Officials Defend Decision to Name School After Murderer

Todd Starnes, Fox News, December 17, 2012

A California school district is defending its decision to name a new elementary school after an infamous murderer—by calling him a hero and a role model to children. The decision has infuriated many parents and law enforcement officers.

The Alisal Union School District in Salinas agreed to name the new school in honor of Tiburcio Vasquez—who was eventually hanged for killing at least two people in the nineteenth century.

Superintendent John Ramirez defended the board’s decision telling Fox News that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

“Tiburcio Vasquez, along with others, was an individual who was a revolutionary,” Ramierz said. “He was not okay with the oppression.”

Vasquez “was probably the most notorious bandit California ever saw,” according to the University of Southern California library. He was 14-years-old when he committed his first crime—stabbing a constable.

In 1875 Vasquez was convicted of two murders and subsequently hanged. Other historical records indicate he may have killed as many as six people—including a law enforcement officer.

“He took from the rich and gave to the poor,” Francisco Estrada told KION. “He was your inspiration of Zorro.”

Estrada sat on the naming committee for the new elementary school and said the convicted murderer was a good man who should be a model to the youth of East Salinas.

He said Vasquez was simply misunderstood.

“Mr. Vasquez, number one, was not a murderer,” he told the television station. “He was framed by the system at that time.”

“The history was written by mainstream whites,” he said. “It wasn’t written by Californians or people of Mexican descent. When do we have our history written by us? When do we stop having our heroes branded as villains?”

Ramirez told Fox News that Vasquez is a role model to Mexican-Americans.

“When you have individuals who have been struggling for so long, dealing with oppression and systematic oppression, then you bring up leaders who have fought against resistance, of course they are going to be role models to you,” he told Fox News. “Vasquez is an individual who did that prior to us—who can be sort of a hero to us.”


“We’re a city fighting crime,” Mayor Joe Gunter told KION. “We don’t want to be honoring people who are criminals. We want to honor good people.”


Ramirez said to truly understand Vasquez’s place in history—it’s important to consult with Chicano historians.


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  • This will embolden the ‘oppressed’ minorities to further assault and possibly perpetrate violence against the ‘evil’ Whites.

    We know the PC govt will support minorities—look at what is and has happened over the last few years. Retribution and payback for perceived past misdeeds for existing.

    • dukem1

      Reading this article, and seeing the names of the men involved, makes one thing pretty clear…California is, at least culturally, no longer a part of the United States.

      “Our history, written by us.” These cannot be the words spoken by a citizen of the US.
      So long, California, it’s been good to know ya.

  • Flytrap

    I hope this type of thing happens more often and soon.

  • If we can name schools after terrorists, does this mean NYC will soon have Menachem Begin High or Yitzhak Shamir Elementary School?

    • GM (Australia)

      Can we please stop Jew Bashing on this site. In the past 2 issues of Amren (Website) I have seen just too much garbage talk about Zionist, and even Catholic Conspiracies, all supposedly facilitated by Jewish owned newspapers and Hollywood. Newspapers, Jewish or otherwise are struggling just to stay in existence and as for Hollywood, if James Bond wants to save the world as we know it, that can not be too bad.

      From the beginning of history there has always been someone or some organisation that wants to rule the world, it is nothing new. But unless as a race, we start to wake up to what is happening in our traditionally white nations and societies, we will be the ones who will be ruled over and it will not be a pleasant experience.

      • So telling the truth is now Jew-bashing?

        Look up the histories of Shamir and Begin, and think before you post next time. Until you can do that, respectfully, put a lid on it.

        • GM (Australia)

          I am worried that the WN movement will become divided between those who think Jews are fellow whites who share the same concerns as us and other White Nationalists who have an attitude to Jews similar to that of Hitler. We need to have some sort of unity on this matter, but as I am finding out, this is an incredibly complex issue. Disunity is disastrous that is why I made my comments as I did.

          Perhaps the moderator can give some guidelines on this issue.

          • Jerrybear

            The moderator would like us to unite. I do not blame all Jews for the actions of their elite. Though I don’t wear rose colored glasses when it comes to the freudo-marxist Jewish element that controls our politicians, media, and banking system. If Jews are willing to entertain race realism, we should not drive them away.

          • Liberalsuck

            Even if a certain race or religion or political group is behind what’s going on,it is ultimately our responsibility what happens to us and if we have a future. Blaming an entire race or religions group for our problems is what blacks do. They always have ‘white man’ conspiracies. They sound ridiculous to me. Let’s not start sounding like them.

          • Jerrybear

            Agreed. That’s what they do at websites like Stormfront.

          • David Ashton

            Quite right: very complex, and few are willing or able to do appropriate research outside some simplistic conspiracy sites on the internet. The best thing is to press on with the case for WN, welcoming any Jews who agree and opposing those who disagree. It is not a wise (or ethical) policy to threaten all Jews as an enemy, and unite them all against us.
            You need to understand their history from all angles.

      • ATOBTL

        No serious white nationalist should pooh-pooh the fact that Jews control Hollywood and most of the American mass media and use that influence to undermine whites.

