Zimbabwe Population Growth Slows, 3 Million Abroad

Yahoo! News, December 19, 2012

Zimbabwe’s official statistics agency says the nation’s population rose to 12.9 million in the past decade but the annual growth rate declined to a low of 1.1 percent. Average growth stood at about 3 percent before political turmoil and an economic meltdown beginning in 1998 drove more than 3 million Zimbabweans abroad as economic fugitives and asylum seekers, according to United Nations and World Bank reports.

The state Zimstats office, releasing first results of a new census, did not acknowledge the absentees Wednesday, saying its tally was based on Zimbabweans living in the country on the night of Aug. 18. It said households have declined to an average of 4.2 members.

The last census in 2002 gave the population as 11.6 million, mainly in households of more than six.

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  • Tim

    “Here`s the story of Rhodesia, a land both fair and great.
    On the Eleventh of November, an Independent State.
    This was much against the wishes of certain Governments,
    Whose leaders tried to break us down and make us all repent….
    But we`re all Rhodesians and we`ll fight thru thick and thin
    Keep this land a free land, Stop the enemy coming in.
    We`ll keep them North of the Zambezi, till that rivers running dry, And this mighty land will prosper, for Rhodesians never die…

    • falsedawn

      As I remember, there was a giant turnout for Ian Smith’s funeral. They understood what they’d lost – just too late. But that’s always the way with africans, isn’t it?

      • IstvanIN

        I once read that an old African once said ‘we saluted Ian Smith because we respect him, we salute Robert Mugabe because we fear him”.

      • disqus_QBy3GtAs7Q

        hahaha well racism has no place in a just world..

        • Liberalsuck

          “Racism has no place in the world.” Um, that word doesn’t work so well with white people anymore, and it sure as hell is not going to work on this site against us. We are a prowhite community; not just white people who aren’t intimidated by being called racists. You’re preaching to the wrong choir, buddy.

          • disqus_QBy3GtAs7Q

            I am white and hope in God we will someday rid our country of narrow minded ignorant half wits who have no respect for the Bible or basic humanity. ProWhite.. What a load of Base talk..

      • disqus_QBy3GtAs7Q

        Which Giant turned up at Ian Smith’s funeral? I take it English is not your first language..

    • disqus_QBy3GtAs7Q

      My word..People who think up such nonsense still exist..

      • Tim

        I`m confused here. If you`re thinking I came up with it, I wish I could say I did. It`s Clem Tholet, and he sold about a zillion records in a land of only a couple million people….

  • And also, the seizure of white farms means there’s less domestic food supply available in the country.

    • disqus_QBy3GtAs7Q

      What a lot of nonsense..Miss -informed clap trap..

    • Laager

      Some time ago on UK TV they interviewed a white Zimbabwean farmer whose staff was being beaten up and he was being harassed off his farm. He produced avocado pears. He exported 70% of his crop to the UK to Marks & Spencer – a major supermarket chain in the UK. Guess what is going to happen to this commodity price in the UK next year?

      The brainlessness of blacks takes some beating.
      Get rid of the white farmer and give his farm to a black crony of Mugabe
      The farm will become unproductive, bankrupt and go back to the bush
      All the jobs on the farm will be lost
      All the tax revenue from that farm and its employees will be lost
      All the foreign exchange from product export will be lost
      There is more than enough vacant land in Zimbabwe for these political farmers to start from scratch like the white man did and build up their own farms.

      Zimbabwe has for the second time applied for a “bridging loan” from South Africa to see it out of difficulties. The first time was for R3 billion. This time it is for R10 billion. I doubt if South Africa will ever get its money back. The tax revenue in South Africa comes from an economy 90% controlled by whites. Blacks in South Africa want to gain control of this economy – through nationalisation if they have to.

      About 25% to 50% of Zimbabwe’s population has entered South Africa as illegal immigrants in search of work. They call themselves political refugees or asylum seekers. They are actually economic migrants. South Africa’s economy can no longer absorb any more of them. Local blacks chase them back to Zimbabwe and if necessary kill them. This is categorised as “Xenophobic Killings” by the police. The overspill of Zimbabweans is now starting to show up in Europe, the UK and the USA.

      This is a great opportunity for white liberals in these countries who created this situation to show their genuine compassion and offer them sanctuary in their homes and possibly even give them their jobs.

  • eduard

    No, not low birthrate, they are all streaming across the border into mandelatopia. Here they work their backsides off for peanuts and they don’t complain.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      How many are dispossessed whites who have had their farms and businesses seized and then migrated to Europe, Australia, America, or any place that would have them? Anything to escape the Bantus. Soon the Afrikaners will follow and then who will feed Africa? There’s a white genocide occurring right now in Mandelatopia.

      • David Brims

        ” Soon the Afrikaners will follow.”

        The ironic thing is Britain or to be more exact the government don’t want white Afrikaners, they want illiterate, witchcraft practicing, sub Saharan bantus.

        No benefit, but they can mark an X on a ballot paper next to the Labour party.

        • disqus_QBy3GtAs7Q

          David my goodness, have to work on your lack of love mate.. what a totally idiotic statement..

