Grand Old White Male Party Gets Diversity Memo

Jim Vandehei and Mike Allen, Politico, December 18, 2012

Republicans are in full panic mode about being the party of old, white, straight, conservative men for years to come — and struggling big time with how to change things.

Under pressure from party leaders, most Republicans have chucked the anti-gay marriage, anti-illegal immigrant hostility — at least in public — that defined the party the past three elections. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and other prominent Republicans are privately warning conservatives to put a sock in it when it comes to arguments that turn off large swaths of voters, sources tell us. Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy is doing the same on the House side.

But when it comes to the GOP putting people in positions of power to actually change things, it’s still raining men — the same older, white, straight ones that got the party into this jam in the first place.

The returning Republican National Committee chairman is Reince Priebus, a 40-year-old white man. Former Rep. J.C. Watts, one of only 25 African-Americans in history to serve in the House as a Republican, was floated as an alternative. That is going nowhere. {snip}

Every House chairman elected by peers is a middle-aged or older white man. The only chairwoman, Rep. Candice Miller of Michigan, was appointed to the Administration Committee, the panel responsible for keeping the House in order. It’s like a “Saturday Night Live” parody.

The top three elected House leaders, the only ones with real juice and substantial staff, are white men, too.

Senate Republicans were doing slightly better even before Scott’s appointment. The top Republicans on all but two Senate committees are white men — Lisa Murkowski on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee and Susan Collins on the Special Committee on Aging are the outliers. But Democrats have 16 incoming female senators — four times as many. The elected Republican Senate leadership is all male, all white.

The party saw one of its most prominent African-American voices elevated Monday, with South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s historic decision to appoint Rep. Tim Scott to replace Sen. Jim DeMint, making Scott the first African-American Republican in the Senate in three decades.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, the new chairman of the Republican Governors Association, is the son of Indian immigrants. {snip}


Newt Gingrich, dismissing much of the GOP post-election gestures as lip service, said Republicans have a much deeper problem than they think. “You face the grave danger of an Obama generation of young people who decide that they’re Democrats for the next 40 years,” Gingrich said. “People underestimate how big the gap is between how the country has been evolving and the way our leadership and our consultants and our professionals think about politics. That’s part of why virtually all of them who gave a prediction for Election Day were just plain wrong. And that includes me.”


Republicans know what they ultimately need: a sustained, extremely well-funded effort to recruit, train and ultimately elect women and minorities to federal office. One option: create an outside group, funded by unlimited contributions, to target this growing problem. [Ed] Gillespie and Karl Rove are among those who have pushed the concept of doing more and doing it fast.

Gillespie said that sending a more inviting signal to Hispanics would also help with women: “It’s not just being opposed to illegal immigration — it’s being in favor of legal immigration and leading with that. It’s a more inclusive message.” Remember, though, Gillespie went from doing some of the best research on improving the GOP’s image among Hispanics, with his Resurgent Republic, to being a top adviser to Romney who systematically ignored most of it and made matters worse for the party.

Gingrich said in the next week, he will complete the opening outline of his own prescription for the party’s “minority inclusion problem,” including a new approach to cities. For one of the first times in his life, even Gingrich says he doesn’t have all the answers. “I’ve been at this since August of 1958, and I’m sufficiently sobered that I’ll tell you flatly I don’t know,” he said. {snip}

And Ken Mehlman, George W. Bush’s Republican National Committee chairman, who has since come out as gay, is arguing the party should support gay marriage. He helped start Project Right Side, a nonprofit that uses polling data to argue that Republican voters need to lead the way for Republican politicians on issues of civil rights and sexual orientation. {snip}

Big change would likely come in conjunction with the 2016 presidential campaign, and it seems a virtual certainty the GOP ticket will not feature two white men. {snip}


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  • Speaking of, there’s this stat going around, apparently started by the emaciated barbie doll in Florida, that 20% of black men under 30 voted Romney. Can anyone corroborate that with real evidence?

    1. Even if it’s true, it still means that 80% voted Obama, and 80% to 20% is still a blowout.

    2. I made a few calls and a few e-mails to certain people. I could be made to believe that maybe 10% of BM < 30yo voted Romney, but I can't grok 20%.

    3. More problems with dwelling on that as if it’s some credible foreshadowing of future changes in black voting habits:

    A. White voters under 30 are sparse compared to white voters overall, and the disparity is even worse among blacks

    B. The black gender gap in voting (women more than men) is most severe among black voters. Yeah, you could say that Romney got one in five black men under 30, but that probably means that all of five black men under 30 actually voted, ergo Romney got a vote. Yes I know I’m being facetious, but not that facetious.

    C. If black men under 30 are the least bad black age/gender demographic for Republicans, it has nothing to do with young black men downloading the entire Milton Friedman bibliography to their Kindles. Hint: Name a common profession of young men, especially of young men of IQs under 115, especially a profession that a typical Republican politician tends to favor over the typical Democrat. YouTube video attached if you need an extra hint.

    • AutomaticSlim

      Coulter had to have got that wrong.
      If anything, that demographic would have been the highest for Hussein.

      • ATBOTL

        What’s the source of this claim? I heard it too and it seems unlikely.

        • Turns out the emaciated barbie doll got it from Pew. Even then, I still grokketh not.

    • Puggg

      If black males under 30 was Romney’s “best” black demographic and military is the reason, then that’s just another form of gibsmedat, albeit one that is perfectly constitutional.

    • Government service. Those who are considered disabled veterans or veterans in general get preference over non veterans. Jobs like working in the post office do not require a high degree of intelligence to perform and it also pays well.

  • falsedawn

    The real message: Political survival is the only thing that matters.
    We don’t have to worry about politics anymore. The only thing we have to focus on now is our physical suvival. There are no more questions to be answered. We know the fedgov and minorities will someday try to exterminate us and all we have to do is be ready for that day.

    • If they cared for political survival, they’d stop listening to the sons-of-b****es who’ve been advising them for the last 20 years.

      To hell with the GOP. The country doesn’t need two left-wing parties. They no longer have any serious reason to continue to even exist

      • The__Bobster

        Their highly paid advisors never learn from their mistakes….and don’t want to, as long they keep getting paid.

        • You got it. The GOP is now just a cash cow for consultants who are always overpaid and consistently wrong. I will no longer support a party that now exists primarily to line the pockets of Karl Rove and Dick Morris.