        Maybe down under, you don’t open the newspaper editorial page and see that 2/3rds of the columns are written by anti-white Jews. Maybe you don’t turn on the TV news and see one Jewish “expert” after another bashing whites and advocating anti-white policies. Maybe you don’t live in a country where Jews are 40% of the super rich and use that money to pervert the political process. Maybe you don’t live in a country where there are more Jews at the top university than whites, even though our population is 30 times greater and test scores show that Jews are over represented 5 times what their scores would suggest. We do and we aren’t going to stop talking about it.

        • GM (Australia)

          Help! What have I said wrong? All I know is he that the virulent anti-Israel lobby here is made up of the same sort of people who are all for multiculturalism, diversity and generous immigration and refugee quotas.

          • C_C_Conrad

            I am temped to believe that you are, or have been, listening to Leftists.
            Just so you’ll understand what Jews are doing & how they do it, visit this site.

            Jack’s War

          • Alex

            That man will be a saint one day. He points out how they subvert and seek to destroy European Christian culture.

            Seinfeld, Sex and the City, etc…. Jewish creations meant to undermine and mock us and ultimately bring about our demise.

          • David Ashton

            I thought Seinfeld quite funny. It made Jews look funny too. However, I would not deny that disproportionate involvement by Jews in profitable pornography does nothing for the reputation of their people.

          • Pointing out that Begin and Shamir were terrorists isn’t Jew-bashing. You made the mistake of infering that it was.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Begin was part of the Irgun terrorist gang that blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. That’s not “Jew-bashing” or “Israel-bashing”, but simply God’s own truth.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Read this, all five parts:

            The War on White Australia: A Case Study in the Culture of Critique, Part 1 of 5


            Australia is being subjected to the same tearing apart of its culture and civilization as the United States.

            For the exact same reasons.

            Then tell us we’re wrong to discuss WHY and HOW our White homelands are being wrested from us and White civilization is under attack.


          • GM (Australia)

            Yes, I have had a good look at that article, it certainly has not had much if any publicity in this country. As one comment said “South African Jews are fleeing in droves to the safety of Australia” following the end of apartheid,, but why do they want to destroy their adopted country? Re the Indians in Australia, yes they seem to be everywhere now particularly in Western Sydney, all their heathen religious billboards are absolutely sickening.

            But looking at the broader context of this article there are suggestions that there is a Jewish conspiracy to destroy the West. It is all too complex for me to understand why this would happen or is happening, it just does not make sense. I am quite happy to see all rational discussion on this matter on this site. .

          • ATBOTL

            Everyone should read this article, especially you, GM. Jews played the same role in opening Australia to non-white immigration as they did in the USA.

          • razorrare

            ot:…Bon,i dug up that link on the “Birdman”….black Jake Bird…the Tacoma Axe Killer of 1947…guess Irving would think we need “axe” control as well…


          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Sorry, I should have linked in my original post — I know how difficult it is sometimes to google search things, plus it wastes a lot of time:

            Here’s a good link:



          • ATBOTL

            That’s not a reason for whites to support Jews or Israel.

            The pro-Israel lobby in your country is undoubtedly made up of people who support all the same causes, just like in every other white country.

          • Dr. Möbias

            You have it exactly backwards.

      • Triarius

        People on here aren’t exactly jew bashing. But I call a spade a spade. There is no denying jewish involvement in communism, liberalism, ownership of media (and it’s bias), civil rights, affirmative action, banking, etc. If pointing out jewish interests is anti-semitic than so is the ADL.

        • Pelayo

          You’re right about Jewish involvement in the above mentioned items but I personally know lots of Jews who have had it with the entire Black agenda.

          • OlderWoman

            Oh, really? I know Jews who are entirely enthralled with blacks….but would never want to live among them. In secret, they call them “Shvaahts”. They believe it is their duty to support blacks due to ‘slavery’.
            I do know, however, that Jews hate American whites. However, they’ll hire whites because of their work ethic.

      • C_C_Conrad

        I am awake to what is happening, it’s called GENOCIDE.

        Jack’s War

    • josh

      We have a street downtown here in chicago called David Ben-Gurion way. Dave was a murderer of oUR people on more than one occasion. A piece of slime.

    • StillModerated

      Just think: Chicago can also have a Benjamin Jabotinsky Junior High School in momory of Rahm ‘the elbow” Emanuel’s daddy.

  • Bill

    Used to live in Salinas. 20 years ago. Even back then every weekend you could hear gunfire coming from the other (hispanic) side of town. Gang colors everywhere. I am glad I no longer live in Commiefornia, and Salinas is a hotbed of “mexican american pride” which means, lots of illegals and lots of gang activity. They aren’t ALL picking your lettuce, believe me. The whites make the economy, and the hispanics steal it and ruin it. If that’s zorro like, then Zorro needs to hang also.

    • Mexican-American pride: Ten illegal cholos pushing their low-rider to the welfare office.

      • OlderWoman

        In a Santa Fe I saw Espanolan’s push their low-rider in a parade. It had a sign on it “Low Riders for Jesus.” Espanola is the self proclaimed “home of the dancing chebbies.” In New Mexico, the Spanish are called ‘hispanics’.

    • Triarius

      Studies show that roughly 2% of illegals pick crops.