          • David Brims

            Car number plate QBY 666

            Gosh, why do you hate white people ? It’s not good karma to be so full of resentment, you do know that, don’t you ?

        • Liberalsuck

          Watch these white countries seeing their white population and rich white population fleeing to Russia or even some nonwhite countries with low taxes. I read that Brits and French rich people are leaving for Russia. Maybe Russia is a safe haven for the white Afrikaners. The whites in Russia are very prowhite and haven’t swallowed the anti-white PC pill that other white countries have.

      • disqus_QBy3GtAs7Q

        Facts please non ignorant ranting..

    • disqus_QBy3GtAs7Q

      What a lot of Racist nonsense..You must be a bigot..

  • 5Sardonicus

    Strangely, the new counter worker at the local Wendy’s in my
    small town said he was from Zimbabwe. I also
    still remember an old BBC documentary story where refugees from Zimbabwe were
    being resettled in Great Britain. All the refugees were black, not a single
    white among them. I think that says something about the idiotic refugee racket in
    both the United States and formerly Great Britain.

    • bigone4u

      Careful about that counter worker. When a friend asked a huge American black female counter worker at Burger King for a packet of lemon juice for his iced tea, she shuffled to the under the counter storage and handed him a nice yellow packet. Back at our table, as he squirted a healthy dose of mustard into his iced tea, I thought to myself, the trouble with blacks is …

    • Liberalsuck

      Boy, that pisses me off! The blacks can’t take care of their own country (like the Mexicans can’t either) come to white countries; but white countries won’t take in the white people living in Africa or Latin American countries first.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    Your “too White” neighborhood is on the Fedgov’s target list for “resettling” these Diverse refugees.

    You may notice how few blacks live near you, but the Fedgov also notices and makes plans to use its unstoppable power to “correct” your White privilege.

    • liberalsuck

      This will stop once the federal government runs out of money to pay their thugs to enforce their will onto whites, or until the majority of white people are so fed up that they take action. One example is the recent secession movement. If those whites who signed those petitions were really that serious, they would have all show up in DC with a formally crafted petition telling the US government, “We are becoming an independent nation and do not want to be under your jurisdiction anymore.”

    • guest

      I live in a rich white liberal town in coastal California. I can only afford a small apartment, but it’s not too bad. There is not one welfare black person in sight. Whites are in the high 90s percentile. I don’t know exactly how they accomplish this, but they do. i could afford a large, fancy house in parts of Nevada or Florida…but the government is filling empty houses in these areas with Section 8 families. If you live near some disgusting liberal, such as Barabara Streisand or Nancy Pelosi, you will not have to worry about section 8 housing or vouchers in your neighborhood. These liberals are vile, revolting, scum of the earth…but you never see them. It’s very quiet here. I highly recommend it, if you can afford it, or you don’t mind apartment living.

  • KenelmDigby

    With an adult HIV infection rate of around 25%, governments should be exceedingly wary of allowing Zimbabweans into their nations.

    • disqus_QBy3GtAs7Q

      What nonsense you speak.. But yet again you are a narrow minded mis-educated individual…

  • There was an estimated 70,000 illegal immigrants from Zimbabwe alone in Britain in 2009.

    That would have been an underestimate, and that was 4 years ago, and obviously doesn’t include the ‘legal’ ones and the ‘refugees’ – especially homosexuals with AIDS – which are said to have been fleeing persecution – of which David Cameron said (to gay campaigning magazine “Attitude” ) that the asylum rules need to be changed to make it so more of these parasites can stay here.

    If Zimbabwe wants the missing demographic back, it would be my pleasure, ney, consider it an early Christmas present, to fly them all back. Really, it is good to give. We whites really cannot hoard all these hard working entrepreneurs and miracle workers all to ourselves, it is surely racist and some kind of extended colonialism.

    They should be given back to Africa and let them work their magic there. They need it more than we do.

    • KenelmDigby

      The irony is that the number of Zimbabweans imposing themselves on Britain, probably exceeds the number of settlers Britain ever sent to Rhodesia.

    • disqus_QBy3GtAs7Q

      Nonsense talk, by an ignorant individual who Britain does much to distance from.

    • In reply to the “nonsense talker” trolling under the name of “QBy3GtAs7Q” , whose comment has been deleted, but essentially called me ignorant and talking nonsense:


      Do not accuse those who are superior to you in this subject matter of being ignorant and talking nonsense. You are the ignorant one who is talking nonsense.

    • Laager

      Sorry to say it BA but your problems with Zimbabweans in the UK are entirely of your own making.

      Ian Smith’s generation was extremely pro British and pro Empire. Many gave their lives for Britain during WWII. Like all other whites in Africa they were at the coal face and knew how Africa operated. Why do you think they declared UDI? They did not want to go down the pan like the rest of Africa.

      Enter your successive left wing liberal governments who wanted to emancipate the poor oppressed blacks from the resident colonial masters.

      Time moved on and iron lady Margaret Thatcher then had to demonstrate who was boss. Not since the US War of Independence had a colony rebelled against the mother country.

      Well the bully boys of the western governments won the day over common sense and good governance.

