U.S. Spends $500 Million to Racially Diversify Medical Fields

Judicial Watch, December 20, 2012

While the U.S. government commits senseless acts like skimping on consulate security in violent North African countries, it spends $500 million to help minorities—especially blacks—enter biomedical research fields where lack of diversity is “disturbing and disheartening.”

The grand plan was announced this month by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the nation’s medical research agency. As part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the NIH doles out north of $31 billion annually to hundreds of thousands of researchers at thousands of universities and institutions around the globe.

Last year the NIH sanctioned a study that determined blacks who apply for federal research grants are less likely than whites and Hispanics to receive the awards. The study took years and was conducted to “learn more about the challenges facing the scientific community,” according to the NIH’s director, and to improve the diversity of its biomedical research workforce. He called the findings “disturbing and disheartening.”

That’s because from 2000 to 2006, black researchers who applied for NIH grants were 10% less likely than whites to get the awards, according to the study, which is among the few to focus solely on the racial and ethnic composition of federal research funding applicants. Of additional concern is the low number of “non-white applicants” who apply for the public grants in the first place, the study found.

Researchers from the government-funded team of esteemed academics that conducted the minority probe think this is why: “the quality of educational and mentoring experiences may differ for applicants who self-identify as black or African-American.” In short, the NIH has admitted that it is guilty of not equally benefitting “all racial and ethnic groups.”

To right this wrong the NIH has created a 10-year plan that will dedicate $50 million annually to support hundreds of minority students with scholarships, research experiences and even graduate loan repayment. The agency will also create a new committee that makes “diversity a core consideration of NIH governance” and ensures fairness in the peer review system that erases “unconscious bias related to disparities in research awards.” The plan also implements “implicit bias and diversity awareness training.”


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  • The reason why there are so few blacks in the biomedical field is that it requires heavy studying, and a highly developed vocabulary and intense work after schooling…All are “too white” for them…It isn’t “gangsta” enough !



      • Svigor

        As I said above, you’re both right. A high-IQ black has no real motivation to go into science or medicine when he’s got a guaranteed high-pay, high-prestige, high-security, low-work job waiting in gov’t or media. Guaranteed.

        Basically, the few high-IQ blacks capable of getting along with normal people there are are all too busy playing scientists and doctors on television to do the menial labor of being actual scientists or doctors.

    • We could call it, “Why Tyreefus can’t balance a chemical equation.”

      • You Are Now Enriched

        Chemical equations be raciss en sheeyut.

    • i am

      Every time their is a mishap at a medical lab around here (S.F. Bay Area), it is always a black person who is involved. There was a blood testing facility, in I think Redwood City, that found out a black employee was just throwing away the samples of blood and writing on the test results that everything was OK. Numerous amounts of HIV infected blood were delivered to hospitals for transfusions. Her excuse was “I ain’t be doing nothing wrong.”

      • Kostoglotov

        There have also been a couple of cases where black lab supervisors / employees lied and misconstrued data to get higher conviction rates in courts. The last case involved a black female county lab supervisor in Cincinnati who was nicknamed “Black magic” for her supposed ability to obtain incriminating test data in court cases when other technicians couldn’t. Of course no one officially suspected her for years – that would have been “racist.” Instead, in conformance with approved BRA practices, it was assumed that she was just much more brilliant and skilled than white techs who couldn’t obtain the same results. Now they will have to review convictions going back for years. This and numerous similar outcomes (to put it mildly) would seem to demonstrate that even when blacks possess technical skills roughly adequate for the job, there are also issues with their moral qualifications.

        • haroldcrews

          More likely the police or prosecutors office either knew or didn’t care.

        • And those cases of rotten crime labs almost always lead to the wrongful convictions of black men. Life’s little ironies.

        • Svigor

          Indeed, I’ve been saying for years that the differences between white and black in terms of behavioral genetics are far from confined to IQ. There seems to be a profound “honesty gap,” an “integrity gap,” an “introspection gap,” a “conscientiousness gap,” etc.

      • Kostoglotov

        There’s also a substantial risk that blacks who obtain positions in technical fields related to the courts will abuse their positions to obtain “social justice”, i. e., to clear fellow blacks who are obviously guilty. All in all, the “new America” does not seemto be a very promising venture.

