Palm Beach Lakes High Substitute Teacher, Student Fight Captured on Cell Phone Camera

Jeff Skrzypek, WPTV (West Palm Beach), November 19, 2012

An alleged fight between a student and a substitute teacher at Palm Beach Lakes High School is under investigation after a student captured 17 seconds of the scuffle on a cell phone.


The clip begins with what appears as a teacher and student standing nose-to-nose in the middle of a classroom. The student is seen shoving the teacher and then the instructor and teen are seen throwing punches. The video ends as the student runs out of the classroom.


Reportedly the substitute teacher was terminated and the student was expelled. {snip}



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  • schtupidt…

  • Puggg

    I think the teacher was in the right. The “teen” (probably a 20-year old sixth year senior) definitely started it. But the law won’t see it that way, and you can bet ghetto lottery is on deck.

    • Teacher was wrong. He went at the “student” aggressively.

      And unfortunately the ghetto lottery will have to pay out (rubbing my thinning wallet).

    • Katherine McChesney

      It’s never right to hit back especially if you are an adult in confrontation with a child. That teacher behaved irresponsibly and should have reported the student. But, this is proof most blacks do not mature in healthy ways.

      • ageofknowledge

        I didn’t see any children. That looked like a 16 or 17 year old streetgang member to me starting a fist fight with a teacher.

  • GB101

    I halt the video to point this out: the reporter at the outset calls the goings on “an alleged fight.”

    • nathan wartooth

      Yes, it was probably just a complex scene in drama class. lol

  • StillModerated

    That’s what these people call conflict resolution. Don’t just take my word for it, read the ultra-extremist Washington Post:

  • kjh64

    That punk kid got what he deserved. He needed a good a$$ whipping. Of course, we’ll hear the “he’s just a “child” comment. Bull, he’s the size of a grown man and is almost grown. If more of these punks had a father to do what that teacher did, there wouldn’t be a problem.

    • kjh64

      I’ll add that it’s a good thing the teacher was Black. If he were White, he’d really be in trouble. That is why Black teachers should be the ones to deal with Black students, thus the student or anyone else can’t play the race card.

      • George White

        So true. In fact, the blacks and Hispanics constantly taunt white teachers in an attempt to get the teacher to take a swing, so they can then cash in and sue the district. The deep pocket district will usually just write a quick check for 250K rather than go to court. The teachers have no protection whatsoever, and students make death threats all the time, and little is done. It’s not a good time to be a teacher in America.

        • ACP

          Im ok with this idea but only if “white’s” can control their weird kids when they take away their ps3 and prevent a bloodbath like the one in conneticut!Blacks will never be a moraly driven race cause of who their heroes are(Rappers,Pro Athletes)but dont try and say that white people know how to raise their kids better!!If I recall I have never seen the news where a “black” goes and murder innocent people cause mom took away his ps3!U cant define a person by his skin,race,money,studies,etc..there is only two types of people:BAD or GOOD!!

      • Karl

        This is not exactly true. I am a 32 year old Black man who attended a predominately White upper class elementary school. I remember when I was in 6th grade, I got a case of the giggles after one of my classmates mispronounced a word during class. I will admit that it was childish and immature, but I was a 11 year old kid! I was a child! The teacher who was White got upset and told me to stop giggling. I honestly tried my best to do so, but for some reason, I became more animated and continued giggling. I think I was both nervous and and embarrrassed. He eventually got up from his desk, walked over to me, lifted me up out of my seat and slammed me against the blackboard. My nose started bleeding and I was almost knocked unconsious. Several of the other students started yelling and screaming and some of the other teachers rushed down to the room to see what was going on. This was a man who had been an athlete in college and was still in good shape attacking a small 11 year old kid.
        Word got to the one of the vice principals about what had happened. The teacher was put on probation. My father was livid and wanted him to be terminated. However, my mother, in her infinite wisdom and kind spirit, reccomended that he be placed on probation after his profuse apology. Nothing else ever happended afterwards.
        My point is that there are cases where White teachers (especially and almost always White male teachers ) are overly aggressive toward students.

