UNC Probe Reveals Academic Fraud

Robbi Pickeral, ESPN, December 20, 2012

A three-month investigation into academic fraud at the University of North Carolina revealed that not only student-athletes were given added academic benefits within the school’s African and Afro-American Studies department.

Rather, students at large benefited from anomalies specific to the department, such as unauthorized grade changes, forged faculty signatures on grade rolls and limited or no class time.

“This was not an athletic scandal,” former North Carolina Governor Jim Martin told UNC’s board of trustees. “It was an academic scandal, which is worse.”

The independent investigation, headed by Martin, shows that irregularities in the African and Afro-American Studies department went back further than an original probe revealed—to fall 1997.

However, according to the report presented to the board Thursday, no academic misconduct or other anomalies were found outside the AFAM department.


Martin and consulting firm Baker Tilly compiled almost two decades’ worth of enrollment data, looking at more than 172,000 course sections involving almost 120,000 undergraduates and almost 13,000 instructors. They also interviewed dozens of staff, students and officials, and concluded that no faculty member in AFAM was involved unethically in the scandal other than former chairman Julius Nyang’oro and former administrator Deborah Crowder.

According to the report, the review found 216 classes with proven or potential problems, including 454 unauthorized grade changes.

But the report also stated that the percentage of unauthorized grade changes for student-athletes was consistent with student-athlete enrollment in those courses.

“The athletic department, coaches and players did not create this,” Martin told the board of trustees. “It was not in their jurisdiction, it was the academic side.”

There is evidence that employees of the student-athlete support program were aware that certain courses within AFAM were so-called “Term Paper Courses” that were being taught as independent studies, according to the report.


Martin also told the board he found no evidence that any coaches knew anything about the irregularities.


In May, UNC publicly announced an internal probe found that 54 classes in the department of African and Afro-American Studies were either “aberrant” or “irregularly” taught from summer 2007 to summer 2011.

UNC said no student received a grade without submitting written work. But more than 50 percent of the students in those suspect classes were athletes. As first reported by The Raleigh News & Observer, one class in summer 2011 had an enrollment of 19—18 football players and one former football player.

In late July, a faculty committee looking into the scandal issued a new report, stating that academic counselors assigned to the athletes may have pushed them into those classes.


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  • Zapp Branigan

    Well, what did they expect? Fraud, corruption, and “taking care of a brother” by theft or cheating are endemic in any black run operation, it defines them as a race.

  • Luca

    Now you know how they get degrees in higher learning. Aside from fraud and corruption they take classes like: Ebonics for Beginners, Rap Music in America, White Privilege through the Ages, History of Hip-Hop, Diversity 101, Government Entitlements, and Single-Parenthood 101.

    • NYB

      It’s about shuffling blacks out the door and on the street with a university certificate, so they can gain access to jobs which require unspecified post-secondary education.

      It’s like the sub-prime mortgage scheme was supposed to increase black home ownership, through lowered standards.

      • StillModerated

        As the wizard told Scarecrow: I can’t make you smart, but I can give you a diploma.

    • Dr. X

      Way back in his days at WRAL, didn’t the late Jesse Helms refer to UNC as the “University of Communists and Negroes”? What I wouldn’t give for a non-P.C. senator who spoke his mind like that today. God rest his soul.

      • Tact

        He was a good man. R.I.P.

    • Joseph

      You made up that last one.

  • Puggg

    Dear Jim Martin:

    1. Of course it was an athletic scandal, it involved “student” athletes who needed easy basket weaving courses to be able to have a passing transcript

    2. The coaches didn’t know? Absence of evidence….Of course they knew. Why wouldn’t they know? Why wouldn’t the typical coach of a typical 17-23 yo black scholarship athlete know inherently that he wasn’t dealing with biochemistry majors here?

    3. This report is the same kind of “nobody important is to blame” CYA that the Benghazi Report was. No such report in this stead will be worth the paper it’s printed on until it indicts the corrupt fraudulent semi-professional sports leagues that passes for major college athletics in football and men’s basketball.

  • Should anyone really be surprised that they practice fraud?
    Gender and racial studies are in themselves fraudulent. It makes as much sense to teach voodoo in college as it does to teach women’s, chicano and african studies.