    • Correct you are Brother..White Genocide is the end game for these filthy degenerate Marxist scum…

  • Their only chance of winning was to keep the white, middle-class, largely-church-going and largely-male voter. What they needed to do was broaden their support to reach out to the Reagan democrats. But, they’re going to commit suicide, instead.

    Now that they’ve decided to be the democrat-lite party, they no longer have any reason to even be.

    All we can hope for now is that the GOP dies quickly and that we get its carcass out of the way for a party that still embraces conservatism.

  • This tells me two things, and both of them are bad.
    First, they are still out of touch, and will continue to lose elections for years to come.
    OR, they know exactly what must be done, but they are too weak and afraid to even attempt it.
    For the next several years, ignore the pleas of the white Obama drones who will be getting their reality check over the next several years. Let them flounder in their entry level working class jobs despite having a B.A. in Liberal Studies. Let them watch their C- minority classmates get the jobs that the white liberals had also applied for, but didn’t get.
    Either way, the current class of republicans need to be relieved of their duties.

  • Bernie

    “Republicans have chucked the anti-gay marriage, anti-illegal immigrant
    hostility — at least in public — that defined the party the past three

    Got that? John McCain – who pushed for amnesty – was guilty of “anti-illegal hostility.” Romney – who only campaigned on economic issues and called for increased legal immigration – was too conservative.

    I propose this in all honesty: maybe the GOP should just disband.

    • I wrote my state party chairman telling him why I left the party and that I will not support a GOP that is a copy of the democrat party.
      Here’s a thought: Republicans who genuinely care aboutyour party, find a way to get rid of Mitch McConnell, along with Rove, Bushes, the neocons, the open-border people and the neocons. Maybe then your party will have a future.

      • The__Bobster

        I got a fund-raising call from the RNC the other day. I told them the same thing that you did, and that they wouldn’t get a dime from me until they proved they could do something for their diminishing White base.

        • Libsuck

          What was their response?

      • Integration Anxiety

        I agree that turkey neck McConnell has to go. And so does hypocrite Eric Cantor. The Bushes and Rove were the great erasers of wealth in this country. Wealth that Reagan, Bush the 1st, and Clinton sustained, until NAFTA was signed in. Cheney was nothing but an old codger and bully. W stands for worst as far as I’m concerned. Obama and hypocrite Holder are only exacerbating the agendas of the New World Order. Blacks don’t want to hear this but Obama has not been on their side since his election. Holder is the real hater of Whites, but Obama doesn’t endear himself to us because his silly remarks about Trayvon as looking like a “son if he had one”. Well I know that liberals and neocons don’t have my ideals in mind when they craft these bills that get signed into law. Maybe the Republicans would get my vote if they didn’t want to dismantle blue collar workers, cut funding on public education, cut funding on mental health facilities (which could have prevented the tragedy in Connecticut), allowing the NRA to be the party’s official mouthpiece, when Obama never took gun control seriously. He will have to now. Admittedly both parties have been lax on this issue.

        I own pistols but I sure don’t need assault style weapons like that maniac in Connecticut. Going after five and six year old babies. Sick or not, that bastard has a special place in Hell reserved for him. But I digress. Liberals will never get my vote for obvious race traitorous reasons, but also because of limiting people on where they can and can’t live, who. You can sell your house to, where you can and can’t send your kids to school, the curriculum, so on and so on. Hollywood is entertainment, but I also realize that they have a major slanted view towards Marxism and miscegenation, egalitarianism, lies about colonialism ad nauseum.

        • aAa

          “I own pistols but I sure don’t need assault
          style weapons like that maniac in Connecticut”

          Let me educate you. The term “assault
          weapon” was created to scare the ignorant; seems to work. There is no such
          thing, and if you’re alluding to tactical rifles with high capacity magazines,
          there are sound reasons to own one.

          I believe the FBI, among other agencies, made
          public, the findings from a study regarding the death of agents involved in
          shooting incidents, The main reason most of the agents were killed was due to
          the fact that they ran out of ammunition, The result was a change in policy and
          bigger guns with more capacity.

          So……. just gotta ask, are the FBI maniacs?

          • Le Gaulois

            You have a point, but being a citizen and being an FBI agent are not one and the same unless that is your job.

            Whether you like law enforcement officers or not, they do a job most of us would not have the courage nor the skills to do. There is no justification for any untrained and unprofessional fool to own the same weaponry needed by law enforcement. I’m all for gun rights, but any kind of automatic weapons is crossing the line.

          • Tucker

            Regarding the subject of the highly suspicious and very conveniently timed shooting tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary school – I saw an article yesterday in, I think, the Washington Post or one of the other mainstream news websites – where the Virginia Senator Mark Warner – who is a Democrat – is now announcing that he is open to new, very strict gun control laws and new regulatory measures to be imposed upon law abiding American gun owners.

            According to the same article, this Warner character somehow managed to get a A+ rating from the NRA – which sure surprised me, because I don’t trust ANY politician with a ‘D’ anywhere near their name on the issue of the Second Amendment. However, since Heston retired – the NRA has become infested with enemy moles and has continually sold out their membership in so many ways that its impossible to keep track of them. Giving closeted gun-hating Democrat politicians favorable ratings in order to snooker the voters in their states or districts is not something that would surprise me with the enemy mole infested NRA.

            At any rate, Warner’s quoted statements in this article were classic Marxist garbage – the old technique whereby these Communists will assign ‘collective blame’ and push their Marxist ‘guilt by association’ tactic.

            Warner was basically insinuating that every law abiding gun owner in America, that every supporter of the Second Amendment, that every member of the NRA or GOA or any other pro-gun organization, that every hunter, sports shooting enthusiast, that every man or woman who owns a firearm or who has donated to pro-Second Amendment activist organizations – all of these people are to be deemed collectively guilty for the gun related crimes of an allegedly deranged 20 year old kid at the elementary school in Connecticut. That’s right. That is the classic Marxist, Communist technique of assigning ‘collective guilt’ to a group or category of people who these Communists wish to demonize, and target for persecution and eventual destruction.

            See how the left works, folks? Those elements within our increasingly screwed up society who commit crimes – according to Marxist creeps like Mark Warner, Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Frank Lautenberg, Michael Bloomberg and Sarah Brady, etc. – these are the arbiters who are used to decide what freedoms and liberties the rest of the law-abiding citizens of America are to be allowed to keep. The criminals determine what freedoms the non-criminals are permitted to enjoy.