        • IKantunderstand

          Hi Karl! I don’t believe your story for even a Negro second. (That comes out to ten minutes regular White people time).If that in fact happened to you, you would be so rich from the lawsuit that you wouldn’t want to take time from your sailing and post on this website. Hey Karl, prove your defamation of White male teachers.

          • thoughtcrime1933

            Yeah, his story is definitely a crock. He is just making up a story about getting bullied as to garner sympathy as another ” I ain deen nuffin!” black thug in a White school. If he got “jacked up” likely it was only due to him throwing punches at the teacher. After being kindly asked to quiet down. I’ve seen this scenario plenty of times in the middle school I went too which was about 40% black. A negroid would start shuckin and jivin in class about something, the White teacher would get annoyed and ask him to calm down and hush up, the negroid would “get offended” that evil YT would dare give him an “order” and he’d start ooking and eeking, next thing you know about a quarter of the class, which was black, would all join in ooking and eeking. That’s when the original offender would be emboldened to charge at the teacher and punches would be thrown. I actually watched a black punk get lead out of the school in hand cuffs for doing this exact thing.

          • Steve

            Actually, I do believe that his (Karl’s) story could be true. There was a 20/20 expose in the late 1990s that discussed violent behavior among elementary school teachers. John Stossel was responsible for the segment. Male teachers in particular, were more prone to lose their tempers and attack children.
            In fact, more recently , in 2008, I read an ariticle in EDUCATION Magazine that discussed why there were so few men teaching in elementary schools. Lack of impulse and anger control was one reason. The article also stated that the few who do remain in elementary school quixkly move into adminsitration after a few years.
            I believe this to be true. When I was in grade school in the mid 1980s, I can only remeber two, maybe three male teachers in the entire school, not counting the principal.

          • 1. This happened in a high school. Men supposedly being unable to control their tempers such that they’re not good elementary school teachers doesn’t explain why there are plenty of men who teach in high school.

            2. Few men teach elementary school because of the constant pedobear suspicion. Events like the jelly cracker teacher in the LAUSD doesn’t help.

            3. Few men teach elementary school because it’s a hen house, and the “hens” are adept at misandrist bigotry, and elementary education for the most part is over-glorified babysitting.

            4. Bon tells me that she could walk into a room full of teachers and delineate the elementary, middle and high school teachers before the hat drops to the floor.

          • ed91

            Bingo on number 3.

            The women in elementary schools are horrible in their enforcement of the ‘sisterhood’. Now, if you’re a black man or gay or some other way different and identified, you have a bit more of a chance.

          • I’ll second that, my brother was a former elementary school teacher that said it was a women’s world and they enforced it- his exact words.

          • pcmustgo

            Even if it is true, BLACKS ARE MORE LIKELY TO BE VIOLENT KARL, DEAR…. Yes, there are violent whites. True, whites are not perfect. Blacks have much higher RATES of social problems and violence, Karl dear. Yes, we all know we could get shot by a random white loon at a movie theater- but we are much,. much more likely to get beaten up/mugged by a black thug.

          • StillModerated

            By your logic there should be a klansman in every klassroom.

          • Karl

            I do not care if either you or “thoughtcrime” believe my story or not, the incident did happen.

        • Sloppo

          I got a “case of the giggles” when I was in 2nd grade and I couldn’t stop laughing. My teacher was a pretty young lady, but she flipped out and yanked me out of my chair my my arm and angrily slung me around. I kept laughing of course and I couldn’t stop because I was trying too hard. (That has happened to me 2 or 3 times in my life.) She jerked me out of the room and took me toward the principal’s office and I thought I was going to get paddled. About halfway down the hall she suddenly stopped, let me go, and said nothing. I suddenly regained my ability to stop laughing. Then we both just walked back into the classroom without saying a word. At the time, I didn’t understand what happened, but I suppose it might have been awkward for her to ask the principal to paddle me because I couldn’t stop laughing. I think she was a nice lady, but I don’t think she liked me very much.

          • pcmustgo

            Those cases of the uncontrollable giggles indicate Bipolar Disorder. I still get them- regularly.

