The Slow Death of White America

Tom Leonard, Daily Mail (London), November 9, 2012

For Republicans struggling to understand their defeat at the polls, the most chilling statistic in this week’s presidential election was this: Mitt Romney won the biggest share of the white vote that any Republican White House contender ever has — and he still lost.

In an election battle that was defined as much as anything by race, Mitt Romney won the support of 59 per cent of whites, but just 27 per cent of Latinos, 26 per cent of Asian-Americans and 6 per cent of African-Americans.

Thirty years ago, being unpopular with ethnic minorities would hardly have stopped a white establishment candidate like Romney from trouncing Barack Obama. But back then, whites accounted for almost 90 per cent of voters. Now they make up just 72 per cent of the electorate, and that figure is shrinking by the year.

Tuesday’s election showed a large turnout by Hispanics, who constituted some 10 per cent of voters — more than ever before. With 71 per cent of them voting for Mr Obama — notably in a handful of crucial swing states such as Florida, Colorado and Nevada, where they turned out at the polls in unusually high numbers — Hispanic voters gave the President his winning margin.

In other key states, such as Ohio, pundits said a strong showing by Hispanic and black voters together ensured an Obama victory.

The Republican party, said one pollster, ‘will be doomed if they lose black and Latino votes by these same margins in the future’.

He’s not exaggerating. As the election highlighted, white America is dying — and in a quite literal sense.

The evidence of this demographic timebomb, which is likely to alter the face and character of the U.S. far more fundamentally than any number of elections, was made plain in the summer in a new report by the U.S. Census Bureau.

It revealed that for the first time in American history, ethnic minorities now account for more than half the babies born in the U.S.

Of the four million children born in the year to July 2011, 50.4 per cent were ethnic minorities — black, Asian, mixed-race and, above all, Hispanic.

It was a long-expected milestone on the road to an America in which, according to experts, within 30 years whites will no longer be the majority.

Rather, the U.S. will boast 130 million Hispanics, more than the current population of Mexico. Among under 18-year-olds, whites will become a minority as early as 2019.

For a country founded by British colonists on British traditions and, for half its history inhabited almost entirely by white Europeans (if you discount the slaves, as the nation’s leaders did), it signals a seismic cultural transformation for the world’s sole superpower.

Given that immigration has become the country’s single most divisive issue, predictably some Americans have been punching the air for joy at the decline of a white majority, while others are bereft at what they see as the leaching away of their nation’s traditional character.

Liberals wedded to a multi-ethnic future insist it will be an opportunity to reinvigorate the U.S., creating a more diversified, open-minded and 21st century country.

At the other extreme are conservatives who believe the ‘death’ of white America spells cultural, economic and political doom for their country, and an end to the values of self-sufficiency that made their country great. And in between the two extremes are most rank-and-file Americans, who understand that the U.S. needs new blood if it is to avoid Japan and Europe’s economic nightmare of an ageing population, but who are worried by the implications of what has been dubbed the ‘browning’ of the U.S.

As they sit on a bus or train listening to Mexican Americans chat away in Spanish, they may wonder if their country’s famous ability to assimilate all newcomers is going to work in the next century.

Conservative thinker Pat Buchanan, a senior adviser to Presidents Nixon, Ford and Reagan, is an outspoken critic of recent immigration. For him, ‘white America is a dying tribe’, and the ethnic minority tribes that are jostling to fill the gap are simply not up to the task of competing against the rising power of China.

When, 14 years ago, President Bill Clinton told students in Oregon that it would be better for America when everyone was a minority, Buchanan waspishly observed that those students would one day ‘have to spend their golden years in a Third World America’.

Unlike in the past, it isn’t black Americans who are the greatest political concern for the defenders of ‘old’ America, but Hispanics from Mexico and Latin America — the legacy of four decades of economic migration by millions who have come north looking for a job and a chance to find the American Dream.

The problem, in the eyes of many conservatives, is that compared with the generations of Irish, Germans, Jews, Poles and Italians before them, pitifully few Hispanics have yet found that dream. Most Hispanics — two-thirds of whom originate from Mexico — continue to be stuck limpet-like at the bottom of society, a quiet, often overlooked army doing the most menial jobs such as picking fruit, washing cars, toiling in restaurant kitchens and cleaning offices.

Thanks to the sweeping away of immigrant quotas, the immigrant population has quadrupled since 1970, with nearly 14 million entering the country between 2000 and 2010 alone.

Mexicans are by far the biggest group — of the 12 million now living in the U.S., about half are there legally. (It is sobering to learn that the U.S. population of around 226 million in 1980 has now increased to more than 314 million.)

America’s struggling economy and toughened border controls have put a brake on immigration, but the problem for those upset by the country’s changing demographics is that whites — while still constituting 72 per cent of the population — aren’t having enough children.

The fertility rate for Hispanic women is 2.4 children, compared with 2.1 for black women, and only 1.8 for whites. Latinos don’t just have more children — already more than a quarter of all babies — but they are also much younger. While the average age of American whites is 42, for Hispanics it is just 27.

In much of America’s south-west, there is growing tension between richer but increasingly beleaguered older white people and younger, poorer Latinos.

Earlier this year, a Texas pizza chain called Pizza Patron drew a storm of protest from conservatives after launching a promotion to give free slices to anyone who could order in Spanish. (In 2007, the company’s bosses even received death threats after they started accepting Mexican pesos as another stunt.)

Pat Buchanan told me that white Middle America feels it has been abandoned. ‘They watch on cable TV as illegal aliens walk into their country and are rewarded with free healthcare and education for their kids, take jobs away from U.S. workers and carry Mexican flags while marching in American cities to demand U.S. citizenship: they sense that they are losing their country, and they are right,’ he said.

He insisted there are increasingly ‘two Americas’: white and northern Asian-Americans from China, Japan and South Korea, who have higher incomes and far better educational qualifications than the other half of the divided nation — the Hispanic and African-Americans.

In this, at least, his opponents will concede he has a point. America — like Britain — desperately needs a well-qualified workforce to compete in the world, but just 13 per cent of adult Latinos have a college degree, compared with 18 per cent of blacks and 31 one per cent of whites.

Buchanan believes Britain, with the rest of Europe, faces the same fate as the U.S. under the relentless logic of a dwindling white population and growing minorities.

‘There’s nothing the British can do because they’re not reproducing,’ he said. ‘They’re getting older, they’re going to die and someone’s going to come in and take it over. I think Europe is finished.’

Liberal demographic experts such as Bill Frey at the think-tank the Brookings Institution dismiss doom-mongering about Hispanics as the irrational fear of a generation who — owing to a dearth of immigration between the Thirties and Seventies — never had to grow up with an influx of newcomers. Americans were just as scared of Italian immigrants when they arrived in the early 20th century, he argues. He says Hispanic immigrants bring ‘enthusiasm, energy and inventiveness’ to America — qualities you can’t measure by the size of their bank account or their number of degrees.

What’s more, he says,  while it always takes about three generations for immigrants to start moving up through society, surveys show Hispanic immigrants really do want to become ‘mainstream Americans’. They ‘just’ need government help — education, housing, social services, English lessons — to give them a leg-up.

With this touchstone issue set to dominate much of America’s social and political debate in the coming years, the Republican Party is left to wrestle with the issue of how it can attract voters who are not wedded to the traditional values it espouses.

The sensible response for the party will be to turn to its strong line-up of young, ethnic minority figures — particularly charismatic Cuban-American Marco Rubio, a Florida senator — who are waiting in the wings as future leaders.

If instead it chooses another candidate like Romney in 2016, it may be doomed to failure again.

‘Harsh rhetoric about Hispanics is for some Republicans rather like smoking — you know it will kill you, but you do it anyway,’ says party pollster Whit Ayres.

If those in the leadership don’t ‘break the habit’, he says grimly, the Republican party is finished.

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  • alas

    Good old Daily Mail, the only media outlet in the UK willing to tell us the truth. Not for nothing that it is the most read newspaper.

    But, as for the suggestion Marco Rubio is an ethnic-minority – am I mistaken in believing he is white? His ancestors may be from Cuba, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t white, he certainly looks it. I am also aware Bronson Arroyo is Cuban-American, but obviously not all hispanics are not white, which should be recognized more.

    •  I’m pretty sure Bronson’s ancestors did not arrive in this country during the Mariel Boatlift!

    • Barrack Osama

      Whether or not he’s white, what he advocates sure isn’t.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Exactly, that’s the key!

    • The__Bobster

      Yes, Mitt Romney’s slithering away from his previous (relatively) restrictionist posturing during the primaries is disappointing, albeit unsurprising. But there is still no doubt that America dodged a bullet when Marco Rubio was not selected to be the GOP vice presidential candidate.

      Ever since being denied the VP nod, Rubio has been touring the country bashing both Obama and the Republican Party for not being sufficiently supportive of mass immigration. (If either were only the case!) Responding to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s assertion that “you can’t just trot out a brown face or a Spanish surname and expect people are going to vote for your party or your candidate,” Rubio agreed: “I think what he’s saying, quite frankly, is true for both parties.”

      • IstvanIN

         Rubio hates Anglo men and Anglo America.  He wants Batista’s Cuba recreated in North America.

        • Batista’s Cuba had possibly the highest standard of living in all of Latin America in the 1950s- and it was in fact higher than in many European countries at the time.  Batista left you alone as long as you stayed out of  politics, while Castro interfered in every aspect of your life- including the right to travel/emigrate.

      • Don’t worry Bobster, Marco Rubio will be the GOP’s answer to the hispanic question in 2016 and he will win hands down. “Conservative” commentators cannot stop gushing over this La Raza traitor.

