Obama Offers Hurricane Amnesty

Judicial Watch, November 5, 2012

Capitalizing on any opportunity to grant illegal aliens amnesty, the Obama Administration is using the recent hurricane as an excuse to waive immigration laws, including for violators of student visas like the 9/11 hijackers.

While this outrageous storm amnesty has been ignored by the mainstream media, it’s very real and largely unprecedented. In an announcement posted by the Homeland Security agency that handles these matters, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the Obama Administration says it “understands that a natural disaster can affect an individual’s ability to maintain a lawful immigration status.”

Therefore, USCIS reminds “customers” affected by Hurricane Sandy of certain “benefits or relief that may available to them.” Let’s take a look at what those are. Here’s a good one: “Expedited adjudication of off-campus employment authorization applications for F-1 students experiencing economic hardship.”

This would apply to foreign students like the al-Qaeda terrorists who trained as pilots in U.S. flight schools and purposely slammed commercial airplanes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon in 2001. All entered and lived in the U.S. with student visas and remained in the country even after they expired. One of the hijackers had enrolled—but never attended—a northern California language school.


Besides further shielding those egregious visa violators from deportation, Obama’s new Hurricane Sandy amnesty protects others. USCIS is also extending “nonimmigrant status” for individuals, even when the request is filed after the authorization period of admission has expired.” This rewards those who have blown off federal immigration laws.

This preposterous storm amnesty is simply the latest of several moves by the administration to help illegal immigrants who in some cases have violated U.S. law for decades. {snip}


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  • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

    The Founders wrote the Constitution so carefully, that they gave the President the power to give our country away to foreigners, so now we are ruled by aliens, perverts, and parasites.

    Why do we keep talking about the Constitution as the touchstone of liberty when it really is the Sates”

    Our complaints must become directed at our governors and state attorneys general- they have the power to put a check on our rate of demise, but they won’t, because they are just like George Wallace and Lester Maddox- their views will evolve to catch up with Amnesty.

    Your job now is survival and starving the beast.

    • Snowhitey

      “The Founders wrote the Constitution so carefully, that they gave the President the power to give our country away to foreigners, so now we are ruled by aliens, perverts, and parasites.”

      Don’t blame the Founders.  They warned the population repeatedly of the possibility of a threat from within.  Remember?  So, who is to blame?  The American population is to blame for their decline and their dispossession.  Trying to blame a group of brilliant men from past centuries is outright delusion.

      • EndTimesComing

        The founders warned that ONLY property owners should be allowed to vote, else the Republic would descend very quickly into the have nots always voting to take from the haves through redistribution of income, AND that corrupt politicians could stay in power indefinitely due to taking from those who have and promising more to those who have not.  The founders also did NOT give the vote to blacks or women, and did not grant citizenship to aliens who gave birth to children while in the US.  Don’t blame the founders and the Constitution.  Blame “democracy” and the erosion of the document over the years.  The Constitution originally was a document restricting the federal government and detailing what it was allowed to do.  It has not become reversed.  The federal government now tells the States what to do, and what the Federal government will allow them to do, and has abrogated much power to itself while Americans allowed it to do so.  Only one little burp and objection occurred – the war of secession.  It failed and doomed us to the condition we now find ourselves in.

        • Stan_Mute

          I’ve been arguing for decades now, the ONLY permanent fix to our morass is something the racial Marxists would call a “poll tax.”

          The theory of government is the same as that of society itself. That on its most fundamental level its purpose is to act as a patriarchal family unit. Government (father) has as his primary role to protect the nation (family) from outside threats against its survival. Next, it must protect the weakest members who are unable to defend themselves (“billy! Stop beating your sister! Boys do not hit girls!”). Finally, it must ensure the rules of society are enforced.

          Up to this point, all is well and fine. But now enters the corruption whereby the nomination of whom will assume the paternal roles as executive, legislator, and enforcer is a decision made by vote of the entire population. All our trouble with government springs from this original sin. Just as in a family, Dad’s decisions (or who gets to be Dad!) are not the result of voting by

          • CATechnology

            Well said! This cuts to the root of the problem and shows a way to rectify the problem

        • sandra

           If you are saying that women should not be allowed to vote because the FFs did not give them right, then you now know why so many white women have waled away from you. Grasp that and you will be on your way to some kind of intelligence.

          • Liberalsuck

            I agree. It’s not conservative white females I have a problem with; it’s the liberal white females who are feminists.

      • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

        I blame the Founders for not listening to Patrick Henry- he warned them, and we suffer.

    • Frank

      The Founders gave no such authority to the president.  I suggest you re-read the Constitution.  The problem is that Obama has stolen that power and the Congress will do nothing to stop him.

  • Bobby

    The Republicans are like little children that got taken to the woodshed by Obama and co. and are now ready to offer amnesty to millions of border criminals. Worthless!

    • IstvanIN

       They are worse than worthless, they are pro-genocide traitors.

    • dd121

      If the Republicans think they can out pander the Democrats they’re going to be sadly surprised.  Not only will they lose their conservative base, the darks won’t vote for them anyway.  I don’t have the answer.