            Incidentally, I strongly encourage everyone in the AmRen community to pay very close attention to the convenience factor with regards to this horrific tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. There are a number of excellent videos on youtube that show that there were multiple suspects involved and the mainstream media and the cretin in the White House are now trying to air brush these suspects out of the narrative – just as they did in the Aurora, Colorado ‘Batman Movie’ shooting incident.

            Watch this one:

            4th Shooter Discovered, Two Not One in Woods Behind Sandy Hook Elementary


            Also, let me correct Le Gaulois on something. The civilian AR-15 rifle is not ‘fully automatic’. It is a semi-automatic rifle, which means one shot is fired for every single pull of the trigger. Pistols of the sort that were supposedly used in this crime, the Glock and the Sig Saer – are also semi-automatic and not fully automatic. As another poster correctly stated, the anti-gun, gun-hating, gun-demonizing, Communist, totalitarianism craving leftist media routinely and intentionally use misleading, deceptive, and wholly inaccurate terminology whenever they are pushing their evil agenda to disarm the American people – because they are attempting to spread and insert fear, apprehension and paranoia into the language of discourse on the subject of our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Let’s not help them by repeating their misinformation, okay?

            Which brings me to another glaring and highly suspicious question. In the both the Aurora, Colorado and Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting incidents – the two alleged shooters, James Holmes and Adam Lanza were said to have demonstrated the incredibly efficient shooting skills of a highly trained, battle seasoned, military combat veteran. Yet, in neither case, had these individuals been in the military or had any specialized training in the use of the weapons that they were alleged to have used to commit their crimes. In the case of Holmes, the sophistication level of the booby-trap explosives that he alleged had wired up in his apartment – took the FBI experts almost a week to deactivate and disable. Yet, Holmes had no record or history of ever having any training in the area of explosives? In the case of Adam Lanza, a 20 year old kid who was reportedly autistic and on a number of very dangerous psychotropic drugs (SSRIs), where did this kid get his weapons training? Well, the media seems to have learned a lesson or two from the Aurora, Colorado narrative – so, we’re told to believe that Adam Lanza’s mother took her autistic son to the gun range and taught him how to shoot and how to master the operation of all of the weapons he was alleged to have used in the commission of his horrific crimes? Why, it sounds to me like the media was anticipating that this question would be raised and decided to have a ready made response to toss at us. And, isn’t it convenient that Adam’s mother was killed and is therefore not able to be questioned so as to confirm this story?

            Just in case anyone wonders if this post is off-topic, let me assure you it is not. The nightmarish future for White Europeans in North America – as a hated and despised minority, surrounded by violent, predatory, resentful, and parasitic non-whites – is very much linked to the desire on the part of the hostile elites who’ve deliberately worked to displace us as the majority in our native homelands to disarm us and render us defenseless, because to complete their genocide of White European people, we have to be deprived of the means of self-defense.

          • Joseph

            What a *surprise* that Warner, sponsor of the National Defense Authorization Act would find it acceptable to further limit weapons in the hands of the people.

          • Time to prepare for the civil war that’s coming our way like it or not..

          • Joseph

            It is always terrible when the innocent are killed but the sum of kids killed at the school is three weeks of “bidness” as usual in Chicago alone but that cannot be meaningfully addressed because of the glaring racial element. It is 15 minutes of medical infanticide in America but that cannot be addressed because of the glaring financial element. Unless the left concedes the slaughter of innocents on *this* scale, this tragedy amounts to less than a rounding-error in the statistics and insignificant in comparison.

            There is a greater issue at stake here. Government accretes to itself power relentlessly and the fear alone, that the people are capable of mounting effective armed resistance is anathema to those so inclined. For this reason they are willing to strain at a gnat and swallow a camel with regard to homicide. These celebrated aberrations are promoted as the rule, rather than exception to promote more restrictions on liberties. One need only look to England, Australia, Canada etc. to see what is coming. They celebrate this day, crocodile tears notwithstanding. Horrible as it may be, we cannot make knee-jerk laws adverse to fundamental protections of liberty for the sake of a statistically small issue. “Well, isn’t every life priceless?” Well, apparently only when there is political hay to be made while serving the collectivist agenda. Otherwise -no. The government does not issue a personal bodyguard to every individual though this might be argued to prevent deaths by murder and suicide. We DO have limits on what society can bear. Further, this unfortunately, is just a cost of liberty. We send soldiers and sailors to die all of the time for this ethereal concept of “protecting our freedoms” from those who in fact, pose no demonstrable threat.

            The misuse of tools to destructive ends is always a possibility in a free society and one that will have to be tolerated to maintain it. The gummint functionaries suddenly seized by religion and preaching the loudest about this recent incident do not truly care about death of innocent citizens. Indeed, governments are the major perpetrators of these injustices by the hundreds of millions, a self-evident history which need not be examined further here.

            “Who are the militia?” asked Tench Coxe, friend of Madison and prominent
            Federalist, in the Pennsylvania Gazette of Feb. 20, 1788. “Are they not
            ourselves. … Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their
            swords, and every other terrible instrument of the soldier, are the
            birth-right of an American. … The unlimited power of the sword is not
            in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I
            trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.”

          • With that said isn’t it way past time to overthrow the bastards? the ballot box has proved to be ineffective and there in lies the problem, what to do what to do… The only option it seems to me is to use force to free ourselves from the parasites that rule over us.

          • 5n4k33y35

            There are no automatic weapons available to civilians in the USA. Assault rifles are semiautomatic.

          • i am

            Actually they are available in some states, but very expensive. They also require a $200 tax stamp. The US Military doesn’t use full auto battle rifles anymore because they waste ammo. All battle rifles have semi-auto or 3 round burst. The squad automatics are belt fed full autos.

            Here is a sub-machine gun you can buy if you live in a “free” state.

          • Ammo has just gotten too expensive, among other things.

            While we’re on the subject, I think we can stop worry about any major new gun control legislation happening. I think Obama has already conceded that it won’t happen. The clue that he is punting on the issue is that his “gun violence” team announced today will start Biden as the one-guard. Which is as good as forfeiting the game.

            But…it’ll make for some good sound bytes. I actually heard some ignorant talking head lib on TV talk about “fully automatic handguns that fire 30 rounds a second and have 50 round clips.” Cool, blow through your entire clip in 1.67 seconds. I bet Biden not only believes that such things exist, but he also believes that you can do just like it’s done in the movies, silence a firearm to library quiet even when you fire them. To think: That’s one heartbeat away from being the commander in chief of our ARMED Forces, and Obama is already the CinC!