  • pcmustgo

    Cheating and Plagiarizing are major issues on colleges now. There’s many students, probably a larger portion Black and Latino, who simply buy their term papers online or pay some hungry out of work writer on craigslist to write them. What’s the going rate, $79 a paper? Not bad, pretty cheap…

    • Oil Can Harry

      These students are following in the proud footsteps of those loveable fratboys Ted Kennedy and the “Reverend Dr.” (cough cough) Martin Luther King Jr.

    • Remington

      And let’s not forget these supposedly “smart” Chinese students who are the worst of them all, even before they get accepted:

      “A 250-student survey by Zinch China, a Beijing wing of the California-based
      Zinch education consultancy, suggests college application fraud among Chinese
      students is extremely pervasive. According to the survey, roughly 90 percent of
      recommendation letters to foreign colleges are faked, 70 percent of college
      essays are ghostwritten and 50 percent of high school transcripts are


      Yeah, we gonna be so much better off with more of them in the US !

      • Gracchus123

        The White concept of honor and integrity does not exist among the other races.

        • StillModerated

          I’m certain it does not exist among white libtards, either.

          • Joseph

            He covered that with “other races”.

        • Charles Hastings

          I think the Japanese have it to a high degree. Perhaps only they besides Europeans. The English may have (or had) the most integrity because of the society they set up in the middle ages and Renaissance, relying on trust between small land-owners. Selection favored cooperative and honest people.

  • GrouchoMarxist

    Goes back to the Wizard of Oz. “You don’t need a brain: here’s a diploma!” Remember, as said by Lyndon Johnson: We cannot only have equality of opportunity; we must have equality of results”. And here we are.

  • falsedawn

    Fraud is endemic to every level of acdemia, from Kindergarten through college.

    • christopher mahoney

      UNC’s students should have to pass the GED to get their bachelor’s degree. That would ensure that they could read, write, add and subtract. (The professors should too.)

  • OlderWoman

    ‘…African and Afro-American Studies…’ hahahaha
    I’d imagine all it would take would be two or three classes to finish this course. That is, IF they taught the truth about it.

    • nobody

      Short answer: there is nothing you can possibly learn from studying black culture and there is nothing taught in these classes that are ever going to be useful to these students in their real lives. The only thing they teach is how evil whitey enslaved their borderline retarded ancestors and is keeping them down with his institutionalized racism. Which is all nonsense, if you even call someone the N word you will be on the front page of the news. Black people are like immature and emotional children, and apparently much too sensitive.

  • purestocles

    No harm done. Those who cheated and fraudulently acquired bogus credits and diplomas will be revealed as inept by the rigorous objective tests used by employers and government in their never-ending quest to hire only the most qualified. The cream will rise to the top while cheaters are exposed to public humiliation. Their unbounded shame at having rent the noble fabric of social trust will undoubtedly drive them to ceremoniously disembowel themselves, thereby redeeming their honor and restoring the sacred social contract.

    • i am

      How do you explain Obama getting to the top, or were you being sarcastic?

      • purestocles

        I defy you to find one true or even remotely plausible thing in what I said.

        • dhs

          “No harm done”

          America is such a mess that offering goofy courses such as Ebonic Technological Administration and Afro-Social Qualitative Analysis, will do no damage whatsoever.

      • Joseph

        How do you explain “Dubya” getting to the top? I think the mechanism is the same.

        Pick somebody of close to average intelligence with a tremendous ego like Col. Klink, massage that while carefully scripting their behaviors and statements to match the desired narrative, viola! instant “leader of the free world.

        • Joseph

          Yes, we pronounce it VI-OLA roun’ these parts.

    • StillModerated

      Government tests for bantus? Puh-leeze! I’ve seen the most inept illiterates stick it out until they become department heads.

    • Joseph

      Modern social contract = free cheese, cellphones, and EBT’s. Rousseau never visited E. St. Louis.

  • ‘We’re shocked, shocked I tell you to discover this was going on at our illustrious university!’

    At least there’s no evidence (yet) that any coaches were involved so I guess their jobs are safe and they can keep bringing in money for the university through their athletic departments.

    When sports became the foundation of universities, it became a race to the bottom (and I think they’re there).

    • StillModerated

      I think the most shocking fact is that it took university bureaucrats 3 months to do the study. I could have done it myself in about 3 hours. And that includes typing the report.

  • i am

    “Rather, students at large benefited from anomalies specific to the
    department, such as … limited or no class time.”

