Teens in Custody After Woodland Mall Fight

Robb Westaby, Fox 17, November 23, 2012

A fight broke out in the midst of early Black Friday shopping at Woodland Mall early Friday.

Details are sketchy, but Kentwood Police confirmed that two teens were taken into custody.

The news spread quickly on Twitter. “Gang fight at Woodland Mall,” tweeted Michael Peneycad. “Cops tackled them and sprayed pepper spray, everyone in that wing started coughing and sneezing.”

Pepper spray was used, but it is unclear who used it. “Everyone is coughing at Woodland Mall!” said @TannerSheppard on Twitter. “I guess someone sprayed pepper spray and everyone’s running away from jcpenney, coughing and gagging,” said @KrystalSchaible.

Police credit beefed up security at the mall since a number of violent incidents in 2011. {snip}



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  • Puggg

    Similar story: Four black men ages 17 to 21 were spotted earning doctorate degrees way ahead of schedule:


    • StillModerated

      Their college of choice wouldn’t be NU would it.

      • The story that Norm posted above is from the People’s Republic of Maryland, so maybe it’s the University of Maryland, a school whose sports teams will soon be in a 14-member conference called “Big Ten.” You know how that goes…Fear the Turtle, unless I don’t fear my own turtle much less anyone else’s.

        I can understand why the Big 10 wanted Maryland and Stuck-in-a-Rutgers in the Big Ten plus four spare tires: Because someone in Nebraska did someone else in Maryland dirt 175 years ago, or the Dayton family (Target) overcharged someone in northern New Jersey for some item 50 years ago, that’s the basis for Maryland-Nebraska and Rutgers-Minnesota turning into such historical bitter rivalries that the Big Indeterminate Number just had to get them all intra-conference.

        Or maybe, this is just my crazy theory, they’re trying to get into the D.C-Baltimore and New York media markets to jack advertising rates up and the value up of Big Ten media properties.

    • That was just their BA in AA Studies.

    • AutomaticSlim

      Were their professors named West or Gates?

  • StillModerated

    First of all: why were stores open on Thanksgiving, let alone at 1 a.m.? I guess retailers will soon change the holiday name to Black Thursday. And second, Malls need to start playing Muzak. It has little effect on whites, but animals really detest it. The last time I was in Tysons Corner Center the audio system was playing drum music. Big mistake!

    • AutomaticSlim

      Does that really work?
      I’ll buy a big radio and start playing it on the subway.


    • Most decisions on where I go are based on how many blacks are there. It even determines which car on a subway train I’ll sit in.

    • It’ll be interesting in the next 5-10 years as stores, and malls continue to shut down due to online shopping. I guess, the govt. will order blacks to be allowed into peoples homes so they can continue to prey on people.

      • I know this does hurt local stores but to be able to shop for what I want, gifts or otherwise, the internet is too easy. No surly black sales girls with long fingernails that scratch their hair and then handle your merchandise. No carrying a hand cannon to be used in self-defense. No illegals slamming into my car with their doors. And I could go on and on. Just for fun, peruse deadmalls.com

      • Howard W. Campbell

        Before you spend an evening with the Washington’s (Quantavious, Dontrelle, & Rashawn along with their mother, Shanequia Robinson); Uncle Sam will come by and collect all of your guns, knives, baseball bats, etc. Then you have to hand over your credit card while they are there.

        “There’s not enough troops in the Army to force the Southern people to break down segregation and admit the N****** race into our theaters, into our swimming pools, into our homes, and into our churches.” – Strom Thurmond – 1948. In this day and age, they won’t need troops, they will electronically make you an “unperson” if you refuse to comply. Which is why we need physical separation. It’s kind of hard to make something like this work is rural Wyoming unless the government goes out of its way to bus people out to the middle of nowhere. While I have never driven through Wyoming, I have been through a fair amount of Eastern Montana; there is a LOT of desolate open space out there.

        When I first joined the Navy, I was stationed with a guy who told me that his dad had an interesting side business in the late 70’s/early 80’s. When interest rates were through the roof, a lot of business owners just couldn’t make a living under those conditions. After inquiries were made, this shipmates dad would go in and torch the place for 10% of the insurance money. When and if the government starts forcing people to admit the undertow into their homes under these types of threats, I wonder if contract arson (or home invasion burglary) businesses will flourish. Especially while the Washington’s are on your computer buying new rims and gold teef with your credit card.

        Has anyone else noticed that you can almost set your watch by these types of stories? I didn’t go anywhere near a mall or big-box mart on black Friday. Darn that white privilege, I did not make myself accessible to armed robbery or car-jacking on the busiest shopping day of the year. Nor did I sit in front of big box mart for three days so I could get a 50 inch TV for half the normal price. I guess that down the road, I am going to be a troublemaker at the re-education camp.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Now I see why it’s called “Black Friday.”

    We had a couple incidents recently at the shopping mall in ever-darkening Merrillville, Indiana (suburb of Gary). The other day there was a shooting incident and more recently, the friends of a yoof who was shoplifting attacked the security guard who was trying to apprehend him. Pretty typical, actually.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      There was some gunfire at a Target in Westminster, a Denver suburb. The perp was trying to rob Oxycontin from the pharmacy counter.