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      I have to quibble on one point.  Uncle Ronnie got 64% of the white vote in 1984, whereas Mittens received 58-59%, so Mittens did not get the highest share of white voters ever.

      • fenway23

        If Mittens had gotten 64% of the white vote like Ronnie he proabably would have won the election.  And more to the point, he would have beat Obongo  had he carried  states like VT, OR, WA, ME, NH, IA, MA, OH, PA and WI where the electorate is still mostly white. But this isn’t 1984 anymore… it’s 2012. And even though these  states went for Reagan back in the day, they are now apparently home to a  substantial number of hardcore liberal hipsters who wouldn’t even give an ex-liberal flip-flopper like Romney a chance…  let alone some pro-white paleoconservative.

      • Liberalssuck

         The difference now in 2012 compared to 1984 is that there are more whites who are liberal with their views or fed up with the Republican Party or the increase of single (white) females who think white conservative males are out to get them. 

      • Yorkshireman.

         I believe that blacks voted Obama simply because he is black. Judging by all the whoopin’ and hollorin’ after each sentence uttered, Obama could have simply read out the entire McD menu and would have received the same ovation. The millions of Mexicans who voted Obama did so because there was no Mexican candidate and Obama is not White. Next time, Whites need only one candidate and have every White to get up off their backsides and vote for him, no matter what his policies or politics, just of middle of the road on everything and be very clear he is only pro-White, no matter what.  Sort out the trivia once in office. Numbers will vindicate his election.  I, of course, do not get to vote in USA but I rigorously apply this maxim to all elections in UK, whether they be National, Local, Police & Crime Commissioner or whatever comes up.  Problem in UK is that we are constantly monitored by unelected Eurocrats who are determined to undermine British law and customs which have been in force for a couple of thousand years.  Recently we have been flooded out with Africans and Pakistanis, thanks to our left wing Labour (Democrat?) Party who were importing alien anti-White votes.

    • jeffaral

      In Latin America the concept of race is meaningless: what matters is how rich you are.

      • Stan_Mute

        If you are rich enough, this is true everywhere.

        But for those who do not own private jets, Latin America is *very* concerned about race. In every central and South American country I’ve visited (and in all the rest I’ve read) a very clear but never explicitly stated caste system where whites are at the top. Here you’ll find most politicians, professionals, media (actors and news presenters), etc. Next on the hierarchy come the mestizos. Since mestizos are hybrid you’ll find whiter mestizos at the top and darker at the bottom. Here will be most mid level managers, shop owners, the middle classes. At the bottom you will find the Indios. Many still live as they lived a thousand years ago. There may still be a couple tribes uncontacted (but surely not unaware) by modernity. The Darien in Panama

        • george00

          “In Latin America the concept of race is meaningless: what matters is how rich you are.” ” If you are rich enough, this is true everywhere.”
          What are you talking about, Bill Cosby is rich and he’s still black and considered black, the same can be said about Obongo and every rich professional black athlete. The concept of race is never meaningless no matter where you are. Everything else you said was accurate. 

        • Brazilians are probably one of the most racially aware in the group.  Ironically, they are often portrayed as some kind of racial utopia.

      •  That is nonsense. Everyone knows that there is an extensive case-system based on race in Central and South America.

    • David Ashton

        The Daily Express (esp. Leo McKinstry) does a good job sometimes, despite being owned no longer by the Canadian Lord Beaverbook but by the porn-publisher Richard Desmond!!!  Ironies of life, but a clue that it is not a worthless enterprise to pose as a patriot and oppose multicultural immigration.

    • Exoplanet Finder

      When white America dies, America dies, because white America IS America, just like ‘white Britain’ IS Britain, and just like ‘white’ Earth IS ‘humanity.’ The rest… are orbiting the white locus of human endeavor, dream-fulfillment, advancement, value-creation, and nature-investigation, and trying to destroy it in the very same way Semitic nomads pillaged the civilized towns of Sumeria 4000 years ago. Seen in the broad sense, and in the long term, the reelection of BHO, the latter-day Sargon, may be the catalyst for us modern day Sumerians to rise, not in our numbers, but in our power, for more and more are seeing things as they really are. Diversity swallows actual diversity when it hinders the development of the people who run the universal state, and for the first time in over 200 years, those people have been excluded from control of their state. And if division has been our hallmark since Vietnam and the Youth Revolution, the world we created in now forcing us to grow up. Talk about ‘leveling the playing field’- no, the game is not over. It has not even begun. How could it be, when we have not even taken the field? We are in the dugout/on the bench drinking Brawndo. It has electrolytes and we think it keeps us healthy when it is killing us. ‘Leveling the playing field’ in its second-sense is what happens when we indeed ‘level it’. This has to happen, as Jefferson advised, periodically. We must level it and start over… and we will.

    • If he is connected in any way with the ruling elite south of the border, he is no friend of white Americans, or whites anywhere. I consider all Hispanics enemies of my race, including the “white Hispanics,” because of their role in the ongoing dispossession, displacement and eventual genocide of white Americas. After all, to quote the Bible, by their fruits we know them. Hispanics and their puppetmasters have handed a platter of very bitter fruits to white Americans.

    • OnGuard

      Marco Rubio is working on another version of the Dream Act (despite the 2007 HUGE outcry against Amnesty), so he too is Hispandering. He expects to move up the ladder quickly, especially because he is of the favored ethnicity of America’s  future. (The snake also voted for the NDAA!)    I remember when Riordan was elected mayor of LA; the Spanish language newspapers’ headlines read: Last non-Hispanic mayor of LA elected!  Sure enough, Antonio Villarogsa was the next mayor, Hispanic, of course! And, no doubt, the trend will continue as LA becomes Third World.

    •  The middle and upper classes in Cuba were overwhelmingly Caucasian- mostly one or two generations removed from Spain.  If you want an argument- try calling a race realist Cuban-American of a certain age a “Hispanic”.

    • Lindsey Graham is also White, but a traitor to our race with his incessant amnesty demands for illegal invading mexicans.

  • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

    The Bloody Death of White America.

  • “The problem, in the eyes of many conservatives, is that compared with
    the generations of Irish, Germans, Jews, Poles and Italians before them,
    pitifully few Hispanics have yet found that dream. Most Hispanics —
    two-thirds of whom originate from Mexico — continue to be stuck
    limpet-like at the bottom of society, a quiet, often overlooked army
    doing the most menial jobs such as picking fruit, washing cars, toiling
    in restaurant kitchens and cleaning offices.”

    The reason they are poor and work menial jobs is because this is the extent to which they are capable of working in America.  These are the least intelligent, least educated rabble from Mexico and Central America.  The only way they have it better than they did in mexico is because  the United Soviet Socialist State of America provides ridiculous entitlements. 

    • You Are Now Enriched

      Now we have proof positive of the GOP’s collective salvation through Diversity:

      Condoleezza Rice Urges GOP To Widen Tent To Remain Politically Viable

      Are you watching FoxNews- all the pundits are embracing change- the all say that the GOP must reach out to Diversity. Even our so called conservatives are now advocating faster White genocide.

      Well, if America would suddenly turn so fast, a black face in the White House would surely do it.

      • jeffaral

        Conservattives have always been anti-White.  

      • David Ashton

          The GOP has not excluded non-white faces from its tent. 
          What is really being demanded is to move it further leftwards as a futile self-destroying me-too of the Democrats by making specific policies to please separate segments of the population:  more welfare for non-whites paid for by whites, quotas or worse for blacks & low-IQ ethnics, ending barriers to Mexican & other immigration & legalizing illegals, encouraging abortion & partial-birth abortion for single (white) women, “gay marriage” and homosexual propaganda in (non-Muslim) schools, drug legalization for “students”, and a general drift in the direction the New Left aka “Cultural Marxists” wanted.

        • Another words, the GOP will be the “conservative” wing of the democrats. Our two party system is essentially over for White America. In 2016 there will be a hispanic nominee for POTUS and he will win. We may very well have seen the last White POTUS for a very long time.

          • David Ashton

              But will it be Hilarious “Goddam” Clintstone as the next POTUS, or have I misspoke?

          • She will be the VP, or the nominee with some hispanic reconquista as her VP.

  • Central mistake: 
    And in between the two extremes are most rank-and-file Americans, who
    understand that the U.S. needs new blood if it is to avoid Japan and
    Europe’s economic nightmare of an ageing population, but who are worried
    by the implications of what has been dubbed the ‘browning’ of the U.S.

    Nonsense. Developed countries DO NOT need  “youfs” & demographic “reinvigoration”. Japan is NOT in troubles due to ageing population. Simply- there is no need for “new blood”.

    This is 3rd world way of thinking. Modern society can prosper from its own resources, even with “older” population. It’s technology, inventiveness that matter, not an amount of unassimilable foreigners- even if they are educated, like many Asians.

    China with one child policy, “old” Japan & South Korea are growing & doing just fine. Demographically exploding Africa & Muslim parts will implode  due to inability to feed themselves. Only if White suicidal tendencies prevent that .

    • ed91

       I agree………  this comes from insane politicians with too much time on their hands to come up with stupid ideas for social engineering…….

      ted kennedy for example, may he rest in hell

    • TheCogitator

      I agree with you, but I think most countries worry about declining populations because they are all so deep in debt. With an increasing population there are more people to assume and pay the debt.

      • MissBonnie123

        Actually, the aliens and immigrants add to the debt. They cost the taxpayers through social services, education, medical care, etc. Also, we need to create more transportation infrastructure, more agencies to deal with so-called discrimination against nonwhites, etc.

        According to one article I read, every half dollar for social services is borrowed from other countries, which of course adds to the national debt. This wouldn’t be the case if social services benefits were not being given to immigrants and aliens.

    • KenelmDigby

      Exacttly right.

