Hungary Bars Foreigners from Buying Farmland

France 24, December 22, 2012

Hungary has amended its constitution to bar foreigners from buying farmland, a move the government called “historic,” but one that could cause friction with the European Union.

Foreigners are already blocked from buying farmland under a temporary measure that formed part of Hungary’s EU accession agreement in 2003.

But that measure, aimed at helping Hungary avoid seeing its land prices soar to catch up with other EU states including neighbouring Austria, was originally set to expire in 2011, though was extended until the end of April 2014.

Hungarian lawmakers on December 17 voted by a large majority to amend the constitution to bar foreigners from buying Hungarian farmland.

“The constitution will guard Hungarian land as a national treasure, our common inheritance and basis for our living, and protect it from domestic and foreign speculators,” a statement from the rural development ministry said.

The vote was a “historic decision” and the “beginning of a new era for agriculture,” it continued.

The government says farmland needs to be protected from speculators and bankers looking to score bargains at the expense of farmers.

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  • Jackryanvb

    Boer farmers and German American farmers from Wisconsin should be exempt from this, otherwise, it’s good. California style agribusinesses using large numbers of NW minimum wage workers, these need to avoided at all cost.

  • anarchyst

    We should have the same policy here in te USA …

    • mendells-selection

      what we have instead is a tax policy that takes the land from the families and redistributes it to the governments favored minoities. The inheritance tax is nothing but a measure to rob White Americans of their country, to totally disposes them

  • It’s a good policy, but there needs to be clarification that only native Hungarians can be “citizens”.

  • EndTimesComing

    The most sensible national policy I have heard YET. Good for Hungary.

  • DK

    A lot of countries in the world allow buying land/property by foreigners, not a bright idea. A few that I know of – US, Italy, Spain, India . Of course a lot more countries belong in this list. I remember reading a while ago that Russian mafia and English retirees & some hippy types started purchasing prime land in beach areas in India and it was a big mess eventually. And I recently watched an episode of house-hunters where they show how to buy properties in Spain/Italy. Not sure about specific clauses in all these cases.

    • Liberalsuck

      It’s mostly white countries who allow their power and resources to go to nonwhites and foreigners. In Mexico, only citizens can protest or own property or protest the government, yet these same parasites are allowed to buy property in the US, allowed to protest in the US and allowed to take our jobs.

  • Fredrik_H

    “…but one that could cause friction with the European Union.”

    Funny how the same people who would concern themselves with chinese or saudi landgrabbing in Africa and think “someone” ought to do something about foreigners coming into Africa and buying farmland will pull out their favourite n-word when whites take measures to protect what is theirs.

    • Liberalsuck

      Europe needs to divorce itself from the EU.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    This is wonderful, good job Hungary! It’s nice to see white countries talking measures to protect themselves from Diversity.

  • NYB

    The Chinese are sending their people abroad to become ‘citizens’ of foreign countries.

    These immigrants, acting as loyal agents for their motherland, attempt to acquire anything of value which could help the Chinese nation at home or abroad.

    There have been many Chinese straw purchasers buying farmland in Canada. With relaxed trade rules, they could direct everything the land produces to China.

    • Rasmus

      F*** internatonal trade. It’s bulls**t and is of little benefit for the citizens of the individual countries. Only nationalism and ethnic pride will save Canada, the US and the Western world.

  • Greg Thomas

    Good for Hungary. This means they will not have black and mexican “farmers” being awarded millions of tax payer dollars under the guise of “discrimination.”

  • Joseph

    The Hungary legislature knows what time it is.

  • PesachPatriot

    This seems like a pretty sensible idea from hungary. America definitely needs something like this as well, but its probably too late here. The small family farmer has gone the way of the horse and buggy and the newspaper. Its mostly giant corporate megafarms masquerading as small farmers for tax breaks and subsidies. I am often fond of telling people that america’s true wealth is not pictures of dead presidents on green paper in peoples wallets, nor is it digital ones and zeros floating through the financial system….its not even shiny bricks of gold plated tungsten sitting in Ft. Knox or under the FRB in Manhattan….its the most productive agricultural land on earth that every other nation covets in order to feed their hungry masses.

    When I was young boy in rural NY state there was a farmer down the road from me who would pile up a metric ton of corn on a flatbed truck in front of his farm near the road. There was a bucket with roughly a hundred dollars in various bills and coins attached. There was a sign which read “Corn: $2.00 a half dozen, $3.00 a dozen…take change and be honest” It would be impossible to do that anywhere in the US today….within the hour someone would steal the corn, flatbed, money and bucket. I am sorry that my child will not grow up in the good decent america that I managed to catch the tail end of.

    • anarchyst

      There are still places of the type that you describe in America where honesty is paramount . . . I live in one of them . . . I won’t say where, but they do exist.
      Best regards

      • Rasmus

        You’re smart not to. If you let people know you live in a good place, soon it will be swamped with lefties and they’ll create in your town the same kind of s***hole they created in their former towns and which they are now running away from.

  • PesachPatriot

    Thank you for the regards anarchyst….It makes me glad to know that the good old america exists somewhere, even if it is not where I currently reside. Maybe someday a farmer will be able to do the same thing in my hometown again.

  • shattered

    It’s about time. Hopefully the practice will spread. Illegal aliens should not be allowed to own land.

  • Rasmus

    Good for Hungary! It is time for people to protect their own interests and the country’s citizens to demand their leaders protect their interests.