    • Le Gaulois

      Johnston McCulley created Zorro as a White Spaniard nobleman named “Don” Diego de la Vega living in Spanish California. Those invading amerindian and mestizo peasants from Mexico don’t deserve to be associated with this great TV icon (yes, I’m that old).

      • Anglokraut

        I used to watch that show with my mom when it was on the Disney Channel when I was a kid. It was a great and wholesome show. The Family Channel also had a Zorro reboot back in the early 1990s, and that show was even better than Disney’s.

      • ncpride

        I have a FB ‘friend’ from Madrid who visited the US a few years back. She had a total meltdown as she posted a hysterical rant on FB after she was referred to as a Mexican by someone here. She didn’t appreciate it at all.

        • ncpride,
          I have a next door neighbor who is from Spain…She doesn’t like being called Hispanic and will let you know in no uncertain terms ! She’ll tell you that she is Spanish, born in Spain !

    • Jim G

      Zorro was pure Spanish.

  • David Ashton

    A role model? What does that tell us?

    • $20 says within 10 years some city names a school after Biggie Smalls…probably D-troit or Atlanta.

  • “…one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.”

    Which is dependent on your allegiance to which country and which principles?

  • Bezrodniy Kosmopolit

    Ethnic envy will soon kick in: blacks will insist on a “Nat Turner Elementary School” and a “Denmark Vesey High School”.

    • josh

      Ah go ta Trayvon High…

  • The__Bobster

    Nothing new. A lot of congoid and Mestizo schools have been named after murderers….after the names of White patriots were removed from them.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    In a similar vein, I propose renaming a high school after Jeffrey Dahmer, in downtown Milwaukee.

    • Bernie Goetz.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Goetz wasn’t a murderer at all, and unlike Earl Bradley his “crime” wasn’t sufficiently loathesome.

        • You are correct: Goetz was no murderer. He remains, however, a man to admire and emulate.

          • OlderWoman

            I agree. It took courage to do what Goetz did.

        • Pelayo

          Sid Caesar who had to be one of the funniest skit comedians of all time, when he did a skit involving the name of a High School, it was Benedict Arnold HS. Always got a got from the audience.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Arnold was actually quite a good general until he switched sides. There may well be a high school in Canada named after him.

      • gemjunior

        That’s a great idea. We should all have a bust of Bernhard Goetz in our houses. He is a true hero who had the innards to stand up for what was right, come what may. And an intelligent guy who probably knew the risk of prison full of angry negros. Incidentally, I remember the expression of joy from every white person in the boroughs and out when Goetz reacted accordingly to the “teens” thuggish threats on the subway. Bernie Goetz tee shirts were everywhere. Because prior to that incident, black people all over NY had started wearing giant leather necklaces of Africa in black yellow and red, they all had these black tee shirts with large Africa logos on them, necklaces, etc. Accompanied by the slogan “It’s a black thing; you wouldn’t understand.” Now if that isn’t an expression of sullen adolescent victim’s “pride” I don’t know what is. And of course the other blacks took to these expressive trinkets like ducks to water. So an enterprising white person started manufacturing white tee shirts with Bernhard Goetz on them and underneath it said “It’s a white thing; you woudn’t understand.” Or a noose, with the slogan underneath. I saw both but the Bernie Goetz one was more commonly worn by whites, usually young white men. There was tremendous sympathy for Goetz and it also scared the blacks for real because the local government made the usual noises but not in any way what we would see now. Now we’d probably see checkpoints set up for any thin blond guy in glasses.

        • OlderWoman

          I once went into a black store in Santa Monica when it was dangerous after dark and before it became the new improved 3rd Street Promenade. Their charms were cheap plastic as were their necklaces and bracelets. The leather wrist bands they sold were cheap leather as well. The clothing garish and low quality cotton. I didn’t see anything of quality outside the leather or cloth bags trimmed with shells from Africa. It was far too tribal for me. But, I’m white and I know trash when I see it.

  • ncpride

    This is the dumbest article I’ve read in a while. Oppression?! There are MILLIONS of them in our country illegally, boldly and with no fear, taking us for a ride while our own government turns a blind eye and puts their welfare before our own, and this arrogant weasel has the gall to flap his gums about oppression?! Gahhh! I’m pretty sure my blood pressure just shot up to dangerous levels…

    • mobilebay

      ncpride- I often think the same – each time I read of the gall of the invaders – that my head is going to explode. I tried the 12 step program to stay away from the many sites that remind me of the people from the sewer across our southern border, but I fail and come back. Guess I’m a glutton for punishment. I must read what the invaders are demanding today and why the cowards in Washington won’t stop them and why I must put in my two cents.

    • Liberalsuck

      And people wonder why more and more white people are leaving California.

      • OlderWoman

        We have hispanic crime out Murfreesboro Road in my town. Police are kept busy trying to catch them after they commit crimes. Opryland Hotel first imported illegals for work.

  • Grey

    Why is it when I was a kid we looked up to astronauts, American patriots, etc. who were all white of course. And minorities always look up to thugs, drug dealers, and murderers? And we are supposed to believe that the races are equal?

