BBC Has to Apologise as Guest from Mensa Labels People with an IQ of 60 ‘Carrots’ on Live Breakfast Show

Paul Revoir, Daily Mail (London), December 21, 2012

The BBC has apologised on air after a Mensa member appearing as a guest on one of its shows said anyone with an IQ of around 60 was ‘probably a carrot’.

Peter Baimbridge made the comment during a live discussion about IQ testing on BBC Breakfast.

A number of viewers contacted the programme to complain that the remark insulted people with learning difficulties.

Mr Baimbridge, an IQ test administrator, had been asked to explain why the testing was unreliable. After saying that most IQ tests would have ‘Mr and Mrs Average scoring 100’ he added that if your IQ is ‘somewhere around 60 then you are probably a carrot’.

The remark initially drew a smile from Louise Minchin, but she and co-host Charlie Stayt then read out some of the complaints on air.

At the end of the programme they apologised for the remarks and read out a personal apology from Mr Baimbridge. One viewer, an employee of learning disability charity Mencap, said she was ‘shocked’ and ‘disgusted’ by the comments.

Ciara Evans, who has a learning disability, said: ‘I am shocked that someone has described people like me as carrots.

‘We can achieve a lot in life. I live independently, have a full-time job and I’m getting married next year.

‘I am disgusted that he made this comment, and on behalf of all the people who have tweeted, rung and emailed Mencap to say how upset they are, I think Mensa should apologise and he should engage his brain before his mouth.

‘It seems that having a high IQ doesn’t make you a sensitive or caring human being.’ One of the complaints read out on air came from a Dr Sullivan who said: ‘As a clinical psychologist who has worked with many people who have an IQ below 60, I find these comments to be offensive and completely incorrect.

‘Such comments perpetuate the stigma around an individual with learning difficulties.’ According to Mencap, 1.5million people in the UK have a learning disability. A BBC spokesman said: ‘Clearly we do not condone the comments that were made in any way and sincerely apologise for the offence caused.’

Mensa, founded in 1946 as a society for people with a high IQ, apologised via its website for the ‘totally inappropriate’ comment which ‘does not represent the society’s official position or view’. It emphasised that Mr Baimbridge had apologised and had not intended any offence.

Chief executive John Stevenage added that Mensa ‘fully recognises that it is not what level of mental ability someone has but what they do with it that is the real achievement in life’.

Mensa, founded in England in 1946 by barrister Roland Berrill and scientist Dr Lance Ware, represents those whose IQs are in the ‘top two per cent of the population’.

The society, which welcomes members of any age, has the aim of providing ‘stimulating intellectual and social environment for its members’ and hoping to encourage ‘human intelligence for the benefit of humanity’.

The society also exists globally through umbrella organisation Mensa international.

High-profile members have included television presenter Carol Vorderman, anti-virus software pioneer John McAfee and Jimmy Savile.

Other recognisable members, known as Mensans, include director Quentin Tarantino and actors Goldie Hawn and Steve Martin.

Mr Bainbridge’s comment drew derision online, with users taking to Twitter to complain about the comparison between somebody with a low IQ and a carrot.

Rich Jobling wrote: ‘Proof that being clever can make you look stupid’, while Amanda Price said: ‘very concerned that the man from Mensa described someone with an IQ of 60 as being a carrot. This is highly offensive .’

Internet users described Mr Bainbridge’s remark as ‘disgraceful’ and ‘dreadful’, while one user, referring to himself as Markwell, wrote: ‘Mensa you have an idiot as an ambassador’.

Alison Hume reflected on the comment, saying ‘so much work still to do’.


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  • Brady

    His comment said nothing about people with learning disabilities at all. Some people with learning disabilities have very high IQs.

    • Brian

      Many people with learning disabilities are far more social, outgoing and insightful into the effects of their own behavior than Black adults. They can also string together sentences far more coherently.

      • Sloppo

        My business law professor from grad school was dyslexic, but he always seemed to be very intelligent. He wrote the text book as did most of my grad school professors, and he probably had a better sense of humor than most of the others. I liked the acknowledgements section in the textbook. It included a special “thank you” to his ex-wife for her being forthright in her expression of anger over the amount of time he took to write the book.

  • The__Bobster

    Interesting. We call them vegetables here…..or sub-Saharans.

    • EndTimesComing

      We call them a specific kind of vegetable. Eggplants.

      • Triarius


  • dhs

    The remark was offensive and more important incorrect. People with 60 IQs cannot live safely as independent adults, but have a mental age of .60 x 18 ~ 11 years. 11 year old humans are not carrots. Baimbridge deserves the grief that he received.

    Note that if Baimbridge had made a derogatory remark about white men or western civilization, no notice would have been taken.