          • Joseph

            Despite language, some people seem to internalize the idea that we have a “Bill of Needs”.

            As in my earlier posting, I am concerned that the GOP is headed there next with regard to the “gun issue”, trying to win over more de-facto liberal Democrats to the party by imposing yet another “common-sense gun law”.

            The fact that 75% of the shootings are committed by “gang-members” -synonymous with black or Hispanic, is irrelevant to these obtuse, fat, capitulators.

          • Kyle

            The FBI and military need assault weapons because that IS their job. Civilians do NOT need it for quote “self defense”. If you are so desperate to own an assault weapon, like in most civilized nations where crime rates/ murder rates are much lower than the United States, I suggest you join the army or police force.

            The biggest problem in America is people’s obsession for guns, and I mean guns of high level military caliber, when in reality, there is NO use for such lethal weapons. I generally disagree with Obama, but on this issue, especially, after the massacre of children in Newtown, I fully support his plan to ban assault weapons for civilians.

            The founding fathers did NOT intend for the insane NRA (National Retard Association) to rule over us. When they meant being armed, it meant a simple rifle or a pistol NOT a sub machine gun! I wonder what next, do we also need to arm ourselves from the “evil federal govt.” using grenade launchers, nuclear missiles and the hydrogen bomb next?

          • IBWHITE

            “The FBI and military need assault weapons because that IS their job.
            Civilians do NOT need it for quote “self defense”. If you are so
            desperate to own an assault weapon, like in most civilized nations where
            crime rates/ murder rates are much lower than the United States, I
            suggest you join the army or police force.”

            Tell that to the Korean’s who used so called “assault weapons” during the LA riots to keep from being burned alive by Negroes in their businesses and homes. The hurricane in Louisiana was another example of the need for an “assault weapon.” I would rather have one and not need it then need one and not have it.

          • Kyle

            Obviously the Koreans vs “Negroes” needed “assault weapons” because they were both able to access these dreadful weapons in the first place. Whether you like it or not, both these groups are American citizens which thanks due to the idiotic 2nd amendment, were freely able to procure these arms, like the psycho & his conservative gun totting mom who slaughtered those poor kids ( Adam & Nancy Lanza).

            I have lived in the UK, Australia, Finland, India, United Arab Emirates, Japan and South Korea and have NEVER EVER had a single nasty incident or crime committed upon me and my white family. Even in the seediest parts of major cities around the world, we felt safe. Why? Because worse came worse, we new that people were disarmed and therefore at least we could have a fair chance of fighting back or taking to our heels, if any trouble arose. All these nations are successful in fighting crime – thanks to strict gun control. To be fair, gun control HAS to start with criminal groups – black/ hispanic gangbangers & other trouble makers followed by others. Also it would be better to ban arms nationally as opposed to just a state ban. If need be in this day and age, there is no need for the 2nd amendment, it has become obsolete in our civilized age. A disarmed nation is a safer nation. Statistics prove it!

          • 5n4k33y35

            Zip it.

          • Joseph

            No. Everyone understood the meaning of the word “arms”. Unlike the murky wordcrafting employed by modern “liberals”, arms has a widely recognized historical meaning which is: weapons which may be carried about by an individual on the person and in common use by the military. Under the historical definition, and in the context this WOULD in fact, include machineguns and other small arms.

            This “atom bomb” argument is really getting old. If you cannot accept the definitions laid out by the founders and the legal precedents built thereon, you really should not hide behind constitutional protections such as offering your misinformed opinion under the protections of same.

          • alex

            Crime rates/murder rates in most civilized countries are much lower than in the United States because they have much lower percentage of blacks.
            Blacks, 12% of the population, commit 51% of all murders.
            The biggest problem in in America is presence of blacks.

          • Libsuck

            Not even the gun rights people want to talk about the fact the majority of gun violence is coming from blacks and browns. They will say, “The KKK and racists disarmed blacks, blah blah blah.”

          • Kyle

            Really? Than explain how come many African nations (obviously full of blacks) have a lower crime rate than the United States?
            America tops the world in the highest number of murder rates – thanks to those damn guns that many conservatives seem to worship just next to the Bible – an unhealthy obsession, I must say!


            In the UK, last year there were only 58 deaths due to murder vs USA which was 8,775 for the year 2011-2012. Difference – NO GUNS IN THE UK! So much for freedom! Roll eyes!

            Also, just last week, around the same time of this tragedy at Newtown, there was a similar incident in China. A crazed lunatic armed with a large knife, went into an elementary school and attacked (with the intention to kill) 22 children + 1 adult teacher. Result: NOT ONE DEATH! The children are all recovering with a good medical prognosis. Difference? NO GUNS IN CHINA! Bottom line: GUNS DO KILL PEOPLE!


          • Yep the GROID is the biggest threat to your safety.

          • ATBOTL

            See Syria for an example of whate citizens armed with mostly just rifles can do to a tyrannical government.

          • Kyle

            And that is why Syria is a complete basket case! Precisely, because every nut job is armed to the teeth. Sorry, but I don’t want to live in a hell hole like Syria, unless you want to see the United States turned like that?
            Judging by the way conservatives for whatever odd reason, seem to be so obsessed with worshiping guns, we might just end up like Syria to fight off the “communist-moslem-socialist-godless-multicultural-liberal-leftist-zionist-Jew run-black powered federal government”! Oh and never mind if we still love to use the wonderful fruits of the federal govt., be it student aid (loans) in college, medicare/ medicaid, social welfare, food stamps, the military protection we Americans enjoy both at home and overseas etc. Sounds right, eh?

        • toldev

          “I own pistols but I sure don’t need assault style weapons like that maniac in Connecticut.”

          I would be careful with that thinking. The future could prove you DEAD wrong.

          The United States has not had a category 5 race riot since the 1967 Detroit riots, but it is bound to happen again. And it is likely to be worse. In the past, whites could count on their almost entirely white police force to keep the riot contained to black areas. However, today’s diverse police departments are not the same and can not be counted on to contain the riot. It is likely that many police offices would turn a blind eye to packs of blacks invading white neighborhoods and a few police offices might even actively participate. With that in mind, do you really want the government to severely limit your choice of what weapons you can defend your family with? Do you think that a 5 shot revolver is going to be sufficient when calls to the police go unanswered?

