Our Border, Our Integrity

Charles Martel, American Thinker, November 23, 2012

There is a conspicuous lack of cultural and national self-respect among the pro-amnesty Republicans, who display a corresponding excess of a misplaced compassion.

If there is one primary obstacle to border security and sane immigration policy in America, it is misplaced compassion. If we’re going to have a decent system of immigration, we need to have a fact-based, morally sound outlook on immigrants. Human sympathy is natural and good, and should extend to all peoples, including immigrants—legal or otherwise. Granted, we are all God’s children, or all special according to whatever view you may have. But the Golden Rule has been greatly distorted in its application to the immigration debate.

What would we honestly have others do unto us, if we were illegally in someone else’s country? Personally, I believe it proper to respect the laws and customs of the nation in which one lives. That means that if I broke the law in a nation where I lived, I would expect to be held accountable. In other words, I would have others deport me for violating their immigration law. For any Christian to suggest that it is their religious “duty” to reward illegal conduct is quite a stretch.

We are a nation of laws. We are supposed to be a people who follow the law. Illegal immigrants have disregarded our border, broken our laws, and disrespected all of us by the manner in which they came to this nation. Anyone whose first act upon entering this country is to violate our law should not be welcome, and those who overstay their visas should be worried. Their discomfort is a healthy reaction to the realization that our laws matter, and that there are many Americans who demand those laws be enforced.

Our territorial integrity is at stake in the debate over immigration. Either our border means something or it doesn’t. But, of course, some in the Republican leadership don’t care about the integrity of our nation’s border. Our sovereignty, to pro-amnesty Republicans, is something to be bartered away in the hope that one day Hispanics will vote for Republicans.

The open borders Republicans are essentially saying that we can increase the number of Hispanic Republicans—by a fraction—by increasing the number of Democrats exponentially. Immigrants today are just like they were in the past, the open borders GOP says. Here is the problem with that bit of nostalgia: Immigrants in the past didn’t demand bilingual education, or racial preferences, nor did they have a welfare state to help support their families. Latino immigrants are as hard-working as any group of immigrants in American history. The problem is not their work ethic; it’s their support for statist policy, and the impact that has on our economy and society.

At this stage in our demographic and political development as a nation, the growth of the welfare state is the greatest danger to our economic security. Immigrants obviously promote statist policy. Therefore, lax immigration laws guarantee that the greatest danger to our economic security will only grow worse. Comfortable conservatives are slow to recognize this: From his perch at the Wall Street Journal, Bret Stephens dismisses concerns about the economic impact of immigration, saying that immigrants only “take jobs“ as “busboys and chambermaids.” What Stephens’s trite remark misses is that the (nonwhite) immigrant today is eligible for a vast array of programs and preferences, all of which add to the suffocating expansion of the welfare state.

The existence of the welfare state is not the only distinguishing feature of immigration today. European immigrants generally didn’t carry the baggage of anti-colonial oppression fantasies, as too many immigrants do today. Hispanics, unlike European immigrants, have longstanding historical claims to the territory of the American southwest. Among these claims is the belief, described by Harvard political scientist Samuel Huntington, that the American southwest was stolen from Hispanics and should be retaken. Conservatives need to do a better job of understanding the historical and ideological memory that immigrants carry with them into America. Some immigrants have an axe to grind, and it does no good to spout pap about our history as a “nation of immigrants” when current immigrants are profoundly distinct from the European immigrants who, for the most part, settled and built this nation.

The open borders GOP is deceiving itself about the politics of immigration as well. Just picture the election following amnesty. Would Hispanics stop depending on the government, or have less desire for the government to take care of them? Of course not. There would just be more of them voting. Republicans unsuccessfully tried to trade amnesty (for at least 2 million illegals) for votes before, in 1986. The result was that Hispanic support for the GOP dropped from 37% in 1984 to 30% in the 1988 presidential election.

