German Efforts to Improve Birthrate a Failure

Spiegel, December 18, 2012

Each year, the German government spends billions of euros in an effort to stop the country’s ticking demographic time bomb. By 2050, it is estimated that only 70 million people will be living in the country, down from today’s roughly 82 million. Without a major change in the birthrate or a mass influx of up to 24 million new immigrants, the population could soon begin shrinking, according to United Nations forecasts.

To make having children more attractive, in recent years Berlin has increased monthly government subsidies paid to families with children, benefits for parents who stay home to care for newborns, work leave payments for new fathers and an expansion of national day care services. Despite these efforts, however, the German birthrate has remained at a constant average of 1.4 children per woman for around 40 years.

On Monday, the German Federal Institute for Population Research issued a report looking into the reasons behind the failure to increase the country’s birthrate. The results are sobering. For many Germans, establishing a family has taken a backseat to a career, hobbies and friends. The report concludes that “children no longer represent a central aspect of life for all Germans.”

The reasons for this development are myriad. For one, societal views on parenting have changed considerably. Fifty years ago, a person in Germany was first considered to be a grown up after they had established a career, gotten married and had children. But today society doesn’t provide the same level of recognition for having children. Statistics show that few believe their position in society will be improved by having offspring. Many people even fear that having more than two or three children could actually put them at a real disadvantage.

Career and Family Compete

The study found that many Germans believe reconciling career and family is problematic. Particularly among mothers, concerns about finding the balance between time spent with children and at the workplace are considerable. Those who find this balancing act too challenging are ultimately forced to decide between child and career. In addition, many women, particularly in the western German states, still ascribe to outmoded societal norms. The idea still persists that women are somehow neglecting their children if they hand them over to day care within their first three years of life. There’s even a disparaging term in German to describe these women: “Rabenmütter,” or “raven mothers,” who push their children out of the nest too soon. Particularly among the more highly qualified, many simply decide not to have children.

Somewhat surprisingly, the report also shows that men in Germany today are not considered to be adequate replacements for mothers when it comes to being the primary caregiver for young children. As a society, Germany has considerably less faith in its men than neighboring countries that include Belgium and France. In both of those countries, there is much greater acceptance for working mothers than in Germany.

The degree of these difficulties is also reflected in overall attitudes about raising children. According to the study, children are no longer viewed as an obvious source of satisfaction and happiness. Only 45 percent of childless Germans between the ages of 18 and 50 believe that they would have happier lives or that they would have greater satisfaction if they were to have children in the coming three years.

The study marks the first time that the Federal Institute for Population Research, a division of the Interior Ministry, has compared German views on having children with those elsewhere in Europe. Only 10 countries in Europe have lower birthrates than Germany, the report states. In Germany, the average rate is 1.39. Latvia, with 1.17, has the lowest birthrate in Europe, while Iceland leads the list with an average of 2.2 children.

Although some European countries have seen growth again in their birthrates in recent years, that trend hasn’t crossed over into Germany. Indeed, in a global comparison, Germany has the highest percentage of women who do not have children over the long term. Around one-fourth of women born between 1964 and 1968 have deliberately chosen not to have children, the report found.

Indeed, the desire to have children doesn’t appear to be as widespread as it is in other European countries. There are only six other countries in Europe where the majority of those polled say they wanted no children or fewer than two children.

Policies Encourage Mothers to Stay Home

A study released on Monday by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) offered Germany a similarly poor report card on gender equality. Despite the fact that young German women are better educated than their male counterparts, their prospects for success on the labor market aren’t as good, it found. The study also criticized numerous aspects of Germany’s family policies, which it said contributed to a serious gender gap.

The report warned that the controversial new Betreuungsgeld, or care allowance for staying home with children aged 13 to 26 months, encourages mothers with young children not to work, and thus exacerbates persisting gender inequalities in the country. The organization also criticized the system of joint income tax filing for married couples in Germany, called Ehegatten-Splitting, for being the only taxation system in the OECD “which does not provide both parents in couple families with broadly similar financial incentives to work when children are of school age.” The organization added that Germany needs to boost efforts to provide quality affordable child care.

