumbuya (big sarcasm). The irony is that south florida had almost no slavery because it was an inhospitable swamp for most of the 19th century….populated exclusively by alligators, snakes, mosquitos, wild hogs and seminole indians….people really had no interest living here until air conditioning was invented and henry flagler built a railroad to connect this place to the rest of america.