    • Richmond Tom

      Couldn’t have said it better, Grey

    • Dr. X

      If the trend is now naming schools after murderers, do you think they’ll ever rename Sandy Hook Elementary “Adam Lanza Elementary”?

      • OlderWoman

        When will there be a Mumia Abu Jamal Elementary. Or they could name a police precinct after him. Which is something a black would think of.

  • Diamond_Lil

    Well now, thieving, killing, lack of class and education, perpetual victim hood and hollow cries of oppression by the white man – that about sums it up for the Latino culture. Therefore, this criminal is viewed by the cholo gangbangers as a hero.

  • David Brims

    ” He was the inspiration for Zorro.”

    Well, why didn’t they call the school after Zorro then ?

    • This if BS, completely. “Zorro” was based on a guy named Joaquim Marietta, who was arguably justified in killing some whites, and then killed himself, although the legend says he retired to mexico instead and got fat and rich. I say “arguably.” I worked with a guy who claimed to be Marietta’s great-grandson once. Marietta’s head was allegedly cut off after he died, and was allegedly sold after it was pickled and put in a jar, and toured the country as a carnival attraction. My friend was always rambling about wanting to get his great grandfather’s head back for a proper burial. Marietta, though, was “zorro,” not this clown.

      • Pelayo


        Wasn’t his name Joaquín Murrieta? Double Ts are generally not found in Spanish surnames. Actually there is no word in Spanish that uses two Ts.

        • Sorry, used anglo version of name. Please forgive me for not following the rules of Spanish grammar. I imagine that you would be appalled at my inability to pronounce the “rolling ‘r'” prevalent in spanish as well. Please let the spanish grammar police know where I live.

          • Pelayo

            I wasn’t being condescending, I actually despise those who talk down to others. I was just trying to be helpful. As for the rolling “r” it IS hard for English speakers. I had a student from “Scawtland” in my class and my other kids were envious of her because she could do the “rr” thing.
            As for the ” grammar police ” Let not thy heart be troubled. They’ve been reassigned to gun confiscation.
            This is the “fundamentally transformed” /”post racial” America.

          • I owe you an apology. Actually, I am semi fluent in spanish and should have known better. Hope you have a Merry Christmas as well, and I am very sorry for being an ass.

          • Pelayo

            Actually I think that we have quite an intelligent group on this site; not the stereotypes that most of the Liberal population envision. I just can’t sit by and watch our society being slowly whittled down to a banana republic while we seemingly are powerless to stop it.
            Keep on contributing your thoughts. We have some tough critics here but I really believe that our ultimate goals are the same.

            Let’s hope that the Mayans were way off base.

          • MikeofAges

            Quit apologizing already.

          • MikeofAges

            You don’t need to apologize for anglicizing names or words. Forcing people to do away with their versions of names fpor people and things is another way of erasing history. If the PC movement had its way, there’d be no Mao anymore. Or Maoism. Or Maoist party. Or Maoist state. Just some unpronouncable name that carried no weight or emotional force.

      • Jim G

        Banning gun is the keen jerk reaction. It will not work. Depriving people of their means of self
        defense against a bigger stronger opponent out to kill them will lead to more
        crime and deaths.

        The anti-gun people must be made to defer to science. Fact: there are ten of millions of good
        Americans who are willing to be trained to carry fire arms and protect their
        family. These men and women could easily
        be employed in schools, churches, and other places where peaceful Americans gather
        that are the prim targets of mass killers.

        If a mass killer begins his actions he would be stop
        short. In the recent mass killing many
        children would have been saved if the good Americans were there to stop
        him. That is if he was inclined to even
        attempt to kill children knowing that armed men and women were there to kill

        The anti-gun people receive its command from the MSM and
        they chant “We must have gun control”.

        Johnston McCauley’s character Zorro has no Indian
        blood. His family is 100% European /
        White. The villains are also 100% White
        Spanish. There is no evidence for the
        assertions that the criminal Joaquim Marietta was even slightly used in the
        stories about Zorro. That is nonsense and
        strictly anti-gringo propaganda.

        It is foolish to print as fact what some one speculates on
        in Wikipedia.

        • No one speculated as “fact” anything from “wikipedia.” I merely related a tale told to me by a coworker. I did not claim that it was a “fact.” I said that a “legend” about “zorro” was based on another legend. I did mention that the legend of “zorro” was based on the character of Joaquim Marietta. It was. Ask any mexican. I do not claim that “zorro” was Marietta, I merely stated that the legend was based on his character. It is, in the eyes of any mexican you can ask. Get your facts straight yourself, bubba.

  • Mike Lane

    Next they will name a school after Che Guevara. I remember being in high school (over ten years ago), when in a theology class we had to write a paper on a “Christ like” figure. Sure enough, one kid wrote about Che. Our useful idiot teacher then asks after the presentation: “Is he still alive?” I thought I was in Bizarro World.

    • “Next they will name a school after Che Guevara.”

      I’m pretty sure they already have.

      • Pelayo

        The movie Motorcycle Diaries make Guevara out to be another Dr. Thomas Dooley who devoted his life to the people of Laos . He died of Melanoma at a very young age. Guevara was a thug who lived off women. I don’t think that Castro even liked him.