The effect of a “path to citizenship” for illegals would be just as disastrous. As Senator Marco Rubio once said, “[N]o one will ever come through the legal process” if we reward people for entering illegally, which is the core of many recent “path to citizenship” proposals. There is no reason for an immigrant to wait on a long path of legal immigration if he knows that he can take a short path by entering illegally.

To expect a good outcome from amnesty today, when the poisonous ideology of multiculturalism is more virulent than ever, and when more immigrants than ever are relying on state largesse, is to expect something that is wildly improbable. We hear from the likes of Hannity and Krauthammer that amnesty is good policy. But as a matter of history, as a matter of politics, and as a matter of logic and common sense, there is no basis for believing that Hispanics will support Republicans in large enough numbers to make the costs worthwhile.

What would be the demographic impact of amnesty on our economy, culture, and political system? How many additional immigrants will enter this country, and how many of them will promote the welfare state? Given what we know about the 2012 election, what impact would the addition of these voters have? Any politician who supports amnesty without precise answers to these questions is like the man who allows strangers to trespass on his own property, take his possessions, and subject his neighbors to terrible risk, all for a fantasy that the trespassers will turn out for the best. No one who would do that deserves to be called conservative.

We have two corrupt political parties who, for different reasons, are ready to sell the country out. Instead of amnesty proposals, we should consider an immigration moratorium. In a discerning manner, exceptions could be made for highly skilled or educated immigrants. Only an immigration moratorium will prevent the political parties from playing Russian roulette with our economy and culture.

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  • Puggg

    I suspect Charles Martel is a pen name.

    “Amnesty is good policy.” After the 1986 amnesty, Bush 41 won California in 1988. But Republicans haven’t won California on the Presidential level since.

    • Old dog

      Feminism has something to do with everything. It will kill us and only “if” we arise from the ashes can it be killed. Among other things, it is death by mass insanity that has spread to the minds of too many men.

      • Anon 12

        You are correct. I am a White woman and feminism was out to destroy the White woman, the White man and the White family. Research who the leaders were of that asinine movement. Their ilk are also the leaders of NOW…

        • The__Bobster

          Feminism: Founded by ugly, socialist jewish lesbians. What could go wrong?

          • Considering how ugly God did make them, imagine how unattractive he would have made them if they weren’t from among his “chosen.”

  • pcmustgo

    ” European immigrants generally didn’t carry the baggage of anti-colonial oppression fantasies, as too many immigrants do today.”

    Hispanics don’t arrive here with that generally- they are TAUGHT that by the American (White Liberal) Media/Educational Complex. Which teaches us all to have big “complexes” about race, etc.

    • ATBOTL

      You must not converse with Hispanic immigrants about politics much. Anti-American attitudes are almost universal in Latin America. For example, Ecuador’s parliament feature a mural depicitng the USA as an evil monster.


      If that’s in Ecuador, I think you can imagine how people feel in Mexico and other countries that the US has invaded or supported brutal dictators.

      This idea that minorities are harmless unless liberals corrupt them is completely false and extremely dangerous. Another variation of this is the claim that blacks were hardworking and well behaved until welfare came along in the 60’s.

      It’s an argument that serves the interests of open borders Wall Street Journal types. If you take it seriously, it would imply that flooding the country with Mexicans won’t be a problem as long as they are taught some kind of 1950’s school curriculum.

      It’s sad and frustrating that so many nationalists still cling to false, conservative ideas that do not serve white interests.

    • katzkiner

      We need to picket headquarters of MSMBC. Give them the rightwing occupy treatment. It is time to aggitate for White rights.

  • kjh64

    We do NOT need more immigrants, legal or illegal. There are millions of Americans out of work. We have had more immigration in the last 40 years than in all of US history. No nation can continue to allow immigration and still maintain its’ culture, language and such. All immigration, except in special situations, should be halted indefinitely. The only exceptions, marriage, someone opening a large company or some highly skilled scientist or medical expert or genius that has a skill that is hard to find. Any shortages such as crop picking, can be solved by a guest worker program that is strictly enforced. We don’t need any more 3rd world people ever. Multiculturalism does NOT work, the more races you have, the more balkenization you have. So no more of different races except in marriage or some special circumstance.