      Over the past decades, the British government has pursued a policy of unlimited, mass immigration, a policy that has lead to the largest absolute year-on-year increase in British population ever recorded in British history – larger, in fact, than during the time of the great expansion of British population in Victorian times.
       Not unconnected, in the past half-decade we have witnessed the very worst economic and industrial performance of the British economy ever recorded, and what’s more, no one predicts things to turn around or any possible way out of the crisis.

      During the same time frame, the Japanese were intelligent, and greatly restricted immigration.
       Despite suffering a terrible natural disaster, when you consider all the vital economic metrics, the Japanese economy is ding a sight better than the British economy.

      At best, mass immigration is irrelevant to economic performance. at worst, it is positively destructive of economies.

    • David Ashton

        Absolutely right, as usual.  My message to the “Likes”  –  Don’t give up!  Joint together and reassure the people.

    • Allwyn Mayer

      Actually, Japan IS in trouble due to the astronomical amount of debt it is currently saddled with. Lack of a demographic boom makes it virtually impossible to get rid of this debt without austerity measures a la Greece, Portugal and Ireland. The fact of the matter is, the industrialized world (except for Germany) has largely been living on borrowed wealth. The US, Japan, the UK, France, Italy and Spain are all teetering on the edge of a fiscal collapse the likes of which have not been seen since the Great Depression. While highly skilled immigrants can aid the economy, large scale immigration of low skilled workers across the borders will certainly drive this country into an early grave.

  • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

    This is the BEST essay to come out of the White community since Carlton Putman’s Race and Reason book:

    Waking Up from the American Dream

    A White Nationalist Memo to White Male Republicans

    Gregory Hood

  • Smeagol2

    At least the comments on the original article are encouraging, if not the article itself. 

  • cecilhenry

    And my father jokes about all this.

    How contemptible.

    Wake up or die.

    He thinks he loves his grandkids, — hell of a way to show it.

    • IstvanIN

       I look at my grandson and my heart sinks when I imagine his future.

      • Liberalssuck

         Me, too.  I feel sorry when I see white kids nowadays.  I also feel sorry for the younger white adults when they are old not having good, decent young white health care professionals to take care of them in their dying years. 

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           Better look again, this is the case now.  White seniors are being tended by mostly non-white health care workers who are more than ever, just in their jobs for the money and yes, carry a deep hatred for their white patients in general.   One mistake often made is this oft repeated matra concerning “our children and grandchildren.”  The young people today are the first grandchildren connected with that phrase which functions to put the concern out ahead into a fuzzy future.  That future is upon us.

        • mlewis73

          I’ve worried about this too…not so much the race but the person’s motivation and attention to detail…all of which seem to be lacking in care for the elderly. So sad. I don’t see things improving for me when I’m old years from now…and imagine an even worse future for my children.

          I’m white… but the race issue concerns me so much less than the overall REAL issue, which is the prevalence of noncaring people in our society who have no attention to detail and no motivation other than (perhaps) “What’s In It For Me?”

          Shameful. A black person is as capable of caring for someone as a white person, or an Asian, or… It is all about a person’s motivation.

      • OnGuard

        I look at my (white) nieces’ kids and my heart sinks because their kids are either half-Latino (Puerto Rican and Mexican) or half-black (car thief w/other illegitimate kids, who impregnated her at 15)! Of the 3 “fathers”, 2 have disappeared, pay no child support (which I predicted). My nieces are the grandaughters of a Navy Captain, fighter pilot, married to the same woman for 63 years.  Seems like a mirror of what’s happening to our nation.

        • Dear God what a tragedy!

        • mlewis73

          I worry about the same thing. I know someone whose sisters all had mixed race children (one of whom by more than one father). None of the dads pay child support or are involved. SICK, SICK, SICK that any child should be having sex before they’re old enough to marry, and married, anyway. Shows a lack of self control and failure to respect oneself and others.

      • Having children in this country is an act of sadism- unless you can get them educated in certain parts of Europe.

    • Tim

      I would say that my father probably worked more earnestly for the advancement of Blacks and the ‘the poor” over Whites than yours, but at least he never joked about it or gloated over it. It`s tough to look in the eyes of your own family and see your own worst enemy isn`t it?..  Regards and keep fighting.

      • My father (and
        stepmother) are White liberals (life-long educators in Los Angeles-what does that tell you), who
        voted for hussein obama (at least once. I am not even going to ask them if they
        voted for him a second time, as I may never forgive them)

        It has been the source of
        contention for a long while and at times, left me incensed, disturbed and
        confused. I regret to admit I have said some nasty things to him during our
        discussions over the subject. I refuse to broach the subject any longer with them
        when we are together.

        You would think that
        being in the belly of the beast insofar as the illegal invasion via mexico
        is concerned; his thinking would have “evolved” on the matter. How
        can two reasonably intelligent people be so wrong on the subject of race and
        how can they fail to recognize the devastation caused via legal and illegal
        non-White immigration from the third world?

        I’ll never understand how
        the liberal mind works….

  • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

    Watch this trend grow and mainstream- do your part-

    Louisiana residents petition to secede

    • NYB

      Whites in every state should be starting petitions like this.

      Another thing whites can do to protest the government is ‘work to rule’.   

      Start slowing down your productive output.  Do less overtime. Consume less.  Give charity only to other deserving whites.   Spend more time at home feathering your nest.   Hold down employment opportunities for yourself and other whites, denying them to immigrants.  Barter.  Do your own repairs, denying the government tax revenue on goods and services.

      Make the system slow down, just as the socialism-enthusiasts are trying to ramp it up.  We can survive the fiscal cliff, but they won’t.

      • mlewis73

        You are optimistic. For a white man to want to give his family a good lifestyle, and to protect his family for generations yet to come, is considered racist. White men are being removed from the “family” by the government, as it diminshes the value of marriage, provides easy divorce, glorifies “single mothers” who should instead be dishonored, and allows absent fathers to not fulfill their role spending time with their children and paying child support.

        The institutions once honored in the country have fallen by the wayside. Once we started on this slippery slope, there could be no recovery unless there is a sea change of sentiment among all classes/races. And that, my friends, is not going to happen. People aren’t responsible enough to save sex for marriage. People aren’t “big” enough to not have children in order to get more money from the government. And politicians are too chicken to reign that in.

        Instead, they’ll get rid of folks who’ve worked hard all our lives (me, lost active duty military career of nearly 15 years due to government cutbacks (wow, they’re still paying illegals, though!), and others such as NASA employees and folks who also actually contribute to society have suffered similarly.)


  • libertarian1234

    “The Republican party, said one pollster, ‘will be doomed if they lose black and Latino votes by these same margins in the future’.”

    Strange, isn’t it?

    I mean two years ago an absolute purge of Democrats took place in the House with backing from the Tea Party, yet there were no stories from the radical MSM about the strength of white unity, and I’m pretty sure non-whites voted close to the same percentages then,  or perhaps the turnout was just a little bit better. 

    Instead they offered story after story about how the country was being taken over by haters and Nazis and something had to be done.

    This year they’re claiming that Hispanic and black electorates amounting to a total of about 18 or 19% overwhelmed the white electorate and was responsible for Obama winning.

    Of course, they’re careful to avoid mentioning that 39% of whites comprising about 20% of radical leftists, union members, and out-of-touch programmed under 30 types, were the dominant force in Obama’s re-election, as they were in 2008.

    The greatest enemies we have are mentally deranged white propagandists in the MSM, the entertainment industry and academia.  If they could be neutralized, most of this anti-white hatred would come to an end.

    • Carocaput

      Why not just say we need to expose the role of united Jewry in this country.  Every other groups agenda can be talked about.

    • seek

      I’ll agree with you on MSM and academia.  Not so much on entertainment. 

    • StillModerated

      * White anti-Christian propagandists *

    • David Ashton

        Save the “party” by sacrificing the “country”?

    • Michael Ryan

        whites vote heavier in non presidential races so we won in 2010. im a union guy though always voted republican until now. and have an insight that many in non union areas dont get they are not much different in their thinking than most  americans.  government unions are a whole other ball game  and unions of all kinds are being court ordered to integrate past 30 years so  really theres two unions but thats a spliot to be exploited. there’s a lot of potential there but you are right the media academia etc can really mind control. a lot of blue collar whites just stayed home thinking romney is only for the rich. they already knew obama was for the poor. romney got highest white vote % possibly ever and still lost.democrats win with coalitions that often contradict each other not just reason but the republican coalitions are more principled libertarians are a good example and christians another.i myself am a bit un nerved by the populist anti trase even national socialist talk here at the dissident right. i think though theres an opening here with the younger crowd although they are completely brainwashed in school  they realydont see all this racism they are supposed to oppse in fact they do see the reverse racism so its important to not overtly connect racism with causes like the tea party even covertly  if you work through them keep your mouth shut they are a vital force for states rights and constitutional rights  without which the left could never have taken over entertainment journalism acadamia etc they are moving now to  cllose off a counter assault  with speech laws and post constitutional thinking if we are discredited in our attempts to combat this on grounds of liberty by association with hate we will be forced to fight a hot war we wont likely win. the left fights  on many levels theres no conspiracy they just read each other we must be careful as well. we must also hash out the end game for unities sake. ive always thought libertarianism the fairest compromise and maybe most rational besides offending many christians  ive noted peter theils objection after many years as a libertarian that it will probably lead back to where we are now. many of us libertarians love the founding documents but of course here we are.however being lorded over by the lads at stormfront just doesnt appeal. so we need a plan that will satisfy our core and hopefully can have broad appeal, i dont think Taylors idea of ratial quotas for whites too is very appealing i for one want my civilization back not living like israelis in a nuclear detent with the other half. this hispanics or native americans if you will must be driven back and the black/ asian arab immigration stopped, those here must be made to respect our ways and get along on their own wits not the public tit this will force their numbers down as it has ours.