The report found that 27 percent of women in Germany between the ages of 25 and 34 have completed their tertiary education at a university or other institution. Only 25 percent of men in the same age range had accomplished the same level of education. And although more women in many countries work today than they did 20 years ago, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland a disproportionate number are working part-time. “That has a negative impact on their income and on their career,” the report found. It also showed that at median earnings, the gender pay gap is on average 22 percent, the third-highest rate in the OECD. For the self-employed, that figure is a staggering 63 percent less.

All this, of course, has implications for women when they retire. According to the OECD report, the average pension payment to women is about half of what is paid to men in Germany, making the “pension gap” the largest among the countries that are members of the organization. The report blamed “shorter work histories, fewer working hours and lower earning” for the disparity.



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  • Ralph

    We need a new morality that puts having White children as our highest with no close second.

    The new morality should psychologically reward Whites who breed the most; but only with other Whites. And, the way the breeding is done is not important. Traditional marriage, polygamous marriage or relationships, out of wedlock, whatever. Just have more White babies or we’re going to keep getting pushed around and may go extinct.

    • pcmustgo

      I will have white children out of wedlock if I have to… and I encourage other white women to do so too. As soon as they start complaining about “people on welfare” I encourage them to use the welfare system to have babies… I tell them, “If Blacks and illegal immigrants can do it, why can’t you? Why can’t we?”

      • pcmustgo

        I also tell that to any white person who tells me “I can’t afford to have a baby”.

        • Diamond_Lil

          I’ve have three movie-star gorgeous white children. I would have more with my handsome husband if the economy permitted. The problem rests with our government. When I was a child, only one parent NEEDED to work.

          • liberalsuck

            What concerns me is I know a good deal of whites who come from families of 3+ white kids, their parents are conservative, but they are engaged in race mixing, the modern degeneracies (drugs, Lady gaga, rap music, black culture,etc), they rip on our ancestors, they rip on their Midwestern/Southern roots, the young white ladies want careers over having children, you name it.

          • guest

            Women in the workplace only caused housing prices to double, and then skyrocket even more. This is called “liberation”, but it only enslaved both spouses to a mortgage. I am not against women in the workplace, but the world was better off with stay-home mothers. When i was a child, my father made a small salary. We had a house, two cars, vacations, and most important, a mother who spent time with us.

          • Easy button: Use FHA/VA financing rules, whenever we get around to restoring wisdom in mortgage lending, such that even if both spouses are working, that only one spouse’s income (don’t care which one) is counted toward the ability of the household to afford mortgage principal. This way, if one spouse loses his or her job, the household can still make the nut every month.

            Yes, it would drive the cost of housing down, and leave many more houses “underwater.” But to me, affordable housing is a feature, not a bug. I cringe at this notion that one of our “problems” is that houses aren’t expensive enough. If we’re scared of too many houses going “underwater” all in one fell swoop of adopting my proposal, we could find some way to phase it in or stair-step it in over time.

          • Josep

            Probably the most beautiful words in years… 🙂 Congratulations!

      • Doppleganger

        “I will have white children out of wedlock if I have to… and I encourage other white women to do so too…”

        I don’t doubt your good intentions, but that can’t possibly be the solution either.

        • liberalsuck

          I don’t want to end up having the pathologies and chaos of the black and hispanic people; they have lots of out-of-wedlock kids, they have higher amounts of violent criminals in their communities than whites and Asians do, they can’t make it without taxpayers’ money (which is coming to a halt for them), etc.

        • pcmustgo

          It’s a better solution than going childless. I’m 32 and single… I am trying to find the right guy, but if push comes to shove in a few years , I will do what I have to do.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        I am a white woman, and I certainly intend to have white children by any means necessary. My first intention is to get married to a white man prior to doing this, but if this never happens, I would rather have white children out of wedlock than fail to have any at all.

      • Diamond_Lil

        Reconsider your suggestion. Where would white women on welfare have to live? Don’t put any white children in danger of being harmed by them.

        • guest

          They probably would be last in line for the best housing vouchers, and sent to the worst projects…if that. My uncle, a policeman, told me about a housing project in a black part of town that was forcing integration. The white children were being molested, of course. They actually caught the molester, a black male, of course. The molester was sent to prison, which is rare. While in prison, some of the other prisoners blinded him. I’m not advocating violence, by the way. I’m only reporting what happened. I guess I have to; the media buried the story.