    • nathan wartooth

      The problem is even letting in highly skilled people to fill niche jobs is that once it’s started corporations wont want to stop.

      Once they can say that they can’t find any workers and then hire foreigners for cheaper they’ll never want to go back to hiring Americans.

      • kjh64

        You’re correct. However, I was talking about some genius like a rocket scientist that has some special skill few have, say like the rocket scientist Werner Von Braun type or Einstein type. I wasn’t talking about most highly skilled. Only a very, very small amount of these should be allowed in.

      • MikeofAges

        Reportedly, corporate interests argued the same thing when immigration restrictions were adopted in the early 1920s. Didn’t work out that way, as America produced its own engineers and scientists from out of the ranks of its own population.

        BTW, cheaper wages may not be the primary reason why foreigners are hired. The two-tier salary scale serves primarily to create a two-caste workforce. A native born technical worker who offers to work for the “foreign” wage will not be hired anyway.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      “Any shortages such as crop picking, can be solved by a guest worker program that is strictly enforced.”


      1) Congress would need to first eliminate automatic birthright citizenship for children of illegal/legal aliens or many “guests” would produce an anchor baby.

      2) Even so, the long history “guest” workers suggests there is nothing more permanent in this world than a “guest worker”:

      “In many countries, under many types of government, and across many time periods, experiences with guest worker programs have led to an overwhelming and simple consensus among those who have studied the issue: there is nothing more permanent than temporary workers.”

      SOURCE: The Mirage of Mexican Guest Workers, by Philip L. Martin and Michael S. Teitelbaum, FOREIGN AFFAIRS Magazine, Volume 80 • Number 6, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2001

  • JohnEngelman

    Affluent Republicans who advocate open borders may mouth rhetoric about the Statue of Liberty, “huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” and so on. What they really desire is the ability to reduce wages of American citizens.

    The division between Republican businessmen who want more immigrants and blue collar Republicans who want none runs deeper than any division within the Democratic Party.

    • AutomaticSlim

      Not just blue collar.
      Plenty of white collar conservatives want to stop immigration as well.
      Just ask any laid off engineer or programmer whose former company has
      hire Indian tech workers on H1B visas. These Indians are usually inferior in both knowledge and skill, but the companies hire them due to the following reasons:
      1) They accept low wages
      2) The will work excessively long hours
      3) They will never complain for fear of losing their job and having to leave the US.

      I have been in the IT end of the Financial industry for over 25 years and I can tell you that they bring NO BENEFIT to the US. They are cheap and quite often incompetent replacements for highly skilled, mostly White American men in their 40s, 50s and 60s.

      It is a real crime and it has to stopped.

      • 4) When they turn 35, and their own personal health care expenses are expected to rise because of the onset of middle age, and they will soon or have recently gotten married and will soon or recently have procreated, the corporate sponsors can quit sponsoring their H-1B visas, back to India with them, and replace them with a fresh crop of 22-year old Indians with H-1B visas.

        BTW, you heard about all this business about “staple a green card to the diploma” of the college diplomas of non-American students here on student visas. That’s because it’s supposedly so unfair (boo hoo cry me a river) that a non-American college grad has to go back to his home country to apply for a work visa, H-1B or otherwise, when we can make it so easy for everyone. Easy for everyone except for native born white Americans seeing themselves totally shut out of one industry after another after another.

        Accounting has been hit bad with H-1Bs.

        • AutomaticSlim

          Yup, and if they can find an Indian girl and have a kid, they will be here for life if they so choose, thanks to good old birthright citizenship. Not to mention the other races who do this (Mexicans, africans, etc..)

          How did we let this happen to ourselves? Is there any hope?

          • KenelmDigby

            It happened because the USA is run by foul traitors.

          • The__Bobster

            Gee, on every recent sitcom, they’re irresistible to every blonde Ameriican girl they hit on.