    • Liberalssuck

       I agree.  I hate white liberals far more than I dislike any other group, even more so than the black militants.  I watch these liberals on the tv screen and want to reach through the screen and knock their teeth out.

      • I get along much better with educated blacks than with educated whites.  Educated blacks can handle a wider range of taboo topics, including race, in my experience.  The worst are the Jewish leftists – who will usually talk a mile a minute and try to snow you with mountains of seemingly factual information while using every rhetorical trick in the book.

      • If I could, I would reach through the screen and strangle them like Darth Vader did in the Empire Strikes back movie. If I had the abilities he did, white liberals can run, but they cannot hide.

  • Jim P.

    The world, and America with it, is being simultaneously  destroyed and renewed by a scientific
    and technological revolution for which there is no remote precedent in history.   It would be
    good if the dominant controlling power for the emergent world –or for a major part of it–were some
    biological manifestation of “our” evolved lineage.  Our evolved “family” then reaches far beyond
    the borders of today’s USA and excludes a troubling number of the humans now within the USA.
    Some of “us” will be found in Eastern Europe and Western Russia, for example.  It may well be the
    faster and further things break down now, the quicker new parameters will be directly confronted and
    the sounder will be our sense of “us” and of “them”.   

  • Fat Man

    This country NEVER belonged to whites alone! From the first day you set foot on this continent ( illegally at that),  it has been multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-religious, etc.

    The election of 2012 clearly shows that the GOP will embrace ‘diversity’ and ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ (aka AMNESTY) or never win another national election! Hence, slowly but surely, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) as well as all lower federal courts, will swing left!

    You people should have fixed your OWN European countries instead of fleeing here anyway! So if you don’t like it now – GO BACK TO EUROPE!!!

  • John L.

    I’ve been hearing about the decline of My People as long as I can remember, and it  is  getting depressing. I am frequently in White communities in B.C.  full  of  white  families with Children. White People instinctively group togetner, locally, Nationally, and internationally. For example,  I would bet plenty of Southern Californians are moving to the P.N.W. That being said White People have to start defending Their  group interests, and that starts with casting Out the traiters amongst Us, especially in the Media.

    As for the Republicans, I can see them adopting Steven Harper’s (Canada) model for appealing to minorities.Harper won over some “minorities” such as socially conservative, wealthier Asians partly because He forgot about fighting “gayrights” and Abortion. Harper had previously been attacked as a “racist” His whole political life.

    • StillModerated

      White People instinctively group together …   And mud people show up to be the parasitic, cement overshoes of civilization.

  • guest

    “Liberals wedded to a multi-ethnic future insist it will be an opportunity to reinvigorate the U.S., creating a more diversified, open-minded and 21st century country.”

    Leave it to the liberals to sugarcoat their evil intentions on attacking whites.  “Diversity” and “openmindedness” have become terms of evil when used by the Left.  And now that we have 4 more years of “Obamanation”, we’re already hearing more of this anti-white propaganda.  As negative as this sounds, I honestly have no faith in this country anymore and I can no longer feel patriotic towards it.  Because this truly is a nation full of corrupt government officials and politicians and radical left-wing zealous idiots.  While all of Obama’s supporters were celebrating, all the other countries in the world were probably laughing their heads off at us for electing this corrupt and deceitful man as president once again.  Four more years of this nightmare and even when or if it does end, it may be too late to restore this once great nation to its former prosperous state.

    • You are far from the only one who feels that way. I am SO glad I did not serve in the military, because like my Russian forefathers 60 years before, I would be asking the question. “Just what in the Hell were we fighting for!?” The U.S. is well and truly doomed, at least the U.S. of A was born in. Get ready for a Yugosalvia scenario to take its place, because no matter what the darkie controlled government does, the whites are going to be armed to the teeth. So will the blacks, browns and the Tribe which is really pulling the strings from behind the curtain. This can only end one way, death, destruction and suffering that will affect everyone on the planet. The U.S. is one of the main breadbaskets of the world. If the U.S. breaks up and Yugoslavia style warfare starts, people around the world are going to starve to death. That is undoubtedly one of the Tribe’s goals, they did starve millions of Ukrainians to death during the 1930’s during the Holodomor.

  • APaige

     “Hispanic immigrants bring ‘enthusiasm, energy and inventiveness’ to America”? No they bring drugs, crime and under-achievement-or in short, they bring their culture. 

    • Liberalssuck

       If they could take over, why haven’t they taken over Mexico?  They can’t displace the white minority there, so what makes them think they could take over a much larger more armed white population here?  The blacks and Hispanics will continue to have a race war in the South and Southwest as they fight for power, while whites and Asians will head north and north.

      • ATBOTL

        Asians are on the blacks’ and Hispanics’ side and choose to live in “diverse” areas.  

        People around here need to learn to talk about whites without mindlessly tacking on “and Asians.”

    • OlderWoman

       They also bring diseases. Leprosy, TB, Chaugas disease and others.

  • John

    It is completely within the physical, intellectual, and emotional abilities of Whites across North America and Europe to stop our dispossession, but with millions upon millions of our White brethern determined to submit, yield, and completely succumb to the third-world conquest of White homelands by Blacks and Browns, what is the solution?

    We’re not in a war against Blacks and Browns alone. We’re in a war against Blacks, Browns, and millions of Whites who have been conditioned by other Whites to yield and dispossess!

    Again, what are our solutions?

    • mrfinoni

      the real solution is for young white people to start having children…and for elderly whites to support their children and grandchildren in the economic struggles they face.   minorities come to the west for better benefits, education, housing….etc..etc..etc……  they are not the ones in charge, WE ARE !!!!!!!  However, rich whites and the self loathing left are pulling the strings.  if middle and working class whites had on average 4-5 kids for a couple of decades this minority issue would evaporate.

      • IstvanIN

         We would still have to stop immigration.  The flow from Latin America and Asia can not be counteracted by births alone.  In addition, do we really want to live in a nation of 750 million people?  Large portions of New Jersey are now a prelude to what massive overpopulation does to the quality of life.

      • Liberalssuck

         How do you encourage the growing number of white women who choose careers and “fun” over getting married to a white man and having children with him?  How do you encourage these white men to marry a white woman and have kids with here when they are “experimenting” outside their race and doing drugs and hating themselves?   I really wonder if the younger white people have the will to survive as a race.  The only ones who give a rat’s butt are the older whites.

        • John

          I feel sorry for younger Whites. They have been conditioned since birth to loathe themselves, hate all Whites, regret their heritage, feel shame over their history, and value minorities far above their own kind. The process of conditioning is a relentless one and is quite obvious to those who are intelligent enough to recongize it.

          We are like human livestock who are fully owned and controlled by the owners of the world’s central banks. I realize this constitutes extreme pessimism and futility, but, God help us, it’s the state of our existence!

          • David Ashton

              The young who recognize it must be encouraged to spread the truth and encourage stamina to resist among their “peer group”.  I remember a Communist Party pamphlet in Britain with a mini-skirted girl on the cover and the title “The Trend is Communism”.  Not that much later the old Soviet Union crumbled.
              Fashion helps; so does the adolescent hatred of being conned.

    • dmxinc

       Our fellow White Americans don’t even admit to themselves that the country is being given over to foreigners.

    • george00

       EDUCATION. Tell them (other whites) they’re being brainwashed into accepting their dispossession and eventual extinction. Tell them who’s behind it and why they’re doing it. Quit looking for the MSM to give us the truth.

      • Liberalssuck

         So they have that information…now what?  Most people when they get information will deny it or say “That’s interesting” and go on with their usual business.

        • george00

           Argue with them, explain to them why you are right, convince them. We are the only way out of this mess. Most whites are not going to amren and places like it so we have to bring it to them. Don’t give up.

      • John

        Unfortunately, the problem goes beyond the leftist media, but in truth, the root of the problem is entwined between western governments, large corporations, and the leftist media that they effectively control. The ones who hold the puppet strings of western governments, corporations, and the leftist media are the owners of the world’s central banks. We can conjecture about who these men are, but whomever they are, they are quite safe and invincible.

        My theory has been that the owners of the world’s central banks are the natural evolution of royalty. Not too long ago, it was quite easy for citizens to take down a king or queen when things went wrong. The naturally-evolved protection for the world’s most powerful men would be obscurely to live in luxury while the governments, corporations, and media empires that they own and control via their fiat currencies would draw the ire of the citizens, thus leaving these men completely safe. It’s really quite brilliant and makes perfect sense for the world’s most dominant and wealthiest figures.

        Regarding the brainwashed masses, many are brainwashed, but many are also simply in fear of their jobs. If a man doesn’t walk and talk the affirmative action charade at work, he could easily be cast aside and rendered jobless and penniless.

        It all boils down to advancing commerce, which ultimately produces more and more wealth and power for the owners of the world’s central banks. Their fiat currency is a very evil tool. They do not like it when thrifty conservatives save our currency. That’s why the government robs us at gunpoint (taxes) and redistributes that wealth to minorities who will spend every penny of it immediately, generating more wealth and power for the owners of the world’s central banks.

        Yes, Blacks and Browns offer nothing beneficial to civilization, but that argument is a sideshow to the real issue which is who enables the Blacks and Browns in the United States and Europe. The answer is very obvious; the owners of the world’s central banks.

        I hope my ideas do not sound like a conspiracy theory run amok. There is no conspiracy. What we are witnessing is simply the evolved “way of things”, with the most powerful men having their way with the world to advance their own agenda. Their agenda isn’t to destroy Whites; it’s simply to do anything necessary to tighten their grip on wealth and power for themselves, their houses (clans), and their descendants, whomever they may be.