    I was told by one of my math professors in college that they can not make attendance a part of your grade. They can grade you on class participation which would require you to be there. I find it interesting that the useless classes require class participation (daily attendance), but not the classes that matter in the real world. Non of my math classes required anyone to show up except the first day, the days we took a test, and once during the semester for attendance verification. Chemistry, Physics, and Biology never required anyone to show up, or do homework. Lab work was mandatory one day a week, but you worked in groups, so all you had to do is show up and fill in the data that someone else took. Lab reports were done at home and turned in the following week.

    • fsagas


      In any hard science I taken/take you CAN’T afford miss class (even if you did I’m sure you would be dropped…but even so it is a guarantee fail) as the classes are extremely hard and demanding.

      Where I go, you still won’t get bonus points for participation but if you don’t participate you will probably fail the class. No one zones out.

      No one hands out homework or extra credit in the hard classes I taken/take. You create your own homework if you so choose. No one hands you homework (math excluded) to pass the test. You are responsible to learn the material. And, if the teachers suck or you have a difficult time learning via their teaching style…well tough luck.

      The social sciences are a different story.

      • American Civilian

        Maybe, fsagas, you should take at least an English 101?

      • Joseph

        Yes. but when they graduate with the B.A. in Sociology and their roommate gets the BS in Engineering, the market evaluates the credits again.

    • convairXF92

      From what I hear, nearly all classes at MIT today include “class participation” as part of the grade (usually 10%, which can make a difference if your classmates aka competitors are Asian nerds trying to grab every last grade point). For hard-science or math classes, that means how much you answer questions, or create your own questions, during recitation. This was not the case during my student days decades ago; then, only humanities courses kept track of such. They did, however, require all students to attend at least some classes during the last 2 weeks of the semester: you could get a grade of “O” (fail unless excuse accepted by a Dean) if gone the last 2 weeks. A few profs actually used this option, without warning the students.

      The “weekly required problem set” tradition now common among universities may have originated at MIT. Students with Ivy parents (like my ex), who believed daddy that “homework is for yourself, it doesn’t count”, found out the hard way, often too late, that “homework 45% of grade” in an MIT course was no bull.

  • Trying to educate a groid anywhere is a heinous act of academic fraud in itself – waste of money.

  • C_C_Conrad

    I really think that it is time for America to logically evaluate the purpose of a college or university. What is its function in this society? If the aim is to educate, then the student(s) must be able to learn the material and use it in a functional manner. If the student cannot absorb the material then they should attend a school that will teach them something useful so they can earn a living. There is nothing wrong with a good vocational or technical school.

    One thing that may be in the Liberal / Communist mind is that it is harder to infuse leftist (anti-white) propaganda at a vocational or technical school. I am sure that these ‘intellectuals’ at the universities imagine that a student is not properly educated unless they are taught at the feet of one of these so-called ‘intellectuals’.
    Jack’s War

    • dhs

      True, but another important function is providing employment opportunities for many persons as teachers, administrators, deans, Diversity monitors, advisors, etc. Many of these persons would be fortunate to get low paying jobs requiring hard work. Instead they have high paying fun jobs.

  • APaige

    The real ‘fraud’ is that there is a African American studies department- not that the department cheated for the benefit of blacks-thats a given.

  • IstvanIN

    The University gets the money from the student loan or grant regardless of how little actual knowledge the “student” leaves with.

  • anony

    Here is the actual course list:

    AFAM 51-First-Year Seminar: Masquerades of Blackness
    AFAM 101 – Black Experience to 1865
    AFAM 102 – Black Experience since 1865
    AFAM 258 – The Civil Rights Movement
    AFAM 263 – Foundations of Black Education
    AFAM 266 – Black Women in America
    AFAM 276 – The African American in Motion Pictures: 1900 to the Present
    AFAM 280 – Blacks in North Carolina
    AFAM 293 – The African Diaspora in the Americas
    AFAM 304 – Blacks in Britain and British North America to 1833
    AFAM 340 – Diaspora Art
    AFAM 356 – The History of Hip Hop Culture
    AFAM 371 – Emancipation in the New World
    AFAM 395 – Field Research in the Black Experience
    AFAM 398 – Seminar in Afro-American Studies
    AFAM 474 – Key Issues in African and Afro-American Linkages
    AFAM 692H – Honors Research II