          • AutomaticSlim

            Those girls must have serious sinus disorders to put up with the rancid BO. I have walked into empty elevators still thick with that stench.

      • JohnEngelman

        You are preaching to the choir. Despite 20 years of computer programming experience, my career as a programmer is dead.

        American employers have nerve complaining that they cannot find qualified employees. If they would hire those they can train they would find plenty of them.

        • IKantunderstand

          Do Hindus have choirs? Bet they sound better in Bombay (mumbai) then here. Enjoy your trip HOME. I mean, you have no job here, right?

        • The__Bobster

          And yet you want more Asian immigrants? Are you demented?

          • JohnEngelman

            I am not demented, only conflicted. I prefer to direct my animosity upward against the white plutocracy that is getting richer as the median income is declining, rather than horizontally and downward. That is why I vote Democratic.

            Although I am opposed to affirmative action, I like the cultural diversity immigrants provide. I like foreign restaurants, ethnic festivals, and the sight and sound of foreign languages. At the same time I am aware that this diversity has economic and environmental costs.

            I honesty do not see any value in the black culture. I like blacks to the extent that they are Anglicized. They can be just as black as pitch, but I want them to act white.

            The culture of the black underclass, like the rap music they listen to, is ugly and morally depraved.

          • IstvanIN

            You do realize that you could: 1) visit exotic locations to see and hear weird people; 2) learn to cook weird dishes yourself; 3) go to a white-run restaurant that serves exotica (you don’t have to be Thai to cook Thia food); 4) emigrate to a third world country to get your fill of foreign. There are things called airplanes and ships, you know.

            There is no need to destroy our country and our people in order for you to satisfy your fetishes. Personally I am sick of hearing heaven knows what languages when I go to the market. I am quite happy being around people who look like me, sound like me, worship like me, have my manners, dress like me and smell nice.

          • JohnEngelman

            The immigrants I have known have always smelled nice, especially the women, wearing perfume I gave them.

          • IstvanIN

            Well, aren’t you lucky. So I can blame foreigners wearing obnoxious cologne on you.

          • AutomaticSlim

            “The immigrants I have known have always smelled nice”

            When you were programming, how many Indians did you work with?

          • David Ashton

            Do you ever think about people other than yourself?

          • AutomaticSlim

            I like ethnic restaurants and different things too, but I believe places like New York, L.A., San Fran, Miami, etc.. always had that, even in the fifties when we were 90% White. Nothing wrong with a little variety. But that doesn’t mean we open the doors to full scale 3rd world migration/invasion, as the 1965 immigration act did. We could have kept the percentages at pre-1965 levels without worrying about having to eat at “Sizzler” every night.

          • I am not demented, only conflicted.

            When the GOP becomes the democrat-lite party and largely indistinguishable from the democrats, there will be no reason to support them and they will no longer even have a reason to exist. When both parties offer virtually the same thing to the American public, then smart voters, even smart conservative voters will support the democrats. Smart conservative voters, now knowing that the game is up, that now it’s become a matter of grabbing all you can get for yours and your own, and of quitely biding one’s time and waiting, will support whoever will give them the most. That’s not being immoral. That’s being human in a desperate situation.

            Or, to put it another way, when both parties stand for the same things, why not play in the big leagues with the democrats who’ll give you more than with the republicans, who will be the minor leaguers?

            I have thought long and hard about this. I am a life-long conservative. I have always stood on principle. But, if the jig is up and all hell is about to break loose, at that point isn’t positioning yourself for whatever comes next the best thing you can do?

      • Katherine McChesney

        Indians….and communicating with them is next to impossible.

    • Anon 12

      As usual in your case you need to do some research on that “poem” by Emma Lazarus and WHO wanted it on the statue! It has NOTHING to do with immigration OR huddled masses COMING to our shores!

      • The__Bobster

        The socialist’s poem was placed on the statue two decades after it was constructed. We know who put it there.

    • The__Bobster

      Democrats are just an alliance of YT-hating fringe groups. Once the money runs out, they’ll consume their own.