      • Libearlssuck

        I feel more sorry for the white conservative republican voters than I do the talking heads. The talking heads were just salespeople conning their voters the whole time to sending money and votes.

  • Due to a 15 MPH  NE wind and light sprinkles in Podunk Iowa, the Obama adminstration today granted amnesty to all illegal aliens and reparations to all blacks and native Americans. It was noted that Elizabeth Warren was first in line because she now claims to have heard a family story that long ago her ancestors were slaves who migrated from Mexico illegally and married into the Cherokee tribe. Therefore she is allowed to collect three checks lest she feel marginalized.

    • Bobby

      Luca, I’m so glad you mentioned Elizabeth “little bird”, Warren(or whatever phony Indian name she will sooner or later claim). My Lord, are these leftists shameless, not to say sickeningly so.

      • IstvanIN

         Her Indian is Running Skunk”.

  • potato78

    Obama offers Condoleezza Rice as Secretary of State.

  • “…a natural disaster can affect an individual’s ability to maintain a lawful immigration status.”

    But they’re not here lawfully.

  • ageofknowledge

    Obama knows the country is deeply divided. His solution is simply to import tens of millions of immigrants and sweep away U.S. citizens remaking this country in his own image. Viole`, no more division problem.

    • IstvanIN

       What is interesting is that Obama isn’t stupid.  He surely knows what has happened to Zimbabwe and other African nations.  He surely knows what Latin America is like.  he surely knows what massive overpopulation in India is like. He has two daughters.  One would think that he would want the nation to prosper, despite any racial animosity he holds.  I suppose, however, like the tribe, his hatred of whites trumps all.

      • Stan_Mute

        1. We have seen not one shred of evidence that Obama is bright, let alone evidence he is of average intelligence. Yet it is repeated endlessly how the guy is “brilliant” (much like the nonstop assertions his wife Michelle is “beautiful” and “glamorous”). I think it’s self-evident his writers and handlers, like most Jews, are quite clever, but what that points toward is that these guys like Axelrod and Emmanuel along with moneyed supporters like the Pritzkers have created a persona and painted it onto Obama.

        2. While Obama personally has no doubt heard of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and South Africa, like the rest of the negroes this is just storybook reinforcement of the same old fable – that negroes are all great and the only reason they may lack some outward signs of this greatness is whitey’s oppression. So in Zimbabwe, their fable will say evil whitey came upon an advanced superior civilization and immediately set about enslaving the negro and stealing all his wealth. The conversion from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe shows that whitey stole so much that the poor negro has trouble making anything work. Whitey poisoned the land and sabotaged his farm equipment so when the negro resumed his rightful role it was all destroyed.

        But hey, there is one bit of excellent news … When South African whitey was forced to stop oppressing and stealing from the negroes, whitey had the sense to destroy the nation’s nuclear weapons programs before he left the building. With negroes essentially just spoiled 6 year olds, can you imagine a nuclear temper tantrum?

        • IstvanIN

           I don’t think her is brilliant, he surely isn’t, but he isn’t a dope.  He certainly is able to see the world around him and not want that life for his daughters.  It seems, however, that you are right and the majority of his handlers are members of the tribe and not Pat Buchanans and Ton Sowells.

        • Sloppo

          “We have seen not one shred of evidence that Obama is bright, let alone evidence he is of average intelligence.”
           He does seem to be able to read a teleprompter better than most people.  

      • toldev

         If you have listened to Obama the past four years, you will notice that nothing has ever been his fault according to him. And, if his policies turn the United States into a Zimbabwe-like hell hole, that won’t be his fault either.

        That character flaw is widespread in the black community. It is why even intelligent blacks make such poor leaders. When a black can not see negative consequences as a result of his actions, he never corrects his actions.

  • Nicholai Hel

    I’m still waiting for The Secret Service to investigate all of those Twitter  threats against the republican president’s life? And threats to riot if HRH lost the secret counting? I’m sure they are almost there by now; they must have a heavy caseload.

    • IstvanIN

       How old are you?  I know I will be log dead when the investigation begins.

    • Liberalsuck

      Wait all you want. I’m still waiting for a talking, magical unicorn that will crap out Skittles, too.

  • George

    “Expedited adjudication of off-campus employment authorization applications for F-1 students experiencing economic hardship.”

    All this particular action does is speeds up the process to allow foreign students studying in the U.S.  to work off campus.  Let’s be honest.  The overwhelming majority of foreign students in North America are *not* training to slam planes in to buildings.  This is a red herring of the basest sort.  In virtually all cases, it means university and college students from abroad will be able to gain employment (and, incidentally, have payroll taxes withheld) off campus.

    The work these students will perform can be broadly classed in two categories:  Work directly related to  their chosen course of study (Computer Science, Geology, Business Administration, etc.) or more menial service based jobs of the sort students tend to work around classes (waitressing, hotel  front desk, etc.).  The professional jobs add value to our economy, and in all cases, virtually all income these students earn will be spent immediately, generating further spin-offs.