    AFRI 101 – Introduction to Africa
    AFRI 190 – Topics in African Studies
    AFRI 261 – African Women: Changing Ideals and Realities
    AFRI 262 – The Literature of Africa
    AFRI 370 – Policy Problems in African Studies
    AFRI 375 – Politics of Cultural Production in Africa
    AFRI 416 – Human Rights and Social Justice Movements in Africa
    AFRI 421 – Introduction to the Languages of Africa
    AFRI 474 – Key Issues in African and Afro-American Linkages
    AFRI 480 – Ethnography of Africa
    AFRI 520 – Contemporary Southern Africa
    AFRI 522- West Africa: Society and Economy in the 20th Century

    • i am

      Here is what my college offers: (especially look at AFRAM 9)

      AFRAM 1 – Introduction to African-American Studies
      AFRAM 2 – Minority Economic Survival
      AFRAM 5 – The African-American Family in the United States
      AFRAM 6A – African-American Philosophy
      AFRAM 8 – African-American Politics
      AFRAM 14A – Social Psychology of African-American Male/Female Relationships
      AFRAM 14B – Social Psychology of African-American Male/Female Relationships
      AFRAM 30 – African-American History: Africa to 1865
      AFRAM 31 – African-American History: 1865 to 1945
      AFRAM 32 – African-American History: 1945 to the Present
      AFRAM 9 – Study of Caucasian Attitudes and Effect on African-American Minority
      AFRAM 11 – Perceptions of the African-American Male in America
      AFRAM 15 – African-American Women: Poverty, Politics, and Power
      AFRAM 20 – Field Studies in the African-American Community
      AFRAM 23 – Perceptions of African-American Women
      AFRAM 16 – Administration of Criminal Justice and Minority Communities
      AFRAM 17 – Perspectives on American Racism
      AFRAM 35 – Women of Color
      AFRAM 38 – Environmental Racism and Justice
      AFRAM 45 – Religion and the African-American Church in America
      AFRAM 48GA-MZ – Selected Topics in African-American Studies
      AFRAM 29 – African-American Experience through Films
      AFRAM 49 – Independent Study in African-American Studies
      AFRAM 251 – Introduction to Ethnic Literature–Poetry, Prose and Film

      • josh

        I imagine that course on male/female relations is popular. “Ah goss to go do some o dat homework!”

      • OlderWoman

        AFRAM 2 Minority Economic Survival.

        I would imagine this is an instruction manual for how to apply for entitlements.

        All that’s missing is “Prison Etiquette”.

    • MikeofAges

      Any of these could be good courses, if taught as good courses. If the caliber of students who were in Jewish Studies, Slavic Studies or Asian Studies majors took them (at some institutions they couldn’t just for personal safety reasons) they would expose not only most of the their fellow students but a lot of the faculty as well. Even on a master’s. level, a Jewish Studies candidate would have to know Hebrew and another European language, either that or Arabic or perhaps Latin or Greek. A Slavic Studies candidate would have to know two European languages, one a Slavic language. An Asian Studies candidate would have to know at least one Asian language and one other modern language.

      What would an African-American studies master’s candidate needs to know in that regard? I would think, either French or Spanish and an African language. If a program did not require these things, how could it be taken seriously as a scholarly prelude? I have argued before that while it is possible to attain serious preparation in affinity-based concentrations like Black (or African-American) Studies, Gay Studies, Women’s Studies or whatever, I doubt the strength of the requirements in these subjects compared to other disciplines. I seriously doubt that very many of the students come out of these majors with any strong background. Moreover, I suspect that most of the people who are doing academic research in these fields and teaching in them got their graduate degrees in more conventional fields like literature, history, sociology and political science.

      Of course, giving people a strong background is not the object. The goal is to give the students an easy program to graduate under so that the outreach on the next level (graduate and professional school or employment intake) can pick them up.

      • Ciccio

        What on earth is the good of knowing an African language. The only thing written in local languages is the bible and that was done by white missionaries. As for Swahili, it is an amalgam of Arabic and several local tongues, it is the lingua franca of the East African coast and not specific to any tribe. There is nothing, nothing, nothing in writing of Africa pre white man.

    • purestocles

      “Look at me! I’m Black.”

      “My degree?”

      “Me. I majored in Me.”

      “Now how do you honkies explain the fact that white kids with the same level of college education get preferential hiring in the employment marketplace? Youall got some fixing to do cuz you blinded by your privilege.”

    • Exactly WHAT value does this curriculum bring to the marketplace—one, I might add, that is becoming more and more competitive on a Global basis.

      In the interest of patriotism, State funded universities need to be required to offer majors that meet the needs of employers and industries within their geographical locations to equip graduates to be employable. Furthermore, standards MUST be kept high and graduation based upon meeting those standards.