        To that end, Blacks and Browns are voracious consumers and mindless procreators. That’s what the owners of the world’s central banks like to see.

        • george00

           You say give up, I say don’t give up.

  • mrfinoni

    growing up in Canada….our experience of liberal left political correctness is paradoxically different than the U.S…and similiar at the same time
    when i was born the ‘total’..i repeat…. total minority community in canada was less than 1%….no extensive historical slavery….and now fast forward several decades…and professional victimisation is the order of the day.  the white majority throug the media, are deemed to be the projenitors of all evil.
    it is horribly insidious….and as we are about to celebrate remembrance day,  for those canadians who gave their lives in the cause of freedom.( mostly white males) ….the left sees whites,  especially males as no different than old adolph…____The problem?…. its the money men…. they are no longer socially conservative….. our founding Canadian mantra ..Peace, Order and Good Government…has been replaced by……Survival of the fittest…..Darwin’s law which equals Nature worship.     Sadly, those with the real power are anti-christian, anti-male and anti-white……i would add, venomously anti-christian, anti-male and anti-white.  they hope to dismantle 2000 years of western history.

  • mrfinoni

    the upside is that a significant percentage of latinos are of pure european extraction….many with german, italian….and even british ancestry…..

    • It’s no upside if their behavior no longer reflects those great roots. Their goal now being a tribal one that attacks whites and to hell with the kindness shown them.

    • jeffaral

      The numbers of Latinos of true european ancestry is irrelevant, though people are free to fantasize about their whiteness.

    • IstvanIN

      But they identify with and support the Mestizo takeover.  They despise Anglo men. Their goal is a recreation of the Latin American model with people like Marco Rubio and Bob Menendez at the top and the peasants at the bottom.

  • Charles Gerety

    It’s known as the “politically correct war of 21st century”. Not a single shot even had to be fired just labels. All for the fear of “intolerance and acceptance”.

    • Liberalssuck

       It’s amazing so many whites won’t fight back for fear of being called a word “racist.”  Truly amazing that being called a word can scare someone so much.  Hell, I bet most whites would rather be accused of a despicable, violent crime than be called a racist.

      • Charles Gerety

        It’s as if we are being lead to the slaughter house with to no protest. The word “racist” is so misused now and days it has lost almost all meaning. Even Trayvon Martins case had George Zimmermans father saying first and formost “His son isn’t a racist”. He would rather have the title murder then racist I bet.

  • bluffcreek1967

    “If those in the leadership don’t ‘break the habit,’ he says grimly, the Republican party is finished” – No, the Republican party is already finished! It died a long time ago.

  • StillModerated

    We should bring back literacy testing.  And civil service examinations.

    Where I live in Virginia, the percentage of eligible voters decreased 5% from 2008. I guess the old adage of: you can’t beat somebody with nobody needs revision to “you can’t beat nobody with nobody, either.”  The MSM went out of their way to weed out any interesting  GOP candidates only to leave a wet, squishy, Northeastern RINO as the last boy scout standing.  But they’re getting paid millions in advertising revenue.

    I voted for the Virginian — Virgil Goode.

  • Bobby

    I don’t know what the author means by America’s struggling economy has put a brake on immigration. No it hasn’t. Last time I checked, our TREASONOUS leaders, despite the rotten economy and outsourcing of millions of jobs, continue their vile custom of importing over one million people a year and truth be told encourage illegal immigration of millions more!!

  • KenelmDigby

    The Amren editor is entirely right.
    A British newspaper has absolutely no right whatsoever to pontificate on the decline of White America, since exactly the same process is unfolding in Britain and believe it or not, the  proportionate rate of third world immigration into Britain compared to the USA is a damned sight higher.
      This is due to the disasterous New Labour maladministration of 1997-2010 which operated an unabashed, explicit immigrationist policy of dismantling any semblance of border controls whatsoever – they *WANTED* a true ‘open borders’ policy of unlimited ‘free’ immigration.
    If you don’t believe me, just google up ‘Andrew Neather’ and find a whole slew of articles in which a very senior New Labour apparatchik unwittingly revealed the truth of New Labour policy.

    The Fact is that the only difference between the USA and Briain is one of timing. Britain will tip majority non-White a decade or so after the USA.

    • Liberalssuck

       Remember, Europe was calling white Americans racists in the past, but somehow they have changed their tune as their nations are becoming darker and darker. 

  • The subtitle at Amren reads: “And does Britain face the same fate?”. 

    The answer is, of course, yes. Without any shadow of a doubt.

    It used to be said that ‘where America is now, Britain will soon follow in 20 years’ – but it was often said in terms of culture.

    They probably meant things such as coffee culture (then take-out coffee culture, like Costa and Starbucks, fast-food takeaways – which to my knowledge never used to be rampant in England), or in terms of TV show styles, fashion trends (baseball caps, baggy trousers, rap music). We are now seeing ‘police commissioners’ being set up here.

    However, the most damaging mirror of America has to be the multiracial experiment which our so called ‘leaders’ (and those pulling their strings) have put upon us. 

    Yet again, we are within about 15 to 20 years of reaching the same “minority” milestone as America.

    Over 33% of births in England and Wales were non-white British in 2005. In London, Manchester, Leicester, Bradford, Blackburn, Luton, Sheffield, and other large places, I either know or suspect that the minority birth ratio exceeds that of whites. The immigration doors are still wide open.

    In fact immigration increased under David Cameron’s Conservatives. The amount of deportations has fallen to all time lows, and only the other day it was revealed that we were suffering another 300,000 backlogged cases of failed/applicant immigration accounts, which led to rumours of there having to be (yet another) amnesty. It was said that the backlog was equal to the population of Iceland.

    Many people blame the last Labour government for our plight. They have a point in that New Labour nailed the coffin shut for this country via a tsunami of third world immigration, but it is ALL the previous Labour governments who have been at fault. All of them, since the second world war, ushered in immigration and pushed for more.  We would still be ultimately “FUBAR’d” if the immigration during the last 10 years had not happened.

    The Conservatives FAILED – either purposefully or through disarray – to do a damned thing about any of it. They are just as guilty as Labour in that regard. But that assumes they want to do something about it – which they never have and never will do in the future.

    The present government could stop all immigration tomorrow if it wanted to do so – but they will not do it. They would rather “survive” as a party by wooing the ethnic voter base instead and being a clone of Labour. The commercial interests also come before nation.

    The Labour party abandoned the working class whites (and imported a new nation who would be more prone to hard-left socialism than the indigenous people) and the Conservatives have failed to “conserve” anything, including the most fundamental thing to conserve about a nation, the integrity of its people.

    I still talk to friends and extended family, and I still hear the same garbage about “we are all the same”……”we all have the same desires and interests”…….”we are same in our heads and our hearts”……”you shouldn’t judge people on the colour of their skin”………”my friend Jamaal is very nice, how can you hate him just because he is black? Did you know he won an award for bravery last year?”………”what do you mean you won’t get a taxi or order food from the Pakistanis?, how disgusting” –  and generally make you out to be evil incarnate for opposing any of it.

    They are utter morons. “Useful idiots” in fact. That is why I think this country is doomed. The demographics are getting terrible, but with prevailing attitudes like those still being common, I cannot see a change coming fast enough to make a difference.

    Some nationalist sites here dream of some kind of “British Golden Dawn”, but I think they are in cloud cuckoo land and detached from all reality out there on the ground. Maybe if we were as crippled as Greece there may be an appetite for it – but at the moment, I see no signs whatsoever of there being support for such a thing.  What we see as being necessary and what is actually able to be rolled out are two completely different things.

    • Skincognito

      I know there’s a lot petty factionalism among the British far right, which is generally more politically visible than it is in this country. Perhaps it takes financial meltdown for the people’s support for their own interests to coalesce the way it appears to have in Greece. I know it sounds crazy, like you said, but perhaps one day White aristocrats and White hooligans can stand by side in defense our once-great nations. Yes, I’m currently skeptical.

      • ATBOTL

        The nationalist right in the UK is in shambles right now.

    • dmxinc

       Hang in there.  I can relate a lot to what you said about your fellow Britons’ reactions.  How blind they are.

    • Tiny White PeePee

      Too Bad So Sad.. Mix Babies everywhere and the old southern white racist hate it! LOL! But thats ok because most of their grandkids are mixed! LOL! Women simply are not attracted to a hill billy racist still fighting the civil war. Stick a fork in yourselfs.. ITS OVER! Welcome to diverse america..Where whites are welcomed and respected as Americans, instead of the dumb southern, racist, uneducated hoping for a special privilege for simply being born with pale skin. Get a tan and a life. Keep up the moaning and groaning also. Minorities get a kick out of racist whites crying about their lose of power… SH!T Happens.. DEAL WITH IT!

  • If mexicans were so great, mexico wouldn’t be a ****hole.

  • Mickey Meadows

    Daily Mail don’t dare talk about White Britain. But maybe there’s something to learn from that. Maybe it is a way to fight the stranglehold that people from Britain become active in defending America and Canada and vice vera.

  • Fr. John+

    Pot calling kettle, come in, kettle!
    What cheek- if Britain wanted ‘immigrants’ so badly during the 1980’s, why not open up UK citizenship to any and all Americans who could show ancestry in one of the four kingdoms? You would have had a homogenous population, great influx of racial energy, new ideas, and a kindred sense of spirit.

    As it is, you’ve hoisted yourself on your own petard, as it were, with the Barbary pirates living in your own London. Hypocrite!