          • Integration Anxiety

            I understand your sentiments, but it’s just a personal preference. I’ve got a lot more than just a five shot revolver. Some pistols now hold 20 rounds in a clip. A minimum of ten on the models that I have. I plan on teaching my daughter to shoot when she’s old enough and also a shotgun can be very handy against invading hordes. This much I’m sure of. A tactical weapon is handy when you have the benefit of space, but hard to maneuver in close quarters, and harder to hide from the enemy. Just a thought.

          • ATBOTL

            In a real civil conflict, your wooden house will be shot through with hundreds or thousands of rifle rounds, killing everyone inside while you clutch your worthless pistols.

            No one is going to go inside your house to confront you.

          • Integration Anxiety

            No one is going to go inside your house to confront you.

            Your quote may be spot on, but then again I already know why they won’t do it. Because they are cowards. I’ll die shooting eye to eye, unlike my enemies who choose to hide. A coward dies a thousand times, a hero but once.

          • Joseph

            Oh, that could never happen here.

            We seriously need to adopt the Jews’ favorite mantra “Never again.”

        • ATBOTL

          In a real civil conflict, pistols would be almost useless. You will be killed by rifle fire from hundreds of meters away.

          • Integration Anxiety

            Well once again I might be dead but I, unlike those who shoot at me, won’t be a hypocrite. Die with principles or die not knowing what you truly believed in. And in this gun- hating leftist army, what answer would they have for those who scolded them for using a tool of destruction that they revile?

          • ATBOTL

            How are you going to scold anyone after you’re dead and why would it matter anyway?

            You are talking like a parody of a naive, head in the clouds, “principles” obsessed white man.

            Interests, not principles, white man.

        • The dismantling of the mental health system was largely a Democrat
          thing, ordered by leftist judges. Race was an unspoken reason.

          • Integration Anxiety

            The dismantling of the mental health system was largely a Democrat thing, ordered by leftist judges. Race was an unspoken reason.

            This is questionable at best. Many psychiatrists admit that blacks, by percentage, have higher probabilities of being sociopathic, or even born into psychopathy. And you think left- leaning black-loving judges would be against funding mental health for them? Yeah, I don’t think so. Plus, look at the numbers. The mentally unstable who are economically challenged tend to not take their medication, go to follow up appointments, abuse said meds, turn to crime to satisfy their delusions of grandeur, etc… This person I’ve described is a leftist dream. No way would a liberal judge shun someone like that. They’d even make sure this guy had ten votes to a mentally healthy person’s single vote. Because what normal person would vote for a judge who’s a Marxist loon anyways?

            And this is a blog and I’ll spout and parrot all I want. I’m a WN like you, but I may have seen the traitorous right destroy good-paying blue collar jobs, and then blame the poor for wanting unemployment. I am blessed to be employed, as is my wife, but I’ve known a lot of hard-working people who’ve had their jobs eradicated by Republican cheap labor corporate extremist types, and I won’t tolerate it any more. Jaded by the party I once voted for? You bet I am. But I won’t go left either. It’s frustrating yet at the same liberating, not having a horse in the race.

  • AutomaticSlim

    This article is ridiculous.
    If McCain/Palin attracted millions more Whites than R/R, wouldn’t that say that R/R did not do a good enough job playing to the White base?
    Blacks and mestizos, will NEVER vote Republican because they want handouts.
    Plain and simple.
    Perhaps East Asians can be turned, but they are not a very significant percentage. No national election is going to be decided by that demographic.

    The job is to get energize the White base.
    And to do that means to espouse REAL CHANGE.
    – Repeal 64 and 68 (un)civil rights acts.
    – Dismantle the department of civil rights.
    – Repeal 65 immigration act.
    – Repeal discrimination lawsuits, hate crimes laws, and title 9 provisions.
    – End social entitlements like welfare, head start, school lunch. public housing, medicaid,
    section 8.
    – Close foreign military bases unless the foreign country is willing to pay 200% of the cost
    of operations.
    – Put troops on the Mexican border. (To h*ll with “posse comitatus”)
    – Reduce public employee workforce, compensation, benefits, and pensions.
    – And yes, reform Social Security and Medicare to reasonable and affordable levels.

    In other words, be true to the constitution and the traditional American way of life.

    • The__Bobster

      How does putting troops on the Mexican border violate posse comitatus? It’s not like they’d be used against American citizens.

    • KingKenton

      I think that posse comitatus was allowed to go away. I could be wrong but I don’t think it’s a legal entity anymore. But even if it was intact I don’t see putting the troops on the border as a violation of posse comitatus. Other than that, I’m onboard with your agenda.

    • What is wrong with Title 9? This gave women’s athletics the boost it needed. They got equal treatment with the men. Some women’s basketball programs even make money. The University of Tennessee women’s team is one example. This team has won 8 NCAA championships, while the men’s team has never won one title. The best they got was into the sweet sixteen a few years ago. Not all men’s sports make money. You cannot tell me that Men’s water polo or lacrosse make money as football or basketball would.

      • Le Gaulois

        “This team has won 8 NCAA championships, while the men’s team has never won one title”…you’re kidding right ?

        There is no comparison between men and women sports. The fact that the women of that particular university won is because they played other women whose field is of course nowhere as deep as the men’s. The fact that some men’s sports don’t make much money is also irrelevant since most men’s teams still bring in more revenue in college sports. Using obscure sports like water polo as an example is also quite disingenuous, when mainstream sports like baseball and track&field routinely get cut because of Title IX.

        Sorry lady, but Title IX is another AA charade pushing average girls into intermediate leagues at the expense of much more advanced men athletes who see their scholarships and programs being cut to once again federally fund the equality fantasy. There is obviously no shortage of fools who don’t see the forest for the tree…

        • dhs

          True, but the major casualties of Title IX are minor male sports: gymnastics, wrestling, etc. A friend of mine was only able to attend college because he received a weightlifting scholarship. He has had a great career as an orthopedic surgeon. He told me that his college eliminated weightlifting because of Title IX, and replaced by female trash sports such as volleyball.

    • Kyle

      Well, lets do a quick realistic check:

      “The job is to get energize the White base.” – OK!