        • pcmustgo

          Nope, there’s housing projects in upstate NY and other areas that are all white. Section 8 vouchers now enable people on welfare to live pretty much anywhere, even nice areas. I myself wouldn’t need full welfare benefits, I’m already self-employed, but I suppose just a little bit of aid. I have family to fall back on too.

          • Diamond_Lil

            Sounds like you have a plan. Good luck to you.

  • dave

    when i visited aachen 2 years ago, I saw Africans,Asians and Muslims EVERYWHERE, I saw only old white people and 2 Heidi Klum like traitors white Germans with Africans, Germany is going down as fast as anyone else.

    • Der Typ

      Funny, where I was which is known as upper Franconia it wasn’t nearly as bad. Of course though, Bayreuth is the biggest town there, which isn’t very big. Berlin after midnight and Frankfurt am Main both disappointed me. But much to my better judgement I allowed myself to be talked into going and spending Christmas Day today in Manhattan and let me tell you I don’t understand Americans who get on here and rant about Europe as if it is worse than here. I’ve never been to Paris or London, but I can read simple percentages on demographics charts. Great swaths of America are leading the charge in the mixing-it-up-beyond-repair game as opposed to just a few major locales in Europe.

      That isn’t to say that this isn’t bad news or anything. It’s more, I was just in NYC and Aachen sounds like a paradise as of writing. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if we had similar stats here for whites that we actually want to breed. You know the ones who are going to be competitive in this century and not the hopelessly obese high school drop-out.

      • anonymous

        Didn’t Hitler have a hard time increasing German births even back in his time when Germans (and ever whites) were more conservative and more race conscious?

  • pcmustgo

    It’s why it’s important for whites to understand that having children is your DUTY… it’s not all about you…

    • rebelcelt

      William Raspberry (black liberal commentater) made the statement years ago that fertility delayed is fertility denied! Wisdom is wisdom
      wherever you find it. We must make it posible for a young man in his early twenties to be able to support a wife and start having children in the early 20s, even late teens if possible. We must quit telling our daughters to “go out and enjoy life”. Children is the greatest joy in life.

  • The__Bobster

    Without a major change in the birthrate or a mass influx of up to 24
    million new immigrants, the population could soon begin shrinking,
    according to United Nations forecasts.

    The usual suspects never stop pushing. A smaller population isn’t bad as long as foreign elements aren’t allowed in.

    Of course, politicians don’t like a declining population as it makes their Ponzi schemes fall apart.

    • Fredrik_H

      I subscribe to this line of thought as well. My own country of Sweden has had declining population before, but rebounded. The real danger is when you introduce foreign populations – then you will get replaced, sooner or later. I don’t worry so much about stagnant or declining populations as I worry about the people that have been imported to replace them.

      • liberalsuck

        At least Japan isn’t bending over backwards to appease nonJapanese people or flood their country with them. They would rather go to the wayside than have their entire population replace them. I’m more worried, too, about foreigners coming into our nations and the selfish, materialistic attitudes that so many younger whites have. They would rather vacation, party and engage in consumerism than have larger white families.

    • fakeemail

      A “small” population isn’t bad at all. Less traffic, less competition for jobs, lower prices for housing, and on and on. A smaller population sets the stage for natural rebirth and growth.

      A small population is only bad for the politicians and their ponzi schemes and the elite businessmen who always want bigger markets so they can charge more and pay employees less.

  • Steven

    Whites are too comfortable because they are still in general affluent enough to live comfortably. The best thing for us as a people may very well be a crashed economy. This would force us to reconsider how we pamper our non-white populations which in turn would make many of them voluntarily head back home.

    • mendells-selection

      Even a crashed economy is not enough. The media needs to be destroyed. If people are sitting at home unemployed, but watching inane TV shows, then we will be worse off.

    • liberalsuck

      White people need to face a situation like South Africa or the gulags of Russia to wake them up. Hell, even Eastern and Southern Europeans are having a hard time increasing their birthrates. It’s bad enough we are not having enough children, but to pander to nonwhites, to let them into our lands and to hate ourselves is worse, in my opinion.

