Queen’s Chaplain Says Church Of England Has Racism Problem

The West Australian, December 22, 2012

Queen Elizabeth II’s chaplain Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin, tipped to become one of Britain’s first women bishops, said Saturday that the Church of England is struggling with “institutional racism”.

Jamaican-born Hudson-Wilkin, a chaplain to the monarch and also to parliament’s lower House of Commons, told The Times newspaper that she had been a victim of racism in her ministry.

The church’s second-highest cleric, John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, is of Ugandan origin.

But Hudson-Wilkin asked why there were not more people of minority ethnic backgrounds in leadership roles within England’s state church.

“There’s still an element of racism running through people’s veins,” the 51-year-old said of Britain.

“I’ve had people who did not want me to do a funeral. I can smile because it’s their sheer ignorance, I feel sorry for them. I know that it’s not about me, it’s about them.”


Only 15 of the 467 members of the General Synod, the Church’s governing body, are from black or South Asian backgrounds.


“We have been encouraging people to stand and people have been putting themselves forward and have not been elected. I think there is a level of racism around that.”

Hudson-Wilkin, also a vicar in Hackney, east London, put herself forward for the Synod a few years ago but was not elected.

“It did not occur to them to ensure that one of the priests elected should be from an ethnic minority—even the ones who stand up Sunday after Sunday in front of a predominantly black congregation,” she said.

“I’m not one of these people who lifts up a stone to look for racism.

“But that shook me because I thought, ‘My God, it’s as if we don’t exist’.

“That told me very clearly that they don’t give a damn about the congregations that they serve.

“The Church, although it has made a lot of steps forward, is still struggling with institutional racism.”

The General Synod failed to pass legislation last month that would have permitted women bishops. Hudson-Wilkin, who came to Britain in 1985, was tipped to become one of the first.


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  • Puggg

    This says the CoE has a “racism” “problem.”

    My “problem” is that I can’t seem to find any “racism.” I wish there was some “racism.” A church called “Church of England” should have officers and clergy that are all English. Then it would have a real “racism” “problem,” though that’s a feature, not a bug.

  • The__Bobster

    Why are these creatures even in the church of England….or England, for that matter?

    • Ron Cheaters

      They’re tripping over themselves to read Charles Dickens and William Shake-a-spear. Preparing to deliver the latest literary masterpiece.. which will be an all-black Macbeth, set in Detroit. And instead of killing the king they kill the white man, then the blacks will prosper…
      The writer will win a prize for contemporary literature, modernizing, and enriching England.
      Nothing less will satisfy.

    • gemjunior

      They don’t have even the slightest insight or recognition of reasons why they just doon’t belong, primarily nationality. These creatures have been bred up to believe that white people are just that – white – and have no nations of their own. They lack any understanding of Europe and it’s people. Everyone is just white. And they aren’t allowed to have countries of their own where there are no blacks – it would be racism or segregation. It doesn’t matter that they’ve inhabited these places for thousands of years and they are sovreign countries that belong to the light-skinned people who own them. Blacks see themselves as belonging everywhere, and no place on earth, regardless of how far north it is, is off limits to them. Because that idea is reinforced over and over – blacks must be included everywhere even though they are unwanted. Unwanted because they contribute little or nothing to any white countries; more often than not they have a totally detrimental effect on these white countries.
      It has often galled me to see how blacks emigrate, invade, and entrench themselves in any white country and then think they should be seen as no different than the native European people walking around even though they stand out in so many ways other than skin. This black minister or woman priest, whatever she is, completely believes she belongs in England and sees no difference between herself and people who came over with Hengist and Horsa or William the Conquerer. So amazing and so indicative of low intelligence or stupidity. The leftist crap since the ’60s about “inclusive” this and that has not only made this ok but has completely fed the attitude that they “belong”. And that’s why a Ugandan is an Anglican Church bigwig. Henry VIII would really be surprised to see this and his daughter would undoubtedly try to come back from the dead and do something about it. Unfortunately even she would have no chance against this international confederacy of traitors.

  • PesachPatriot

    How many white or asian guys are priests in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church?

  • EndTimesComing

    The problem is NOT that the Jamaican female pastored a black congregation. The problem is that churches are ordaining females. Period. It’s not biblical.

    • kjh64

      Not true at all.

  • David Ashton

    The “Church” of “England” has sadly become a double misnomer.
    “There is tragedy in the spectacle” (Ayn Rand).

  • “We have been encouraging people to stand and people have been putting themselves forward and have not been elected. I think there is a level of racism around that…“I’m not one of these people who lifts up a stone to look for racism.”

    Has it never occured to her that people might not have voted for her because they thought her unqualified or unfit? Maybe that she was too young at the time?