  • I worked in one of the large S. Fl. malls during the golden years of the early 70s. At that time mostly patronized by English speaking whites, folks, even in larger holiday crowds were polite and well dressed. Little or no evidence of blacks or hispanics. The floors were fairly well clean even after a day of heavy traffic. Hardly any theft, no price switching fraud at all and no crime or attacks on shoppers in the parking lots. One year, about 1972, one bus that came from the black neighborhood some miles away started carrying gangstas to the mall. They were black male teens in the range of 14-17. The mall management hired off duty cops to handle the problem. Out back of the less traveled part of the mall hidden from view were deliveries usually took place, about 5 cops cornered some 10 gangstas having a weed break. The cops promptly beat the stuffing out of this group and sent them on the way with the message that if they or their buddies returned, the guns were coming out. That solved the issue until I went away for college in the later 70s. After subsequent visits to this particular mall, I noticed the changes everyone now has experienced, the overall deteriation of the behavior of patrons, it was messier and harder to clean and maintain, crime was attacking people and cars in the lots, fewer families came, loud and bullying crowds of loitering blacks and hispanics. Then the major chains closed their stores, cheap retail goods stores took their place, this in the 80s. By the 1990s many of the secondary chain stores left and there began Saturday and Sunday Flea Markets. Ugh, an end to the mall that pretty much is an example of where our country is headed.

    • The__Bobster

      I worked in one of the large S. Fl. malls during the golden years of the early 70s.

      How did that happen? The canecutters destroyed my NJ town in the early 60s. I experienced no golden years.

      • South Florida is a large area. It really didn’t fully urbanize until the later 70s and 80s. Movement in the Miami area was south and west for whites while the hispanics grew in the downtown area, pushing blacks further north. While some whites stayed in Dade County (Miami) many like my family moved north to Broward County (Ft. L./Hollywood). I worked in a mall in Hollywood, just into Broward County. Between the 60s and 70s, it took time for the blacks to push into white areas. However, the hispanics chewed their way through south and west Dade County in the 70s and began pushing into the western parts of Broward County by the early 80s. Long story but I got the idea that unless I moved far enough there would be no decent life for me or when I had my own family. I know that NJ is a different story. A large number of Cubans made their way there starting in the early 60s and if I guess I would say there was no large undeveloped land areas to escape the invasion. Sorry, it just took us a little longer in Florida to be put upon even though numerically the larger number of hispanics came to Florida

  • redfeathers

    Earlier today Fox News had shown shoppers rushing into one of the stores, with a hispanic guy screaming he was going to stab someone.

  • Today, the Mall of America prohibited all non-chaperoned teens from shopping at the mall, due to a flash-mob that manifested last December in response to a sneaker shortage.

  • JackKrak

    The same obvious point is illustrated year after year across the country & black friday is just the most high-profile of the examples –
    You cannot enjoy a safe & peaceful experience at any reasonably large public gathering as long as there’s even the slightest chance that blacks will attend it.

  • Sir John Honeybucket

    Words mean things, hence the name “Black Friday”.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    Sorry, I do not like advertising in his site as much as I despise ads on every other site.

  • Gracchus123

    And so, the deterioration of America continues apace.

  • D. H. Andrews

    In the 90’s I lived in Shreveport, LA. At that time we still had a White majority and a White mayor. By year 2004, when I moved to south LA, Shreveport’s majority had become Black and predictably, elected a Black mayor. I was warned by people I knew in my native south LA(near Lake Charles), that S’port had a major crime problem before I moved there in the early ’90’s. I didn’t have to ask why. At the time I moved there, the official Black count was 42% and climbing. I was a racially aware person even at that time and located myself in one of the still the Whitest areas of town to still exist called Broadmoor. Nice, middle class Whites lived there and it was in the most economically safe areas still remaining. Most of old S’port had gone Black, as my dad and mom – who lived there in the late ’40’s could attest. When they would come visit me some of their old neighborhoods still existed but were “no man’s land”. I even wrote a few letters to the editor of the Shreveport Times(which was still owned by conservatives, who published my letters) in which I predicted S’port’s demise due to an escalating Black populace. I predicted the election of the first Black mayor in one of those letters, which were well composed, articulated and statements of facts. That’s rare in any of our major cities. Shreveport/Bossier City metro. area pop. is estimated at 350,000. There are surprisingly few Hispanics despite being so close to the Texas border.

    Point I was to make was that at least 2 major malls in the S’port area(Southpark was one) went through the same devolution as other posters have described here. Reason? Attacks on White patrons by Blacks in the parking lots and in the mall proper! Going to a movie in any of the malls in any of the higher Black areas(not even predominately Black; I knew better than to stray into any of those areas) is impossible. Blacks scream at the screen during the movie and it’s so bad that armed policemen have to patrol INSIDE the theatres. I have had to demand my money back on at least 2 occasions due to this problem – of not being able to hear the movie. Stories like mine abound this website. I just thought I’d share mine with you to add to the long list of similar situations. Now I reside in south LA in a small town – far and away from any large urban center. We do have Blacks in my small town, but the Whites far outnumber them and the Whites here are VERY racially aware. So aware that I have never encountered one that voted for Obongo. I wonder how much longer I’ll be safe from feral Blacks like the ones I left behind – after I made the decision to flee – like so many others have done.