Rape on Bus the Third This Year; ‘Very Uncommon,’ MTA Says

Los Angeles Times, November 9, 2012

Officials from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority described the rape of an 18-year-old mentally disabled woman on a bus in Culver City as “tragic,” but extremely rare.

{snip} This is the third rape that has been reported on a bus this year. A fourth rape was reported at Union Station.


The attack took place on the near-empty 217 bus in Culver City just after 5 p.m. on Wednesday.

Authorities said both the victim and suspect boarded the bus in Culver City at La Cienega and Jefferson boulevards.

She found a seat at the back of the bus, and the man followed her. Authorities say that without warning the man positioned himself between her legs and began sexually assaulting her over a 10-minute period.

“During the rape, an unknown witness, the only passenger on the bus, attempted to get the driver’s attention,” the Sheriff’s Department said in a statement.

The suspect then exited the bus at Sepulveda Boulevard and Slauson Avenue.


Detectives described the attacker as a black man between 18 and 20 years old. {snip}


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  • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

    This crime didn’t really happen, because the legacy of our  proud and courageous Rosa Parks says Whites can’t know about it, because she “changed America for the better.”  Only racists would know about something that by its very happening ridicules the Civil Rights movement and Diversity.

  • Diamond_Lil

    Glad to say they’ve arrested this piece of garbage –  Kerry Trotter.  What a sack of filth.

  • White people don’t forget to buy your bus pass so you can enjoy the diversity enrichment every stop of the way.

    • ageofknowledge

      …but becoming much more common apparently.

  • Snowhitey

    Why was this mentally-disabled young woman out in public without an escort or guardian?

    • EndTimesComing

      Good question.  The answer is it was an adult woman.  The mentally retarded are taught to be “self sufficient” and taught to take busses to and from work, etc.  Alone.  By your wonderful liberal graduates in social science getting jobs in handicapped adult workshops, counseling of the mentally challenged, etc.  They think it their greatest achievement to de-institutionalize such people and put them out into society alone, unaware, and defenseless.  

      • IstvanIN

         But the handicapped should be allowed to participate in society to the extent their abilities allow.  The problem is the feral blacks.  You and I wouldn’t attack a retarded women just because she was defenseless and on public transport.

        • Zorro

          And the tag line on this story said it was very uncommon. It’s so uncommon that it happens every day of the week, in every City and Town across the country.

      • eunometic

        A man by the name of Kerry Trotter has been arrested in connection with the rape. I bet his mental,age is not above the 10 years quoted as being that of the victim.

        White people with low mental ages or retardation often have other minor problems such as speech impediments or hearing impediments or perhaps neuromuscular issue. It is these secondary physical problems we pick up on first rather than the slow learning. Advances in therapy such as speech therapy have helped overcome the problems a Down’s syndrome sufferers have with physical problems around the mouth and tongue in speech formation. If someone has a low IQ and is physically normal it can be hard to tell.

    • Rob

       Well little boy named KEVIN SHIFFLET was playing in his grandma’s front yard in Virginia broad daylight when a black came up and stabbed him to death, shouting how he hated White people. Now I recall his name, you can search for the information should be on some conservative website somewhere. But what saddens me is I don’t recall the name of a little 7 year old blue-eyed blonde haired little girl in ALABAMA perhaps 10 years ago she was playing in front of her house when a van full of Mexicans pulled up and dragged her into the van and drove off. She has never been seen again. Looking back I wish I had saved that news story ONLY in the local paper. Even when parents do take normal precautions our children are still being slaughtered or raped. THIS is what diversity has brought. I really think folks should watch a CLASSIC film, 1915, Birth of a Nation by DW GRIFFITH, to think that Hollywood was then taken over by another bunch and they sure had a different approach.

      How long, how much longer will you sit back and take it?

      How many little white girls, like Autumn Pasquale of  New Jersey have to die?

      • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading
      • StillModerated

         Forget the movie, and read the entire Thomas Dixon trilogy; The Leopard’s Spots, the Clansman, and the Traitor. The political speech in Chapter XIII of the Leopard’s Spots need to be memorized by all white folks as a treatise on national survival.