      The ‘feel good’ majors, like black studies, woman’s studies, etc. need to be dropped–let the privately funded universities, if they chose to, offer these type of majors…taxpayers can’t afford to fund nonsense.

      The future of the USA depends upon making education work—we can’t afford the status quo much longer.

    • Joseph

      I feel enriched just reading the list.

  • LHathaway

    “This was not an athletic scandal,” former North Carolina Governor Jim Martin told UNC’s board of trustees. “It was an academic scandal, which is worse.”

    I guess if you’re stupid, you’d need it explained that it’s worse.

    • Tact

      You said it!!

  • bigone4u

    After a long career in higher ed, this surprises me no more than the Sandusky pedophile case surprised me. Higher ed in south Texas is 100 percent dominated by Hispanics whose only goal is to “get a bigger slice of the pie” by political means. The government in Austin has signed off on this agenda. The lying by administrators never stops. Note that the Board of Regents in this case performed an independent investigation, something very rare, or the lying would still be going on. In the Sandusky case, the coverup went on for 15 years even though the as the Freeh report noted there were hundreds of people who knew of the pedophilia.
    The white power structure in Texas is all for a universal college degree and masters or doctorate for all Hispanics because it has meant billions of tax dollars going into their pockets to build new campuses. In one construction project in San Antonio alone there was a $300 million dollar “irregularity,” involving the leading government contractor. It’s all about the money folks. Our owners don’t care about minorities, but they want the money from us to finance projects that bring in more and more minorities because they get to build the buildings that house those minority students,classrooms that teach them, and then later employ them. It’s all about the money. Don’t ever forget that.

    White Texans have already been ominously warned over and over that Texas is ready to turn majority minority very soon and that the only way the state can survive (read as not turning Detroit or little Mexico) is to educate all the Hispanics and turn them into doctors, nurses, scientists, etc.
    Twenty years ago the Hispanics in Texas university classrooms were as good as any, ready to learn and seeking a spot in the middle class by hard work. Today, there is an entitlement mentality along the lines of “I’m here so gimme my degrees.” Most of the freshman (AN UN-PC WORD) seem to have majored in Single Parenthood 101 in high school and so many of these aspiring students today drop out. Those that stay in the pipeline and graduate mostly end up in jobs that do not in reality require a degree. Meanwhile, they rack up student loan debt. All the while administrators constantly remind the white faculty that the new world order will require Hispanic colleagues in massive numbers, a not so subtle encouragement to pass them on to their ultimate doctoral degrees.
    Bottom line: The system is sick and unsustainable. It deserves to be overthrown ASAP.

    • Joseph

      Construction expenditures may be large lumps but amortized are a tiny fraction of the annual budgets. The Edutocracy’s Holy Words here are “recruitment and retention”. They get money for everyone who fogs a mirror enrolled in a course, no matter how vacuous or arcane. Graduates are icing, ostensibly validating the worth of a program.

  • nashville

    Whites Allowed or Colored Only? Segregation allowed if it benefits the bros in the pc age? Looks like all the bigger city media in the state went way lightweight on the article too and brushed it off the map already.

    And who even begins to doubt the other 49 states dont have the same programs?

  • StillModerated

    … no academic misconduct or other anomalies were found outside the AFAM department.

    Of course not. Only grade inflation, dubious admission requirements based on race, massive debt racked up by student loans, and the hiring of radical leftist professors. Besides these non-scandals all is well with the entire college racket in the USA.

    SARCASM 103

  • Epiminondas

    Who knew? (“In other news, ESPN has learned that most professional basketball players are black.”)

  • josh

    Ah be takin’ HipHop 101,nomesyane? Gotta jam to some JayZ fo ma homework,nomesayne?

  • shmo123

    Academic Fraud? Nahhhhhhh, couldn’t be. The following are some of the course titles in the “African American & African Diaspora Studies” dept. at the school I once attended. These are all full-credit classes. The snide comments are mine, but the course names are all real:

    Dance in the African Diaspora: What I like to think of as “Shakin with Shaneeka”.

    Soul Revue: If you didn’t grow up with Soul Train, this is the class for you.

    Survey of Hip Hop. A survey…sure.

    Hip Hop music and culture. Guns not provided.

    Contemporary Minorities. More like Grievance 101. The course description says this: An interdisciplinary study of how members of
    four minority groups—Native Americans, Asian Americans, blacks, and
    Hispanics—combine their struggle for social justice with their desire to
    maintain their own concepts of identity.