      Now they have egg all over their faces. Will they ever admit it? Not in your life. They would rather make it easier for an aids riddled black state dependent to enter the country than a hard working white entrepreneurial ex-farmer.

      • I entirely agree with your synopsis of the situation, and I have contempt for the likes of Peter Hain in this country who to my knowledge was proudly part of the left-wing rabble rousing that wrecked our African outpost and got Mugabe in.

        The main point I will disagree on though is that it was not personally of my own making, especially seeing I was only born in 1978.

        If you meant it was the (leftwing) British fault for abandoning and turning against Ian Smith (and that they have blood on their hands as a result of their liberal delusions), then fair enough, but in no way can the average British person be responsible for what happened.

        The same goes for what happened in “our” involvement with Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and so on. It was not done at the request of the majority of the British people, if in fact any of them *but* the staunchest neo-conservatives and those with vested interests.

        It is unfortunate that the “British” people, as an extension of their so-called leaders, have to carry the can for these kinds of actions, where the most of the rest of the world “hate us” as ‘Brits’ for what “we have done” by such interventions and actions, but which, if they knew the truth, they would understand we do not live in a true democracy and have no particular means to stop what they are doing.

        For example, even after “our” country attacked Serbia (who were protecting their own homeland from being taken over and broken off by the immigrant Albanians/Kosovans), the Labour minster David Miliband was gallivanting around the EU states pushing for the recognition of the independence of Kosovo, setting a dangerous precedent.

        Did anybody vote for that? No. Was it in any manifesto? No. Was it put up for debate? No. Was there any cohesive vehicle to stop him doing that and to make it known he wasn’t acting in our name? No. But history will tell us that the “British” did all this, implying that it was with our general consent.

        I wasn’t alive when Ian Smith was doing his stuff, or if I was, I was too young to even know what was going on, but I suspect that it all rolled out in the same kind of way.

        It is the same with immigration in this country. Poll after poll, from the 1940’s onwards, up into the 70% and 80% markers, have wanted immigration restrictions. They foolishly voted for parties which claimed to want to get it under control and reduce it.

        Margaret Thatcher did it with her “swamped” remarks in the late 70’s, for example, and on and on it has gone since, whilst immigration mushroomed. It is not exactly fair to suggest that the British people, or myself, had it coming to us or that it was our fault all this happened.

        The levers are removed from democracy, especially on these kinds of issues, and the general herd-like British electorate effectively elect a 4 to 5 year long dictatorship.

        Nobody, to my recollection, wanted our country to meddle in the “Arab Spring” or the current issues in Libya etc. Yet “we” are doing it anyway and seem to have have no real means to put an end to it.

        Yet I am sure history will show that the British were involved in these things and wreaked havoc by doing so. That will then, at some point, come back to me for being British!

        I’m sure you know what I am saying.

        I agree that the left have egg all over their faces. They will never admit their mistakes. They will never admit to race-realism. They will continue to plug their ridiculous agendas to “try and progress” to “get it right” and “utopian” in the future, like they always do!

  • Matt

    Give blacks control of a country, and before long, conditions will be so bad that the blacks will be streaming into white-majority countries as ‘refugees’. I wonder if blacks ever acknowledge that they are responsible for the conditions that they generate? Gentrification is the opposite, where whites move into black areas and start patching things up. Blacks ruin, blacks move to be with whites, conditions deteriorate, whites leave, blacks moan, and perhaps whites may move back to improve conditions but more likely blacks move to follow the whites. It seems like an endless loop cycle.

    • liberalsuck

      Of course most of them won’t acknowledge that. Why would they admit responsibility when they can blame racism for their problems and get free money and quick citizenship into a nice white country without being expected to act like civilized white people?

      • disqus_QBy3GtAs7Q

        Britain & America are not white countries. We are ashamed of people like you. we are a diverse country.

    • disqus_QBy3GtAs7Q

      Matt, you strike me as racist narrow minded bigot, with no wisdom or insight. You will learn the hard way that you are wrong.

  • bigone4u

    I think I’ll move to Zimbabwe. Somebody told me I could be a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE over there
    !!! It must be a great place, right?

    • disqus_QBy3GtAs7Q

      Well Zimbabwe is a great country. The people, the weather & the terrain land scape..

    • Tim

      I have a billion dollar bill!!! It`s yours even up for a Honda Moped or a used 220 gallon aquarium…

    • Laager

      They are all at least millionaires. But no one can afford to buy a loaf of bread.

  • Steve

    Zimbabwe’s birth rates are among Africa’s lowest because Zimbabweans, like South Africans, are among the continent’s best educated people thanks to the legacy of Ian Smith.

    • disqus_QBy3GtAs7Q

      Nonsence clap trap. Ian Smith was a war criminal who escaped the Hague, through the forgiving nature of those that came into power.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    Zimbabwe, yes, a great source of AIDS rape cases. where visitors or “refugees” target white chicks to rape so they can pass on their AIDS (which, of course, is some sort of white conspiracy to keep them from breeding. Oh, if we had only come up with a way to keep them from breeding, like a bit of salt petre and The Pill in their drinking water or something ….)