    • DK

      If White men object in noticeable numbers, sure , notice would be taken. Also you have to note that criticism of the ‘weaker’ is always a touchy subject compared to criticism of stronger or perceived stronger. So criticizing gays, women, children, disabled will get greater attention naturally. Even minorities maybe and different countries have different minorities. This is true even in a politically incorrect world. I remember asking my teacher as a child as to why would she always pick on me but never on one of my friends though he did what I did, as far as mischief goes. She told me that a mother would always worry more about the weaker child, not the stronger one.

    • Tom in MI

      An eleven year old with an IQ of 60 would be a baby carrot.

    • IQ is not about mental age. People don’t understand what it is, but mental age is from an old theory that used a different test anyway.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    I couldn’t get the video to play here so I went to the source at

    Basically, it seems like a rather off-handed, casual statement, not intended to be offensive. He was merely making a point about differences in performance based on IQ.

    The video clip posted on the news story above was conveniently edited so it cut off right after he made the statement, so we couldn’t see the hosts’ lack of reaction about it. The hosts obviously didn’t see anything offensive about it at the time.

    This is just another example of extreme political correctness and hypersensitivity. But it’s also an example of how those who complain en masse get heard. Whites don’t complain when they are put down or even disenfranchised, and so they don’t get heard.

    • EndTimesComing

      Not true. Whites complain. Nobody cares. We are everybody’s target for whatever abuse and insults and physical attacks the Orks and Sauron clones want to dish out.
      But imply that an adult with a 60 IQ has less uses than a carrot, oh my. Particularly if everybody knows sub-saharan and certain mestizo groups actually HAVE that kind of IQ. Then it be stealth racism and must be reacted to. But if many liberal media personalities were to say, and have, that some conservative was a retard……that’s okay. Except the libtards and the retards will complain about retards being lumped in with a white conservative.

      • Tim_in_Indiana

        The key word here is “en masse.” Whites complain when their rights are trampled, but not in great enough quantities.

      • It’s funny because liberals love to say that Mississippi has a low average IQ and a high welfare usage.

        Respectable conservatives refuse to point out that it’s a third Black.

        • BellaCosa

          I have a very tough time actually finding a diplomatic way to bring that up in discussions with acquaintances and not-so-close friends. It’s pretty funny to those of us who are actually aware of it, though. Not just MS, but all of the states in the Deep South catch hell for being the stupidest, poorest, most unhealthy, most backward states in the country, but nobody ever comments, in the same discussion, on how the 25-35% black population likely contributes to those perceptions.

  • rightrightright

    At a local election count we were called to witness the spoilt ballot papers. One voter apparently disapproved of the probable outcome of the election and had drawn a stick of celery.

  • It’s only a matter of time before Mensa is forced to admit low IQ individuals to their organization as members—because it’s discriminatory.

    We wouldn’t want the lower IQ people to feel bad….

    • Fredrik_H

      Aye, Mensa is a blatant reminder that there was a day and time when everyone didn’t get a medal for just participating.

      • JohnEngelman

        Occasionally discrimination is legitimate.

  • falsedawn

    This is as funny as a barrel full of monkeys…

  • LGracemere

    When left to grow naturally, their hair makes them look like broccoli.

  • These ‘carrots’ are smart enough to commit major crimes. Those convicted should be housed in a slave labor camp or shipped back to Aperica.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    When white people have IQs of 60, it’s usually because they have a mental disability. Describing them as ‘carrots’ is generally pretty accurate, as they often cannot care for themselves or live alone. They are mostly harmless.

    Unfortunately, most people with an IQ of 60 are not white and do not have a mental disability. They are fully capable of attacking, raping, and murdering each other and whites. They would be more accurately described as ‘monkeys’ or ‘wild animals’.

  • Angry White Woman

    Ciara Evans, who has a learning disability, said: ‘I am shocked that someone has described people like me as carrots.

    Oh, please excuse me. I meant to call you a cabbage…..

  • Svigor

    Ciara Evans, who has a learning disability, said: ‘I am shocked that someone has described people like me as carrots.

    Ms Evans proves she has the IQ of a carrot by her inability to distinguish “is probably a carrot” from “is a carrot.”

  • • It was a stupid statement.

    I don’t intend to be preachy, but there is a biblical principle of ‘casting the first stone.’

    The extra-biblical counterpart: What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    In context: I won’t call you a [n word] and you don’t call me a [r word].

    • We all make occasional mistakes, but leave it to the liberals to use highly selective public shame as a means to corral us into their politically correct mode.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      The statement would not have been necessary had not the liberal left made an industry out of insisting for the last two generations that bright people and imbeciles are somehow “equal”.