    3 credits on how the struggle continues.

    Modern Sports and the African American Experience. Watch football on the weekends for credit!

    African American and African Protest Strategies. Huh?

    To be fair there are some classes, like the History of Jazz where you can actually learn something, (the one area you can say blacks had an important part in creating and continue to make lasting and significant contributions), but a lot speaks for itself, and is just twaddle masquerading as an academic discipline. If classes like that are too much there’s always the “Topics” courses, which basically are made up between the Prof. and the student. They pretend to read books, pretend to write reports and then get credit. In fact most can and I quote “be repeated with a different topic for a max of 6 credit hours”. Bounce from prof to prof on topics classes and you can knock out a good chunk of requirements right there.

    • christopher mahoney

      These should be summer or adult education classes. They do not fall under any recognized academic discipline. They are not building blocks for knowledge. They are a tax on those who pay for higher education, and they enable the other departments to maintain minimal standards while the uneducable are processed by the various Victims’ Studies Departments. Is it possible to be unemployed with a Harvard degree? Yes, if it’s in Queer Studies.

      • shmo123

        You could make them summer classes or adult ed. classes but they’d still have the imprimatur of the University, and they shouldn’t. Unfortunately, the PC crazed invertebrates who run universities would never admit that something to do with minorities has no academic merit; so they’ll allow anything, no matter how specious, ridiculous or lacking in merit. One day, I hope the whole rotten edifice comes crashing down around them.

  • jay11

    You should see what goes on in urban high schools, especially when you read a story about thir or that urban school having a ‘miraculous’ turn around in grades and graduation rates. I know what I’m talking about as an insider. I have had administrators go and blatently change grades I submitted, and they felt no shame about it. They get motivated by ‘social justice’ and commit fraud and feel justified in doing it! Liberals!

  • christopher mahoney

    The problem is that, armed with these false credentials, the program’s graduates can then become teachers, the kind who can’t read or write or be fired.

  • jeffersonian not

    What the hell is all this white privilege though the ages? Whites created and built this modern 1st world society in western civilization for whites not for other races. What about black privilege in African nations and tribal hierarchies? Were they not the ones who sold off their rejects to the white man to purge the runts undesirables bad seeds even from their own ranks beginning 500 years ago to the west even as it had been going on thousands of years in the middle east since whites used their own white slaves only?

    Why was white on white slavery ended anyway? Not a single black slave built or maintained the magnificent cities and nations of Europe for all those thousands of years.

    It is still a complete mystery why the financiers in Europe became sold on the black slave to its new western world when they had tens of millions of conquered red race mongoloid Asian migrants already there to do the manual work.

    White privilege is a complete farce and a lie especially within a white western civilization since living in this advanced society was never meant for other than whites in the first place notwithstanding it was a caste system anyway and only a privileged few whites made it to the top anyway s most were of the peasant class.

    Slavery was not only the worst monumental mistake ever made but upset the natural world order of the 3 races geographically classified by archaeology eons ago. Jefferson later in 1776 took everything to a whole new level with his equality endowment invoking the creator of all things that led to Madison reducing the very pillar that white chosen race supremacy was built upon with the two part Constantine Book in AD 321 to solidify what was clearly

    obvious anyway with the blessed chosen Shem race.

    Bottom line is the can of worms has been opened and the genie is out of the bottle and nothing can reverse this that has now spilled into the genetic fabric of the three races creating the return to the original destroyed single human race that was never supposed to return. Where much is given much is expected. I am not mocked. Vengeance is mine. This was not the way it was meant to be by the creator. Jefferson was dead wrong and a liar. Same for Madison.

  • falsedawn

    The interesting thing is when I go to my monthly board of education meeting it’s clear as day the individuals on the board (the superintandant is there and he’s an “educator”) couldn’t do anything on the up and up if their lives depended on it. They’ve all got a horse in the race. Some of them are themselves educators. Others are selling something to the schools or have someone in the family selling to the schools, etc. There may be two or three who actually want to do something good for the children, but they’re heavily outvoted by the special interest groups every time.

  • Laager

    University of North Carolina
    If you want to know what is coming your way America just follow the “performance” of the ANC government in South Africa.
    Then take a look at Haiti, Liberia, Sierra Leone ………………………………………….

  • Joseph

    More “social justice” for minorities.

  • WarLlama

    How unsurprising. All of this and they didn’t even win The Big Game!