        • i am

          I watched a documentary on Che Guevara, and here are some of the fact about him.

          Che’s nick name in Argentina when he was younger was “the pig” because he never washed himself and he stunk.

          Che means “hey” or “hey you” (in South American dialect). It is a word you say when you want to get someone’s attention.

          Che was not a doctor. Calling his medical skills mediocre would be a great compliment. He was known as “the butcher” to his men during the invasion of Cuba. Many men would rather die than be treated by Che.

          He was a failure at everything he did. Everywhere he went to start a revolution, his men got killed and he ran away.

          One amusing story was when he went to Africa (Congo?) to start a revolution. He was suppose to meet the boss negro at a location near the river. When the negro pulled up to the shore he was in a blinged out speed boat with two hookers and too drunk to stand.

          • David Ashton

            Che also had youngsters shot. A topical point, perhaps.

            In Leyton, England, quite some years ago a girls’ school was going to be renamed “The Winnie Mandela High”, but the proposal was narrowly defeated by parent governors – unfortunately in one respect because only a short time afterwards the Mother of the Rainbow Nation was credibly accused of involvement in the murder of a little black boy.

          • OlderWoman

            Didn’t they know she necklaces her enemies? Winnie is a murderer.

          • David Ashton

            If they didn’t read it in “The Guardian” they wouldn’t have known, but in any case it would have been either (a) racist propaganda or (b) excusable response after years of racism. These people are like religious fanatics, quite immune to facts or reason.

          • Laager

            She is also supposedly an MP today.
            Quite happily takes the salary but hardly ever shows up in Parliament.
            She reasons that working with the people at grass roots level is more important and beneficial.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Not in my district….yet!!

        However, we DO have the following schools:

        Cesar Chavez (5)

        Delores Huerta

        Carlos Santana Arts Academy

        Sonia Sotomayor Learning Academy

        Esteban Torres

        Hilda L Solis

        Miguel Contreras

        Oscar De La Hoya Animo Senior High

        Linda Esperanza Marquez

        AND, (unfortunately):

        Barack Obama Global Prep Academy

        The replacing of street names, parks, schools and roads continues apace in Southern California.


        • Shawn_thefemale

          Bon, how do you manage to survive brain intact in that nightmarish place you live? Kudos to you!

          • Greg Thomas

            The same way we all do in this outpost of mexico.
            Reminisce upon better times, with the hope that some day soon, White America will come to their senses and stop this reconquista.

            Personally, I would love to see my state of birth and residence collapse from the unsustainable burden of the brown hordes that we are forced to subsidize. I hope the rest of America refuses to bail this state out when the collapse occurs.

            This invasion will not be changed through political discourse. It’s too late for that now, as mexico has commandeered this state; via their La Raza brethren who masquerade as “American citizens.”

            You see, I’mwiling to sacrifice myself in order to save the rest of this country from this invasion being perpetrated against us.

          • OlderWoman

            I once saw one of those mesacans in Santa Monica. He was hugely fat, with a giant sombrero, sandals and one of those cheap cotton shirts and pants sold in Tijuana. He was homeless. Reminded me of one of those old postcards of a fat mexican, sombrero and all, asleep outside a cantina. L.A. is like a giant movie studio.

          • Shawn_thefemale

            Unfortunately, the rest of America will, as usual, have no say so in bailing out anything or anyone.

    • Richmond Tom

      I was working at A high school in Williamsburg, and they had A bench in the office, that had A mural on it that the students painted. One of the pictures was of Che. I called the security guard (we didn’t have security guards when I was in school) over and asked him if he knew who that was. His reply was “That Del Toro guy from the movie?” I tried to explaint to him who and what Che was, and he said that it was just A picture the kids drew. I just walked away

  • David Brims

    Expect a Trayvon ” Skittles ” Martin school

  • mike

    Don’t waste time trying to convince Latinos that guys like this are not heroes. Like blacks it is their way of “putting it to the man.”

  • tickyul

    The most beautiful state in the country…..turned into a 3rd world cesspool… by corrupt psychos.

    • C_C_Conrad

      Which one is that? CA – TX – IN – MI – NJ – NY – NM – AR …..

  • josh

    Hitler High!

    • C_C_Conrad

      Rudolf Hess High. The martyr of peace.

      Read Hess by David Irving

  • Luca

    They need to invent “fake” heroes. They don’t have enough real ones to go around.

    • JDInSanDiego

      Cesar Chavez is another example. He has a state holiday here in california but Columbus no longer does. There are plenty of things named for him like a street in San Diego which of course was placed where it would require an exit sign off of Interstate 5. A quick look on the internet and I see he has a park in Berkley and a school in Detroit!

      • I beg to differ with you, old cesar had about 14 little mexicans, which makes him a hero in the eyes of mexicans.

        • liberalsuck

          He’s probably an even bigger hero to them if had all those kids with multiple women.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      Indeed Luca, much like our African friends.

    • OlderWoman

      How about that guy whose in the Dos Equis ads? They one they portray as a manly man. Isn’t he disgusting? I used to watch SIN occasionally. Mexican soap operas have the ugliest men in them.