    • Pat

      The article only mirrors what I read on AmRen all the time.    Nobody here has any illusions, we are on the same path.  I doubt in the 1980s many  Americans would have been queuing up to come here.  Our problems began in the 1950s – allegedly cheap labour from the Caribbean.   We have been fed the same lies as you.  

      • David Ashton

          We need educated white solidarity across the globe, sensible and intelligent, claiming the moral and rational high ground.  The “global minority” now demands its “rights”.

    • It may sound different to the Americans here, but I felt no sense of the Daily Mail article gloating or such like with the commentary.

      In fact, I think it is one of the few pieces which is not smothered in some sort of “hoorah!” that the new brown-age is upon us all. That is why I did not feel there was a pot and kettle situation going on here.

      Besides, the media will pump out whatever it wants – most British people who are racially aware, or at least grasp that these are very dramatically changing times, will generally support our similarly aware and awake kinsmen in America and I for one take deep concern and have sorrow in my heart that America is facing this catastrophe – just like my own nation is.

      Thanks to the Daily Mail citing Pat Buchanan (who is not that well known over here to the ordinary Joe-public) – the article paints the canvass of what is going on, and where we in Britain are heading too. This is not often discussed in the mainstream UK media.

      For that reason, I thought the Mail piece was worthwhile. I hope it shakes a few foundations of the equivalent Mitt Romney supporters here (older conservatives) and alerts a few fence sitters that they are not dreaming and this really is happening.

      • David Ashton

          Yes, this is progress, even for the Daily Mail which, while ridiculed automatically as a catchphrase-icon by leftists who probably never read it, has always been critical of the royal family and favorably disposed to race-crossing.

  • potato78

    All whites, who come on this forum to complain about what is happening, should go to Australia, which is located on south pacific.

    A list of benefits:


    Payment rates of Family Tax Benefit Part A
    The amount of Family Tax Benefit Part A you get paid depends on your
    actual family income, how many children you have, and how old they are.

    These are the maximum amounts of Family Tax Benefit Part A you can
    get for each child, these rates are updated on 1 July each year.

    For each child Per fortnight

    0–12 $169.68

    13–15 $220.64

    16–19, secondary student $220.64

    16–17, having completed secondary study $54.32

    18–21, having completed secondary study $72.80

    In an approved care organisation

    Maximum rate of Family Tax Benefit Part B

    These are the maximum amounts of Family Tax Benefit Part B you can
    get per family. These payment rates are updated on 1 July each year.

    Age of youngest child Maximum rates of payment

    Each fortnight Each year

    under 5 $144.34 $4117.20

    5–18 $100.66 $2978.40

    Up to 21 years old $54.32

    Family Tax Benefit Part B supplement

    You can get a Family Tax Benefit Part B supplement of up to $354.05
    per family after the end of the financial year, when your payments have
    been balanced.

    Family Tax Benefit Part A supplement

    You can also get Family Tax Benefit Part A Supplement of up to
    $726.35 for each child when we balance your payments after the end of
    the financial year.

    The amount of Parenting Payment you get depends on your situation.
    These Parenting Payment rates are updated on 20 March and 20 September
    each year.

    If you are partnered, the maximum fortnightly payment is $444.70.

    If you are partnered, but separated because of illness, respite care, or prison, the maximum fortnightly payment is $533.00.

    If you are single, the maximum fortnightly payment is $663.70, which includes the Pension Supplement basic amount.

    Payment rates for Newstart Allowance

    These payment rates for Newstart Allowance are updated on 20 March and 20 September each year and are a guide only.

    If you are: Your maximum fortnightly payment is:

    single, no children $492.60

    single, with a dependent child or children $533.00

    single, aged 60 or over, after nine continuous months on payment $533.00

    partnered (each) $444.70

    single principal carer granted exemption for foster caring / relative
    (non-parent) caring under a court order / home schooling / distance
    education / large family $663.70

    • IstvanIN

       Australia wants Asians, not whites, they won’t even take the poor, hunted Rhodesians.

  • Nicholai Hel

    A new church should be formed for whites only. An underground church with secret beliefs conducting secret services. All whites no matter what stripe should be welcomed at first.

    • David Ashton

        Literally illegal in the UK, so watch out for preventative measures by your hostile establishment in the USA.

      • IstvanIN

         You can not even have an all British BNP.

  • The white race looks finished    … unless somehow we could work this angle:

    • IstvanIN

       Make us all mulattoes?

      • Pelagian

        No … controlled “whitening” through strict eugenics laws.

  • VirginiaCity110233

    The time is NOW for a gutcheck and get the DIVORCE of this pathetic sickening death to whites nation underway as a BAD MARRIAGE before domestic violence occurs between the forces of good and evil aka Obama the anti-christ and the white race who does not kneel down and kiss the anus of the annointed jackyl in charge who is a thief, a liar, a murderer, a swindler and a rabid activist who fully intends to eradicate the chosen race using different techniques that are all well known.

    Why cant the Red States and Blue States meet to divide this pathetic despicable hostile horrendous marriage  to avoid the end of the white race and forget the liberal whores and whoremonger homosexuals making you feel guilty.  They obviously want your money to sustain their lifestyle of living a moocher existence and the Jacklyl is doing all he can to make certain his redistributionist lies are toned down to “pay a little more” when in fact he wants to erase that”gap” stealing white taxes even more than he is now.

    There is no slave issue this time and there are 25 states in the Red State column that must be acted on immediately by the Red controlled House.

    Would King Abe Obama send millions of forces to attack the Red States if it seceeded without a central slave issue as Karl Lincoln was afforded in 1861? In addition the 25 Red States are all over America except the left coast and northeast but all other regions and make up a powerful coalition for a new Red State nation.
    Time is of essense and must be acted on quickly before Obama begins his amnesty program to legalize.

    There is no other solution to the saving of the white race as the liberal whites in bed with the Jackyl and his minion non-whites has premeditated plans for the ending of an entire race  that clearly comes from the pits of hell where he is rooted in his pagan jihad muslimism. The USSR split up and is doing just fine like a lot of other places. Time for Red State America to become a new nation with a new constitution.
    Should Obama and his liberal scum attack then that will have to be dealt with as other nations like England France and Spain will aid Red State America in the process.

    The time is now and the 25 Red States have 75% of the land including Alaska oil. This is the only answer.


  • IstvanIN

    The British form of government, just like ours, has been perverted over the last 100 years by a certain unsavory group.  I truly believe Prince Charles will be the last King of the UK (assuming the UK survives intact and Scotland doesn’t secede).  After a period of mourning, Charles will be allowed a state funeral for his mother, the minorities will start to agitate for a republic.  The British republicans will probably join in since overthrowing the monarchy is more important than preserving British culture, traditions or people.  It will be very ugly because that will be the point at which the majority of British people will realize that they are under an extermination order.  The British people, regardless of their opinion of Charles, will realize that it isn’t just him but all of them who are to be shuffled aside. 

    I truly believe that the haters of Britain are biding their time until Queen Elizabeth passes away.  She is beloved and the only unifying person in the entire nation.  They know they would not succeed with her on the thrown.  After her all bets are off.

    • David Ashton

        The lovers of Britain, and especially of England, are beginning to realize what is at stake, and there is some life left in the old lion yet.  The traditionalist Prince of Wales needs to be prepared for a more active role, and a more successful one than Charles I.  Don’t write him or our people off,  just yet.

      • IstvanIN

         From your lips to God’s ears.  But your monarch has no real political power and any attempt by Charles as King, or the current Queen, would be met by Parliament with legislation to further restrict the crown, just look at the Netherlands and Luxembourg, if not threats of an absolute overthrow.  Any attempt by the crown to retake Britain for the British people would require tremendous public support, which isn’t there. Plus, Charles comes across as a liberal.

      • Ewtsata

        Out of interest, what specifically makes believe there is realization? I believe while there is no nationalist party, there is a growing rejection of immigration. But, I’m interested in what a Brit has to say.

    • potato78

      Queen Elizabeth, the monarchy family, should move to Australia and revive Anglo-white culture for symbolic reason.  Then we can call British and Australian as Britrasian. Then convert Chinese, Koreanese, Japanese speak English for the formation of pacific economic paradise.  Let more white people easily find jobs instead of whining. 

      • Rodion Raskolnikov

        The power elite of Australia are more extreme leftists than even your average democrat. Have you heard of Australia’s “Diversity Day”, where they teach white children to celebrate their own dispossession?

        • IstvanIN

           The Australian elites have been pushing for a republic, a battle they keep losing, and Asianization, a battle they are winning, which will eventually lead to a republic.  There is no point in running.

  • mrfinoni

    Comparing mestizos and italians is like comparing apples and oranges.  Italians like the Irish and the Poles and the Germans…etc..etc…are all Europeans.  That is they share a common cultural christian heritage for approximately 2000 years.  they also share a common DNA and I.Q.   mestizos are indians.  they are not spanish.  the ruling class in latin america is european.  I suspect affluent westerners believe that they can maintain a Brazilian style social order with elite whites at the top.  However for this to be achieved, i believe that they want 2/3 to 3/4 of existing whites to procreate with the other visible minorities,  so that their mixeed descendants may crave the opportunity to be white or accepted into the white fraternity.   In essence they want to DEMOTE the vast majority of whites, to second or third class status.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

     The problem, in the eyes of many conservatives, is that compared with
    the generations of Irish, Germans, Jews, Poles and Italians before them,
    pitifully few Hispanics have yet found that dream. Most Hispanics —
    two-thirds of whom originate from Mexico — continue to be stuck
    limpet-like at the bottom of society, a quiet, often overlooked army
    doing the most menial jobs such as picking fruit, washing cars, toiling
    in restaurant kitchens and cleaning offices.