        • Ron Cheaters

          Absolutely correct 110%!

      • Kostoglotov

        Correction: She worked for the Oklahoma City Police Department. 11 people were executed on the basis of her results.
        For some reason I’m not able to insert the link here, but her name is Joyce Gilchrist and there is a Wikipedia article on her, as well as numerous other articles and sources.

        • Never heard of it. But if it’s true, Ms. Gilchrist’s life needs to end with her on a gurney and a needle in her arm.

          • OlderWoman

            What is it about blacks that they can’t admit when they are at fault? Is it that they have no conscience? What is it about their brain that’s different than a white brain?

          • Svigor

            I don’t know, but the difference seems to be profound. “They have no conscience” seems as pithy a way to express it as any.

  • Kostoglotov

    Translation: Yet another area where underqualified, undeserving blacks will be given preference because of the color of their skin.

    Other countries produce actual products. We no longer have a manufacturing base, and are trillions of dollars in debt, but by God can we crank out that “diversity.”

    • The Verdict of History

      “Under-qualified” is a dastardly understatement…

      If I were awating surgery on the operating table, and a black doctor were approaching me in order to put me to sleep…

      … I would… in all sobriety shudder with tremendous fear and apprehension for my life…

      Good God.

      • OlderWoman

        I wouldn’t want one to touch me.

    • Enforced diversity is a hidden tax on American industry.

  • cecilhenry

    Money hear, money there….

    Resources are too freely thrown around in a multiracial society.

    I want to live in a homogeneous society where my racial and ethnic interests are not exploited in this manner.

    Forced integration is the real crime, and the real genocide.


      Now, ask why……………who benefits…………………..true evil.

      • The__Bobster

        The group that benefit has its own hospitals.

      • Skincognito

        Cui bono? Die ewige Frage. Which modern, industrial nation retains ethnic qualifications for full citizenship and effectively repels alien invasion? Hint: It ain’t Ireland or Iceland, but it begins with an “I.”

    • jay11

      I also wonder how tens of millions here, billions there, just get thrown around daily. 20 years ago you didn’t hear news like this with such frequency. Now it’s like people think the gov’t is a bottomless pot of free money! It can’t go on forever. Buy precious metals and rural land for your grandkids so they won’t be starving in 50 years like the hapless masses.

    • Svigor

      High-IQ blacks are so rare, and so fought-over, that they have no good reason to go into fields that require a lot of mental elbow grease. Government gobbles them up, the media gobbles them up, and that’s basically it. There aren’t any left over.

      If I’m a high-IQ black, why would I possibly want to do low-prestige, high-work jobs like medicine or science when I can do less work for more money and prestige, and with better job security, in the government or media?


    Learn this well.

    Today, Race is Everything

    Today, everything is racial. Everything.

    • You Are Now Enriched

      We know it, blacks know it, and 99% of White refuse to admit it.

      • OlderWoman

        If you tell them any truths about blacks, their eyes glaze over, then they have a knee-jerk reaction to defend them. If I could only remember how many times whites have said to me these exact words…’but America was built on the backs of black people.’ THOSE EXACT WORDS, mind you. We in the South have been MKUltra’d.

        • i am

          How can anyone, even blacks, think they are equal. Some time in their life, they must be able to self reflect and think: “geez, Iz reeleze be dumb.”

          • Jimmy

            Now that you mention it, I have never heard a single black person take accountability for his actions. I have heard Whites say, “Boy, I messed that one up” or “Oopsies”, but are there any terms similar in ebonics? Usually there is some exception to the rule, but darned if I can think of any examples of blacks ever saying they have messed up. Anyone?

          • DudeWheresMyCountry?

            Only when they get caught and they are at their sentencing hearing.

          • Svigor

            There’s a mathematical “law” (I don’t really know what you call it: law, theorem, whatever) that states that no system of logic is capable of “understanding” (i.e., incorporating, subsuming, and duplicating – emulating, if you will) a system of logic more complicated than itself. E.g., the human brain does not afford one the capacity to truly understand itself. Pieces, representations, but not the whole enchilada.