      • Pelayo

         It’ll keep happening until the bodies of these vermin are found dead with notes pinned to their genitalia explaining exactly how and why they ended up dead. Justice for Channon Christian, Christopher Newsom, Amy Biel, Amy Willard, Brad Heyka, Heather Muller, Aaron Sander, Jason Befort, Maria Cabuenos, Kitty Genovese, John Campiglia, Rachella Steinberg, Anne Pressley, Melissa Maclachlan, Lauren Burk, Eve Carson, Ann Walenta, Sarita Gayle Bryson, In Ho Oh and countless others who have died because they were walking while White, going to work while White, going out to dinner while White, coming out of a store with hair spray to do her hair for a friends wedding and resisting sexual advances while White, sleeping in her own home  while White, opening her apartment door while White, working to help the “suffering” South African Blacks while White, foolishly accepting a ride while White. going to work as a nurse while Filipina,  mailing a letter in West Phila. while Korean, riding her bike while White, being a concert cellist while White, riding public transportation while White, working after school in  a neighborhood pharmacy while White, delivering food while Chinese, playing in your yard while White and according to King Samir Shabazz, being a newborn in a nursery while White.

    • Nicholai Hel

      Was she a Japanese-American?

    • Yeah blame the victim. Why was/is this animal out among us? Why do we accept anything less than all out manhunt if only to send a message to human predators?

  • EndTimesComing

    Depending on how mentally disabled this woman was, it well could have NOT been rape at all.  Having worked in an adult handicapped workshop for several years, it was a constant battle to keep the adults from screwing each other on breaks, while waiting for the short bus to take them home, and pretty much any time the impulse struck.  And it was always consensual to the extent a retard can consent – in other words, diminished capacity resulted in bizarre behavior constantly of one sort or another.  All that having been said, a black man will take advantage of a situation like that every time he gets the chance. Guaranteed.  

    • kjh64

      She had them mental capacity of a 10 year old and if he knew that which he likely did know that she was mentally retarded, then it was rape as she would not have the mental capacity to consent.

    • “retard” Really?

      I’m glad you no longer work with the disabled and hope you are working in a capacity WHERE YOU CAN GET SHOT IN THE FUCKING FACE and spend the rest of your days getting sodomized in a group home managed by indifferent assholes.

  • Odds are the driver was a unionized, affirmative-action specialist who felt it wasn’t his job to interfere with a typical, harmless Afro-American mating ritual.

    • Triarius

      Blacks will always look after their own. If it is a black on black crime, it is a push. But from personal experience look at a lot of black on white cases (yes, OJ is one). Another example is the Kwame Kilpatrick trials.

      A VERY close family member was on the jury the first time around, he/she said 11 whites voted guilty and one black wouldn’t convict because he was one of “them”. Kwame is as guilty as heck and should be open and shut.

      Long story short, if no one helped, the victim probably wasn’t black, but might have been.

      And that is the problem of a jury. Don’t worry about Obama, those raping and killing your family won’t go 12 for 12 in a trial, if caught at all. Don’t expect a black cop to try to catch a black raping and murdering whites. That is the worst part.

    • Xerxes22

      What does membership in a labor union have to do with this crime?  That’s typical dittohead Fox mentality.

      • This is typical of MTA, a Gov’t subsidized agency paying minorities to drive buses at outlandish salaries. The minorities are under-qualified and can’t be fired even for gross negligence as outlined above. That’s the connection. And if you don’t think that Gov’t labor unions are nothing but a racket, I can’t convince you otherwise.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    My daughter and I take the local bus quite a lot whenever the weather is nice; it is cheap and the walk down the bike path to the bus stop is pleasant.  That said, we also always sit near the front, and I always carry a box cutter and pepper spray.  I make my usual limp look a little worse getting on, just so nobody asks why we’re up forewards.

    Some of the mentally handicapped are capable of a semi-normal life.  There was one with major-league Downe’s Syndrome at a job I once worked; all she did was the dishes there, but she was happy doing it to get outside her home, make some money and talk with folks, and she did a good job.  Her mother also always came and got her from work.  None of us would have dreamed of picking on her.