      And to do that means to espouse REAL CHANGE.
      – “Repeal 64 and 68 (un)civil rights acts”.- Impossible, won’t happen. There needs to be an alternate plan.
      – “Dismantle the department of civil rights.” – See above (SA)
      – “Repeal 65 immigration act.”-SA
      – “Repeal discrimination lawsuits, hate crimes laws, and title 9 provisions”-SA
      – “End social entitlements like welfare, head start, school lunch. public housing, medicaid” – Good! Based on our rising deficits and debts, we can strongly argue to end out all these handouts. I’m sure pressure from China would instill a sense of fear and urgency in the American government to pay back the debt which will ensure an end or at least a significant reduction in social welfare programs.

      – end “section 8.” – Possible.

      -” Close foreign military bases unless the foreign country is willing to pay 200% of the cost of operations.Put troops on the Mexican border. (To h*ll with “posse comitatus”)
      Reduce public employee workforce, compensation, benefits, and pensions.
      And yes, reform Social Security and Medicare to reasonable and affordable levels.”

      VOTE RON PAUL!!!!

      In other words, be true to the constitution and the traditional American way of life.

      Oh, and I forgot…Eliminate birthright citizenship!!! – NOT possible, at least for the next 30-50 years! Needs an alternate plan.

      Please don’t ask me who I am or what I do. But, I know!

    • Joseph

      Ron Paul’s platform was very much like this and didn’t even mention race and he was incinerated by the party and they peed on the ashes.

      I don’t think that’s going anywhere.

      • AutomaticSlim

        Which is why I supported Dr Paul in 08 and 12.
        And will support his son, if he runs, in 2016.

        • Rand has some work to do on the immigration issue. Yes, he broke the “moratorium” taboo, but he feels the need to trade it for amnestying the illegals already here. We don’t need to be playing those games when we’re on the side of the angels and we have the hearts and minds of most white people.

      • Ron Paul was neutralized by the Jew owned media…

    • 5n4k33y35

      You can’t take away birthright citizenship or else it’s not America. Giving birth in the USA is equivalent to scoring a touchdown. Immigration is like a sport, and we cannot change that fundamental rule of the game. But you can make your defensive line stronger to make it harder to for the immigrants to put points on the board.

      • AutomaticSlim

        “You can’t take away birthright citizenship or else it’s not America.”

        Are you being sarcastic here or serious?
        If serious, then why should an 8 month pregnant Hatian, Nigerian, or Mexican be able to amble across the border legally or illegally, plop out a kid, and call it an American? The constitution never allowed for that. Even though I disagree with the amendment, it was meant for the descendants of the slaves, not foreigners. It has been incorrectly interpreted by the SCOTUS and should be ended by the people of the US voting by in congressmen who will enact a law to prevent it.

  • I see today’s youth as similar to the 1960’s hippies. When they are young, they are liberal because they do not have a stake in society yet. When they get to be in their 40’s or older. They will become Republicans because of taxation issues that they did not face as a young person. They are also homeowners who are concerned about their property values and end up living in an all white neighborhood because it is a safer place to raise their kids.

    • The__Bobster

      I know libtards in their 50’s and 60’s, ex-hippies if you will. Somehow your theory never worked on them.

      • liberalsuck

        I think it will take just as long to eradicate collective white guilt and replace it with prowhite actions. It has taken almost 50 years for whites to get this demoralized and weak. It will take a major catastrophe and/or time to get us to where we used to be.

  • Bernie

    “Republicans are in full panic mode about being the party of old, white, straight, conservative men for years to come.”

    Yeah, you know, they do so much for us and make us feel so welcomed …

  • John

    The GOP has lost a lot of White votes over the years as they have progressively gone for Blacks, Browns, gays, illegals, and Muslims.

    I used to give a lot of money and time to the GOP until they began caving in to non-Whites and pushing through anti-White policies and laws.

    From now on, I will give my money and time to the AmRen, CofCC, Aryan Nation, StormFront, the KKK, and any other pro-White group who asks for it, and I do not give a damn if that is perceived as racist or not. The GOP can get their money from Blacks, Mestizos, Muslims, and homosexuals from now on. I will never vote for the lessor of two evils again. It was a mistake to do so in the first place. The lesson has been learned.

    • The__Bobster

      The first three groups give very little to either of the parties. A large amount of the funding comes from the group that shall not be mentioned.

      • The money I used to give to the GOP I now give to the Boy Scouts. Despite the bad behaviour of a few scout masters, the Scouts still officially stand for what is decent.

        • Liberalsuck

          Careful. They are caving in to political correctness, too.

      • alkoholika2010

        It is specifically because people are so GD afraid to openly speak about that particular topic is why we continue to go absolutely nowhere but backwards.

        • It’s called brainwashing, they start with children and proceed to wash their brains with PC bullshit…then advance their Marxist ideology on into college…

      • The Verdict of History

        Sir — much more of that funding from said group is funneled to the OTHER party… half of its contributions, in fact.

    • SoCal LoCal

      Gays, and youth, may be white as any of us. It behooves us not to alienate any but the truly (racially) alien. Instead we ought view them as future allies. In my experience, those who did not live through the cultural warpage known as “the sixties” are more open to reality than the beffudled boomers who cannot get over themselves and get past their history. And many gays see non-whites as threats to their rights and safety. After the defeat of prop 8 here, there was even racial animosity expressed at the non-white voters who gave the yes side its majority.

    • Kyle

      Lets be realistic. Mathematically, it is impossible for a small white racially conscious 3rd party to emerge anywhere even remotely close to the 2 major parties that we have – Democrats & Republicans. Of course, one could argue that even the “Whig” and “Federalist” parties of the past went extinct, however, one must also understand that in those days the population demography was in our favor. Not so in the present, and more so, definitely not in the future! The demography both in the present and the future will NEVER allow us to realistically see the rise of a 3rd party or a “Greek Golden Dawn” like movement. For that to happen, we would need a near 97% racially puritanical state like Greece, which does NOT exist in America today.

      Bottom line: you are better off trying to resurrect the GOP, the only realistic hope for the white gentile race as opposed to funding newer more racially conscious movements which will NEVER make it to the center of power. Good luck!

      • 5n4k33y35

        The point is not necessarily to hold the center of power in America, but to preserve the white people who live here. America will never again be the white stronghold it once was. Russia along with Eastern Europe is the new stronghold of white people. Western Europe would benefit from a total collapse of government.