          • Angry White Woman

            An uncontrollable fit of the giggles is not always an indication of bi-polar disorder, at least not if the person just suffers one or two isolated cases. I can remember getting a totally inappropriate case of the giggles (in a restaurant yet!) as a grown woman in my 30’s, mother of two elementary age children, trying desperately to exert some self-control, look like a civilized adult and set a good example for my children–and failing utterly for a good 15 minutes or so. No, I am not bi-polar.

          • refocus

            My mother was a fourth grade teacher.

            One day a mexican kid pointed a real pistol at her, presumably because he did not want to do his lessons.

            HISD offered Mom early retirement if she would finish out the year, which she did.

        • Sorry, but you’re too transparent. You’re the same fool who posts these “this exact same thing or very close to it happened to me on white-on-black reverse” almost every time AR runs with one of these stories. And they’re never believable.

          You’re about as believable as that danileb7 fool who somehow doesn’t realize that we’re on to the fact that we all know that he or she is just the newest screen name in the Aaron from Rhode Island – Liberal Weiss – Lindsay Weiss – Israel Finkelstein continuum.

          • Karl

            Up until yesterday I had never posted on this board. Therefore, I do not know of what fool you speak of, other than yourself, perhaps?

          • i am

            Korsakoff’s syndrome

            I thought it was called the “I was there syndrome.”

          • refocus

            Make an appointment to see Dr. House, stat.

            You know, the other night, Dr House, with a reluctant Negro assistant, came to the aid of a young woman and stopped the escalation of life threatening heart attack symptoms by pulling a diseased tick from her pubic area.

            Perhaps … he could be useful in this matter…

          • It’s just too bad real medicine isn’t as easy as it seems to be in 44 minutes of cut-and-edited airtime.

        • IstvanIN

          I had male teachers in grammar school and they never got violent. But then my friends and I were white and when we got a little rowdy and the teacher said stop, we did, because we were white and behaved. In fact old female teachers scared us not because they could beat us up, our grammar school teacher must have been a hundred, but because we respected, or feared, both adult authority figures and our parents. Black kids generally do not respect authority unless it is bigger and violent. Don’t get me wrong, there are some good black kids, but they are the minority. You are not us. There are racial differences that are inborn and immutable.

          • pcmustgo

            I acted up all the time in school, but NEVER GOT VIOLENT WITH A TEACHER…. EVER…. Again, shades and degrees. White children , even at an upper middle class white public high school, will occasionally get in fistfights. Poor black and latino children will get into them daily and have weekly knife and gun fights…. see the difference? Whites are much more MILD in terms of social dysfunction than blacks or latinos. No one’s saying whites are perfect.

          • pcmustgo

            I did taunt and tease and annoy teachers though.

        • Katherine McChesney

          You misbehaved in class. You didn’t take his correction seriously. You were disrupting the class. You were disrespectful. I don’t for a moment believe he attacked you. Just another unjustified attack on a white man.

          • Jason

            I am well aware of the tendency for a number of Blacks (not all) to exagerrate things. This is often due to their vehement level of paranoia. That being said, I believe that there is a 50/50 chance that Karl’s story is true. There have been a number of documentaries about the dearth of male teachers in elementary school and the reason being is due to the fact that many younger men have difficulty controling their tempers and there have been documented cases where a number have resorted to violence. More closer to home, my uncle is a retired junior high school principal who previously taught elementary school. He himself mentioned that male teachers were more prone to resort to violence against students. Some actually had to be dismissed for their behavior.

          • ed91

            How many times have we discovered hate-crimes hoaxes that turned out to be done by the blacks themselves?

          • Vince

            I beleive you and Jason are closest to what probably happened in Karl’s case. I agree with you that he was disruptive in class. He even admits that he was giggling out of control. I do beleive that the teacher told him to behave and once he (Karl) failed to do so, he was reprimanded. I could see this teacher in question grabing him by the arm and shaking him around a little bit. This would be believalbe. That being said, I do not believe that the slammed his head against the blackboard. That woudl have been grounds for dismissal and legal action as well. As the old saying goes, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

          • Thomas

            I agree with this scenario as well. I also believed that Karl’s arm was probably a little sore after the incident. He told his paent what happened . They became upset, visited the principal. the principal had a talk with Karl’s teacher, The teacher apologized to Kalr’s parents both in person and with a written letter co-signed with the principal. Afterwards, all was forgiven and the rest of the year went on.