            I think a corollary is that people can only really grok the scope of IQ at their own level and lower. E.g., people with a 120 IQ know what they’re capable of, what 110s, 100s, 90s, etc., are capable of, but not what 140s are capable of. People with IQs of 85 don’t have much of a clue. People with IQs of 100 don’t have all that much more of a clue than the 85s do. Et cetera.

            TL;DR version; dumb people don’t really know they’re dumb, except at best to know that a lot of people don’t seem as dumb as they are.

        • Svigor

          It was built on the backs of mules and donkeys and horses, too. So what?

  • Very few blacks go intobiomedical research for the same reason few go into engineering or nuclear physics. Most haven’t the intellectual aptitude for chemistry, biology or medicine nor the discipline necessary to master them.

    • You Are Now Enriched

      Can we trust all the future n’gro genetic scientists to truthfully reveal their “dangerous discoveries”?

    • sandy truthtree

      you only say that because the tests are racist you evil racisss racist

    • Svigor

      And the few who do seem to have high IQs and a tendency toward civilized behavior are already playing engineers, nuclear physicists, chemists, biologists or MDs on television.

  • guest

    What’s more “disturbing and disheartening”? The “lack of diversity” or the ever-increasing price that always comes with diversity?

  • Don

    My biggest regret in life, is not taking my education serious. I am now 30 and living with my grandma. I worked at a gas station early last year and was working my 2nd day on the job, 11:30am a African walks in pulls out a gun, puts it to my head, ties me up, empties my pockets, loads up a bag of cigarettes, kicks me in the back of the head and leaves. I quit that day and still outta work. I feel like a African. I would do anything for a college degree or actually, a high school education. These booga bears are taking over and I’m no better than them.

    • OlderWoman

      Don, I’m sorry you went through that. We learn from experience. I have regrets also. I’ve worked to rectify my mistakes and it has paid off. You, as a white man, are many times better than they are. Don’t forget that. They are an inferior race of people. Get your GED, Don. It will be worth the effort.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      Don, you’re young enough to get your GED and enroll in a technical or vocational course at one of the many community colleges and vo/tech schools that are popping up all over the place. There are grants and loans that will get you through a program that will enable you to make a decent living. You just have to DO IT!

    • Ron Cheaters

      Its never too late. And look at the support you have. And you are better than them.. admitting your regret proves that!

  • You Are Now Enriched

    We wish Jared Taylor would do an investigation into the “implicit bias and diversity awareness training” scam.

    The Diver$isty, Inc., companies that will be hired to do the training all have ties back to Ogletree and Obama. It’s reparations.

    These training sessions teach Whites that their unearned and racist privilege causes them to commit acts of unconscious bias against people of color and perpetuate inequality. The cure of this “fundamentally evil” bias is to be aware of how we must “affirmatively recruit and retain diversity” and then “do the right thing” by hiring blacks and blaming “past racism” when everything falls apart.

    It’s a shakedown racket to force White elites to never hire another White. All jobs are reserved for Diversity.

    Mr. Taylor should come up with the Top Ten Questions Whites Must Never Ask During the Implicit Bias and Diversity Awareness Training if They Want to Keep Their Jobs.

    Such as, “If we eliminate White privilege by empowering Diversity privilege, then haven’t we just moved the privilege to a different group while institutionalizing bias against the first group? How can we move forward toward racial healing and reconciliation when we punish Whites for the color of their skin? What should we expect their attitudes to be after they are passed over for the job they deserve?”

    • OlderWoman

      ‘… unconscious bias…’

      Mine certainly isn’t unconscious. I am fully conscious of my bias against blacks and it’s all based on multiple and sustained exposures to them. I followed the politically correct program from about 1992 to 1994… over two years period of time they de-programmed me.

  • The__Bobster

    That’s because from 2000 to 2006, black researchers who applied for NIH
    grants were 10% less likely than whites to get the awards, according to
    the study, which is among the few to focus solely on the racial and
    ethnic composition of federal research funding applicants.

    Now that IS outrageous. The number should be far higher than 10%.

  • NYB

    The Diversity Industrial Complex gets to expand its reach.

    In order to access funding, white researchers will be induced to bring an unqualified black onto their team, and make him or her the face of the grant application.