  • Urban Teacher

    Historically, the only reason for children was to have someone who would take care of you in your old age or else avenge your premature death.

    Now that the government carries out those functions, there is no need to have children.

    • rebelcelt

      But, the goverment is bankrupt. My children are still my best hope of care
      financially and with everyday assistance in my old age. Hopefully My wiwfe and I will be able to assist them financially and leave tham an inheritance. But, I could become an invalid tomorrow . If that were to happen in a few short years i would be dependent on them.

  • Luca

    Perhaps they should re-evaluate their “abortion-on-demand” laws as well.

    • Forcing women to carry children they don’t want is not helpful. Also, making women want children is not difficult, wanting children being kind of programmed into women. Seriously, leftists hatehatehate Disney princesses and shows like “16 and Pregnant” and the Twilight series of books and other alternative visions of femininity than what they push, because they know that feminism is a very hard sell on women.

      • Luca

        A woman has many choices (short of rape), she can abstain, she can use a rhythm method, a diaphragm, IUD, birth control pills or require her partner to use a condom. If all these “choices” fail and she becomes pregnant there is always adoption. To kill a fetus for the sake of personal convenience is reprehensible. Termination due to rape, incest or in the first 6 weeks is understandable. Too many people use it because they lack the decency, self control, maturity, or IQ to use the other methods. Monsters like your current President think it is fine to murder a living, breathing, fully-delivered baby if the woman intended to abort and it went wrong. This is a sign of a sick segment of our society. Especially when they justify this action in the name of liberalism, progressiveness or to uphold social justice. Where is the justice for the child-to-be?

  • rockman

    Revive the old values of Germany over all, uber alles. Get pride back into things

    • Anthman

      What would the old values of Germany be considered?

      • refocus

        Germany for the Germans.

        • mendells-selection

          And also the “hausfrau”, “Kinder, Kuchen, Kirche”- Children, kitchen, church. Pretty much the same values as all of Europe before feminism.

  • KenelmDigby

    Feminism is not compatible with national survival.
    Any nation that ‘elevates’ feminism to a core, central value of the state, (as most European nations have done), will eventually and inexorably dwindle to extinction.

    • NYB

      That should be qualified as ‘third wave feminism’, which is synomymous with cultural Marxism. Third wave feminism is gun control, multiculturalism, promiscuous wealth redistribution, historical revisionism and hatred of whites.

      Classic feminism, on the other hand, is a core Western value.

      • fakee

        I don’t know what you mean by classic feminism, but I don’t think it was a core Western value in any classical sense. Oh sure, women should have rights and should be loved and not treated as chattel. But they didn’t vote or work or go to school till they’re 30.

        Make no mistake, in the past the marriage contract was clear: women buy the man’s excess labor and men buy the woman’s excess reproductive ability and it’s fruits.

        That’s why men would get the kids in a split (he bought them), and a women wouldn’t get jack if she cheated.

        This is as it must be. You cannot give the reigns of the future to the irrational and emotional nature of women. Otherwise there will be no future.

        • Diamond_Lil

          Can you produce that contract? As an semi-retired attorney (raising my children) and an historian, I’ve never seen any such contract that you describe. Women, primarily bring up our offspring. Intelligent women bring up intelligent offspring. Family law custody evolved into determining which parent had the primary involvement in rearing the offspring. To take the children away from the primary caretaker parent is wrong unless she is unfit is not in the best interest of the children. Now, as we go into age groups, I could never take our boy away from his dad after eight (this is just a hypothetical example – my husband read all my posts and often contributes to them) (In the fiction scenario) As much as it would hurt, my boy. age 8, would need to be with Dad. Boys need dads -ever so much -especially after their toddler age.

          Nevertheless, If as you state: “women buy the man’s excess labor and men buy the woman’s excess reproductive ability and it’s fruits. That’s why men would get the kids in a split (he bought them), and a women wouldn’t get jack if she cheated.”

          What do women get for their labor? I mean that I don’t know any women, including myself, who are parked on cushions eating bon bons and breeding and have nothing else to do.

          Women have always contributed a great deal of labor to the management of the household – which is no easy task. Where is our recompense for that?