  • bigone4u

    Most California mestizos have probably never heard of the alleged hero. The idea here is to engender racial animosity toward whites, quietly implanting in youth the idea that killing whites is a good thing. The instigators are the far left politicians and professors. The mayor said it right: honor good people. Simple. The mestizo superintendent’s admonition to consult chicano historians is laughable. I know some: They all hate whites and have a racial chip on their shoulder.

  • RHG

    This is only the beginning, I am sure we will see Poncho Villa High School along with Joaquin Murrieta High. It’s just part of the reconquista everyone thinks it’s just a figment of diseased right wing mind.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Poncho Villa high school will be in Columbus, NM.

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        I’m glad someone knows of one of the few times American soil has been blatantly attacked, awesome. Pancho Villa is a funny character, when I was a child in the 1970s spending summers in West Texas I would watch Spanish language shows with my grandmother and every few days an old woman would be on talking about how she was one of his lovers, concubines, girlfriends… for them that was the ultimate bragging rights.

  • RHG

    This is only the beginning, I sure we will see Poncho Villa High School along with Joaquin Murrieta High. It’s just part of the reconquista everyone thinks it’s just a figment of diseased right wing mind.

  • IKantunderstand

    Senor Ramirez: I have no idea who the hell this guy Vasquez is, further more, I don’t care. You want to write history? Then you need to be on the side of the conquerors. You weren’t. Tough titties. You are right about one thing though: I define you as a terrorist. You want to be a freedom fighter? Get off your lazy Mestizo ass and go back to Mexico and be a “freedom fighter” there. Because in the United States of America, the only legitimate freedom fighters are White. You want to talk oppression? How about losing jobs to the illegal Mexican hordes? You want to talk about oppression? How about White American taxpayer money paying welfare benefits and medical benefits to provide transplanted organs (from dead White people) to illegal Mexicans. You want to talk oppressed? You have the nerve to talk oppressed? I got news for you, amigo, the only people in the United States of America who are oppressed, are White people. Oh, and by the way, allow me to suggest the name for the new high school: Pancho Villa. Their motto? “We don’t need need no stinkin’ education; we just gonna steal what we need”.

    • dukem1

      Most excellent comment.
      Good point that these Mestizos don’t have the cojones to fight for freedom in their own “country.”

      • IstvanIN

        But they are taking ours, inch by inch, brick by brick.

        • DudeWheresMyCountry?

          Zygote by zygote.

      • Greg Thomas

        Because they know that in their beloved mexico, such outbursts would result in them being shot, or put away for a very long time. In this country, such behavior gets them more goodies. The louder they scream, the more stuff they get.

        • Dr. Möbias

          Because they know in their beloved mexico, such outbursts would result in them being pushed across the northern border to suffer an unspeakable fate — having to live with with their worst enemy: oppressive, hateful whites.

    • Pelayo

      LOL! Actually Pancho Villa IS considered a hero in Mexico. His real name was Doroteo Francisco Arango. I guess he figured that no one was going to be afraid of a guy whose name for all practical purposes was “Dorothy”! I forget where he got the Villa. Maybe it was his mom’s maiden name. His parents worked for one of the wealthy “rancheros” and one of the landowner;s sons raped Villa’s sister for which Villa killed him and then went into hiding.

    • [Guest]

      >>>…you need to be on the side of the conquerors…

      He is.

  • APaige

    “When do we have our history written by us?”- well when your people actually do something that is worth writing about. Besides the cultivation of a couple of crops like corn (sorry Maize)-what have your people done that is worth writing about?

    • IstvanIN

      Wasn’t Maize developed by the Mayans. These Mestizos are descended from the lesser tribes, aren’t they?

      • Jerrybear

        I believe mestizo is a term for half breeds of Indian and European.

        • DudeWheresMyCountry?

          Mestizo is “mixed” in Spanish and is a person with both Spanish and indigenous Central American blood. It doesn’t have to be straight half and half as over the generations mestizos have been breeding with other mestizos since they were first brewed genetically in the early 1500s. Only the first generations of mestizos were true 50/50 Aztec/Spanish.

        • Pelayo

          That’s correct Jerry; the “Europeans” being generally the Spaniards. Does anyone know what the French called the half breeds of Indian and French?

          • Anglokraut

            Metis; there’s supposed to be an accent agiu over the ‘e’, but I can’t get the formatting.

          • Pelayo

            Do you hav a MAC or a PC?

          • Anglokraut


  • I live near Salinas, and East Salinas is one huge gang fight with lots of violence and death. Maybe it is appropriate that they name a school after a Mexican criminal. With all the Hispanics on welfare and crime rolls, I would have to ask the idiot-school superintendent, “who is oppressing whom?”

  • Pelayo

    When does this insanity cease? Are we soon going to have a ground breaking for the new Theodore Bundy High School For Girls? Philadelphia is closing several High Schools due to economic constraints. I wonder when one of the remaining schools will be renamed the Mumiya Abu Jamal high school. Nothing would surprise me. Of course normally one has to be dead before getting a school named after him. C’mon Mumiya! What’s taking you so long?

  • Brady

    Vasquez is a role model then? I guess we know who to blame when those Mexican kids go to prison.