        • Russia along with Eastern Europe is the new stronghold of white people.

          we might all end up there before this is finished…Wouldn’t be so bad..Russia or Eastern Europe aren’t going to flood their countries with 3rd world muds…

      • libsuck

        The honest to god truth is that our movement or freedom is going to come from millions of angry, determined pissed off white people; not a political party.

    • Dreadman69

      What about all of the ethnic groups?Can they get their money from them as well?

    • Liberalsuck

      Me either. The only ‘third parties’ all vote for are the Libertarian Party o A3P. I only give my money to Amren and the political cesspool also. I won’t even listen to black conservatives or support them either. Many blacks have shown their true colors as Obama has been in office.

      • Dave4088

        Almost all of the so called black conservatives voiced moral support for Obama in 2008 and in many cases even voted for him. Condoleeza Rice admitted to it, but that kosher conservative gasbag named Rush Limpblow hailed her as a great conservative a few weeks ago.

    • Cannot Tell

      The last three groups you mentioned are nowhere near as educated and reputable as AmRen and the CofCC, but anyway, I salute you!

  • storibund

    White female here. I’ve been a republican for decades, worked hard for them, kept staying in there as the “lesser of two evils” joke was pulled on us time and again… and now, I’m done. I’ve finally had to admit what traitorous, lying, two-faced, spineless scum they are.

    They’re dead to me now, in other words 😉

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    As usual, staffed with a bunch of hustlers, neoconmen, and butt-munches, the GOP is taking the exact wrong lesson from the election. Lesson 1 – Mittens Romney, partially because his business record included shutting down some businesses, but mostly because of the Bushes, could not get enough white people to show up to the polls to vote, especially the white working class and middle class voters in the battleground states. The GOP has a white unity problem, not a minority problem. Lesson 2 – Younger white voters actually broke toward Mittens, it’s just that because we have let too many minorities into this country, the overall youth vote broke toward BO. It is more likely those young white voters can be convinced to become Republicans for the next 40 years if the GOP will just reach out to them. How about calling for the complete dismantling of affirmative action, one of the causes of white and white male unemployment? It just shows how easily the GOP can be stampeded.
    In the spirit of reaching out, however, and because I think white women voters are bat-bleep crazy to vote for BO because being able to kill their kids is so important, I would be willing to pledge not to overturn abortion laws, except for parental notification, with the proviso that I get to call abortion what it is, which is slaughtering kids in the womb. How’s that for reaching out?

  • It’s not about some party, it’s about national identity. And both these parties are guilty of high treason. Importing masses of illegals, leading warfare against ethno-racial substratum of the US (European Whites)…all this can lead only to total collapse. But hey, they think only about their purses … So did rich Whites in Rhodesia & South Africa.

    • 5n4k33y35

      What you say is true, and yet the whites in Rhodesia and South Africa had no chance of standing up against the consensus of white society globally, who had settled on gentile white male guiltism as their religion for several decades.

    • The sooner the collapse the better…

  • ricpic

    The Republicans wouldn’t even have to declare themselves pro-white to capture a much higher percentage of the white vote. All they would have to do is unapologetically be the party of smaller government. In other words they would have to not only talk the conservative talk but walk the conservative walk. But we all know they won’t do that for the simple reason that Republicans are an integral part of big and ever bigger government and are quite comfortable being socialists-lite, as long as they can keep their seats at the table. The Republicans must die, go the way of the Whigs and be replaced by a genuine unapologetic conservative party fighting the socialists/marxists/statists every inch of the way if whites are to have any future whatsoever in this country. And if that fails secession or outright revolt is our only hope.

  • I know there’s a strong racial component to Republican elections, but the Republicans are shooting themselves in the foot by being pro-business and not pro-worker.

    Workers know they aren’t sharing in the fruits of businesses and yet Republicans only focus on helping businesses. There are more workers than businesses and Democrats are seizing on their frustration and anger.

    Republicans need to learn how to reach out to workers too or they’re doomed.

    • The__Bobster

      It’s easy to do. Just pledge to bring back manufacturing to America and stop ALL immigration. It would do wonders for the wage base and tax revenue, too.

      • GOP are pussies and don’t have the balls to do that…

    • KingKenton

      Ding-ding-ding, a winner! Yes, the GOP has got to pull its head out and quit being the party of Predatory Capitalism and transnational corporations.

  • bluffcreek1967

    At every step throughout the years, the GOP has made one blunder after another. I’m now looking for a new conservative party to align with me. I’m not sure where I’ll end up, but this I do know: I’m done with the Republican Party!

  • potato78

    America history is so so so short. White Americans just can not forget about Europe. Why do you come america? You don’t have to call yourselves white european, you are not white european anymore, you are just white americans. White Americans have america culture, which is different from Europe. Forget about where you come from.

    • Phuck you potato head..I am European American of Irish German descent…

  • potato78

    GOP is average americans nightmare. they are a bunch of billionares and millionares.

    1. They spent taxpayer’s money like having no tomorrow.
    2. They never are trying to save any penny for the country.
    3. Once they overspent, then for voting purpose, they are becoming “very futurist” = want to save money and cutting spending.
    4. However, what they really like to do is cutting social security benefit (average americans > age 65 extended to 70), medicaid (poor people), and medicare (age > 65).
    5. They forgot if keeping to ask people over age 65 to work, which means just like ask people to work over time. old people are fighting with young people to find jobs.
    6. Can they just have old people > 65 to honorably to have a good retirement so that a lot of young people to easily have jobs to support their young families.
    7. Too much to say about GOP.

  • KingKenton

    Here is the link to the GOP ‘Contact Us’ page. Send them an email which states that unless they openly and explicitly become the party of European-American interests then you will not be supporting or voting for GOP candidates anymore. Remind them that non European-Americans already have a party and it is called the Democrat party and that the GOP cannot out Democrat the Democrats. Tell them you are sick of being taken for granted while the GOP votes your interests and future away. Wake-up GOP or be consigned to the the dust-bin of history.

  • bigone4u

    The Repugs are as willing run this country into the ground as the DemoclRATS. A pox on both their houses.

    • Joseph

      They ARE a pox.

  • Luca

    GOP needs to stand fast on the budget issue. When the well runs dry, watch how fast these little libbies will work for a drink of water. All of a sudden jobs start looking like a viable alternative when there are fewer handouts.