          Enough with the anti-female sentiment. If you are truly invested in more white population, cherish and respect them, it will be reciprocated.

          • fakeemail

            They *never* will be involved. They just wait for the winner to emerge. Don’t delude yourself about their true nature.

          • Diamond_Lil

            Thanks for the chuckle.

          • Diamond_Lil

            Sure thing and thanks for the chuckle.

    • fakeemail

      But of course. Feminism ironically devalues the single most important aspect of being a woman: having kids and being a mother. It treats it as some detestable side issue; it treats the facts of nature as some “social construct” of evil white men.

      Before you know it, all these career gals say, “oops, I forgot to have kids” and there goes the future.

      • mendells-selection

        Feminism is both a rejection of nature and a resentment of men.

      • pcmustgo

        Self-employment/ Telecommuting is the future of mother’s who need to earn money. This is the way. Forget 9-5 careers.

      • David Ashton

        That was the intention of the Cultural Marxists all along.

    • mendells-selection

      Events prove what you say to be true. The west was on top of the world in the first half of the twentieth century. Feminism then destroyed the west, it took a few decades from when women were given suffrage, but each decade brought about more and more feminization and degeneration of the culture. It was only after women were given the right to vote that abortion became legal.

  • Arminius

    corrupt Berlin government, altogether controlled externally, that was
    ultimately installed by the occupation back in 1949 is not really interested in
    German babies. The German population had been decimated by the last world war
    (20 million deaths) and now by agenda (porn, birth control, abortion,
    homosexuality, easy divorce, breakdown of the family, lack of religious
    conviction etc) to complete the ultimate purge of this once thriving people.
    All this is not happening by chance it is a premeditated desired scheme on the
    road to the one world government that is being forged as this is written. Out
    of the ensuing chaos the plan will be to create their new world order and
    control (rule) with an iron hand. This is the plan for all of the West not
    merely Germany although Germany will be first to be taken down given that the
    Germans themselves are not in control of their destiny.

    • David Ashton

      Kaufman Plan A. Morgenthau Plan B.
      Who needs them when you can have Hedonism Plan C?

  • george00

    Birthrate by country In Europe in 2010 has Turkey on the list. Turkey is not in Europe.

    The low birthrate of whites is not a problem that can’t be fixed. Supermodel/genius sperm and egg banks, for whites only, free and paid for by the government. This would probably be enough but also pay nonwhite Third World women that are closely supervised and regulated
    to be surrogates. This could be done relatively cheaply. 60 Minutes did a story about women in India being paid about $7,000 to be surrogate to have white children.

  • David Ashton

    Well, we all know why the encouragement of German families in Germany is politically taboo. Along with immigration control, agricultural self-sufficiency, restrictions on vice, anti-Marxism, eugenics, traditional architecture, patriotic poetry, WW2 revisionism, etc.

    • Skincognito

      Young Israelis are flocking to Germany. It’s time for young Germans to cast off the Vergangenheitsbewaeltigung (coping with the past). Honest discussion of the cost of low indigenous birthrates is an inalienable right for all Western peoples, Germans included. The motherhood cult of National Socialism had corollaries in the Soviet Union, mandate-era Palestine (Israel), and the US. I’m not sure to what extent you actually believe that the stigma of the Third Reich justifies the replacement of some of Europe’s finest genetic stock with Turks, Orientals and sub-Saharans, but I hope you were being facetious.

      • David Ashton

        I don’t think so at all: precisely the opposite, and I have hinted as much in previous posts. I wasn’t being facetious, more ironic. I am against non-white settlement in Europe.
        I still regard the Germans as among the finest people in Europe; I also admire the French. My wife came back from a visit to northern Germany some time ago and said “They’re just like us [the English] – or as we used to be.”
        The first German family I met as a child were brought to England after the war because the father was an optics engineer. Their kind and beautiful Mutti had been awarded a birth-rate cross; the eldest son had fallen on the eastern front, three charming girls and two handsome boys survived. Neither fanatics nor anti-semites, they could nevertheless remember some good times before the war and had been loyal patriots, highly intelligent, cultured, musical and industrious; their lovely eldest girl was a nurse, who married an American. Europe needs more like them today.