    THERE is the problem, right there – designating such jobs as “menial”, and then insisting that a certain race is “too good” to do those jobs.

    Um.  If you want cleaniliness in your work surroundings, then you want a janitor – unless you’re willing to do the cleaning yourself.  Are you?  Can you fix the machinery yourself that your job relies on (whether it’s a computer or an electric motor)?  No?  Then you need a maintenance guy.

    Want to go to a U-Pick fruit place?  No?  Then you need someone to pick that fruit for you.

    What is “menial”?  Something that anyone can do?  Perhaps, but is everyone WILLING to do those things for themselves?

    When I was young, the vocational schools were put down as “dummy schools”.  Well, little did we know that those with trades certificates are better off than the rest of us with an “academic” education could ever hope to be.  My grade 7 teacher got murdered because he sent the wrong three people “down” to vocational school. (he was black – so were two of his murderers.  Home invasion.  The cover story was they were after money and jewels, but their former classmates know better.  It was misplaced revenge, and nothing else.)

    My current is a WASP who has been in maintenance/janitorial for 40 years now.  He is good at what he does, and takes pride in his work.  And ANYONE who wants to put his line of work down will meet with my own steel toed boots.

    Teach your kids well.  Let them know that working with your hands might be the only tradeskill that can never be exported to Asia.

  • Stan_Mute

    Of course we MUST use the passive voice here. Just as the media insists, “Twenty seven more killed in Chicago this weekend by guns.” In this case, “As the election highlighted, white America is dying — and in a quite literal sense.”

    No. No, no, no, no, NO!

    White America is not “dying.”

    White America is being genocided. White America is being slaughtered. White America is being dispossessed.

    This isn’t something that “just happened” like a tropical storm. This is the deliberate result of deliberate actions. This is the intended result of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act. This is the deliberate result of refusal to enforce immigration laws (yes, the pathetically weak ones we have left). This is the deliberate result of spending *far* more than collected in tax, printing money to cover the deficit, thereby guaranteeing that working families have no time or money to procreate.

    No, white America certainly is not just “dying.” This is genocide plain and simple. From the negro thugs in the street daily robbing, raping, and killing thousands of whites, the mestizos drunkenly driving through a carload of young white women, the unrelenting flood of Spanish speaking mestizos colonizing and taking over vast regions of the once white nation, to the destruction of the white family by devaluing savings and earnings through inflation and the resulting assurance of reduced birth rates, ALL of this can have only one possible net result and that is the elimination of the white race.

  • ed91
  • Wolf359

    The silver lining, perhaps:  The media are openly discussing the decline of whites and are casting elections in racial terms.  It’s better that this has happened so quickly.  Many whites will surrender, but many may also awaken–sooner than expected.

    • Fasfda

      Well if wasn’t for the constantly bombarded with “Isn’t it great that white people will be gone/minority/out of power/extinct/know what it feels like to be a minority themselves/etc” I would probably believe in the whole multiculturalism a little more. What happened to the how “we are all the same/equal/bleed red/etc?” Funny that.

      • kjh64

        Yeah, we all bleed red etc. as long as it’s supposed to be a White person talking. Any non-White is supposed to look out for his/her people etc. LOL

  • Michael Ryan

    there’s still time whining on the internet will not save us. remember we are the the ones who built this world. – the lies they teach our children will not split an atom.
    there are billionaires who are very conservative and like many of us could  come to realize you can be a racist without hate that indeed if you love  your own race and care at all about the others western civilization must be defended by any means necessary. there are journalists not yet expelled from the mainstream that could convinced  to stay  for now in the cathedral  for when they are needed and to recruit others. the military and police are surely full of race realists. we can start raising our children to infiltrate academia the intelligence community civil government.  there’s a thousand things we could do now but may not be able to do in even twenty years.  yes  this seems crazy conspiracy theory like but strange as it seems its reality. there’s no place to hide all the “white countries are farther gone than the US, George Washington had a pathetic rag tag army that almost never won a battle but he realized you have you don’t have to win  just not lose just stay in the field and let the outrages of the superpower sway public opinion, let the cost of a super army crush itself.I watched my first year in northern Idaho as ruby ridge brought the far left and far right into solidarity against the outrageous behavior of the feds t the point our attorney general brought murder charges against FBI agents. if you can afford to move or get a second home in a predominantly conservative white state do so and work to keep it that way work through tea parties etc to enforce the constitution particularly states rights work to disentangle your state from compromising  the  addiction of federal money and thereby making such places less attractive to moochers, do what you can to let the republicans know you will not co sign their appeasement policies, yes vote republican in swing states but if you are in enemy territory run third party candidates and vote for them you send a message without losing a real vote. home school our children. avoid falling into a ghetto of hate speech / thought yes its tempting at times but will only marginalize us we must be able to stalk them. support the dissident right , learn from the dissident left ridicule and humor are  excellent tools. learn from the intelligence community law enforcement history and science. maybe you are a simpler person offer your services as former military or maybe you can tear apart and rebuild cars. we all have something to offer. be wary of pushing away people such as myself. I have always been  [well since the early eighties] conservative classical liberal libertarian and in retrospect ‘ racially conscious’ but not hateful in other words i grew up in the inner city of new york  and have never been naive about race differences or the relative achievements of different cultures. but I have always had friends and been well accepted among minorities. when i hear some of the rhetoric from the lads at storm front etc its a turn off [ may be less so now iv been radicalized] but its a sure turn off to a newbie, while i resent the censoring of my comments at NRO  some on the dissident right no doubt turn away the curious. its important if you are going to spout the statistics that you understand the basics of the math.averages have nothing to do with individuals, there are many blacks that though they may not  admit it in the white media are well aware and as disgusted as we are with the statistics. It is the left that has caused  this situation where it will come to some sort of war  without divine intervention.minorities had adapted societies to handle there genetic differences unfortunately some  whites a long time ago disrupted that and  some whites now have really stupid ideas that make the situation point is this is best looked at in a coolly rational way, because it will yeild a better result and because thats who we are as a people. there are many ways of fighting this many ways of triangulating factions of the left like the environmentalists, the labor movement. how about sending every victim of a violent race crime a copy of Jareds FBI statistics,But  this temperance is in the srvice of success BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.
     first step verifiable technical info on secure communications and vetting of volunteers, you can be sure the feds read every comment and have our IP info 

  • rebelcelt

    Everyone else is starting to see what Amren and its supporters have been saying for many years. Unfortunately most will not believe us now when we tell them the blacks and browns men to kill us.

    • Liberalssuck

       They’re mostly distracted killing each other, the blacks and Latinos that is.  I say whites should move to the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest where there are large numbers of conservative rural white people, white people who own guns, they frequent gun shows a lot, I see lots of whites there with shotguns/rifles on their racks, they usually have a handgun in their car, white people who know how to be independent of the government and the whole world pretty much relies on the Midwest for their food supply.  The Midwest is the “bread basket” for half the world.  

  • archer

    “They just need a leg up from the government” there lies the problem

  • Is this really all just a coincidence, by accident, or has  there been some malevolent force  planning/perpetrating these events?  The power elite (whoever that is?)  Dumb down the population, marginalize and minimize the populations of those that are self reliant and  resit state control?

    • IstvanIN

       So called Liberals. who are anything but, have been working towards this since 1930.

    • I think it is all too much of a coincidence to be just accidental or a random chain of events.

      For example, why is it, to my knowledge anyway, that America, Britain, Australia, Germany, and various other nations like Denmark and Sweden, all suddenly flung their doors wide open to non-whites in the early to mid 60’s?

      Why has it been a particular niche of people who orchestrated these immigration changes, time and time again?

      And why has it been the same kinds of parties (in Europe, Labour style parties) that happened to push these transformations ahead and abolish the “old” established institutions and ways of thought?

      Too many systematic and similar things have been going on around the ‘white world’, in my opinion, for it to be coincidental or accidental.

  • Founders221022

    Isnt the real problem the white liberals and always have been? They want conservative whites to climb in bed with the red illegals to solve their problem but trick white readers to recognize that white liberals of the white race hold the key to taking back the nation. 
    Suggesting having so called hispanic candidates to broaden the base is a trick from the media serpents. Would it not be safe to say that it would be easier to try to convert brainwashed whites who actually elected the mutt messiah socialist instead of these red race hispanics? Isnt is odd the media never mentions this because it would be suicide if it were successful since liberal whites are unaware the final that awaits them in the end and are not only confused but also conned into voting for Obama and other liberals on the blue party side?

    The key in not other races in the conservative party BUT the conversion of whites to vote conservative. The media is not telling you this.

    • Liberalssuck

       Well, even if the RP gets their act together, I am through supporting them and voting for them.  I would rather vote for the American Third Position.

  • Yonkers

    What is the purpose of advertising this doom and gloom? This looks like something that should be in Ebony or Jet magazine? The giddiness and gloating by blacks an liberals is nauseating although the most sicking part is listening to that hound dog who is what he has  eaten in his life and not only looks like a dog but barks into a microphone like one. 

    Truly when that half breed barks into the mike it is enough to barf puke hurl chug. Sickening. 
    Somebody needs to beat the hell out of the hyper con artist Chris Matthews liberal piece of scum who  is as  sickening on his shows as dogface barking Obama.  

  • negrolocaust

     now on drudge!!!!
    pack of black diverse negro teens wearing hoodies
    surround and sexually assault white female jogger in central park.
    thanks matt drudge or i would not have known.

  • Disque123944

    Slow death? 

    Says who? This is BS. Four yrs ago Bush allowed the mutt  in office and this wasnt said then.

    Hillary Clinton was robbed in 2008 and this would have been no problem.

    The media always stirs the pot causing trouble.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    Why not a White up-rising? 