    • David Ashton

      How many Democrats don’t want more immigrants?

  • NYB

    “misplaced compassion”

    In simple terms, this is the result of a feminized society.

    In a masculine society, compassion is measured and weighed against security concerns. In a feminized society, compassion an end in itself, promiscuous and elevated above all other factors, oblivious to security.

    The only remedy for rampant feminism is more masculinity.

    • kjh64

      Feminism doesn’t have anything to do with it. The politicians in charge want immigrants for the cheap labor(republicans) and to drive down wages in response to their corporate masters, the democrats want the votes. Yes, you do have far too many Whites that have misplaced compassion but that’s a White thing.

      • The__Bobster

        In a way, it does. Feminists tend to vote for cheap vote (Democrat) politicians.

    • katzkiner

      55% of white women voted for Obama.

  • IKantunderstand

    Here’s my solution: NO MORE IMMIGRANTS. PERIOD. No illegals, no legals. NONE. Deport all illegal aliens. I don’t care if you are 1 month old or 1200 months old. Out now. Because you see, the “American Dream” has become a “social construct” on par with race being a “social construct”: That is how much our country hates us. The so called United States of America, hates us, their White citizens.

  • joe webb

    Ancient Republican Rome had a People. The Roman Empire had a population. Spengler.

    Of course, then it died. But there was fresh Northern Blood that saved Europe. That was then. Joe

    • JohnEngelman

      The German barbarians who overran the Western Roman Empire were at the same level of development as the Bantu were two hundred years ago. They had iron technology, but no cities, and no system of writing and mathematics. If IQ tests existed back then I suspect they would have scored as poorly as contemporary Bantu.

      • The__Bobster

        Do you really think IQ’s can jump that much in a realtively few generations? Ridiculous.

        Just as ridiculous as pumping tens of thousands of dollars per pupil into the public schools in the hope that the “gap” can be closed.

        • JohnEngelman

          According to “The 10,000 Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution,” which received a favorable review here:


          The Ashkenazi Jews went from average to an average IQ of 112 in slightly more than one thousand years. The Germans could have gone from 80 to 102 in two thousand years.

          The German tribesmen described by Julius Caesar in his “Gallic Conquests” were very violent, and had trouble handling alcohol.

          In two thousand years there are about 40 generations. An animal breeder will tell you that you can do a lot with that many.

          • IstvanIN

            The Germans probably had an innate IQ that wasn’t fully utilized, since they did advance, unlike the Bantu who regress without outside assistance

          • JohnEngelman

            Intelligence develops when population pressures reward individuals of superior intelligence with more children who survive and reproduce.

            In an urban civilization men of superior intelligence become merchants, money lenders, government officials, artists, and so on. Civilization comes first, then superior intelligence.

            The Bantu have regressed since the end of the European empires, but they are further ahead than they were before those empires. The biological role of empires is to impose civilization on barbarians. The Roman Empire imposed civilization on the Celts. The Holy Roman Empire imposed civilization on the Germans. The European empires in Africa ended ended several centuries too soon to have a really beneficial effect.

            The Chinese are extending their economic power in Africa. Perhaps they can continue the work begun by the Europeans. It will take centuries, however. Because Negroes have more genetic diversity than all the other races combined they can probably evolve faster, but it will take more than a few generations. That is why the civil rights legislation has been such a disappointment.

          • David Ashton

            Civilization depends on intelligence, but “civilization” does not necessarily produce more intelligence.

      • AutomaticSlim

        I believe they had to have been FAR more advanced than any africans, then or now. If not, how was it that the Franks evolved, within 300 years, to defeat the supposedly most skilled army (muslims) of that time? Charles Martel was not a fluke. And neither was Charlemagne. But yes, the “Goths” and such were certainly barbaric and far beneath the Southern Europeans (Romans, Greeks, Byzantines) of that time.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    This piece was a logical breath of fresh air in the otherwise dull and uninspired realm of political commentary. Simply put, fiscal conservatives and social conservatives will have trouble furthering their agendas when the country is more Hispanic–because Hispanics are neither fiscally *nor* socially conservative (their brand of Catholicism isn’t that of Aquinas’). So if you believe marginal tax rates are truly the most pressing issue for our nation, you might want to have a majority of people agreeing with you. I would pay quite a bit of money to see whatever turncoat–Krauthammer or Hannity or whoever–attempt to explain how winning 38% of (a continuously growing) 25% vote-share is better than only winning 28% of a 10% vote-share.