        • Skincognito

          What this article ignores is the fact that the Bundesrepublik under Adenauer experienced a baby boom rather similar to ours in the Eisenhower years. In the wake of National Socialism, Christian West Germans, especially Catholics, eagerly embraced the nuclear family as an antidote to the Nazi tendency of equating the family to a breeding unit, not a source of moral, spiritual and social cohesion. As one feminist scholar put it, under National Socialism fatherhood ended at ejaculation. The German nuclear family was thus strengthened rather than undermined or discredited by the legacy of the Reich. Even the DDR maintained one of the highest birthrates in the Eastern Bloc. The threat came from the cultural marxist 68er’s. Their assault on traditional family structures was nearly identical from Berlin to Berkeley. As in the US, the spoiled boomers are to blame for much of our collective spiritual malaise.
          I didn’t mean to judge too harshly, but as a Germanist and a racialist, I grow weary of the nearly ubiquitous habit among non-specialists of viewing contemporary Germany through the lense of National Socialism, as well as the teleological historical narratives that argue for the inevitable rise to power of of the pudgy, Austrian art-school drop-out with the silly mustache.
          I pray that younger Germans will wake up, reject multiculturalism, abortion, and the selfishness characteristic of the DINK (double income, no kids) lifestyle.

          • mendells-selection

            The Eisenhower years were years when girls still planned on being mothers. Once the feminists made women dissatisfied with their natural role, then the fix was in. Girls are still bombarded with propaganda about how their mission in life is to “achieve”. There are billbords with a girl with a smug look on her face and the headline ‘accomplisHER’ ” They are told that choosing to be a mother is to choose to sacrifice their personal fulfillment . No one ever tells them that one more female engineer, doctor, clerk etc is nothing more than just another engineer, doctor, clerk etc. They are only doing jobs that wold have been done by a man. A man can not have children though. That is a woman’s true fulfillment. A career is a mirage. It is nothing special, it is just a way to make money, and the purpose of that money is to provide for a family, not to indulge oneself. IF there are no children, then it is all just self indulgence.

          • Skincognito

            As a young father and a firm believer in the late Mr. Lane’s 14 Words, I’m with ya brother. The cold, hard facts of nature however, militate against my love for and faith in my race. A people unwilling to reproduce itself is unworthy of reproduction. This is not a pessimistic assessment, but rather a challenge, a call to action, maturity and radicalism to all loyal White nationalists. Our revolution must begin at home.

          • David Ashton

            “For every man work, for every woman a man in work.” (Anon)

  • rebelcelt

    Raven Mother is better than no mother.

  • Mb1991

    It is interesting to see how many people on Amren seem to have no problem at all with the aging of whites and the decline of the white birthrate. I think it might be the biggest problem of all. Young people are the backbone of any society, a society that exists for the majority out of old people will face a lot more problems than a society that has the new generation ready to replace the old one.

    – If whites would have more children, the demographic change will occur a LOT slower in the states and Europe.
    – The political correct elite could not use the demographic decline as an excuse for mass immigration, and immigration would ony cause unemployment.
    – Furthermore, if ethnic tenions occur, do you think a bunch of elderly people will be an effective fighting force? As far as im concerned, the military always wants to attract young people.

    And please stop using Japan as a model. That country is destined to die a demographical death…

  • NYB

    The global banking paradigm (looking at you, Rothschilds) has created an unsustainable debt, which will collapse the banking system if world consumption of goods and services doesn’t continue to outpace it.

    A stagnant or declining population cannot consume enough to ensure payments on the debtload – a fiscal cliff of ‘not enough consumers’.

    The unelected dictators of finance want the white Western countries to be flooded with immigrant consumers to infinity, to keep the fires of production and consumption burning.

  • JohnEngelman

    Fewer people mean more of everything to go around. The Chinese should learn how other countries reduce their birth rates without a coercive one child only policy.

    The mistake the Germans are making is to permit the immigration of Muslims and blacks.

    • David Ashton

      So bring in the Chinese instead?

    • mendells-selection

      are you really that obtuse? A socialist welfare state is a pyramid scheme. Fewer younger people working and paying taxes means LESS to go around as more and more people enter the socialists retirement community.

