Radio Host on Tim Scott: ‘Black Only in Skin Color’

Warner Todd Huston, Breitbart, December 17, 2012

Tim Scott has been appointed to fill the South Carolina Senate seat being vacated by the retiring Jim DeMint and immediately the racebaiters jumped in with both feet to attack him. One of the early hatemongers was Amos Brown, a host on a religious radio station in Indianapolis, Indiana. Brown used his Twitter account to claim that African American Tim Scott isn’t really a black man.

Tim Scott is, of course, a Republican just like Governor Haley who will appoint him to the vacant seat. All one need be is a black man in the GOP and the hatemongers come out in force with their racist name calling and radio host Amos Brown rose early to the rote attack.

On his Twitter account (@Amoswtlcindy), Brown wrote, “Gee, courtesy of S Carolina GOP, the nation gets Tim Scott an ultra-rightwing, Tea Party devotee US Senator who’s Black only in skin color.”

Mr. Amos Brown calls himself a man of God and works for AM 1310, “The Light,” a religious station that caters to the African American community in Indianapolis, Indiana.


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  • falsedawn

    Scott may be the best guy in the world, but it doesn’t matter anymore. The die is caste and we’ve crossed the rubicon now. There’s no going back on this race issue. The way is blocked to us anyway. Just stay focused on our loved ones and friends survival now.

  • This hit a nerve with me. A raw one.

    Tim Scott hasn’t even finished his first term in Congress yet, much less started the second one he just won. Yet, he’s going to the U.S. Senate. Just going. And that’s all she wrote.

    But a six-time elected Congressman in the person of William Todd Akin? No U.S. Senate for him! Which means no Senate staffer position for me.

    It’s obvious: The latter happened partially because of a silly statement and partially because of internal treachery, and the former happened because he’s black. I said as much within 140 characters on Twitter, and that must have hit a raw nerve among race denying tea party types, because they’ve directed a quasi-jihadist wave of hate at me personally. Get the message, people: We can’t be against affirmative action and then turn around and practice it/endorse it at the same time.

    It gets worse. Get a load of this:

    Some of us who post here regularly have developed a theory that neo-cons swooped down from on high and co-opted the tea party movement (TPM). I don’t think that’s the right mental image to have at all: I think the better explanation is that the TPM came to the game flawed. Nobody needed to co-opt it. Remember, the TPM is basically warmed-over Reaganism with a somewhat more crisp and open and loud libertarian edge. But that also means it carries the same internal baggage of race denial and race pandering that Reagan-style race deniers did. (Guess: Who elevated Colin Powell? Signed an immigration amnesty? Signed MLK Holiday? Kinda signed South Africa’s death warrant?)

    Back to the subject matter at hand, I can tell you this much, from someone who was inside Todd Akin’s event horizon for a number of months: From what I have seen with my own eyes, and from what I can credibly glean of Mr. Scott, Akin is significantly more substantial and (notwithstanding one silly statement) has a way more mature and developed worldview than the AA lug in question, and in an intellectual debate, can run circles around him.

    Even not counting race, I think South Carolina has taken a step backwards in going from Jim DeMint to Tim Scott. DeMint was, like Akin, a mild skeptic of foreign policy adventurism, albeit neither one was Justin Raimondo, much less Ron Paul, and not quite even Rand Paul. But Tim Scott is far more likely to listen to invade-the-world pied pipers than DeMint. As far as immigration, Todd’s and DeMint’s records were great, and until now in Congress, Scott’s was okay, too. But now that an Indian-”American” Governor just elevated him to the Senate, watch Scott get weaker on immigration over time.

    The WaPo noted that the 17-year old version of Tim Scott once wrote down a goal to have a positive influence on a billion people. Oh, to be 17 and conceited again…

    Gov. Nimrata Randhawa only appointed Scott because of what happened in Connecticut on Friday. Don’t. Doubt. Me.

    • Puggg

      Scott is an overglorified teleprompter reader. VDare seems to think that he’s too BAPF by invade the world invite the world neo-con-ish think tanks. So, yes, SC did take a step backward going from DeMint to Scott. And DeMint ran off to run the Heritage Foundation, which loves H-1B visas.

      But I don’t think the white race pander pimps like Dana Loesch which I know we both “love” so much will have the same kind of love for Scott as they did for Allen West, because Scott isn’t as good as West as a pure orator.

      • The__Bobster

        Senator Tim Scott – “Magic Negro” Mania Gives SC Two RINO Senators?

        By Patrick Cleburne on December 17, 2012 at 8:38pm

        Tim Scott : Savior of the American Nation?

        The Anti-White fashion sweeps on: South Carolina governor names Rep. Scott to succeed DeMint in Senate December 17, 2012

        In the first instance, of course, naming this profoundly under qualified one-term Black Congressman to be Senator is an exploitation of yearning for the “Magical Negro” phenomenon – the product of the endless Hollywood/MSM evocation of brilliant Black Heroes/Geniuses/Mentors who simply do not exist in real life.

        The GOP Establishment – and some of the electorate – appears very susceptible to this ridiculous infatuation – as seen the Michael Steele fiasco, the Colin Powell humiliation and the Herman Cain crush. Also, in of course, the protracted campaign to exclude white men from the RNC Chairmanship – until needed to cover up.

        Scott of course is ludicrously unqualified to match the Columbia/ Harvard Law Obama –

        Scott attended Presbyterian College from 1983 to 1984, and graduated from
        Charleston Southern University in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science in Political

        This is the Stupid Party in action.

        Unfortunately Negromania not actually the real explanation. Governor Nikki Hailey is a non-white Neocon Protégé. So was Tim Scott: according to
        Wikipedia (until they change it)

        Scott was endorsed by the anti-tax National Club for Growth and Republican
        House Whip Eric Cantor

        • Puggg

          The only part of that with which I disagree is that Tim Scott and Obama are about on par with each other on a lethargic intellectual level, in spite of Obama having more and fancier sheepskins.