  • evola33

    There is a disturbing and disheartening lack of dwarves playing in the NBA. One can only imagine the narrow-minded elitist bigotry that led to this situation. This must be corrected or the NBA will be a Nazi organization. March on. — The Gimli Column.

  • Angry White Woman

    I find it “disturbing and disheartening” not to mention frightening that there are any minorities involved in any part of biomedical research for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. I also find it utterly infuriating that the NIH has created a 10-year plan that will dedicate (read:waste) $50 million annually to support hundreds of minority students with scholarships, research experiences and even graduate loan repayment.

    Anybody who wants to trust the results of medical research that has been tested by lazy, cheating, incompetant affirmative hires with the IQ of a turnip deserves what they get–but the rest of us deserve better.

    • Ron Cheaters

      Aside from crack… Can anyone name any great pharmaceutical invented or derived from a bantu-nation or person?? No.. not ever. It was discipline and ingineuity of Germans in the early part of the 20th century and western in the latter.. and now its being corrupted with the implementation of “diagnosis” of made-up diseases, mostly designed to stifle personality or creativity. Effectually turning a nation into robots to serve the powers at large.

      • guest

        everyone knows crack was invented by the CIA,silly.

  • MAJ

    He called the findings “disturbing and disheartening.”


    That’s like saying an NIH researcher found that viruses can be dangerous and claimed that is was “disturbing and disheartening.”

    Viruses are viruses. Blacks are blacks. It’s no ones fault that blacks have average IQs of 80. What NIH should be saying is, “Biomedical researchers need high intelligence so that’s the way it goes.” Of course, you’ll never hear that.

    Besdies, you don’t need a PhD in Microbiology to realize that most blacks are borderline idiots. I don’t mean that as an insult, just an observation. Seriously, some people just aren’t cut out to be medical researchers – why throw money at them? Just admit it. We’d all be better off.

    As much as I find the charade of equality among the races to be “disturbing and disheartening” what is evil and insidious is the growing notion of this “unconscious bias.” This is truly the last refuge of liberal liars and White enablers. Why not just move NIH headquarters to Salem, Mass., and be done with it.

  • Pat Kittle

    Why spend $500 million to try to generate more black medical professionals?

    There already are lots of them in Hollywood movies & advertising.

    • Joseph

      And probably similarly competent.

      Ever heard/watched Joycelyn Elders, David Satcher or Regina Benjamin? This only portends what is coming.

      • Joseph

        Then again, even a moron looks like a genius to idiots.

  • chevychase

    Social engineers are hoping that half breeds aka blacks through miscegenation can persuade whites to use them for medical procedures that involve life and death kind of like black airline pilots that you never see? Airline companies are not stupid and neither will the medical world.

    • Joseph

      I work in a “lighter” area where blacks are about 11% and Hispanzees about 13%

      They MUST exist somewhere but I have never seen a black electrician nor plumber -even apprentice. I did know one black carpenter and HE was suing for “discrimination” (surprise). One does see black city utility workers but even then, I don’t remember seeing any operating anything more complicated than a truck or skid-loader. do they even work in skilled trades?

      • IstvanIN

        The road crews in NJ, which has got to be less than 50% white, despite what the census bureau says, are all manned by white men who run all the heavy equipment, the only black guy usually only waves the warning flag.

      • OlderWoman

        We have a black guy in my building who’ll do odd jobs for residents. They say he’s very good at it and working on cars. But, two years ago, he told me he walked off the job because his boss told him to run pipes into a building in a certain fashion. He said it was illegal what he was told to do. He didn’t even try to reason with the man to keep his job. He just walked away. I think that’s strange.
        Btw, he marched with Jesse Jackson at the Million Man March. He LOVES Obama.

  • JohnEngelman

    I think there’s a “disturbing and disheartening” lack of white basketball players. Let’s spend $500 million in order to integrate the National Basketball Association.

    • SLCain

      Hey, Commie, it is the man that YOU voted for that is instituting this stuff.

      • OlderWoman

        Engleman voted for Obama?

        disgusting if true.

        • SLCain

          Yes, he did. He has boasted about it at length. He’s a socialist.

  • John Bonham

    Just what I want, An affirmative action diversity brain surgeon, working on the tumor that this country has giving me from the years of discrimination against me and my people … Hmmmm ..