  • Electrical Engineer

    I am flabbergasted by the insensitivity displayed here.

    Comparing someone of relatively low intelligence to a carrot is nothing more than sarcasm, and it has been often said that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. I am surprised that anyone from Mensa would stoop so low.

    People, to whom the gift of high intelligence (and power) have been bestowed, have a responsibility to those who are less fortunate. For one that has such a gift, one must make a special effort to be polite, cordial, and attentive to the less fortunate — perhaps, even to the point of being self-deprecating, in a humorous sort of way.

    On more than one occasion, I have met someone who has likened me to some sort of nexus to God. Of course, I must remind such admirers that I am nothing more than a man. It would be embarrassing and wrong to take advantage of such admiration.

    It was Arthur C. Clarke who said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” A possible corollary may read, “Any sufficiently advanced technologist is indistinguishable from a magician.”

    Perhaps, Mensa should perform a great feat of personal magic: change their attitudes.

    Thank you for listening.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      “People, to whom the gift of high intelligence (and power) have been bestowed, have a responsibility to those who are less fortunate.”

      No, we do not.

      Since I disagree, how exactly do you intend to enforce this responsibility you allege I owe? If I am to be convinced I owe any such responsibility, the congenitally stupid – along with the merely irresponsible – will first have to be prohibited from reproducing, voting, possessing firearms, operating motor vehicles, holding public office, or sitting on juries. The ball is in your court; I suggest you write your congressman proposing the necessary legislation.

      • Electrical Engineer

        My apologies to you, Sir, if I have offended you in some way.

        I have not had the misfortune of being hardened by The System.
        (Reference: no voting rights, no firearms possession, no holding of a public office, and no presence on any jury)

        Stan Lee, the author of the Spiderman comic, once said (please allow a little paraphrasing): “With great powers … comes great responsibility.”

        I let my previous commentary stand.

        Thank you for listening.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I am responsible only for myself and my own family, my friends when they ask for my help, and the occasional stranger when it pleases me to do so. To my fellow humans, I otherwise owe only a modicum of respect. The duty you implied is – and always has been – absent. I was not given my intelligence by a Higher Power. Rather, as intelligence is a 75% heritable trait, I was given it by my parents, as my daughter was given it by hers. You haven’t offended me (I’m thick-skinned); I merely disagree. The logical extension of what you have said is that the beautiful bear some responsibility for the ugly.

          Even the better sort of stupid people for whom I have been told to feel responsible are playground bullies and stuck-up cheerleaders when young, and they’re politically-correct Marxist imbeciles in college. As adults, when forced to cede the factual and logical points of whatever arguments they choose to make, they invariably retreat and attempt to claim a moral high ground either via “sensitivity” and “compassion” (the left) or religious piety (the right). I was hardening up well before the System got to me.

          What the System did was expose me to a worse variety of stupid people: the sort who are actively malicious in their dim-witted sloth, and many of these were law-enforcement officers. This has left me rather angry.

    • s shadow

      You have confused some issues (conflate at your level). To show derision on a personal basis to someone damaged chromosomally or developmentally is certainly unkind. However, to give perspective in the abstract, on a spectrum based characteristic such as IQ, is nothing to be ashamed of or apologize for. Giving a humorous twist was not offensive to reasonable people. If Baimbridge was a true Mensan with any guts he would have handled the aftermath differently and not even remotely apologized. Your Cultural Marxist inspired, Mr Good Boy approach, won’t intimidate the seasoned posters here.

      • Electrical Engineer

        My apologies to you too, Sir, if I have offended you in some way.

        I also apologize for the apology, if the latter exacerbates the former; hence, we have a recursive apology.

        (Reference: Google: projection freud)

        I let my previous commentary stand.

        Thank you for listening.

        • s shadow

          I also don’t take any offense, and I think that apologies in pursuit of ideas are almost never called for. Apologies are a favorite gambit of Cultural Marxists who want to force people to their will. I’m not accusing you of being a CM, but instead of being unduly influenced by them unwittingly. Read more about them until you understand what many on this site are concerned about. These Marxists are deliberately destroying the best parts of the US including white people. If you don’t follow what I’m saying then please educate yourself. The answers are not in the MSM, but instead on sites like Amren.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            We have it on good authority here – without naming anyone – that there is “no such thing as Cultural Marxism”. On a related subject, would anyone like to buy a bridge?

  • Anonymous

    In related news, carrots were shocked that they were being compared to certain people with an IQ of 60, coming from a certain continent, and demanded an apology from Peter Baimbridge.

  • I call them progressive Democrats…

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    Other species have an average IQ of 60, but that doesn’t give them rights, does it?