  • MikeofAges

    We want schools named after our heroes too. Jesse James Middle School. Lansky-Luciano Unified High School. Joseph F. Crater Center for Law and Criminal Studies. Blackbeard Maritime Institute.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      No, Lansky-Luciano Business School.

      • MikeofAges

        You might be right, bro.

  • Frank

    All 5 members of the Board of Trustees, which govern the District, are Hispanic.

  • ImTellinYa

    That’s typical of Leftists. They get a little giggly in the presence of murderous criminals. Just look at their heros: Castro, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Ho, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Obama, Holder. Murderers and criminals every one.

    But the purpose in naming this school was simply another way to express contempt for decent White people. It’s the only thing they have to define themselves with. The Whites involved are just common cowards.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    Finally, the White community is becoming “less okay with oppression”.

    In the next ten years, the news stories and your life experiences will intersect in the horror zone.

    Transcend Diversity Always, Embrace Whiteness Only, beware and prepare, because you really do know what’s about to happen next, you see it in your worst nightmares and are extremely right about it…

  • NYB

    “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”

    Mexicans and whites will never be one. To coexist in the same space, one has to be supreme, the other subordinate.

    There’s the rub.

    • Pelayo

      But guys remember. Mexican isn’t a race. There are plenty of White mexicans.

      • OlderWoman

        There were Jews who fled to Central America after Hitler.

      • Liberalsuck

        Doesn’t matter if there are light-skinned Hispanics. Many of them see themselves as different from whites and don’t wish to assimilate into white culture.

  • topper

    “When do we have our history written by us? When do we stop having our heroes branded as villains?”

    When you live in your own country, when you learn to write on your own, and when you make your own books, and you own legends. Zorro was a White aristocrat, not a thug.


    If your heroes are thugs, you suck.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    In my state we used to have a “Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy,” a charter school paid for by the taxpayers. It was named for a Muslim who conquered parts of Spain in the year 711.

    It has luckily been shut down since, for lack of an approved charter school sponsor.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    Tiburcio Vasquez is well known in my neck of the woods and is very much a part of the folklore of my area. I grew up minutes from Vasquez Rocks in Southern California and the geologic anomaly of a park is named after him. Vasquez Rocks was one of his bandito hideouts as it is nearly impossible to track someone in that terrain.

    In the local Santa Clarita Valley area Vasquez is well known for his exploits, much the same as many view people like Billy The Kid and Jesse James, Old West figures that characterize the dark side of the legendary Wild West.

    That said, Vasquez is not considered a hero but an interesting criminal and naming a state park after him was done because of the historical reference of his ties to it and that it had been colloquially referred to as Vasquez Rocks since his death. It made sense to make it an official name for the spot and it simply is part of the history of the area, but to arbitrarily name an elementary school after him is absurd and says much of many of the people who we “affectionately” call Mexican Americans.

    I must say the timing is interesting and just could derail this travesty with the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary; these pea brain bigots want to name an elementary school after a criminal who committed crimes with guns? Really?

    Another upside is a few of the White families in the Salinas area (its conquered land that town) might decide to drive elsewhere to take their kids to school after seeing the name. It really is a joke and shows how primitive, petty and unintelligent these people often are when given any responsibility and power.

  • William Allingham

    mexicans have always fought against oppression thats why in mexico you can do whatever you want without restrains. can there be something more bigoted than a law against murder or rape? that’s whites oppression.

    mexican politicians have always been misunderstood and this new hero enters in their same category, it reminds me to the shameful attempt to make believe historians that aztec depictions of human sacrifice were in reality “misunderstood” attempts of advanced heart surgeries (without anesthesia and with Mesolithic/like stones instead of bistury). Even with modern digital technology those are risky procedures but mexicans want to make us believe the aztecs made them in front of everyone (with animals and people hanging around) in their non/sanitized pyramids that according to Bernal Diaz, the walls and floor of the temple ‘were so splashed and encrusted with blood that they were black’ “… and the stench was such that we could hardly wait for the moment to get out of it.’.

    Also heart diseases must have been very recurrent to be depicted so insistently and practiced so often .

    God i hate when uneducated people insult our intelligence!

  • archer

    I once read a story written by a Mexican-American woman on the web, had to email her the littany of reasons why they were not like the Irish or Italian immigrants, never heard from her.

  • archer

    We just want the same immigration laws that Mexico has, that usually shuts them up.

  • rebelcelt

    When you have individuals who have been struggling for so long, dealing with oppression and systematic oppression, then you bring up leaders who have fought against resistance, of course they are going to be role models to you,” he told Fox News. “Vasquez is an individual who did that prior to us—who can be sort of a hero to us.”

    Exactly why do you immigrate to countries that oppress you?

  • Unperson

    “Superintendent John Ramirez defended the board’s decision telling Fox News that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.”

    True enough. But it’s equally true that these two men, holding these diametrially opposed definitions, can’t peacefully coexist in the same jurisdiction. Which means sending Mexicans back to Mexico, where they will be free to define (or redefine, or even “misdefine”) “terrorist” and “freedom fighter” any way they wish.