    • Xerxes22

      The Republican party leaders are no doubt planning on running Tim Scott for the nomination in 2016. They are grooming him to be the Republican Obama. Once Scott gets the nomination, the majority of non-Whites will flock to him and the Republican party will win the White House in a landslide. That is the fantasy.

      • The Democrat side seems to be jonesing for Cory Booker as early as 2016:

        • Xerxes22

          It’s possible, first he has to run against Sen. Lautenberg who will be 89 next month. Lautenberg woun’t step down so it’s going to be a bitter primary battle. like the one against Lieberman in Conn..and Spector in Pa. There is also the problem of Booker’s alledged alternative lifestyle.This could be a major problem with the voters..

          • If Booker is thinking ’16, he’ll have to approach it from Trenton, which means ramming through Krispy Christie in 10 months. The Krispy One still might have enough Sandy good will wind to his back by November to head off a Booker challenge. As much as I think the Stay Pufter is a left winger, and his own re-election would set up his own ’16 Prez bid, I’d have to vote for him just to block the Next Great Mulatto Hopeychanger’s Presidential track.

            Obama’s rumored alternate lifestyle wasn’t a problem!

      • shatwood

        Good Lord. Seriously?

        MARCO RUBIO is the man who will most likely be the nominee in 2016.

        Tim Scott?! You don’t run a Republican black man and get “non-white” votes. Black voters go Democrat 95% of the time whether or not the Presidential candidate is black. Scott isn’t going to get any black votes.

        Wouldn’t get that much of the Hispanic vote either.

        Rubio will get white – Republican votes, and a larger share of the growing Hispanic vote.

        And he’s a good lookin’ cat who can get those single women voters who seemed to be wooed by who’s giving them free birth control, or who is the best looking candidate.

        Rubio is the man in ’16. Tim Scott will be nowhere on the radar.

    • Bernie

      SC now has one black Senator, one gay Senator and an Indian Governor.

      Calhoun would be so proud …

      • Bob

        What the hell are you talking about?
        Who’s the gay senator?

  • He’s just angry because the Republicans beat the Democrats to install the first black southern senator.

    If a Democrat had done this, blacks and their enablers would be sure this was headline news in a 24 hr news cycle.

  • The last time I checked, Tim Scott was a dark skinned black man. Conservatism, knows no color.

    • The__Bobster

      Dark colors don’t know Conservatism, but Conservatism Inc. loves dark colors.

  • David Ashton

    Coconuts anyone?

  • Seek

    It’s a familiar scene: Tea Party types race to the barricades to denounce “racism” so long as it’s liberals who are guilty of it. Tim Scott may wind up a decent senator, but it’s hard to avoid concluding that as a freshman House member, he won the job mainly on the basis of race. He’s a classic “trophy” black, someone about whom fearful white conservatives can say, “See, we’re really good people. We’re not racist. Honest.”
    I agree with Question Diversity. The wild enthusiasm for blacks among the TPM types is not the result of any sort of neoconservative takeover. It’s been a work in progress over several decades.

    • Think of the timing of the genesis of the TPM: Rick Santelli rants on CNBC not even a month after Obama is inaugurated, and this sets off a bunch of tea dumping protests, then one thing leads to another. This means that the TPM started from frustrations brewing for a long time, not just Obama’s by then very short time in office. Those frustrations were Bush 43 treachery against Reaganism, mainly because after the blue wave of 2006, Bush 43 became a de facto Democrat. However, both Bush 43 (both pre and post Pelosi) and Reaganites are fundamentally race deniers and egalitarians at heart.

  • bigone4u

    Let’s all gather round the campfire and sing Kumbaya.

  • Major

    It’s only a matter of time before the Black Gestapo or the Klan in tan…gets hold of him…and ruins the guy. We know why he was picked.

  • IKantunderstand

    I am sick to death of “colored” Republicans. Bobby Jindal is not White. Nikki Haley is not White. Don’t tell me somebody is “Black in skin color only”. That boat has SAILED!!!!! The whole MLK crap about judging by character blah, blah. has turned out to be nothing but crap. Because, no mater how much lee way is allowed Blacks, their character is sadly lacking. So much so, that Whites want nothing to do with them. Did MLK actually know anything about his fellow Blacks when he gave that speech? I don’t know, but I have my suspicions. The bottom line is this: You are the race you are. You have the character you have , based on the race you are. And despite MLK’s speech, he knew it too. The lady doth protest too much.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    ‘Black Only in Skin Color?’ I thought that’s all race was…skin color! I’m very confused with all the contradictions! The leftists just can’t get their story straight!

  • You Are Now Enriched

    Non white minority Guv’nah of South Carolina appoints non white minority to Senate.


    Diversity vs Whites: Diversity is winning.

    The White community is ruled by aliens, perverts, and parasites. We must like it.

  • rebelcelt

    Idiot Republicans, this will buy them no votes. It will garner them no pc points. Inept, stupid. Hey republicans have you figured out why a lot of conservatives stayed home from the polls yet?

  • charles river

    Everyone knows this was only done to kill 2 birds with 1 stone in allowing Sen Lindsey Graham to be accepted as the gay homosexual unmarried he has been for 60 years and to stop SC from leading the charge to secede again from the socialist liberal states in 2012. Obama would never pull another Lincoln and invade the south and would be helpless to stop it.

  • Liberalsuck

    God, when are conservatives–and especially the conservative establishment–going to stop this love of blacks and Latinos? It’s very annoying how the continue to insult and ignore their loyal base of supporters to pander to people who overwhelmingly vote against them.