        • IanJMacDonald

          Your story doesn’t pass the smell test. I call BS.

        • HamletsGhost

          What was the mispronounced word? By any chance was it “ask” ?

          • Karl

            It has been more than 20 years ago,. Moreover, given your smart ass remark, I should ignore your post, but I remember we were in langauge arts class and the girl, her name was Shannon, had to read a passage from a story where a farmer was complaining to his wife about his son “pussyfooting around the barn” or something to this effect. We were young kids, but most of us were aware of the sexual connotation of this word even though it had nothing to do with how we tried to relate it to sex. Most of the class chuckled, but pretty much everyone but me had stopped laughing after a few minutes. I honestly could not stop laughing. As I earlier stated, the teacher lost his temper and physically assualted me.
            This really happended. Whether you want ot believe it or not, is up to you.

          • HamletsGhost

            You didn’t answer my question. What was the word that was mispronounced? Was “pussyfoot” pronounced wrongly, or was it the double-entendre that made you laugh?

            If you can’t keep your story straight, is it any wonder so many people here doubt your credibility?

            It’s not a question of whether I believe you. I just don’t care.

            You were out of line in the classroom and the teacher gave you some rough treatment. Is that the crime of the century you’re talking about?

            My grief is manageable.

          • i am

            I know a white kid in high school that got attacked by a white teacher. The white kid got some money, and the teacher kept his job. This was around 1980. The kid admitted it was his fault.

          • Karl

            This could have very well have happened. I would not doubt it for one moment.

          • OK, let’s say this is completely true. But- it’s atypical in the extreme.

          • pcmustgo

            Karl, you have bipolar disorder…. that’s why you couldn’t stop laughing. I do too…. I had similar incidents happen all the time, where I couldn’t stop laughing in class…. teachers would kick me out of the class room. Or just keep telling me to stop.

          • Karl

            Well then you can probably relate to why I reacted in the manner that I did. My two older brothers and I were taught to be well behaved kids. My parents were/are professionals. My father is an educational consultnt and will be retiring in the next two or three years. My mother has her own business. We were taught to repsct other people. I would never purposely be disrepectful or disruptive in class then or even today in as an adult in more professional settings.

          • i am

            Baffoom instead of bathroom

          • Tucker


        • Achoo

          Yo bro i believe u. This 1 tyme I was in grammer klass and I rased my hand and the techer was a black belt but he had racist white skin. He karate chopped me and I nearly died.

          Long story short, all my internal organs had to be replaced with broken down old machines because whitey rascist.

          The moral of my story is that whites are evil.

          • Katherine McChesney

            You can’t spell. Your story is silly.

            The moral of my story is that blacks are the least intelligent of all races. And the most likely to lie for money.

      • Pelagian

        “That is why Black teachers should be the ones to deal with Black
        students, thus the student or anyone else can’t play the race card.”

        That is why there should be separate black and white *everything*. Black doctors should deal with black patients, black lawyers deal with black clients, etc. Race relations are too tense. If a black man’s case doesn’t come out perfect, he is going to blame the white professional for throwing him under the bus. When a white teacher gives a black student an F it’s always “racism”.

      • JackKrak

        If this had been a white teacher, it would have been the lead on ABC, CBS and NBC national news along with dark speculation about the “disturbing” nature of America in the age of Obama.

    • Hugh G Rection

      This is why teachers in inner city schools should be issued tasers, bullwhips and shotguns. We should have picked the damn cotton ourselves!

  • Sue

    Has anyone noticed the language devolving along with the rest of civilization? Stu-DENT should be corrected not promoted.

  • The teacher might still have a job, if he had restrained the student, without swinging at him, but I suppose one cannot blame him for standing up for himself. It was nice to see the two interviewed students defend the teacher. Undoubtedly, other, less philosophical, commentary was left on the cutting room floor.