  • curri

    “World’s most beloved man” Nelson Mandela:

    “However the fact of the matter is that the Church Street Bombing did occur – Mandela did consent to it – (he mentions this in his book). I was living in Pretoria at the time and my father’s office was a few blocks from the site of the bombing. I remember this event very clearly. Church Street is the Yonge Street of Pretoria – the bomb went off at rush hour on a Friday afternoon to ensure maximum civilian casualties. The carnage was awful. There were many people (both black and white) who were cut to shreds by the falling glass from the surrounding buildings. Regardless of how one wishes to justify this act, it was terrible atrocity and probably didn’t do much to advance the anti-apartheid struggle.

    I do not believe (based on their life actions and philosophy) that neither Gandhi nor King would have consented to such violence. One does not hear of this bombing as it does not fit in with the current image of Mandela as a voice of peace. But we cannot deny the facts – it happened. Even Amnesty International would not endorse Mandela as he refused for a very long time to denounce violence.”


    • i am

      “I do not believe (based on their life actions and philosophy) that … King would have consented to such violence.”

      … but he would have picked up two white hookers and celebrated the results.

  • John Bonham

    This just in, Philadelphia to name new elementary school after hero

    Mumia Abu-Jamal …

  • Pelayo

    I used the “google translate ” from Spanish to French and typed in “mestizo” and got “métis” in French.

  • 1gravity

    When NAM [non Asian minorities] picket No Justice, No Peace, they mean Neither Justice Nor Peace. The multi-cultural aggression, and ongoing racial militancy, are relentless. Say something, of course, and the name calling, beginning with the all purpose cry of racism, begins. It is time to join the cultural war in earnest. I suggest an economic boycott of everything hispanic. Stay away from their stores, their businesses and their restaurants.

  • [Guest]

    Ramirez says, “When you have individuals who have been struggling for so long, dealing with oppression and systematic oppression, then you bring up leaders who have fought against resistance, of course they are going to be role models to you…”

    And when I proclaim that the role models for my people and me are white people who dare to speak up concerning the civil rights of my race, that’s acceptable too, right? After all, to establish a double standard in which only some groups of people are permitted to advocate on their own behalf is not only hypocritical but racist. Right, Mr. Ramirez?

  • i am

    What’s next; Trotsky middle school; Stalin High School; Adma Lanza Elementary School?

  • Annis Isbell

    This is why its important to control STATE governments. That is where I am concentrating my efforts but its not like I have a lot of money or influence. But at least I will try.

    The first law every state needs is a law against jewish monopoly of media.

  • puffdaddy

    That’s nothing! The Nat Turner Day Care center has been in downtown Brooklyn (which has been gentrified for years and years) existing without an ounce of concern about what kind of message this sends to its predominantly black attendees and the progressive white parents of little ones who they wouldn’t be caught dead (’cause they’d have to be) sending them there. Nat Turner Day Care, 460 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217‎. Nat Turner, if you recall,

  • currahee1911

    “He took from the rich and gave to the poor,” Francisco Estrada told KION. “He was your inspiration of Zorro.”

    Estrada sat on the naming committee for the new elementary school and said the convicted murderer was a good man who should be a model to the youth of East Salinas.”
    Whoo, hah, hah, ha! These morons never cease to amaze. Zorro was created by a white guy in the early 2oth century. Zorro’s fictional antagonists were all Spanish/Mexican; not a gringo in sight.

  • Here is a great idea, lets name that school “Hitler” as he is a role model to some and a hero.

    • David Ashton

      He was to Stokely Carmichael, the only honky he admired!

  • hero

    The problem is that genuine black heros are a bit thin on the ground.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    Well, sounds like the Louis Reil problem up here.

    He`s seen as a hero to Metis and the French, a simple murderer to the English.

    He killed a couple of visiting English diplomats in the 1860s or so, but remained as an MP for what passed as Manitoba at the time. His seat remained empty while he hid in the USA.

  • JohnEngelman

    By 1856, [Tiburcio Vasquezhe] was actively rustling horses. A sheriff’s posse caught up with him near Newhall, and he spent the next five years behind bars in San Quentin prison. There he helped organize, and participated in, four bloody prison breaks which left twenty convicts dead.[5]After his release, Vásquez made attempts to be law abiding, but eventually returned to crime. He committed numerous burglaries, cattle thefts, and highway robberies in Sonoma County in 1866. He was captured after a store burglary in Petaluma and sent to prison again for three years.[6]

    In 1870, Vásquez organized a bandit gang which included the notorious Juan Soto, and later, Procopio Bustamante. After numerous bandit raids, he was shot and badly wounded in a gunfight with Santa Cruz police officer Robert Liddell. He managed to escape; his sisters nursed him back to health.[7] In 1873 he gained statewide, and then nationwide, notoriety. Vásquez and his gang stole $2,200 from Snyder’s Store in Tres Pinos, now called Paicines, in San Benito County, killing three innocent bystanders in the process….

    Vásquez returned to the San Joaquin Valley. On November 10, 1873, he and his gang robbed the Jones store at Millerton, in Fresno County. On December 26, 1873, and his band sacked the town of Kingston in Fresno County, robbing all the businesses and making off with $2,500 in cash and jewelry.[10].