      • JohnEngelman

        Whatever the Germans are doing it is working better than the American free enterprise system. Scandinavian social democracy is working much better.

        • mendells-selection

          their birth rate is lower than white American’s. It is working better at making them extinct faster.

        • Liberalsuck

          I really wonder why you come onto this site sometimes. You seem anti-white and liberal often. Are you sure you’re not looking for the Daily Kos or something like that?

          • mendells-selection

            he comes here to spout the typical brainwashing because that is how he judges intelligence …and he comes here to tell us how superior his intelligence is. A jewish boy is constantly told by his mother how wonderful he is, how wonderful everything he says and does is, how he is so superior to all the goyim. He internalizes that after awhile and he lives with that mother in his head for the rest of his life. His identity is forever confused with his mothers identity. Ever notice how effeminate so many jewish men are? They are mothers boys, always looking for approval. Look at his avatar, it does not even look like a male monkey.

  • mendells-selection

    the Amish double their numbers every twenty years. They don’t put their children in day care. They don’t get stipends from the government. They don’t watch TV, movies or take part in popular culture at all. Popular modern culture is the poison that is killing off white people, not “gender inequalities”. To think that members of the modern pop culture can see themselves objectively and se what the problems are is ridiculous. They can’t, they can not see that it is feminism and the change of the role of men that have caused the problem. The silly women will never let go of the feminist culture. It will take men standing up and being firm to do it, and those men will have to weather a storm of protest.

  • Germanacus

    An influx of 24 million additional non-German immigrants. That is supposed to save Germany? Germany becoming non-German is supposed to save Germany. Are people going insane? How about deporting 24 million non-German immigrants. That would be a start for saving Germany.

    • liberalsuck

      What is up with white people everywhere? I was surprised even race conscious Russia is having a hard time having more white kids. Why don’t we just start all having at least 3 kids or more? There needs to be a complete culture change amongst our people to change things.

      • They can’t afford to and they are taxed to the hilt to ensure that Quontravious and LaQueefa can have six kids out of wedlock.

  • Greg Thomas

    Perhaps Germans are not having children because they have been made to feel guilty and ashamed for being German. If the German government really wanted White Germans to have more children, they would close their borders to the hordes of third-world non-Germans; who have no problems reproducing on the German dime.

  • Cannot Tell

    Does anyone wonder whether low birthrates are an inevitable consequence of industrialization? Europe is not the only developed continent that suffers from low birth rates; East Asia is similar.
    Maybe this is how things are supposed to be. Once mankind can industrialize their societies to the point where leisure time increases, child-rearing gets put on the backburner.
    Maybe things will get worse. Technology might improve and robots will replace a fraction of workers and whites will have even more time to commit to recreation. Halfsigma’s blog ( discusses a possible future with robots replacing human workers.
    I don’t mean to sound pessimistic. I hope that pro-natalist policies succeed as much as everyone else.

    • Skincognito

      Imperial German, along with Victorian English, birthrates were well above replacement level. The Kaiserreich especially was in the process of intense, rapid industrialization. Workers, shopkeepers, publicans, bureaucrats, bankers and politicians still reproduced. As stated above, West Germany experienced a baby boom and a Wirtschaftswunder (economic miracle) simulataneously in the 50’s. No, the roots of the demographic crisis are cultural, spiritual, not directly related to the means of production. Urbanizing nations do witness a decrease in birthrates, but seldom do they drop below replacement level. When they do, disaster strikes. Late-imperial Rome comes to mind. Only now the barbarians are Islamic not Teutonic.

      • mendells-selection

        Yes, women were still housewives at that time. Also, Television was very new on the scene so it’s ability to affect culture through it’s propagandizing was very limited. It has been the mass media which has enabled feminism to turn the vast majority of women against nature and their natural role as mothers and wives. To be honest, I do not see why a woman needs to have a career other than mother. The only thing that has resulted from having women in the workforce is that what used to be able to be had with one income, now takes two. The effect has been similar to inflation by counterfeiting a currency. At first he counterfeiter and those that receive his money benefit. Later on, when the currency is debased, everyone is worse off. Women are now slaves to careers and this is somehow considered better than being a housewife. Both men and women now work longer hours for much less than they did a couple of generations ago.