    The fly in the ointment is that U.S. work experience can be parlayed into an easier immigration process post-graduation.  This isn’t a bad thing, necessarily.  It means that well-educated (well, American educated, anyhow) foreigners who have taken the initiative to work whilst studying have a slightly better chance of immigrating afterward.  This sort of immigrant is far, far better than the ones we (rightly) fear.

    • IstvanIN

      The professional jobs add value to our economy, and in all cases, virtually all income these students earn will be spent immediately, generating further spin-offs. 

      Nope, they just take jobs away from white students.

      • Stan_Mute

        Here is the common misuse of “earn”. One can only truly “earn” by creating value. A man creates value when he takes a felled tree and builds a house from the wood. The difference in value between a felled tree and a house is what the man “earned.”

        Yet we constantly hear of government workers “earning” money. How is this possible when they create nothing of value? 99% of government today involves nothing more than dispossession and reappropriation. All our legislation and enforcement do is take something of value from one group and give it to another. The sums of money involved are simply staggering, but NOTHING is created and thus nothing could be “earned.” Likewise the laughable notion that government workers can be taxpayers. If a cop is paid $75,000/yr by the government, it is only an accounting trick for him to return 10% back to the government. He did not pay tax, nor did the government collect tax. It is only the carpenter down the road who buys lumber and steel then by his labors alone converts the raw material into a home that truly earns (creates) wealth and from him alone that government may collect a tax.

        • IstvanIN

           What you refer to as “earned” should be called either “wealth creation” or “added value”.  Government employees rarely do either, they are actually net tax consumers, even when they work hard and earn their salaries.

          That is a reason I have been against turning the US from an industrial society into a service economy.  A largely service economy may work for Monaco, it will not work for a country as large as the US.  In a country this large, with such a diversity of worker’s talents, we need a manufacturing base to support the population and to create wealth. 

  • Vegastrip

    Well are the white idiots who voted for the Bush pos can look in the mirror for the blame who was “proud” to have a original negroid in the WH as he proclaimed while worshiping his alltime hero Lincoln every morning in the upstairs BR so he said. 

    Afterall had Gore been elected in 2000 and crybaby wimp daddy Bush not rigged the dumb bastard for 8 years there never would have been a 911 and without question never have been a Barack Obama mutt messiah in the WH. 

    Hell had they elected Kerry in 2004 that would have eliminated the Obama mutt. Sometimes you can use the other side as a tool to keep out the worst enemy. 
    Had they even selected Hillary Clinton over Obama mutt in the 2008 primary there would never be a jackyl baboon in the WH after Bill Clinton called the mutt a fairytale and was labeled a racist in SC along with his lesbian wife being labeled a racist for saying LBJ was greater than their messiah MLK.  Negroids have a lot of negroid messiahs.

    It was entrapment and rigged plan

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Just call it an “Obamanation Amnesty”, Mr. President, as you are the ultimate natural disaster.

  • Bobby

    I have noticed something on this forum and similar ones that discuss things like immigration,etc. APPARENTLY, THE IMMIGRATION ISSUE ISN’T TAKEN VERY SERIOUSLY. A very strange phenomenon, wouldn’t you say, for bloggers who claim to care so much about the fate of the U.S. and especially where European Americans are concerned. For example, this topic only has a mere 26 comments on this important issue. Other topics about massive immigration and illegal immigration, rarely seem to have more than fifty comments, yet some issues that are relatively benign where European-Americans are concerned, get hundreds and hundreds of comments. It demonstartses the continued cluelessness, that millions of Americans have on the immigration issuem,for if even the posters on a forum that discusses this issue are lukewarm on being moved by it, how much less clueless must our millions of other citizens be?Apparently, the truth that, DEMOGRAPHICS IS DESTINY, hasn’t sunk in.

    • Bobby

      Sorry, I meant to say above, how much MORE clueless must our fellow European AMericans be, than those who claim to care about immigration issues, but hardly have a thing to say about it all? Go figure.

      • Tom UK

        Bobby, you can rest easy knowing that this story will certainly infuriate the vast majority of Amren readers. What discussion is there to be had here? Obama has started talking amnesty, we knew he would, we object to it and we all object to it for the same reasons. While the comments that are here do add personal perspectives, don’t judge action by the number of people agreeing with their fellow realists on here. Write to your congressman, write to the papers, write to people who need convincing.

        • Liberalsuck

          That’s the whole reason Puerto Rico wants to be a country. The are your typical nonwhite, third world country that wants to screw over the white man and make him pay for their lifestyles. Let’s see how that works out when there are less white people around to do that. Because, come secession, whites so fed up with multiculturalism or just not that many whites around in the future in general to take care of them, these Puerto Ricans that want to have voting rights in the US and be a state will be in for a very rude awakening.

  • Herman

    It is amazing how little blame Obama has received from the slow relief aid that has come in because of Hurricane Sandy.

    Reagan was called the teflon President.

    The MSM don’t even try to stick blame on Obama.