  • Sheila Dinehart

    Why not a White revolution?… an open revolt, created by a pro white intellectual movement with all the biker gangs in the country as revolutionary soldiers combined with the *dedicated ones* (if you know you know if you don’t then you might not want to)…that would not be very difficult under *certain circumstances*…

  • “If instead it chooses another candidate like Romney in 2016, it may be doomed to failure again. ‘Harsh rhetoric about Hispanics is for some Republicans rather like smoking — you know it will kill you, but you do it anyway,’ says party pollster Whit Ayres. If those in the leadership don’t ‘break the habit’, he says grimly, the Republican party is finished.”

    As usual, the most revealing media spin comes at the end.

  • Ricktiihyagodg

    The death of America is upon us UNLESS the borders are SHUT, Legal immigration is reduced and EUROPEAN Immigration is increased.. The white race is a sick race filled with ones that want to kill their babies, want gay marriage, promote the end of their own race and lie about the huge black crime rate and destruction of neighborhoods and schools by blacks.. Hollywood is nothing but a Jewish run, anti Christian cesspool… There ARE still states in the US that are pro American no doubt..  But if the Republican party caters to even more illegal alien amnesties, I think it is a good idea for white Americans to start looking elsewhere to live… ONLY white people promote their own death and destruction.. NO other people do this… Idiots… 

  • WeWon

    Yes it is slow…too slow.

  • Pelayo

    Romney never once mentioned the horrific crime rate that we’re now experiencing in this country. He also never mentioned the call for genocide ( I’m getting tired of repeating this to a nation full of deaf ears) and infanticide against Whites by the NBPP and the total lack of response by the POTUS and the AGOTUS. We WERE his people just as Blacks are Holder’s and Obama’s people. There’s no sense in maintaining this pathetic charade that we are a united country.  The opposition openly declares itself to be the party of both racial and life style minorities (homosexuals, transvestites, transsexuals and pot heads).  But for a very small  minority, Blacks and Latinos have no interest in backing Republicans. Asians also gather around the Dems due to their misguided belief that because of their minority status,  they share some kinship with Blacks and Latinos both of whom commit numerous crimes against them and with whom they have nothing in common vis a vis traditions and culture.  Crimes against Asians are rampant in many LA countries. If Whites vanished tomorrow, the Asians would then take their place  as the “privileged class” and as the sole target of violence.
    The Republican party must clearly stand for something else.  Self respecting Euro-Americans are finally albeit slowly  becoming aware of the agenda that’s been working against them for the last 60+ years. We need a party if not Repubs. then a new one,  whose focus is on restoring White people’s rights and if that requires geographical separation and Balkanization,  so be it. We must put an end to the murder, rape and assault of us and our children.
    I’d wager that within a year the campaign will turn it’s attention to the total disarmament of the White population.

  • Recipe for cultural collapse:

    1 part Post-Protestant Anglo liberalism + 1 part Jewish liberalism
    shake well to make sure all value systems are deconstructed
    pour the remaining mush into the toilet- and flush
    you now have a totally balkanized, atomized population ruled by a faceless élite

  • Zapp Branigan

    Slow death? After the 1965 immigration act it only took 50 years.

    • Pelayo

      We’re not dead yet unless we resign ourselves to die. We built this country with our sweat, blood and tears. 
      “This land was always ours, it’s the proud land of our fathers,
      It belongs to us and them, not to any of the others”
      – “If I should fall from grace with God”- Shane Mc Gowan (Pogues)

      We are involved in a one sided Dirty War. The enemy is attacking us with impunity.  We’re waiting for solutions that aren’t coming. They want to take this country away from us while exterminating us.  We’re already dying for our country but as non- combatants. We read about our beaten, our raped and our murdered and we wonder what’s going on. It’s time to take action and to begin to defend ourselves but we must never become like them. Unlike them we don’t wage war on the innocent.  
      Turn the tables and make them fear US! A gang of ten attacks, ten will not be around to attack again. Once they fear us, they’ll respect us.

  • Ray_1985

    Pat Buchanan is part of the problem, he compains about the demise of western culture, but he has no kids of his own! Its easier to complain instead of doing something about it, if everyone here on has at least 4 or 5 kids, we could save this country, but if you just give up without even trying, then I dont know what else to say. God Bless whats left of this country.

    • Pelagian

      Pat and his wife are sterile. But his words are like yeast, so he’s done his part.

      • IstvanIN

         The fact that someone can not have children doesn’t mean they can not stand up for their people.

    • Fredrik_H

      The idea that whites can outbreed the hordes of browns and blacks is preposterous. We make up 8-10% of the global population, even if we were to go at it like rabbits, we’d have a hard time catching up.

      The correct way is simply not allowing blacks and browns in our countries.

  • “Pat Buchanan told me that white Middle America feels it has been abandoned. ‘They watch on cable TV as illegal aliens walk into their country and are rewarded with free healthcare and education for their kids, take jobs away from U.S. workers and carry Mexican flags while marching in American cities to demand U.S. citizenship: they sense that they are losing their country, and they are right,’ he said.”

    That paragraph bares

  • Little Rock

    If Obama can win over half the whites and all the blacks and 2/3s of the Spanish voters in the worst economy in history with 6 trillion debt over and above he created in only 3.5 yrs plus have the highest jobless rate ever not to mention all his other flubs plus running against one the most successful white men in America with a business background and a family guy with an excellent reputation etc etc, you know liberals are gloating since they can run anybody next time and win including another negro.
    White liberals killed it.  White liberals and mostly faggots or faggot enablers. You can expect and a given the non whites would vote for Obama. 
    White elite caused the slave problem 500 yr ago and now white liberals enable the slave descendants. The problem is white. 

    • IstvanIN

       Nice language.

    • B

      It’s ok for someone like you to vote based upon race but not for blacks? Can you say hypocrite? Maybe your party lost because they hold an unreasonable and intolerant stand against them “faggots”.  Go stew in your own juice you loser.

  • B

    Numbers don’t make a people strong, their intellect does. If whites are outnumbered 10 to 1 in America we would still rise to the top provided there is a level playing field.

  • David Ashton

      From another UK journal, The Spectator, November 10, abridged without ellipsis: 
       “The President almost tied with Romney in the popular vote.  [But] America is ‘browning’.  Romney had a 20-point lead among white voters, but among ethnic minorities his defeat was emphatic. That is not to endorse the immediate response of most commentators that ‘comprehensive’ immigration reform is the obvious solution to the [Republican] party’s problem.  Although whites are declining as a percentage of the population, they will remain for some time the big enchilada electorally – 72 per cent of voters according to exit polls.     “It was a bold decision for the Obama campaign to pitch a radical social appeal to ethnic minorities, young people and single women – without worrying that the religious right might be offended.  But the gamble was vindicated on election night.  Republicans had to compensate by getting a larger share of the white working-class vote, alienated from the Democrats and everywhere in the English-speaking world moving from left to right.  Appealing to these votes was always going to be  hard for a venture capitalist, the wrong sort to win over blue-collar workers [with] his opposition to Obama’s bailout of General Motors.      “Republicans confronted a more intangible obstacle.  Making specifically ethnic appeals to Hispanic, black or Asian constituencies is an everyday event and respectable;  appealing to whites is not.  So Romney contented himself with an appeal to all Americans on rescuing the economy from Obama’s failed policies.   “Polls showed WHITES BREAKING FOR ROMNEY so decisively that Bill Clinton was summoned to help prevent the last-minute defection of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.  It worked.  Clinton and Obama have helped demography along.   “As these trends gain traction, however, they will PROVOKE AND AGGRAVATE A NEW CLASH IN AMERICAN POLITICS.  A less self-reliant electorate, rooted mainly in minority communities, is likely to demand a larger welfare state, greater regulation, higher taxes.  These demands will run counter to the interests of older Americans who are currently the main beneficiaries of high spending and low taxes, both watched by America’s creditors such as China.    “An irresistible political force is about to meet an immovable economic object – on the edge of a fiscal cliff.”  — Andrew Sullivan.


    Too Bad So Sad.. Mix Babies everywhere and the old southern white racist hate it! LOL! But thats ok because most of their grandkids are mixed! LOL! Women simply are not attracted to a hill billy racist still fighting the civil war. Stick a fork in yourselfs.. ITS OVER! Welcome to diverse america..Where whites are welcomed and respected as Americans, instead of the dumb southern, racist, uneducated hoping for a special privilege for simply being born with pale skin. Get a tan and a life. Keep up the moaning and groaning also. Minorities get a kick out of racist whites crying about their lose of power… SH!T Happens.. DEAL WITH IT!



  • FJ

    In the early centuries of European settlement of North America, the British basically drove the Spanish out of what became the United States. What people don’t seem to realize now is that this struggle is still going on, and now, without their even having to fire a shot, the Spanish are winning it back and defeating the British. The appalling and amazing thing is that the British are *inviting* them back, and falling over themselves to *give* the country, it’s governance and culture, to the Spanish, and generally with great guilt that they are not “doing enough” or being ” fair enough”. It is unusual, and sad, to see a great country and culture participate so completely in its own demise and dismantling.

    This is not about a fairer or more egalitarian society; it is about one culture taking over another, and is nothing less than a continuation of the previous war.

  • chairde

    White people who are educated and thoughtful understand that being a large minority rather than a majority has its benefits. We have historically been the ones who built, repaired and invented things for America. Without a doubt Mexicans have a long history in construction. They are becoming the new class of highly skilled labor where once it was the Irish and Italians. Now technology as in computers has been embraced by young white people in this country. No one on Earth has the record to match white Americans in innovation and invention. Technology and invention is our skillset. That is our new role in America. Let others play politics while we make ourselves become a protected and valuable class in this new American Empire.