  • Pelagian

    1)”I’m speechless right now”

    YOU are speechless *all* of the time.

    2)Anchor: “In a story seen only on News 4…”
    Reporter: “A video of the fight was actually posted on Facebook”.

    Zuckerberg 1, Murrow 0

  • Once you’ve got video of a fight, is it still an alleged fight? God Almighty.

    • StillModerated

      It looked more like the 3 Stooges School of Fisticuffs.

  • trigon400

    Kneegrows not only don’t belong in our schools next to human kids, they belong in cages.

  • They’re animals. Violence is the only thing they understand.

  • John Bonham

    Yes, they’re just like us … mmm,mm..

  • shmo123

    I’m not a teacher, but I can only imagine that this type of scenario (punk shows no respect for teacher, leading to rude language, etc.) must play out nearly every day somewhere. The restraint it must take for teachers not to react under such circumstances and not give the punk the knock-out punch he deserves, is commendable. The teacher only stood up for himself–the punk should be thrown out for good.

    • pcmustgo

      I;m white and I teased my teachers and disrupted class all the time…. class clown… but yeah, I never got violent or went anywhere near violence with them.

  • Jonny Reb

    Until collective punishment if implement, this kind of behavior is going to continue and even get worse. The punish needs to be 6 weeks detention for all black students in the class who did not assist in stopping the fight. Any student violating or misbehaving during detention should be expelled.

    A $1,000 fine is also in order for the parents of this delinquent, plus removal from any type of public benefits, including section 8 housing, food stamps and medicaid. This should apply to the animals entire extended family for life. Any violation or attempt to circumvent this punishment should result in 25 years hard labor for the entire extended family.

    The sub-human simian who actually carried out the attack should be imprisoned for no less than 25 years hard labor. Until we adopt punishments like this, this behavior will not stop.

    • john in Germany

      how about 6 months in the electric chair?

  • SC Teacher

    One month ago I accepted a position as an English teacher in a middle school in a southern state. I knew what I was getting into do to the racial make-up for the school and the level of poverty of the students, but these are desperate times for teachers and all working Americans, so I took the plunge as it were. I am a white male if is makes any difference.

    There were two major assaults in my class in my first two weeks as teacher, one between a black male and a black female, and another one between a group of black females and an oriental student. This was on top of the destruction of school property, refusal to complete schoolwork, and the usual constant screaming like one hears at Wal-Mart on Black Friday. I was told to resign after 10 days in the class as I did not offer a safe learning environment for my students.

    No other county in the world has schools or students like we have in the USA, that is why we are free-falling towards the bottom. On the other hand, I guess a third grade reading level is more than sufficient to apply for “foo stamps”.

    • At least you didn’t go into that school thinking you were the Second Coming of Pat Conroy.

      • SC Teacher

        Actually I model myself more after Sherwood Anderson. Think “Winesburg, Ohio”.

    • Howard W. Campbell

      Many of the school districts in North Dakota are screaming for teachers due to the oil boom. The state has 3% unemployment and some areas of the state have less than 1% unemployment. Most (90+ %) of the students will be white. You may have some straight up rednecks, but they will probably be a piece of cake after dealing with the undertow. Contact various districts and see if they will assist you with housing. That is the biggest headache in western North Dakota.

  • asdf

    The teacher lost control of his impulses. Hmmmm…… I wonder why?

  • Katherine McChesney

    I am so grateful not to have had to attend school with black students or black teachers. There was rarely ever any disrespectful behavior in my classrooms. Our parents taught us to behave, listen in class, speak when spoken to, do our homework, make good grades and go on to do worthwhile work in our adulthood. Now I have to live around a few blacks because the law requires it and believe me the behavior I see exhibited by the black adults and children is not what I saw in my younger days among whites. What I do see today that is also disgusting is whites who adopt black dress, behavior, and gang hand signs and gang talk. I avoid these types of people.