  • A Reader

    Just wait to see what diversity wonders will Obamacare do for you.
    You may be assigned to a black surgeon from Howard University (in order to make up for past discrimination) and if you refuse to be operated by him you will face fellony charges of racism.

    • OlderWoman

      What I fear is whether they graduated in the lower percentile in a class. They might have ‘just scraped by’.

      • Anand

        Actually, what you really need to fear is that they got in due to affirmative action in the first place. Donda West (Kanye’s mom)’s doctor and Michael Jackson’s doctor both probably got there with government help and sympathy from administrators for being black….and they both ended up hurting their own race members the most.

  • you cannot make a silk purse out of a sows ear…

  • liberlsuck

    Another waste of good money being thrown down a rathole.

  • falsedawn

    Years ago, Red Foxx did a skit on his tv program, “Sanford and Son” where he goes to the dentist and a black dentist comes in and Red Foxx jumps out of the chair and refuses to let the guy work on him. He said everyone knows dentists are White and that it wasn’t right that he got the black guy (the unsaid reason of course being the black guy was incompetent). I don’t think they’d allow that now even from a black guy.

  • MOST other countries don’t lower their standards to make some ‘feel good’ about themselves; they ENCOURAGE the competition for EXCELLENCE.

    No wonder China and other developing economies are exceeding that of the United States.

    The affirmative action, ‘feel good’ policies have and are destroying the United States at all levels….meanwhile, the ‘bar is lowered’


  • Zapp branigan

    Trying to bring the negro up to code is a foolish waste of money and resources. Evolution has passed them by, so should we.

  • You can’t raise IQ with money. And who ( or what ) gets these grants?

  • KingKenton

    This is exactly the type of story we should be pushing to the masses of White sheeple who buy into diversity. Even these people will stop and take pause if they realize that their health or more importantly the health of their family wil be comporomised in the name of racial equality.

  • Richard from Vancouver

    My comment is a little off topic, but appropriate never the less. I am a Canadian citizen and have grown up with socialized medicine. At one time our health care was the envy of the world, but no longer. I had to move out of Vancouver for economic reasons about six years ago. I now live in a suburb about an hour’s drive from the city. Having moved, I had to change my GP. There wasn’t one doctor who would take me into his practice. No physician wanted a middle-aged man on their patient rosters.

    I was forced to seek my health care needs at a local drop-in clinic where the practicing doctors are represent the UN in race and culture. English is a second language to all of these doctors and a third language in one instance. It’s very hard to communicate my health issues with them. Every time I go I see a different doctor. Consistency is out the window. As I grow older, and my health care needs become more pronounced and frequent, I am becoming increasingly worried.

    Whether or not it’s affirmative action, socialized medicine or mass immigration from Asia and the third world that’s affecting our health care systems is of deep concern to people on both sides of the border.

  • Sloppo

    Here is a link to an article about a couple of patients who received hepatitis B diversity enrichment from a surgeon who came from a country with a high prevalence of hepatitis B. Hepatitis B is an important part of our nation’s greatest strength.


  • Actually blacks and Hispanic biomedical researchers already
    receive more research grants than they deserve. Obama in his effort to ruin the USA , will
    seriously damage biomedical research , just as he has damaged the military, the
    economy , and US relationships with traditional allies in foreign affairs. The minimum
    IQ required for whites and Asians to be admitted to a US medical school was
    estimated to be 120. There are very few blacks with IQ of 120 or higher. No black
    has ever won a Noble Prize in science , nor a Turing award (computer science)
    or a Fields Medal (mathematics).

    I started a thread on this travesty on another forum and the thread was deleted because I was “trolling”. I worked in biomedical research. There are specific research grants open only to blacks and Hispanics . There are so few black Americans even interested in biomedical research, hospitals and medical schools use black Africans who are not even citizens to compete for these black/Hispanic only research grants

    . But to Obama there isn’t enough anti-white discrimination in this country. One of his shills who announced this anti-white executive order implied there are black Albert Einsteins ,Issac Newtons and Thomas Edisons who if given the opportunity will cure the most deadly cancers, Alzheimer’s , and other diseases which still don’t have any effective
    treatments. How many people will die due this effort to damage biomedical research.