  • IKantunderstand

    OK. I guess I’m stupid. How exactly does the Republican Party think they are going to win any elections at all? They sound exactly like the Democrats , but with less goodies. Uh, hello, people of color and you wonderful rainbow people, and all you illegal aliens out there, we love you! We support you! All we are saying is: Give capitalism a chance! Remove entitlements! Remove affirmative action! We are absolutely no different than the Democrats, other than we expect you to provide for yourself. Yay, Republicans! You are so gonna win elections in the future. We need a third party. A strong third party that has nothing else in its agenda but the rights of White Americans. Period. If it isn’t good for Whites, the hell with it. Let’s start with immigration: COMPLETELY BAD FOR WHITE AMERICA!!!Thus, the new party makes one of its main platforms:NO MORE IMMIGRATION!! (A caveat to this: all Whites from South Africa and Zimbabwe are admitted). Period.NO MORE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: puhlease, this country is so dysfunctional at this point, how much longer do you think we can exist? If you can’t qualify for a job? The hell with you, you are obviously inferior.Based on law, what we can do about Muslims is not allow any more Mosques to be built in this country.Look., the ACLU manages to stop or impede Christianity in its tracks every time it can. It’s time we stop Islam in its tracks every chance we get. We are now the Freedom Fighters! We are fighting for our very existence! Whites are an oppressed minority, not only in the U.S. ,but around the world, because our so called leaders have decided that Whites are the problem and miscegenation is the answer. If you care about your children, your grandchildren, fight back! Homeschool your children, ban T.V., boycott Hollywood movies.If we are not able to pick up arms and defeat the enemy outright, then at least, we should withdraw from this corrupt anti White society. Our corrupt government is actually counting, indeed banking on W.A.S.P. ingenuity to bail them out. Indeed, Blacks feel that Whites are so smart, that Blacks can continue to plunder and Whites will continue to provide. We Whites need out of here. We either fight for our birthright, our culture, our race, or perish. Those are our choices: FIGHT OR DIE!

    • We’ll have to fight, nothing less will get it done for our folk.

  • Skipper

    It is probable the GOP will suffer major fissures in its policies and membership in the next few years leaving it weaker (if that is possible) than it is today. Early in 2013 the “fiscal cliff” negotiations will be dominated by, and mostly won by the Democrats. This will result in serious credibility issues concerning the GOP’s leadership. Later in 2013 the leadership of the Republican Party will attempt to completely sell out its white base by backing a comprehensive immigration reform bill. The consequence for this suicidal legislative action will be nothing less than a civil war within the Republican Party ranks.

    After that conflict the GOP will be in shambles having lost a substantial part of its white base for the empty promise of some immigrant voters. What remains of the GOP will grovel for “minority” voters but precious few will join. This will leave the Democrats as the dominant political party for decades to come as they will open the borders even further thus allowing more of their “voters for life” to enter the United States.

    • Joseph

      This is all horribly prescient. I just hate being fatalistic but I too keep having this dreadful sense that we are past the point of no return.

  • Hal K

    The problem with the Republican Party is that it keeps white identity politics suppressed. White advocates should be campaigning against Republican politicians who don’t talk about white interests identified as such. They should run ads pointing out the anti-white political correctness of these Republican politicians. It is better to oppose Republicans than Democrats, since the sooner the Republican Party collapses the sooner it can be replaced with something pro-white. Even if most mainstream conservatives wouldn’t go for a pro-white party right away, a political power vacuum would only help the pro-white cause.

  • Joseph

    The latest “memo” that the GOP gets, I predict, is that guns should be highly restricted. They are very astute at misinterpreting so many things.

  • The Liberal Democratic party is becoming the racist non-white party. They lost Millions of white voters, this election. They lose white voters, but get the majority of non-white votes. The more the racist non-white Liberal party attacks white men in the GOP, they offend every one of their white Liberal voters. Democratic voters, have family members and friends who vote GOP.

    Wake up. The racist hate, that the Liberal non-white party throws at the GOP for being, too white, can be said in reverse about them.

  • Annis Isbell

    What about both major parties are nothing but one big party do you not understand?

    If republicans had won the White House would we have brought our troops home from the middle east and told jews and israel to shove it? Would we have begun to defend our borders and sent illegals back to where they came from?

    get real.

  • Sloppo

    The Republican Party and the Democratic Party are owned by the same people. Those owners happen to be the folks who can create trillions of dollars out of nothing without being criminally charged for counterfeiting. When you have that kind of ability, political parties are very affordable.

    • Jew banksters own both criminal parties… repubes and domocruds

  • potato78

    Also- When you say “white girls,” you realize that a (white) sorority
    girl from Manhattan is worlds apart from say a (white) European gal from
    Sweden? Hell, a (white) sorority girl from Manhattan can be a total
    polar opposite from a (white) surfer girl from Malibu. And then even
    within a single state in the US there’s also Irish-Catholic white,
    Italian white, Pennsylvania Dutch white, or Hybrid Whites preferable to be called “white”…etc. If a person comes from a different cultural background they
    will have grown up and been raised with different values. It’s tough to
    figure out from what stand point you want your answers when the
    question is so vague.
    As said, America is the whole another different dynamic country from the rest of the world.

    • Joseph

      And more “diversity” is not the solution.

  • Hugo

    In a pluralistic society, who whould you rather have as the foundation of your party, white men or single black women? The Democrats are stuck with the poorest, least intelligent, most violent half of the bell curve. Once things realign, blacks will be back where they are destined to be, on the bottom.

    • Kyle

      Really, would you dare to call high IQ Jews, Asian Indians and Asian orientals and all those academic white liberal professors in Science, medicine, research…innovators & Business pioneers like the late Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or for that matter leftist all time greatest human thinker – Albert Einstein ( a member of the American Communist Party ) or for that matters the highly intelligent & articulate journalists & writers like Christopher Hitchens, Dr. Richard Dawkins are “least intelligent” ? C’mon I’m sure they can turn back and point out the low IQ white hicks from the country as forming the majority of the GOP’s conservative base. We seriously need better arguments that what you have posted!

  • Dave4088

    The stupid party only lost the popular vote by 1%, but is inexplicably in full on identity crisis mode. Therefore, it’s time to euthanize the Republican party. In fact, just drop the pretense and merge with the Democratic party so we can make the Republicrat title official.

  • From now on, I will give my money and time to the AmRen, CofCC, Aryan Nation, StormFront, the KKK, and any other pro-White group who asks for it..I concur..the GOP is done doesn’t represent Whites in any way shape or form.

  • Ben Arnold

    The GOP are totally ashamed of those that elect them. Why?