    The false compassion argument is something that needs to be used more immigration patriots toward conservatives who’ve been tricked into believing the idiocy of caving on amnesty. Affirming with the masses that one’s self-indulgent “compassion” toward illegal aliens is what will make the world a better place is more 21st century narcissistic nonsense. It gives people the false, delusional belief that holding an in vogue policy position really helps against say–poverty or violent crime–thus removing any cognizance of the need to *actually* sacrifice and do something good for others. Supporting amnesty because America is a “nation of immigrants” is perhaps the most vapid position one can hold. It’s as beneficial to domestic tranquility as buying a yellow wrist-band is toward curing cancer.

  • The AR community already knows these truths (though please fwd this widely). We must act! If patriots don’t contact their representatives now and tell them that we will vote 3rd party if the GOP doesn’t stop “Obamnesty”, then America will not die by 2040, as now widely predicted, but by 2025, as Pat Buchanan has opined. I’d like the USA to have those extra 15 years.

  • — “there is no basis for believing that Hispanics will support Republicans in large enough numbers to make the costs worthwhile”

    — “how many of them will promote the welfare state”

    — “Would Hispanics stop depending on the government, or have less desire for the government to take care of them?”

    — “No one who would do that deserves to be called conservative”

    I’m constrained by the AmRen rules of engagement, so I’ll use a little brevity and keep it simple:

    Some of you people STILL DON’T GET IT! You don’t counter an assault on your culture and genetics by pretending that it is anything other than an assault on your culture AND genetics.

    The almighty “Conservatives” have been dancing around the subject of immigration and race for decades, with absolutely nothing to show for it. A great many of these fanatical Republican/Conservative drones don’t care about Race, just as long as the slow browning of America is done under the guise of a Conservative blueprint.

    Why would anyone with a good bit of common sense and a shred of foresight care about what label you put on an assassination of culture and genetics? Rhetorical question here, because I have the answer. The answer is that many of you are NOT racists, racialists, or even capable of realizing a forward-thinking, action-oriented version of Race Realism. You are Conservatives who only care about confining any attempt at racial awareness into a small little contingent of ideological windbags who do more to divide the White population than any black, brown, red or yellow person could even dream about.

    • The__Bobster

      Earlier this week, a trino immgrant, who arrived decades ago, told Shammity that the new arrivals aren’t here for freedom, they just want the free stuff. Mr “No Irish Need Apply” told him that he was wrong.

      Why do we listen to fake Conservatives?

      • A better question is why do we listen to anyone who doesn’t stand up for Race and the proved reality that multiculturalism and multiracial utopias are just about the furthest thing away from utopias?

        My eyes are wide open to any possibility or path that lends itself to being not just rhetorically committed to Racialism, but bold enough to withstand the attacks that will surely follow such rhetoric. Fact is, conservatives(Republican Party Conservatism) just aren’t the types you want leading a charge, and they are certainly not the types you want at your back. If a mantra isn’t attacking the trappings of the conservative/liberal platitudes, then it is pretty much DOA for Racists, Racialists, or any other PC way of speaking of race conscious organisms. Damn the torpedoes!

  • “there is no basis for believing that Hispanics will support Republicans in large enough numbers to make the costs worthwhile.”

    The Democrats want more immigrants because they are traitors. The Republicans are considering joining them in their treason.

    Of course, patriots get called names and aren’t allowed on talk shows.

    • Considering? The very second you heard Republican pundits and various conservative luminaries even hint at the notion, it was a done deal. The only thing they are doing now is trying to figure out how best to package it up, give it a few mantras, and then hand it over to the base.