    • I pay quite a bit for my children to have that opportunity to attend a school similar to mine in the 1960s. Only a handful of blacks attend this private school of about 1000 children, no fights, no classroom antics, no police patrols. These days, money is the only way to escape the government mandated ghettoes.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    The teacher – regardless of race – is better off not having to work under circumstances like this. Life is too short to have to put up with this “stuff.”

    • pcmustgo

      Life is too short for me too to deal with angry , hostile, ingrateful non-whites. That’s the conclusion I came to after leading a very “diverse” life in my youth. Too short for all the chaos and drama and endless fighting.

  • Nate Higgers

    We need segregation once again to protect our precious human children from these feral, primitive chimp n1gger animals. Why are these n1ggers even allowed into our human schools at all? The only education these worthless little n1ggers will ever be capable of implementing in our world is the curriculum that they all will eventually learn at N1gger University (prison).

  • That poor innocent young man. He didn’t do a single thing to deserve that. I hope he sues that school for what the big bad teacher did. Hopefully he gets what he deserves beat to a bloody pulp.

  • HamletsGhost

    I knew a guy at work who once worked as a teacher as a Peace Corps volunteer in Africa. He said that he and every teacher he knew employed an “enforcer” to keep order in the classroom. If someone acted up in class, he simply made eye contact with his enforcer and pointed to the offender, and he would grab the trouble-maker, drag him outside, and thrash him in full ear-shot of the class. Kid was brought back to his seat sobbing and swollen and gave no lip till the next flare-up. Worked like a charm.

    The kids were not very bright, but at least they behaved themselves and got as far as they could without some nitwit disrupting the learning environment for everyone else.

    • pcmustgo

      Yeah, Jamaican school children still get beaten,. I guess it’s true that blacks need more disicipline.

    • Elaine

      This is sick! These so-called “enforcers” were violent thugs physically abusing children! They should have been arrested!

      • HamletsGhost

        Why don’t you just start a campaign to stop the brutal school discipline of African educational systems? It can be brought before the UN, just like female genital mutilation. Get Bono in on it, and you’ll really go places.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    This is a prime example of why (black) elementary school teachers in Atlanta during the 1930’s had baseball bats on their desks. My mom saw it when she was in 4th grade. It made quite an impression on her.

  • James

    If that kid would atack a teacher like that, imagine what he would do to your kids.

  • Sloppo

    The behavior of that teacher was disgraceful. I’m glad he was relieved of his teaching duties and I hope he isn’t allowed to return until he has significantly improved his hand-to-hand combat techniques.

  • Defiant White

    Looks like the kid pushed first. What’s the problem?

  • I was a freshman at Serra High in San Mateo, CA. I was doing something the teach didn’t like and while facing the front of the class he walked up behind me and knocked the chunks out of me. He hit me in the back of he head with a book. Tried to pay attention after that but it was hard as I was almost knocked out. I just laugh at that stuff now because I could be an ass know and again.

  • pcmustgo

    The teacher went only a little too far (he should have pinned the kid to the ground while other students called for back-up…. instead of swinging….). This is why I no longer hang out with blacks. THEY PUSH YOUR BOUNDARIES. THEY WILL TURN YOU INTO A RACIST WITH THEIR RACIST BULLYING. THEY WILL PROVOKE FIGHTS WITH YOU- AND YOU WILL EVENTUALLY FIGHT BACK…. AND GOD KNOWS WHERE THAT WILL LEAD…. Avoid the drama of perpetual fighting- avoid blacks. They egg you on, they provoke, they get “all up in your face” (typical ghetto stuff where they come 1 cm up to your face, most likely will rip your hair down to the ground at that point)…. BLACKS WILL TURN YOU INTO A PERSON YOU DON’T WANT TO BE.

  • Major

    It never takes them long to replace the “Treyvons” amongst us. They’re everywhere. What we need to know is…how many more of us would stand our ground lie George in Fladuh did?

  • ACP

    Jesus christ this website looks like the most racist site on the net!!Dint know there were this many racist still living in America!!No worries in about 30 years latinos will be the majority and we will win the presidency and shortly after we are going to ship all the whites and blacks to africa so they can replace the damn lions and zebras!!!!!!LOL!bunch of ignorant idiots!!