    I’m pretty certain she was a bit smarter by the time her family moved to New Mexico.  Locking someone like her up in a room without anything to do would have been “protective”, but it also wouldn’t have helped her any.

    As for the individual who molested this gal, I hope they lock him up for the rest of his life and tell all the other inmates every few months what the sicko did.

    • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

      If your only defense weapon of choice is the box cutter, then you’ll want it loaded with these blades.
      I use these to skin wild hogs with, it goes through the tough back hide like it’s wet toilet paper.

  • tickyul

    I used to drive the city bus in Seattlebabwe.

    Trust me, Urban Americans, even being a small part of that liberal city, were involved in a majority of the violence on the bus and at the bus stations.

  • preparationHbomb

    I’m from LA County.   This story is EXACTLY why I left SoCA and will never go back.   It is true that this bus was running in a black part of town; the Slauson area is well known for black violence.   I say arm the bus drivers and let ’em shoot any violent perpetrator; the cameras on board will show if it’s justified.   It almost always is.   This boy deserved a bullet to the brain – or I should say HEAD; I don’t think there’s much of a brain in it, as in his case it’s clearly tube-shaped.  I’m happy to be long gone from LA, up here in the high country with my stored food, guns, ammo, and water.   I’m not saying where I am as we don’t want any more company.

  • How did I know it was a bantu without even reading the article?

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Looks like some sort of gorilla to me.

  • black culture

  • Pelagian

    Off the subject, I apologize, but is the on the scene reporter Raquel Welch’s granddaughter by chance?  She looks like her.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    It for reasons like this that NYC should build a shrine commemorating Bernard Goetz. In response to EndTimesComing, a friend’s mom used to work in social services with the down’s syndrome and other developmentally disabled people. She had similar stories where you would just need to change the names and location. However, the negro who assaulted her should spend some serious time in the joint.

    Fortunately, the major metro area down the road has really poor public transportation. I have never climbed on one of those city buses in my life. They do not come anywhere near my house and I hope they never do. If Obama rams through “Regional Equity” by executive order or through the Supreme Court, we can expect public transportation to extend its reach substantially.  Even though I haven’t spent a large chunk of my life in Europe, I have been on more public transportation there than in the US.

    When cities first began offering tram or bus service, the seats were segregated, usually into smoking and non smoking sections. Thomas Sowell makes a point of this when he talks about discrimination without direct costs. However, there must have been some serious incidents on these buses to get several state legislatures to mandate black and white sections. I wasn’t alive in 1955, when the news media made the Montgomery Bus Boycott a national issue. Instead of outright condemnation, did any of the reporters ever ask questions as to why everything was segregated? While youtube was not available then, I suspect googitburo will start shutting down parts of it for explaining to whites who have no contact with negroes why Jim Crow worked for so long. We can’t have those pesky facts getting in the way, they lead to thoughtcrime.

    The neighborhood where I live is really white and the roads are set up in such a way that it discourages cruising around. But, if you go to the big box mart a couple of miles away and walk in there at 11:45 PM on the night before food stamps and welfare cards are reloaded, it is not a pretty sight. Our house is still locked up tight as a drum every night.

    My brother lives in the Atlanta metro area and while they have been able to successfully bar MARTA from their county; the demographics are changing so quickly that this option may be gone soon. BTW, he is actively looking at relocating to the red areas of the pacific northwest.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      That’s good news.  If any DNA evidence is available, the perp is going to have a tough time fighting the case.  A sexual assault on an “at-risk” adult isn’t going to win him any points at sentencing.

      Hope he likes Soledad or San Quentin, and it’s life on the Sex Offender registry after he’s paroled.  It may be life on parole, as well; I’m not sure how California state law works.

  • Sarge

    From the article linked by sbuffalonative: 

    “We believe it was a crime of opportunity, that unfortunately she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

    —Sgt. Dan Scott of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

    As you know, Sergeant Scott, whenever blacks are involved, all times and all places are wrong. 

  • zWsA

    All the more reason Whites should sit at the front of the bus. The back is simply too dangerous!

  • Frank

    The perpetrator’s father has now pulled the same sexual assault  stunt on a female in a bus in diversity rich Toronto.  These monkeyshines must run in the DNA of this family.