    When some things about the RC church made me uncomfortable, I had thought about going episcopalian. But the CofE and its member churches are going off the deep end.

  • liberalsuck

    Typical of blacks. Move to another country and chastise the majority racial group there for being ‘racist.’

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    There shouldn’t be non-whites in England at all, much less in the Church of England.

  • NYB

    “15 of the 467 members of the General Synod, the Church’s governing body, are from black or South Asian backgrounds.”

    3 percent non-white is too many. With the church’s help, these imposters have fraudulantly appropriated English culture and territory.

    Expulsion is the only remedy.

  • framington

    Whoever created the 3 races on earth must have known it would create tensions and why he wanted them to remain pure apart and separated from each other since all 3 are fully self contained with equal gender amounts for procreation. The world needs more racism not less. All good racists keep up the good work and pass the word. Racism is good.

  • JohnEngelman

    “Institutional racism” is the alibi blacks use when they are still proven to be inferior to whites.

    • samuel jerome

      blacks might be inferior. but we’re killing whitey left and right? Maybe your daughter or sister will be the next Autumn Pasquale

      • Nathanwartooth

        OK so which site did it.

        Around Christmas Eve some super liberal anti white website obviously linked to Amren with the intention of sending people over to disrupt the comments. There is no other explanation for the sudden influx of anti whites here.

  • JohnEngelman

    The problem the Church of England, England, and the UK faces is not racism, but what reinforces racism year after year.

    • David Ashton

      The Archbishop of York is a black African – ironically more outspoken in defense of things English than his mitred colleagues. When the first female Anglican bishop gets “married” to the next female bishop, he at least won’t be too happy. What an unholy mess!

  • PesachPatriot

    hey samuel jerome…if you want to make my daughter in to the next amber pasquale then you can be the next emmit till or trayvon martin…keep pushing, prodding and poking….all you are doing is awakening a very angry sleeping giant. When bantus chimp out you get the LA Riots or the Rwanda genocide….when white guys finally lose it you get Antietam or Stalingrad. It is beyond sick that you are proud of a 12 year old girl being murdered for bike parts. You seem to be skilled at flapping your boot lips behind the safety of a computer screen. Go run your mouth in a biker bar in Texas or Georgia if you really feel tough.

    • stewball

      You should be living where I am and not living in comfort in the USA.

  • slavery was a terrible mistake

    Does this idiot female of Hamite race ancestry not understand that the real true racist and inventer of racism is the Creator himself otherwise why would the ancient jews write that the original single human race failed and had to be destroyed that set up the 3 brothers Shem Japeheth and Ham as being the father of the 3 NWO races post flood 4500 years ago?

    Her black ancestors wouldnt even have made it out of Africa 500 yrs ago to the west had it not been for the mistake of slavery on the islands mainly controlled by the Spanish who first brought black slaves here that were never needed.

    Invent a time machine and correct the past. Eliminate slavery so the Hamites can all be in Africa and correct other mistakes such as colonization of any part of Africa or create white nations inside the land of Ham aka Africa.

    Reinstitute white slavery as it should be. White slaves built white Europe and maintained it for 1000s of years and that was the right way.

  • rebelcelt

    I guess being the country that ended racism and being the Queens clerman gets no points on the black hate list.

  • jay11

    Usually when a black or brown person complains of racism, it means they were really snubbed for incompetance, but they don’t want to admit or accept that so they cry ‘racism.’ I have seen this time and time again. ‘Racism’ is used as a crutch, a cover, a magic potion to ward off the truth.
    I have seen incompetant blacks, for example, who cannot do their jobs effectively. When they are called out on their ‘performance’ alone, they cry racism. I have seen latinos do the same thing. I have even seen latinos charge other latinos with racism when they were called on the rug for something.

  • Lygeia

    How many blacks would be happy with a white reverend handling the funeral of their loved ones? Or, would they prefer a black minister? I’m just asking, because turnabout it fair play.

    • stewball

      Actually I wouldn’t like a female black rabbi doing anything religious involving me. Not because of the colour but the sex. I find something ridiculous seeing women with the skullcap on etc. Old fashioned I suppose.

  • Some Guy

    Saying the word “no” to a black person has become racist.

  • Unperson

    “That told me very clearly that they don’t give a damn about the congregations that they serve.”

    Hey, nice language, Vicar. Yep, cursing in public is the way to prove yourself worthy of promotion to Bishop, all right.

  • David Ashton

    No, sorry. I have often been confused with other David Ashtons, including members of the (“right-wing”) Monday Club and the Henry Williamson Society.

  • stewball

    To be honest I agree with you. I’d go back to England if I could. But I’ve got my little dynasty to keep me here.