  • mendells-selection

    The real problem today is that people have confused “fulfillment” with “indulgence”. Fulfillment means doing something important. Working to buy things and experiences just for oneself is not important. It is frivolous and meaningless. The pain of that meaningless that so many experience with their lives is driving people crazy.

    • fakeemail

      We’re a crass consumerist/marxist society being lead around by the endless transitory “delights” of the media age. Being bent to the matrix of the mind manipulators in advertising. As Don Draper said, “The reason you haven’t felt it is because it doesn’t exist. What you call love was invented by guys like me, to sell nylons.”

      Everyone out there is chasing a phantom and ignoring the very few REAL THINGS under their noses. I swear, I have no doubt people were more fulfilled when they worked the land and were married at 17. It wasn’t easy, but at least it was REAL.

  • Vonhauer

    Open borders, immigration of racial aliens, and where it leads.

    Germans are considered easy prey…

    • David Ashton

      I looked up your internet reference, Gates of Vienna, but was denied access by Google Chrome, because this site was “malware” infected. Is this more handiwork of jihad hackers?

  • Epiminondas

    The real problem is the welfare state in league with central banking. These two monsters require a growing population to operate. And if the indigenous population starts falling, the welfare/banking cartel open up the borders to keep the game going. But these nitwits have made an erroneous calculation, both in Europe and the USA. The influx of Muslims in Europe and Mexicans in the USA will not replace the wealth creating power of the declining white population. The welfare/banking scheme is falling apart as we write.

  • Edward

    In addition to the above article, it needs to be said that whites are contracepting and aborting themselves out of existence.

    • mendells-selection

      Yes, but ever since I head that about 45% of black pregnancies in the US are aborted, I have been steadfastly against making it illegal. The white rate of abortion is much less.

      • Alex

        In NYC, the black abortion rate is at 60 %, I heard recently.

  • PesachPatriot

    mendels selection…my mom certainly never told me any of that stuff growing up…it was always” quit playing video games, quit reading comic books, do this for your sister, do that for your father, why did you get in a fight with that other kid at school”….we are subjected to the same kind of “tiger parenting” that asian kids receive but in a far more passive aggressive way with huge doses of maternal guilt…My dad was unlucky enough to be in the same school where my late grandfather was the principal…i had it pretty easy here in the american public school by comparison.

    As for the main point of the article I do feel bad for the Germans if they are so depressed over the past they can’t keep up their birthrate. My grandfather, father and I as well know that german culture is so much more than some very unpleasant years for everyone between 1914-1945…It is magnificent art, soaring cathedrals, great literature and philosophy and magnificent cars. I like their thrash metal bands like sodom, destruction, kreator and tankard. Man’s inhumanity to man(and women) is a constant across all races, religions and time periods and not something unique to germans…They had the misfortune of being photographed and keeping meticulous records. Much like ourselves, the german people seem obsessed with guilt and shame… It seems that their school system harps on it the way ours in America constantly harps on slavery and the conquest of the amerindians.

    This might sound weird but as a kid I was fascinated by the panzer tanks and stuka airplanes and the cool, scary looking hats and uniforms. It seems that nazism has been far more destructive to germans psyche and germany than it has to us. We simply think of it as one of many bad things in history that happened to us, picked ourselves up and moved on with life elsewhere. I have seen many a german tourist on vacation in Israel…it is nice that at least one place in Europe is in Israel’s corner when the rest of the governments constantly criticize it for silly things. In america and in europe in the old days(19th century to pre WWII there was actually a lot of social/cultural tension between the german jews(yekkes) who were more reformed and assimilated into euro/american society and the russian/polish other eastern european ostjuden who were still very orthodox and mostly uninterested in secular western civilization outside of their own neighborhoods.

    There is something to the trend of young Israelis moving to germany. My female cousin over there has mentioned wanting to do that a few times….Its because things are cheap there relative to Israel and a heck of a lot safer….with a lot less influence from religious fanatics.


    Apparently the author has never heard of ” twin town”

    1 in 5 pregnancies are twins with blond hair and blue eyes.