      • Katherine McChesney

        A literal fraud. For the life of me I cannot figure out why people are so entranced with potus. He’s a joke of a man, kind of metro-sexual and corrupt to boot. And how do people arrive at the conclusion that he’s intelligent. I don’t get it.

        Have you seen black sites with pictures of potus’ many expressions? Blacks call him ‘adorable’. Yeeech!

        • The__Bobster

          He MUST be intelligent. The media keep saying it, so it must be true.

        • IstvanIN

          Are you serious, adorable? I don’t think he is even nice looking for a black.

      • Anon 12

        Marco Rubio is already out campaigning as the next POTUS. The republicans are all pushing for him. I will never vote for any non-white inside my country. He is nothing but a Cuban(not White) and a pro amnesty jerk. Some choice we have, voting for a mexican or a black. This country is long gone if you are White.

        • No, he’s definitely White. He’s a traitor, but he’s White.

          Zimmerman was called a “White Hispanic” by the anti-White media. Marco Rubio is actually a White Hispanic. You can tell by looking at a picture of him.

    • Pro-immigration republicans are insuring their party’s and their country’s destruction.

  • Anon 12

    Granted, we are all God’s children, or all special according
    to whatever view you may have. But the Golden Rule has been greatly
    distorted in its application to the immigration debate.

    No, we are NOT “all” God’s children. Maybe this guy needs to KNOW what he is talking about before he preaches false messages. That is a myth just as “we are a nation of immigrants”, is a myth. Tell a lie long enough and most ignorant people will believe it as a truth.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    It’s a fallacy that all parties, of any country, seem to have fallen victim to – “Never mind my own people, they won’t vote for me no matter what I do. Get in immigrants and treat them well, and they will be grateful”. Yes, it’s sad, but we need to figure out how to break this awful mind-set amongst our own politicians (I won’t say “leaders”, because they aren’t, in any sense of the word.)

    As for neighbours, I know who mine are. Mine are the CANADIANS of my city (false “refugees” and other paper “Canadians” do not count) and the wildlife who live in the coulees. I’d rather donate oatmeal to the local deer than to some piece of crap naked ape in Africa.

  • From his perch at the Wall Street Journal, Bret Stephens dismisses concerns about the economic impact of immigration, saying that immigrants only take jobs as “busboys and chambermaids.”

    Stephens is a chosenite. So the only thing different he might have said was to let even more in.

  • If the republicans want to restore their fortunes, oppose any amnesty for illegal aliens. I’ll wager twenty shekels that in a time of austerity most Americans don’t want more illegal aliens soaking up benefits that they’re tax dollars paid for. When Obama and the democrats amnesty the illegals, the pi**ed-off American voters will take it out on them.

  • Fed Up

    For today’s asinine “Open Border” policy providing still more competition to Americans, the term “ludicrous” comes to mind. Allowing plane-load after plane-load of Asians to land daily, to compete with Americans for jobs — can only be seen as criminal. What is wrong with our worthless Liberal political hacks in Congress? Unemployment currently at record highs, yet our politicians are too gutless to look at reality and enact a twenty-year moratorium on immigration.

  • Fed Up

    The craziness of flooding our nation with yet another hundred million immigrants — is the fault and folly of Liberal “Thinking”. Properly seen to be thinking at its worst!

  • Anonymous Individual

    So this is what AmRen is for. Somebody posts a smart comment and somebody else tries to respond with an even smarter comment. No suggestions on how to actually help the white people or influence the political process in our favor. We moan and groan and blame each other about our problems. You know, the American Third Position Party and the Constitution Party, two pro-white parties that want to drastically cut down on immigration and PC/AA nonsense actually exist. We can VOTE for them. We can support white nationalists for Congress or encourage them to run for office. Virgil Goode wasn’t even mentioned in the election this fall and all I heard from AmRen about it was crickets chirping. If whites take action like blacks and Hispanics do, we can make a huge difference. WAKE UP!